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                                  Academic Overview

                             Grade 12 Afrikaans                                            Grade 11 Drama Practical

     A busy, productive 2007 culminated with a most amazing         which could be developed. Staff members found these
     set of Matric results being released in December. Robyn        workshops to be both interesting and beneficial. Staff also
     Kime did us proud by being placed in the top 50 pupils in      attended a Health and Safety workshop on fire training,
     the IEB schools. This is a wonderful achievement as she        where they learnt about fire-fighting equipment, safety
     managed to balance her successful sporting career with         and prevention. Some staff members had fun putting out
     her academic achievements. As well as our 100% pass            fires with very powerful fire extinguishers!
     rate, we obtained 109 “A” symbols and 15 “A” aggregates.       In the second term, to coincide with Epworthian Day, an
     This year saw the introduction of a bigger academic            Academic Expo was held in the team teaching room. Work
     committee with the appointment of three new subject            from most of the learning areas in the school was on
     HODs. This allows for more time being devoted to each          display so that the general public could see what is being
     learning area and guidance for teachers. This year the         done in the classroom. This display was prompted by the
     academic committee and all the staff were faced with the       success of the annual Science Expo and we hope to see
     added challenge of preparing our Grade 12s for the first       all the subjects involved next year.
     FET examination. The IEB introduced a new system of            We continue to enter quizzes and Olympiads in order to
     regional moderation and four of our senior staff members       broaden the academic programme and to challenge the
     were appointed as moderators. As in previous years, many       intellect of our pupils. Josslyn Gordon excelled this year
     of our staff have been appointed as sub-examiners to mark      by coming top in KwaZulu-Natal in the World Knowledge
     Matric papers – this is a valuable experience which helps      Olympiad. She has also been top of her grade in this quiz
     us to network with other teachers and implement what           every year since Grade 8. Pratishtha Haridass achieved
     we have learnt in the classroom. We continue to encourage      the honour of being in the top fifteen in the country in
     our staff members to attend as many conferences and            the English Olympiad – an admirable achievement! Kendra
     courses as possible in order to keep up with developments      Joubert also needs a special mention as she was placed
     in the educational field.                                      in the top one hundred in the country in the Consumer
     The focus for Staff Development this year has been on          Studies Olympiad. We also had representation in the
     self-awareness, as it is of benefit both in and outside the    National Enviro Quiz and the Witness Quiz.
     classroom. We had a workshop based on the Myers-Briggs         All the reports in this magazine reflect the remarkable
     Type Indicator which gave insight into people’s                diversity that the pupils are exposed to through an enriched
     personalities. This was followed by an EQ (Emotional           curriculum. This allows for an academic experience that
     Intelligence) workshop where participants completed EQ         is varied and challenging at Epworth.
     Maps which profiled areas of strength, as well as those        Mrs Cynthia Dibben, HOD Academics

             Grade 10 Art                          Grade 9 History Research                       Grade 8 Science Expo

                                                             High School
                             Accounting and EMS
The Grade 8 EMS course is designed to                                                  are covered. The pupils did a simula-
introduce the pupils to the basics of                                                  tion on a set of books of an informal
business and the economy. It is a very                                                 trader, which was informative; and a
useful course which includes the deve-                                                 research project on ethics and internal
lopment of economic activities, from                                                   control. Their research was well done
bartering through time to the deve-                                                    and the pupils were able to show their
lopment of modern economic systems.                                                    understanding of the section.
 The pupils learn about the history of            Grade 12 Accounting class            The Grade 11 curriculum is more
money, the factors of production, the                                                  difficult and lengthy. A project was set
forms of business ownership and                                                        that involved the pupils having to
entrepreneurship. The highlight of the                                                 research how to calculate a person’s
year is their Market Day for which they                                                personal income tax. This proved to be
identify business ideas, do market re-                                                 realistic, challenging and interesting.
search and develop their own business                                                  In Grade 12 the pressure was on right
plan. It was a very successful event this                                              from the beginning of the year! They
year with a variety of products for sale.                     Grade 8 Market Day       are the first Grade 12 pupils to comp-
Many pupils made an excellent profit                                                   lete the new curriculum and it is the
while others discovered that running        Much of the Business Studies syllabus      first time the pupils have written two
your own business was a lot more            is covered in Grade 8 so there has been    papers in their final examination.
complex than expected. The main             a strong Accounting bias in Grade 9 this   During the course of the year the pupils
lesson learnt from the Market Day was       year. This is to enable the pupils to      had to do a research task where they
that budgeting and careful planning         make an informed decision as to            had to prepare a cash budget for their
are essential to the success of a           whether they wish to continue with         first few months at a tertiary education
business enterprise. Our hope is that       Accounting in the fourth phase. One of     centre. For some, this proved to be
a foundation is laid at this age for suc-   their projects was to design colourful     interesting and realistic, and a compre-
cessful business women in the future.       posters of a simulation of completing      hensive cash budget was handed in.
The Grade 9 curriculum is a mixture of      their own banking documents.               Mr Colin Hudson-Reed and
Business Studies and Accounting.            In Grade 10 the basics of Accounting       Mrs Lianne English

                                                          High School
                                                      Kreatiewe Skryfwerk
     Soms is dit goed om verkeerd te wees.         bome in die woude van my hart gekyk,         waarin niks groei nie. Daar is nie kleure
     Vergewe en Vergeet. Dit was altyd ’n          en ek het uiteindelik jou hand gevind. Ek    of diere nie.
     aspek wat vir my moeilik was om te            het my hand in joune gesit en het opge-      Vir ander mense, en vir jou ook, mag
     oorkom. As iemand jou regtig seermaak         kyk, maar ek kon nie jou gesig sien nie.     ek soos ’n normale, gelukkige meisie
     - so seer dat dit voel asof jy nooit weer     Alles om my was gebroke, my familie, my      lyk. Ek het vriendinne en ek lag saam
     sal lag of glimlag nie ... ’n mens kan nie    vriende, my hart. Almal in my lewe het       met hulle. Ek huil nie net sommer nie.
     net sommer vergeet nie.                       my gelos en die enigste mens op wie ek       Ek gaan skool toe en ek kry goeie punte.
     “Wat dink jy doen jy?” het Lauren,            kon staatmaak, was myself, maar ek het       My lewe, aan die buitekant, is vol kleure,
     geskok, vir my gevra. “Nicole, jy het         gedink dat ek so swak was dat ek myself      liefde and pret. Die meisie wat jy ken,
     volgende week die grootste maraton van        nie kon help nie. Ek het gedink dat as ek    is verlief op Heath Ledger en speel met
     die jaar en hier staan jy en rook!” Almal     myself begin help, alles donkerder en        siek kinders by die hospitaal. Sy hou van
     by die partytjie het skielik doodstil gebly   donkerder sou word. Toe het ek jou           boeke en wil eendag ’n skrywer word.
     en toe voel ek hoe almal se oë in my          gevind; ’n mens wat my hart soos ’n          As sy droom, droom sy groot. Sy lyk asof
     rigting kyk. Iemand het die musiek            boek kon lees. Jy het jou hand uitgesteek    sy al die antwoorde het.
     afgesit. Kelsey staan op, vloek, en sê, “En   en ek het in die lyne van jou vel gesien,    Maar, om eerlik te wees, ek is nie daai
     jy is nog siek! Is jy simpel of iets?”.       dat alles oukei gaan wees.                   meisie nie. Dis waar, ek hou van al daai
     “Ontspan Kels...” het ek gesê. “Ek en         Jy was so sterk en so vol selfvertroue. Jy   dinge. Maar ek is diep in my woude
     Carmen het net een sigaret tussen ons         het hoog en sterk soos ’n boom gestaan       verloor. Ek loop doelloos rond en is nie
     twee gehad, dis nie so ’n groot ding nie.”    en ek het geweet dat ek altyd op jou kan     bewus van wat om my aangaan nie. Ek
     Ek het nie die res gehoor nie. Al wat ek      leun. Ek het altyd gedink dat ek alleen      vra baie van jou, ek weet. Ek vra jou om
     onthou, is Lauren en Kelsey voor my, die      was en dat niemand my kon help nie,          te verstaan. Dis winter in my hart. Dit
     bewegende monde, maar ek kon nie die          maar ek was verkeerd. Sy het haar arm        reën elke dag. Alles lyk dieselfde. Ek
     woorde hoor nie. Hulle het my voor            uitgesteek en in die palm van haar hand      hunker na ’n verhouding wat iets sal
     almal verneder terwyl my beste vriendin,      het ek gelees dat alles oukei sal wees. In   beteken. Maar, dis winter in my hart.
     Jenna, net langs hulle gestaan en kyk         die donker van my situasie kon ek nie        Ek weet jy kan nie die winter verander
     het. Dis ’n wonder dat ek nie gehuil het      haar gesig sien nie, maar ek het geweet      nie. Dit sal nooit ophou reën nie. Die
     nie. Ek dink dit was net skok. Hoe kon my     dat sy daar was.                             bome sal nie verdwyn nie. Die trane,
     vriende, om nie to praat van my beste         Sy het ’n nuwe lig in my lewe gebring en     hartseer en geheime sal altyd daar wees.
     vriendin, daar voor almal skree en my so      ek het heeltemal soos ’n ander mens          Maar ek glo, ten spyte van alles, ons kan
     klein laat voel?                              gevoel. Ek het begin om nuwe vriende         somer in die woude hê. As dit reën, sit
     Die volgende twee weke was hel. Ek en         te maak en om my verhouding met my           ons onder ’n sambreel, as dit koud is,
     Carmen was soos twee verstotelinge in         familie te herstel. My hart het uit sy       sit ons onder ’n kombers. Liewe Seun,
     ons groep. Oukei, ek stem saam … wat          donker kokon gekom en my hele wêreld         ons sal ’n plek vol somer en son in die
     ons gedoen het was nie so ’n slim idee        het verander. Ek het alles skielik waar-     donker woude van my hart hê. ’n Plek
     nie, maar hulle het geweet dat ons elke       deer en het nie so ongelukkig gevoel nie.    waar ons twee sinvol kan bestaan.
     nou en dan ’n bietjie rook. Dit was           Maar daar was net iets wat my gepla het      Met liefde, Meisie
     heeltemal onnodig om so ’n gedoente           en steeds aangehou het om ’n skaduwee        Pratishtha Haridass, Graad 12
     daarvan te maak. Ek en Jenna het nie ’n       in my lewe te gooi. Ek het probeer om
     woord vir mekaar gesê nie. Hoekom het         nie daaraan te dink nie, maar wie was        Liewe Ma
     sy nie vir my opgestaan nie? Sy het net       die mens wat my so gehelp het?
     daar gestaan terwyl daai twee juffrouens                                                   Die son skyn skerp buitekant. Hy kruip
                                                   Die ander dag toe ek in die straat geloop    by my venster in en lê oor my bene soos
     ’n totale grap van my gemaak het. Dit,        het, het ek my refleksie in ’n winkel-
     vir my, was onvergeefbaar.                                                                 ’n warm kombers. Hoe gaan dit met
                                                   venster gesien. Die miesie wat ek gesien     Ma? Ons het lanklaas gepraat, daarom
     Uiteindelik het dinge reggekom. Een nag       het, was lank en pragtig, vol selfvertroue   het ek besluit om hierdie brief te skryf.
     het ek genoeg gehad, by Jenna se kamer        en so sterk. Ek het skielik die gesig van    Dit is anderste sonder Ma. Baie stiller,
     ingestap en net begin skree. Ons was          my helper gesien. Dit was ek.                maar nie eensaam nie.
     altwee in trane en sy het om vergifnis        Claire Willows, Graad 12
     gevra. Maar vir maande was dinge nog                                                       Ek het nie vir Ma kom kuier nie want dit
     vreemd. Ek het toe gedink; dis waar, dis                                                   is vir my so pynlik om Ma te sien. Ek
                                                   “Ek hunker na ’n plek vol somer in die       moet eers emosioneel sterker word en
     onmoontlik om te vergeet. Dalk                donker woude van my hart – ’n plek
     vergewe, maar nooit vergeet nie.                                                           seker maak ek kan die pyn hanteer. Dit
                                                   waar ons twee sinvol kan bestaan.”           breek my hart. Ek wil nie hê dat ek, of
     ’n Mens kan nie net sommer vergeet nie.                                                    Ma, moet teruggaan na die vroeër jare
                                                   Liewe Seun,
     Twee jaar later en ek en Jenna is weer                                                     nie. Dit sal soos ’n straf wees. Ek het
     beste vriende. Sy is my suster, my lewe…      Die hart is ’n moeilike plek om te ver-
                                                   staan. ’n Plek waar alles deurmekaar is.     ’n man ontmoet. Hy is baie goed vir my.
     my alles. Soms is dit goed om verkeerd                                                     Hy hou my gedagtes weg van alles wat
     te wees. Vergewe en Vergeet.                  Die dinge wat ons laat glimlag en die
                                                   dinge wat ons laat huil, is gemeng. Dees-    my pla en dit leer my om kalmer te wees.
     Julie Moore, Graad 12                         dae kan ek nie die goeie goed vind nie.      Ek werk en studeer nou en bly in my eie
     “Alles gaan oukei wees. Ek het dit self       My hart is soos ’n groot, donker woud.       woonstel.
     in jou handpalm gelees.”                      Die bome staan lank en dood. Elkeen is       Ek mis Ma, maar is nog nie gereed om
     Ek was verdwaal, maar jy het jou hand         ’n teken van trane, hartseer, skande en      Ma te sien nie.
     in die donker uitgesteek en my vasge-         geheime. Na alles wat in my lewe gebeur      Groete. Justie
     hou. Ek het gehardloop en tussen die          het, is daar net die groot, donker woude     Chanél Visser, Graad 12

