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                               MINUTES OF MEETING
 Meeting Subject:           Annual General Meeting
 Chairperson:               Dave Tennant
 Venue:                     Cesco’s Kelvin
 Date:                      04/08/2009
 Time:                                 18h30 – to – 20h00


 Dave Tennant                     Maria Gerondoudis                             Chris Bown
 Gerard Deeb                      Peter Gallon                                  Peter Berner
 Barbara Tennant                  Gary Clarke                                   Sandy Goodall
 Moriti Rasefate                  Mike Kingaby                                  Kevin McCraw
 Jo McCraw                        Andrew McMurray                               David Ofentse Malatji
 Veronica Kotze                   Samora Sipatala                               Arthur Pentz
 Sue Pentz                        Shane Mohabier                                Tebogo Sithathu
 Ellie Whitcutt                   Julia Haywood                                 Stephen Gibbs
 Gerard von Schendel              Alister Mamabar                               Ralph Varathaiah
 Derek Judson

 Jac Messersmidt                  Chantelle McGourty                            Dumisa Dlamini
 Lapo Dlamini                     Sadik Khan                                    Linda Wilkins
 Clive Cohrain                    Dr. R Samsunder

BRACe Members


             Item           Action                                                  Resp.
                            Dave welcomes and thanks all for coming. Declares a
 1.          Welcome        quorum.
 2.          Chairman’s     Dave presents the accomplishments of BRACe to date
             Report         highlighting:
                              Legal status – Section 21 company established
                             Dave informs the meeting that the Memorandum and
                             Articles of Association of BRACe were taken out of the
                             Companies Act (1973).
Document number:            Approved by: Buccleuch Residents Action Community                Prepared by: Maria Gerondoudis
Title: Minutes Of Meeting                Approval date:                                                         Page 1 of 4
                            In light of the new Companies Act signed by the president
                            recently and certain changes directors feel will be in the
                            interests of members of BRACe, the steering committee will
                            be reviewing the Memorandum and Articles of BRACe
                            within the next 6 months to ensure full compliance with the
                            new Companies Act and other improvements for the benefit
                            of the members of BRACe.
                            These proposed changes will be presented to members for
                             Service Level Agreement with ADT
                             Only community block-watch in Sandton
                             Buccleuch Police Station - REMAINS OPEN
                             First ever IDP submission for Buccleuch to COJ
                             Community signboards
                             Website
                             Newsletter
                             Upgrade of Gibson Drive / Old Pretoria Rd approved
                             BRACe membership growing - 83 (debit orders signed)
                             Parkville road widened & tarred
                             Undesirable development blocked
                             Participation in SAPS, CPF, Region A ratepayers
                             Introduction of domestic watch

                            He presents the crime statistics and challenges facing
                            Service Delivery
                             Report & Follow up
                             Water & Sewerage
                             Potholes & Road Markings
                             Street lights
                             Grass Cutting

                            Cleaner Suburb
                             Recycling
                             Clean up business sites & streets
                             Enforce by-laws – street vendors, squatting, dumping,
                                littering, illegal structures
                             Grass cutting & planting trees in open areas

                            Improved Property Values
                              Object to & stop undesirable developments
                              Promote & encourage worthwhile development
                              Reduced crime & cleaner suburb

                              Road rules – law enforcement
                              Access roads to be changed
                              Speed bumps & traffic circles

Document number:            Approved by: Buccleuch Residents Action Community   Prepared by: Maria Gerondoudis
Title: Minutes Of Meeting                Approval date:                                            Page 2 of 4
                             Develop recreational facility
                             Lobby for High School
                             Raise level of Bridge Road bridge
                             Expand membership, commitment & funding

