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					                                                                                                                                                  Volume 13 Issue 2

                                                                                                                                                         July 2010
                                                                                     TRO PRESIDENT’S REPORT
                                                              Hello     fellow      TRO     These 9 sub-committees are:          our first ever election of board
                                                        members!                            risk of harm, sufficiency of         members. I would like to thank
                                                              Well, summer has finally      supervision,           alternative   Colleen Whyte and Adrienne
                                                        arrived and I hope everyone is      regulatory mechanism, body of        Gilbert, as well as the entire
                                                        planning some holiday time to       knowledge,            educational    Governance and Nominations
                                                        “practise what you preach”. It      requirements for entry to            Committee, for their hard work in
                                                        has been great to reflect on the    practice, leadership’s ability to    establishing our election cycle and
                                                        impressive conference we            favour the public interest,          coordinating a very successful first
                                                        attended in Hamilton. I want        membership       support      and    election.     I would like to
                                                        to congratulate Andrea Dean,        willingness to be regulated and      congratulate Rebecca Thompson,
                                                        Michael Latin and their entire      likelihood of complying with         who was acclaimed as our
                                                        committee and slate of              regulation, economic impact of       president elect for this year (2010-
                                                        volunteers on a very successful     regulation and public need for       11). I look forward to working
                                                        conference. As a Recreation         regulation.                          with her! Thank goodness our
                                                        Therapist and TRO member, I               Now is the time to have        friends Carol Phillips and Leanne
                                                        understand the amount of work       your voice heard and become a        Hughes have been re-elected.
                                                        that goes into planning such an     partner in our move towards          Your knowledge and experience
   Your source for Therapeutic Recreation information

                                                        event and I hope you get a well     regulation. Thank you to all         will be such an asset to the board
                                                        deserved rest this summer.          members who signed up to assist      and I look forward to working
                                                        The torch has been passed to        with one of these sub-               with you both over the coming
                                                        Toronto, and I wish Leanne          committees at the conference in      year. I would also like to welcome
                                                        Hughes,      Nancy      Bowers-     Hamilton. Someone will be in         our newest members, Kathy
                                                        Ivanski and their entire            contact with you shortly.            Willoughby and Erin Wilkie.
                                                        conference committee good                 As well, a group of            Thank you for putting your names
                                                        luck in their planning of TRO       educators from the Regulation        forward to become board members
                                                        in Toronto, Bright Lights, Big      Steering Committee have come         – we look forward to working with
                                                        Future!                             together to put forth a proposal     you. Please watch for their bios in
                                                              This next year promises to    to stream line our education         the inTRO newsletter to learn
                                                        be exciting! As you know, our       system in Ontario. They are          more about them. I would also
                                                        letter of intent to become a        working diligently to review the     like to thank our outgoing board
                                                        Regulated Health Profession         current education system and         members for all their hard work,
                                                        was sent in to the Ministry.        plan for the degree prepared         dedication and professionalism.
                                                        The Minister has responded          therapist and diploma prepared                        …Continued pg. 2
                                                        and     informed      us      our   assistant with a deadline of
                                                        application is scheduled for        September 2015. This group has
                                                        review in 2013! The clock is        already     made     a     formal     Inside this issue:
                                                        ticking and there is much to        recommendation to the RLS
                                                                                                                                  Updates                             2
                                                        do. The Regulation Steering         Coordinator’s Group in May of
                                                        Committee is in the process of      this year. Please continue to         Board Profile                       3
                                                        forming 9 sub-committees            check the TRO website for             BREAKING NEWS!!!                    4
                                                        (based on the 9 criterion           further information as we move
                                                        outlined in the application for     towards regulation.                   TRO Elections                       5

