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					                                                                                                                               Volume 1, Issue 1
                 T H E O F F I CI A L B O A R D O F H I G HL A N D D A N C IN G
                 ( S O U T H A F R I C A)
                                                                                                                               Newsletter Date– 01/08

                                                                                                                               From the desk of the secretary—
            HIGHLAN D TATTLER                                                                                                  Melaney Smith


                                           THE WEB-SITE OF THE OBHD(SA) IS-
  SAGE                                       W W W . H I G H L A N D DA N C I N G SA .CO . Z A
  TOO 2007

  2008 SET STEPS

  2008 FEES




    together is
      a begin-
    staying to-
     gether is
    and work-
   ing together
    is success

        Above—Kearsney Smith visiting the Niagara Falls,
        Canada, pictured with Dana Gamache. Dana won the
        SA Adult Championship when she competed here in
                                                                                    EDINBURGH TATTOO 2007
        SA in 2000. Read Kearsney’s story on page 5                                                   By Sheena Saayman

                              25 sold out performances, 225 000 audience     the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This was a      only form friendships with dancers from
OBHD(SA)Details         2     members, 122 dancers from 5 countries,         team half the size of last year’s and who      South Africa, but with highland dancers all
Chairman’s Message            6100 French plaits (thanks mostly to Tàryn),   could have imagined what a vast difference     over the world, united by a passion to
Oscar Awards                  hundreds of aching muscles, many tears, but    this could make. From the moment we all        dance. In addition to the dancers, there
Set steps 2008          3     even more smiles and laughs (thanks mostly     squashed into a single minibus for the trip    were also contingents performing from
Adjudicators Test             to Franco!)… This was the 2007 Edinburgh       from Glasgow airport to Edinburgh, we truly    Taiwan; Russia; Scotland; Trinidad & To-
Info                          Military Tattoo.                               became one ‘tight’ family. During times of     bago; England; New Zealand and the USA,
Tales of a traveling    4     I knew most of the dancers on the team this    difficulty, moments of sadness and periods     all contributing to a truly multi-cultural
Highland Dancer               year, and was lucky enough to have the         of utter exhaustion, it was amazing to see     experience! It really is incredible to watch
                              2006 tattoo experience behind me to know       how we really stuck together through it all,   such a diverse group of performers come
Basel Tattoo 2008       5
                              what to expect, but nothing could have         made the best out of every situation, and      together to put on a show of such great
2008 Fees
Useful Web-sites              prepared me for what was to be this years      formed bonds and friendships stronger than     magnitude and quality in only 5 days of
                              ‘tattoo experience’.                           we ever thought possible!                      rehearsal. No matter the cultural back-
2008 Gathering List     6
                              2007 saw a team of 22 South African high-      This year our dancers performed on the         ground it was wonderful to witness the
& Calendar                    land dancers return to the Redford Military    castle esplanade together with dancers from    appreciation and excitement of every single
SA Champs results
Regional Committees
                              Barracks which would be home for the           Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Scot-       performer as they lived the spirit of the
                              month of August, to perform once again at      land. It was a wonderful opportunity to not    tattoo.                  Cont.pg.3
Page 2                                                                                                     V o l ume 1 , Iss ue 1

