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       How to Control Search Engine Results
Make no mistake about it: your customers, prospects, colleagues, and
competitors all search your name and company in the major search engines
when they meet or hear about you. What those results say greatly impact your
chances of a successful online first impression. That’s why you need to learn
how to control search engine results.

Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google and other major search engines.
But what happens if you get there in a negative light? What happens if the search
results found don’t accurately convey who you are or what you do? Google won’t take
your phone call. You have to take matters into your own hands and learn how to control
search engine results.

There are a variety of search engine optimization techniques and strategies you need to
perform in order to control search engine results found on Google and other search
engines. First and foremost is basic optimization of your existing website to increase
traffic and your online visibility. This includes the proper use of “meta-tags”, using “alt”
tags for your website images, and replacing current content with keyword-rich text. And
if you don’t have a domain name by now, get one!

Next is creating and maintaining a blog, which does wonders to control search engine
results. Your blog must be targeted to your niche market keyword and you must update
the blog with new, relevant, and industry-related content on a consistent basis.
WordPress blogs are the best because of the many SEO related plugins that you can
download and implement into the blog, so whenever you post, search engines become
immediately aware of your new content and permalinks and back-links are automatically
generated along with keyword tags that greatly help control search engine results.

Now, armed with your search engine optimized website and SEO rich blog, you need to
hit the social media sites. There are tons of social networking profiling sites, but for now,
just concentrate on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Guess what? You have
to continually update social media every day as well with content, posts, videos, articles,
stories, and interact with friends and fans constantly for successful online awareness of
your product or service. Plus there’s an art to social media too – you can’t appear to be
“selling” or your message falls flat. If you can master the art of social media, you’ll
quickly learn how to control search engine results – but you need to do this every day
without fail, or you will fail. The key to it all: link back to your website and/or blog as
often as you can.

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There are a variety of business directory profile sites you need to get listed on as well,
which again, takes a lot of time to do, and you have to make sure the information you
provide to these sites is congruent with the message exuded from your website, blog,
and social media sites, which is harder to do than it sounds.

Finally, article writing and press release distribution is essential to how to control search
engine results. Whenever something new happens in your company, write a press
release and submit it to the press release distribution sites (there are literally hundreds
of them are out there, some free, some not). Take your niche market and write a
keyword targeted article about it, then submit your article to article distribution websites
where again there are hundreds to chose from (although most of these are free).
Articles and press releases are NOT the same. Articles need to be informative and
objective (no self promotion), whereas you can try to sell on press releases. Therefore,
this requires twice the effort since the same story cannot be used as both a press
release and an informative article. Obviously, on every press release and article you
write, you’ll want to include a direct link to your website, blog, and Facebook account for
back-tracks to your site. When the search engines see other relevant websites linking to
your site, it helps you control search engine results greatly.

However, to do all this right requires time and effort, full-time and full effort, every single
day. And you probably want a life outside of your business and online presence. In fact,
at a modest rate of $55/hour, (which you should expect to pay a “social media”
consultant) extrapolating this hourly rate by an average of 20 hours a week means your
search engine optimization efforts are worth approximately $4400 per month to make all
this happen! The good news is the results make it worth the effort.

If you would like to see a sum total indicator of all the content about you that
appears within the search engine results, request a free “i-skore”. This elaborate
algorithm gives you an excellent snapshot of where you are online now and
where you need to be, all accomplished via the search engine optimization
methods described above and much more to control search engine results.

You can find out more about search engine optimization, i-skores, video
marketing, and how to control search engine results by visiting Natural Buzz’s
website at

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