                                                                  High School
Boelies                                                 Kayleigh Champion Gr 12          het my gestraf. Ek neem dwelms, ek is
Die volgende storie is ’n ware verhaal                                                   verslaaf daaraan en dit laat dinge beter
en moet ernstig opgeneem word. Ek                                                        voel. Ek weet nie wat anders om te doen
weet dit gebeur orals, maar ek het nooit                                                 nie.
gedroom dat dit met my sou gebeur                                                        Ek wil verander want ek wil vriende hê,
nie...                                                                                   maar ek weet nie wat fout is met my
My naam is Robbie, en ek is op skool in                                                  nie. Ek is nie kwaad vir die meisies nie
Durban. Dis waar dit alles begin het. Ek                                                 want ek weet dit is my skuld. Ek is lelik
was dertien toe die treitering begin het.               Ma! Kom soen my!                 en ek is vet en niemand is lief vir my
Aan die begin was dit net verbaal. Die                 “Ma! Kom soen my!”                nie.
oortreder het my name soos “lelike                  Ma vlieg in soos ’n feetjie          Ek voel alleen in hierdie wêreld en ek is
slang” genoem. Ek het gedog dit was                  en kom sit langs my bed             ongelukkig. In die natuur oorleef net die
alles ’n grap, maar toe het dit ernstig      “Ek het jou liewer as een miljoen rooi      sterkste en die beste diere. Ek is nie sterk
geword. Die boelie het my hare getrek                     smarties” sê ma                nie en ek is nie een van die beste nie. Ek
en op my gespoeg. Dit het my vuil laat          “Ek het Ma liewer as een miljoen         is net ’n hasie sonder ’n rede om te leef.
voel. Ek het geweet dat daar niks fout               minterige toffies” sê ek            Die leeus sal kry wat hulle wil hê, môre
was met my voorkoms nie, en het selfs                                                    sal ek dood wees. Ek gaan ’n einde aan
                                                en met dit glimlag sy en soen my
geweet dat ek geen leerprobleme gehad                                                    alles maak, ek kan nie so aangaan nie.
                                                         voorkop saggies.
het nie, maar ek is nog steeds deur die
oortreder geterg. Keer op keer het ek       Sy fluister saggies: “Ek het jou liewer as   Gabriella Kietzka, Graad 11
gevra: “Hoekom?” Dit was toe dat ek                  enigiets in die wêreld.”
besluit het om alles met ’n maat te deel.     ’n Bietjie later, voor ek aan die slaap    Dagboekinskrywing
Ek en Beatrice was van kleinsaf beste                     raak, fluister ek,             Ek hunker na ’n plek vol somer waar ons
maats. Sy was perfek! Sy het elke jaar         “Ek het Ma liewer as enigiets in die      twee sinvol kan bestaan.
net A’s op haar rapport gehad. Sy was                         heelal!”                   Liewe Dagboek
definitief die mooiste meisie en al die     Amber Morkel, Graad 11                       Vandag was nog erger as gister. Niks loop
seuns was mal oor haar. Sy was                                                           reg nie. Almal terg ons oor alles. Ons
vriendelik teenoor amper almal. Sy was                                                   donker vel, ons vreemde taal, ons
’n heldin in al die meisies se oë. Sy was                                                “eienaardige” leefstyl en gewoontes. Ek
’n vis in die swembad, ’n arend in                                                       het geweet dat dit ’n slegte idee was,
hoogspring en ’n jagluiperd op die                                                       maar niemand luister na my nie! Ons pas
sportsveld. Sy was ’n bate vir die skool                                                 net nie hier in nie. Ons behoort nie hier
en ’n seëning vir haar ouers. Almal het      Jodi Ashton
                                                    Gr 11                                nie.
haar lief gehad. Almal behalwe Martin...
                                                                                         Ons nuwe skool se naam is baie vreemd.
Martin was ’n komplekse seun. Hy het
                                                                                         Eintlik is die nuwe skool self baie
altyd in sy broer se skaduwee gestaan.
Hy was ’n groot seun wat skade kon                                                       vreemd. Die mense hier beoordeel ons
aanrig. Hy het al twee keer gedruip en                                                   asof ons in ’n kompetisie is. Hulle ken
het baie sleg op skool gedoen. Hy het       Die slagoffer                                ons nie eers nie en ons is klaar ‘losers’.
soms stokkiesgedraai en het van             Ek kan dit nie meer hanteer nie. Ek is       Ma sê dit sal beter word, maar ek twyfel.
niemand gehou nie. Ek het gedog dat         die slagoffer en dit maak my mal. Die        Ek en Anna is nie vreeslik mooi of ver-
hy aan depressie gely het, en het besluit   leerlinge in my skool is net soos diere,     skriklik ryk nie, en ons gee regtig nie om
om eendag met hom te praat.                 ek is die enigste klein, swak hasie en       nie! Maar die ander kinders doen, dis al
Dis toe dat alles begin het. Die verbale    hulle is die groot leeus. Hulle sal nie      wat hulle raaksien. Wie is die rykste, wie
mishandeling. Ek was geskok. Wat het        ophou nie, hulle wil my vang en opvreet.     is die mooiste, wie is die beste ...
ek verkeerd gedoen? Toe het dit fisies      Hulle wil my lewe hel maak.                  Ek wens elke dag dat ons kan teruggaan.
geraak. Die rondgestamp het veroorsaak      Al die meisies treiter my, ek het nie        Terug na die plaas en ons ou klein
dat ek baie kneusplekke gekry het. Ek       vriende nie. Sommige meisies sê niks         hoërskooltjie op die platteland. Daar
het dit weggesteek en net truie en jeans    nie, maar ek weet hulle lag vir my. Die      het almal van ons gehou! Almal was
gedra. Ek was hartseer en bang en het       meeste van die meisies is verbale boelies    beste maats. Ons het pouses saam
ook baie deurmekaar gevoel. Het ek          - hulle noem my name soos “vettie” en        onder ’n koelteboom gesit en lag. Dit
treitering verdien?                         ’n paar meisies stamp my, terg my voor       was so lekker. Ek kan nie ’n enkele slegte
Die het vererger. Vrydag, die tiende        my vriende en trek my hare. Dit is nie       dag onthou nie. Die platteland verstaan
April, is ek in die badkamer aangerand.     my skuld dat ek kort en vet is nie, ek       ons. Maar hierdie vreemde plek, waar
Dit het veroorsaak dat ek my voet en        weet ek is skreeulelik, maar ek kan niks     daar altyd donker wolke in die lug hang,
arm gebreek het. Ek kon dit nie meer        daaraan doen nie.                            waar dit altyd reën, waar die strate vol
wegsteek nie en het besef dat ek hulp       Ek het my ouers vertel, maar hulle help      karre en mense is - hierdie plek met die
nodig het. Ek het alles vir my ouers        my nie. Ek het so baie sielkundiges en       swaar atmosfeer, verstaan ons nie. Hier
vertel. Hulle reaksie was die               voorligters gesien, maar hulle weet glad     verloor ’n mens jouself. Ek en Anna sal
teenoorgestelde van wat ek gedog het        nie hoe dit voel nie. Ek kan nie die pyn     altyd ons klein dorpie onthou. Daar was
dit sou wees. Hulle het my geglo. Die       hanteer nie; ek voel net lam. Ek het baie    nou vir jou ’n plek waar ons twee sinvol
waarheid oor Beatrice is nou uit.           alkohol gedrink om dinge beter te maak,      kon bestaan.
Jessica Borrageiro, Graad 11                maar my ouers het uitgevind en hulle         Terri Stone, Graad 10

