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					KICK-START                                                                          Delegates will discover how to...

YOUR                                                                            •      Apply the latest technology to build brands (blogging,

                                                                                       gaming & brands and mobile advertising)
                                                                                •      Measure/Optimise their ROMI
                                                                                •      Design the 2010 experience for all visitors to South Africa
                                                                                •      Expand their brand strategy to produce stronger brands
29 & 30 August 2007                                                             •      Measure the effectiveness of their brand strategies
The Venue, Melrose Arch                                                         •      Maximise their brand through lessons learned from relevant
                                                                                       case studies from companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi for
Are you ready to...                    Book today                                      Guinness and Citi Golf
Develop a marketing strategy that    and pay within 5 days to                   •      Integrate various marketing communications
                                                                                       (Through-the-line advertising) to provide an effective
increases your brand’s exposure?     qualify for an Apple iPod
                                            nano 2G valued at                          marketing strategy
Take your brand to the next level?                R1 599.00*                    •      Capitalise on brand partnerships and co-branding
Utilize the latest technology to         This offer expires on 20 July 2007
                                                         & while stocks last.
                                                                                •      Guarantee customer loyalty
maximise your brand strategy?                                                   •      Position their brand as an asset to grow the bottom line
Lock in return?
 Who will be speaking?
Get the inside track on how to design, launch, build, market and measure your brand-direct                   Rave Reviews from previous delegates
from experts who think, breathe and live branding!

                    Paul Warner                                      Greg Cook
                    Master of Ceremonies                             Director                                “The best aspect of the Brands conference is the spirit, passion and
                                                                     HKLM Digital                            inspiration generated. Good networking opportunity.”
                                                                                                             Georgie Dagnall, Strategy Planning Director, JWT
                    Andrea Ellens                                    Heidi Brauer
                    Project Director                                 Director: Marketing & Client
                    Added Value                                      Relationships, Markinor                 “The quality of speakers was really good.”
                    Brett Morris                                     Tyler Reed                              Richard Tomes, Sales Manager, PPC
                    Chief Creative Officer                            Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist
                    Nando’s                                          & Blogger
                                                                                                             “Great variety of speakers and the experience they came with.”
                    Paul Bisogno                                     Mike Stopforth                          Vinda Pillay, Marketing & Communications Manager, Daimler Chrysler SA
                    Business Development, Marketing and              Managing Director
                    Value-added Service Manager
                    The Innovation Hub                               Cerebra
                                                                                                             “Sharing of knowledge and best practices. Good mix of topics.”
                    Grant Meldrum                                    Kgomotso Matsunyane                     Werner De Beer, Sales and Distribution Manager, PPC Botswana
                    Managing Director: Johannesburg                  Media Strategist
                    Saatchi & Saatchi                                Culture Cruizing
                                                                                                             “Range and diversity of great speakers and very thought-provoking
                    Terry Behan
                                                                                                             subjects – challenged my current thinking. Fantastic conference,
                    The Fearless Executive                                                                   well organised and I’ll be back next year.”
                                                                                                             Kate Popplewell, Brand Manager, Tiger Brands
                    Noah Greenhill
                    Marketing Director
                    JSE                                                                                      “The best aspect of the conference was the range of topics covered.
                                                                                                             The topics dealing with insights and the black market were
                    Professor Roger Sinclair
                                                                                                             especially good.”
                    Founder & MD
                                                                                                             Janade du Plessis, Strategic Marketing, Southern Sun Hotel
                    BrandMetrics (Pty) Ltd

                    Bill Stephens
                    General Manager: Brand & Corporate PR                                                    “Enjoyed listening to prestigious line up of keynote speakers.”
                    Communications                                                                           Vincent Erasmus, Segment Manager, PPC Cement
                    Volkswagen South Africa

                    Mishka Moller
                    National Brand & Marketing Manager                                                       “Thank you - a most informative and enjoyable time!!”
                    Harley-Davidson                                                                          Kate Cole-Bowen, Design & Brand Manager, Glodina (Dano Textile)

                    Nadine Damen
                    Marketing Manager
Why You Should Attend

The Brands Convention will be held at the the Venue, Melrose Arch

                                                                                                                       Essential Attendance required for...
                                                                                                                       Managing Directors
              Top 10 Reas
                                  ons Why You                                                                          General Managers

              1. Network w
                                                         Sho     uld Attend
                                                                                                                       Business Development Directors
                                                                                                                       Marketing Directors
                             ith the Best                                                                              Executive Directors of Advertising and Marketing
              2. Gain inva                 and the Brig
                           luable mark                   htest Brandin                                                 Marketing Directors
                                        eting insight                   g gurus and                                    Brand Directors
             3. Understan                               straight from                 like minded
                            d the many w                               the experts                professionals        Marketing Managers
             4. Scrutinize                 ays to creati                                                               Brand Managers
                            invaluable s                 vely execute
                                         trategies tha                  your brandin                                   Business & Marketing Officers
            5. Discover in                              t are applica                 g strategy                       Marketing Analysts
                            novative wa                                ble to your b
            6. Learn how                 ys to maximis                               rand                              Relationship Managers
                           to transform                  e brand expo
                                          your brand in                 sure
           7. Evaluate                                    to a tangible
                         your brand th                                   experience ra
           8. Hear the in               rough compa                                     ther than me
                           dustry’s top                rison                                         rely a produ
          9. Determine                   experts spea                                                             ct
                          the best path                k on relevan
                                          for your bran              t and insightf
          10. Maximis                                    d by applyin               ul topics
                        e your unders                                 g invaluable
                                       tanding of d                                  case studies
                                                     igital brandin                               to your prod
                                                                    g opportunit                               uct

Introducing two new topics featuring the latest branding trends!

