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									                                           MORGAN HILL UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                              PROGRESS AGAINST GOALS UPDATE
                                                     FEBRUARY 8, 2011

Student achievement is at the core of all of our district goals. We believe that students succeed best in an exciting and challenging
environment where they are actively engaged in the learning process.

                                                Strategies /                                        Current Status
       District Goals                        Success Indicators

Objective A:                    1. Support existing collegial teams where staff      SALT has convened seven times (May 11 and 13,
                                   members feel valued, respected and                June 9 and 10, Sept 30, Oct 21 and Jan 20).
Increase overall academic
                                   empowered                                         Additional meetings are scheduled for Mar 17
achievement as measured by
                                     a. Student Achievement Leadership               and May 19. Items discussed have included:
schools annually increasing
                                        Team (SALT)
their similar school ranking                                                         identification of focus areas; intervention;
                                     b. Ensure structured and articulated
and/or Academic Performance
                                        collaboration opportunities are
                                                                                     ELD/EL instruction; benchmarks assessment;
Index (API).                                                                         essential standards; summer school curriculum;
                                        happening across sites
                                                                                     collaboration time; district culture and climate;
                                                                                     kindergarten readiness; algebra readiness and
                                                                                     support; Project Cornerstone; SOGI; and
                                                                                     Program Improvement (PI).
                                                                                     High schools have structured collaboration time
                                                                                     built into their weekly schedules. Walsh has
                                                                                     early release for collaboration. Most other
                                                                                     elementary schools have grade level meetings on
                                                                                     at least a monthly basis. Middle schools
                                                                                     continue with their department team meetings.
                                                                                     Please see Attachment A
                                2. Continue to implement, monitor and support        Monitoring and support for the adopted core
                                   the use of state adopted ELA and math core        curriculum occurs through ongoing classroom
                                   materials                                         observations; examination of lesson plans,
                                                                                     curriculum maps and pacing guides; site and
                                                                                     district staff development sessions; grade level
                                                                                     and department collaboration meetings.
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                                             Strategies /                                        Current Status
      District Goals                      Success Indicators

                             3. Identify, purchase, implement and monitor      ELA:
                                the use of district adopted ELA, Math and        A timeline is being developed to identify,
                                intervention materials                            purchase and train teachers to use a new state
                                                                                  adopted ELA core program within our budget
                                                                                  constraints. Purchase and implementation will
                                                                                  be done in stages beginning with grades K-6 and
                                                                                  moving on to middle and high school.
                                                                                  State adopted math materials and algebra support
                                                                                  materials have been purchased K-12. Training
                                                                                  has been provided to all teachers. Follow-up
                                                                                  training will continue throughout the 2010-2011
                                                                                  school year.
                                                                                  Intervention materials have been purchased at
                                                                                  school sites based on the needs of the students at
                                                                                  each site. Programs include: Read 180,
                                                                                  SuccessMaker, Study Island, Lit Con, Compass
                                                                                  Learning, Leap Frog, Standards Plus, along with
                                                                                  intervention materials provided by the state
                                                                                  adopted programs.
                             4. Identify and purchase appropriate standards-      Intervention materials have been purchased at
                                based intervention materials for grades           school sites, based on the needs of the students at
                                                                                  each site as listed above.
                             5. Create teacher opportunities to engage in         Please see Attachment A
                                regular collaboration that provides time to
                                  a. Analyze assessment data
                                  b. Plan instruction based on the analysis
                                      of student data
                                  c. Identify and build capacity in the most
                                      effective instructional strategies
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                                                 Strategies /                                        Current Status
       District Goals                         Success Indicators

