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					              SAINT PHILIP
              GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH                                                              Non-profit Org.
              500 West Hollis Street, Nashua, NH 03062-1314                                   U.S. POSTAGE PAID
              Return Service requested                                                          PERMIT No. 415
                                                                                                  NASHUA NH

Saint Basil
                                                                             “Come and See”
                                                                                                          Monthly/Issue No. 1
                                                                                                                                       Saint Philip Greek Orthodox Church

                                                              January 2011
                                                                                              The Voice
                                                                                                                                500 West Hollis St. Nashua, New Hampshire 03062
                  St. Philip Greek Orthodox Church                                                    Sponsorship Page –We thank our sponsors for their support!
             500 West Hollis St. Nashua 03062 603-889-4000
                             REV. THOMAS CHININIS 603-672-8357
 www.             frtom@ office@
                                     Worship Hours
                                       Orthros 9AM
                                   Divine Liturgy 10AM
            2011 PARISH COUNCIL               parishcouncil@
                                         Dale Cooney
                                        Matthew Matsis
                                                                                                                Stellos Family
                                           Louis Juris
                                         James Spargo
                                        Kostas Baryiames
                                                                                                            Investment Properties
                John Dagianis                                   Jeff Basile
               Christy Houpis
               Nicholas Kallan
                                                              Stephen Norris
                                                               Joseph Pappo
                                                                                                           Nashua, New Hampshire
              Cosmos Marandos                           William Polychronopoulos

                  PARISH OFFICE Monday-Friday                 10:00am-3:00pm
 Father Tom is generally in the office Tuesday thru Friday between the hours of 10:00am to 2:00pm
                                     and always by appointment.

Parish Office Staff                Cheryl Petren/Sophie Theoharis             889-4000
                                                                                                                           Proud Stewards
Custodian/Maintenance              Mark Lavoie/David Lavoie                   889-4000                                           of
Parish Nurse Ministry
Sunday School Director
                                   Katherine Richo
                                   Bill Chouramanis
                                                                              889-4000                              St. Philip
Choir Director                     Rebecca James                              809-4003
Hellenic Dance Troupe
JOY Advisers
                                   Maria Donati /Marisa Donati
                                   Stephanie Liakos/
                                                                                                             Greek Orthodox Church
                                   Irene Rassias Alton                        673-2811
GOYA Adviser                       Marisa Donati                              672-1914
Greek School Instructor            George Kitsis                              669-9041
Ladies Society AGAPE               Iris Houdyshel                             864-8130
AHEPA                              Don Lebrun                                 886-1725
Elpis Ladies Society               Maria Donati                               672-1914
Pan Macedonians                    Charles Paskaley                           889-1368
Welcome Committee                  Matthew Matsis                             424-2219
Outreach Committee                 Jamie Pappas                               883-8770
Forever Young                      Father Tom                                 889-4000
Food Festival Chr.                 Jamie Pappas/Christy Houpis                889-4000

Newsletter Deadline-15th of each month: Please submit entries for this newsletter as early in
the month as possible but no later than the 15th. Email your articles to:
Articles may also be faxed to the office at 603-889-3763 or dropped off during church office hours.
Sponsorship Page – We thank our sponsors for their support!   Feast of Saint Basil and New Year
                                                              Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away;
                                                              behold, all things are become new. II Corinthians 5:17
                                                              Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
                                                              The conclusion of one calendar year and the beginning of another is a time filled with reflection and anticipation. It
                                                              is a time when we look back over the past year and consider our challenges and joys, our highlights and struggles,
                                                              and our accomplishments as well as the tasks that are not completed. It is also a time when we look ahead to a new
                                                              year with a sense of anticipation, contemplating what may come, planning our activities, and hoping for health and

                                                              All of this reflection and anticipation is encouraged by a culture around us that celebrates the passing of the year
                                                              and of time without a deep spiritual connection to the events and commemorations that reflect genuine hope and
                                                              assurance. As Orthodox Christians we are blessed at this time of year to celebrate two beautiful and holy feasts of
                                                              the Church which are filled with both reflection and anticipation. Only a few days have passed since our celebra-
                                                              tion of the Feast of our Lord’s Nativity, a commemoration of the light of truth dispelling the darkness of sin and
                                                              death and a feast of joy in anticipation of God’s blessings.