                                                             High School
                                  Art: Grades 8-11
                                               Visual Arts
                                   This year has been an extremely busy
                                   one with the pupils working towards the
                                   Grade 8 – 11 Art Exhibition held during
                                   the Spring Arts Festival. The pupils have
                                   worked with many different media, giving
                                   them a chance to find their forte. The
                                   Grade 8 and 9 girls have experimented
                                   with paint, pastels and collage whilst the
                                   Grade 10 pupils have enjoyed projects in
                                   clay and printmaking. The Grade 11 pupils
                                   looked to the past for inspiration on their
                                   conté practicals, and also created self-
                                   portraits using oil paints.
                                   Ms Carrie Hein

          Teagan Hendrie Gr 9                                                     Carla Calhias Gr 9

                                           Jenna Dundas-Starr Gr 10
     Amy-Lee Williams Gr 10                                                           Rachel Jenkins Gr 10

           Rosanne Gorven Gr 11              Maxine Caruth Gr 8                  Melissa Domleo Gr 11

                                                   High School
                          Art: Grades 8-11

 Shoko Yoshimura Gr 8            Amy Odell Gr 11           Sinothile Zwane Gr 8

        Rebecca Coghlan Gr 9   Emma Pallett Gr 11      Josie Jansen Gr 9

Bronwen Swanepoel Gr 10        Caitlin Harrison Gr 8     Kalynne Vorster Gr 10

                                    High School
                                            Art: Matric
            Art Exhibition

     The Epworth Art Exhibition
     showcased artworks from the Pre-
     Primary and Primary School boys
     and girls, as well as the Matric Art
     pupils. The exhibition opening was
     well attended and enjoyed by all.
     Alana Leigh, a former Art teacher in
     the High School, officially opened
     the exhibition with an inspiring
     speech. This event was a chance for
     the Matric Art pupils to showcase
     the work they have done during the
     year, and they should be extremely
     proud of the standard of Art that
     they have produced.
     Ms Carrie Hein
                                                               Kirsten Swanepoel

                                              Kendra Joubert
                                                High School
               Art: Matric

                 Elizabeth Sephton

Nicola Hohls                         Marcelle Huber

                  Tayla-Ann Holtz                 Kayleigh Champion

                      High School
                                      Consumer Studies
     As this is a new learning area for         practical task in February. They have
     Grade 12, there have been many             also sewn lovely household items of
     changes in the work done this year.        a good standard.
     The kitchen laboratory has been            Grade 10 pupils have researched and
     upgraded with new thermofan ovens,         analysed their own diets and
     which have enhanced the cooking            compared them with a healthy eating
     practicals with far better end results.    plan. They also looked at different
      It has also increased our cooking         cultures and religions which influence
     space. More equipment has been             food choices. Sewing theory and
     purchased to provide for the increase
                                                clothing production were learnt
     in pupil numbers in Grade 10.
                                                through making aprons and
     All Consumer Studies pupils                embellishing them with their own
     contributed towards Epworth Open           designs.
     Day in May – making lemon cordial,
     making and decorating cupcakes and         The department has also been
     setting up and serving refreshments        represented in the Extension
     all morning.                               Programme by doing a compulsory
     The Grade 12s have been busy doing         Grade 10 programme on Health and
     portfolio work, especially research        Wellness, together with the Sports
     projects into various nutritional          Department. The pupils have been
     diseases and food security issues          exposed to a basic nutrition diet; low
     which affect South Africa. All the         glycaemic foods; posture, and the
     pupils who participated in the             effects of alcohol. Some simple snack
     Olympiad passed. Special mention           foods were made and combined with
     must be made of Kendra Joubert,            an exercise regime, to make them
     who came in the top 100 nationally.        realise the importance of a balance
     Grade 11 pupils designed and               between eating and exercise.
     produced Valentine cakes as a              Mrs Georgina Kidd

                           Grade 11 pupils with their sewing projects:
     Back row: Toni Mills, Amber Morkel, Tanna Vryenhoek, Nwabisa Mbonisweni, Chwayita
                                  Mbanjwa, Melissa Domleo
       Middle row: Prathna Bagwandeen, Gabriella Kietzka, Chantelle Coertzen, Lindie
                             Jordaan, Kendall Blomeyer, Jodi Ashton
                        Front row: Sarah Kelly, Amy Odell, Tayla Cordial
                                                              High School
                         Design and Technology
Design and Technology is a skills-         and effective problem-solving          Centre, based on architectural scale
based learning area designed to help       techniques.                            drawings of their designs. They also
pupils develop problem-solving             The main Grade 9 portfolio             needed to consider building costs and
abilities. At Epworth this is a two-year   assignment this year involved          budgetary constraints. Examples of
course (Grade 8 and Grade 9)               researching different styles of        these can be seen below.
culminating in an externally-set           housing, identifying the various       Other activities completed this year
Common Task of Assessment (CTA).           materials used in construction and     included paper making, constructing
Our school has led the way for the         the properties that make them          moving toys using cams and cranks,
independent schools in our area in         appropriate. The pupils looked at      making biltong, building balloon and
                                           alternatives to suit the African       elastic-powered model cars, to name
that we were the first to introduce
                                           context. They then needed to use the   but a few.
an independent Design and
Technology department with                 knowledge they acquired to design      Girls are remarkably good at
                                           and make a model of a Community        understanding and implementing
specifically qualified staff in 2001. As
                                                                                  technical knowledge and skills. We
a result, we have maintained a high
                                                                                  believe it is essential to prepare young
standard in our portfolio work and                                                women for careers in technological
have been in a position to assist other                                           fields as these skills are diminishing
schools in implementing this subject.                                             rapidly throughout the world even as
We cover topics like mechanisms,                                                  the demand grows. Design
structures, processing of materials                                               Technology often unearths talents in
and food, technical drawing and                                                   young people and develops the
systems and control. Within these                                                 confidence necessary for success in
topics, we explore ergonomics, energy                                             design, engineering and the sciences.
issues, aesthetics, scientific research                                           Mr Colin Hudson-Reed

                                                       High School
            Dramatic Arts and Dance Studies
     This year began with the                                                                             the work of
     good news that the                                                                                   Stanislavski and then
     Class of 2007 fared                                                                                  coped with the very
     exceptionally well in the                                                                            physical demands of
     final examinations.                                                                                  the physical theatre
     Seven of the girls                                                                                   course they completed
     achieved distinctions,                                                                               in the third term. We
     with more than half the                                                                              look forward to their
     class obtaining more                                                                                 year-end programmes.
     than 70%. This was a                                                                                 The Grade 10s were
     wonderful reward for                                                                                 treated to a first hand
     their talent and hard                                                                                experience of Greek
     work.                                                                                                theatre when they
     The year began with the                                                                              went to see
     annual Flatfoot Dance               Grade 12 Dramatic Arts Class at their Matric Dance              “Antigone” presented
     Company residency, where the senior Dramatic Arts             by St John’s. They are an interesting and dynamic group and
     students were exposed to contemporary dance techniques. I look forward to seeing good work from them over the next
     This week aided them a great deal in their physical           two years.
     expression and their respective class pieces showed how
                                                                   The Grade 11 Dance Studies girls have continued to grapple
     hard they had worked during the week.
                                                                   with a very demanding programme and have made sound
     The Matrics of 2008 will be the first year to complete the    progress. We look forward to their creative practical work
     new FET syllabus, which brought a more demanding              next year.
     curriculum and our twenty-six candidates have coped
     admirably with the demands of this new programme. They The Drama Department welcomed a new intern this year
     have been a diverse group and their practical work, in        in the shape of Ms Madeline Oellermann. She took charge
     particular, showed their talent and diversity. The work on    of the Grade 9s and offered valuable assistance with all of
     show later in the year ranged from satire on South African the performance work in the department. She has been a
     politicians, to the spectacular “Paint Dance” produced by     delight to have around and her organised nature has made
     Kylie-Jade, Ashton, Ashleigh, Jessica and Lauren.             an enormous difference to Dramatic Arts at Epworth.
     The Grade 11s prepared monologues and scenes, explored Mr Anton Immelman

                                                             High School
The English department at Epworth is                                                      a number of extracts from plays with
an extremely busy one and we are                                                          a legal slant. We were thrilled to hear
fortunate to have such dedicated                                                          that Pratishtha Haridass had come in
teachers. In the matriculation                                                            the top fifteen finalists in this
examinations of 2007, our girls                                                           Olympiad and was invited to the
achieved some outstanding results                                                         Schools’ Festival in Grahamstown. I
and we were very proud of them. Of                                                        was fortunate enough to attend the
the 54 girls who wrote English, 17                                                        prize-giving ceremony in Grahams-
obtained distinctions and 12 obtained                                                     town during the July holidays and I
a “B” symbol. However, we were also                                                       was extremely proud of Pratishtha’s
very pleased that none of the                 Pratishtha Haridass at the prize-giving     excellent results. I know that she has
candidates obtained lower than a “D”                                                      the talent to shine at Rhodes next year
symbol.                                      the Grade 12s are studying “Saturday”        with the bursary that she won.
We had to bid Madame Beck farewell           by Ian McEwan and the novel “Atone-          In the third term, we were busy with
at the end of 2007, as she left to           ment” is by the same author. The girls       Trials and the Grade 8 HIV/AIDS
become Head of English at Grace              enjoyed the film and the supper we           programme. The Grade 8s designed
College. We are extremely fortunate          had at Spur afterwards.                      some wonderful HIV/AIDS awareness
to have Ms Anne Holloway as our new          Our Grade 10 and 11 girls accompan-          posters. The Grade 9s have also
colleague. She has come to us highly         ied their teachers to Michaelhouse in        designed original posters for their
recommended and has settled into             the second term to see an outdoor            novel, “Holes”. The Grade 11 girls have
our department as if she has always          performance of their novel, “Lord of         been very busy producing modern
been at Epworth. As a result, our            the Flies”. This was an excellent            PowerPoint interpretations of
English team is truly formidable! We         performance that enabled the girls to        “Macbeth”, which were unusual and
were also extremely fortunate to have        relate to the characters in the novel        extremely well-presented. We had to
Kelly McBean as our English practical        and to see how literature can be             update our technological skills in order
student in the third term. She made          adapted for the stage. A good time           to assess them!
a valuable contribution to our               was had by us all.                           I would like to thank my colleagues
department.                                  Another highlight of this year was the       for the enthusiasm and diligence with
This year we have achieved a great           English Olympiad, which is written           which they have approached their
deal. The year started with an outing        early in March. This year the theme          work this year. I am truly blessed to
for the Grade 12s when we went to            of the Olympiad was “The Law on              work in such a caring department.
see the film “Atonement”. This year          Stage” and the anthology consisted of        Mrs Phyll McGrath

