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     hillsboro neighbors

A    photography class from a
     local high school, Century
High, developed “Hello,
Hillsboro Neighbors” - a project
focused on getting to know our
community and those of us who
live here. “Hello, Hillsboro
Neighbors” takes you on a trip
through downtown Hillsboro to
meet some of its businessmen
and women, locals and to
get a glimpse of the culture
that shapes the citizens of this
city. To learn more about this
project or to find out where
the poster-sized photos and
captions are on display, please
contact the Century High School
photography instructor, Keith
Allen at (503) 848-1860.

                                                       HILLSBORO ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP

                                                       We offer the business resources, information and
                                                       assistance you need to develop your business.
 Monthly Exhibitions
                                                       Contact us today at (503) 726-2151 for business

                                                       development and support services:

                                                                                                          * Basics of starting or growing a business
                                                                                                          * Business license and permit requirements
                  Drawing, Painting, Pottery & More                                                       * Resource center for demographics, workforce
                                                                                                            and business indicators

 Tickets on sale now
                                                                                                          * Monthly and quarterly business education

                                                                                                          * Free, con dential business counseling
                                                                                                          * Financing and loan opportunities; commercial

                                                                                                            real estate solutions

                                                                                                          * Open doors for networking and additional
                                                                                                            bene ts with Chamber Membership
                  Weddings, Meetings, Special Events

 527 East Main Street Hillsboro, OR 97123
 Tickets & Information: (503) 615-3485                                                                                  The Hillsboro Economic Development Partnership (HEDP) is
                                                                                                                        a strategic, collaborative e ort of the Greater Hillsboro Area
 On the web at             Hillsboro Economic Development Partnership
                                                       Greater Hillsboro Area Chamber of Commerce / City of Hillsboro   Chamber of Commerce and the City of Hillsboro.

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                                                                                  ultural Mark
                                                                             ultic            et             SWAP MEET
          SOURCE OF TUALATIN RIVER                                       M
          FOUND IN HILLSBORO FAMILY                                                                               Come to
                                                                                                                SHOP or SELL!

               LAUNDRY ROOM!                                            Over 50 Small, Local Vendors
                                                                                                                NEW or USED!

                                                                                                        FLEA        MARKET
                                                                        Open Year Round

                                                                                                              AL M
                                                                        Sat-Sun 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                       FUT              &M
                                                                        Admission and Parking are always free!
                                                                                                   &M            AL M
                                                                                  346 SW Walnut M HillsboroTS 503-846-0691
                                                                                               L St., FU
                                                                                      FU TSA M&M
                                                                               M&M                                 AL
                                                                                               AL M “Indoor Soccer Brazilian Style!”
                                                                             L               S              UTS              M
                                                                     FU TSA        &M   FUT
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                                                                             AL M             TSA           FUT                M
                                                                       FU TS             FU             &M             A L M&
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                                                                        FUT , it pretty and has the AL M on it. I also am sending M old ad
                                                                                    M&M                            UTS
            Washington our web site, SAL                                TSbasics        F               & an
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                                                                                    AL M          UTS                FU              &M
            Tualatin River. For bottle really
re of the cooler and watermore tips, visit tell the story. Play around with               see          come up
                                                                               UT346 SWM&M FSt., Hillsboro &M                 AL M
                                                                             F                            L M 503-840-9941
 again and keep me in the loop.
                                                                                     AL Walnut FUTSA | &M FUT                     L M&
                                                Keeping it clean.
                                                                               F UTS          &M           LM
                                                                                     S AL M          U TSA            M FUT
                                                                                           LM  &M F       SA L M&
               Serving the Greater Portland/Metro/WillametteTValley Area          FU TSA         &M  FU
                                                                                         S AL M or Office
                                 Locally Owned | Free Delivery to Home


              Home and Office delivery | Office Coffee Service | Private labeling
                        1840 B Street | Forest Gove, OR 97116 | 503-359-5497 | 800-724-8296

                                                                                                                  hillsboro     15

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