                                 6. Monitor the use of adopted curricula and        Please see Attachment B
                                    develop K-12 curriculum maps to pace
Objective B:                     1. Monitor and analyze CST data for all            Student data analysis strategies were reviewed with
                                    students, including EL and students with        all principals.
Aggressively seek to close the
                                    disabilities, with the goal that all students   Data discussion at Leadership Advance on July 28
achievement gap between
                                    will increase individual CST scaled scores in   Monthly data reflection principal meetings at district.
numerically significant
                                    English and math                                Benchmark Real Deal Data Training with teachers on
subgroups while continuing to
                                                                                    Nov 29, Nov 30, and Dec 7.
increase the performance of
                                                                                    Principals engaged staff in analyzing school, grade
high achieving students as
                                                                                    and individual classroom data.
measured by schools
increasing the annual            2. Develop and begin use of a monitoring           Implementation of the Single Plan for Student
Academic Performance Index          protocol to ensure Single Plan for Student      Achievement is monitored in the following ways:
and/or Annual Yearly                Achievement at each site is implemented         1. Principals monitor SPSA through School City
Progress, as well as                                                                2. School Site Councils are provided updates on a
achievement of the GATE                                                                monthly basis
identified subgroup on                                                              3. All sites provided executive summaries of their
API/AYP and student scores                                                             SPSA to the Board of Education December 14,
on Advanced Placement                                                                  2010; Program Improvement Schools presented
exams.                                                                                 SPSA updates January 11, 2011; all schools’
                                                                                       SPSAs approved by Board January 25, 2011
                                                                                    4. Please see Attachment C.
                                 3. Develop long term plan for professional         The Staff Development Plan in the district is driven
                                    development and capacity building that          by information from our needs assessments such as
                                    includes focused topics for administrators      data from recent high stakes tests, the LEA plan
                                    and teachers                                    process from last year, teacher requests, SALT
                                                                                    meetings and administrator planning. This year’s
                                                                                    staff development plan will focus on the areas of
                                                                                    assessment, curriculum, and instruction.
                                                                                         As a PI district, percentages of our Title III (EL),
                                                                                         EIA (EL), Title I (under-served) and Title II
                                                                                         categorical funds are directed towards
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                                                   Strategies /                                     Current Status
       District Goals                           Success Indicators

                                                                                         professional development.
                                                                                         Please see Attachment D for the Staff
                                                                                         Development Plan for the 2010-11 school year.

Objective C:                       1. Investigate and pilot a district wide data     The district is currently using School City to house
Develop a district-wide               management system that is user friendly and    all student data, develop Single School Plans for
system of assessments and             effective for teachers and administrators to   Student Achievement, and develop School
                                      track student achievement data.                Accountability Report Cards (SARC) for each
interventions to meet the
academic needs of                                                                    school site. Principals and teachers are currently
underperforming students                                                             being trained in the use of School City to
                                                                                     analyze data on a regular basis and implement
                                                                                     benchmark testing.
                                   2. Develop and pilot benchmark assessments in          SALT and grade level teams at all sites have
                                      English and Math                                    identified essential standards in grades 2-6
                                         a. Identify essential standards                  ELA and math and grades 7-12 algebra on
                                         b. Develop a multi-tiered system of              the Vine (district Intranet). Benchmark tests
                                              interventions responsive to student
                                                                                          were administered November 2010. The
                                              performance data
                                                                                          second round of tests is scheduled March
                                                                                         Please see Attachment E

Objective D:                          Planning Goal:                                 Please see Attachment F
Investigate impact to course       1. Conduct analysis of current course offerings
offerings and graduation              and enrollment and identify project
requirements for all students to      requirements to implement A-G.
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                                                  Strategies /                                            Current Status
       District Goals                          Success Indicators

be eligible for a four-year      2. Provide professional development for all           ESD Directors have held or scheduled:
college upon graduation from        secondary counselors and administrators               4 training sessions/meetings with assistant
high school                         regarding appropriate academic counseling             principals (Dec 14, Jan 25, Mar 1, Apr 5)
 1) Explore aligning                services to support entrance into 4-year              3 training/meetings with all secondary
    graduation requirements to      colleges and have a common message for                counselors (Jan 20, Mar 17, Apr 14)
    UC A-G requirements             college readiness.
                                 3. With the available fiscal resources, expand           Collecting data on past and current use of CalSOAP
Note: Deadline for graduation       CalSOAP service, including counseling and             resources. 2010-11 meetings for CalSOAP are: Sept
requirement revisions would         tutoring, to support minority and low income          15, Dec 15. Assistant Superintendent of Educational
be December 2011 prior to fall      students in accessing rigorous curriculum             Services attends to represent the district interests.
implementation for the              and prepare for entrance into a 4-year
entering freshman class.            college.

                                 4. Utilize existing categorical resources to             ALAS program – still under development
                                    provide parents of EL and low income                  One (1) Bilingual Home/School Liaison now in place
                                    students additional information regarding             at each school
                                    college entrance requirements to support and
                                    assist their students with college applications,
                                    scholarship, and student loans.

