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									                                  Hospice Wellington
Fall, 2006

                                              HOSPICE NEWS
True Friends                                                   BARB MCHATTIE
of Hospiceÿ.                                         JUNE CALLWOOD AWARD RECIPIENT 2006
                                                     It was surviving breast cancer that motivated Barbara McHattie to
Families that are assisted by Hospice often say,
                                                     volunteer with Hospice Wellington. Married for 53 years, this great-
þDuring difficult times of life we come to know
                                                     grandmother has always been involved in caring for others - volunteering
who are our þtrue friends.ý Among Hospiceÿs
                                                     with the Distress Line, Teenage Parent Support, and for the past seven
closest and dearest friends are our local funeral
                                                     years with Hospice.
homes. Over the years we have built a
wonderful connection with each of them on a          Experienced with palliative and bereavement support for all ages, she
variety of levels, and we truly appreciate all of    created a room at Hospice for children and is chairperson of the
the ways that they support us.                       Childrenÿs program committee. Barb feels her strong intuitive sense helps
                                                     guide her.
Not a month goes by that we do not receive
many gifts of financial support from memorial        An active fundraiser and advocate, she takes her childrenÿs storyboard to
gifts in lieu of flowers. Each of the Directors at   community events. Compassionate and caring, Barbara says þA sense of
Gilchrist Chapel-McIntyre & Wilkie                   humour keeps me sane!ý
Funeral Home, Gilbert MacIntyre & Son                Written by Rosemary Anderson
Funeral Home & Chapel, Wall Custance
Funeral Home & Chapel, and Graham
Giddy Funeral Homes, regularly ask if the
deceased or family had been assisted by
Hospice volunteers. Upon learning this they
sometimes encourage that Hospice be the
recipient of gifts in memoriam. As well, as they
encounter individuals grieving each day they are
a constant source of referrals.
But their support is even greater than this. Our
Annual Volunteer Appreciation event, Gala,               Barb McHattie, pictured here,
                                                         in front of Hospice, will receive
Lilac Tree, and Angel Tree are all supported by
                                                         her Award at the Hospice
each of the funeral homes. We appreciate all             Association of Ontario
that they do for us. So, if you happen to see any        Annual Conference
of them in the community, or you find yourself           September 16th, 2006
at one of the funeral homes kindly take a
moment to tell them how much you
appreciate how they are ÿtrue
friendsþ of Hospice.

                                                                                                           Board of Directors

  MEET OUR NEW BOARD MEMBERS                                                                        President: Sonia Spekkens
                                                                                                    Past-President: Peter Moore
Hospice is fortunate to have very dedicated volunteers that oversee the work of the                 1st Vice-President: Jim Stevens
organization as a Board of Directors. This Spring we welcomed four new members                      Secretary/Treasurer: Lori Halliday
Barbara Leslie, having worked for years with the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, has
                                                                                                    Howard Clark
extensive experience in management, governance, policy development, proposal writing, and
government relations. She says that she recognizes the tremendous importance of Hospice, and        Ron Dolynchuk
the work of Hospice volunteers.                                                                     Elizabeth Fisk
                                                                                                    Barbara Leslie
 Jim MacKenzie recently retired from Guelph Hydro after nearly 40 years of work. Jim has
                                                                                                    Jim MacKenzie
significant experience with management, organizational change, and community development.
                                                                                                    Shirley Quick
Jim is an active Rotarian, and he and his wife Ann are very supportive of Hospiceÿs work.
                                                                                                    Rita Sharratt
Rita Sharratt has worked many years in palliative settings and is a wonderful addition to           Andre Spekkens
Hospiceÿs Board. She believes deeply in Hospiceÿs mission and hopes to assist with our
                                                                                                    Elizabeth Stinson
residential and programming initiatives.
                                                                                                    Tet Tacoma
Bringing with him over 25 years of experience as a senior executive in the health care field,
Andrÿ Spekkens is well positioned to assist with our residential initiative. Andrÿ highly values
the dignity and respect which are so key to Hospice work, and he welcomes the opportunity to contribute to Hospice.

