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     Ford Focus ST 225 Staged Upgrades
     Motor Cade Motorsport and C21 Engineering in collaboration have brought the best hardware and Software solution available
     for the blue oval’s flagship hot hatch Focus ST225. It has been developed over the last few months and the ultimate bolt-on/
     bolt-off kit was born. This takes the already powerful standard 166kW to a tar ripping 220kW with over a 100NM extra on tap.

       The complete upgrade consists of Cold Air Induction (CAI), Ram Intake Pipe (RIP), DeCat pipe and Intercooler with complete boost pipe
     upgrade all designed, developed and manufactured locally by Motor Cade Motorsport. All this is coupled with Dreamscience custom
     tuned mapping done by C21 Engineering to optimize and take full advantage the modifications.

       It’s a direct bolt-on, diy installation kit, with ready made brackets and hardware included, no modification to original parts needed,
     you can fit original parts back at anytime required. The software consisting of three maps for different conditions are provided on a
     Dreamscience DSF3000 Handheld allowing easy changing of maps or returning the vehicle to stock. This kit has been developed to get
     the best possible power with smooth delivery, reliably and with little maintenance needed.

        C21 Engineering has provided mapping to suite the application in which the car will be used and to accommodate different preferences.
     It’s sold on a Hand Held Unit, which have 3 pre-loaded maps. The three standard maps provided are Street Racer, Highway and Hybrid-
     Economy summarized below but other custom maps for different applications are available such as Track Day or Quarter Mile.

       • Street Racer - This map is designed for optimal performance from robot to robot or short quick runs (800m) it incorporates launch
     control and quick shifting in first and second for quick gain, the bulk of the power sits in 3rd to 5th Gear. This map incorporated with the
     full Stage 3 modifications will win Race after Race.

      • Highway - This map is designed for optimal performance for top end or long runs basically Highway conditions it incorporates launch
     control, long shifting and good efficiency to hold power at the top, the bulk of the power sits in 4th to 6th Gear. This map incorporated
     with the full Stage 3 modifications will take your car off the clock with ease.

       • Hybrid Economy - This is a very smooth well refined map that is highly tuned for economy but with intelligent mapping which changes
     over RPM and gearing to adapt for best economy under heavy traffic or long distance travelling but with enough overtaking power to
     make quick passes when needed. This map will yield very good economy even with the full Stage 3 upgrade so you can save money with
     the current fuel hikes.

66                Issue 012
  The Motor Cade Cold Air Intake replaces the very restrictive standard air box with a tuned
intake system to optimise the airflow, this cold air intake can provide much greater volume
air to the system, than the engine could ever use with the standard turbo charger fitted. The
kit delivers the genuine turbo sound and you can hear the dumping quite clearly, all the
pipes are made of Aluminium and heat coated, Gunmetal Coloured, to prevent heat soaking
in traffic use. It’s made of a two pipe design for ease of installation. Also due to the the body
and engine movements flexibility has been provided by several layered and braided silicone
couplings and clamped with heavy duty clamps. There is a significant power gain and the
CAI feeds the engine with Cooler air from behind the spot light area. The ECU gets relocated
behind the headlight, where the operational temperatures are even lower than the original
position inside the air box.

  The Ram Intake Pipe replaces the thin air feed pipe from the air box or CAI to the turbo,
its optimised length and thickness provide the smoothest airflow possible to the turbo,
making sure of quicker throttle response and supplying enough air to the turbo to get
boost earlier and last longer in the rev range. It’s manufactured to the same specs as the CAI.
Also incorporated is a venturi at the turbo inlet, to make sure you get the biggest volume of
air to your turbo at the exact time it needs it.

 The Motor Cade Decat Pipe is made of 304 grade Stainless Steel and tig welded to
perfection. The main purpose of the decat is not only due to the fact that you gain a small
amount of power, but that you get rid of all excess heat as soon as possible, preventing heat
soak even more. A Mini Cat is also installed to prevent the O2 sensors to show up any fault

  During development stages the intercooler was compared against all available intercoolers
on the market and they combined all the positive features of them all plus added a few
intuitive changes of there own. These include the way it gets mounted to the size and to
produce the best intercooler available. The size was thoroughly tested to get optimum
efficiency possible by using a high-flow core to prevent reduced airspeed caused by friction.
The pressure drop over the intercooler is negligible, unlike the tiny standard intercooler that
offers a large restriction or the opposition with using oversized intercoolers that cause turbo
lag. Its vacuum brazed and is of a bar and plate design, that are highly polished, making for
a very strong yet very efficient intercooler.

  The Motor Cade Boost pipe kit replaces the standard rubber and plastic pipes, they are
prone to leak and to blow up like a balloon under pressure, they are replaced with upgraded
Aluminium pipes that are Mandrel bent, Tig welded and connected via several layered
silicone connecters and couplers that get clamped with Stainless Steel T-bolt clamps, to
make sure you don’t have any boost leaks. The resonator is also removed on the pipe leading
to the throttle body to further more eliminate turbulence in the pipes.

 All these modifications are available separately or in staged upgrades to suit your pocket.
Motor Cade is constantly adding more modifications and finding the need of other parts to
be upgraded as well, soon they will also offer brake upgrades and various other upgrades, to
convert your standard Focus ST225 to the ultimate Focus ST300+. Turbo upgrades will also
be available in the near future.

 This is not all, they currently developing similar kits to this for all the popular turbo models,
which includes: Golf 4 GTI / Audi A3 1.8T & Golf 5 GTI/FSI / Audi A3 2.0T & Polo GTI & Opel
Astra OPC & various other models.

 Currently they have performance tested and developed induction kits for more than 100
models, gains ranging from about 3/4kW for a small 1.3 Bantam/Fiesta to 20/30kW or even
more on certain turbo models such as the Mazda MPS.

 The full range can be viewed online or at our retail shop at

 Standard car with octane booster 184kW 371Nm
 CAI & RIP & Dreamscience, 197kW 456Nm
 CAI & RIP & Intercooler Kit & Dreamscience 220kW 483Nm (limited)

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