                                                        regulation) to work towards             This year’s AGM was               Conference Wrap-Up                  7
                                                        our application for registration.   especially exciting, as we held
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         Want to hear the latest         …President’s Report Continued
          Board Room News?
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                                         hard work and love of Recreation Therapy came across in everything
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                                         you did. We wish you good luck with all your future endeavours and
        Click Professional Material      want to let you know that we still have your email address – we
                                         cannot let go completely! Amanda Parent – although I haven’t
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  • Remain up to date on the work
                                              Finally, in looking forward to the next year, I will strive to be a
     in progress from the Board
                                         president that is accessible to the members of TRO. I want to thank
                                         Carolyn Triemstra for her hard work and dedication over the past year
                                         as President. I will continue to look to you for your expertise and
 TRO OFFICE UPDATE                       guidance as my mentor – you are leaving very big shoes to fill! To
                                         my fellow TRO members, please feel free to contact me at any time
 Telephone & Email inquires are          with comments, questions or concerns. I am only an email away –
 checked daily and your questions will
 be answered promptly. Please allow
 our staff 24 hours to respond to your        Again, enjoy your summer and I look forward to the next year –
                                         regulation, here we come!
 The TRO Website is always ready to      Sue Verrilli
 answer many of your questions and you   TRO President
 can check it any time for the most
 current TRO information.
                                         Next R/TRO Review
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         Email:                         Package
          Phone: (905) 646-7473                Application Deadline (must
           Fax: (905) 646-2564                  be "postmarked" by the       Month of Application Review
                                                    following dates)

                                                      July 1st 2010                  August 2010

                                                    October 1st 2010               November 2010

                                                    January 1st 2011                February 2011

         “APO...Unique and United”
    Date: October 20th-22nd, 2010
       Location: Toronto, ON

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 Board Profile
      Amanda Parent - TRO Practice Review Co-Chair 2006 - 2010

 After graduating from the Recreation and Leisure Studies program with a specialization in Therapeutic Recreation in
 2002, I moved to Seattle Washington, where I worked as a Recreation Therapist in a treatment facility for youth with
 emotional disorders. Upon returning home to Ontario in 2005, I joined the Forensic Service at St. Joseph’s Healthcare
 Hamilton where I spent over four years developing my skills as a Recreation Therapist and learning a great deal more
 about the mental health field. The majority of the clients I worked with were under the Ontario Review Board as they
 had been determined Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) for their crime due to their mental illness. After spending
 this past year off with my first baby and moving (yet again), I am excited to join the Community Division at
 Homewood Health Centre! In this position, I will be working with inpatients experiencing acute mental health issues
 as well as outpatients with serious mental illness.

 I have been a member of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario since 2002, achieved my Certified Therapeutic Recreation
 Specialist (CTRS) certification in 2002 and earned my R/TRO in 2006. During the past four years as a TRO board
 member, I feel that I had the opportunity to really be involved in the moulding of our young profession here in
 Ontario. This position has afforded me the opportunity to get to know several TRO members through committee work
 and communication with members regarding the R/TRO process. In addition, I gained leadership skills through
 chairing sub-committees and had the opportunity to speak to both small and large groups with several presentations.

 At this time, I am currently an outgoing board member. On one hand I am sad to leave the TRO board as this is such
 an exciting time for our profession and on the other hand, I am looking forward to having more leisure time available
 to spend with my husband and 1-year old boy. Given the way this organization is progressing toward regulation, I
 hope to continue to volunteer at the committee level in order to make this long-standing dream a reality!

 I would like to thank the Membership Services Committee for this opportunity to share a bit about myself and my
 TRO board experience with everyone.