CONTACT DETAILS                                         CHAIRMAN’S                MESSAGE
Mrs.B.Leahy                 I recently attended the funeral of Bernie De       Championship was again a success, and we
6 Mark Ave                  Bernier the former drum major of the Transvaal     were privileged to have Trevor Hicks as the
Northcliff Ext.15           Scottish Pipes and Drums. Listening to the trib-   SDTA Highland examiner.
2195                        utes paid to him, I thought that the following
011-477-4302                four words would describe him and the life he      I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the execu-
bev@wildone.co.za           led perfectly:                                     tive and the members of the OBHD (SA), for all
                            Discipline                                         your hard work and dedication to Highland
VICE-CHAIRMAN               Respect                                            Dancing.
Mrs.A.O’Leary               Tradition                                          My special thanks and appreciation to Melaney
Box 63885                   Kindness                                           Smith (Secretary), Roslyn Kruuse (Treasurer),
Greenacres                                                                     Avril O’ Leary (Registrar).
6057                        My thoughts then turned to Highland dancing;       Your hard work and dedication to Highland
041—583-6448                firstly Bernie was very ‘pro’ dancing and was      Dancing does not go unnoticed.
avrilol@absamail.co.za      very pleased that the Pipe Band Association
                            (PBA) and the Dancing community were work-         On behalf of the OBHD (SA) I wish to thank
SECRETARY                   ing together. Secondly, if every present or past   the SOBHD, especially Shendl Russell, Chris-
Mrs.M.Smith                 highland dancer lived and danced, by these four    tine Lacey, Helen Fitzpatrick and all our
Box 10027                   words, our dancing would reach new heights.        SOBHD delegates. It is most reassuring to
The Falls                                                                      know that you are always on hand to help, to
1522                        Today, Highland Dancing in South Africa is         offer advice and support to the OBHD (SA).
011-421-5552                good. There are always minor, perhaps better
086 516 0699 (Fax)          described as insignificant problems, that can be   In conclusion, I request all who are involved in
obhdsecr@iafrica.com        overcome, especially remembering the above         Highland Dancing in South Africa, to remain
                            four words. But unfortunately, we as South         united, be positive and collectively work to-
TREASURER                   African dancers do have a major problem, and       wards attracting more individuals to join the
Ms.R.Kruuse                 that is our low number of dancers. This is a       ranks of this most exciting form of dance.
Box 341                     problem that must be looked at in a very serious
Sea Point                   light by all concerned, it is imperative that we   As the year draws to an end, I wish you all a
8060                        increase our number of registered dancers.         wonderful and rewarding 2008.
021-702-3942 (Fax)          To reflect on some of the highlights of 2007;     Beverley D Leahy
rkruuse@mweb.co.za          our dancers participated in the Edinburgh Mili- Chairman OBHD (SA)
                            tary Tattoo for the third time, our South African
Box 63885
Greenacres                                             OSCAR NOMINEES 2007
Port Elizabeth
6057                                    The Official Board of Highland Dancing (SA), proudly         Banfield E        W.Cape
Tel. 083-4492728                        announces the Oscar Nominees for 2007. The presenta-         Bester K          Gauteng
avrilol@absamail.co.za                  tion of the awards, will take place on the weekend of the    Boyes C           Gauteng
                                        RSA Inter-provincial Competition to be held in Cape          De Freitas N      Gauteng
                                        Town, on the weekend of 5th April 2008. The nominees         Galvin J          Natal
 OBHD(SA) BANKING                       are listed along-side in alphabetical order :                Nicholson J       W.Cape
                                                                                                     O'Leary C         E.Cape
                           Left—The winners of the                                                   O'Leary G         E.Cape
All cheques made out       2006 Oscar Awards are
                                                                                                     Pearce C          E.Cape
to the Board must          pictured here with the
have the name written      Chairman and the secre-                                                   Phillips T        W.Cape
out in full.               tary of the OBHD(SA).                                                     Snowball D        W.Cape
When making a direct       From left—Caitlin Boyes                                                   Tee K             Gauteng
deposit, please send/      (Gauteng), winner 16 &                                                    Thompson L        Gauteng
fax a copy of the de-      17 yrs, Cendra Williams,                                                  van Gool S        Gauteng
                           (Gauteng) 7 to 12 yrs,                                                    Visser S          W.Cape
posit slip to the treas-
                           Gillian O’Leary, (E.Cape)                                                 Williams C        Gauteng
urer, details above.       Adults and kneeling,                                                      Workman J         W.Cape
                           Caylee O’Leary, (E.Cape)
Standard Bank Tokai        13 to 15 yrs. The presen-                                                  Well done to the
Branch Code # 025609       tation was held in Natal                                                   2006 winners & the
A/c # 200499270            on the 28th April.                                                         2007 nominees !!
                                                                                                                                                 Page 3

