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					A passion for perfection...                                                      Sauna, Steam and Spa Pools
                                                                                 Quality without compromise...

           Unit 10 Brechin Business Park, West Road, Brechin, Scotland DD9 6RJ
           telephone 0870 770 5660     fax 0870 770 5661
Quality without
Saunas range in price depending on size and the level of
specification, from a basic traditional Finnish Sauna to our
top of the range luxury saunas which offer some unique and
stunning features. These can be custom-designed to suit
specific requirements. Our saunas are all manufactured from
smooth and mildly aromatic top quality, fine-grained timber
which has been specially produced and treated. We import
our saunas directly from Finland, the origin of the sauna,
this ensures the best design, quality and craftsmanship.

Infra-Red Cabins                                                Steam Room Options ~
Alba Pools offer top quality and visually stunning Infra        A) Prefabricated Modular Steam Rooms
                                                                This range of steam rooms covers most of the popular sizes     Floor, wall and seat heating systems
Red Cabins for commercial use, plus a Premium range of
                                                                and configurations. This is the most efficient way to create
domestic use infra red cabins, both designed for the ultimate
                                                                a steam room. The sections are made from strong ABS            Built-in cooling showers & Kneipp Units
heat therapy experience.
                                                                plastic panels with smooth and hygienic acrylic surface.
Benefits of Infra Red heat - instant comfortable and warming    The panels are clamped together to create a solid structure    Intelligent Logic control panels with option of automatic
heat, helps detoxify the body by flushing out toxins, deep      with moulded seats and curved ceilings.                        cleaning systems
penetrating heat soothes aches & pains in muscles & joints,
                                                                The excellent insulation properties of plastic mean that       C) Wet Rooms, incorporating both steam and shower,
full spectrum sunlight therapy, effective in treatment of
                                                                an economic low rated generator will bring the room to         custom designed and built generally as ‘Custom Built Tiled
cellulite and skin conditions, improves blood circulation,
                                                                temperature in a matter of minutes.                            Steam Rooms’ above.
improves the immune system, increases calorific expenditure
- thus aiding weight loss.
                                                                Additional options include; Automatic Essence Injection        Spa Pools & Hot Tubs~
                                                                System, Stereo Speaker Kit with waterproof volume control,     Hydro and spa pools of sanitary acrylic, mosaic tile, marblite
                                                                ‘Starry Sky’ alternating light therapy unit.                   or stainless steel. These are offered with a variety of air and
                                                                                                                               water massage systems including fountains, water curtains,
                                                                B) Custom-Built Tiled Steam Rooms                              cannons, mushrooms, waterfalls and volcanoes. Salt water
                                                                Generally constructed from specialist prefabricated hard       therapy pools are included in the many options.
                                                                foam panels, which offer excellent insulation, the pods
                                                                are coated and tiled according to specification. Virtually     Built–in domestic spa pools can be chosen from a wide
                                                                any shape can be achieved with integrated benching or          range of standard shapes and sizes, or they can be specially
                                                                individual seats, barrel, vaulted or domed ceilings. They      designed to suit individual needs. At the top of the range
                                                                can be supplied either with or without an integrated floor.    are our stunning mosaic tiled spas.

                                                                Additional options include;                                    We can offer a wide variety Portable Spas (hot tubs).
                                                                Automatic Essence Injection Systems, essences/scents           Prices vary depending on the make and specification of
                                                                – wide variety of subtle aromas,                               the model. Why not visit our showroom where you can see
                                                                                                                               and even try the models on display.
                                                                Feature Lighting – colour light/photo therapy units, LED,
                                                                fibre optic ‘Starry Sky’ alternating light therapy unit,
                                                                                                                                                          ...a passion
                                                                Sound Systems – stand alone or linked to existing system,
                                                                Stereo Speaker Kit with waterproof volume control,                                     for perfection

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