 Amanda Parent
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  BREAKING NEWS for the Profession of
                                                                             COMPETENCY DIMENSIONS
   Therapeutic Recreation in Ontario!!!
      In moving the profession of Therapeutic Recreation                    1.    Assessment
 towards becoming a regulated health profession, it became                  2.    Intervention Plan
 evident in our work that we needed to have a document which                3.    Program Development
 clearly defined “what” Recreation Therapists do. We also                   4.    Program Delivery
 needed to clearly outline the knowledge, skills and abilities
 (professional competencies) necessary to practice as a                     5.    Documentation
 Recreation Therapist; The Profession of TR needed a                        6.    Evaluation
 competency document.                                                       7.    Community Practice
      The document is currently going through a detailed editing            8.    Research
 process, but once complete it will be available to all members
 on the TRO website.                                                        9.    Communication and Collaboration
      Here is a sneak peek into the structure and rational of the           10.    Professional Accountability
 Essential Competency Document for Therapeutic Recreation.                  11.    Professional Development
                                                                            12.    Professional Judgment and Reasoning
        Essential Competency Framework for                                  13.    Reflective Practice
      Therapeutic Recreation in Ontario (2010)                              14.    Practice Management
                                                                            15.    Advocacy
         The Essential Competency Framework for Therapeutic
 Recreation is designed to serve as a foundation for the practice
 of therapeutic recreation, regardless of setting. This document
 compliments the Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO)                                 COMPETENCY
 Standards of Practice as it is rooted in the TRO Standards.
 These competency dimensions are the minimum competencies
 necessary to practice as Recreation Therapist in Ontario. The          •   Provides specific explanations of the
 performance indictors within each competency are dynamic,                  knowledge, skills and abilities necessary
 and will continue to grow and change as the profession evolves.            for a Recreation Therapist to process in
 The performance criteria are designed for Recreation                       order to practice in Ontario.
 Therapists to measure skills and competence and have been
 created using the Standards of Practice for Therapeutic
 Recreation as a foundation and guide.                                      PERFORMANCE INDICATORS
 This document represents the work of the Therapeutic
 Recreation Ontario (TRO) Board of Directors, along with
 significant input from its membership, namely the Certification        •   Are specific behavioural descriptions of
 and Registration committees of 2008 to 2010. The goal of this              the competencies necessary for a
 guide is to promote consistency in service among Recreation                Recreation Therapist to process in order to
 Therapists and clearly define the minimum standards necessary              practice in Ontario.
 to practice as a Recreation Therapist in Ontario.
 Each Recreation Therapist is expected to meet these                * Person seeking service from a Recreation
 competencies and practice within them under the values, and        Therapist, patient, resident etc. is herein referred
 guiding principles of the TRO Standards of Practice.               to as “client”.
 Endorsement and adherence to the Essential Competency
 Framework for Therapeutic Recreation (TRO 2010) will result
 in increased consistency among Recreation Therapists, which
 will ensure a standard of quality services for clients, while
 strengthening the profession of therapeutic recreation as we               inTRO Submission Deadline
 move towards regulation.                                                        August 15, 2010
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                                     Page 5

 New TR Resource                                   TRO Board of Directors Elections
 NAME OF RESOURCE:                                 On June 9th the first election that I can remember was held at the
 “CrossCurrents” The Journal of Addiction          AGM following the new governance procedures. The bylaws and
 and Mental Health, published by the               procedure for the election was described, quorum was determined,
 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health            and each of the five nominees was asked to introduce themselves and
 (CAMH)                                            describe why they were interested in serving on the board of
                                                   directors. A summary bio of the nominees was placed on each of the
 TYPE OF RESOURCE:                                 tables for members to review. Rebecca Thompson, of Homewood
 Journal                                           Health Centre was acclaimed as President Elect. Following the
                                                   introductions, Adrienne called for the vote which was conducted by
 DESCRIPTION:                                      secret ballot; members of the nominations committee assisted with
 This is a journal for clinicians, families and    gathering the ballots and counting them; two different members
 consumers who are interested in learning          tallied the summary forms supervised by myself.
 about current research, new programming
 and general information about addictions          An announcement of the 2010-2011 TRO Board Members was made
 and mental health in Canada. The issue            at the 2010 TRO AGM held at the TRO/CTRA Conference in
 reviewed had a theme of Early                     Hamilton.
 Interventions with At Risk Youth. Articles
 within pertained directly to that topic. The                     TRO 2010-2011 TRO Board
 magazine contains many different sections
                                                                 Carolyn Triemstra - Past president
 including an update from CAMH, current
 and relevant news features, a research                                Sue Verrilli - President
 update and reviews of resources. The final                     Rebecca Thompson - President Elect
 section gives information about upcoming
 learning events and conferences.                                   Returning Board Members
                                                                         Nicole Chudzinski
 HOW THIS RESOURCE WOULD BE                                                Melissa Konat
                                                                           Susy Marrone
  The journal format is easy to read and                                  Colleen Whyte
 engaging, yet contains up to date and                                  Christine Wilkinson
 relevant articles about mental illness and
 how a person’s life and family is affected.                          Elected Board Members
 The T.R. student is able to learn about                                   Leanne Hughes
 different featured illnesses or populations                                Carol Phillips
 as well as stay informed about recent
                                                                             Erin Wilkie
 studies and research initiatives. The T.R.
 professional can add this resource to the                                Kathy Willoughby
 client library at their site and assist clients
 in reviewing topical information as part of       My last duty was to call for a motion for Amanda Brown to act as a
 programming as it is focused on client and        backup board member for the next year which was passed
 family issues. The cost is low and is             unanimously. We hope that she will play a vital role in assisting the
 adjusted for consumers and families.              board this year.

