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Intrusion Prevention - IT Risk Management

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									Intrusion Prevention - IT Risk Management
Intrusion Prevention solutions detect and eliminate content-based threats
from email, viruses, worms, intrusions, etc. in real time without
degrading network performance. They detect and eliminate the most
damaging, content-based threats from email and Web traffic such as
viruses, worms, intrusions, inappropriate Web content and more in real
time - without degrading network performance.

Today's global information infrastructure faces possible huge financial
losses caused by ineffective Intrusion Prevention. Among the most
vulnerable technologies are Providers of VoIP, video teleconferencing and
data over cellular networks. While these providers have integrated into
their products, the need for new Intrusion Prevention solutions is
constant. Here are some of the area in which Intrusion Prevention offers
effective solutions.

Instant Messaging - Intrusion Prevention
The real-time, interactive nature of Instant Messaging makes it a
valuable tool for business partners, customers and fellow employees. The
breach of security opportunities created by the use of IM must be managed
for given its postion as a widely accepted business communications tool.

Real Time Vulnerability - Intrusion Prevention
Real Time Vulnerability Protection Suite breaks away from the reactive
method of chasing attacks after they happen to eliminating and protecting
vulnerabilities on your systems. By protecting against known and unknown
vulnerabilities, you can ensure data reliablity and sercurity.

Network Infrastructure - Intrusion Prevention
Intrusion Prevention protect the network infrastructure to carry on your
business without disruption. Enterprise level solutions offer effectevie
network intrusion prevention solutions (IPS) within the context of your
company's comprehensive security policy.

Email - Intrusion Prevention
Financial Companies, manufactures, retailers, etc. use intrusion
prevention to scan messages and attachments for viruses. Together with
"preemptive" email security approach, effective intrusion prevention
offers the best protection from spam and virus attacks.

Application Level Attacks - Intrusion Prevention
A successful denial of service attack can put a corporate website off
line for hours or more. Intrusion Prevention products offer the best
protection against application level attacks and secure all networked
applications, users and server resources.

Large Enterprises - Intrusion Prevention
Large Enterprises with widely dispersed Carrier & Data Center Networks
need specially built high-performance security gateway Intrusion
Prevention with proven firewall and IPSec VPN to deliver scalable network
and application level security. Intrusion prevention protects the
enterprise against the seemingly insignificant worm, virus, trojan, etc.
that can topple its network.
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