Objective E:                     1. Network with established charter school               Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services has
                                    specialist to develop list of exemplary charter       identified specific charter schools to visit and
Investigate dependent charter
                                    schools for underserved student populations           research for best model to meet MHUSD student
school ideas
                                 2. Develop visitation timeline to explore                The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
                                    existing successful charter schools across            has visited Rocketship Charter (Dec 16), Lighthouse
                                    state                                                 Charter (Sept 16) (with teacher Teresa Sermersheim
                                                                                          and community member Julian Mancias), Shearer
                                                                                          Charter/Napa (Jan 21), Grayson Charter in
                                                                                          Patterson (scheduled for Feb 11).
                                                                                          Visits also scheduled for 2 dual immersion
                                                                                          schools: South Valley Middle School (Feb 15)
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                                             Strategies /                                      Current Status
      District Goals                      Success Indicators

                                                                               and Rod Kelley (Feb 16)

                             3. Convene district group that includes all       The district will convene a stakeholder group once
                                stakeholders including parents and             research units are concluded and analyzed that will
                                community to discuss charter school options    include administrators, teachers, and classified
                                and findings from research and visitations     professionals. P.A. Walsh has held 2 community
                                                                               meetings (Nov 30 and Jan 19) to provide parent
                                                                               community opportunities to give input into the
                                                                               feasibility of the charter school concept as a PI
                                                                               year 5 option.
                             4. Provide parent community opportunities to      Once a feasible charter model has been identified,
                                give input in the feasibility of the charter   staff, parents and community members will be
                                school concept.                                notified and public meetings will take place. Should
                                                                               a charter be envisioned for the 2011-12 school year,
                                                                               parent meetings will begin no later than April 2011
                                                                               Other charter opportunities (developing dependent
                                                                               charter) exist within the district. Should other
                                                                               options become considered, future meetings
                                                                               including staff, parents and community will be
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We value, respect, and support our highly qualified and dedicated staff of classified, certificated and administrative employees who
are committed to academic achievement for all students.

                                                  Strategies /                                          Current Status
       District Goals                          Success Indicators

Objective A:                      1. Strategies currently in use.                   All job postings include NCLB requirements.
Recruit and hire highly                  a. Include NCLB requirements on all
qualified classified,                        job postings.
certificated and administrative           b. Screen all job applicants for NCLB     All job applicants screened for NCLB requirements.
employees as measured by all                 requirements
newly hired staff meeting state
and/or NCLB requirements.                 c. Attend at least 2 local recruitment    District representatives annually attend the SCCOE
                                             fairs.                                 recruitment faire and at least one additional recruitment
                                                                                    activity. Investigating additional recruitment
                                                                                    opportunities for minority candidates.
                                          d. Facilitate job application “on line”   All classified, certificated and administrative job
                                             through ED JOIN.                       applications are “on line” through EDJOIN.
                                          e. Conduct exit interview when            Exit questionnaire has been on the back of the separation
                                             employees leave the district re        form since 2007 and offers an exit interview if requested.
                                             reasons for leaving                    Reason for leaving has been on a database for certificated
                                                                                    since 2007 and has been started for classified and
                                                                                    administrative in October 2010.

                                  2. Strategies to investigate and/or implement.
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                                        Increase opportunities for          Initial Employment
                                        employment of minority candidates        Add “Spanish preferred” to job postings.
                                        (2010-11)                                Apply Ed Code 45277 to classified merit system
                                                                                 Publish opportunities in HR newsletter (first notice
                                                                                 was in the October 2010 edition and is posted
                                                                                 Expand recruitment efforts to organizations that
                                                                                 sponsor minority candidates. Plan to send open
                                                                                 principal posting to:
                                                                                 - CALSA (CA Assoc of Latino Superintendents and
                                                                                 - CA Assoc for Bilingual Education
                                                                                 - Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Silicon Valley
                                                                                 - San Jose State University Dept of Educational
                                                                                 - National Hispanic University

                                                                                 Apply “Spanish preferred” to paper screening.
                                                                                 Invite parents/community to be on interview panel.

                                                                             Bilingual Stipend
                                                                                 Provide at least one stipend per school.
                                                                                 DO Receptionist is now receiving a stipend.

