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					                                 THE MEMBERSHIP ENERGISER
                                 ZONE 10A MEMBERSHIP NEWSLETTER
  2008-2009 Zone 10A             ISSUE 5                                                                 MARCH 2009
       Regional Rotary            ISSUE 4                                                              JANUARY 2008
  International Membership

  RRIMC Sam F Owori
             PDG D9200            REACH OUT TO
  RRIMC June Webber
            PDG 9350
                                  AFRICA ...

 RRIMC Alain Bambara
            PDG D9100      Strong Membership is the key!
  RRIMC Tunji Funsho              In his address at the RI Presidential Membership Conference in Cairo in February this
               PDG 9120
                                  year, PRID Orsçelik Balkan told attendees that one of the very important components
                                  of the ROTA initiative is to support membership development on the Continent. “We
 RRIMC Patrick Chisanga           believe that we a need strong Rotary existence in Africa in order to launch
           PDG D9210              effective service projects in this huge land. He went on to say that “the purpose of          starting the “Reach out to Africa Initiative” (ROTA) is to organize a systematic
                                  approach to support all Rotarians, Clubs and Districts who tackle the many
         CONTENTS                 humanitarian problems in Africa. For this purpose we aim to match the resources of
                                  our Clubs and Districts in developed economies of our Rotary World as well as
Page 1: Reach out to Africa -     the resources of international organizations and resources of The Rotary
Editor                            Foundation with the needs in Africa.”
Page 2: Report back—              “Africa has always been a continent full of challenges, where the needs super pass
RRIMC Training in Chicago -       resources. The philosophy is to facilitate identification of the needs by projects on one
Editor                            hand, at local level; and to find resources beyond the boundaries of Africa on the
Page 3: Membership Leaders        other hand, at international level. Then, match these identified projects with the
discuss economic crisis (press    resources available.” The six areas of focus identified by the ROTA Ad-Hoc
release from RI)                  Committee for projects and activities are Water Management, Health Initiatives (HIV/
                                  AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis), Literacy and Education, Economic Empowerment,
Page 4: RRIMCs on the             Children’s Welfare and Disabilities.” (More information about this exciting initiative can
Move: ; Membership update as
                                  be found on the ROTA website—
at 31 January 2009—Editor

Page 5: New Strategic Plan-       Sam Owori, RI Director-elect and outgoing RRIMC writes—“Membership and
ning Guide; More on Rotary        Extension will continue to dominate my interest in Rotary, because it is fundamental.
and the Economic Melt Down        We cannot talk about acquaintance without members; we cannot talk about making
(PDG John Gomes)                  an impact in ethical behaviour or dignifying occupations without a critical mass of
                                  membership; we cannot do very many projects without members or with small clubs;
Page 6: Attention Presidents-
elect; Changes to Zone 10A &
                                  and certainly we cannot make much progress in contributing to The Rotary
RMTS in the new RY                Foundation without members.
Page 7: Club President-elect      Let us continue the Member Get Member campaign with our eyes towards the 30,000
TO DO membership work plan;
                                  target as the threshold for a Zone. If small Korea can boast more than 50,000
PDG John Gomes -
The Economic Melt Down
                                  Rotarians, with close to 20 Districts, why can't this whole continent do it. We have to
                                  feel guilty and make others feel guilty enough so that every Rotarian can go to work.
Page 8: The importance of         There are many people out there who are as good as, if not better than we are. Just
PR                                think if you were not invited what you would have missed! There are many places
Page 9: The Way of the            where we can extend Rotary if we just cared to look around “… (and Reach Out to
World: PDG Hennie de Bruin        prospective Rotarians in Africa to join Rotary! Ed)
ZONE    10A   MEMBERSHIP            ENERGISER                                MARCH       2009                 PAGE     2

