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					                                                    TEST:   OUR CENTURY IN
                                          (SECOND HALF OF FINAL EXAM:

                    1.-3. Explain why President Eisenhower sent
paratroopers to Little Rock Central
                             High School in 1957.

                    4.-6. Explain what is happening in this picture in
Greensboro, North Carolina. (3pts)
                             Include what the outcome was.

                     7.-8. Where was Martin Luther King when he was
assassinated?   Who shot him?

                      9.-11.   What is happening in this picture?   (3pts)

                    12.-14. Explain the start of World War II.       Who was
the leader of Germany and what
                               was he doing?

                      15.-17.    Explain this picture of the man and woman.
What is it showing?   (3 pts)

                       18.-20.    Explain what the Holocaust was.   Give

                          21.-23. Explain what brought the U.S. into World
War II on Dec. 7, 1941.     Include the
                                    damage. (3 pts)

                        24.-26. What is happening in this picture on June
6, 1944?   Why was it important?

                       27.28.     What did the U.S. do on Aug. 6, 1945?
Why did the U.S. do this?
                        29.-31.   Who are these two people?   What happened
to them?    Why?

                        32.-34.   What were the Jim Crow laws?   Give some

                        35.-36.   What is meant by "Jim Crow in Khaki?"

                        37.-39.   What did Linda Brown and her family do?
Why was it important?

                       40.-42. Explain what happened in Watts (in Los
Angeles, Calif.) in 1965 and what started it.
                                    Include details of the outcome.

                      43.-46. (4 pts) Explain what happened to these
three young men and what they were trying to
                                        do. What was the outcome? Where
did this happen?

                       47.-48. What are these people doing in the long
line?   What had just happened?

                      49.-51. Explain what tense situation is pictured
here and how it was solved. Include who
                                   the U.S. president was at the time.

                        Identify each of these and tell something about
each.   (2pts each)