                                                                             Extra School Support
                                                                               One (1) Bilingual Home/School Liaison has been
                                                                               hired for each school site

                                                                             Support of Parent Groups
                                                                               Notice job postings to the parent groups.
                                                                               Encourage volunteer support.

                                        Review and amend Ewing SEIU         Monthly meetings held for District and SEIU since
                                        classification study (2010-11)      September 2010.
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                                                  Strategies /                                          Current Status
       District Goals                          Success Indicators

Objective B:                      a. Strategies currently in use.                   HR maintains a database of staff attendance at the four (4)
Retain and train classified and          a. Maintain a database of professional     mandatory staff trainings and monitors for make-up
Probationary I and II                        development and attendance of          trainings.
certificated employees and                   mandatory topics.
provide support services.
                                        b.   Maintain a database of first and       HR maintains a database of Probationary I teachers (28)
                                             second year teachers and their         and Probationary II teachers (19). Probationary struggling
                                             eligibility for each program.          teacher submitted to HR in December for follow-up with
                                                                                    Principals and BTSA providers.
                                        c.   Support BTSA program and confirm       HR maintains a database of probationary teachers who
                                             eligibility of teachers.               are eligible for the BTSA program. This school year we
                                                                                    have 13 BTSA year #1 teachers and 13 BTSA year #2
                                                                                    teachers. The Charter School participates in the BTSA
                                                                                    program and we have 1 teacher enrolled this school year.
                                                                                    All are participating in the BTSA program.
                                        d.   Supervise college/university program   HR maintains a database of teacher interns and confirms
                                             and confirm participation each         that university supervision has been arranged and
                                             semester by eligible teachers.         provided. This school year we have 8 interns.
                                        e.   Coordinate one day of district-wide    Professional development is being delivered in a
                                             professional development               series of activities throughout the school year instead
                                                                                    of one day when staff returned to work in August
                                  2. Strategies to investigate and/or implement.     The four (4) mandatory staff trainings were piloted
                                         a. Investigate alternative methods for      “on line” by 83 staff members. Information has been
                                             professional development including      gathered to evaluate the “on line” procedures and it
                                             “on line” training of mandatory         is recommended that it be implemented district-wide
                                             topics (2010-11)
                                                                                     for the next school year. Meetings are being
                                                                                     scheduled with MHFT and SEIU leadership to
                                                                                     discuss district-wide implementation.
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                                               Strategies /                                           Current Status
       District Goals                       Success Indicators

Objective C:                   1. Strategies currently in use.                    HR maintains a database of all classified employees and
Monitor evaluation of                 a. Maintain a database of all classified    their evaluation date. The district currently has 316
classified, certificated and              employees and their evaluation date,    classified employees, 152 of whom are scheduled for
administrative employees,                 including 2nd and 5th month             evaluation this school year and 23 of whom are scheduled
using the district-approved               probationary evaluations.               for either their 2nd or 5th month probationary evaluations.
procedures and forms.

                                       b. Maintain a database of all              HR maintains a database of all
                                          certificated employees and their        certificated employees and their employment status. The
                                          temporary, probationary I,              district has 22 temporary, 8 interns, 28 probationary I, 19
                                          probationary II or permanent status.    probationary II and 331 permanent teachers.
                                       c. Train all administrators in the         Returning administrators received all of the evaluation
                                          procedures and forms.                   forms upon their return to work and training support as
                                                                                  needed and/or requested. New administrators received
                                                                                  individual training.
                               2. Strategies to investigate and/or implement.     HR maintains a database of all administrative employees.
                                      a. Maintain a database for all              The district has 4 senior administrators, 3 directors, 1
                                          administrative employees (2010-11)      program specialist, 6 psychologists, 14 principals, 7
                                                                                  assistant principals, 7 classified managers, and 4
                                                                                  administrative assistants.
                                      b. Ensure evaluation of all                 Principals and Assistant Principals are being evaluated
                                         administrative employees on a regular    during the 2010-2011 school year. The District is working
                                         schedule (2011-12)                       with MHELA leadership on the next steps for
                                                                                  administrative employees.
Objective D:                   1. Strategies currently in use.                    Superintendent meets with MHFT and SEIU bargaining
Maintain “open lines” of              a. Superintendent meets with                unit leadership on a regular basis.
communication with all                    bargaining unit leadership regularly.
employee groups through a
variety of venues.
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                                               Strategies /                                          Current Status
       District Goals                       Success Indicators