     ZONE 10A
                                   RRIMC Training
   (primary responsibility—
        47 countries)              in Chicago
         RRIMC Sam F.              A new team ….
         Owori                     PDG Nelson Kawalya—D9200 (second from the left) join Patrick, Alain, June
          D9200                    and Tunji
          (Eritrea, Ethiopia,
          Kenya, Tanzania and Flexibility and diversity were two key words that consistently were driven home
Uganda)                       during the training of 64 RRIMCs (Regional RI Membership Coordinators) from the
           RRIMC June C. 16 to 18 February in Chicago. The training was intense and motivating. Although the
                              RRIMC membership team acknowledges that we have huge challenges ahead, we
           Webber             believe we can achieve our 2010 goal of 30 000 members in Zone 20A by 31
           Districts 9270,    December. The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands! The membership focus of RI
           9300, 9320, 9350   President-elect John Kenny for the new Rotary year is on Retention (minimal rate
           (Republic of South 80%) sending a clear message that the year ahead is one of consolidation. Clubs
Africa, Namibia, Angola and   are encouraged in their membership efforts to increase the percentage of women,
Lesotho)                      increase the percentage of persons under 50 and to increase diversity.

         RRIMC Alain              Rotary in the Current Economic Environment
         Bambara                  One of the key issues discussed was the impact that the current economic down
           D9100 Francophone      turn was having on Rotary membership world-wide. Some countries are affected
           and Lusophone          more so than others. The banking system fortunately, in Southern Africa remains
           countries              strong, with the exception of Zimbabwe. The United States, in particular, has been
(i.e. Benin, Togo, Niger, Mali,   hard hit and clubs are trimming costs wherever possible - such as reducing meal
Boukina Faso, Guinea,             costs, re-evaluating venues, containing club dues, organising less expensive events
Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Cape      (inductions, seminars, conferences). Many clubs are also sponsoring dues of those
Verde; D9150 (Cameroon,           members in dire straits. The Family of Rotary component in a club is seen as a
Chad, DR Congo, Congo             haven to nurture and support Rotarians in difficulty. “The more we share, the more
Republic, Burundi, Rwanda,        chance we have of holding on to Rotarians who are in crisis” said moderator RRIMC
Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome       Judi Beard-Strubing. Clubs need to be flexible. One suggestion put forward was that
& Principe, CAR, Gabon)           RI should consider reducing dues of soft currency areas such as Zimbabwe and
D9220 (Dijbouti, Seychelles,      other grossly affected economies.
Mauritius, Reunion, Comoro
Ia., Madagascar, Mayotte)         PDG John Gomes, Training Facilitator and moderator of this particular session at
                                  the RRIMC training comments further on page 4.
         RRIMC Tunji
                                  The above are your Editor’s impressions gleaned from the training which were
         Funsho                   shared with Rotarians in the March issue of Rotary Africa. The official press release
           D9120 Anglophone
                                  taken off the RI website entitled Membership leaders discuss economic crisis—is
           Countries (i.e. The    copied on page three. This press release provides a far broader overview of the
           Gambia, Sierra         training.
Leone, Liberia and Ghana). All
4 Districts of Nigeria i.e.       Diversity
Districts 9100, 9120, 9130
                                  The RI Board has amended Rotary’s “Statement on Diversity” originally adopted in
and 9140
                                  June 2006. This amendment was recommended by the RI MD&R Committee after
         RRIMC Patrick            feedback from various non-Rotarian focus groups that RI needs to improve the
                                  public perception with regard to the diversity of our membership. The amended
         D. Chisanga
                                  “Statement on Diversity”, now strongly reflects Rotary’s commitment to diversity –
         D9210 comprising
         Zambia, Zimbabwe,
         Malawi, Mozam-              Rotary International recognizes the value of diversity within individual Clubs.
bique; D9250 comprising:           Rotary encourages Clubs to assess those in their communities who are eligible for
Botswana, Mozambique,               membership, under existing membership guidelines, and to endeavour to include
Swaziland and South Africa         the appropriate range of individuals in their Clubs. A club that reflects its business
                                        and gender, age, religion and ethnicity is a Club with the key to its future.
ZONE   10A    MEMBERSHIP          ENERGISER                                 MARCH       2009               PAGE     3

Membership leaders discuss economic crisis
By Jennifer Lee Atkin
Rotary International News -- 2 March 2009
José Ubiracy Silva, a Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator from Brazil, shares his
thoughts during an open discussion at the recent RRIMC Training Seminar. Photo by Jamie Berg
Regional Rotary International membership coordinators (RRIMCs) discussed how to respond to the worldwide
economic crisis when they met in Chicago for an annual training event in February.
The RRIMCs, who work with districts and clubs to improve member recruitment and retention, also focused on ways
to achieve diversity and increase retention rates.
Judi Beard-Strubing, an RRIMC from Zone 23 in the USA and a retired Wall Street financial adviser, noted that some
Rotarians are resigning from their clubs as a result of job loss or economic difficulties.