    Executive Directorýs Message, Brent Charette
 Hospice Wellington is at an unprecedented stage in the organizationÿs history. We have settled into our new space at
 Kortright and Scottsdale, and plans are actively underway to renovate the building for our much needed 10 hospice beds.
 Almost daily individuals and groups are given tours by staff or our front office volunteers. All comment on how good
 the space feels, how bright it is, and how exciting the renovation plans are. There really is an energy that one can feel
 about both the building today, and what it will become.
                                                    Plans are actively underway for both reconstruction and the campaign
     THANK YOU!!                                    that will be required to support the reconstruction. As we have
                                                    approached people to get their help on these tasks we have been
   On any given week, Hospice hosts dozens          routinely met with energy and a willingness to help. Hospiceÿs future,
   of groups, meetings, luncheons and one-          just like Hospiceÿs past, will be carried by our volunteers.
   on-one visits.                                   Although much of the talk today is about the residence, Hospice
   Naturally, what better to facilitate             continues to expand the services that we have come to be respected
   discussion and comfort than good food            forüpalliative, caregiver, and bereavement services in group and one-
   and drink. That is why we are ever so            on-one settings. Thankfully, as the demand for our services expands
   grateful to DANBY PRODUCTS for                   our volunteer team continues to say þyesý when we call them with yet
   their donation of a large, brand new             another community need. Saying þyesý is made easier when Hospiceÿs
   fridge for Hospiceÿs kitchen!                    staff keep volunteers supported and informed. I hope you take the
                                                    time to read the enclosed articles and notes û this newsletter is one
                                                    small way that the staff attempt to keep you informed and involved.

                                DEAR HOSPICE VOLUNTEERS AND SUPPORTERS
                                                 We Need Your Email Address!!
                                           Please email to annf@hospicewellington.org

                             MEET OUR NEW STAFF MEMBERS
Anne Cheesemanÿ
Anne Cheeseman is moving up the highway, from Hamilton to Mount Forest, where she is taking on the job of Hospice
Program Coordinator for North Wellington. Anne is a graduate of McMaster University with an honours degree in religious
studies with a minor in womenÿs studies. When her grandmother died two years ago, Anne received her þcallý to palliative
care, took the palliative volunteer training course with the VON, and has been a palliative volunteer, visiting one-to-one with
clients, ever since. In 2005 her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so Anne quit her job to stay and give her mother
the care she needed, giving her þan insider experience of palliative and hospice care,ý said Anne. þRe-starting my life without
my mother is bittersweet. She was the central figure in my lifeý.
Anne has a lot to offer the community û besides her passion for Hospice, which she feels is her lifeÿs work, she sings, plays
the guitar and small percussion instruments, directs musical theatre with children and teens, choreographs and dances,
including liturgical dance, and has just finished directing a play for the Canada Wide Youth Conference.
Ready to start work, Anne saidý I feel deeply about working in Hospice and am thrilled to be given this position.ý

Ann Friendshipÿ
Volunteers coming and going from the Hospice office have probably already met Ann Friendship. She is our new
administration coordinator and general þgo toý person. After graduating from GCVI, Ann went to work on Parliament
Hill as administrative assistant to Members of Parliament from Guelph and Toronto. Ann has a Diploma in Travel and
Tourism from Mohawk College. She and her husband Bruce live on a dairy farm outside of Guelph with their two
þI was at the stage in my life where I wanted to find a job with meaning, something where I could contribute,ý she said.
After the death of her Mother in 1993, Ann took the Hospice volunteer training course, and had always been interested in
the work.
Ann is an avid reader, enjoys gardening and puts her kids on top of the list, but sheÿs still active as a volunteer in Guelph,
where she runs the daily hot meal program for the Change Now Youth Shelter Program. Written by Rosemary Anderson
Hospice Staff Members Include: Brent Charette, Executive Director, Patricia Darley, Director of Care,
Jean Boothby, Volunteer & Event Coordinator, Ann Friendship, Administrative Coordinator, Anne Cheeseman,
Program Coordinator, North Wellington

      Three Rotary Clubs Support Hospice in 2006 (big time!)...
   Hospice Wellington has had a long and proud connection to local Rotarians. At each stage of Hospiceÿs growth,
   Rotary has been there. In fact, one could easily say that, without Rotary, Hospice would still be in a tiny office in
   the General, with no staff.
   Three local clubs have generously supported Hospiceÿs plans for a new facility. The Rotary Club of Guelph-
   Trillium sold tickets for a draw in January and proceeds of over $12,000 were given to Hospice. The Rotary Club
   of Guelph (known to most as the Friday Club), has indicated that proceeds from the next few yearsÿ Dream Home
   will go towards Hospice ($25,000 per year for three years). The Rotary Club of Guelph Wellington Foundation
   recently gave Hospice $50,000 from a gift they received from Ruth and George Tatham. Hospice is deeply
   grateful for these generous gifts, and for the friendship of all Rotarians.

