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 Canoe Rentals
                                                                                Canoe Reservations
The Boy Scouts of America has a long and proud canoeing tradition.
Whether it is afloat on the American or Sacramento Rivers, or on a local        Contact the Council Camping
flat-water lake, Scouts can experience the thrill of maneuvering their own      Department:
canoe through open waterways. Choose your adventure; paddle through a
                                                                                Kimberly Clarke-Easton
weekend trip, earn the 50 miler afloat patch with a weeklong expedition, or     (800) 929-1417 ext. 117
work towards the canoeing merit badge.                                          (916) 929-1417 ext. 117
The Golden Empire Council offers 12 canoes, complete with oars,
lifejackets and travel trailers. Canoes may be rented to registered Scouting    Return Rental Agreement,
                                                                                Tour Permit and Fees to:
groups only. Canoes hold 2-3 youth, or 2 adults.
                                                                                Golden Empire Council, BSA
RENTAL INSTRUCTIONS                                                             251 Commerce Circle
                                                                                POB 13558
1. Contact the Council office to verify date availability.                      Sacramento, CA 95853-3558
2. Plan your trip.                                                              Fax: (916) 929-4461
3. Verify certification requirements for adults.
4. Complete rental agreement and return with Tour Permit and fees two                  Water Safety
   weeks before departure.                                                           Requirements for
5. Reserve a pick-up and drop-off date, by appointment only, reservations             Adult Leaders
   are made through the camping department.
                                                                                All activities afloat must have a
CANOE INFORMATION                                                               qualified adult (21 years or
                                                                                older) experienced in the
Rental cost is $25.00 per canoe, per day.                                       particular watercraft skills and
   Minimum 2-day rental from Friday to Sunday required.                         equipment. The supervising
   Canoe rentals are on first come, first served basis.                         adult must have completed
   Canoes must be picked up weekdays (M – F), no later than 3:00 p.m.           BSA Safety Afloat and Safe
   Canoes must be returned between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.        Swim Defense training.         In
   At least two adults must be present for on-site canoe pick up.               addition, at least one adult
   Canoes trailers require a 2” ball hitch.                                     supervisor must be CPR
   Refundable deposit of $100.00 required.
                                                                                Safety Afloat has been developed
Pick up / Drop off Location                                                     to promote boating and boating
                                                                                safety and to set standards for safe
Camp Pollock                                                                    unit activity afloat. Before a BSA
1501 Northgate Blvd.                                                            group may engage in an excursion,
Sacramento, CA 9515                                                             expedition, or trip on the water
(916) 925-2166                                                                  (canoe, raft, sailboat, motorboat,
                                                                                rowboat, tube, or other craft), adult
                                                                                leaders for such activity must
Directions                                                                      complete Safety Afloat Training,
                                                                                No. 34159C, have a commitment
Take Business 80 East to Macroni exit. Go North on Marconi to Del Paso          card, No. 34242A, with them, and
Blvd. Go Left on Del Paso Blvd to Land Ave. Turn left on Land Ave. The          be dedicated to full compliance
Supply Station is across the street from the 7-Up office building. Turn right   with all nine points of Safety
into the driveway and go around to the back.                                    Afloat.

CANOE REFERENCE MATERIALS                                                       Canoe Oars and Lifejackets
•    Canoeing Merit Badge Pamphlet                                              provided by a gift
                                                                                from the
•    Guide to Safe Scouting
                                                                                Rotary Club
Updated 7-26-2007
                                                                                   training and supervised practice or meeting requirements for "basic
                                                                                   handling tests" is required for all float trips or open-water excursions

   Safety                                                                          using unpowered craft.
                                                                                   For Cub Scouts: Canoeing and rafting for Cub Scouts (including Webelos