During a discussion led by Beard-Strubing and John Gomes, a member of the RI Membership Development and
Retention Committee and a former RRIMC from South Africa, participants suggested that Rotary clubs help struggling
members pay their dues by establishing support programs, or even dipping into district funds to offset some of the
cost. Other ideas included:
• Allowing club members to attend meetings without having to pay for a full meal
• Finding a less expensive venue for club meetings
• Surveying club members about why they value Rotary, and contacting members who have stopped attending
meetings to find out why
• Offering a job networking service to unemployed club members, such as through a club or district web site
RRIMC James Ives from Michigan, USA, cautioned that steps should not be seen as lowering the value of Rotary.
“In tough times, the last thing you let go of is the thing you value the most,” he noted. “We don’t want Rotary to feel
Beard-Strubing offers suggestions for weathering the economic crisis in the zones 22, 23, and 24 membership
newsletter .
Diversity: RI President-elect John Kenny has set a membership goal of a net increase of one new member per
club and one new club per district during the 2009-10 Rotary year.

Kenny’s membership goals also include encouraging more qualified women, young professionals, and Rotary
Foundation and RI program alumni to become Rotarians so that each Rotary club reflects the demographics of the
business community that surrounds it. Don Garner, a former Ambassadorial Scholar and past president of the Rotary
Club of Chicago, USA, noted during a panel discussion that too often, an invitation to join is not extended to former
Ambassadorial Scholars, Rotary World Peace Fellows, Group Study Exchange participants, Rotaractors, Interactors,
or Youth Exchangers.
People just starting their careers need the networking opportunities Rotary offers, Garner said. His club welcomed 64
new members, including many program alumni, during his year as president. “I did not anticipate becoming a
Rotarian,” he said, “but I can attest to the willingness of many Rotary alumni to join Rotary.”

Retention: Kenny has also asked for an 80 percent member retention rate in 2009-10. During a breakout discussion,
one group of RRIMCs agreed that new club members need to be invited to serve on committees or service projects to
feel welcome and included. Some suggested that it may be best in some cases to guide potential members to form a
new club. They pointed out that if two 30-something professionals felt awkward in a club whose members were all
over age 55, they might be open to starting a new club with 10 of their friends or business acquaintances. The original
club can sponsor the new club, whose members are more likely to feel vested in Rotary.

The RRIMC program was started in 2001. RRIMCs, all past district governors, are appointed by the RI president-elect
to a maximum term of three years. Terms are staggered among the RRIMCs and the group represents all Rotary
ZONE     10A    MEMERSHIP         ENERGISER                                   MARCH      2009                 PAGE        4

It has been a great privilege to have had RRIMC Sam Owori as a member of our team these past three
years. His contribution to the RRIMC programme is acknowledged with deep appreciation and respect.
The legacy that he leaves on membership—and in particular—membership extension, will be difficult for
any RRIMC to match. We congratulate Sam on his appointment as RI Director and wish both Sam and
Norah success, fulfillment and joy as they take on this important challenge as Rotary International
ambassadors from Africa.

                       WELCOME ….
                       RRIMC Nelson Kawalya from D9200—Kampala, Uganda, seen here at the RRIMC training
                       with Ross Murray from D9940 (Zone 7A) Highgrove, Bulls, New Zealand joins the Zone 20A
                       team officially from 1 July 2009.

AT 31 JANUARY 2009
RI President DK Lee’s commitment to membership
Reinforcing his commitment to reach the goal which he set of 1.3 members by 30 June 2009, RI President DK Lee
has held teleconferences with District Governors throughout the world to personally engage with them to discuss the
status of membership in his/her respective District - a huge time commitment on his part which is valued. The feed-
back received from Governors has been extremely positive and encouraging and it is hoped that, in the future, we
can set up more teleconferences within our region to engage on membership and to work in collaboration.”