                                                              In a few days we will celebrate the Feast of Theophany, another great occasion filled with light and grace. We will
                                                              commemorate the baptism of Jesus by John in the Jordan and the revelation of the Holy Trinity as Christ inaugu-
                                                              rated His earthly ministry. On this day we will reflect on the spiritual significance of this miraculous event, and we
                                                              will anticipate our continuous transformation in the journey of faith unto salvation.

                                                              Both of these feasts help us to put the passing of time and the beginning of the new year into a proper and spiritual
                                                              context. This is not simply a non-religious event marking the changing of a number or turning of the calen-
                                                              dar. When joined with our festal commemorations as Orthodox Christians, this beginning of a new year, this time
                                                              of reflection and anticipation is focused on our spiritual lives and on our ministry of prayer and service. In the
                                                              Feast of the Nativity we are presented with the One who became man for our salvation, and in the Feast of
                                                              Theophany we are enlightened by the witness of the One who sanctifies our lives with His presence. In His holy
                                                              birth we receive the gift that should be offered and proclaimed throughout the world, and in His baptism we see the
                                                              power of the Holy Spirit who also anoints us to share grace and truth through our lives.

                                                              Thus, we begin a new year with our hearts and minds filled with these celebrations and with the grace and calling
                                                              we share as the children of God. We begin a new year with opportunities for worship and service as we deepen our
                                                              communion with God and strengthen our witness to others. We begin a new year in the Lord with a commitment to
                                                              live each moment in the presence of Christ and to use each day to bring Him honor and glory. We begin a new year
                       Your Ad Here                           reflecting on the revelation of God’s love, on His forgiveness, on our journey, and we anticipate the blessings of
                                                              His power and grace in days to come.

                                                              It is also our tradition on this Feast of St. Basil and the inception of the New Year to honor a faithful and beautiful
                                                              ministry of our Holy Archdiocese, Saint Basil Academy. During this first month of the year we are led by our
                                                              Ladies Philoptochos Society in collecting offerings to assist in the witness and service of the staff and directors of
                                                              Saint Basils as they nurture and guide young lives with compassion and faith. This is a ministry of reflection and
                                                              anticipation. It is a reflection on over sixty-five years of dedicated service and on the numerous lives that have
                                                              found hope, love, and support at Saint Basils. It is also a ministry of anticipation. All children who come and
                                                              reside at Saint Basil Academy have a need for an environment that will give them guidance and encouragement and
                                                              develop their potential. For all of us, we can only anticipate the great and wondrous things that will be
                                                              accomplished in and through the lives of the children and youth who are blessed by this ministry.

                                                              On this New Year’s Day and the Feast of our Father and Teacher, Saint Basil the Great, I encourage you to give
                                                              generously to the work of Saint Basil Academy, and to offer your prayers for those who work diligently and
                                                              faithfully in the service of our youth and of God. May we also share in the joy of this season of light and life,
                       Your Ad Here                           expecting the great and abundant blessings of God in the coming year as we offer our worship and prayers and as
                                                              we serve one another and all people in the grace and power of Jesus Christ our Lord.

                                                              With paternal love in Christ,

                                                              Archbishop of America
                                                                                                Sponsorship Page – We thank our sponsors for their support!
       Father Tom welcomes the opportunity to visit with you and bless your
home during the first weeks of the New Year. Please call the church office to
schedule a time for Fr. Tom to visit.

        Agiasmos Services (Blessing of the Waters) will be held on the Eve of
Epiphany, Wednesday, Jan. 5 and Epiphany, Thursday, Jan. 6.
        If you have holy water remaining from the previous year either
consume it or pour it into your plants. You can then reuse your holy water
container. There will also be additional containers available.

