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         ISSUE TWO | April 2009
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                  ISSUE ONE | February 2009


                        What barcode stupid?

                                                                                    CAR SPOT LIGHT:

                                                     Killer Virus
                                                      EURO STYLED V6 DUB
                                               SAMIR’S Vr6 GOLF 3 IS A FINE EXAMPLE OF VW’S Mk3 BEAST



                          LETTER      ITS THE WORLD WIDE WONDER
                                    Like a magician conjures a dove from his hat, so have we
                                    turned nothing into something in the space of just two
                                    months. The first R2K newsletter enjoyed 3500+
                                    downloads over its first weekend marketed solely via email
                                    and Facebook. That's a power number for a power title
                                    obsessed with power and the mongers who crave it. And
                                    as you can see, the second digital edition you're holding in
                                    the palm of your virtual hand continues the trend with an
                                    exquisite dub up front followed with some club and event
The thoughts, words,
opinions and so forth
belongs strictly to the             And then we have a man in tights - to be fair they're worn
contributor who said it,            by Zaki Hendricks, proprietor of Wheel Worx and general
in their           personal
                                    petrolhead who just recently made the trek to two wheels
capacity. R2K is not
responsible for treading
                                    and the new rush of adrenaline afforded by it. Read on
on toes, bruising egos or           still and you'll discover some valuable insight into music
just general silliness. I           by the inimitable GOODHOPE FM disc jockey, Tyrone
hope that between the               Paulsen. He'll guide you into getting the best banging
riff and raff you find
                                    tracks into your music player this month. What the hell
something             worth
remembering                         are you waiting for, get cracking.

                                                        THE R2K TEAM

                              Chris (Publisher)           Tyrone Paulsen (Contributor)              Keith (Photographer)

                              Nigel (Publisher)           Charlie (Contributor)                     ...more to come

                              Ed (Editor)                 Lee (Contributor)

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                                          R2K NEWSLETTER         JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING


 The Vr6 is the only Mk3 Golf worth having. Samir
 does - and subsequently wired it for sound to create a

                truly desirable piece of kit. Drool over
                the resultant sex on wheels on page 07 -
                we think you’ll agree when we say that
                desirability wears a VW badge.

                                               THRILL SEEKER
                                            Wheel Worx owner and general nutcase in all matters
                                            of performance, Zaki Hendricks has donned his tights

                                                           and riding shoes to bring us this
                                                           feature on page 17. If you ever find
                                                           yourself bored despite having three
                                                           iconic cars in your garage, Zaki might
                                                           have the answer for you.


 13                                                       23
              Charlie Shares                                                     Tyrone Paulsen’s 411
              ZEITGEIST!                                                         TUNES TO DRIVE BY

 15                                                       27
              Lee Reports                                                        Club Review
              JHB RACE SCENE                                                     PHENOMENAL BUGZ

                                           Page 05 | Issue Two

  If you’re gonna catch a bug
       make sure it’s this one
     Just like you and I, Samir subscribes to the
     world of tuning, but whilst some of us take
             up the quest for under-bonnet gains,
      Samir's attention is habitually diverted to   Forget the original car’s V6 bellow, all you’ll
                       within the cabin and boot.
                                                             here is DOOF, DOOF, DOOF!

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SHOWCASE                                 R2K NEWSLETTER                                  R2K NEWSLETTER        JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING

 Forget camshafts and air filters, Samir's
 ambition lies within the realm of audio,
 which means sub woofers, splits, mids and
 mono blocks form part of his vocabulary
 and indeed his dreams. Plus it's his trade
 so the boy has to know what he's doing.
 Let's measure up and see for ourselves.

                                                               Bold in blue - Samir’s Virus is a contagious one in the best
                                                                  possible way - especially if music is your medicine

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SHOWCASE                                  R2K NEWSLETTER                               R2K NEWSLETTER        JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING

                                                                The art of sound, similar to the art of war, is brutal,
                                                                            simple, and swiftly executed.

                                                                                                  Driver: Samir Moosa from Radio Autosonic – Culemborg
                                                                                                  Car: 1996 Golf VR6
                                                                                                  Reason for this car: Always wanted a virus…
                                                                                                  Interior: Colour coded door panels, Leather seats, Isotta
                                                                                                  steering wheel, Pedals, Gear knob.