Status of membership to date
Membership world-wide stands at 1,217,037 Rotarians and 33,135 Rotary Clubs as of 31 January 2009. This
reflects an increase of 0.91% (10,948 new members) from 1 July 2008. The table of the Comparison to Start Figures
for membership as at 31 January 2009 for Zone 10A is printed below for information. As can be seen clearly,
membership growth is mainly to the North in Zone 10A with District 9140 again producing the healthiest increase in
membership at 10.59%, District 9150 at 5.80% and District 9130 at 5.44%. Nigeria, with its population of
approximately 130 million people is now ahead of South Africa. As at 24 February 2009, Nigeria was listed as having
221 clubs with 5,069 Rotarians. South Africa is close on its heals with 4,959 Rotarians in 231 clubs. What is interest-
ing is that Nigeria has more Rotaract clubs than Rotary clubs—255! New Generations programmes are an
invaluable investment in Rotary’s future on the continent of Africa.

                                      852       20075   856    20545    470      2.34%
ZONE    10A    MEMERSHIP          ENERGISER                                  MARCH      2009                 PAGE     5

New strategic planning guide
available online ...
New this month is an online tool for clubs to create a strategic plan. The Strategic Planning Guide is available
in nine languages and provides worksheets and information to help clubs set goals and develop a plan to implement

The process of creating a strategic plan should be run by a group of club leaders and should involve all members,
including past, current, and future club leaders. The guide helps clubs create a vision of where they would like to be
in three years and to develop long-range and annual goals that support that vision.

The guide also emphasizes the importance of regular evaluation of the goals and vision and adjusting the strategic
plan as needed. Although this new tool was created for clubs, it can be adapted for district strategic planning. Clubs
are encouraged to align their strategic plans with those of their districts and RI.

Find more on the RI Strategic Plan
Download the Strategic Planning Guide

                More on Rotary and the Economic
                Melt Down!
                By PDG John Gomes, Training Facilitator, moderator & member of the RI
                MD&R Committee

We are regaled with predictions of up to 200 million job losses in the economic melt down that the globe faces right
now - this born of the reckless greed of the investment bankers and the lack of regulation of it that sees the world's
major banks reeling, if not collapsed. A new socialism is being grasped by those very nations that espoused
unbridled capitalism.

Is there a repercussion on Rotary and the work we do ?

I wonder if the prancing princes of capitalism who gladly took multi million dollar bonuses had been imbued with the
concept of Vocational Service would the world be in the parlous state that it now faces ? If the herd of entrepreneurs
had paused for a moment to catch breath from the stampede to ever greater wealth to consider time spent with their
families and communities, those ultimate nodes of a healthy society, we may well have had a better future in a caring
environment. Protectionism dragged the world into the Great Depression of the 30's but does not the credo of World
Understanding mitigate against that danger whence Rotarians reach out across borders to assist in cases of need.

I do believe that the precepts of Rotary offer a palliative, if not a cure to the malaise that confronts us all and that
those virtues that we hold so high can strengthen our appeal and our impact 'sans frontiers' as worn out executives
find another more meaningful life, enriching and enabling millions more. For this we need more members and a
strong Foundation. YES WE CAN!

(John Gomes has been integrally involved with membership at RI level for the
past seven years, first as an RRIMC—thereafter as a member of the
Membership Development and Retention committee and for a further year as
'Advisor'. John was again appointed to the MDR Committee until June 2009 -
all the while from his second year as facilitator – a hugely time consuming roIe.
On behalf of the team, thank you for your enormous commitment to
Membership development.)
                                                                              MARCH       2009                 PAGE      6

