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					                    C O R P O R A T E                                                                                                           M E N U
GOURMET                                                               PLATTERS                                                                   FINGER FOOD
SANDWICHES                                                            Fruit                                                                      Hot
                                                                      • Fresh seasonal fruit             from $35 per platter
Freshly baked light rye, wholemeal and                                                                                                           • Mini quiches ‹ Vegetarian
white bread with a variety of delicious                               Fruit, Cheese and Biscuits                                                 • Mini pies
wholesome fillings.                                                   • A variety of Australian cheese and biscuits                              • Sausage rolls
                                                                      • Fresh seasonal fruit, Australian cheese and biscuits                     • Pizza slices ‹ can be Vegetarian
• Salmon, chutney ,chive, celery
                                                                                                         from $45 per platter                    • Satay chicken sticks ‹ Dairy & Gluten Free
  and cucumber
• Lightly curried apricot chicken                                                                                                                • Chicken parcels
                                                                      Cold Meat and Cheese                                                       • Zucchini, carrot and bacon slice
• Chicken, corn relish celery and mint
                                                                      • Cold meats, cheese and biscuits – a delicious mix                        • Creamy tortellini pick-up sticks ‹ Vegetarian
• Tuna, celery and sour cream
                                                                        of honey ham, pepperoni, mild salami, camembert,                         • Herb meatballs
• Roast beef, tomato and alfalfa
                                                                        tasty and blue vein cheese … and more.                                   • Tiny cheesey potatoes with bacon ‹ Gluten Free
• Ham, hommus and sun dried tomatoes
• Carrot, raisin and cream cheese                                                                        from $45 per platter                    • Satay chicken parcels
• Turkey, cranberry sauce and alfalfa                                                                                                            • Zucchini and carrot slice ‹ Vegetarian
                                                                      Sweet Slices
• Curried egg                                                                                                                                    • Ratatouille Parcels ‹ Vegetarian
                                                                      • Mixed sweet slices                                         POA
• Ginger and cream cheese                                                                                                                        • Curried Vegetable Parcels
• Silverside, mustard and tomato                                                                                                                   with Sweet Chilli Sauce ‹ Vegetarian
• Salami cheese and sun dried tomatoes                                CAKES                                                                      • Salmon and rice balls ‹ Gluten Free
• Roast beef, cucumber and homemade chutney                                                                                                      • Vol-o-vonts
• Ham strawberries and alphalfa                                       •   Lumberjack cake (apple and date)
                                                                      •   Lemon sour cream cake                                                  • Thai chicken balls
The most popular choice is a mixed platter                            •   Carrot and walnut cake                                                 Cold
serving one and a half rounds per person.                             •   Boiled fruit cake
                                                                      •   Double chocolate cake                                                  • Chicken and coriander
Minimum 10 rounds                       $6.60 per round                                                                                            rice paper rolls ‹ Vegetarian & Gluten Free
                                                                      •   Cheesecake (strawberry, cherry, etc)
                                                                      •   Orange cake with cream cheese topping                                  • Sushi rolls ‹ Vegetarian & Gluten Free
                                                                          … all made in our own kitchen                                          • Mini gourmet ribbon sandwiches
GOURMET ROLLS                                                                                                                                    • Salami cones
                                                                      Each cake serves 12 to 14 people             from $35 per cake
Freshly baked wholemeal, rye and white rolls filled                                                                                              • Tiny cheese scones ‹ Vegetarian
with a variety of delicious wholesome fillings.                                                                                                  • Brushetta ‹ Vegetarian
Some examples of our fillings are:
                                                                      PLOUGHMANS                                                                 • Lemon and herb sardines
• Ham, pineapple, mayonaise and lettuce                               LUNCH                                                                      • Cucumber rounds topped with Cream Cheese
                                                                                                                                                   and Smoked Salmon
• Shaved beef, corn relish, lettuce and tomato
                                                                      Can be eaten as finger food                                                • Tomato and bococinni Sticks ‹ Vegetarian & Gluten Free
• Marinated chicken and salad
• Mild salami, tasty cheese, tomato and salad leaves                  Lemon parmesan chicken pieces, honey ham,                                  • Herb, mayonnaise and gherkin eggs ‹ Vegetarian
• Roast pork, apple sauce and salad                                   cheese, pickled onions, gerkins, capsicum, sun                             • Smoked Trout and avocado fingers
• Turkey, cranberry, brie and salad                                   dried tomatoes, chutney, salad greens and sour                             Please phone for prices and help with
• Tuna, chopped celery, chives, lettuce and                           dough bread. …Deeeeelicious                                                quantities for your function
  mayonaise (vegetarian)
                                                                      Minimum 10 people              from $16.50 per person
• Chicken, mayonaise, parsley, celery and lettuce
Minimum 10 rolls                                 $7.50 each
                                                                                                                                                 MORNING &
                                                                      BBQ SALADS                                                                 AFTERNOON TEA
                                                                      A variety of salads for your BBQ
LIGHT LUNCHES                                                         • Hoekin noodle salad
•   Quiche Lorraine                                                   • Coleslaw …with crushed pineapple                                         •   French pastries
•   Asparagus quiche                                                  • Potato salad with home made avocado dressing                             •   Scones with jam and cream
•   Vegetable slice ‹ can be Gluten Free                              • Warm pasta salad with seafood sauce                                      •   Savoury scones
•   Large sausage rolls                                               • Baby spinach, tiny tomatoes, pine nuts,                                      … all made in our own kitchen
•   Pasties …yummy                                                      feta cheese …tossed in a yummy dressing
•   Lasagna                                                           • Salsa salad …tomato, cucumber, red                                                                 from $6.00 per person
•   Cheesey salmon supreme                                              onion, celery …all in a tangy dressing
•   Creamy chicken and brocolli                                       • Hot potato, bacon and onion salad
                                                                                                                                                 At least two days notice is required for most
                                                                      • Rossini …pasta, capsicum, onion, corn, dressing                          things, please just ring and check.
Your choice of two of the above dishes
plus salad platter and sour dough/rye bread                           Minimum of 4 salads if this is the only order                              Gourmet sandwich and bread roll orders need
                                                                                                                                                 only 24 hours notice. So that you can be assured
Minimum 10 people                    $15.50 per person                All salads serve 10 to 12 people                       $40 each            we are able to fulfil you order, please provide as
                                                                                                                                                 much notice as possible.
                                                                      ANTIPASTO                                                                  Please note: Prices include GST. Orders under
                                                                      …great for lunch or Friday happy hour                                      $100 may be subject to a delivery charge. Prices
                                                                                                                                                 may change without notice.                                            Minimum 10 serves                  from $12 per person

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