On Sunday, January 16, 2011, Metropolitan Methodios will join our parish for
worship. We are blessed to have him join us and lead us in worship. Orthros will                                     QUALITY DRY CLEANING
begin at 9 am followed by Liturgy at 10 am. Due to his schedule and responsibilities in                              3 Convenient Locations
November, he was unable to join us for his annual visit. We are honored that he will                   •   84 Canal St. Nashua 880-4002 Main Plant & Office
                                                                                                            • 264 Main Dunstable Rd Nashua 880-6650
be with us in January. Please make plans to participate in worship during his visit and
                                                                                                                • Rte. 130 Ash St. Hollis 465-7117
arrive in a timely manner.
                                                                                                           Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3490 Nashua, NH 03061
                            From the Metropolis
As we celebrate the miracle of Christmas and the Light of Epiphany, and as we embark
upon the New Year 2011, we want to thank you for your love and support of our
Metropolis Ministries. Over the past 20 years, God has blessed thousands of young
people with the opportunity to grow in the Faith while building friendships that last a                                      Nashua Eye Associates, a provider
lifetime through the Metropolis of Boston Camp Ministry. With the addition of the
new Retreat House, our Camp can now share this faith-building ministry with the adults                                       of comprehensive eye care for the
of our Metropolis. We look forward to many years of fun and fellowship together!                                             Greater Nashua community.
                        Winter Camp is just around the corner!
We hope that your camper-aged children/grandchildren will join us for either:                                                603-882-9800
                         GOYA Winter Camp - February 18-21
              Our 2nd annual Family Winter Camp - February 25-27
           Check out our website for more information: www.m bcam
Our Metropolis could not have realized the blessings of our camp programs at the Faith
and Heritage Center without your love and support over the past two decades. During
this season of gift-giving, please join us in giving a lasting gift that will both ensure the
expansion and strengthening of our ministries and continue our dream of reaching out
to our faithful of all ages. We invite all of our Metropolis family members to become
"Ministry Partners" in support of this vital ministry. Your $10 a month donation will
advance our ministry outreach by providing camper scholarships, and the resources to
establish new programs and initiatives. Please sign up at: /
m inistrypartner
Sponsorship Page – We thank our sponsors for their support!
                                                              Parish Council Election Results
                                                                      Congratulations are extended to Kostas Baryiames,
     2011 Sponsorships Welcomed!                              Bill Polychronopoulos, and Jeff Basile on their election to the 2011
   Become a 2011 Newsletter Sponsor by contacting             Parish Council. Elections were held on Dec. 12th. They will assume
                                                              office once the election is ratified by the Metropolis. The remaining
       Cheryl Petren at church office: 889-4000
                                                              two vacant seats will be filled in accordance with the Parish By-Laws.
           or email:

               Sponsorship Donations
               Business card        $ 250                     Stewardship 2011
               Half page            $ 500                             We offer our appreciation to all who have offered their
                Full page         $1000                       stewardship during 2010. We look toward the New Year for your
                                                              continued commitment and support during 2011. During December
            -Sponsorships will run for 1 year                 information about 2011 Stewardship Commitments was mailed to the
        (11 monthly issues, July/Aug combined)                faithful of the parish. As reported, 2010 Stewardship is not as
                                                              vibrant as the community needs. Please prayerfully consider
                                                              increasing your commitment for 2011. We encourage the stewards
                                                              of the parish to make their contributions monthly. These monthly
                                                              contributions will help your budget and the Parish Budget.

                                                                                 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS
                                                                                      Month of November

                                                              EXPENSES                              INCOME
                                                              Salaries     $10,041.00               Stewardship $ 7,253.00
                                                              Utilities      1,966.00               Candles & Trays 2,242.00
                                                              Other Expenses 6,259.00               Other Income      609.00
                                                              TOTAL       $ 18,266.00               Total        $10,104.00

                                                              YEAR TO DATE
                                                              Cumulative Income            $ 156,554.00
                                                              Expenses                     $ 214,519.00
                                                              Shortfall/Increase          $< 57,965.00 >

                                                                             Outreach Ministry
                                                                             Thank you from the Outreach Committee to all who
                                                                             donated to the Outreach Ministry to help 14 area
                                                                             families enjoy a brighter Christmas !