                            CHAMPIONSHIP SET STEPS 2008
                             AS SET BY THE SOBHD TECHNICAL COMMITTEE
JUVENILE                                                   9 YEARS AND UNDER                       ADULTS
HIGHLAND FLING                                             HIGHLAND FLING                          HIGHLAND FLING
1st Step                                                   1st Step                                1st Step
2nd Step                                                   2nd Step                                2nd Step
3rd Step                                                   7th alt. step                           4th Step
6th Step                                                   8th Step                                5th alt Step
7th alt. Step                                                                                      7th alt Step
8th Step                                                                                           8th Step (2 turns)

SWORD DANCE                             SWORD DANCE                                                SWORD DANCE
Intro: Step to 1d                       Intro: Step to 1d                                          Intro: Step to 1d
1st Step                                1st Step                                                   1st Step
2nd Step                                2nd step                                                   5th Step
 rd        nd
3 Step (2 alt method to finish)         8th Step                                                   3rd Step (1st alt ending)
8 Step (commencing 2 open Pas de Basque)                                                           8th Step (comm. 2 Open Pas de Basque)

SEAN TRUIBHAS                                              SEAN TRUIBHAS                           SEAN TRUIBHAS
Either Intro                                               Either Intro                            Either Intro
1st Step                                                   1st Step                                1st alt Step
2nd Step                                                   2nd Step                                2nd Step
7th Step                                                   7th Step                                5th Step
8th Step (2 shakes, 2 pivots)                              13th Step (assemble, leap to finish)    6th Step
15th Step                                                                                          11th Step
13th Step (assemble leap to finish)                                                                12th Step (finish method 2, 2 leaps)

STRATHSPEY AND HIGHLAND REEL                                                                       STRATHSPEY AND HIGHLAND REEL
Strathspey                                                                                         Strathspey
Intro: Basic                                                                                       Intro: Alternate Intro (ending 2 leaps)
Ending 1st alt                                                                                     3rd alt method
Setting Steps:                                                                                     Setting Steps
5th alt                                                                                            3rd Step
4th (3 rocks)                                                                                      6th Step
Highland Reel Setting                                                                              Highland Reel
6th Step                                                                                           2nd Step (1st alt method)
Last                                                                                               Last

      2007 Edinburgh Tattoo cont.
                                                                    SOBHD ADJUDICATORS TEST NEWS
Who can ever forget the Taiwanese gifts and letters that
were constantly exchanged; the serious language barrier in      GIVE THIS YOUR URGENT ATTENTION                    amining body which is represented
trying to communicate with the Russians; the words and                                                             on the SOBHD, (in other words, must
                                                                In order for the OBHD(SA) to write and             already have passed the Member
whistles of the Imps that became part of the finale script;
                                                                request to hold an adjudicators test here,         exam).
the steel drums from Trinidad and Tobago that seemed to         we need to have confirmation that we will     •    Succesful candidates must continue
emerge at every party on the barracks; and of course the        indeed have sufficient candidates. If you          to remain fully paid up members of
Royal Signals who by the end of the tattoo were honorary        are interested in doing the test which at          the highland branch of an examining
                                                                the moment we propose to possibly hold             body which is represented on the
South Africans.Although there were incredible highs and         in July next year, you need to make con-           SOBHD whilst he/she remains on the
grave lows this year; an abundance of potatoes at meal          tact with me urgently. All applications for        Judges Panel.
times; and a serious lack of comfortable bedding, nothing       the judges test must be submitted for ap-
                                                                proval at an SOBHD meeting at least 3         As previously advised, I would recom-
can mar the thrill of dancing your heart out every night for    months prior to the date fixed by the         mend that prospective candidates enrol
9000 people and hearing the roar of applause. Nobody can        SOBHD for the test. In line with this rule,   for the on-line preparation course offered
take away the invaluable friendships formed, and the            all applications and monies would have        by Scotdance Canada. I know this adds to
                                                                to be submitted to Scotland in time for       the costs, but it almost guarantees you will
memories created will be never be forgotten.
                                                                their March meeting at the latest.            pass the test. They have indicated that
                                                                • Candidates on applying to do the            they will start another course in January
Thank you to each and every person on this year’s tattoo              test,MUST be 21 years of age or         which is perfect timing.
team for contributing to one of the most unforgettable                older.                                  Application forms and information can be
months of my life and for keeping the spirit of highland        •      They must be a fully paid up Mem-      obtained from the SOBHD web-site —
dancing alive!                                                        ber of the highland branch of an ex-    www.sobhd.net
Page 4