 HOW TO ACCESS / REFERENCE:                        It was very exciting to have an election and I couldn’t help but recall
 Subscription information can be found at          the many years that we begged and pleaded for people to help. To me, /. The           it indicates that the profession continues to grow becoming more
 cost for one year is $16.00 or $8.00 for          established and acknowledged. Thanks to everyone who agreed to be
 consumers/families/ students.                     nominated and to the volunteers who helped with the election
 SUBMITTED BY: Deb Nicholson
                                                   Adrienne Gilbert
                                                   Chair, Nominations Committee
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                                      Page 6

       2010 Student Essay                       Committee Member Profile –
            Contest                             Curtis Geissberger
 Congratulations to Katie Elliott, the
 winner of this year’s Student Essay
 Contest.       Katie is a Therapeutic
 Recreation student in the Georgian
 College post graduate program. After
 graduating with a Degree in Honors
 Bachelor of Science in Psychology from
 Wilfrid Laurier University, Katie
 decided to pursue her passion for
 working with children with different
 abilities. Katie is currently fulfilling her
 internship placement at Bloorview Kids
                                                Hello and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce
 Rehab. Previous to entering the field of
                                                myself. My name is Curtis Geissberger. I am a Therapeutic Recreation
 TR, Katie volunteered as the head coach
                                                Specialist at Markham Stouffville Hospital where I have been working
 for the Special Olympics floor hockey
                                                for over 10 years. I have TR experience in Complex Care, Palliative
 team in the K/W region, KidsAbility, the
                                                Care, Rehab, Alternate Level of Care and Mental Health. I have a
 best buddy program for day camps in the
                                                Bachelor of Arts Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies from Brock
 city of Barrie, the Second Wind Dreams
                                                University and a Post Graduate Diploma from Georgian College
 program, Soldiers Memorial Hospital
                                                specializing in Therapeutic Recreation.
 and the Leacock Long Term Care
 Facility in Orillia. Katie’s future            My passion has always been people and helping, I love leisure and TR
 aspirations are to continue to work with       was a perfect fit. Thanks to a fieldwork placement at Brock, I
 children and youth and to carry out her        volunteered with the March of Dimes. It was there I realized the true
 research proposal on “Promoting a              meaning of Therapeutic Recreation when I was partnered with a young
 healthy transition from life to death in       man who lives with Cerebral Palsy. We had many great moments
 children with terminal illness: the role of    together during my placement and I developed a special friendship with
 animal assisted therapy”.              Katie   him and his family.         Together we engaged in recreation and
 continues to be inspired by the                socialization, learning a lot from each other. He taught me about life
 individuals she works with and the             and how precious it is, to enjoy every moment regardless of what
 ability to have the opportunity to make a      challenges have been thrown your way. We are still very close and
 positive difference in the lives of others.    spend time together each summer and Christmas.
 She looks forward to a longstanding
 career in the field of Therapeutic             Outside of work I love sports, singing and playing the guitar. I love to
 Recreation.                                    be in the kitchen and spending time with family and friends. My wife
                                                of 4 years and I had our first baby (girl) in October.
 Please visit the Student Centre on the         I have been a member of TRO and a registered (R/TRO) member for
 TRO website to read Katie’s full essay,        many years now. I am currently a member of the Governance and
 “Regulation…our greatest step towards          Nomination Committee and have been for the past 2 years. I felt very
 Professionalism”.       Katie’s essay          strongly about offering support to the TRO board in any way I could
 highlighted how field of Recreation            and I have grown as a professional during this time. I am very excited
 Therapy will advance its professional          about the strides Therapeutic Recreation Ontario has made over the
 status through self-regulation and unite       years in working towards regulation and wanted to be a part of it.
 as a collective identity; ultimately
 bettering the services it provides,            Therapeutic Recreation is a very inspiring and rewarding field and I
 ensuring safety and highest quality of         enjoy every day that I get to help someone realize their true potential, as
 care for clients, standardizing process,       well when I can contribute to a making someone smile. Truly I could
 practice and education.                        not see myself doing anything else.

