These compact grease kits are designed for fixing directly to bulk containers for easy high pressure volume on all types of

                                                                            ORDERING INFORMATION
2.5 kg Mini Lube high quality greasing
system utilises a simple foot or hand                                        K6               Macnaught 2.5kg Hand Grease Kit
action plunger to prime the booster                                          K3               Macnaught 20kg Hand Grease Kit
gun. A single charge provides up to
30 shots of grease either with volume                                        RXL25            Rox 2.5kg Hand Grease Kit
or high pressure settings. Supplied                                          RXE20            Rox 20kg Hand Grease Kit
with 1.5 metres of delivery hose and                                                          20kg Bulk Grease Loader
twin setting booster gun provides                                            GZ4212
pressure up to 10,000 PSI.
                                                                                              Macnaught 20kg Bulk Grease Loader
K3                                                                                            Pump

20 kg Super Lube manual greasing kit                                         GU04             Rox 450g side lever lubricator
to suit 20 kg containers for repetitive
volume greasing. Complete with 3
metre hose and twin setting booster
gun gives pressure up to 10,000 PSI.

RXL25                                                                                                          Rox Ezy-lube
                                                                                                               20 kg grease kit
Rox lube-ette 2.5 kg                                                                                           with 4 metre hose
quality Australian made                                                                                        and quick detach
grease kit with quick                                                                                          booster gun.
detachable booster
gun. Ideal for total
mobility with booster

Grease Bulk Loader Pumps
                                                                                        Rox Grease Gun
GZ4212                                                      GU04
20 kg bulk loading pump for filling grease guns.            Manufactured in Australia
Complete with universal fill adaptor, rubber                since1933, the GU04 Rox
follower plate and adjusting flange. Brass piston           professional side lever
rings. Delivers 28 grams per stroke.                        lubricator grease gun
Option:                                                     is the serious operators
► ½” Grease Hose Kit for bulk loading Auto                  choice.
Lube Systems.

                                                                                        Macnaught bulk loader pump to suit
                                                                                        20 kg grease pails for rapid filling of
                                                                                        grease guns. Quality rebuildable
                                                                                        pump system with brass piston rings.
                                                                                        Delivers 54 grams per stroke.

                                                                                           ► Hose attachment for filling.

                                          FAX HOTLINE                        1300 760 192

               EQUIPCO GREASE GUNS
               New range of quality greasing equipment from Equipco. These are truly unique, high grade products for demanding industry
                                                                                 Pistol Grip
                                                                                 Variable action pistol grease gun with pressure-volume
                                                                                 adjustment setting
                                                                                 ►    300ml heavy duty flex extension
                                                                                 ►    Suits 450g cartridge or bulk fill
                                                                                 ►    4 jaw coupler
                                                                                 ►    Develops over 7500 PSI
                                                                                 ►    Delivers up to .84g/stroke
                                                                                 ►    One hand operation
                                                                                 ►    High volume/high pressure setting

              ORDERING INFORMATION                                               EQ450PG
                                 Vario Pistol Grip grease gun with
                                 heavy duty flex extension.                      Pistol Grip
                                                                                 Most popular one hand operated grease gun designed for use
                                                                                 in confined spaces.

                                                                                 ►    Heavy duty aluminium die cast head
                                                                                 ►    Super strong pistol grip handle
                                                                                 ►    Robust built, tough barrel 1.2 mm gauge
                                                                                 ►    Heavy duty follower spring
                                                                                 ►    New design follower rubber for easy loading cartridges
                                                                                 ►    CNC precision machined parts
                                                                                 ►    Large rolled threads for fast and easy re-loading
                                                                                 ►    New 3 Jaw S-grip coupler
                                                                                 ►    Heavy duty flexible extension
                                                                                 ►    450 gram cartridge or bulk fill
                                                                                 ►    5000 PSI
                                 Premier Pistol Grip grease gun with
                                 heavy duty flex extension 450 gram              EQ450LG
                                                                                 Lever Action
                                                                                  Premier top of the line lever grease gun for day in and day out
                                                                                  punishing industrial use.

                                                                                  ►   Heavy duty aluminium die cast head
                                                                                  ►   Incorporating bulk loader and air vent fittings
                                                                                  ►   Flexible extension
                                                                                  ►   3 Jaw S-Grip coupler
                                                                                  ►   Variable stroke action for boosting pressure
              ORDERING INFORMATION                                                ►   CNC precision machined parts
                                 Premier lever grease gun with flexible           ►   10,000 PSI rated
              EQ450LG                                                             ►   450 gram cartridge or bulk fill
                                 extension. 450 gram cartridge.

                                                                                  Air Operated - Continuous Shot
                                                                                  Ideal for maintenance programs for factory, agriculture,
                                                                                  earthmoving and fleet services. Suitable for use with vehicle
                                                                                  air brake systems.
                                                                                  ► Air pressure range 40-120 PSI (3-8 BAR)
                                                                                  ► 40:1 ratio
                                                                                  ► Air volume 1CFM (.026 m³) and above
                                                                                  ► Continuous grease discharge with trigger depressed
                                                                                  ► 3 Jaw S-grip coupler
                                                                                  ► Bulk loader fitting
                                                                                  ► Heavy duty aluminium die cast head precision honed for
                                                                                  rapid action
              ORDERING INFORMATION                                                ► Compact angle design for ease of operation
                                                                                  ► 450 gram cartridge or bulk fill
                                 Air operated Equipco continuous shot
                                 450 gram grease gun, 90 gram/shot

                                              PHONE HOTLINE                             1800 813 182
                                                                                                                                          GREASE GUNS
Macnaught Lever Grease Gun
For high pressure, high volume greasing. The
K45 can clear blocked or damaged grease
► Two hand operation.
► 450 gram cartridge or bulk fill.
► 5 year warranty.

