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									  SA                      nthony School
                          a community of learning on a foundation of faith

                             September, 2010         LOOK US UP ON THE WEB at www.dpcdsb.org (click on ST. ANTHONY)

                                                      Prayer for September
                                                             Bless us as we start this new year,
                                                               With our friends and teachers.

                                                         May the beginning of this school year,
                                                       Remind us that you give us chances to start
                                                                 Over and over again.
950 North Park Drive
                                                         Help us to learn and to work together.
Brampton ON • L6S 3L5
Phone: 905 • 792 • 2282
Fax: 905 • 792 • 9129                                        Bless our school and keep us safe.
www.dpcdsb.org/ANTHY                                           Bless all those who care for us
                                                                   In school and at home.
Mrs. C. Bacci
                                                               May St. Anthony protect us
Mrs. J. Lavalle                                             And help us live as well as we can.
Vice Principal                                               Giving thanks and glory to God.

Mrs. A. Battaglia                                                             AMEN

Mr. Alex Tucciarone         Administrative Team Message
                            Greetings to all our St. Anthony      who will be rejoining us. As well, I’m   School, we would like to thank
                            and Mother Mary Ward families!        sure you will be pleased to hear M.      the students and their parents for
Mrs. Joyce Anderson                                               Rainaldi will be back in the library     their cooperation and patience
                            Our new school is built and we
Trustee                     are excited about the brand           this fall!                               for the last relocation year and
                            new stunning facilities. We trust     We will also be welcoming new            especially on the first day of
St. Anthony of Padua        that you all had a safe and relax-    staff to our school - some who you       school this year. We would be
Parish                      ing holiday.                          may be familiar with from days           remiss if we did not thank our
940 North Park Drive        We are finally in our new home.       gone by. A warm welcome to J.            wonderful and giving hosts - St.
905 • 793 • 8030            And so happy to be here at last!      Lavalle who is joining us as Vice-       Isaac Jogues School for putting
                            Thank you so much for your con-       Principal to our school , she will be    up with us last year. Some valu-
Father John Mullins         tinued support of Catholic Edu-       here half time for the year; as well     able and lasting relationships
Pastor                      cation - we will try to make this     we welcome N. Ragona Special             have developed from our year
                            last transition as painless as pos-   Ed.; M. Sangiorgio Reading Recov-        together.
Father Joseph Rodrigues     sible.                                ery; L. Senko comes to us from
Associate Pastor                                                  MMW and will be our new SK               The staff and your administrative
                            Our two schools are now joined        Teacher; R. Boland, our new 3/4          team look forward to working
                            as one! We welcome all the            Teacher also from MMW: S. Mag-           with you and your children over
                            Mother Mary Ward families as          ditsch Junior; V. Gasior Junior-         the next ten months to provide a
                            additions to St. Anthony. The         Intermediate; M. Melo Intermediate       highly rewarding year, both spiri-
                            classes have been formed as           and J. Martins also Intermediate. As     tually and academically.
                            one school and hopefully the          well, F. Cataldo joins us for FSL and
   The Dufferin-Peel        kids will make the transition         Planning.                                Our goal is to make St. Anthony
   Catholic District        smoothly.                                                                      School a place where children
     School Board                                               Fr. John and Fr. Joseph are happy          are excited about learning,
                            We would also like to welcome       to see your child(ren) back in our         where excellence thrives; where
                            all St. Anthony families new to     school and our church.                     Catholic values are lived daily;
                            our school. You will find it a very At St. Anthony we are committed            where students and staff work
                            warm and welcoming commu-           to ensuring that our students learn        safely and where all stakeholders
                            nity.                               not only their A, B, C’s, but also re-     take pride.
                                                                spect for others, appreciation for
                            We would like to personally wel- the diversity among people, and               Wishing you all a wonderful 2010-
                            come back some familiar faces: how to cooperate with friends,                  2011 school year.
                            I. Alto who will be continuing with peers and colleagues.                      God Bless,
                            us and A. Dalli and T. Whitney      On behalf of the staff of St. Anthony      C. Bacci