 Rebecca Thompson,                              Sincerely
 TRO Professional and          Membership       Curtis Geissberger
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                                          Page 7

                        2010 TRO/CTRA Conference Session Showcase

 Session Title: Are You Heading in the Right Direction? Resident Driven Program Evaluation 
 Name(s) of Speaker: Nancy Bowers‐Ivanski and Leslie Stephens, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 
 Speaker Contact information: Nancy Bowers‐Ivanski: nancy.bowers‐ 

 If you were looking for a creative and interactive way to conduct program evaluations at your facility, this was the
 session for you! Nancy and Leslie presented an inspiring, patient-centred approach to something we all love to hate.
 The presenters (along with the rest of the Sunnybrook RT department) engaged in some “thinking outside the box”
 regarding program evaluation and devised an evaluation tool that compliments their quality indicators (QIs) of
 meaningful leisure experiences (see the 2008 TRO Research Annual for a description of their quality indicators). The
 value of this particular tool is that it reflects the resident’s voice, incorporates the philosophy of patient-centred care
 and the Sunnybrook quality indicators. For example, “feeling like you belong” is a quality indicator previously
 identified by the Sunnybrook RT department. The program evaluation tool subsequently breaks that indicator down
 and asks a resident to consider statements like: “While participating in this program I...felt that I belonged in this
 group, was able to develop friendships, enjoyed being in a group setting, was able to feel a part of a greater
 community, and felt respected”. Along with a description of each of the QIs (others include “enjoyment”, “being
 yourself”, “developing yourself”, “meeting others” and “helping others”) residents and family members, along with
 the possible assistance of staff, indicate those they experienced, having engaged in a particular RT program.

 After collecting the responses, RT staff members were then asked to consider the quality indicators identified by the
 residents, and whether they corresponded with the QIs that they themselves identified in their program
 framework/description. On the whole, staff agreed with resident responses but it was interesting to note that some
 residents identified QIs that staff had not. Sitting in the audience, I was particularly intrigued to learn of the differences
 in QIs identified by residents compared to those identified by staff. I wondered how RT staff members were reflecting
 on the QIs identified by residents for each of the programs and incorporating this information in their on-going
 documentation process.

 In addition to the questions above, residents and family members have an opportunity to respond to a number of open-
 ended questions in the evaluation tool. The presenters shared a few particularly meaningful qualitative responses from
 residents. In response to the question “what is it about this program that you value the most?” residents wrote: “I feel a
 little bit like I am home when I come here” and “I value being with other residents and feeling like I am part of the
 group.” The second question asked: “do you have any suggestions that you feel would improve the program?” In this
 case, one resident took issue with the structure of a bingo program, writing: “coffee and donuts served during play
 disturbs the game.” (I trust this has been since rectified by Sunnybrook RT staff!). Finally, in response to the question
 “do you have comments or feedback that you would like to share?” residents responded with comments such as: “Keep
 up the great work – I can’t thank you enough” and “I look forward to coming every week.”

 Throughout the session, I was encouraged to hear the potential of RT services when we simply ask the people with
 whom we work about their experiences. I have come to believe that the most “clinified” methods of documentation can
 be converted to something more aligned with the philosophy of TR when we simply involve persons and their family

 Submitted by: Colleen Whyte, R/TRO 
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                                      Page 8

                       2010 TRO/CTRA Conference Session Showcase
 Session Title: Meaningful Experiences for Persons Living with Dementia: Developing a Recreation Resource Guide for 
 Name(s) of Speaker: Jennifer Carson, Colleen Whyte and Leah Sadler along with the Recreation Resource Guide 
 Partners – from the Murray Alzheimer Research Education Program 
 Speaker Contact Information: Leah Sadler: or Sherry Dupuis: 