                                                    Creative Writing
The Looking-glass (an extract)               When I rewind my life eight years, I find    she almost exhausts herself in an effort
Who are you?                                 a confident, bright person. A person who     to give me even a glimpse of the joy that
asks the woman                               took Drama because she loved it and          life brings. “No!” I cut her short, “You
who stares at me.                            wore horrific hats because she adored        must be mistaken. That’s not how life is
I hide behind blue eyelids,                  their shocking colours. She wasn’t good      at all!” Her eyes widen in shock and
tinted cheeks; remote                        at every sport, but she played them all      disappointment and her tiny frame fades
as a formal portrait.                        because they were fun. She wasn’t            from me as I am brought back to reality
(Jennie Roberts)                             scared to fail and shouted out answers       by the “buzz” of my cell phone. I turn it
Who am I? I used to think that I knew.       in class, whether she was certain about      off without reading the message. It’s
When I was younger, I could think of         them or not. Her friendly nature meant       probably from Them and I’d rather
hundreds of adjectives to describe the       that every stranger she met became her       pretend that I didn’t get it.
tiny person that I was. I would describe     new best friend.                             I look back into the mirror and see those
myself as a large star in the solar system   Like a silent interview in my head, I ask    same blue eyes; however, they have lost
that stood alone, shining beautifully. A     this small, sweet being what life is like.   their former glory and are dull and
star that would never conform to “The        Her blue eyes sparkle excitedly and her      lifeless, like a robot’s. I reach for one of
Milky Way”, but shine brightly for all the   crooked teeth are revealed as she flashes    the pots from my chaotic dressing table
world to see. I was my own being,            me a dazzling smile. Her words rush out      and slowly begin to cover up the real me.
unique and special. When I think about       as she tells me how wonderful life is.       With each stroke, all that is familiar
me now, “conformity” is what I’ve            “Amazing, fantastic, marvellous, exciting,   becomes strange. I watch the being in
become.                                      fabulous!” The words spill out of her as     front of me as she becomes foreign and

                                                           High School
     unreachable. A mask covers her natural
     beauty and strength as she becomes a
     clone, with no identity to claim as her
     own. She wilts as the life is almost sucked
     out of her, as she slowly conforms.
     I gaze out of the window and meet that
     sweet eight-year-old once more. I grab                                                      Sarah Kelly Gr 11
     her, eager to delve further into her
     world. “Why is my perception of life so
     grave?” I ask.                                Halcyon                                        then, as I looked into your eyes and I
     “Because,” she replies quietly, “you          It’s raining. I cannot stand the rain, I       saw your spirit soaring there. As you
     worry about what others think. You let        despise it.                                    held me in your arms, and I listened to
     Them govern everything you do, too            Standing, I stare out of the window of         your heart beat in time with mine, I
     frightened to break out on your own           the room we used to share, my gaze             knew I would always be yours. Do you
     limb.” I think of these words in relation     lingering on the shards that fall from         know, Love, that I thanked God for the
     to my life. When I was young, I knew          the Heavens. And I begin to remember           rain that day because it let me find you?
     everything about myself, the real me,         you, and I don’t want to. I need to move       I still feel your arms around me, when
     not the person that I have allowed Them       on, I need to forget: to forget you, to        I lie in bed and remember how you
     to create. Now, I cannot think of one         forget us.                                     would hold me close, as we watched
     thing that I like because I choose to like                                                   the rain fall from the Heavens – our
                                                   It’s raining harder now. The glittering
     it. Everything about me is ruled by Them.                                                    secret blessing, you called it.
                                                   daggers hit our window then shatter
     They are fake, all my friends are fake and    from the impact. A single drop lies on         But, it’s because of our so-called
     I’m even fake! It’s like I’m trapped in a     my reflection’s cheek; it moves with me.       blessing, the supposed jewels of the
     false world, where nothing has true           I lift my hand, fingers brushing my cheek.     Heavens, that you were taken away from
     emotion or depth. Everyone is trying to        They feel moist; I look down to see the       me. I still don’t know how that man got
     conform to the standards created by           little broken beads. I’m crying. Why?          past the guards. Out of habit my hand
     Them, completely losing their real,           Why now, after all this time? A laugh          lifts to my neck, fingering the scar that
     beautiful, natural selves to become dull      escapes from me, breaking the staccato         is carved there. I hear the hiss of the
     commoners. We live grey, empty,               tattoo of the rain. It sounds brittle,         bullet as it skims through my neck, to
     shallow lives that we hate, because we        harsh: cold. I’m crying because of you.        lie: buried in your chest.
     believe that to be an individual is to be     You left me alone.
     lonely, but I am beginning to realise that                                                   The sheets are still stained with blood,
     it’s not.                                     I watch my reflection, a rueful smile          your blood. That is the way we left it as
                                                   ghosting its way across my lips. It reveals    I watched you die in my arms, though I
     Downstairs the door bell rings, bringing      a broken creature, a destroyed woman.          still rushed us to the hospital. I will never
     me out of my trance. It must be Them.
     I quickly add the finishing touches to my     A sudden boom of thunder cracks across         see you smile or laugh or cry again. I
     mask, bid farewell to the memories of         the stormy sky, chased, an instant later       will never see your azure eyes light up
     my former, free self and trudge out of        by a spear of lightning. It illuminates the    in rage ever again. Your death was
     the door, ready to play the game of           sky, like swords of revealing light amidst     drowned out by the pounding rain as it
     “fitting in”, not because I want to, but      a rampaging tempest. I start from the          fought to stifle my screams.
     because it’s easier than being different.     realisation it brings, awareness trailing      They say I turned into you, my Love, but
                                                   after…Your last words to me, spoken            I don’t care. The world must remember
                 Claire Willows, Grade 12          right here by this window.                     you, remember us, because what those
                                                   Five years ago, Love, you told me you          wretched men did to you can never be
                                                   once saw the Heavens open and they             forgiven. I’m still looking for them, it’s
                                                   showed you riches. You said…you said           taken five years but now there is only
                                                   they led you to me.                            one left alive.
                                                       Do you remember how you found              Another bolt of lightning cracks the sky
                                                          me in the rain, as broken then as       open and I see the rain fall, brilliant
                                                            I am now? Can you                     drops of liquid, marring the sky. Oh my
                                                                 remember, Love? I can. I         Love, how I hate the rain… Yet I love it
                                                                  remember the way you            still. For you see, my Love, when the
                                                                  smelt – of cinnamon and         Heavens opened they showed you
                                                                  fire. I still see your eyes:    riches. But, my Love, when the sky
                                                                 blazing orbs of azure fire.      slashes open, all it shows me is the pain
           Amy Odell Gr 11                                    I knew I would love you             I feel. The pain that the Heavens mirror

                                                                  High School
as it cries its tears of rain, in mourning    I was only nine years old when I first         lift the heavy tools. At first I heard
for you.                                      started working. It was a work forced          shouting and then I saw a crowd of
I’m forced to remember you, Love,             on me by those who controlled our lives.       guards gather around the man, shouting
whenever it rains. Every expression,          I was to work in the mines with the            swear words and beating him. After a
every emotion – all illustrated in a single   other men in my family. My first journey       while, they moved away, slowly
teardrop of rain, a braided lash of           to the mines was frightening. The area         dispersing and leaving the carcass of the
lightning, your voice in the roar of the      was vast and unnerving. I was in a group       man who was no more than an animal
thunder – for an agonising second.            of about twenty men, all looking as tired      to them. This was by no means the last
Repeatedly hammering down. I used to          and weak as my brothers and father             time I witnessed a murder.
be thankful that it still rained because      looked. Their many scars told of their         Now, as I stand in the mine where I once
I could see your face again, but now it       hardships, their trials, their defeats. They   worked, I think back on how my
overwhelms me. Strangles me.                  also held tales of perseverance and            experiences have changed me. I was
                                              pride. I was by far the youngest but this      exposed to things I wouldn’t wish on
I need to move on, Love, but I don’t          gained me no exception to any rules.
want to; I can’t and I know I never will.                                                    anyone, things that sucked out my
                                              The hearts of the other workers were           innocence. I have scars all over my body,
Not when I’m all alone, and not with          as hard as the rocks they had been
the storms that come and remind me                                                           all over my mind, all over my heart. The
                                              mining for many years. Their eyes were         smoke makes my eyes well up as I try
of you. The Heavens open and they give        staring, uncaring. Their voices were
me crippling treasures, when they give                                                       to burn the items, so precious to many
                                              raspy. The smell that surrounded them          and yet so deadly to others. The
me haunting memories of you – of your         was putrid – sweat and uncleanliness –
chestnut hair and your alabaster skin                                                        diamonds will never be destroyed. They
                                              as washing was a luxury beyond them.           will live on forever, as will the memories
and, most of all, of your flaming azure
eyes. And I think of all that I had, of the   The men in charge had bodies that knew         that are carved below their deceptively
family that I lost and, of the life that I    nothing of hardships. They had not             sparkling surface. My heart bleeds as I
will never live…                              experienced pain and their well-fed,           leave the old jewels smouldering there.
                                              unscathed bodies, covered in clean
Thiasa Naidoo, Grade 11                                                                      Rosanne Gorven, Grade 11
                                              clothes, screamed of extravagant living.
                                              They had every reason to love life and
                                              everything in it after everything the                   Emma Pallett Gr 11
                                              world had given them, yet they greedily
                                              demanded more from it. Their
                                              arms were heavy-laden with the
                                              threatening bodies of guns.
                                              The sound of their voices bit
                                              into my ears, as I stood
                                              quivering in my rags. My eyes
                                              darted from one man to
                                              another, knowing that with
                                              one wrong step any of these
                                              guards could be my ticket to the
                                              grave. We were presented with
                                              insufficient tools and given
                                              instructions carrying the threats of
     Rethabile Monaheng Gr 11                 those in power. My heart beat faster as
                                              the screaming silence entered my body          Stranger in a Strange Land
                                              and ate away at my heart.                      My land that I grew up to know was a
Sparkling death
                                              My memories of all the days and years          land where I had friends, family and,
They lie on the ground where they fell.                                                      most importantly, my faith. On these
They are old, dusty but still the priceless   that followed this first day all blend into
                                              one another. Day after day we were             things I would build the foundations of
wonders that had decorated the lives                                                         my life. I lived on a farm where the air
of the extravagant rich. The ironic stones    beaten. We were beaten for not
                                              unearthing enough diamonds, for slow           I breathed was pure and the water I
– the symbols of beauty and brokenness,
                                              work, for talking. Everything we did had       drank was clean.
shining hope and shattered lives, pain
and pricelessness, greatness and greed,       consequences. I will never forget the          In my early years, I was never going to
splendour and sacrifice – tear into my        day I first saw the guards kill a man. He      leave home but as I grew older my
heart as the memories devour my mind.         had fallen to the ground with fatigue.         lifestyle changed. I grew to understand
They are memories of anger, pain,             His stick-like legs could no longer            the characteristics of the world.
hatred and hope, fruitless hope.              support his weight and his arms couldn’t       Sometimes I did not agree with it and

