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									                           Hot Off The Press
                           A PUBLICATION OF GOLDEN PLAINS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL                     OCTOBER 2010      VOLUME 7 ISSUE 10

Hutchinson County
United Way Kickoff
set for October 1
―United Way is a
worldwide net-
work in 45 coun-
tries and territo-
ries, including
nearly 1,300
local organiza-
tions in the U.S. It advances the common good, creating
opportunities for a better life for all, by focusing on the three
key building blocks of education, income and health. The
United Way movement creates long lasting community
change by addressing the underlying causes of problems              NEW PHARMACIST-IN-CHARGE is Derek Smith with Hunter Pharmacy
that prevent progress in these areas. LIVE UNITED is a call         who is welcomed by (l.) Jerri Patterson, Pharmacy Tech, and Teresa
to action for everyone to become a part of the change.‖ -           Coward, Pharmacy Tech. Welcome to GPCH, Derek!

It‘s that time again! GPCH employees have the opportunity
to make a difference in their community!

The United Way Kickoff is set for October 1 and your GPCH
United Way Committee has some fun things in store for
you! U.W. Committee head, Jennifer Harvey, HR, said,
―We‘d like to kick off the year with all the GPCH Teams
(Rewards & Recognition, Employer of Choice, Service Re-
covery, etc.) to see which team can raise the most money.
The Team that raises the most money will be awarded a
pizza party!‖ This portion of the fund-raising event will run
from 10/1/10 through 10/25/10.

Another U.W. fundraiser is November Jeans Day! For a $5
per day donation, GPCH employees can wear jeans to work
on Wednesdays in November. If preferred, employees can
donate $20 at one time in order to wear jeans every
Wednesday in November. Please make the donation
through your managers.

GPCH Employee Forums will be announced at a later date.
The United Way will send various organizations‘ representa-
tives to speak to employees during the Forums. And there
will be other ―fun‖ fundraisers for this worthy cause over the
next two months, so be on the lookout for information!

 Please let Jennifer Harvey in Human Resources know if
you have any questions or concerns.                                 BORGER EMS joined other Hutchinson County emergency services
                                                                    agencies as the Borger Little League Football honored them on Sept. 11.

We Get                                From the CEO’s Desk
                                      Imagine you are seven years old, living with your mom who works, but
                                      barely makes enough money to pay all the bills. Groceries are a luxury
                                      sometimes. Last night you had a bowl of soup because that was all
                                      there was to eat in the house.
Ms. Henderson,
                                      Today when you came home, you smelled stew cooking on the stove
I would like to thank you for our     and corn bread in the oven. On the floor by the door is a new pair of
hospital and their efforts in my      shoes, your current ones being hand me downs from your older
husband, Eric‘s, treatment. On        brother.
Saturday, September 11, 2010, he      It‘s hard to believe people in Borger actually don‘t have food each day,
was brought in by private car due     but it happens. And where did the food come from? Well, the mom
to chest pressure. It was deter-      went to one of the numerous agencies in town that are supported by       DENNIS JACK, CEO
mined by Dr. Helak that he was        the United Way, and was able to get food for the next week, and then
having a heart attack. I CAN NOT      was able to get a new pair of shoes. She is hoping next month to get you a coat.
express my appreciation for the
                                      All of this and much more is supported by individual donations to the local United Way. You, too, can
care given to him by everyone on      donate and we make it easy. It can automatically come out of your paycheck, pretax, each pay pe-
staff that day. Each and every one    riod. $10 a pay period can make a huge difference if you and all the other employees sign up. This
of the listed staff members treated   year, our United Way goal is to raise $25,000. And to help in that effort, the hospital will contribute 25
us both with utmost care and con-     cents with each dollar you contribute. We are also competing with three other smaller Hutchinson
cern.                                 County employers, each having contributed $250. The company that contributes the most per em-
                                      ployee gets to then determine which local charity that $1000 goes to this year.
Dr. Helak, MD—ER Physician
Vicki Bybee, RN                       Best of all, when a telemarketer calls you at home, you can say proudly, ―I give to United Way at the
                                      office‖ and you don‘t have to promise to support the homeless in Pittsburg or whatever the call of the
Jessie Jones, RN                      month is, ‗cause you support local agencies.
Stacy Jones, RT
Jeff Parker, Lab
Cathy Wagner, Imaging
                                         H.C. United Way Supports These Important Organizations!
Nicole, Admissions
                                      Borger Satellite Workshop provides services to people with mental and physical disabilities; Boy
Kevin, Paramedic/EMT
                                      Scouts of America Council 562, Golden Spread, prepares young people to make ethical choices in
Linda, EMT
                                      life; The Bridge provides a home-like neutral environment for alleged child victims who are involved in
Adam Dale, FaNS
                                      abuse; Buttercup House, Inc. is a non-profit daycare; Eastern Texas Panhandle American Red
                                      Cross provides food, clothing and shelter for persons involved in disaster; Girl Scouts Five Star
Thank you once again for a ―top
                                      Council prepares girls to become successful adults; Epilepsy Foundation of West Texas provides
notch‖ facility that can act so
                                      assistance to individuals with epilepsy and their families; High Plains Helping Hands provides food
quickly in a life-saving effort.
                                      and benevolence to deserving individuals; HutchCares Living at Home helps the elderly to live at
                                      home; Hutchinson County Crisis Center provides safe residence for victims of abuse; Living Water
Debbie Forseth                        Benevolence, Inc. helps with utility bills, rent and prescriptions; The Salvation Army assists low-
                                      income families; Texas Panhandle Mental Health/Mental Retardation serves individuals with men-
Tailgate Party                        tal illness.