    Afloat                                                                         Scouts) is to be limited to council/district events on flat water ponds or controlled
                                                                                   lake areas free of powerboats and sailboats. Prior to recreational canoeing, Cub
                                                                                   Scouts are to be instructed in basic handling skills and safety practices.
All activity afloat must be supervised by a mature and conscientious               PLANNING
adult age 21 or older who understands and knowingly accepts                        Float Plan. Know exactly where the unit will put in, where the unit will
responsibility for the well-being and safety of the children in his or her         pull out, and precisely what course will be followed. Determine all
care, who is experienced and qualified in the particular watercraft skills         stopover points in advance. Estimate travel time with ample margins to
and equipment involved in the activity, and who is committed to                    avoid traveling under time pressures. Obtain accurate and current maps
compliance with the nine points of BSA Safety Afloat. One such                     and information on the waterway to be traveled, and discuss the course
supervisor is required for each 10 people, with a minimum of two adults            with others who have made the trip under similar seasonal conditions.
for any one group. At least one supervisor must be age 21 or older, and            (Preferably, an adult member of the group should run the course before
the remaining supervisors must be age 18 or older. All supervisors must            the unit trip.)
complete BSA Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense training and rescue               Local Rules. Determine which state and local laws or regulations are
training for the type of watercraft to be used in the activity, and at least       applicable. If private property is to be used or crossed, obtain written
one must be trained in CPR. It is strongly recommended that all units              permission from the owners. All such rules must be strictly observed.
have at least one adult or older youth member currently trained as a BSA
                                                                                   Notification. The float plan must be filed with the parents of participants
Lifeguard to assist in the planning and conducting of all activity afloat.
                                                                                   and a member of the unit committee. For any activity using canoes on
For Cub Scouts: The ratio of adult supervisors to participants is one to five.     running water, the float plan must be filed with the local council service
                                                                                   center. Notify appropriate authorities, such as Coast Guard, state police,
PHYSICAL FITNESS                                                                   or park personnel, when their jurisdiction is involved. When the unit
All persons must present evidence of fitness assured by a complete                 returns from this activity, persons given the float plan should be so
health history from physician, parent, or legal guardian. The adult                advised.
supervisor should adjust all supervision, discipline, and protection to            Weather. Check the weather forecast just before setting out, know and
anticipate any potential risks associated with individual health                   understand the seasonal weather pattern for the region, and keep an alert
conditions. In the event of any significant health conditions, the adult           "weather eye." Imminent rough weather should bring all ashore
leader should require proof of an examination by a physician. Those                immediately.
with physical disabilities can enjoy and benefit from aquatics if the
disabilities are known and necessary precautions taken.                            Contingencies. Planning must anticipate possible emergencies or other
                                                                                   circumstances that could force a change in the original plan. Identify and
                                                                                   consider all such circumstances in advance so those appropriate
SWIMMING ABILITY                                                                   contingency plans can be developed.
A person who has not been classified as a "swimmer" may ride as a
passenger in a rowboat or motorboat with an adult "swimmer" or in a                For Cub Scouts: Cub Scout canoeing and rafting does not include
canoe, raft, or sailboat with an adult certified as a lifeguard or a lifesaver     "trips" or "expeditions" and is not to be conducted on running water (i.e.,
by a recognized agency. In all other circumstances, the person must be a           rivers or streams); therefore, some procedures are inapplicable. Suitable
swimmer to participate in an activity afloat. "Swimmers" must pass this            weather requires clear skies, no appreciable wind, and warm air and
test:                                                                              water. ENT
    Jump feet first into water over the head in depth, level off, and begin        All equipment must be suited to the craft, to the water conditions, and to
    swimming. Swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the            the individual; must be in good repair; and must satisfy all state and U.S.
    following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25   Coast Guard requirements. To the extent possible, carry spare
    yards using an easy, resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be swum
                                                                                   equipment. On long trips or when spare equipment is not available, carry
    continuously and include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim,
    rest by floating. This qualification test should be renewed annually.          repair materials. Have appropriate rescue equipment available for
                                                                                   immediate use.
Properly fitted U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation devices               DISCIPLINE
(PFDs) must be worn by all persons engaged in activity on the open                 All participants should know, understand, and respect the rules and
water (rowing, canoeing, sailing, boardsailing, motorboating,                      procedures for safe unit activity afloat. The applicable rules should be
waterskiing, rafting, tubing, kayaking, and surfboarding). Type II and III         presented and learned prior to the outing, and should be reviewed for all
PFDs are recommended.                                                              participants at the water's edge just before the activity begins. When
                                                                                   Scouts know and understand the reasons for the rules, they will observe
                                                                                   them. When fairly and impartially applied, rules do not interfere with the
BUDDY SYSTEM                                                                       fun. Rules for safety, plus common sense and good judgment, keep the
All activity afloat must adhere to the principles of the buddy system. The
                                                                                   fun from being interrupted by tragedy.
buddy system assures that for every person involved in aquatics activity,
at least one other person is always aware of his or her situation and              Note: For cruising vessels (excluding rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and rafts, but
prepared to lend assistance immediately when needed. Not only does                 including sailboats and powerboats longer than 20 feet) used in adult-supervised
                                                                                   unit activities by a chartered Venturing crew or Sea Scout ship specializing in
every individual have a buddy, but every craft should have a ''buddy
                                                                                   watercraft operations or used in adult-supervised program activity in connection
boat'' when on the water.                                                          with any high-adventure program or other activity under the direct control of the
                                                                                   National Council, the standards and procedures in a forthcoming Sea Scout
                                                                                   manual may be substituted for the "Safety Afloat" standards.
Skill Proficiency
All participants in activity afloat must be trained and experienced in
watercraft handling skills, safety, and emergency procedures. (a) For
unit activity on white water, all participants must complete special
training by a BSA Aquatics Instructor or qualified whitewater specialist.
(b) Powerboat operators must be able to meet requirements for the
Motorboating merit badge or equivalent. (c) Except for whitewater and
powerboat operation as noted above, either a minimum of three hours'
GOLDEN EMPIRE COUNCIL                                                BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