 The learning objectives included: 
    To be able to describe the differences between meaningful experiences and meaningful activity for persons living
    with dementia.
    Identify what s/he is currently doing to help persons with dementia achieve meaningful experiences related to
    leisure and reflect on future possibilities to enhance these experiences for the individual.
    Embed the concept of experiences into the TR process.
       This session discussed the process and development of a new recreation resource guide which is being created
 through a partnership of persons living with dementia, family partners in care and related professionals. This resource
 guide is unique in that it is written from the perspectives of persons living with dementia and how they view the
 recreation experience.
       The researchers were able to shed some light on these perspectives by sharing powerful quotes and sentiments
 from persons living with dementia. It was striking to read the depth in their words yet concerning that many felt
 misunderstood and underestimated.
       Participants in the session were thus informed of the identified disabling factors (cognitive and physical changes,
 motivation, isolation, loss of independence, changes in relationships etc.) and enabling factors (being knowledgeable
 and thinking broadly, knowing and listening, enabling and partnering etc.) to participation in meaningful experiences
 and how we as practitioners can better support these individuals.
       The researchers discussed the means in which persons living with dementia “live and celebrate life through
 leisure”. These include having fun, making a difference, seeking freedom, being with, being me, finding balance and
 growing and developing. It was of particular value to understand and discuss these elements and how they relate to
 recreation experiences.
       Attending this session has allowed me to reflect on my practice and interactions with not only persons with
 dementia but other marginalized populations with whom we may work. During my assessment process (development
 of personal leisure profile) I will make use of the key questions identified in the session, which were found to elicit
 informative and valuable insights. Practitioners must dig deeper during the assessment process to find out more about
 “why” someone enjoys a particular activity if we are to offer significant opportunities that support enjoyment and self
 fulfillment. With respect to program planning and evaluation, individual needs must be identified in order to create
 meaningful experiences. I-Care Plans are an excellent way of achieving this to ensure persons with dementia are
 partners in the process. A number of effective and innovative program ideas were discussed, some of which include; a
 drum circle program, activity boxes, the Wii, wheelchair bikes, men’s lunch-in program and a memoirs program.
 Finally, during the documentation phase, something simple yet highly client focused is to ask the individual what s/he
 would like to convey to the team, i.e. “what is it that you want me to communicate?”
       Overall it was helpful to be reminded to think broadly, to engage in open and honest dialogue, to build trust and to
 not limit an individual’s potential by remaining invested in what is meaningful to them. Leisure is intrinsically
 personal and we as practitioners must make every effort to ensure we are providing opportunities for these

 Additional Information: 
 For more information about the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program
 (MAREP), please go to

 Submitted by: Melissa Konat 
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                                    Page 9

                       2010 TRO/CTRA Conference Session Showcase
 Session Title:  Interventions to promote physical health in clients with mental illness 
 Name(s) of Speaker: Natasha Golding, Recreation Therapist ‐ Center for Addiction and Mental Health, 
 Speaker Contact information: Natasha Golding:   
 Description  of  Session: Individuals with mental illness face numerous barriers to staying healthy. Social
 determinants of health, the obesiogenic environment, and treatment itself adversely influence the health of
 these clients. Elevated rates of risk factors such as coronary heart disease, obesity, hypertension, type II
 diabetes and a reduced life expectancy by as much as 25 years have been widely reported in this client
 population. The need to identify and treat these risk factors has never been more critical. At the Centre for
 Addiction and Mental Health, clients are assessed for these risk factors by the team in the Mental Health and
 Metabolism Clinic. This inter-professional team provides health teaching on lifestyle modification to reduce
 and mediate these risk factors.
 Exercise and Health – Is more always better? 
 The highest decrease in mortality comes from individuals who increase their fitness from low to moderate
 levels. There is a steep change in the decrease of health risks when an individual begins to participate in
 some activity from doing nothing at all.
     • Even a small dose of exercise (70 minutes a week) can improve fitness.
     • 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity a week.
     • Activity can be accrued in 10-minute increments.
 Physical Activity Recommendations 
        Clients who lead sedentary lifestyles should check with their family physician first before engaging
        in any activity program. (PAR-Q and PAR-MedX).
        Always start a new program slowly and progress towards a regular routine of activity.
        Sit less than 30 minutes per bout.
        Mix a combination of moderate and vigorous intensity exercises into weekly routine.
        Combination of exercise and healthy diet the best way to lose weight.
      Each time suggest a small behavior change to ensure success and over time it can have a significant impact! 
 Work together with your health care team to integrate services.
 Be mindful of the obesogenic environment – what factors influence obesity in your community?
 Address the social determinants of health when creating client care plans.
 Some Great Resources: 
 Minding Our Bodies; physical activity for mental health –
 Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology –
 Canada’s Physical Activity Guide -
 Canadian Obesity Network –
 Centre for Obesity Research and Education –
 Canadian Diabetes Association –
 Heart and Stroke Foundation –
 Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion -
 Submitted by Nicole Chudzinski 
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                                                   Page 10