                                                              Committee Members:
                                                              Jamie Pappas, Tina Pappas, Effie Anthony, Joan Lavoie,
                                                                                Diana Paskaley & Stephanie Norris.
                                  SACRAMENTS                                            AGAPE NEWS
       BAPTISMS                                                                                HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!
                                                                                        Please Note: No General Meeting scheduled for January.
       ...are extended to Evangelos and Adriana Gioumbakis on the
       baptism of their children, Ioannis and Katerina, on
       December 4th.
       ...are extended to Michael Saucier and Kerry Conlin on the
       baptism of their daughter, Bethanie Nicole, on December

                                                                                        On Dec. 14th, the AHEPA Chapter was visited by the Lodge for
                                                                                        the purpose of installing the current sessions officers.
                                                                                        The officers are as follows:
                    Attention High School Seniors !                                     President:Don LeBrun
                                Ahepa Scholarships                                      Secretary: Evan Kouchalakos
                          Bazdanes Memorial Scholarship                                 Treasurer: Cos Marandos
                         Ladies Society Agape Scholarship                               Chaplain: Nick Kallan
                        Lazarus Dikos Memorial Scholarship                              Warden: Charles Paskaley
                                                                                        The District Governor, Jim Nicholas, presided over the cere-
                             FOR MORE INFORMATION ,                                     mony.
                 PLEASE CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE AT 603-889-4000                          Brother Shannon Whitmore was initiated into the Order of
                                                                                        The Next meeting will be held on January 18 at 7:00pm at
AHEPA Scholarship Information                                                           the AHEPA Manor.
•     AHEPA District #9: The deadline for the submission of the schol-
      arship Application is April 15, 2011 and is open to High School sen-
      iors who are a child or grandchild of an active member of the Order
      of AHEPA or Daughters of Penelope.
•     National AHEPA Scholarship applications are only available on
      line by going to www.AHEPA.Org and clicking on the Education/
      Scholarships link.
                                                                                               The Pan Macedonian Association
•   Please note: Applicants can also apply on line for “The Journey to
                                                                                                     Nashua Chapter #9
    Greece Program” For more information, please contact                                                 wishes its members
pitals are not making the names of parishioners available to visiting clergy.                                    and
    Nicholas Kallan at 603-424-3925.
                                                                                                     the Saint Philip Community
Attention College Students:                                                                   a Happy and Healthy New Year!
    If you would like to receive news from our parish, please send in your
                 new addresses to!!
Parish Nurse Ministry                                                    By Katherine Richo
"To Your Health"
Healthy tidbits: Did you know that chronic dieting can be bad for
your health and is actually a predictor of future weight
gain? Lynda Murray, Registered Dietitian from Burlington, Iowa,
                                                                                                          ST. PHILIP HELLENIC DANCE TROUPE
reports that the ten characteristics of people who have lost                                                                                           by Maria Donati
weight and kept it off are:                                                                   Dance practice will be held on Sundays during coffee hour.
•     They eat lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and small amounts of                    Please plan to attend practice for at least 45 minutes on the dates
      lean proteins                                                                           below: January 9th & 23rd,
•     They eat breakfast-your body's metabolism is highest in the morning, so don't skip      February 6th & 20th, March 6th & 20th,
                                                                                              April 3rd & 10th, May 1st & 8th
•     They move throughout the day-exercise doesn't have to be continuous; every 10
                                                                                              This year's performances include but are not limited to:
      minutes count.
                                                                                                  **Greek Independence Day (date/time TBA)
•     They keep records of their food intake/exercise.
                                                                                                  **Hunt Community (date/time TBA)
•     They limit TV/computer use to 2 hours/day.                                                     ** Food Fest (date/time TBA)
•     They eat at least 3 fresh fruits/day-natural sugars boost brain power.                  If you have any questions or need more information, please contact
•     They limit salt.                                                                        Dance Instructor Maria Donati at 603-672-1914.
•     They eat food in its most natural, unprocessed form.
•     They have social support.
•     They smell their food-may not be polite, but this starts the process of feeling full.
    Try one or all of these tips toward a slimmer and healthier you for 2011.
                                                                                                  SUNDAY SCHOOL Calendar                           By Bill Chouramanis
                                HAPPY NEW YEAR!
                                                                                                  Jan.   2      No Classes
                                                                                                  Jan.   9      Classes
Blood Pressure Screenings will be held on the last Sunday of each
month after Liturgy and also on every Wednesday from 11:00am-1:00pm.
                                                                                                  Jan.   16     Classes
The Wednesday sessions will allow more time for each parishioner's needs to                       Jan.   23     Classes
be met. Please use the side door entrance. Should it become necessary for the                     Jan.   30     Classes
Parish Nurse to cancel a session, a message will be left with the church                          For more info, contact Fr. Tom 889-4000
office.                                                                                           ( or Bill Chouramanis at 672-2923.