                            Dave thanks Peter Berner for his personal contribution to
                            reduce the crime in the suburb.
                            Peter thanks and adds that trio crimes in the Sandton area
                            have decreased by 31.5%.
                            He highlights challenges to combat crime and announces
                            the relocation of the fire-arm registration unit of Gallo Manor
                            police station to Buccleuch. This means increased police
                            presence and visibility.
                            He adds that the cluster’s central police station will be Gallo
                            Manor housing various task teams and police personnel will
                            increase to 350 in the sector. CAC and SCPF will contribute
                            two more vehicles to the sector.
                            Peter urges residents to ensure domestics are legally
                            working in South Africa.
                            Dave presents the financial statements. Calls for
                            Peter Berner proposes. Gary Clarke seconds.
 3.          Councillor’s   Cllr Annette Deppe addresses the meeting highlighting
             Address        issues of:
                              Crime
                              Water
                              Service delivery
                              Infrastructure
                              Frankenwald
                              Traffic violations
                             Residents raise water problems – some areas of Buccleuch
                             had no water for one week. Others still have extremely low
                             pressure. One resident highlighted municipal strikers who
                             sabotaged water deliver and threatened private contractors
                             who were employed to reconnect supply.
                             Cllr informs residents of water trucks available from
                             Zandfontein depot in case of outages.
                             Cllr to give Maria details of relevant person to contact re
                             investigation into outages.
                             Cllr to request engineers to come out next week to inspect
                             Cllr supports mixed use development of Frankenwald giving
                             access into Buccleuch.
                             Cllr highlights the need of a precinct plan to outline a
                             framework of development for Buccleuch and Frankenwald.
                             Residents complained about traffic violations particularly by
                             taxi drivers but also members of the public.
                             Cllr suggests a blitz by JMPD or calming measures.
                             Another resident suggests we contact the taxi associations.
                             Cllr Deppe to follow up on robots at Maxwell Drive.

Document number:            Approved by: Buccleuch Residents Action Community     Prepared by: Maria Gerondoudis
Title: Minutes Of Meeting                Approval date:                                              Page 3 of 4
 4.          Domestic Watch      Chris Bown presents the domestic watch programme. 22
                                 people were present including Peter Berner of SAPS and
                                 Dave Tennant who both addressed the meeting.
                                 Chris outlines the advantages and urges all to send their
                                 domestic employees and to attend themselves.
                                 The next one is on 19th August and 11h30.
                                 Cllr informs of packages available to domestics and urges
                                 residents to protect them and their future as they protect
 5.          Membership          Dave thanks Julia Haywood for her contribution to forming
             Election         of the section 21 company and her valuable legal advice.
             Directors           Membership and membership fees were discussed. Further
             Appointment      of deliberation is required on the subject.
             Auditors            Resolution was passed to extend section 21 membership to
                                 all members of BRACe.
                                 Peter Berner proposes, Julia Haywood seconds.
                                 Resolution was passed to extend the number of directors to
                                 three. PB proposes and JH seconds.
                                 Current directors resign, but are eligible for re-election.
                                 New directors proposed: Dave Tennant, Maria Gerondoudis
                                 and Gerard Deeb.
                                 All three carried unanimously.
                                 Maria to contact remaining BRACe members for debit order
                                 Re-appointment of auditor: N.Nicolaou. Proposed by PB and
                                 seconded by JH.
                                 Dave informs the meeting that ADT will provide a further
                                 reduction in Armed Response fees to their clients in
                                 Buccleuch. Our original fee was to be R313.50 for those
                                 clients contributing to BRACE. The new rate will be R296.40
                                 (Incl. VAT).
 6.          AOB                 Mike Kingaby addresses the meeting outlining his
                                 involvement in CAER to protect the interests of Buccleuch.
                                 All agree that he should continue his good work under the
                                 BRACe umbrella.
 7.          Closing             Dave closes the meeting and thanks all for attending.
             and thanks
             Meeting adjourned at 20h00.
             Next meeting: Wed 03 September 2009, Cescos

Document number:                  Approved by: Buccleuch Residents Action Community   Prepared by: Maria Gerondoudis
Title: Minutes Of Meeting                      Approval date:                                            Page 4 of 4

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