                         2010 TRO/CTRA Conference Session Showcase
 Session Title:  How do I Start a Regional Group? 
 Name(s) of Speaker:  Erin Whattam‐Langiano, Caryn Johnston, Cindy Des Lauriers, Debbie Pilon  
 Speaker Contact information:  www.tro‐ 
 Description of Session: 
     The objectives of this session were:
          To learn more about the history of the TRO – eastern region
          Ideas on how to develop a regional group
          Setting initiatives for our regional group
          Past, present and future initiatives of the TRO-ER group
          The TRO-ER website
          Benefits of networking

       The presenters gave each of us a disc of information on everything you need to know to start a regional group. It includes
 steps to develop an executive committee and a regional group; templates for membership letters, forms, cards and receipts;
 election ballots and nomination procedures; terms of reference template; job descriptions; agenda outlines, examples and meeting
 minutes examples; and education date registration forms and poster examples.
       There was some discussion of how the regional groups could link to TRO. This was good information to learn about, as
 TRO will put regional group affiliations on their agenda for the coming year.
       As a northern practitioner, I have always been interested in figuring out how to form a regional group that could represent
 such a large area. I am also interested in how regional groups can be affiliated with our provincial organization, as I am on the
 TRO executive. TRO members can access more information by going to the TRO-ER website or by contacting the presenters of
 this session. TRO members should also watch the TRO website for more information on regional affiliations with the Provincial

 Submitted by Sue Verrilli 
 Session Title:   An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 
 Name(s) of Speaker:  Tania Auer, Brittan Coghlin 
 Description  of  Session:  This session was a great introduction to Mindfulness Meditation as it encompassed the theory that
 supports the implications of various mindfulness meditation techniques, as well as the empirical evidence for the use of this
 therapy in clinical practice. A variety of formal mindfulness meditation practices were demonstrated. 
       I chose this session as I wanted to learn more about Mindfulness meditation and the possible benefits. I feel this is a skill that
 compliments the Recreation Therapists scope of practice, as a lot of what we do is creating meaningful experiences and feelings
 for the clients we serve. Mindfulness meditation is about paying attention to your experience and being aware of what is
 happening in the moment. This would be a great skill for therapists to have as it can be used with a variety of client groups and
 ages. This session not only allowed me learn and experience the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation, it also provided me with
 some empirical evidence of the practice and gave me great resources for use in my own program development.

 Applying  the  learning:  Following the conference, I did a session with my clients on being mindful of our leisure. It was well
 received and the outcome was amazing. Encouraging my clients to be mindful about a Therapeutic drumming activity allowed
 them to express their feelings, thoughts and experiences as they happened. The amazing part was that the clients described a
 “Flow” like experience without having prior knowledge about the concept. Using Mindfulness as a way to develop self-awareness
 in leisure is something that I will continue to do. With this in mind, I have recently adopted the Leisure and Well-Being Model
 (Carruthers & Hood) in my practice, as the Mindfulness piece is a part of this model. 

 How can TRO members access more information on topic? 
      University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work Continuing Education – Series of three workshops to teach the application of
 Mindfulness Meditation in Clinical practice
      Mount Sinai Psychotherapy Institute (MSPI) – Fall 2010 workshop “Mindfulness-Based Group Practice: a six-day, inter-
 professional workshop for clinicians who wish to lead mindfulness-based groups”

 Submitted by Cheryl Ramburn 
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                             Page 11

                     2010 TRO/CTRA Conference Session Showcase
 Session Title:  TRO Mock Trial Presentation and Panel Discussion 
 Names of Speakers: Sue Verrilli, President Elect TRO, James Vigmond, Personal Injury Lawyer, Marg Doma, 
 Manager, Risk Management & Patient Relations, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Alex Blair Johns, 
 Assistant Vice President, March Canada Ltd. /Healtcare and Life Sciences Industry Practice, Janet E. 
 Sauders, Senior Vice President, March Canada Ltd. /Healtcare and Life Sciences Industry Practice 
 Speaker Contact information: Please send questions for panel to TRO office 