Unit # __________      Unit Type: __________                         District: _________________

Contact Name: (Please print) _____________________________

Policy – Canoes are available to rent to registered Scouting groups only. The cost per canoe is
         $25.00 per canoe, per day. Payment is due with application at the Council Service
         Center two weeks prior to use. Rental of canoes are on first come, first served basis.
         Units must have Safety Afloat certified leadership and must possess an approved Tour

# of canoes to rent:_____________ at $25/day

# of days to use: ______________

Monday – Friday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm only
Plan to pick up on: _____________________ (date) at ________________ (time)

Plan to return on: ______________________ (date) at ________________ (time)

Agreement – We accept responsibility for the canoes we rent. It is understood that the cost of
normal repairs is included in our rental cost. We also understand that in the event a canoe
trailer, paddle, and/or lifejacket is damaged beyond repair or lost, we will be responsible for cost
to replace the item(s). Driver assumes any risk, liability or damage to personal vehicle caused
by towing this trailer. Driver also understands and agrees to above agreement.

Tour Leader Signature

_______________________________               _________________________________________
Print Tour Leader Name                        (Street Address)

_______________________________               _________________________________________
(Daytime Telephone)                           (City, State, Zip Code)


Total Amount Owed $______________             Amount Paid $________________

Date: ___________________________             Receipt # ____________________
NOTE: Each driver of a canoe trailer must submit this hold harmless agreement form to
Golden Empire Council

                               Canoe Rental
                        HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT
 ______________________________ shall indemnify, hold free and harmless, assume
liability for, and defend the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, its chartered affiliates, agents,
servants, employees, officers and directors from any and all costs and expenses,
including but not limited to, attorney’s fees, reasonable investigative and discovery
costs, court costs, and all other sums which the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, it’s
chartered affiliates, agents, servants, employees, officers and directors may or become
obligated to pay on account of any, all and every demand for claim or assertion of
liability, or any claim or action founded thereon arising or allegedly to have risen out of
__________________________ use of real or personal property belonging to the BOY
SCOUTS OF AMERICA, it’s chartered affiliates, agents, servants, employees, officers
and directors.

REMINDER – Please remember to secure all personal and group equipment at all times. All
vehicles should be locked and secured.

Type of unit: Crew Pack Troop Team (circle one)

Unit #

By signing this document driver assumes any risk, liability or damage to personal
vehicle caused by towing this canoe trailer. Driver also understands and agrees to
above agreement.

Print Driver Name

Signature of Driver


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