                                                                                                           J. Lavalle
The following placements are TENTATIVE!                      BUS TRANSPORTATION
                                                              Parents are reminded to notify
FACULTY TRANSITIONS                                           the Student
St. Anthony School community welcomes all Faculty             Transportation Department
members, new and familiar. They are as follows:               905-890-6000.
                                                              of any address/babysitter changes throughout the school year.
J. Saul                         JK
L. Senko                        SK                            Stops will be posted at St. Anthony School the last week of Au-
A. Nuzda                        Gr. 1                         gust. If you would like to check if your child is eligible for trans-
A. Dalli                        Gr. 1/2                       portation, please come to the main office at St. Anthony school
N. Asquith                      Gr. 2                         the week of August 30, 2010. As a general rule, be at the stop 10
I. Alto                         Gr. 2/3                       minutes ahead of the scheduled stop time and wait 10-15 minutes
I Judd                          Gr. 3                         before reporting the bus late.
R. Boland                       Gr. 3/4
A. Chiarelli                    Gr. 4                         Students Grade JK - Grade 1 are tagged for the bus. The tag
T. Marchand                     Gr. 4/5                       clearly indicates the bus number and stop the student is to use.
T. Whitney                      Gr. 5/6                       These students need to sit at the front of the bus. The driver must
 S. Magditsch                   Gr. 6                         see a parent/guardian /babysitter or older sibling accompanying
V. Gasior                       Gr. 6/7                       these students at the stop or the students will be brought back to
M. Melo                         Gr. 7                         the school. Do not change any information on the tag without
A. Dinu                         Gr. 8                         contacting the school. The bus your child(ren) is assigned to is
J. Martins                      Gr. 8                         the bus they should remain on, unless special arrangements have
R. Stuart                       ERW                           been made with transportation or the school. The stops will not be
C. Roth                         ERW                           changed.
M. Sangoirgio                   Reading Recovery              Thanks for your patience and understanding...see the addendum
F. Cataldo                      Planning/FSL/ESL              for bus rules and responsibilities.
J. Humniski                     Planning
R. Patterson                    SERT/ESL
N. Ragona                       SERT/SERC                            Thanks to our Custodians…..
M. Rainaldi                     Teacher-Librarian
L. Nardi                        FSL
                                                            Our custodians have been working especially hard this
A. Battaglia                    Head Secretary
C. Bacci                        Principal                   summer. In addition to their regular summer duties, they
J. Lavalle                      Vice-Principal              moved the entire inside of St. Anthony School to our
M. Gagliardi                    Head Custodian              new site. Any of you who have had a recent house move
S. Irving                       Custodian                   may attest to the enormity of this task. Mrs. Irving and
D. Culver                       Custodian
                                                            Mr. Gagliardi also cleaned and waxed the classes first and
U. Agarwal                      Social Worker               then cleaned each desk, chair and table and helped with
Gail Lowe                       CYW                         various unpacking duties. As well, our dedicated custo-
A. Churchill                    Speech Pathologist          dial staff cleaned the entire school with construction still
Sue Klein Smith                 Psychologist                on-going. While most of us were enjoying our holidays,
                                                            they were moving furniture, scrubbing, waxing, cleaning
                                                            windows, desks, chairs. To be able to accomplish what
                                                            Mr. Gagliardi and Mrs. Irving managed they had to be
                                                            very dedicated to their job. Thank you for serving us all
St. Anthony Breakfast Program                               so well. Your work speaks for you and we now enjoy a
                                                            clean, shiny new building.
                                     On Wednesday, Sept. 8, we will be starting our first ever breakfast program for St. Anthony
                                     School. It is sponsored by “Breakfast for Kids” Program which has many private and public
                                     sponsors. Great thanks for getting this program at St. Anthony is due to the very hard work
                                     of our former Child and Youth Worker, Diana Jones, who has worked tirelessly for our kids
                                     here at St. Anthony last year. Julie Lavalle our new Vice Principal, will be in charge of the
                                     Breakfast program this year.
                                     Most breakfasts are going to be the “quick on the run” Breakfasts, but once a month we will
                                     do a real, hot breakfast as a special treat. They will be available to all students every morn-
                                     ing at 8:15 a.m. Staff and volunteers are desperately needed, so if you are available to help,
                                     even one morning a week, we would love to have you come out.
 VOLUME    1,   ISSUE    1                                                                                    PAGE   3