Winners!                                                       New GPCH Employees!
Football season is here! The win-                                GPCH welcomes the following new employees:
ners from the GPCH Employer of
Choice Tailgate Party drawings                     Jeremy Hundley, Security Officer    Tommy Coburn, Security Officer
and the giveaway are:                                   Patricia Kossey, Dietary Aide    Glenanna Carig, RN, OB
                                                                      Falisha Jasper, Housekeeper
Nora Salomon: Bulldog Card
Sammie Henslee: Bulldog Card
Debby Gray: Movie Passes
Sue Allred, Joel Arnold, JoAnn               From Your GPCH Food & Nutrition Services:
Phelps, Patricia Couch, Elyse
Ammerman: Calculators
                                             FANS Sweets & Snacks Are Now Available:
Thanks to everyone who partici-
pated in the Borger Bulldog Give-
                                            Vanilla Chex Mix Spicy Trash Mix (Mild or Hot)
away. The winners are Denny Kil-                Cookies Watch for New Tasty Items!
day and Monika Jones!
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                                                                              October Birthdays are:
                                                                              10/3     Pam Ferguson
                                                                              10/6     Kelley Chisum and Janet Williams
                                                                              10/8     Corrie West
                                                                              10/9     Jessie Jones
                                                                              10/11    Mike Barter
                                                                              10/13    Tommy Coburn
                                                                              10/14    Lori Skinner
                                                                              10/15    Deborah Chilcote and Lynda Brooks
                                                                              10/16    Melissa Sandoval
                                                                              10/19    Sue Giesler and Adam Tipps
                                                                              10/21    Amanda Stover
                                                                              10/23    Andrew Alanis and Callie Ruth
                                                                              10/24    Darla Wilson
Steve and Debbie Chilcote-Pollakowski have just returned from
their belated honeymoon at the Breezes in the Bahamas from Sep-
                                                                              10/26    Jacey Hammit
tember 12-18! The couple was married on May 15, 2010. Debbie is a             10/29    Reina Garcia
Radiology Tech in the GPCH Diagnostic Imaging Department. Con-
gratulations, Steve and Debbie!