    ATTENTION: PRESIDENTS-ELECT!                                                                      DIARY DATES

Presidents-elect Training Seminars (PETS) are right around the corner. If you haven’t already,
be sure to contact the RRIMC in your region to invite them to participate and assist you during
this training process. One way RRIMCs can contribute is to speak about the many member-
ship resources that are available to clubs. The following membership-related publications            DIARY DATES
were included in the PETS mailing that went to DGEs for distribution to their club presidents:
                                                                                                      21—24 June 2009
                                                                                                    Rotary International
901 Membership Development and Extension Award Program                                                DIARY DATES
421 Membership Development Initiative Form                                                          Birmingham, England
416 Recognition of Smaller Club Membership Growth
808 Organizing New Clubs Guide                                                                       14-15 October 2009
001 This is Rotary                                                                                         GETS
595 Rotary Basics                                                                                      16—18 October
254 How to Propose a New Member                                                                          RI Institute
422 Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives                                                    Seychelles
641 Your Club, the District and RI: Partners in Membership Development
                                                                                                     14 November 2009
--- Membership Goal Report Form
                                                                                                   West Africa Projects Fair
414 New Member Orientation                                                                            Cotonou, Benin
417 Membership Development Resource Guide
                                                                                                      17—24 January 2010
All of these publications are available on the website.                              International Assembly
                                                                                                     San Diego, California,
Not only are RRIMCs a valuable membership resource, but as a result of the intensive training                USA
that they have undergone, RRIMCs are a important resource of Rotary information.
                                                                                                      20—23 June 2010
SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO ZONE 10A (20A) & REGIONAL                                                     Rotary International
AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY OF RRIMCs IN THE NEW RY                                                     Convention, Montreal,
The only significant change to the regional responsibility assigned to RRIMCs in the
2009/2010 RY is that PDG Nelson Kawalya will join the team of RRIMCs in Zone 20A,                    25—30 April 2010
replacing RRIMC Sam Owori, who has been nominated RI Director as from 1 July 2009. The              Council of Legislation
primary area of responsibility of RRIMCs as set out on page 2 of this newsletter, will remain as       Chicago, USA
is. The only other significant change to the region is that, as from 1 July 2009 Zone 10A
becomes Zone 20A. Districts 9120 and 9130 (Nigeria) will merge to form District 9125,                 June 20-23, 2010
reducing the number of districts in Zone 20A from 14 to 13.                                          Rotary International
REGIONAL MEMBERSHIP TRAINING SEMINAR FOR                                                             14 November 2009
ZONE 20A IN THE NEW ROTARY YEAR                                                                    West Africa Projects Fair
                                                                                                      Cotonou, Benin
At its meeting in Chicago in February RRIMCs considered the possibility of
holding another Regional Membership Training Seminar in Zone 20A in the                                 TENTATIVE
new Rotary year. The RMTS held in Johannesburg on 1 August 2008, which
preceded the RI Presidential Membership Conference, was a great success.                                     2011
                                                                                                     Rotary International
To our knowledge, there are no Presidential Membership Conferences scheduled for the next
RY. Various dates and sites are being looked at for a RMTS that will be both cost effective          New Orleans, USA
and will draw large numbers of participants impacting positively on the region. We shall keep
Rotarians posted of developments.                                                                            2014
                                                                                                     Rotary International
                                                        5th WEST AFRICA PROJECT FAIR                     Convention
                                                             and Immunization Programs                     Sydney
                                                                  Contonou, Benin                            2016
                                                                     Nov 2009                        Rotary International
                                                             Details to Be Announced                    Seoul, Korea
ZONE       10A   MEMERSHIP         ENERGISER                                MARCH       2009                 PAGE       7