St. Anthony - New Hours 2010/2011
Set your alarm clocks!!!!                          Recess and Lunch Hours:
The new St. Anthony hours will be:                 1st Recess - 9:57 to 10:12
8:30 a.m. - Begin Classes
11:00 a.m. - Kindergarten a.m. ends                Lunch Recess 11:35 to 12:15 Outside

12:30 p.m. Begin Kindergarten Classes              12:15 to 12:35 - Eat Lunch Inside
3:00 Dismissal
                                                   2nd Recess: 2:00 to 2:15

                                          Virtue of the Month: Faith
 SEPTEMBER 17                                               SEPTEMBER ~Faith
                                                            To begin the new school year, we’ll focus our
 IS A P.A. DAY                                              attention on the first of our virtues – faith.
                                                            Faith is the great virtue of believing in God
 FOR REORGANI-                                              and trusting that God is with us.
                                                            A faithful person believes that we are created,
 FAITH DEVEL-                                               guided by and destined to be reunited with
 OPMENT.                                                    God.
                                                            A faithful person believes that God’s plan for
 THERE IS NO                                                us includes the right to be safe, especially at
 SCHOOL FOR                                                 school.

 STUDENTS                                                   A Faithful person…
                                                            Prays regularly and reverently
                                                            Learns from Scripture stories
                                                            Honours people’s God-given names
                                                            Assumes that there is good in everyone
                                                            Accepts the God-given worth of themselves
MEET THE TEACHER BBQ NIGHT                                      and others

                        Please mark Thursday, September 23, 2010 on your calendars as that is
                        the night of our “Meet the Teacher BBQ Night”. The BBQ will begin at
                        6:00 to 8 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there. Please look for
                        the order form coming home in the next week. We would ask you to
                        complete the order form and return it to the school with the appropri-
                        ate funds. There will also be a special presentation for all of our Grade
                        8 parents at 7 p.m. to outline Grade 8 expectations and our Grade 8
                        overnight trip in the spring.
Students with Anaphylaxis
Anaphylaxis is a severe, sometimes life-threatening, allergic reaction that occurs within minutes of exposure to
an offending substance. Anaphylaxis is the most severe allergic reaction in which immune chemicals, such as
histamine, produce serious skin symptoms (hives, swelling) as well as severe breathing problems (swelling in the
throat, narrowing of the lower airways, wheezing). They also produce a dramatic widening of the blood ves-
sels, which results in a rapid, severe drop in blood pressure (shock). Anaphylactic shock is a life-threatening
medical emergency.

At St. Anthony School we have several children with life-threatening allergies. They all require having an epi-
pen at the school. For this reason, we are asking the co-operation of all parents and guardians in ensuring that
no peanut or nut products are sent to school. We are also asking that if a parent or guardian wishes to send
something for the class to celebrate a birthday, that this could be stickers or pencils rather than food items
such as baked goods or treats.

In the spirit of keeping everyone safe, here is a list of peanut/nut free ideas that are safe for daily snacks and
special celebrations:

   Raw vegetables

   Fresh fruits

   Nestle chocolate (Smarties, Kit Kat, Aero, Coffee Crisp)

   Crackers and cheese

   Lays potato chips - plain only

   Red Licorice

   Goldfish Crackers

   Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Squares (not home made)

According to Tim Horton’s, Tim Bits and their doughnuts may con-
    tain traces of nuts, therefore are not allowed.
Thank you for your vigilant care in the choice of snacks that you have been sending for your children. To-
gether we can make this as safe an environment as possible.