Hospitals and HIPAA… don’t forget to call Fr. Tom!
         Thanks to all who have contacted the office when their family mem-                   JOY and GOYA
bers have been in the hospital. Please continue to contact the office if a family             If you have children GOYA (7th – 12th grades) or JOY (2nd – 6th grades) age,
member or friend has been admitted to the hospital so Father Tom can make                     please encourage them to join us. We always welcome new participants. For
a pastoral visit. Due to new interpretations of the HIPAA regulations, the hos-               more information please contact the leaders listed on the first page.
pitals are not making the names of parishioners available to visiting clergy.                 • GOYA will be gathering for an activity following services on Sunday, Jan 9th.
         Please make sure to contact the office. Better six calls about someone
than none. If you think about it, we can’t pray for the health and well being of              •    JOY will gather for an activity on Sunday, January 23rd.
our loved ones if we don’t know they are sick.                                                Please watch the weekly bulletins and email for additional details of these
                                                                                              activities. If you are not on the email list, but would like to be, please speak
                                                                                              with Father Tom.
                               Saint Philip Greek Orthodox Church     500 West Hollis Street                       603-889-4000
                                                                                                   Nashua NH 03062 603
                                                                    January 2011
Sun                      Mon                  Tue                      Wed                     Thu                          Fri                   Sat

                                                                                                                                                  St. Basil
                                                                                                                                                  Orthros 9am
                                                                                                                                                  Divine Liturgy 10am
                                                                                                                                                  Happy New Year!!

2                        3                    4                       5                        6                            7                     8
Sunday before Epiphany                        Parish Council Mtg.                  11am-1pm Holy Epiphany
                                                                      BP Screening 11am                                     John the Baptist
Orthros 9am                                   7pm                     Greek School classes  Orthros 9am                     Orthros 9am
Divine Liturgy 10am                                                                            Divine Liturgy 10am          Divine Liturgy 10am
No Sunday School                                                      Eve of Epiphany 7pm
                                                                      Vesperal Liturgy

9                        10                   11                      12                       13                           14                    15
Sunday after Epiphany                                                              11am-1pm
                                                                      BP Screening 11am
Orthros 9am                                                           Greek School classes
Divine Liturgy 10am
GOYA Activity

16                       17                   18                      19                       20                           21                    22
12th Sunday of Luke                           St. Athanasios                       11am-1pm
                                                                      BP Screening 11am
Orthros 9am                                   Orthros 9am             Greek School classes
Divine Liturgy 10am                           Divine Liturgy 10am
Metropolitan Methodios
Pastoral visit                                AHEPA Mtg @ Manor

23                       24                   25                      26                       27                           28                    29
Blind Man                                                                          11am-1pm
                                                                      BP Screening 11am                                                           District Family
Orthros 9am                                                           Greek School classes                                                        Retreat
Divine Liturgy 10am
Joy Activity                                                                                                                                      9:30am-2pm
                                              Compassionate Friends

30                       31                                                                           !! Book Club
Three Heirarchs
Orthros 9am                                                                                         ew starting in February.
                                                                                                   N Please watch Sunday Bulletin for
Divine Liturgy 10am
BP Screening                                                                                                         more details!!

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