TALES OF A TRAVELLING HIGHLAND DANCER                                               By Kearsney Smith

I can’t even think of another word to describe my time in Canada. How do you take 3 months of the most amazing experience
and put it into a few paragraphs? I can only touch on the highlights that stand out the most, because I could be here for days de-
scribing the whole trip.
In my years of dancing I have been fortunate enough to dance with, and dance under, some of the biggest names in highland
dancing. Sandra Bald-Jones is one of those people, who I met in my first year to Scotland in 1998. She was kind enough to host
me during my time in Canada, and Sandra and her husband Tony Jones made it feel like home for me. I was even lucky enough
to have two other dancers there as well, Dawn Quinn from Canada, and Anna Hastie from Australia. Anna, like me, was there for
three months and is an incredible dancer who I learnt so much from.
The main objective of my Canada trip was dancing. And dancing is exactly what we did. Anna and I would have a two-hour class
with Sandra in the early afternoon (and can I just say that I suffered BIG TIME in my first class, having to rush off to the loo and
get sick!!!), and then we would usually join in the evening classes. Evening classes were all about fitness, sometimes doing a 10-
step Fling! Classes were always so full, even though they were divided into age groups, but I guess that’s understandable when
you have nearly 200 dancers in your studio alone! Dancing is a way of life there, and not only competitively.
Sandra runs a group of dancers called The Schiehallion Dancers, which she started up over 30 years ago and who are world
renowned. They travel to the likes of Bermuda and Europe for shows and Tattoos. This year alone they traveled to France, Hol-
land, Belgium, and Denmark. I was fortunate enough to be a part of their group, when we danced in the Hamilton Tattoo. It was a
great experience and I became very good friends with the dancers.
Even though I was fortunate enough to be involved in the Schiehallion group, I also competed in the competitions that took place.
One that stands out the most is the Canadian Inter-provincials, which was held in St John, New Brunswick. It is the most spec-
tacular dancing competition I have ever attended. It takes place over 5 days, from Wednesday through to Sunday. Wednesday
was the Opening Ceremonies, Thursday was the highland dances, Friday was the Canadian Inter-provincials (which was obvi-
ously closed to me being non-Canadian), Saturday was the national dances, and Sunday was the North American Champion-
ships. It is a huge event in the World Highland Dancing calendar, with over 700 dancers that come from all over the world, 9 plat-
forms being used, and 9 judges. But although the dancing takes place during the day time, there are also night activities like the
Saturday-night ceilidh, and the Banquet for the Inter-provincial candidates. It is a week that will stay with me for years to come,
and I learnt so much from it.
Straight after the Canadians, I went off to the Gaelic College on Cape Breton Island with Tony and Sandra. What a wonderful
week it was, out in the woods, away from civilisation and cell phone signal! The Gaelic College is a Summer programme that
takes place from May to August every year that teaches the Scottish traditions. Every week students come from all over Canada
                                     and America, where they have the choice of doing two of the following courses: Highland
                                     Dancing, Scottish Stepdancing, Bagpipes, Fiddle, Gaelic Language, Piano, and Weaving.
                                     Sandra was an instructor for the week we were there, and has been going to the Gaelic Col-
                                     lege for decades. She even recalls instructing classes with the legend, J.L MacKenzie, who
                                     would spend the entire Summer there. I tried a bit of the Stepdancing, which is very soft and
    THE OBHD(SA)                     casual, but lots of fun at the same time. My instructor, Leanne Aucoin, also played the fiddle,
                                     and at the Instructor’s Concert, she got up and played the fiddle and stepdanced at the same
      PROUDLY                        time! And if I wasn’t amazed enough, Sandy MacIntyre, who is into his late 70s and is the
                                     most beautiful fiddle player, got up and did the exact same thing! It was incredible and defi-
     ANNOUNCES                       nitely something I’ll never forget. I learnt so much from my week at the Gaelic College, and
                                     met some of the most wonderful people that I will remember forever.
     THE 5th RSA                     Apart from dancing in Canada, weekdays were filled with retail therapy at Lime Ridge Mall,
                                     fast food (which there was so much of I didn’t even put a dent in the choices!), and going to
       INTER-                        the movies. On the weekends Anna and I would usually go out with Dana Gamache (SA
                                     Champion in 2000) who was the unlucky person who kept drawing the straw to be the desig-
     PROVINCIAL                      nated driver! She was really awesome about it, and took good care of her Southern Hemi-
                                     sphere girls. One weekend she took us to Niagara Falls, where we stayed overnight to make
   CHALLENGE, TO                     sure we made the most of all the different sights. On the first day we went on the Maid of the
                                     Mist, and went right under the Falls where we got completely soaked, but was probably the
     BE HELD IN                      best part of my whole trip! That night we went into the infamous Horror House, where I
                                     screamed and kicked so much that my voice was hoarse and my muscles were stiff the next
     CAPE TOWN                       day! The next day we went to the movie star wax museum, went to the Hershey’s Chocolate
                                     Factory Store where I had the most incredible chocolate brownie, and then went on the Sky-
     ON THE 5th                      wheel and got a bird’s eye view of Niagara, the Falls, and Buffalo which is part of America. All
                                     round, the Niagara weekend was lots of fun!
     APRIL 2008                      There is still so much more to say about my time in Canada, but I would be here forever. I can
                                     only finish off by saying that if it weren’t for highland dancing, I would never have been able to
                                     do this, and to have met the people I have. I learnt so much, made memories that I’ll keep
                                     forever, and made friends that I know I’ll have for the rest of my life. All because of dancing!
                                                                                                                         Page 5