Club President-elect “TO DO” Membership Work
Plan (developed by Gregory Yank - Zone 29 RRIMC and refined by the Ed)
    Have an ACTION PLAN for membership development for your year.
•    Select a membership chair
•    Identify a membership growth goal and communicate it frequently
•    Have them read the following—
         ⇒ Membership Development Resource Guide (417-EM-4-09)
                                                                                                  ZONE 10A
         ⇒ New Member Orientation (414-en)                                                        REGIONAL
         ⇒ Club Assessment Tools (808-EN)                                                        GOALS 2010
         ⇒ Have members fill out the 25 Minute Membership Survey
         ⇒ Subscribe to the Membership Minute and Best Practice Exchange
         ⇒ Membership Energiser (download from your District Website or http://              •To raise membership to
    The key to RETENTION is having an active and attractive club and ENGAGEMENT
    and INVOLVEMENT of Rotarians.                                                            •To Increase membership
    Do the following:                                                                        by an average of 15%
          ⇒ Complete the Healthy Club Checklist                                              per annum
          ⇒ Make sure that a Rotary programme is featured monthly                            •To make Rotary relevant
          ⇒ Have club members fill out the Membership Satisfaction Survey                    by growing it to the needs
          ⇒ Initiate a Mentoring programme
                                                                                             of the continent
          ⇒ Do exit interviews when someone leaves
 RECRUITMENT Essentials                                                                      •To give attention and
                                                                                             extra help to clubs
• Do a Classification survey in July
                                                                                             under 25 members and
• Hold “Bring a Buddy” meetings at least in September and March                              especially those with 10
• Hold a programme on membership development                                                 and fewer members
• Have necessary recruitment tools available
      ⇒ Club brochure/flier                                                                  •To urge and encourage
      ⇒ Rotary Basics and How to Propose a New Member                                        districts to aim at
    Encourage participation in the district membership seminar                               achieving at least 75 Clubs
                                                                                             and 2700 members
    Remember YOU need to set the example for Membership and Foundation.
                                                                                             •To urge and encourage
Getting the Rotary message out there!                                                        districts and clubs to
                                                                                             support and achieve the
                                                        Four iconic sites were illuminated   RI President and Zone
                                                        world-wide as part a Rotary          10A membership goals.
                                                        International PR initiative to
                                                        publicise END POLIIO NOW on
                                                        23 February 2009. The V&A
                                                        Waterfront, Cape Town, Sydney
                                                        Opera House, Colosseum, Rome          Please send member-
                                                        and the Houses of Parliament          ship articles/news to -
                                                        were the cities involved. Table       The Editor
                                                        Mountain here was later lit to        RRIMC
                                                        mark the event, generating huge       June Webber
                                                        publicity for Rotary. Well done
                                                        District 9350 PR Chair Janey
                                                        Ball. A sterling effort. .
ZONE   10A    MEMERSHIP          ENERGISER                 MARCH       2009                  PAGE   9

                           THE WAY OF THE WORLD
         By DG Hennie de Bruin D9270                      A “Knife & Forker” is what Australians
                                                          call a RINO (a Rotarian in name only)

Nighfan4ka, the Rhino, was weary               With a snort that froze the aggressors,
As he moved through the tangle and bush.       Nighfan4ka kicked dust in the air:
Scars and scratches the medals he carried;     One less child was to die in his District,
He was known for the paths he could push.      He would fight while his lungs could drink air.

                                               The killers of African children,
                                               Skulked away at the show of the force
                                               That is always within every Rhino,
                                               Even those who are wheezy and hoarse.

                                               Once again, in the service of living,
                                               Nighfan4ka moved into the mud,
                                               His horn he had not used for ages,
                                               Was erect, no longer a dud!

                                               Unaware of the sighs of the females,
                                               As his horn he once more employed,
                                               To lift the calf from the mudbath,
                                               His passion his energies buoyed.
Far too long he had worked in this bushveld!
Just think of the middens he’d made!
                                               From their hiding the cows of the District,
All the Rhinos he knew in the District,
                                               Now assisted, the orphan to save;
Acknowledged the role he had played.
                                               Pushed and pulled little Project to safety,
                                               With Nighfan4ka-the-Wise-and-the-Brave.
Enough is enough he decided
It was time for the young ones to show
                                               Nighfan4ka returned to the bushveld,
They had learnt from his unselfish projects;
                                               With a spring in his step-with-a-limp,
From now on, he was to go slow
                                               He knew that forever his service
                                               Would stop him becoming a wimp.
Then a sound in the distance disturbed him:
A calf in distress? No, no no!
                                               He knew that his efforts would lessen,
It was up to others to find out,
                                               But he’d do what he could, help to heal,
He was grazing, a young one must go!
                                               The cuts and the bruises of others,
                                               In serving, he’d help Make Dreams Real
Grumpy and put-out, despite him,
He moved to the source of the sound.
Deep inside him, something did move him:
He must help! He was driven, he found.

And then he saw what the noise was,
A calf was stuck in the mud,
Hyenas already around him
They sniggered at thought of calf blood

Africa, beautiful mother,
The prices we sometimes must pay,
To share in your largess and wonder,
Has turned Black and White Rhinos grey!

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