Please remember that any contact with any amount or type
of nut can cause a life threatening situation for children with
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!                                               TRANSPORTATION
PA Days 2009/2010                                                                Students who are eligible
                                                                                 will be bussed to St. An-
Professional Activity days are:                                                  thony.
Thursday, September 2, 2010                                                      Students are granted this
Friday, September 17, 2010                                                       privilege of travelling to and
Friday, November 26, 2010                                                        from school by school bus
Friday, January 14, 2011                                                         must behave in a safe and
Friday, February 4, 2011                                                         appropriate manner while
Monday, June 13, 2011                                                            they are aboard the vehi-
Early Release Days 2010/2011                                                     The bus drivers’ first responsi-
Monday, September 27, 2010                                                       bility is the safe operation of
                                                   the vehicle. Students are accountable for their behav-
Christmas Break                                    iour on the bus.
                                                   Rules for boarding the bus, while on the bus must be
Friday, December 17, 2010 is the last day of       strictly observed by the students or the student will be
school, holidays begin Monday December 21,         warned by Mrs. Bacci or Mrs. Lavalle and may lose their
2010.                                              privilege for riding the bus.
                                                   Please go over the rules for riding the bus with your child
We return to school Monday, January 3, 2011.       (ren) and reinforce these rules periodically.
                                                   A copy of the School Bus Safety Expectations is en-
Family Day                                         closed in the newsletter. All students are required to sign
                                                   the sheet indicating they have reviewed and agree to
                                                   the School Bus Safety Expectations.
Family Day is Monday, February 21, 2011.
                                                   Students are NOT allowed to change busses for any rea-
                                                   son without written authorization from the office.
March Break                                        If you have any questions please call the office at (905)
March Break takes place the week of March
14 to March 18, 2011(inclusive).
We return to school Monday, March 21, 2011.

Graduation Day
Grade 8 Graduation will take place during the           SCHOOL COUNCIL & ELECTIONS
day, Friday, June 24, 2011 at the Mississauga
Convention Center….Details to follow.             We extend our thanks to the parents, non-teaching staff and teachers
                                                  who dedicated themselves to the efforts of our School Advisory
Last Day of School                                Council during 2009-2010. This month, we are accepting nomina-
                                                  tions or volunteers to serve on the Council for the 2010-2011 school
The last day of school is Thursday, June 30,      year. We would like to receive nominations from both the Mother
2011.                                             Mary Ward and St. Anthony Communites.
                                                  We have some volunteers, but all parents are invited to put their
                                                  name forward. If you think of someone who could represent you
                                                  well, urge them to offer their name. Be sure to check with the per-
                                                  son whom you are nominating to get their approval. Most Council
                                                  meetings take place the second Tuesday of selected months at 6:30
                   Picture Day!!!!                PM in the library at St. Anthony School.. All parents are asked to
                   Picture day is scheduled for   join the group to offer opinions, give ideas and learn about the work-
                   Monday, October 4, 2010.       ing of the school and education on a larger scale. You are always
                   Dress your best and wear a     welcome.
                                                    First School Advisory Council Meeting: Tuesday, September 14
September 2010
Sun   Mon                Tue                Wed              Thu              Fri                Sat
                                            1                2   PA Day       3 No School for    4
                                                             No School for    Students
5     6                  7First Day of      8                9                10                 11
                         School             8:15 Breakfast                    Toonie Pizza Day
                         Ribbon Cutting @   Program Starts
                         8:30 a.m.
12    13                 14                 15               16               17PA Day - Re- 18
      Hep B for Grade                                                         organization
      7’s                6:30 p.m. School                                     No School for
                         Advisory Council                                     Students
19    20                 21                 22               23               24                 25
                                                                              Sub Day
                                                             6-Meet the
                                                             Teacher Night
26    27 Early Release 28                   29               30
      Day for Students                                       Terry Fox Walk
      Dismissal at
      11:30 a.m.

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