                                                             High School
     at other times I wished it would never
     change. I slowly drifted away from my
                                                                                                                  Terri Stone Gr 10
     comfort zone, out into the big bad world
     which I had once felt to be a frightful
     After finishing school and starting a new
     stage of my life, I moved away from
     home to a totally unfamiliar place. It
     was so different from home. The air was
     thick and each time I breathed it in, it
     took hold of my lungs and I felt it would    Pale blue dot                                were vulnerable to attacks. I was
     never let go. The water too was              I still have them: glimpses of murder        petrified.
     disgusting and unbearable to drink. For      and torture. My heart and soul are still
     the first time in my life I felt like a                                                   On arriving, we found hundreds of
                                                  scarred from witnessing that war, which
     stranger.                                                                                 people: small children and babies,
                                                  was not exactly a war in itself; it’s too
                                                                                               women, men and the elderly pushing
     Eventually I made friends with some          horrific to name.
                                                                                               one another just to get closer to the
     people who were not a very good              The setting from which my painful            trucks. Sacks of rice and drums of water
     example to me and I was soon doing           memories are born is Sudan, a violence-      were given to those destitute people.
     things that I knew were not right. My        ravaged country whose population is          There was barely enough for everyone:
     innocence was shattered and the              decreasing by the thousands. It was a        determination and need to provide for
     foundations on which my morals lay,          year ago, when I went with a missionary      their own took over their minds. The
     crumbled. After a while I came to my         group to Darfur.                             small children and the wrinkled old men
     senses and I looked back on the last few
                                                  We were needed to help in the make-          and women were forced aside in the
     years with a lot of regret and a heavy
                                                  shift hospitals and to distribute supplies   maniacal race for supplies. It was
     heart. I knew there was only one place
                                                  to the desperate civilians. I was both       alarming but a real eye-opener. That
     which could help me find the person I
     had once been.                               excited and scared to leave home, but        was just a taste of the following months.
                                                  I was going to Darfur to help people.        Over the next few months, I saw and
     Coming home to a family of strict morals     There was no question about staying.
     was really tough and, although in my                                                      experienced horrific things. Innocent
                                                  People needed me, and I could help.          civilians were massacred by the
     own home, I felt like an outcast. The
     strong sense of belonging which I had        The airport where we landed near             hundreds; gun, sword and machete
     once so strongly contained had now           Darfur was surprisingly busy with top        wounds were common. People who had
     dissolved. The thought of being a            security and all those intimidating and      escaped the rampage looked worse than
     stranger in a place I thought I knew         heavy-set men who stand around and           their murdered comrades. All had
     wrapped around me and I felt as though       stare at you with blank expressions.         wounds that would never heal. Girls and
     I was suffocating.                           Most people were leaving Darfur, which       women were raped, then killed. Families
                                                  didn’t help my nerves. U.N. land-rovers      were wrenched apart. Blameless people
     I knew the only way to fix things was to
                                                  were sent to pick us up and take us to       were tortured. I saw it.
     change back to the person I had once
                                                  our mission posts.                           Some people will remember this
     been. I decided that my past life was a
     much better one than the one I lived         The air was oppressive, sweltering and       genocide, but to most it will just be a
     now and I made the decision to rebuild       dusty. Everyone was silent, as if knowing    pale blue dot on the old, faded shirt of
     my foundations that had crumbled. I          the foreboding future. We didn’t know        earth’s history.
     had to rebuild my faith too, and to do       and we could not even have conceived         Megan Graaf, Grade 10
     this I would have to learn to trust in the   what we were about to experience.
     Lord, who had been pushed out of my          The U.N. mission post was far from the
     miserable life, again.                       airport, and it was not pleasant to travel
     My life was on the mend and the feeling      in 45ºC heat. When we arrived, the base
     of being an outcast among the people         was alive with trucks and vehicles,
     I loved the most had disintegrated. Being    people and children walking around
     close to the people who meant the most       without limbs, and U.N. workers rushing
     to me was what I had wanted all along.       off to unknown places.
     My long road of hardship and pain had        The squeamish people (like me), were
     now ended. I felt like the old “me” again    immediately sent to transport supplies
     and the feeling of being a stranger in a     to a small refugee village about fifty
     strange land had now vanished.               kilometres away. We were travelling fifty
     Tracey Mapstone, Grade 10                    kilometres relatively unguarded and                                Lesedi Nkungu Gr 11

                                                                 High School
Stranger in a strange land                    country’s natural beauty calls me to stay.   and prepare his bottle.
Since I was small, I have been adamant Does the fault lie with me? I really don’t          I was halfway through when a terrifying
that I wanted to leave South Africa. I        know or understand, but I do know that       scream ran through my head and
have witnessed too many problems and no matter how hard I try, I seem to be                brought me to a sudden standstill. I ran
experienced too many racial incidents         and stay, a stranger, in a very peculiar     to my brother. The latch of the cot was
to want to stay. At least, that is what I     country.                                     open and my brother was gone. I had
believed. I used to believe that I was a      How long will it be before I can be part     little time to think; all I could do was
“stranger in a strange land”.                 of and feel at home in a country? I          follow the sound of that dreadful
Yet, when I stop to consider my options cannot do more than try my best and                scream. It was coming from the pool.
and think about my future I realise that pray.                                             The scream had now changed to a loud,
I will always be a stranger and the land Johanna de Haan, Grade 10                         heart-wrenching wail. A chill came over
will always be strange, no matter where                                                    my body as I stared down at my baby
I go. I am not completely South                                                                       brother’s pale and lifeless body.
African because I am a Dutch                                                                          My mother was swaying
citizen, yet to say that I am                                                                         forwards and backwards trying
completely Dutch would be a                                                                           to control the pain.
lie because I was born and                                                                            Then it hit me. It was my fault.
bred in South Africa. These                                                                           I killed him. I had not closed the
facts make it inevitable for me                                                                       latch. It became so clear to me
to question my position in this                                                                       that I could almost see his blood
world and where my home is.                                                                           on my hands. At that moment
One could say that my home                                                                            my soul and heart died. I died
is where my friends and family                                                                        when my brother died.
are, which in this context                                                                            After that, everything turned
would mean South Africa, but                                                                          upside down. My parents
even with friends, family,                                                                            turned their pain into anger,
                                           Sarah Kelly Gr 11
school and memories, I still                                                                          which ended up in my dad
struggle to find my place in this                                                                     abandoning us. No goodbyes,
land.                                                                                                 nothing. He was just gone and
Unfortunately this puts me in                                                                         we did not know when he
a dire situation, as it makes me                                                                      would return. My mother
realise that no matter where I                                                                      started drinking, and I would just
am, I am a stranger, and the country                                                       stay hidden all day in my room.
where I live will always be strange in        Forgiving myself                             I asked how come a family so close and
some way. So where do I fit in, in this       I can forgive many things, but forgiving     bonded by love could no longer ‘exist’
world? Where is my home, and whom                                                          after just one day? Nothing made sense.
                                              myself will always be the hardest of all.
can I call my family?                                                                      I hated life and I hated myself.
                                              My baby brother, Michele, drowned,
I have finally realised that, though my       and I was to blame. All of our lives         I came to the point of desperation, then
family and friends might decide to move, turned upside down after his death. The           I suddenly realised that my only hope
I must make my own decisions and              guilt took me over; it slowly consumed       to resurrect my life would be to face my
realise that the grass isn’t always greener every bit of my being. One day I realised      fears and forgive myself.
on the other side. I must learn to accept that there was no way I could escape. I
that I will always be a stranger, no matter was in a deep, dark pit and the only           It was a slow recovery for us all. My
what I do.                                                                                 family finally came together again, and
                                              hope for me was to stand up and face         it all began with the forgiveness of
Is this something that all people             my fears.                                    oneself. My family realised that we
experience once in their lifetime, or is      The day that affected my life forever        needed to unite against the pain of
this something personal? I have so many                                                    losing my brother instead of pulling
                                              started off like any other normal day. I
questions, yet so few answers.                                                             apart. Guilt tends to eat away at your
                                              was at home on holiday, my father had
I hope and pray fervently that I can          gone to work and my mother was doing         insides, silently and deceptively. I had
answer these questions in time and that the normal things around the house. I              to learn to forgive myself, which was
age will bring to me a certain wisdom         was busy in my bedroom when I heard          one of the hardest things I have ever
that might help me in my decisions.           my brother crying. My mother was on          done. Facing your faults is something
I try my best to fit into this land and not the phone and I did not want to disturb        only the extremely brave can succeed
pick on its negative points. I have to say, her. I decided to put Michele in his play      in doing.
however, that nothing, except this            cot and then went to make some tea           Amy-Lee Williams, Grade 10

                                                            High School
     This has been an exciting year of
     growth for the French
     department…with more pupils, more
     vocabulary, more grammar and many
     more events than last year! The French
     government has continued its support
     of French teachers in Southern Africa.
     I was privileged to attend a conference
     in Botswana where I was exposed to
     new and exciting teaching methods.                                                 Grade 10s shopping up a storm in French
     They have also continued to send
     teaching aids and keep us up-to-date                                               They have made remarkable progress
     on the latest trends in teaching French                                            and have moved beyond the learning
     as a Foreign Language [FLE].                                                       of simple vocabulary. They are able to
                                                                                        read and write simple sentences and
     The Matrics have grown, not only                                                   are growing in confidence in their oral
     linguistically but also in maturity                                                work... although I am sure that the
                                               Megan explaining her ensemble sportif    influence of their social French evening
     through the intensive subject matter
     and new literature that they have                                                  with the Grade 8 Hilton College boys
     covered. With literature being brought    initiated and supported by the French    played a role!
     back into the curriculum for the first    government and the University of
                                                                                        The Epworth French pupils have also
     time this year, they were forced to       KwaZulu-Natal. The film Kirikou et la
                                                                                        had a busy year outside the classroom.
     cover challenging topics such as          Sorcière is an African-based film and
                                                                                        Various coffee shop role-plays – we
     identity, interpersonal relationships     those girls who are planning on taking
                                                                                        have become regulars at Bread Ahead
     and racism. The girls produced            French next year embraced the study.
                                                                                        and are even greeted in French when
                                               They will make promising senior
     particularly insightful essays on the                                              we walk in – and French film evenings
                                               pupils. The newest members of the
     xenophobic attacks in our country                                                  have supplemented the interschool
                                               French department, the Grade 8s,
     earlier this year. Our Grade 11 pupil,                                             events which the girls have had the
                                               have been impressive to say the least!
     Kholeka, has continued to progress                                                 privilege of attending. The Grade 8s
     and retain her enthusiasm despite                                                  hosted the Grade 8 Hilton College boys
     being the only pupil taking French in                                              in the second term and took part in
     her grade. For the Grade 10 pupils this                                            an Interschools’ Fun Day hosted at
     has been “Grammar Year” and they                                                   Epworth in the fourth term. The Grade
     have tackled it with diligence and                                                 9s and Grade 10s were both hosted
     enthusiasm. They are a lively bunch                                                by Hilton College for theatre and
     who have been a pleasure to teach!                                                 pancake evenings respectively. The
     The Grade 9s, many of whom have                                                    fourth term concludes an exciting year,
     come to the end of their French                                                    with, amongst other activities, the
     experience, were lucky enough to have                                              senior French Matric farewell dinner.
     been exposed to a French film study         Grade 8s at the French film evening    Ms Danielle van Rooyen