                                                                                       THANK YOU!!

                                                                        Bereavement Support Groups
                On-Going Events                                       Childrenþs Grief Groups (ages 6-12)ý
         Arts & CraftsüSessions run regularly                  Anticipatory: Wednesdays, October 11-November 15,
 Brain Tumor Support GroupüThird Monday of each                                         4:30-6:00 pm
                      month                                  Grief: Thursdays, October 23ýNovember 26, 4:30-6:00pm
     Caregiver Support GroupüGroups as needed                       Mixed Adult Grief Support Group Fall Session
      Looking Good (an afternoon of pampering)
                                                                  Thursdays, September 21þNovember 9, 7:00-9:00pm
                                                              Menÿs Grief Group To Begin the week of October 10, 2006
                Two Fridays each month
                                                              Bereaved Parents, Suicide Survivors, Caregivers, and Youth
          MassageüBy appointment, Guelph
                                                              Grief Support Groups are scheduled on an as needed basis.
   Monthly LuncheonsüThird Wednesday 12 Noon,                               Please call if you have a need!
   ReikiüMonday mornings by appointment, Guelph                                 Volunteer Retreat
    Relaxation & Support (includes Tai Chi,                        Saturday, October 7, 2006 More Details TBA
    Visualization, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki)
           Mondays, 9:30üNoon, Fergus
        Wednesdays, 1:00ü3:00pm, Guelph                             Volunteer Support Group Meetings
  October 7-14, 2006: Hospice Awareness Week!!               September 25, 2006, Fergus, þSetting Boundaries for Hospice
                                                                                 Client Volunteersý

            HOSPICE MEMBERSHIPS                             October 23, 2006, þThe Grief ExperienceüWorking Through
                                                                                  Grief Groupsý
            A Membership to Hospice
                                                                         November 27, 2006, þChristmas Partyý
            Wellington is $15 for an
            individual and $25 for a family.
                                                              For More Information on Content of Meetings, Educational Component
                                                                      and Times, please call the Hospice Wellington Office