 For someone who doesn't crave spicy                                                              Exterior: 18’ SSW wheels, Golf 5 headlights, Lexus style
                                                                                                  tail lights, Eibach springs, Euro style flushed bumpers, M3
 performance, he's sure picked a curious                                                          Mirrors
 base to start from in the form of a                                                              Performance: Powerflow 58mm stainless steel Exhaust
 petrolhead dream - VW's finest Mark 3                                                            Sound: Calibra 4 Channel + Calibra monoblock + 12’
 Dub, the 2.8 VR6 Golf. On second                                                                 Calbra sub + Splits. It’s built for sound quality as sound is
                                                                                                  my hobby. Even home set up is for pure SQ - Hey, I’ve
 thought it makes perfect sense - with                                                            been 14 years in the custom sound trade. I started with a
                                                                                                  61 Beetle then moved on to a 91 Citi and then the 96
 factory performance of this calibre Samir is                                                     VR6. My next is definitely a convertible but I’m not sure
 able to pursue his darkest desires without                                                       what yet.

 distraction or deviation.                                                                        Hobby’s: Quality sound, Collecting Model cars =
                                                                                                  30+already. I also love custom car shows!

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EVENT                               R2K NEWSLETTER                                                                                       R2K NEWSLETTER        JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING

                  And                                                                               seconds can disrupt the flow of the             Ness that is the bond. I also need to ask

                 Half Minuteswith
                                                                                                    economy and the rejections of Visa's to         myself if a second car is necessary – only
                                                                                                    legendary figures of our time remain the        one at time can be driven after all. So

                                                                                                    talk of last month. Now I ask myself            that thought has got to go. Once all this
                                                                                                    “what can I control?” Although tempted          is in place, I need to exercise my
                                                                                                    like many pre-1994 South Africans to            influence, and tell my friends about this
                                                                                                    head off to Australia, the thought of           plan – so hopefully they will follow suit.
                                                                                                    which makes me a somewhat dizzy, I              And as a nation, if we all get this right,
                                                                                                    know I can make a difference. First of          we are on our way to lowered interest
                                                                                                    all, I need to get my head space right.         rates, a deflationary environment, and
    Can you believe it's April? At times I           there exists not one leader in this land       This is different to resolutions. It is         once again, a booming property market
    think it's just my imagination, but              of ours who is as inspiring as the             about values. Then I need to get my             – no matter who is in power.
    upon confirmation with other fellow              legendary Mr. Obama was…or is. Of the          house in order. Literally. It is said that
    planet wanderers – it is true – “time is         three or four dominant parties in our          charity begins at home. So I will paint,        And, once this said and done, and I feel
    flying”. Resolutions of mental fitness,          land, it is relatively obvious who will rise   cut, chop, clean up. Next on the list are       like my vote did not matter anyway,
    dreams of the ultimate Men's Health's            victorious – once again. It has been           personal finances. The sooner I clean up        Australia here I come. Oh dear.
    body, extra payments into the bond               predicated by many that the notorious          higher interest bearing short-term debt,        Till next time,
    and goals to give up smoking have                singing and dancing, and allegedly             the better. Then I can finish the Loch          Charlie
    come and gone.                                   accused figure will be the next leader of
                                                     the South of Africa. Not the first choice
    In a few day's time the craziness of             of all – but certainly the choice of the
    making our cross against who we believe          majority.
    should be in power of our beautiful
    country, will be here. I have given much         Now if you, like me, am a little
    thought to where I will be making my             concerned about the future – which
    mark, and sadly I am still left confused…        seems to be somewhat out of our
    clouded… quite numb actually. Of                 control, I reckon we should focus on
    course, we cannot equate the hype that           what is in our control, however
    was the elections in the US of A, but I          insignificant that may seem right now.
    cannot help but to do a few
    comparisons.                                     Prices of consumables do not seem to be
                                                     dropping, more increases in fuel prices
    What gets to me this time round, is that         are along the way, taxi violence in

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EVENT                                       R2K NEWSLETTER                                                                                            R2K NEWSLETTER