     Rianne and Letsile at the interschools     Grade 10 pancake evening at Hilton       Grade 8 French film evening with Hilton
     Matric French dinner at St Mary’s Kloof                 College                                     College

                                                            High School
                                                       Creative Writing
                       Amelié Dialogue          Elle court dehors par les portes vitement       petite. Il avait dix pièces. Il y avait un joli,
                       Letsile Leuwe Grade      sans disant un mot a personne.                  mais petit jardin. Il y avait beaucoup de
                       12                       Nino: Attendez! Attendez! Je voudrais           fleurs : roses, violettes, blanches, jeunes,
                       Finissez la              savoir votre nom…                               rouges et bleues. Le jardin avait beaucoup
                       conversation entre       D’être continué…                                d’arbres verts et d’arbres de fruit. Mon
                       Nino et Amélie.                                                          jardin avait une petite piscine avec l’eau
                                                                                                très bleue.
                       Nino: Oui. C’est vous    Mes Vacances encroyables
                       ça…                                                                      Ma maison était jolie, avec des murs
                                                Kholeka Buthelezi Grade 11                      blancs et une porte brune. Le séjour était
                       Amélie: Euh...moi?
Pardon monsieur mais je pense que vous          Pour mes vacances j’ai fait un voyage du        grand, avec trois divans gris et un fauteuil
avez tort.                                      monde, pour deux semaines .Je                   gris. Le séjour avait aussi une chaîne stéréo
Nino: Excusez-moi si je me trompe mais je       commençais mon voyages au Sénégal. A            et une bibliothèque. La cuisine était jolie
suis certain que vous êtes la femme dans        sept heures le soir, j’arrivais à l’aéroport    et grande avec une grande table devant
cette photo.                                    avec mon ami Jaques. Il est sénégalais et       le réfrigérateur.
Amélie: Il y a beaucoup de femmes ici.          il parle beaucoup, mais je l’aime ! Quand       Ma chambre d’enfance était petite, mais
Pourquoi moi? Vous ne pouvez pas voir           nous sommes arrivé, il faisait très chaud.      je l’aimais. J’avais des murs bleus et des
son visage. Elle peut être quelqu’un            Mardi, nous sommes allés à la plage pour        rideaux verts. Mes rideaux avaient des
d’autre, mais pourquoi vous m’accusez?          la journée. Nous avons nagé beaucoup.           fleurs. Dans ma chambre j’avais un lit bleu,
Nino: Ah oui…il y a beaucoup de femmes          C’était très amusant. Mercredi, Jaques est      un petit bureau, une bibliothèque avec
ici. Vous m’exc…Attendez! Votre bouche          retourné à sa ville au Sénégal, mais j’ai       beaucoup de livres et une table de chevet
se ressemble à la bouche ici. Regardez…         voyagé en avion au Brésil en Amérique           verte. J’avais beaucoup de poupées. Je
Il la montre la photo encore.                   du Sud                                          jouais beaucoup avec mes poupées.
Nino: Pouvez-vous voir? Et son nez.             L’après-midi, je prenais un bateau-mouche       Mon frère avait une chambre à côté de
Regardez! Ils sont les mêmes.                   vers la jungle Amazone. C’était affreux,        ma chambre. J’aimais jouer avec mon frère
Amélie: Monsieur, il y a mille de femmes        parce qu’il y avait beaucoup d’insectes,        dans sa chambre mais il n’aimait pas jouer
qui me ressemblent et evidentement vous         puis il pleuvait. J’étais maussade et           avec moi.
êtes déterminé de trouver cette femme-          mouillée ! Jeudi, je suis allée à Rio de
là. Mais, je ne suis pas elle.                  Jeniro pour le carnaval. J’ai vu les beaux      Nous avions deux chiens, trois chats et un
Nino: Je comprends mademoiselle et je           costumes. Il y avait beaucoup de musique        oiseau vert. Les chats voulaient toujours
regrette l’interrogation. C’est juste que ce    et de danse. C’était fantastique. J’adore       manger mon oiseau, mais ils ne
photo était une clef pour moi à venir ici, et   Rio !                                           mangeaient pas le oiseau.
quand je vous ai vue, j’ai assumé que la        Puis vendredi j’ai pris un bateau aux Etats-
femme était vous. C’est une coïncidence,        Unis, en Amérique du Nord. A New York           Je Vous Présente “Le Monsieur Picasso”
non? Vous, le café, les temps, la femme         j’ai fait du shopping. Il faisait beau. Je      Monica Beghin, Grade 8
mystérieuse dans la photo, votre                trouvais une robe bleue pour une petite
ressemblance…                                   soirée samedi soir avec mon amie Sophie.
Amélie: Oui. Mais c’est une coïncidence!        Elle est impulsive et sociable, mais très
Nino: Pardonnez-moi pour l’erreur               amusante. La soirée était super ! Les
mademoiselle.                                   américains connaissent les bons temps
Amélie: C’est rien. C’est juste une erreur.     Dimanche j’ai voyagé à l’île Seychelles ou
Amélie quitte la table.                         il faisait chaud et beau. C’etait un rêve.
Amélie: Wheew!                                  Mon hôtel avait une vue sur la côte. Mais
Apres un moment, Nino regarde le dessin                                                         Mademoiselle Monica: Bonjour Monsieur
                                                lundi il y avait un ouragan. Il y avait du      Picasso!
encore une fois.                                vent et il pleuvait. Donc je ne faisais rien
Nino: Mademoiselle! C’est vous ca! Je sais                                                      Monsieur Picasso: Bonjour
                                                pour deux jours. J’avais très peur ! C’était
que c’est vous!                                 un catastrophe .Mercredi je suis allée en       mademoiselle!
Elle va vers lui                                Espagne. Je faisais le combat tomate. Il        Mademoiselle Monica: Asseyez-vous!
Amélie: Pardon monsieur?                        faisait très chaud. Apres le combat j’ai        Monsieur Picasso: Merci beaucoup!
Nino: C’est vous! Je vous ai vue. Vous avez     senti de tomate ! En plus, en Espagne, j’ai     Comment t’appelles-tu?
pris mon album des photos. Oui ! Je me          vu les garçons beaux. L’Espagne est un          Mademoiselle Monica: Je m’appelle
rappelle votre visage maintenant. Et votre      pays beau                                       Monica. Mon nom est Beghin. Vous
voix au téléphone. Vous m’avez téléphoné                                                        dessinez bien!
et vous m’avez donné mes photos. Je me          Finalement j’ai pris L’Eurostar à Paris, pour
                                                le week-end .C’était tranquille et je pouvais   Monsieur Picasso: Merci beaucoup! Tu
rappelle maintenant. Et vous avez crée ce                                                       écrivez bien!
jeu pour moi, pour que je vous trouve!          dormir puis je suis retournée en Afrique
                                                du Sud. Mes vacances étaient une grande         Mademoiselle Monica: Merci! Ou
C’était vous tout ce temps!
Amélie ne dit rien. Elle a de l’honte.          aventure, avec les moments bons et              habites-tu?
Nino: Dites-moi quelque chose. Je suis          mauvais, mais c’était magique!                  Monsieur Picasso: J’habite à Greece. Je
correcte, oui? Vous êtes elle!                                                                  suis née à Rome, et toi?
Amélie: Euh…euh…                                             Ma maison d’enfance                Mademoiselle Monica: Je suis de l’Afrique
Elle est nerveuse                                            Megan Graaf Grade 10               du Sud. Merci, au revoir Monsieur Picasso.
Amélie: Pardonnez-moi monsieur, mais je                      Ma maison d’enfance était          Monsieur Picasso: Au Revoir
dois partir!                                                 charmante, mais un peu trop        Mademoiselle Monica!

                                                               High School
        Grade 10                                                                 Grade 8
        Grade 10s have learnt how to identify and classify                       Grade 8s have peered into the depths of space and
        rocks and are able to make more sense of the rock                        marvelled at the size of the universe. They have
        formations around South Africa. They have been                           come to understand how fragile our planet is and
        encouraged to keep their eyes in the sky to become                       the need to look after what we have. They also have
        more proficient at identifying clouds and the type                       a better understanding of the phases of the moon
        of weather these clouds forecast. They are able to                       and its influence on our existence on earth. The
        identify the local berg winds in Pietermaritzburg                        atmosphere of the earth has been closely examined
        and correctly predict the weather to follow. People                      and they are familiar with the gases we breathe
                                                                                 and the how the atmosphere is heated. The Grade
        and their organisations were also studied, they
                                                                                 8s can also navigate around an atlas and will be
        looked at the organisational needs and identified
                                                                                 able to provide latitudinal and longitudinal
        local ones in the area.                                                  references of places.

                                                                                                           Grade 9
        Grade 11
                                                                                                           Grade 9s have
        The Grade 11s have focused                                                                         concentrated on world
        on Africa as a region with a                                                                       maps and reading
        special interest in the                                                                            topographical maps and
        significance of water                                                                              they know the differences
        masses. The topical issue of                                                                       between developed and
        climate change was studied                                                                         developing countries.
        and mind maps of droughts                                                                          They have studied the
        and floods were produced.                                                                          impact of science and
        The section on                                                                                     technology on our
        development and                                                                                    resources, investigated
        sustainability was tackled                                                                         carbon footprints and
        through looking at                                                                                 ways to save our planet.
        ecosystems and by                                                                                  The Grade 9s have used
        contrasting developed and                                                                          their creative talents to
        developing countries. The                   Ge
                                                      og                        th                         design adverts for a
        Grade 11s are familiar with
        resource use and
                                                           hy-caring for the ear                           sustainable,
        management, and focused                                                                            Epworth.
        specifically on electricity.
                                                     Grade 12
                                                     The Grade 12s have studied climate
                                                     change on a global and a local level.
                                                     They have “travelled” the country
                                                     looking at various landforms and
                                                     have carried out a fieldwork exercise
                                                     at the local river. They produced
                                                     research projects on various aspects
                                                     of rivers. Problems facing rural and
                                                     urban areas have been tackled and
     Visiting a Muti shop during the Sensory Walk    possible solutions have been
                                                     discussed. A sensory walk through
                                                     the Pietermaritzburg CBD put their
                                                     settlement section into perspective.
                                                     The Grade 12s are familiar with the
                                                     economic challenges facing South
                                                     Africa and have compiled a portfolio
                                                     of evidence of their year’s work.

