; McCauley Revitalize Newsletter November 2009
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McCauley Revitalize Newsletter November 2009


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									                        McCauley                                                                              November 2009

                       Rev i ta l i z e
McCauley Revitalization:
McCauley Revitalization Strategy under development
The Revitalization strategy initial draft has been completed     The next draft of the Strategy will be produced by February,
and was reviewed at community meetings in September and          at which time it will be presented to the community for final
November. The broad concepts, goals and priorities have          review. From there, the Strategy will be finalized and submitted
been established, so work is continuing to define, and refine,   to City Council closer to summer 2010.
the specific actions that need to be undertaken.                 Meanwhile, Planning and Development department staff are
Most recently, four “Pizza Panorama” events were held at         meeting with various business owners, and IST committee is
McCauley School to discuss the revitalization and identify the   reviewing the strategy over the next three months to discuss
action steps required. These events were held November 3,        business revitalization needs.
5, and 17, 19, with dozens of area community members taking      If you would like to contribute to the McCauley Revitalization
the time to work on various projects and tasks.                  Strategy, or volunteer for one of the working groups, please
As the details become formalized under each of the goals,        contact Jane Molstad at 780-496-6887. R
tasks will be assigned to the corresponding working groups
and more activities will take place in 2010.

Working Groups                                                   Get Involved in Projects for 2010
There are four Working Groups, each with 6-8 people who          Are you looking for a rewarding project to work on that will
have volunteered to participate. The Working Groups are:         benefit your community? Then wait no longer! There are new
safe neighbourhood, neighbourhood building, celebrating          projects for residents to get involved in for 2010.
and promoting our neighbourhood, and sustainable housing         Safe Neighbourhood
and support services.                                            • Block by Block Plan
The working groups and community meetings are discussing         • Trees Please
the details of how to achieve the community goals. Members       Celebrate Neighbourhood
are looking at the broad concepts that the community             • East Meets West
provided, and are working on the specific actions that will be   • Go Green Go
needed. What tangible improvements are important? How
will these be achieved?                                          Building the Neighbourhood
                                                                 • Multicultural Hub
From there, the working groups are working on projects that      • 107A Ave and McCauley Eco/Enviro Learning Area
continue to contribute to the overall Revitalization Strategy.       (McCauley School)
All work is being reviewed by the new steering committee in
2009/2010.                                                       Sustainable Housing and Services
                                                                 • Artists Village
For more information, please contact Jane Molstad at             • Incentives for businesses
780-496-6887. R
                                                                 Please call Jane Molstad at 780-496-6887 if you would like to
                                                                 participate and contribute to your community! R

For more information on the McCauley Neighbourhood Revitalization or volunteering
on a working committee, please: Call Jane Molstad at 780-496-6887
                                Email jane.molstad@edmonton.ca
                                Visit the website at www.edmonton.ca
McCauley gets Fresh
 All for the Environment
 Some really cool ideas are being developed to help sustain a   Vacant lot improvements
 healthy environment in McCauley. Some ideas are specific       Fence mending,
 to McCauley, while others are being offered city-wide. Check   vacant lot cleanup,
 out these initiatives and see how you can support a healthy    flower planting
 environment in your neighbourhood!                             initiatives will
                                                                continue in the
 McCauley School Gardens New                                    spring. These
  A new partnership with McCauley school in the spring will see improvements have
 students grow flowers and plants along fence bordering 107     already made a
 Avenue. This initiative not only beautifies the area, but also difference in the
 provides a learning opportunity for students as part of school McCauley area.
 curriculum. The long-term plan is to create the Eco/Enviro
 Learning Area.

 Go Green Go New                                                  Waste Management Eco-Projects New
 A new opportunity for gardeners on the Mother’s Day              The City of Edmonton offers various eco-programs to help
 weekend. A group of McCauley gardeners have done a               homeowners manage household waste. The McCauley
 perennial exchange in the past and are looking for others keen   Revitalization project will look at ways to introduce these
 to provide even more for area residents. This day will provide   programs to people in the community. Some examples include
 workshops, flowers, veggies to buy and demonstrations on         composting, grasscycling and disposal of hazardous materials at
 how to garden green. The men have not been forgotten, as         the Eco Stations. R
 there will also be golf information and workshops for them.
 Watch for more information.

 Clean and Green
 Large item bins and large item pick up will continue in the
 spring. The McCauley Revitalization project is looking at City
 of Edmonton programs, such as graffiti removal and Adopt-a-
 Block cleanup as possible initiatives to incorporate in 2010.