                                    Whatþs New in North Wellington?
Dear Friends of Hospice,
I am thrilled to be writing to you as the newly hired Hospice Program Coordinator for Wellington North. Hospice has begun
a new partnership with the Mount Forest VON, and we are all very excited about the added supports we will be able to offer
clients, caregivers, families and the community. Please see our website for information about current and upcoming programs.
Calling All Past and Present Volunteers!
Hospice is only able to function because of its volunteers. If you are a past or present volunteer, I need your help! I am eager
to hear your stories and opinions of Hospice. I invite you to a þMeet and Greetý and time of discussion and brainstorming,
where you can voice your opinions and share your invaluable experience and expertise. This event will take place Wednesday
September 13, from 7-9 p.m at the Mount Forest VON. Letÿs work together to shape this program and tailor services to the
particular needs of this community.
If you are interested in becoming a hospice volunteer or have any questions about client services, please call me at the Hospice
office at 519-323-4210.
Anne Cheeseman, Hospice Program Coordinator, Wellington North
We all have things that we are really good at or that we just really enjoyüeach one of us is unique. Do you have any
talents that you would be willing to share with others that we could work on weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly? If you
do please call Jean Boothby, Volunteer & Event Coordinator at the Hospice Office.
Angel Tree û either to help out on the committee or to help sell the angels at one of the locations
Gala û committee members needed
                                                                          SPECIAL IMMEDIATE NEED
Back-Up for films ü Volunteer needed to back-up our films in
the library                                                            Team Captains, to communicate by
Volunteers, volunteers, volunteersýfor just about                      phone with a small group of volunteers,
     everything! Ask your neighbours, friends,
     acquaintances.                                                    to track hours and provide them with
We would also appreciate some feedback from you as we have had         updates on Hospice activities.
a few suggestions to run some programs for the Fall/Winter but
do not want to get things in place unless there is some interest.
Listed below you will see the suggestions that have been made. Please call Jean for more information or to indicate your
ÿ         Walking Group, Scrapbooking, Journaling
ÿ         Memory Gardens û well qualified volunteer willing to help you create a memory garden through the
          planning stage in the winter and then into the actual putting it together
ÿ         Looking Good ü Start date Friday 22nd September û 1-3pm. Please sign up with Judy Wills.
FYI: New volunteers will now have to agree to a Drivers Abstract before being taken on as a volunteer. Occasionally
volunteers are asked to drive clients. As we work with a vulnerable population it is our duty to ensure their safety as well
as to protect our volunteers. The results from these searches will be assessed on an individual basis.
Also, when a new volunteer requests a Police Check, Hospice has a Memorandum of Understanding that they will also
run a criminal reference check for a sexual offence for which a pardon has been granted or issued. This will be done with
the consent of the individual but is a mandatory part of the prospective volunteerÿs file.
     Guelph Artist, Vicki Martin, has donated one of                     The Hospice Volunteer Appreciation Evening was
        her original paintings to Hospice Wellington. The                held on June 19, 2006 at the New Hospice location
                                                                         and was a huge success!
      painting, entitled ÿThe Divine Feminineý, is one of a
     series which Vicki completed with Hospice in mind. A                Over 50 of our volunteers and supporters attended
                                                                         the event. The food, entertainment and company
    gifted and very spiritual artist, Vicki considers her talent         were awesome!
       to be a gift from God, as she only discovered painting            Many thanks to all those individuals and
    after she had lost her sight. Hospice is honoured to have            companies who supported this event and helped us
       been the recipient of such a powerful and meaningful              show our appreciation to our valued volunteers.
                                gift.                                    SPECIAL THANKS to Joyce Frank, who
                                                                         managed and coordinated the entire evening.
    OUR WISH LIST!!             Hospice is always looking for            Joyceýyouþre the best!!ÿ
    items that will help our office become even more
    efficient. Can you or your company help us with this
                                                                               Is Your Company Looking For A
    list? (Gifts are 100% tax receipted) Some of the Items
    are: Digital Camera, Television and DVD Player, Office                          Sponsorship Opportunity
    Chairs, Hairdresserýs Chair for Hair Washing
                                                                       Weÿre Hoping To Find a Company Who May Wish to
                                                                        Sponsor Our Newsletter. Please call if interested.


  Thoughts On Confidentiality
Did you know that any information by which                           Emphasis on Communication
 someone could be identified, not just their
     name, is considered confidential?                                 From the Director of Care
      Confidentiality: Itþs Hospice                        Havenþt been called in ages? Going away for the
       policyû.and itþs the law.                          summer? Your client has moved or passed away?
                                                        Having some personal difficulties? Why not pick up the
                                                        phone and let me know? The information you provide
                                                         helps me respond appropriately to your needs and to
                                                            those of your clients. Thanks for all your help!

                                          Educational Opportunities
Therapeutic Touch
An invitation to all Hospice volunteers to gain a new skill and provide greater comfort to your clients. Mimi Craig will be
teaching Levels I and II here at Hospice this fall through Upper Grand Continuing Education. Level I will be presented
on September 22 and 23, and Level II will follow on November 18. I encourage all those who have been thinking about
it to come out and see what itÿs all about. Mimi will also teach Level I privately over 4 Thursdays: October 19th and 26th
and November 2nd and 9th for a total of 12 hours.
Grief Group Facilitation
As you know, 1:1 Grief Support is not the only way to assist people through their grief. Group work offers a different
kind of support, which moves people a little further along in the process of coming to terms with their loss. Hospice is
looking for anyone interested in interning as a Grief Group Facilitator. We will be offering an
Introduction to this work at the October Volunteer Support Meeting. Plan to attend!
Volunteer Training Program starts September 9th, 2006. For information call the Hospice Office