You Can Celebrate Holidays With Many Good Foods!
For most Americans, ―the winter holidays‖             White meat is best; the dark meat of the medium sized slice will cost you 575 calories–
means three days at the most. Spread out          wing or leg is much higher in both fat and calo- without the whipped cream.
over six weeks, three days is not enough to       ries. Take off the skin, and you save 33 calo-
destroy your diet. And many of the traditional    ries and 4 grams of fat per serving.                 How about pumpkin? 375 calories, and the
foods eaten on those feast days–roast turkey,                                                      pumpkin at least matches the nutritional value
squash, corn bread, pumpkin, cranberries and          Maybe more important is what you put on of the pecans with abundant quantities of beta
sweet potatoes–are high in nutrition, low in      and in your turkey. Dressing stuffed in the bird -carotene, potassium, magnesium and cal-
calories and saturated fat.                       soaks up all the drippings and, as a result, has cium.
                                                  more calories and fat than stove top stuffing.
     The ―holiday season,‖ though, is usually                                                          ARTICHOKE DIP OR HUMMUS AND
filled with numerous occasions to overeat.            CANDIED YAMS OR BAKED SWEET PITA? Any appetizer containing artichokes or
Aunt Beth‘s party last night was fantastic, but   POTATO? A baked sweet potato was ranked spinach shouts ―good health.‖ Add up the
you liked the artichoke dip a bit too much.       No. 1 for nutrition by the hard-to-please folks mayonnaise, cream cheese, sour cream and
Your sister, who is a great cook, has invited     at Nutrition for Science in the Public Interest. parmesan that go into it, and you get a dip
you to dinner tonight. She always makes great     Moreover, it outscored the next closest con- that‘s high in calories and saturated fat.
pies. And your neighbor just brought over a tin   tenders (baked potato, spinach) by more than
of Christmas cookies, including some of your      100 points. It‘s high in fiber, complex carbohy-     Hummus is also high in fat, but it‘s mono-
favorite butter balls.                            drates, protein, vitamins A and C, iron and unsaturated olive oil which has health benefits
                                                  calcium.                                         for the heart. And the dip is made primarily of
    Picking your way through these diet land                                                       chick peas (garbanzo beans), which, along
mines requires more self discipline than most         Yams potatoes are plenty sweet on their with olive oil, are on the George Mateljan
of us possess. And who wants to be Debbie         own, with naturally occurring sugars, but, for Foundation‘s list of the 130 ―world‘s healthiest
Downer over the holiday season?                   some reason, cooks often sweeten them even foods.‖ The fiber in chick peas digests very
                                                  more with corn syrup and marshmallows– slowly, preventing blood sugar from rising too
    You can decide to take care of it starting    multiplying the calories while subtracting the rapidly.
January 2. Or you can be a bit more aware of      nutrition you get for each serving.
the choices in front of you.                                                                       Chick peas (and hummus) are also excellent
                                                      PECAN PIE OR PUMPKIN? There are sources of high quality protein, folate, manga-
   HOW DO YOU DRESS YOUR TURKEY?                  probably at least two pies on the holiday table. nese and molybdenum, an important trace
Unless you deep fry it, turkey is low calorie,    One of them is likely to be pecan, and it is one mineral that helps the body de-toxify sulfites.
low fat, high protein–a good source of B vita-    of the richest, most decadent desserts you can
mins, zinc, potassium, iron and phosphoros.       find–butter, sugar, corn syrup, eggs, pecans         So, warm up the oven this holiday season
                                                  and a dob of whipped cream on top. But a and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
PAGE 4                 OCTOBER 2010               GOLDEN PLAINS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL

Family Hands
A poem by Debbie Northrup (former GPCH employee)

So many hands with words written and displayed,
So many hands that have entwined and prayed.
Hands that reached out and typed and typed,
Until they reached the Heaven Sent TuDiabetes Site.

These hands represented bodies that have been betrayed,
By a disease that thought he had presented a good masquerade.
He came like a thief who prowls in the darkest of night,
He had no rhyme or reason to those that he struck with this plight.

For there are faces attached to those word written hands,
They belong to children, to women, and to men.
There are smiles on those faces despite those words on the hands,
Those that say, Hope, Loneliness, Fear, Trust, and to please understand.

Those same faces watch those hands rituals everyday,
As they draw blood, give shots, and pray to this disease they have to

Why the words on the hands in bold letters you ask?
It‘s to let the world know we are just like them but with a disagreeable

Read the words that are printed and look at our faces,
We are all from so many different races.
This thief that came to us unaware, that stole our wellness, our esteem
like a Flash with a flair,
At anytime he could stand at your door,
For you...your loved ones and many more.

You ask again ―well what is this thief?‖ ―Why all the words, why all the
We want the world to know the plight, the thief that comes and robs in the   Debbie Northrup presented the TuDiabetes program to the
night.                                                                       September Diabetes Self-Management group at GPCH. She
We stand by each other, with stories to share,                               wrote a poem which is featured in the No-Sugar Added Poetry
We hope that others come here, the ones that will care.                      book published by the Diabetes Hands Foundations.
We strive for awareness for a cure to come soon,
So we can get healthy and pray that your family won‘t be doomed.

                                                                                                      Find the
But whatever our circumstances and whatever your plight,
Just know that there is comfort in the TuDiabetes site.
We don‘t despair and we aren‘t apologetic,
We just want you to know what it‘s like to be DIABETIC.

Last Month’s Winner!
     We‘re pleased to report that a good number of GPCH employees
     found the hammer in last month‘s Hot Off The Press! Those finding
     the hammer were: Kathy Whelchel, Tammy Stone, Cathy Wagner,
Pat Searcy, Alicia Ibarra, Amy Hogan, Kathy Batson, Dana Cook, Jennifer      You all did such a great job at finding the hammer last month, let‘s
Harvey, Kim Riggs, Pam Trout, Nora Salomon, JoAnn Phelps, Marti Tull,        see if you can find the tiny scissors!
Heather Jones and Beth Raper.
                                                                             Call Debra at 1101 when you find it and your name will go in the
                                                                             hat. At the end of October, a drawing will be held to see which
These names went into the hardhat and the winner‘s name is Alicia
                                                                             lucky person wins the $5 gift certificate from Coffee Ranch! Have
Ibarra. Congratulations, Alicia, you win a $5 gift certificate from Coffee
Ranch!                                                                       fun!

                              GPCH: Building On Our Community!

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