 Chaos Chronicles Part Two
                                                                                                                                                                            JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING

  The Street                                                                                                                                                                                                          by Lee

                   The last few weeks has seen the Joburg Metro Police Department
                                  (JMPD) out in full force on the underground scene.
Usually I'd be really really annoyed because            were pushing and cursing at him. I couldn't         culture a bad name. A Golf Mk1 stopped in          every week hoping Metro has better things to
that's my and the significant other's favourite         even get through. The road was blocked off up       front of my friends and I once and the             do, but mostly out of curiosity to see what
pastime twice a week. Although I miss being             ahead and even an 18-wheeler truck found            occupants snorted a line of coke. First the        will happen next.
out on the line since my car has gotten some            himself stuck in the madness. For the very          passenger and then the driver. They drove on
TLC, I am kind of pleased the law officials             first time in my life I had to say out loud that    and continued to “perform” close to the
are doing their job.                                    I despised the underground. I couldn't move,        crowds. Ever since then, the JMPD have
                                                        nor could I get out of the car. People parked       given very little scope for any street runs or
As I explained in the first issue, there are            their cars on either side, leaving scratches all    spins.
different spots for either straight line or             along my baby as they forced themselves
quarter mile racing… and then there are spots           through the tiny spaces. I had to wait like a       I'm not one to “skurrel” for cops, but if I
for spinning. We tend to avoid this one                 sitting duck. It felt like being in the middle of   didn't drive off when I did two weeks ago at
spinning spot in particular as it gets a bit out        a riot during the apartheid era.                    our favourite spot, I probably would have had
of hand. But a few weeks ago, I had promised                                                                a rubber bullet up where it would of hurt
a friend I would come say hello and had to              Don't get me wrong, I love the scene and I'll       most. JMPD showed up from nowhere and
pass through. How I regretted it. The scene             keep going back for more. It's the raucous          started pulling people out of their cars and
was packed like never before with cars parked           attitudes of the crowd. While the 'spinmasters'     shooting away. The law has spoken yes, but
in all directions. There was a police van               can control their cars and not cause any            the streets always call out. And no matter
caught in the heart of the chaos. The sole              incidents, the spectators who do nothing but        what, we just keep going back for more. It's a
officer had nowhere to turn and the crowds              drink and do drugs at this very spot gives the      calling, and our blood answers. I go back

                                            Page 15 | Issue Two                                                                                       Page 16 | Issue Two

                                                                       Driver: Zaki Hendricks (Wheel Worx)
                                                                       Car: 1997 M3 E36 4dr.
                                                                       Mods: chip and decat exhaust.


Thrill Seeker
                                                                       • In track form, I use racing fuel, and
                                                                       255/40/17 bridgestone semi's. Fastest
                                                                       time down the 400m is currently

                                                                       • 800m I hav clocked 209km already.
                                                                       Exterior parts is on a carbon bonert.

An M3, a pair of Civic Type Rs.
                                                                       I hav a stage 3 racing clutch but still hav
                                                                       the std flywheel. No other
                                                                       hardware goodies. No cams as yet.

Oh and a pair of carbon fibre                                          • Power figures are 228kW and 355Nm

road bikes. Zaki Hendricks is
officially spoilt for choice.

              Page 17 | Issue Two   Page 18 | Issue Two
LIFESTYLE                                  R2K NEWSLETTER                                                                         R2K NEWSLETTER        JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING

                                                                                                     Giant TCR SL Advanced Team
                                                                                                     • Full carbon fibre trunk
                                                                                                     • Durace components.
                                                                                                     • Mavic kysirium rims
                                                                                                     • Michelin tyres
                                                                                                     • Extremely light

 If the contents of a man's garage are any             What's the story Zaki? “I try and divide my
 indication of the man himself, then Zaki's            time between club activities and organising
 garage only reaffirms what we've always               as many racing events as I can, whether
 suspected - the man is a bona fide thrill             they're legal or not. But the bottom line
 seeker, his love of adrenalin paling only in          remains - my family comes first.” He
 comparison to his role as resolute family             reaffirms.
 man evidenced by the myriad toys, nappies
 and interspersed between M3 alloys, M3                The answer is simple, purpose defines the
 bonnets, Civic bumpers, 102 octane fuel               intent and the vehicle is just a proxy
 drums and other motoring paraphernalia.               enabling the man to achieve whatsoever he