                                       b. Assistant Superintendent meets with   Assistant Superintendent meets with MHFT and SEIU
                                          bargaining unit leadership on as-     bargaining unit leadership on an as-needed basis.
                                          needed basis.
                                       c. Return telephone call, emails, and    Telephone calls, emails and other forms of
                                          other forms of communication by the   communication are usually returned within one business
                                          next business day, if possible.       day unless there are extenuating circumstances.
                                       d. Publish “News You Can Use” on a       News You Can Use is published monthly from September
                                          monthly basis.                        – June of each school year with one special edition
                                                                                published. This school year the special edition was about
                                                                                the standards for administrators, certificated and
                                                                                classified staff which correlated with the new employee
                                                                                evaluation systems being piloted.
                               2. Strategies to investigate and/or implement.   Interest-based bargaining (IBB) training was conducted
                                    a. Investigate interest-based bargaining    by the School Employers Association of California for 13
                                        (IBB) (2010-11)                         administrators, 10 MHFT members and 4 SEIU members
                                                                                on October 19-20, 2010.
Objective E:                   1. Strategies to investigate and/or implement.   Classified pilot materials were completed during the
Implement a credible                                                            summer 2010. Classified manager training was conducted
                                     a. For classified SEIU employees.
evaluation system throughout                                                    on August 25, 2010. District/SEIU committee meets
                                         i.  Train SEIU leadership and
the district (all employees)                                                    regularly to monitor the pilot.
                                             administration (2010-11).
                                         ii. Review procedures and forms for    Of the 152 classified employees being evaluated this
                                             any changes (2010-11).             school year, 30/152 (20%) are participating in the pilot.
                                        iii. Year 1: Pilot of new procedures    The pilot was limited to classified employees assigned to
                                             and forms by department (2010-     some departments (ie, transportation, maintenance, etc.)
                                             11)                                so not everyone is eligible to participate in the pilot this
                                        iv. Year 2: Pilot of new procedures     school year.
                                             and forms by schools (2011-12)
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                                            Strategies /                                         Current Status
      District Goals                     Success Indicators

                                                                            Certificated pilot materials were completed during the
                                   b. For certificated MHFT employees.
                                                                            summer 2010. Joint District/MHFT training was
                                       i.  Complete new evaluation system
                                                                            conducted on August 9, 2010 followed by school site
                                                                            trainings. District/MHFT committee meets monthly to
                                      ii.  Pilot new procedures and forms
                                                                            monitor the pilot.
                                     iii.  Implement district-wide (2011-   Of the 241 teachers being evaluated this school year,
                                           12).                             136/178 (76%) eligible for the pilot are participating.
                                                                            CA Professional Standards for School Administrators
                                   c. For administrative MHELA
                                                                            were reviewed by the committee. A copy was sent to all
                                                                            administrators, and included in the September 2010
                                       i.  Review state standards for
                                                                            special edition of News You Can Use.
                                           administrators (2010-11)
                                      ii.  Complete new evaluation system   Principals and Assistant Principals are being evaluated
                                           (2010-11)                        during the 2010-2011 school year.
                                     iii.  Pilot new procedures and forms   Administrative pilot materials for all MHELA members
                                           (2011-12)                        are being developed during the 2010-2011 school year.
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In a dynamic financial environment, the district will continue to ensure students’ academic success. The district will maintain fiscal
solvency and align priorities to expenses to support critical educational programs, by applying sound financial principles and