                                                           Mrs Cynthia Dibben and
       Talking to an informal trader in the CBD             Mrs Sue Thompson                       Grade 12s in the Pietermaritzburg CBD

                                                                   High School
This year’s History report is written by the pupils                (and the Boney M song) and enjoyed many dramatic
themselves and captures their learning experience:                 moments and interesting uses of props, in particular, Mrs
“Whether it was Globalisation, Vietnam, South Africa,              Olsen’s glass AK-47!”
having lunch with Allister Sparks, or a general loathing of
George Bush, History never failed to entertain us, or                                 Simone wielding the infamouse Vodka gun!
perhaps it was just Mrs Olsen’s numerous accents and
alter-egos. Ours was a journey of discovery, and despite
countless hours (and months) spent working on our
historical investigations, we learnt that perhaps world
leaders are not smarter than we are – the History Legends
of 2008.”

                                                                   “History just keeps getting more exciting and more relevant
                                                                   as we grow older. This year we have had the opportunity
                                                                   to truly experience the subject matter by watching movies
              Grade 12s at the Natal Museum
                                                                   relating to what we have learnt about. Emotions ran high
                                                                   as we discussed things such as Slavery and Racism, with
                                                                   the movies often reducing us to tears.”

                                                                          Grade 10s “critically engaged” in movie history!
       Grade 12s and Mrs Olsen with Allister Sparks
                                                                   “World events, great achievements, happy memories,
                                                                   personal ups-and-downs... these are just some of the many
                                                                   things featured in the Grade 9 journals. It is a project that
                                                                   required lots of hard work and effort, which will eventually
                                                                   bring back memories of life in the world of 2008.”
                                                                   “History is very special and I doubt that any one would
                                                                   disagree, that the history class is the place to be.”

                                                                         Caitlin and Bronwen busy with their journals

               The Matric Class of 2008

“History is a fascinating subject where we learn about the
horrible truth of our past, the lives of the millions of people
who came before us and all the events and leaders that
brought us where we are today. The shocking atrocities
and the frustrating way that history repeats itself have
taught us valuable lessons about life and people. We loved
learning about the controversial Russian monk, Rasputin,

                                                           High School
     Communicative Zulu                             engipha iziyalo ezakhayo. Ngibonga ukuba     Asiziboni sishada ngokwesintu kuphela
                                                    kanye nami kade wonke umhlaba                ngoba umshado wesilungu nawo
                                                    usungifulathele. Ngisayikhumbula             singawuthokozela!
                                                    imithandazo yakho. Wawuhlezi uthi “Nkosi     Nonjabulo Mncwabe, Ibanga 11
                                                    ngisize ungigcine ukuze ngibone
                                                    abantwana bami beyizifundiswa.”              Umemulo
                                                    Ngingasho ngingaphezi namuhla ngithi
                                                    iNkosi iyizwile imithandazo yakho.
                                                    Namuhla sengingudokotela ngenxa
                                                    yeziyalo, imithandazo kanye
                                                    nezithukuthuku zakho. Angazi ukuthi
                                                    ngingakubonga ngani. Enginakho manje
     Sanibona! We were all very excited when        amazwi asuka ngaphakathi enhliziyweni
     communicative Zulu was offered in the          athi “Mama ngiyabonga!”
     Extension Programme on a Wednesday             Vusani Mzila, Ibanga 11
     morning, as it is a very popular language in
     our country today. We were all very            Iphephabhuku leSizulu                        Ngesikathi sithola umsebenzi womemulo,
     unfamiliar with the Zulu classroom but Mrs                                                  ngangizimisele kakhulu ngoba umemulo
     Langa made us feel welcome and we                                                           kwakuyinto engangihlezi ngifuna ukuyenza.
     eagerly began to learn the basics of a new                                                  Ngesikhathi siwenza ngafunda okuningi
     language. We started the term learning the                                                  engangingakwazi futhi okunye engingakaze
     basic greetings between people and then                                                     ngicabange ukuthi kungenziwa. Ngibonile
     learnt vocabulary on different themes like                                                  ukuthi umemulo owenziwa manje uhlukile
     the home, family, body parts and many                                                       kakhulu kunomemulo owawenziwa kuqala.
     more. After each lesson, Mrs Langa would                                                    Ngifundile okuningi futhi ngingawujabulela
     encourage us to practise and use the words                                                  umemulo kepha ngingawenza ngendlela
     and sentences we had learnt during the                                                      yamanje ngoba vele nami ngiyingane
     lessons at home and with our friends at        Thina njengabafundi bebanga 9 senze          yamanje.
     school. Our lessons also included many         iprojekthi yokwenza iphephabhuku ngolimi     Sifundile ukuthi umemulo umsebenzi
     discussions on the Zulu traditions and the     lweSizulu. Kusimangazile ukuthi sikwazile    owenziwayo uma intombazane iziphathe
     interesting differences between the English    ukuqoqa imibono eyahlukene ngezinto          kahle, ukubonga ukuziphatha, noma uma
     and Zulu cultures. We have all had a very      ezenzeka esikhathini samanje, sisebenzisa    intombazane isikhulile ingakaqomi.
     beneficial time in the Zulu classroom and      ulimi lweSizulu. Ekubhaleni kwethu leli      Nokuthi isifikile eminyakeni engamashumi
     will definitely remember and use the           phephabhuku kwandise ulwazi lwethu           amabili nanye isaziphethe kahle. Kanye
     valuable things we have learnt this term.      kabanzi ngolimi lwesizulu. Kwabanye          nokuthi uma intombazane izimisele
     Siyabonga!                                     bethu kuvuse ugqozi lokuba abahleli          ukuthokozisa uyise wayo.
     Amy Burt and Amy-Lee Williams                  bamaphephabhuku ngelinye ilanga.             Ezinkathini zamanje amantombazane
                                                    Kusijabulisile kakhulu ukubona umsebenzi     asemuliswa noma eseqomile. Okunye
                                                    wethu sesiwuqedile, futhi bekumnandi         okwenziwayo ukuthi intombi ilande
     “Mame ngiyabonga...”                           ukubhala amaphephabhuku.                     umkhonto wayo lapho izoganela khona.
     Uma ngicabanga manje ngibona sengathi          Ibanga 9                                     Ngicabanga ukuthi engingakuthanda
     lamazwi angiwaphimisi ngokwanele.                                                           kakhulu uma ngemuliswa ukuthi izihlobo
     Mama wami ngiyabonga. Ngibonga                 Umshado wesintu                              nabangani bafaka imali eningi engama-
     ukungipha isipho sempilo, ukuba ingxenye                                                    phepha ekhanda nasemvunulweni yami.
     ebalulekile emaphusheni nasezifisweni
     zami kanye nokuba njengodadewethu. Ube                                                      Sisizakele Kubheka noThembisa Mcuma,
     isibonelo esihle kimi nakwabangilamayo.                                                     Ibanga 10
     Ngithi uma ngibheka emuva ngibuka ind-                                                      The Grade 8s participated in an HIV/AIDs
     lela engiyihambile ngibone ukuthi ngang-                                                    programme during Epworth on the Move.
     ingeke ngibe ilutho ngaphandle kwakho.                                                      They were encouraged to write poetry to
     Bangaki nje abantu besifazane abaqoma                                                       express how they would feel, should they
     ukuhlekwa yizwe ngoba befuna ukuba                                                          be infected by a HIV positive man.
     abantwana babo balale bedlile? Abavuka                                                                       Ngenxa Yakho
     ekuseni bayosebenza kanzima ngoba                                                                     Wawazi sonke lesi sikhathi
     befuna abantwana babo bathole imfundo          Ziningi izinto zesintu esingazazi thina                 Kodwa awungitshelanga
     efanele? Ababaningi kodwa wena                 zingane zesimanjemanje. Enye yale zinto,             Manje usungithelele ngengculazi
     ungomunye wabo. Usikhulisile kanzima           umshado wesintu. Elinye igama lawo                         Uthe uyangithanda
                                                                                                             Kodwa wangikhohlisa
     sinabafowethu nodadewethu ngaphandle           umgcagco. Umshado wesilungu nomshado                Ukube wawungithanda ngempela
     kukababa. Ukuba ngumfelokazi                   wesintu kunizinto ezimbili ezihlukene                       Ngabe wangazisa
     akukuvimbelanga ekutheni usikhulise            kakhulu. Kulo nyaka sithole ithuba                     Kodwa wanginika ingculazi
     ngendlela eyiyo. Impela basuke bekhuluma       lokucwaninga ngalo mshado. Lo msebenzi             Awusakwazi ukuphindela emumva
     iqiniso elingephikwe abathi WATHINT’                                                                         Sekwenzekile
                                                    usisize kakhulu ngokwazi ngayonke              Uthi uyaxolisa kodwa,akusenandaba manje
     ABAFAZI, WATHINT’ IMBOKODO!                    imininingwane nezinto ezenziwayo                           Ngeke ngikuxolele
     Ngiyakubonga ngokungabi ngumzali wami          emshadweni wesintu. Kuningi esikufundile!               Impilo yami isimoshekile
     kuphela kepha ngikubonga nangokuba             Uma sikhetha ukushada ngendlela yesintu,                    NGENXA YAKHO.
     ngumngani wami oqotho owayehlezi               siyazi ukuthi yonke into iyohamba kanjani!             Kayla Ashe, Ibanga 8

                                                                   High School
                                    Life Orientation
2008 has been both a busy and                                                          and self defence.
exciting year for Life Orientation, with                                               Life Skills lessons encompassed the
several developments having taken                                                      three remaining outcomes, namely
place. Mrs Sue Thompson has been a                                                     Citizenship Education, Personal
most welcome addition to our learning                                                  Wellbeing and Careers and Career
area and she has taken over the                                                        Choices. In addition to active class
teaching of the Grade 9 and 11 Life                                                    discussions, debate and research, the
Skills component of Life Orientation                                                   girls completed two parts of a
with great energy and enthusiasm.           substantial portfolio in lieu of an
                                                                                       Common Assessment Task (CAT) which
This year has also been interesting, as     examination. Viewing three years’
                                                                                       explored the somewhat complex links
we have had Grade 12 Life Orientation       worth of work allowed the Grade 12s
                                                                                       between poverty, morality and
lessons which followed the new              to realise just how much valuable work
                                                                                       behaviour, and considered the role of
syllabus. In viewing Physical Education     they had done in the classroom, in the
                                                                                       the youth as agents of change.
and Life Skills as elements of a broader    swimming pool and on the sportsfield
whole, we have been able to provide         since the beginning of 2006!               Certificate Tasks formed the final
the girls with a holistic learning area     Physical Education lessons covered the     component of the Life Orientation
which has relevance for all of the          outcome of Recreation and Physical         portfolio, and the Grade 12 class will
spheres of their lives. We have also        Wellbeing. During these lessons over       leave with certificates for the Vogue
aimed to foster the belief that one         the past three years, the girls have had   Programme, Leadership, Community
needs to view the physical, intellectual,   a chance to engage in a wide variety of    Service, Coaching, Work Experience
spiritual, emotional elements of            physical activities, as well as those of   and numerous sporting activities. We
oneself as interconnected and equally       a more theoretical nature. In addition     wish them well and hope that they will
important.                                  to the more traditional Physical           put the skills gained during the Life
Life Orientation is different from the      Education activities, they have also       Orientation programme to good use
other learning areas in that it requires    been lucky enough to have been             as they leave to make their mark on
the girls to collect their practical and    exposed to coaching skills training,       the world.
theoretical tasks from Grade 10 to          scuba diving, line dancing, golf,          Mrs Lee Jenkins, Ms Tracy Bestall,
Grade 12 in order to provide a              synchronised swimming, canoe polo          Mrs Sue Thompson & Ms Denbigh Maurer