Brands & Gaming
                                                                                                      Technology & Your Brand
                                                                                                      According to one of our expert speakers, Greg Cook, director of HKLM Digital, “The power
                                                                                                      and the possibilities of using technology to build brands is infinite. HKLM Digital will
                                                                                                      literally bring a brand to life, enabling clients and consumers to be immersed in the sights
                                                                                                      and sounds of that brand.”

                                                                                                      Discover strategic ways to use technology and mobile advertising to build brands at the
                                                                                                      Brands Convention 2007!

                                                                                                      If you want to stay a step ahead of the competition and need to
                                                                                                      create a brand strategy that will succeed in today’s digital market,
                                                                                                      then call Vanessa Wallace to book your seat today!

Gaming has become big business. Global gaming tournaments carry million dollar prizes, and
some games offer a perpetual online world that may be simultaneously inhabited by upwards
of 100 000 characters controlled by gamers from around the world.

According to the authors of the book,“Brands & Gaming”, computer and video gaming in 2006
was worth some $25 billion worldwide and continues to enjoy double-digit growth every year.
In some parts of Europe as many as 83% of people play some form of computer or video game
two or three times a week. And gaming is not just for kids: almost half of PlayStation 2 users fall
within the 24-54 age group.

Some companies have even benefited quite fortuitously from the extraordinary growth of gam-
ing as developers of certain soccer games, for instance, in their quest for more realism have
inserted the correct names of various teams’ sponsors onto the virtual players’ shirts.*
* Source: Article from the GIBS review April 2007

Who you’ll meet

Companies represented at our previous events
                                                                                         Delegates will benefit from...
ABSA                   Hewlett Packard          Telkom
African Explosives     Highveld Steel           The Platinum Group                       •           1 Ground-breaking industry event
AFROX                  Hillside Aluminium       Tiger Brands Ltd                         •           Insight from more than 15 leading organisations such as the JSE, HKLM, The
Airports Company SA    IBM                      Tiger Wheel & Tyre                                   Fearless Executive, Harley-Davidson, The Innovation Hub, BrandMetrics (Pty) Ltd,
Alcatel South Africa   Illovo Sugar             Total SA
                                                                                                     Markinor, First Rand Limited,, The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre,
                                                                                                     Nando’s and Saatchi & Saatchi SA amongst others
Amka Products          Investec Private Bank    Transnet Ltd
                                                                                         •           16 innovative speakers to share their experience and expertise
Anglo American         JD Group                 Trentyre SA                              •           18 hours of intense, interactive learning
B&E International      Johnson and Johnson      Tsogo Sun                                •           More than 150 new business contacts
Barclays Bank          Kimberly Clark Of SA     Umgeni Water                             •           Walk away with strategies and tactics that you can apply immediately to build
Barloworld Logistics   KPMG                     Unilever                                             bigger, better brands and drive bottom line results
Barloworld Plascon     Kraft SA                 Vodacom Pty Ltd                          •           New knowledge to transform your staff into brand ambassadors
Barloworld Robor       Liberty Group            Volkswagen SA
                                                                                         * A certificate of attendance will be issued to all delegates who attend both full days of the
BHP Billiton           Macsteel Pty Ltd         Wesbank                                  conference.
BMW (SA) PTY LTD       Mitsubishi Corporation   Woolworths
BP SA                  Motorola                 Xstrata South Africa
Caltex / Chevron       MTN             name a few!
Cell C                 Mweb
Ceres Fruit Juices     Namibia Water
Chevron SA             NECSA
Coega Development      Nedbank, Nestle
Comair Limited         Nike SA                                                               Fast Track Networking consists of an informal round table session. All participants at the table
                                                                                             have the opportunity to introduce and present themselves and their business within a set
Daimler Chrysler SA    Nissan SA                                                             period of time. A brief period of time is allocated for questions to the presenter. As everyone
Deloitte & Touche      Oceana Group                                                          has their turn, business cards are exchanged, new contacts are established, conversations are
                                                                                             started and information is exchanged about products, services and benefits. Following up and
Dulux (Pty) Ltd        Peermont Global                                                       maintaining contact is crucial to successful networking. During a Fast Track Networking session
EDCON                  PetroSA                                                               you will no doubt meet a number of people with whom you would like to engage further.
                                                                                             Because we don’t want you to let opportunities slip through your fingers, we have created
Electrolux SA          Pfizer                                                                 the ground-breaking Fast Track Networking website. Membership of and access to www.
Engen Petroleum        Rand Water                                                   is granted only to delegates of our business-to-business conferences
                                                                                             and events. Your privacy is ensured by a unique password and log-in name.The site offers you a
Ernst & Young          RentWorks                                                             number of very exciting features. You can place a photo of yourself, your company logo and a
                                                                                             company profile. You’ll also be able to access the list of attendees and continue communication.
Eskom, Faritec         SA Tourism
First National Bank    SAICA
Gillette Group SA      SARS
Glaxosmith Kline SA    Sasol Oil
Group Five             Sentech
Heinz SA Foods         T&T Appointments

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