 Part #       Description:                  Output:
              Macnaught lever grease        10 000 PSI, 690 bar.
 K45          gun for 450 gram              Up to 69 000 kPa.
              cartridge. Rigid extension.   1.5 g per shot.

Macnaught Flexigun
Premium quality, most popular used grease gun on the
market. Pistol grip action with unique variable stroke
►    One hand operation.
►    Zinc version available for underground coal mines.
►    450 gram cartridge or bulk fill.
►    5 year warranty.

 Part #       Description:                  Output:
              Macnaught flexigun            7 500 PSI, 520 bar.
 K29          for 450 gram cartridge.       Up to 52 000 kPa.
              Flexible extension.           .68 g per shot.

Macnaught Air Operated
Power-Pistol single shot grease gun.
► Minimum use air supply (1 CFM).
► Ideal for use with truck/bus air brake systems.
► 5 year warranty.

    Part #             Description:                   Output         Max. Air pressure Min. Air pressure Pressure ratio      Air inlet
                Macnaught power pistol air
    K53         operated grease gun. 450        Approx.. 0.7 g per       825 kPa           275 kPa             50:1         ¼” BSP/M
                     gram cartridge.                  shot
 BG100         Macnaught 12 volt battery grease gun kit

Centralised Lubrication Systems
Equipco supply a comprehensive range of lubricators from single point manual remote fuel systems to multiple injector point systems
for industrial applications. Powered by air, 12, 24 or 240 volt. Speak to our design team for the correct system for your applications.
Simple header systems for easy access to greasing points from
a single source. Variety of lube points and tube options.                                          Automatic oil lubrication injector
                                                                                                   system complete package with
                                                                                                   electronic controller/timer and oil
                                                                                                   vessel. Range of models available.

             Range of controllers,
             distribution blocks and
             pump systems to suit heavy

                                            FAX HOTLINE                       1300 760 192

                    GREASE ACCESORIES
                    Equipco greasing accessories enable maintenance duties to be performed more efficiently and effectively.

                    Flexible Grease Extensions. Heavy duty extensions                Grease Couplers. Range of grease couplers for guaranteed
                    with large bore openings for volume output.
                                                                                     performance with repeated use. Hardened heat treated steel
                                                                                     jaws for extended service life.

                          300mm long heavy duty grease extension.
                          ⅛” BSP.
                                                                                        HC-14                   43500
                          450mm long heavy duty grease extension.
              GE-45                                                                                                                   KY Coupler
                          ⅛” BSP.                                                     ORDERING INFORMATION
              T10         12” (300mm) Flexi Extension
                                                                                      HC-14        New S-Grip Coupler 3 Jaw Premium
                   Rigid Grease Extensions. 150mm (6”) Bent rigid                     43500        4 Jaw Coupler with ball check
                   steel grease extension.                                            KY           Macnaught 3 Jaw Super Grip Coupler

                                                                                     Injector Needle. For sealed bearings. Stainless steel 21
                                             GBP6B                                   gauge needle.

              Needle Nose Adaptors.                                                                                        G1-N02
              For dispensing fine line of
              grease in awkward positions.
              38mm long needle with push
              on nipple connection.                               AQ-449             KGRButton Head Couplers.

                                              Right Angled Coupler.                                                                           PCN-1
                                              90° discharge of grease with      ORDERING INFORMATION
                                              polyurethane seal. ⅛” BSP                        Button head coupler for ⅝” (16mm fittings)
                                              connection.                        PCN-1
                       HCROB                                                                   ⅛” BSP thread push on design.
                                                                                 KGR           Giant button head coupler
              Angle Lube Adaptor. For
              inaccessible shoulders and
              other confined spaces.
                                                                             360° Swivel Coupler.
                                                          AL-01              Locks at any 45° position. 3                        HS 894
                                                                             Jaw coupler for difficult-hard
                                                                             to access connections.
              Seal Off Dispenser. For                                                                                   Hydro-Shock Grease
              lubricating vehicles with                                                                                 Nipple Unblocking Tool.
              grease plugs. Rubber tipped                                                                               Hammer booster shock
              end.                                    D-01B                                                             cleaner for breaking up and
                                                                                    HCSW3B                              removing dirt from king pins,
                                                                                                                        joints, bearings, etc.
              Bearing Packers.
              New bench type deluxe                                                                       ORDERING INFORMATION
              packer with range from
              ½” (12mm) to                                                                                    HS-894    New hydro shock tool
              6” (150mm).                                                                   BEP-01            PCN-1     Button head coupler

                                                  BEP625                                                      KGR       Giant button head coupler
                                                                                                              GBP-6B    Rigid steel grease extension
              Equipco stock and distribute a large range of                                                   G1-N02    Grease injector needle
              greasing nipples for industry requirements including
              a range of stainless steel and zinc plated models.                                              AQ-449    Needle nose adaptor
              Assortment packs and convenient display packs.                                                  AL-01     90° angle lube adaptor
              Request our price book for further listings.
                                                                                                              D-01B     Seal off dispenser
                                                                                                              HCROB     Right angle coupler
                                                                                                              HCSW3B 360° Swivel Coupler 3 Jaw
                                                                                                              BEP-01    Grease bearing packer
                                                                                                              BEP 625

                                                                                                                        Bench type bearing packer

                                                PHONE HOTLINE                               1800 813 182

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