                                                                   mark, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Highland Dancers,
                                                                   the Top Secret Drum Corps, the New Zealand Army
                                                                   Band, the Band of Her Majesty the Coldstream Guards
                                                                   and numerous Pipe Bands.
                                                                   General conditions
Invitation to the Basel Tattoo 2008
                                                                   The Basel Tattoo is a non-profit organisation. Ticket
                                                                   sales are used to cover the organisation and promotion
The Basel Tattoo
                                                                   of the event, as well as for the needs of the performers:
In 2007, the Basel Tattoo was performed to a total
                                                                   three meals a day, accommodation in hotels in the city
audience of approximately 65 000 people, making it the
                                                                   centre and transport within Switzerland will be provided.
world’s second largest open-air Tattoo, next to the Edin-
                                                                   However, all participants will be donating their perform-
burgh Military Tattoo. Eight sold-out shows were per-
                                                                   ance, and travel costs to and from Basel can not be cov-
formed in front of a historical military building, in an
                                                                   ered by Basel Tattoo Productions. Health insurance and
arena that was constructed in a style and dimension simi-
                                                                   visa procedures are the group’s own responsibility.
lar to that of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The event is
supported by the City of Basel, the Swiss Army and Swiss
                                                                   The Basel Tattoo will take place from the 12th to the 19th
National TV, on which the entire show is broadcast two
                                                                   of July 2008. One performance will be held on Tuesday
weeks after the event.
                                                                   and Wednesday at 21:00, and two performances will be
                                                                   held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at 20:00 and
Over the last two years, the Basel Tattoo has hosted
                                                                   22:00. There will also be a parade on Saturday 19 July.
groups such as Her Majesty the King’s Guard of Norway,
                                                                   Rehearsals are scheduled to begin on Saturday 12 July.
the Swiss Army Central Band, the Royal Lifeguard Den-

