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					                                                                                                        February 2009

                                        Connecting GFS Members across Australia

         Loving Lord Jesus
                                                                  Chairman’s Communiqué
   As the heavens are high above        The 21st Australian Council was a successful 6 day event held at Janet Clarke Hall in
   the earth so are your ways           Melbourne. Deb Wadeson and her team are to be congratulated for presenting 60+ GFS
       higher than our ways.            members with a well balanced program of business, leadership workshop, worship, fun and
     Strengthen us as we build          fellowship - thanks Melbourne GFS.
      bridges of love between
        GFS Communities.                Council Business
   Be our source of kindness,           Over the past 3 years of Deb Wadeson’s term “Walking in His Light”, the National
   gentleness and enthusiasm so         Executive focused on the future of GFS Australia. The Dream Team which met in 2007
  we may reflect You to those in        recommended a change in the National body being a company and to do a survey to assess
   our ministry, and that Your          the national GFS/Kids Plus situation. The survey conducted by Adam Low from E-
 truth and grace be evident in all      Solutions a GFS member in Brisbane was completed in 2008. Adam came to council to
               we do.                   present his findings - a copy of which is being sent to your Diocese. The survey looked at
   We pray this in the name of          the shape of our membership, branches and beyond (eg. Diocesan) involvement, branches,
      Jesus Christ Our Lord             leadership and the shape of the National body.
       and Saviour. Amen
                                        Adam presented his findings at the commencement of Council and challenged us with
                                        statistics and focused our attention on the need to “act now” as there was only a small
         Prayer Points                  window of opportunity (within 12 months). He affirmed our ministry qualities and strong
     Natural disasters in Victoria      networks but the aging membership and lack of new members being “trained up” was a
     and Queensland. For those          concern in the 5 year “plan”! Left us with much to think about and how to promote this.
     who have lost family, friends,     The carried motions later in the council reflected some of these discussions:
     neighbours, homes and
     communities                        1.   That GFS Australia no longer be a company but become and incorporated
     For Claire Reed who’s home               association.
     has been flooded and has           2.   An increased National role for our Junior Delegate.
     been able to keep positive         3.   Our National Chaplain be an appointment by the National Chairman.
     For the emergency workers          4.   Our past Australian Chairmen be honoured with a badge in recognition of their
     who are dealing with these              services to GFS Australia.
     For wise decisions to be made      It is hoped with the increase role of our Australian Junior Delegate on the National
     for the rebuilding of those        Executive that we may “harness the energy and creativity” of our younger members,
     communities effected               thanks Karen Winsemius for promoting this.

From the World Chairperson              Worship
Dear Friends,                           Our opening service was presided over by Bishop Stephen Hale at St John’s Diamond
We have all been looking at the         Creek. Our “outgoing” chaplain Di Nicolios was also in attendance and her support of our
television and media coverage of        ministry over the past 6 years has been greatly appreciated. Morning prayer by diocese
the current devastation in Australia.   were a blessing with music over council led by Helen Petering.
I would ask you all to join with me
in prayer thinking of everyone                                                                 The new GFS National Executive
especially our members in Victoria                                                             (from the left) Cheryl Russell -
who have suffer any loss during                                                                treasurer, Julie Smith - vice
this time.                                                                                     chairperson, Helen Petering - exec
In darkness and in light,                                                                      member, Bishop Barbara, Kate
In trouble and in joy                                                                          Brewer - chairperson, Rev’d Di
Help us to trust your love,                                                                    Nicolios, Rev’d Josie Steytler -
To serve your purpose and to praise                                                            Chaplain, Noeleen Stewart -
your name;                                                                                     secretary & Val Gribble - exec
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.                                                                 member
Yours in Christ
Page 2                                                                                                          February 2009
Thank you Helen for your wonderful commitment and gift you gave us. She was ably backed by Karen and Leanne in support.

Closing Service and Commissioning
This was presided over by Bishop Barbara Darling, Di Nicolios and Josie Steytler (our new National Chaplain) and it was held
in Trinity College Chapel.

