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									    Slow Computer Fix - The Fast
Solution for a Slow and virus Infected
Have you ever been annoyed by the "virus scan" pop up when viewing a website?
This aggravating and dangerous program makes it difficult or even impossible to
leave the page or exit your current program without completely shutting down the
system and if you click on many of these you get a virus, or worse on your
computer and need a slow computer fix.

There's a way, though to resolve this issue without having to shut down the
computer on many cases.

1. Right click the taskbar and click "Task Manager". From there select the
"Applications" tab. Find your browser in the list and stop it. by clicking on "end
task" button on the bottom of the screen. This will shut down that application and
allow you to continue working and you can open a new browser window again.

2. From the task manager windows, selecting the "Performance" tab will show
you a graphical representation of whats going on with your system. There is also a
small bar graph that shows you your current CPU usage. This shows you how
hard the computer is working. The higher your CPU usage the slower it will run.
Navigating to a web page, opening a program, anything you attempt to do will
take longer. If the CPU usage is too high it may cause your computer to freeze.

If your computer usage is running abnormally high you may be infected by
spyware and need a slow computer fix and to be able to stop this infection too.

It is possible stop spyware problem using task manager as well. Select the
"Processes" tab. Here you can see all the running programs on your system. You
may notice that the numbers in the CPU column are high. This indicates that here
may still be a problem.

Select "iexplore.exe" from the list. This is the web browser. Click the end task
button to close your browser. This should stop whenever spyware was attempting
to attack your computer through your browser. Select "Performance" tab and
check your CPU Usage again. It should have decreased improving the speed of
your system.

3. Another problem that could slow your computer down is lack of memory. In
task manager select the "Performance" tab and look for the "Physical Memory"
section. Locate the number labeled "Total" and subtract 70 percent. Look at the
"Available" figure and if this number is lower than the first you may not have
enough memory. Of your "available" memory drops too low your computer will
run very slow. Closing running programs or installing more ram memory are the
only ways to correct this issue.

4. Optimize your computer and fix system and registry errors.

Once you have carried out the above steps you may still find your computer
running slow. This may mean the following.

1. You have spyware on your computer.
2. Your computer needs to be optimized.
3. There are too many programs in it consuming too much memory.
4. There is registry corruption.

If your computer has any of these problems you can fix them by running a system
and registry scanner. This will detect errors and fix them quickly and stop
spyware too as well as optimize your computer for you.
If you find your computer running slow scan it now for a slow computer fix.

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