North Central Community Recreation Centre
construction in full swing
Construction crews are in full operation on the Joe Clarke    The facility is planned to
Athletic grounds preparing the site for the new recreation    bring new stature and
centre and field house.                                       presence to the current
                                                              Joe Clarke Athletic
The prime contractor is working closely with                  Grounds.
Commonwealth Stadium to ensure the stadium and Clarke
Field operation continues during Eskimo game nights,          Plans for the site
concerts, and special events.                                 ensure the new facility is welcoming and friendly, a place where
                                                              people from the neighbouring communities can come together
The construction is progressing on schedule anticipating      for recreation and social activities in a safe and welcoming
the grand opening of the North Central Community              environment.
Recreation Centre in early 2012.
                                                              For more information about the North Central Community
                                                              Recreation Centre, please call 311, or visit
McCauley                                                      www.edmonton.ca/nccrc. R
Re vitalize
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Matching Grant Program
The Neighbourhood Revitalization Matching Fund supports
the communities involved in City of Edmonton Neighbourhood
Revitalization initiatives to carry out the actions and goals
identified in the community based strategies. Funds are
available on a matching basis to address a specific community
need and that also builds and benefits the community.
Projects must be completed within a 12 month timeframe.
There are three funds available:
•   Large Projects Funds is for projects that request from
    $10,000 – $ 20,000.
•   Medium Projects Fund: $5,000 – $10,000.
•   Small Projects Fund: up to $5,000.

To be eligible, applicants must match 50% of the total project
cost with one or a combination donations, labour/sweat
equity or cash, grants (other than municipal). Large Grants
must have 25% cash matching. Cash could include grants or
revenue. Applicants are welcome to do a presentation and
answer questions for large grants.

2009 McCauley Matching Grant Recipients
• Heart of the City
• Community Action Dash
• LRT Murals
• Patch it Up program
• Mending fences
• Boyle McCauley Health Centre Garden project
• Mustard Seed Church Beautification project
• East Meets West Festival
• Block Party for residents
• Community Landscapers R

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Public Washroom Update                                              Tea Wagon
Public urination and defecation are problems in various parts       The Tea Wagon will be undergoing some upgrades to ensure
of the city. Recently, a pilot project along Whyte Avenue           it is ready to serve residents in the revitalization communities.
demonstrated that the availability of public washrooms help         It is hoped the upgrades will be completed by the end of
significantly to reduce or eliminate this behaviour. A similar      January and the Tea Wagon out in revitalization communities
pilot program will be introduced next spring in McCauley to         in February. R
help change behaviour in this community.

“Portable washrooms are not a long-term answer,” comments
Revitalization Coordinator Jane Molstad. “But this will certainly
determine the difference that public washrooms might make
in the McCauley area and see if permanent washrooms are

Portable washrooms are not a long-term solution, but we
are looking to find the solution through a pilot project. The
McCauley community and five social agencies are working
towards a solution and with the City for locations, usage,
etc. McCauley has been added to the Location and Cost of
Public Washrooms Report being submitted to City Council for

“If the incidents of public urination and defecation are
reduced, we can look at planning for permanent facilities,”
says Jane.
                                                                    Spring into Walking
                                                                    The neighbourhood walking map working group met four
In the meantime, if anyone has any other suggestions or             times in 2009 to complete the McCauley walking map. The
comments, contact Jane Molstad at 780-496-6887. R                   map is now in the hands of the developers/designers and will
                                                                    be produced in spring 2010. All residents will receive a walking
We’re Looking for You!                                              map. Maps will also be distributed at nearby hotels, stores
                                                                    and cafés. R
Do you want to share your talent with McCauley? We
are looking for local musicians and performers to assist
with McCauley events during summer 2010, such as East
Meets West. If you are interested, contact Jane Molstad
at 780-496-6887.

Do you have a green thumb and enjoy gardening?
McCauley would love for you and your thumb to join
our teams working to beautify vacant lots, community
gardens, Go Green Go and many more projects in the
McCauley neighbourhood. If you are interested, contact
Jane Molstad at 780-496-6887. R

Re vitalize

                                                                     2009 was the first year McCauley began implementing the
                                                                     Revitalization and we have seen so many changes. Thank
                                                                     you to all the volunteers and all those participating in the

                Greetings                                            Revitalization. We look forward to the changes to come in
                                                                     2010. Wishing residents and businesses in McCauley all
                                                                     the best this holiday season and in the new year!

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