2008 FEES
                                                                    IF YOU WISH TO OBTAIN
Dancer                                    R200.00          INFORMATION ABOUT THE 2008 BASEL TATTOO,
Dancer mid-year concession-                                             PLEASE CONTACT
New registrations only- from 31stAug.     R100.00
                                                                   MRS.SHELLY VAN GOOL AT
Practising Teacher                        R350.00
Adjudicator/non-active teacher            R225.00                         011-793-3277
Competition reg.                          R150.00
– R145.00 refundable to region – R5.00 admin fee
Champ.reg.p/age group                     R 90.00
Lost card fee                             R 60.00
Late reg.penalty—p/registration           R 30.00               THE MEMBERS OF THE OBHD(SA)
Lecturers Fee p/hr                        R 75.00
                                                                WISH EVERYONE A WONDERFUL
These are the fees applicable for registration for 2008.       FESTIVE SEASON AND A HAPPY AND
The Board continues to impose a strict no pay/no                         BLESSED 2008
registration policy. Only teachers who have paid their
SAMRO fees are permitted to register dancers.
Late receipt of registrations, that is any registration     KEEP YOURSELF UP TO DATE!
monies that are not received by the 1st November,          The following publications are be-
                                                                                                  USEFUL WEB-SITES
will also be returned until the late penalty on each       ing re-printed at the moment :-      www.scotdance-ontario.com
registration is paid.                                      Highland Dancing Text Book
Registration is incomplete until the completed,            The Jig and Hornpipe Text book
signed forms, photos and proof of payment                  The new SOBHD rule book is also            www.sobhd.net
have been received by the registrar NOT the                now available.
teacher.                                                   Order your copies now !                  www.danceco.co.za
                                      OBHD(SA) 2008 GATHERING LIST

                                                   ORG.      PROV-                                                   No.of Age
  DATE       COMPETITION                           NO.       INCE          CONVENOR               TELEPHONE          groups      Notes
  27 Jan.    Springs Championship **               G2        GAUT.         R.Saayman              011-893-1554       2 groups    Regional Qualifier
  Feb/Mar    Border Highland Festival              E6        E.CAPE        R.Piderit              043-726-0415
  23 Feb.    KZN                                   N         NATAL         B.Parker               031-702-6768                   Regional Qualifier
  3 Mar .    Edgemead H/Land Festival **           W5        W.CAPE        J.Lucas                021-558-2512       2 groups    Regional Qualifier
  15 Mar.    Mannville H/Land Festival P.E.        E2        E.CAPE        T.B.A.                                                Regional Qualifier
  5 Apr.     RSA Inter-provincial Challenge        SA2       W.CAPE        J.McWilliams           041-373-4088       4 groups
  6 Apr.     Tygerberg **                          W1        W.CAPE        H.Johnston                                2 groups
  19 Apr.    GHDA Jeppe **                         G12       GAUT.         B.Leahy                011-477-4302       2 groups
  3 May      S.Coast H/Land Gathering **           N2        NATAL         B.Parker               031-702-6768       2 groups
  17 May     GHDA KES                              G3        GAUT.         M.Smith                011-421-5550                   Solo/Duet Choreo.
  31 May     GHDA Northerns                        G16       GAUT.         B.Leahy                011-477-4302       2 groups
  14 Jun.    GHDA – Pretoria **                    G13       GAUT.         S.van Gool             011-793-3277       2 groups
  21 Jun.    HTA Championship **                   W4        W.CAPE        H.Johnston             021-715-5064       2 groups
  T.B.C.     NMR                                   N5        NATAL         B.Parker               031-702-6768
  28 Jun.    N.S.G.                                N3        NATAL         A.O’Leary                                 2 groups
  5 Jul.     ALL AFRICA Championship **            G5        GAUT.         GHDA                   011-793-3277       2 groups
  26 Jul.    SA CHAMPIONSHIPS **                   SA1       GAUT.         SA Champs Co           011-477-4302       4 groups
  30 Aug.    Constantiaberg                        W3        W.CAPE        J.Moulder              021-705-1317
  6 Nov.     Choreography Festival                 G11       GAUT.         A.Nugent               011-622-1013
Please note that Competitions in Bold are Championship gatherings.                     ** Denotes Oscar Gatherings
  FEB./MAR     APRIL/ MAY     JUNE/JULY                             AUG.                SEPT.                OCT.                 NOV.
   Feb.- corrected    2007 Oscar              1 Jun. Closing       1 Aug. SOBHD &       12 Sept.Closing      Step lectures –     1 - Annual OBHD
  2008 Prospec-       Awards presenta-        date for entries     OBHD proposals       date for amend-      12 Oct. Gauteng     registration
  tuses to be re-     tion Cape Town          to SA Champs.        & nominations        ments to AGM         18 Oct. KZN         1 & 2 OBHD AGM &
  turned to OBHD      2 May OBHD meet-        25 Jul. OBHD         due                  agenda               1 Nov. E.Cape.      general meeting -
  secretary.          ing - KZN. 2009         Finance Meeting      12 Aug. pro-         19 Sept. AGM                             PE
  2 Mar.- OBHD        proposed fees           –OBHD general        posed agenda’s       agenda’s issued.                         15 & 16 SOBHD
  meeting Cape        tabled                  meeting— 2009        issued               30 Sept. 2008 Pro-                       AGM & general
  Town                Proposed SDTA           Fees agreed                               spectuses due                            meeting
                      exam tour