       District Goals                           Strategies /                                         Current Status
                                             Success Indicators
Objective A:                     1. Continue to review and monitor budgets          Staff provides reports to sites on a monthly basis.
Adopt and maintain a balanced       with site administrators and managers on a      Staff met with site/program managers in October, 2010
budget and receive a positive       regular basis.                                  to establish 1st Interim budgets
certification from the County                                                       Balanced budgets presented to the Board:
                                 2. Present budget adoption, interims and
Office of Education under AB                                                        2nd Interim 2009-10 (3/09/10)
                                    estimated actuals to the Board based on the
1200 regulations.                                                                    Adopted 2010-11 (6/22/10)
                                    Budget calendar.
                                                                                     Estimated Actuals 2009-10 (9/14/10)
                                                                                     All received positive certification
                                 3. Active tracking of budget changes at the        Staff attended School Services Governor’s Budget
                                    state and federal level                         January 2010, May Revise 2010, Finance &
                                                                                    Management Conference October 2010, and School
                                                                                    Services Governor’s Budget January 2011
                                                                                    Staff receives on-going communications from School
                                                                                    Services and COE on budget changes.
                                 4. Use resources available at the COE, School      Staff received ongoing communications from COE,
                                    Services of Calif., and our external auditors   School Services, & auditors
Objective B:                     1. Make necessary budget revisions and             Staff updated budgets for Adopted 2010-11 and interims
Maintain 3% or state required       adjustments in program in order to              and continues to maintain 3% reserve for economic
minimum reserve for                 maintain required minimum.                      uncertainty.
economic uncertainty and 3%                                                         Currently maintains a 1.5% RRM allocation as allowed
or state required minimum                                                           under current flexibility.
routine maintenance allocation                                                      Resolution approved by the Board on June 23, 2009 for
                                                                                    a three year period, to make necessary transfers.
                                 2. Cut off spending one month early to insure      Cut off district spending March 12, 2010 resulting in an
                                    unspent allocations fall into the ending        ending fund balance of $7.4 million.
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       District Goals                           Strategies /                                        Current Status
                                             Success Indicators
                                3. Weekly monitoring of cash flow in all          Staff receives and reviews daily cash flow report from
                                   funds to ensure solvency.                      the Santa Clara County Controller’s office and runs
                                                                                  available cash flow reports.
                                4. Continue training district staff and           Staff receives updates on a regular basis and reviews
                                   administrators on program guidelines and       and monitors allocation as received.
                                   corresponding allocations.                     Send fiscal staff to COE trainings to remain current on
                                                                                  financial system.
Objective C:                    1. Continue to follow proper accounting           2009-10 audit had one material finding resulting in an
Receive an annual audit with       practices as set forth in the California       additional $147,000 to the general fund ending balance.
no material findings.              School Accounting manual.                      2008-09 audit had no material findings.

                                2. Active tracking of new requirements and        All audit requirements were met in regards to the new
                                   changes made at the state and federal level    requirements and changes that were implemented in the
                                   in regards to school accounting practices.     2009-10 school year.
                                3. Maintain open communications with              Mid-year audit was conducted in May, 2010 and final
                                   external auditors.                             audit was completed in September, 2010.
Objective D:                    1. Meet on a regular basis with site              Met and reviewed budgets with site/program
Align dollars to address           administrators and managers to review          administrators in October, 2010. Communicate on a
student educational needs as       their program budgets to be sure dollars are   regular basis on any changes that may occur.
identified in Goal 1 –             spent appropriately to meet the education
Curriculum and Instruction.        needs to the students.

Objective E:                    Planning Goal                                     District takes advantage of flexibility categorical
                                                                                  program transfer to enhance revenues.
Explore revenue opportunities
for 2011-12 school y ear and
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By maintaining, modernizing and constructing facilities and providing appropriate services, the district will support students and staff
in their educational endeavors. We will work to create schools that are safe; menus and programs that promote healthy living; and
energy usage policies that are sustainable.