 Description of Session:  
      The objectives of this session were:
         • to consider the importance of precise, objective charting
         • to consider how much you are insured as a professional within your organization
         • to learn about the need for professional liability insurance coverage
       The mock trial that was presented was quite enjoyable to participate in (and watch I am sure). Although
 the charting notes may have seemed unbelievable and quite fictitious, Mr. Vigmond assured me that he has
 seen terrible documentation being presented as evidence in a court of law on a number of occasions. I think
 it is important for all recreation therapists to follow the documentation standards set out by their facility and
 if you are unsure about your facilities requirements, then seek out the answers. I also feel that we need to
 take documentation seriously and follow the Standards of Practice as outlined on the TRO website. As we
 move towards regulation, I think that we will need to become more accountable within our profession and to
 our clients/family members and facilities. We need to take a proactive approach and ask questions of our
 employer around responsibility, accountability and insurance coverage. Finally, it may be time to consider
 purchasing our own professional liability coverage on top of what our places of employment cover us for.
 Applying the learning:  

     As a private practitioner, I have learned more about what could happen if I am called to court and how I
 can be sued. It is time for me to consider the professional liability insurance coverage being provided by
 Aon for all TRO members. For more information, please visit the TRO website. I also plan to speak to my
 employer and ask questions about different practice issues such as, policies and procedures for therapeutic
 outings, medication distribution, implications when driving clients in my car etc. I believe that this session
 has given us more to think about in terms of moving towards regulation, especially in terms of protecting the

 How can TRO members access more information on topic? 
 The TRO website has information on purchasing professional liability coverage as a Recreation Therapist.

 Submitted by Sue Verrilli 
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                           Page 12

                     2010 TRO/CTRA Conference Session Showcase
 Session Title: New Opportunities for Therapeutic Recreation in Health Promotion 
 Name(s)  of  Speaker:  Linda  Martin,  Instructor  Therapeutic  Recreation  Diploma  Program,  SIAST  Kelsey 
 Campus and Co‐chair in motion/en Mouvement National Network of Researchers & Canadian Communities 
 in motion  ( 
 Speaker Contact information: Linda Martin: 

 Description of Session:   What were the main objectives of this session? 
      This session defined Health Promotion; provided an overview of The Health Protection/Health
 Promotion Model (Austin, 1996, 1997) and presented the role Therapeutic Recreation plays in Health
      I really enjoyed the enthusiasm the speaker had for this subject and the potential opportunities for
 professional services in TR by facilitating co-workers and clients in making positive changes in their health
 and quality of life. This session confirmed the direction of the current role TR has in the Chronic Disease
 Management Program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare (Hamilton) in assisting clients to recognize the benefits of
 an active lifestyle, connecting clients to their community, and exploring their personal leisure lifestyles and
 interests. This session helped the participants to revisit the importance of Health Promotion within the role
 of a TR . By reviewing the reasons why the in motion program was developed (Targeting inactive youth and
 adults, the increase in diabetes and the needs of older adults), the presenter reflected on the skills and
 knowledge RT’s bring to the development of such a program.
 Applying the learning:  
      I plan to revisit the assessment tools we currently use and the leisure education sessions we provide to
 ensure Health Promotion is a theme represented in our TR delivery. I also plan to make even stronger
 partnerships with the community to encourage clients in their transition from the healthcare setting to
 independent participation. I did not gain a new perspective as much as became reenergized in my role as a
 TR “to encourage clients to reach maximum health rather than just recovery from illness” (Austin, 1997)

     Potential change resulting from this session could be an increased involvement/leadership from TR’s in
 our communities and workplace in health promotion; TR’s advocating for the in motion program in their

 How can TRO members access more information on topic? 
 Website of interest:

 Austin, D.R. (1997). Therapeutic recreation processes and techniques (3rd ed.).Champaign,
         IL: Sagamore Publishing.
 Austin, D.R. (1998). The health protection/health promotion model. Therapeutic Recreation
         Journal, Second Quarter, 32(22), 109-117
 World Health Organization (1986). Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion.

 Submitted by Susy Marrone
VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2                                                                                                              Page 13

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