                                           Page 19 | Issue Two                                                                    Page 20 | Issue Two

                                                            willed – in Zaki's case this evolves from
                                                            quarter mile events to street racing (yes,
                                                            the naughty kind, get over it) to circuit
                                                            fun and then culminating in the ultimate
                                                            road race – a hillclimb known as King of
                                                            the Mountain. And that was fine until
                                                            Zaki ventured onto two wheels and took
                                                            to Chapman's Peak during the 2008
                                                            Argus Cycle Tour, then did it again the
                                                            next year in 2009. The rest of the time he
                                                            can be found running Wheel Worx –
                                                            where he specialises in refurbishing,
                                                            recolouring and restoring alloy wheels and
                                                            generally munching on donuts at the
                                                            leisurely pace that affords a business
 “the bottom line remains                                   owner. If that wasn't a reason to pick up a
                                                            bicycle then I don't know what is?
 - my family comes first!”

                                                                          WORX NA
                                                                          1999 Civic Type R - new spec.
                                                                          HKS coilovers as well. But thats it - it’s
                                                                          basically standard. No exhaust or filter.

                                                                          TYPE R NA
                                                                          1998 B16B. Pushing out 138kw and
                                                                          • HKS coilover kit with camber plates.
                                                                          • Spoon exhaust
                                                                          • Greddy management
                                                                          • HKS whale penis and filter.

                                                                          Best 400m is 14.6sec
                                                                          King of the mountain I came 17th with
                                                                          a time of 2:58sec

                       Page 21 | Issue Two   Page 22 | Issue Two
EVENT    R2K NEWSLETTER                                                                                         R2K NEWSLETTER        JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING

THE                                                                  original but the Crookers Remix of the
                                                                     song. The original even thought its nice
                                                                     and funky lacks the punch and oomph
                                                                     that the DJ Crooker remix has. This
                                                                     version already has soared up the charts
                                                                     in the UK and the rest of Europe and
                                                                     currently is riding high on the local
                                                                     radio and club charts. Besides that,
                                                                     other favorites include Infinity by the

                                                                     Josh Guru Project, Jean Elan's Where's
                                                                     your head at and No Halo's – Put your
                                                                     hands up. But Day n Nite is definitely
                                                                     the one kicking my bum and my
                                                                     recommendation for a party starter.                     On the R&B & Hip Hop side, there
           Hey R2K'ers hope you had an awesome March                                                                         are a lot more to go out and get, songs
           with all the heat and bad Stormer and Protea                                                                      like Ludacris' – One more drink (if you
           perfomances. Hope your rides have been sweet and                                                                  don't mind the profanity), the grammy
           the beats inside them have been rocking. Talking                                                                  award winning Swagga Like Us, by T.I,
           bout 'Rocking' this month I will give you my                                                                      Jay-z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Don't
           suggestions on a few cd's to go get and especially a                                                              forget the popular girl power track by
           few songs to look out for - specially for those of                                                                Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a ring ont
           you who like to download, by whichever means.                                                                     it). But the song currently getting me
                                                                                                                             going is funny enough old Bootylicious
           First off, why do we need music reviews? I don't                                                                  herself, Beyonce with the semi hiphop,
           know cause basically its all about your personal                                                                  crunk/R&B track DIVA.
           choices right, so what am I doing? Well lets just say
           I'm guiding you a little on those beats that could                                                                Diva, which sounds a bit like Lil
           make your sweet or not so sweet ride sound, well                                                                  Wayne's A Milli, is funnily enough

           So if your one of those DOEF DOEF type of
           peeps, the definite hot banging track to get the feet
           tapping is Kid Cudi's Day & Night, now not the
                                                                   Day n Nite is definitely the one kicking my bum and my
                                                                             recommendation for a party starter

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EVENT                                  R2K NEWSLETTER                                                                                   R2K NEWSLETTER         JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING

   Who cares, it sounds lekker has a nice bass line
          and the ladies love it, so its cool!                                                     version of Fall Out Boy's RUN. They gonna
                                                                                                   make you play it over and over again and will
                                                                                                   think you're the sweetest thing ever. Just some
                                                                                                   caution, you might find yourself singing along
                                                                                                   to it as well and might not go well with your
  produced by the same guy, called                                                                 other "guy" friends.
  Bangladesh, no not the country but a
  producer. In an interview with                                                                   Oh before I sign off, get local boy Chad
  MySpace, Knowles was asked if she                                                                Saaimans new CD Chasing Melodies and don't
  agrees that "Diva" is a woman's                                                                  forget the popular Goldfish's latest Perceptions
  equivalent to "A Milli". Knowles replied                                                         of PACHA. Both being great CD's one nice and
  "It is, in a way. It wasn't consciously.                                                         chilled and the other is one of those nice
  "Some reviews have come out saying its                                                           driving housy cd's.
  dull, boring and nothing spectacular, I
  say who cares, it sounds lekker has a                                                            Remember to catch all the hottest tracks
  nice bass line and the ladies love it, so                                                        featured on the Good Hope FM Top 30, every
  its cool. Both Single Ladies (Put a Ring                                                         Saturday 9am -12pm with me.
  on it), Diva and the other nice track                                                            TY OUT!!!!!!
  Halo are all featured on Beyonce's New                 whats the world coming to, cant believe
  album I Am, Sasha Fierce. (Damn                        I'm into Beyonce)

                                                         So what other songs do you look out for
                                                         this month, Eminem's new one Crack a

                                                         Bottle, Soulja Boy's Kiss me Thru the
                                                         Phone (trust me ladies will love this
                                                         one), Lady Gaga's - Poker Face, Flo
                                                         Rida's - Right Round, Madonna's – The
                                                         Beat goes on & She's not me. Another
                                                         ladies favourite is Pink's - Sober and
                                                         Kanye's - Heartless. Guys here's my tip
                                                         of the month, if you want the ladies to
                                                         swoon over how sensitive you are, make
                                                         sure to get your hands on Leona Lewis'

                                                                                                      with TYRONE PAULSEN
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CAR CLUB                                    R2K NEWSLETTER                                                                                                 R2K NEWSLETTER        JUST DOING IT FOR THE LOVE OF TUNING, CHOPPING, MODDING AND PIMPING