       District Goals                          Strategies /                                          Current Status
                                            Success Indicators
Objective A:                    1. Evaluate the 5 year plan and determine          Department staff has been evaluating all projects to
Initiate implementation of          financial resources to implement.              determine whether they would qualify under the
                                                                                   restricted funds (deferred maintenance, capital facilities,
the 5-year Facilities Master
                                                                                   Mello Roos and RDA) and have implemented them
Plan.                                                                              accordingly.
                                2. Prioritize 5 year plan to ensure items that     Increasing and maintaining safety is a high priority and
                                    will increase safety and provide a secure      is implemented daily by the Facilities Department.
                                    learning environment are implemented
                                3. Update 5 year plan to conform with current      Department staff is evaluating the 5 year plan and
                                    facility needs on the campuses.                revising and prioritizing based on the facility needs of
                                                                                   the campuses.
Objective B:                    1. Upgrade energy management system                Department staff is working with IES to help reduce
Continue to research, plan          throughout the District to help reduce         lighting and HVAC costs. Implementation throughout
                                    energy waste with the HVAC units and           the District is being evaluated and prioritized based on
and develop strategies to
                                    campus lighting.                               the amount of projected savings.
support efficient use of
energy.                         2. Include HVAC replacement in the 5 year          As funds become available, we will continue to evaluate
                                    master plan to reduce cooling load and air     our HVAC units and controls to find ways to reduce
                                    conditioning needs.                            added utility costs.
                                3. Research ways to reduce swimming pool           Implementation of smart pump control system and
                                    operational costs.                             swimming pool cover replacement to reduce energy
                                                                                   costs. Both projects qualify for PG&E rebates.
                                4. Installation of Solar panels at both high       Photovoltaic panels are all functioning and on the grid.
                                    schools to reduce energy costs.                They are projected to cover 80% of the high schools
                                                                                   energy needs.
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       District Goals                            Strategies /                                          Current Status
                                                Success Indicators
Objective C:                    1. Continue to offer healthy choices for            We offer choices that are healthy such as yogurt and a
Support improvement to             students                                         good selection of fruits and vegetables.
student and employee health
as measured by programs
and meal menu plans that
promote healthy living.
                                2. Work with School Nutrition Association on        Department staff has been attending meetings and is
                                   new healthy kid approved items as they           receiving updates on what changes manufacturers are
                                   come available                                   making to introduce more whole grains in items such as
                                                                                    the whole grain pancake we are now serving.
Objective D:                    1. Install attractive fencing at the entrances of   Installation of ornamental fencing has taken place at a
Implement various                  the campus and around the perimeter to           few campuses. As funds become available through
                                   encourage visitors to check into the office.     grants, etc., we will continue to evaluate the campuses
strategies to provide a safe,
                                   This will prevent unauthorized visitors          to determine the order of need.
secure learning environment        from accessing the campus without
for students.                      approval.
                                2. Install video surveillance at campus             We continue to work with our insurance provider to
                                   entrances to monitor visitors coming onto        qualify for safety grants to provide surveillance systems
                                   campus.                                          at one secondary school.
                                3. Complete the installation of the Columbine       All school sites now have the D93 series door hardware
                                   D93 series door hardware which allows            which allows them to secure their classrooms safely
                                   staff to secure doors from the interior.         during a Code Red.
                                4. Keep landscaping maintained for clear            Department staff continues their efforts to keep the
                                   visibility at all times.                         school site grounds safe for students, staff and parents.
                                                                                    Staff is continuing to work with the weekend
                                                                                    community service program.
                                5. Continue to use WeTip as a tool to identify      WeTip has proven to be a successful tool to help aid
                                   and prosecute all violators                      with vandalism, theft and arson at our campuses. We
                                                                                    will continue to implement the WeTip program
                                                                                    throughout the District.
Progress Against Board Goals Update – February 8, 2011                                                            Page 17 of 17

                                    6. 24 hour posted notice for all pesticide   Department staff follows all specified guidelines in
                                       spraying                                  regards to pesticide spraying and maintains compliance
                                                                                 with the Healthy Schools Act of 2000.

We appreciate the strong support network of parents and community members who work side-by-side with us, providing resources
and enrichment that we would not otherwise have for our students.

        District Goals                            Strategies /                                    Current Status
                                              Success Indicators
Objective A:                           1. Promote forums that increase           Implemented regular community forums for our PI
Promote two-way                           communication and transparency         schools (> year 3)
communication to build and             2. Create opportunities for community     Started afterschool and Saturday tutorials at Jackson
maintain partnerships between             members to partner in the              where parents and community members support
and among home, school, and               educational process.                   teaching
community in support of                                                          Ongoing coordinated effort with the City of Morgan
district goals through a variety                                                 Hill, Project Cornerstone, and all school sites to help
of venues.                                                                       build developmental assets in students, staff and
                                                                                 Promoting “Expect Respect” programs at all school
Objective B:                           1. Use multiple media formats to tell     Two MHAT (Channel 19) tapings
Additional communications                 our story                              Regular columns in the Morgan Hill Times
tools will be investigated and,
if possible, implemented to
enhance the district’s ability to
provide a wider spectrum of
Objective C:                           2. Hold Board workshop to establish       Board workshop held February 3, 2011. Board
Establish protocols for                   board norms and protocols              developed norms and protocols, scheduled for formal
communications from staff to                                                     adoption March 8, 2011.
board and board to staff.

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