           INFO                                                            SA Championship Results 2007
GAUTENG                      NATAL                               The morning dawned sunny and dry on the 21st July for the 76th
Chairman —                   Chairman -                          South African Highland Dancing championships, which were once
Ms.Gail Buchanan             Mrs.Bronwyn Parker                  again held at Benoni High School. The day went off smoothly and
082-870-3072                 031-702-6768                        seemed to be enjoyed by the 127 dancers who competed, as well as
Secretary —                  Secretary -                         by the families and friends who came to share the event. As al-
Mrs.Reval Saayman            Mrs.Allison Grace                   ways, the organising committee were grateful for the assistance
Treasurer —                  Treasurer -                         provided by Mrs.Hilary Webber and her team of helpers from Be-
Mrs.Joanne Janssen           Ms.Anli Coertsen                    noni High School. The successful organising of such a prestigious
                                                                 event must be attributed to a joint and determined effort by all par-
E.CAPE                       W.CAPE
Chairman -                   Chairman -
                                                                 ties involved.
Mrs.Barbara Freeborn         Mrs.Judy Lucas                      Below you will find listed all the SA Championship 2007 results :
041-364-3559                 021-558-2512
Secretary                    Secretary                           SA Championship               SA CHAMPIONSHIP             SA CHAMPIONSHIP
Mrs.Barbara Horwood          Mrs.Heather Booysen                 7—12 years                    13—15 years                 16 years+
Treasurer                    Treasurer
Mrs.J.McWilliams             Ms.Roslynn Kruuse                   1st S.van Gool                1st Courtney Pearce         1st Gillian O’Leary
                                                                 2nd Alice Haddon              2nd Ashleigh Dyke           2nd Kearsney Smith
                                                                 3rd Cendra Williams           3rd Sharne Hein             3rd Caitlin Boyes
THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBU-                                4th B. McRobert               4th Conrad Nusser           4th Caylee O’Leary
Mrs.Bev Leahy, Ms. Sheena Saayman, Miss.Kearsney
                                                                 5th B. Marucchi               5th Kimberley Tee           5th Tamryn Jones
Smith                                                            6th Kelsey Bester             6th Megan McRobert          6th Juliette Galvin

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