                                            Life Sciences
Another very successful year has passed · biotechnological principles in the           Expo
in this exciting “new” subject. We have preparation of cottage cheese, ginger          Natural Science for Grades 8 and 9
had many challenges, most notably          beer and bread making                       entails general biology, physics, and
keeping the subject relevant and up to     · poster, pamphlet and oral                 chemistry. Intended to be both fun (see
date with world trends. The newspaper presentations on mammalian tissues,              the picture where pupils make molec-
has become essential reading for all       parasites, pathogens and the biomes of      ules and balance chemical equations
pupils as they have to research and        South Africa.                               using beans) and educational, concepts
debate issues with an ethical emphasis                                                 that could be ingrained as general
ranging from cloning, surrogacy and        Our best wishes to our Grade 12 pupils
                                                                                       knowledge are taught. In addition, the
circumcision through to global warming, who have patiently awaited portfolio           pupils are taught investigative skills
pollution and evolution. The classroom requirements with us as these were              which they must use to carry out and
teaching is but a small component of the made available from the examining             present an investigative project that
knowledge that has to be assimilated.      board. You have been a very co-
                                           operative, F1 breed of the new FET          could be entered into the UKZN FFS Expo
We have used the successful techniques curriculum. Go well!                            in Durban. This year, with a focus on re-
of                                                                                     cycling and creativity, the Grade 8 pupils
                                           Mrs Ingrid Brough                           were restricted to investigating a topic
· play dough modelling to teach three-
dimensional concepts.                                                                  in which a 2-litre plastic cooldrink bottle
                                                                                       was crucial to the investigation. The
· very practical “hands on” dissections of                                             Grade 9 pupils were given topics related
animal body parts such as chicken wings,                                               to this year’s course work. Despite the
beef hearts, lamb kidneys and lungs.                                                   apparent restrictions, our pupils once
· using recyclable waste to build food                                                 again showed their tremendous abilities
pyramids.                                                                              and we entered pupils’ projects in the
· video clips and animated simulations                                                 UKZN FFS Expo. As usual, our pupils won
to make concepts clear – it is far better                                              many prizes! This bodes well for the
to do a blood transfusion “incorrectly” Lesedi Nkungu, Kirsty Heathfield, Gugulethu    future scientists at Epworth.
on virtual patients!                          Radebe – the “ace bread bakers”          Ms Sandra Damonse

                                                          High School
       Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy

                                                                          = 3,141592653589793238462643383279502884 …
                                                                       Epworth again joined many thousands from around the world in celebrating Pi Day.
                                                                       We set the scene with pitas, pineapple and circular cut veggies for lunch, and
                                                                       interesting pi trivia in the daily newsletters. The Mathematics staff were rather circular
                                                                       on the day, with Mr Wotherspoon wowing the school in his pie-chef apron and pi
                                                                       top hat, the latter made by Carli Lester.
                                                                       The new “Pi Queen”, Johanna de Haan,
                                                                       improved on last year’s record by 35
                                                                       digits and recalled a total of 275! Fezeka
                                                                       Msikinya recited 172 digits and Chenise
                                                                       Govender came third, reciting 170 digits.
                                                                       This year’s celebrations also included a
                                                                       creative aspect, with the best three Pi
                           The “A-Team”!                               Day hats receiving prizes, and a
      This year our dedicated team was comprised as follows:           problem-solving facet for those who
     Mr Wotherspoon, Mrs Hellmann and Mr Sliedrecht, who               enjoy a mathematical challenge
      tackled junior Mathematics; Mr Wother-spoon and Mrs              involving circles. Lindie Jordaan, Jessica
      Munro who scored in senior Mathematics while strong              Mapstone and Fezeka Msikinya each
      defence was offered by Mrs Hellmann in Mathematical              enjoyed a sweet treat for their delightful hat creations, and Maeve Fourie and Derisa
      Literacy. Mrs Sagar and Mrs van Wyngaard assisted Mrs            Govender were rewarded for their correct solutions to the Pi challenges. Sweetie
     Hellmann when she had to leave the field due to “injury”.         Pies were again the prize of choice!

                                                                                                              There is safety in numbers!
                                                                                                We were delighted with the group of fifteen that made it
                                                                                               through to and wrote the second round of the Harmony S.A.
                                                                                                 Mathematics Olympiad. In particular, Maeve Fourie and
                                                                                                       Tabitha Thrash received ratings of “Good”.

          Exposing at the Expo!                    Programs for our programme!
        Much of the work done in             Our use of computer programs in assisting
     Mathematics is difficult to display,     mathematical concept development has
     but we were delighted to be able          grown again this year. We have trialled
         to showcase the Grade 8             “HeyMath” and “Crocodile Clips”, utilising
          tessellations and circle           these and other programs to demonstrate
       constructions, the Grade 10             theories on the SmartBoard and in the
        geometry discoveries, the             computer room where pupils have made
     combined Grade 12 Mathematics          hands-on “discoveries”. The top border of this
     and IT projects, and the Grade 12         page shows work done in Grade 8 using
      Mathematical Literacy research            Geometer’s Sketchpad, to develop the
     projects at the very first Epworth     properties of circles and quadrilaterals, and
              Academic Expo.                an opportunity to be creative in Mathematics.

                                                                                                                                  Top at TWC!
           “Maths and Music” and “Mathematical                              SALT of the Earth!                      In August, TWC requested that we send
                        Paradoxes”!                             There is no better way to learn than when            eight Grade 8’s to their Maths Festival.
        Mr Wotherspoon and Mrs Munro escorted an               you can literally get your hands “salty”. The      There was an individual competition, which
     enthusiastic group of senior girls to Hilton College         Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy class            was won by our very own Monica Beghin.
     in July to the Maths Experience 2008. The evening              created a model of the well-known               Sinothile Zwane and Maeve Fourie also
      comprised two talks, one on various paradoxes in         telescope, SALT, investigating how to get a        fared very well, with their respective groups
     probability, and the other was an entertaining and           mirror to be concave, and the angles               coming top in the group competition!
       informative look at the mathematics of music.               involved in the reflection of images.
                                                                                                                                      Mrs Tracey Munro
                                                                           High School
Music is the second largest industry in the world, and         comprises computers installed with special music
holistically the most beneficial to people. Thus, it is        “sequencing” software and “dummy” keyboards, which
important to be able to offer children a chance to try their   enable young musicians to compose their own music tracks,
hand at music. It is with this in mind, that Epworth’s music   even without a detailed theoretical knowledge of music.
education is far-reaching and pervasive. It starts with        Another facet of the music syllabus is learning how to
recorder lessons in Grade 2 which are incorporated into        organise concerts and functions – an important life skill in
the syllabus; and graduates on to curricular violin lessons    today’s world. The subject music pupils were very involved
in Grade 3. These are fundamental in                                             in the organisation of the intended joint
affording every child the opportunity                                            concert with Durban Girls’ College. All
to experience instrumental music, and                                            the marketing evoked a huge response
to reap the amazing mental and                                                   from the public, but sadly, due to the
physical benefits that it engenders.                                             COSATU strike, the event had to be
Thereafter, if the child so wishes, he                                           cancelled at the eleventh hour. We were
or she is able to choose from any                                                all devastated, but the lessons learnt are
number of instruments Epworth has                                                never lost. The subject music pupils were
to offer, such as strings, winds, brass,                                         then subsequently involved in the
piano and drums.                                                                 organisation of the Spring Arts Festival
reaches the High School, she is able to                                          picnic supper concert, incorporating the
continue her music education in the                                              Michaelhouse marimbas, which proved
form of subject music, culminating in                                            very popular.
Matric music. The syllabus
incorporates learning how to compose                                             resounding success, with innumerable
one’s own music and how to use music                                             public performances, including two
technology, which is fundamental to                                              Tatham Art Gallery concerts, a
today’s music industry. To this end,                                             performance with the KZN Philharmonic
2008 has seen the expansion of the                                               Orchestra, and many successes in the
Music Department, with the advent of                                             Eisteddfod. We look forward to building
a music computer laboratory. This                                                upon this next year.
                                                                                 Ms Lindsay Johnston

                                   Physical Science
The Physical Science department has       Engineering (SAICE) bridge-building      sheer volume, have from the outset
enjoyed a busy, stimulating year. The     contest, where three of our girls –      presented a challenge to complete the
focus in all three senior grades has      Roxanne Govender, Stephanie Fryer,       work in good time before the final
been to make the “pure” sciences          and Amor le Roux – did Epworth proud     examinations. The girls understood
accessible, applicable, and relevant to   by managing to support a credible 11     this and I commend them for their
everyday life experiences.                kg on their plywood construction. On     willingness to patiently “endure” our
The new batch of “fledgling scientists”   a light-hearted note, it put to shame    long Friday afternoon sessions. The
entering the subject in Grade 10 has      the loads supported by some of the       girls displayed great maturity in the
been ably and enthusiastically taught     “masterpieces” constructed by some       way they took ownership of their
by Ms Sandra Damonse. The class has       expectant College boys. The              work. This was especially evident in
shown great promise and, with more        willingness of these three girls to      the beautiful standard of the cellphone
time, will hopefully continue to          participate in this contest on a         electromagnetic radiation research
nurture a passion for this worthy         Saturday and their clear enthusiasm      projects I received. I wish them all the
subject.                                  whilst there, was a credit to them and   best for their individual futures and will
                                          our school.                              remember this class with fondness.
The Grade 11s have been an enquiring
group and have certainly kept me on       The Matric science class of 2008 has     Mr Clint Sliedrecht
my toes with their enthusiasm for the     been an
subject. They have embraced the new       absolute
syllabus, encompassing a variety of old   delight to
and new concepts, with keen interest.     teach. The
Particularly pleasing has been the        demands
responses of the girls to the practical   of the new
investigations and demonstrations. A      FET
highlight of the Grade 11 year was the    syllabus, in
South African Institution of Civil        terms of its

                                                        High School