Phenomenal BUGZ
                                                                                                              conscious enthusiasts, ranging from drivers being      Our club chairman, or PREZ (as he secretly likes
                                                                                                              in their late teens, to our oldest and most ardent,    himself to be referred to) is Faizel Samsodien. He
                                                                                                              and respected member, almost 80 year old Yusuf         is an ACVW junkie at heart and as his wife would
                                                                                                              Jappie, lovingly known as Papa Joe. At present, we     agree, their home is often the final resting place of
                                                                                                              have more than 45 regular members, with more           many a ACVW wreck, or project, depending on
                                                                                                              joining on every monthly run. We have a                how great both one's vision and pockets would lie.
      Phenomenal Bugz VW Cruizers is an Air-cooled Volkswagen                                                 collection of different ACVW's ranging from a          Suffice to say, the BUG has really gotten hold of
     Club that was formed in 1999. We are a non profit organization                                           1951 Split window Beetle, to three Oval window         him. I have lost count of the amount of ACVW's
     with the sole intent of keeping the Volkswagen legend, as well                                           Beetles from 1955 to 1957. Not to be outdone are
                                                                                                              the Type 2's, widely known as kombis.(only in
                                                                                                                                                                     he owns, but for purposes of how badly this one is
                                                                                                                                                                     afflicted, I shall give it a go.At last count he owns,
                                        as these great vehicles alive.                                        South Africa) These range from a 1958 single cab       if memory serves, in chronological order (LOL) a
                                                                                                              pickup (bakkie kombi), to Shakier Mukkudem's           1958 Single cab pick-up, 1958 Beetle, 1960 Beetle
The club was founded by friends Faizel Samsodien
                                                                                                              rare1960 sub hatch split window camper, (Yes, the      (finally restored), 1967 Variant Fastback, 1974
and Ichraam Daniels over the usual weekend
                                                                                                              more ACVW speak, the better) to my 1973 bay            Beetle, 1976 Beetle… sorry if I missed any Prez.
tinkering sessions we are all so accustomed to.
                                                                                                              window panel-van.
After chatting about the formation of the club,                                                                                                                      Then we get to myself, Muderick Kamalie, the
they printed a stack of flyers and distributed them                                                           We also have as a member, the very well known          club Public Relations Officer / photographer /
to all and sundry. The inaugural 'Run' yielded                                                                and extremely beautiful, circa 1965 Red and white      acting webmaster / parts finder / organiser
quite an impressive turnout of 48 air-cooled                                                                  Karmann Ghia coupe of Faheem Benjamin. He is           (could not resist). Seriously speaking, I am just
Volkswagens and more importantly more than                                                                    a regular on the Cape car show, and car magazine       your normal, garden variety, Old School VW kop.
100 Volkswagen lovers, both young and old. The                                                                scene, being the reason for many a strained neck       Nothing more, nothing less.
first venue in November 1999 was Koelbaai on the                                                              of on-lookers of both the male and female
False Bay coast, close to Gordon's Bay . This year                                                            persuasion.                                            I attempt to organise as many of our events,
marks the 10th anniversary of our club and that                                                                                                                      ranging from monthly runs, functions, swap
utopic day.                                                                                                                                                          meets, annual weekends away, to our Phenomenal
                                                       aim is to always support as many events, as
                                                       possible, with the sole intent of attracting as many                                                          Bugz clothing, club decals and branding, to
Our primary vision is to encourage owners of all                                                                                                                     sponsorships on both our clothing and website.
types of Air-cooled Volkswagens (ACVW's)               VW lovers back to the fold. Always attending the
                                                       majority of Cape Town car shows, organisers                                                                   Speaking of which, we can be found on the world
whether they are Beetles, Busses, Karmann Ghias,                                                                                                                     wide web at All past
Variants, or Things, to experience the awe-            eventually included classes for our ACVW's, as
                                                       you would always find Phenomenal Bugz' vehicles                                                               and present events can be viewed in our galleries.
inspiring sight of a massive convoy of ACVW's
just like we did on our maiden 'Koelbaai Run'.         represented. This ultimately culminated in us
                                                                                                                                                                     Information with regard to the date, time, venue
The immense camaraderie and family orientated          hosting our own custom car show on 14
                                                                                                                                                                     and meeting points of all official Phenomenal
atmosphere that can be found in this Volkswagen        December 2008, called Hood Ridez. Many people,
                                                                                                                                                                     Bugz could either be furnished from our website,
family, is another reason for all like-minded          including myself, though it a difficult task to
                                                                                                                                                                     or via the Phenomenal Bugz SMS Alerts.
persons to join us and experience it for               arrange a complete show, in under 7 weeks.
                                                        biggest Motorcycle Rallies on the Local &
themselves. Many newbies had found inspiration         Judging by the success, and the huge crowd that                                                               New members' name will only be added, subject
on their first Phenomenal Bugz runs, and
                                                        International Motorcycle and was a
                                                       attended, we can only say that it social calendars.                                                           to approval, after your first Phenomenal Bugz run.
subsequently the catalyst to restore, love,            PHENOMENAL success.
understand and cherish their "vollas". This is          The first three years were not easy sailing as                                                               For any further enquiries please contact us:
                                                       Our monthly 'Runs' are scheduled for the 1st
ultimately what it is all about for any true VW         every area of the event had to be manned by
                                                       Sunday of each month, come sun, rain, wind sleet                                                              Chairperson:
nutter.                                                 Swallows Members and their official
                                                       or snow (ok, only in Ceres). All spouses. Even                                                                Faizel Samsodien on 0848003457
Operating on solid values, Phenomenal Bugz has          some of the closest friends at the time offered
                                                       Phenomenal Bugz events operate on a strictly no                                                               Public Relations Officer:
over the years, gained the respect of the Cape         alcohol, no drugs, road safety basis, which is why
                                                        to assist in order to make this event                                                                        Muderick Kamalie on 0829941643
Town, and South African car club fraternity. Our       we always attract a broad spectrum of safety

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