                                                               Hospital Parking
       PHOTO ID                St. JosephÿsüObtain a parking ticket from the machine as you enter the parking lot
                               and take it with you into the hospital. On leaving, hand it into the front desk for
  All Hospice volunteers       validation, and the gate will rise when you insert it into the machine as you exit the
  working with the pub-        parking lot. You must present your Hospice ID badge at the desk in order for the
  lic must display a Hos-      ticket to be validated. After hours, contact the security personnel who will validate
  pice photo ID badge.         your ticket for you.
  Anyone who was not
  issued one or whose          Guelph General Hospitalü A parking pass is available at the information desk on
  badge needs replacing,       the ground floor at the entrance fro the parking lot. Present your Hospice ID on
  please contact the of-       arrival and return the pass after exiting the parking lot. At night, this system presents
  fice for instructions on     some difficulties, as the only entrance into the hospital is via the Emergency
  how to obtain one.           Department on Delhi Street. The best place to park is in the lot to the right of the
                               hospital on Delhi Street and then you do not have to walk around the hospital in the
                                     HIKE FOR HOSPICE
    May 1st û May 7th is National Hospice Palliative Care Recognition Week and in over 90 communities across
    Ontario hikes were held to raise much needed financial support and to build awareness of the challenges that exist
    for palliative care. On May 7th Hospice Wellington held their first annual Hike for Hospice. It was a short one,
    only 2.5km but most enjoyable around a park, and the weather could not have been more perfect. Even in the
    pond, the geese with their goslings preened themselves as the
    walkers went by. Around 50 û 70 individuals hiked and raised
    sponsorship monies. Two hikes were held, one at 9am with the
    mayor bringing her glad tidings for the event, led off by a bagpiper.
    The second, held for those who could not make the morning, saw
    fewer walkers but no less convivial.
    In all, it was a glorious day and approximately $6,000 was
    raised but not without the support of Bayshore Home Health
    who partnered with us in the planning and implementation .
    Thank you Bayshore!
    Letÿs beef it up next yearühow about teams? Any ideas or
    suggestions please call Jean.

                   LILAC TREE
On May 28th Hospice Wellington held its Lilac Tree of Remembrance
dedication ceremony at the University of Guelphÿs Arboretum and
the Wellington County Museum in Fergus. Each year a new lilac is
planted and dedicated to the loved ones that people have lost in the
past year. It is also a place where one can sit and be peaceful,
especially if there is no special place for them to go in Canada, for

Tony Mann traveled from England for the ceremony. Tony lost his wife last year and his cousins put an angel on the
Hospice Wellington Christmas tree in her memory. Money raised from the angels supports Hospice Wellingtonÿs
services. The sun shone down and it was a most peaceful time.

                                         THAT 70ýS GALA
   On Friday 21st April, 2006 Hospice Wellington held itÿs 14th annual gala fundraiser. The evening itself was a huge
   success with over 150 people in attendance. There was a silent auction, balloon prizes to be won and a live auction
   which spiced up the evening with all the bidding. Over $60,000 was raised in all.
   The venue, Guelph Place, was decorated to perfection with exotic flower arrangements placed throughout the room
   and as centre pieces for all the tables. The meal was perfect and the 70ÿs music got the party going full swing.
   There were a lot of people, businesses and corporations to thank for the success of this evening. Without the com-
   munityÿs generosity and support, it could not have happened.
   Also, huge thanks goe out to our own volunteers, the Gala Committee, and volunteers who helped at the event it-
   self. This event takes months of tireless work and dedication, so thank you all for your time and energy.

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  Guelph, Ontario N1G 3R8
  Tel: 519-836-3921
  Fax: 519-836-2154
  Email: help@hospicewellington.org
  Website: www.hospicewellington.org
  392 Main Street North, Box 177
  Mount Forest, Ontario N0G 2L2
  Tel: 519-323-4210
  Fax: 519-323-3851
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                                                                 Gentle Presence
  Bereavement Support (Adults & Children)
  Volunteer Services                                               Respite Care
  Day Programs
  Training & Workshops                                              Jane Caron
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  Public Education                                               Tel: 519-846-8702
  All Hospice Services are provided free of charge.
  Hospice Wellington is a volunteer organization that provides
                                                                 Fax: 519-846-8721
  coping and quality of life services for people facing life-
  threatening illness, extending through bereavement.


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