Small groups
A relevant study for us as Christians and GFS Leaders in ministry around 1 Thessalonians “How to Please God” prepared by
Evonne Paddison, was undertaken daily in groups of 8 to read, discuss and pray about.

Fun and Fellowship
Highlights were: “Around the Bay in a day” including a trip on the Sorrento ferry across to have lunch at the Rye Hotel and then
onto the Strawberry farm or the Beach whatever “tickled our fancy” A walk to Lygon Street, time to play cards, socialise, enjoy
the challenge of the jigsaw! Our times over meals and our social activities gave us good opportunity to talk and exchange
creative ideas and build relationships across Australia GFS.

The next newsletter will focus on our Australian and World Projects and information from around the Diocese.

                       Chaplain’s Chat                                                 PRAISE & PRAYERS
Below is the moving story that Josie shared during the                 Are extended to our GFS Members:
Commissioning Service for the new Executive - many asked for           The ordination of Judy Frost from Melbourne on the 7th of
a copy so here it is!                                                  February. Cheryl Salvage and Adam Low from Queensland
                                                                       for their ordination on the 21st of February. Pray for God to
“Once upon a time two brothers shared adjoining farms. For over        enable them on the next part of their journey with Christ.
40 years they worked side-by-side, sharing equipment and helping
each other out whenever needed. Then one day a rift developed. It      To Kate for the birth of her beautiful granddaughter Daisy
began with a small misunderstanding and it grew into a major           Louise on Australia Day 8 pounds 5 ounces - all doing very
difference, and finally it exploded into an exchange of bitter words   well.
followed by months of angry silence.

One day the eldest brother, Pete, was out in his fields when a Ute
pulled up. Out jumped a man who approached Pete carrying a
carpenter’s toolbox. “I’m looking for a few days work” he said.
“Perhaps you’d have a few small jobs I could do for you?”

 “Well, yes I do,” said Peter. “See that creek down there. It’s the    We also pray for Cyrilla & Karl awaiting the birth of their first
border between my brother’s farm and mine. My brother keeps it
                                                                       child early in March and for grandparents Marj & Rhyse.
nice and deep to stop me from setting one foot on his beloved farm.
Well I’ll oblige him. I want you to take that timber over there by
the darn and build me a new fence, a really tall one, so I don’t       For Catherine & Glenn on the baptism of their baby Jackson in
have to look over at my stinkin’ brother and his farm no more.”        Gippsland and for the proud grandparents Mary & Graham.

The carpenter was glad to have the work, “No worries mate. I           For the next National Executive meeting to be held in
understand. Just point me to your post-hole digger and I’ll get the    Melbourne 6-8th March for safe travel and wise deliberations.
job done.”

So the carpenter set about working. Meanwhile farmer Pete drove
into town to the local cattle auction. When he returned at sunset
he was shocked to see what the carpenter had done.

There was no fence. Instead the carpenter had built a bridge and
walking across it was Pete’s younger brother. He held out his                        Anything to add.....
hand and spoke to his brother, “Mate after all I’ve done to you We want these newsletters to contain things you want to know, see
these past months I can’t believe you’d still reach out to me. and share with others around Australia. It will be published bi-
You’re right. It’s time to bury the hatchet.”                       monthly and any items you wish to add can be sent at ANY TIME
The two brothers met in the middle of the bridge and embraced. Noeleen Stewart 203 Ravenscar Street Doubleview WA 6018
They turned to see the carpenter hoist his toolbox on his shoulder. Ph: 08 9244 3938 Mobile: 0414 505 064
“No wait! Stay a few days. I’ve a lot of other projects for you,” Email:
said farmer Pete.                                                   We are starting a new database for the newsletter, this has been
                                                                    distributed to all who attended council and the diocesan chair. If
“I’d love to stay on,” the carpenter said, “but I have more bridges you know anybody who would be interested in receiving it please
to build.”                                                          let me know and they will be added to the list.

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