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your cash flow
                                                    Knowledge area: Technical

In any organisation it’s vital you continue to      What’s inside
monitor your cash flow operations, as this is a     Look inside to find out more about
                                                    the following self-paced programs:
critical element in determining future success.
                                                    + Cash flow statements
Equip yourself to manage your organisation’s cash     preparation
flow with the skills and knowledge necessary to:
                                                    + Consolidated cash
+ Identify improvements and problems early            flow statements
                                                    + Introduction to cash
+ Analyse your liquidity
                                                      flow statements
+ Implement strategies to help maintain your        + Managing and forecasting
  financial position                                  cash flow

                                                            AASB nt with
                                                          requi 107
Controlling your cash flow

                                                                              Introduction to cash
                                                                              flow statements
CPA Australia’s suite of cash flow programs will show you how to
streamline your critical cash flow processes, to ensure healthy cash flows
and to give you the opportunity to gain greater visibility into the sources
                                                                              CD-ROM        |   Online

and uses of your cash.                                                        Understand and create a simple cash flow
                                                                              statement as required by AASB 107 and equip
                                                                              yourself with the knowledge to make decisions
Online and CD-ROM features                                                    regarding your company’s cash flow.
+ Learn anytime, anywhere
                                                                              Program outline
+ Detailed, case-based interactive and worksheet activities,                  This program will examine the following:
  supported by hints and explanations                                         + The importance of cash flow statements
+ Tools and templates to implement immediately                                + An overview of the professional
                                                                                accounting standard AASB 107, including
                                                                                note disclosures
How to order                                                                  + The structure and components of cash
Return the completed order form on the following page, or order                 flow statements
online directly, searching for the program(s) that interest you, at           + How to convert from accrual to                                                         cash-based information
                                                                              + The preparation of cash flow
                                                                                statements through practical examples,
Career Guidance System                                                          inclusive of GST
                                                                              + The role of cash flow information within
New competency levels                                                           the failed telecommunications company
Each program has now been matched to a set of competencies                      One.Tel Ltd
that will assist you to plan your career development well into the future.
                                                                              Learning outcomes
Each level is defined by the tasks expected to be undertaken within a
                                                                              At the completion of this program you
competency, level of risk of the tasks, level of supervision, experience
                                                                              will be able to:
and strategic thinking.
                                                                              + Understand the differences between cash
                                                                                and accrual accounting
       Competent:                                                             + Understand the historical development
Program will provide an overview of the topic and knowledge of key              of cash flow statements through the
                                                                                early statement of sources and application
principles. Suitable for those with 2 – 3 years of experience looking
                                                                                of funds, up to and including the
to gain increased competence in the area.                                       current AIFRS equivalent AASB 107
                                                                                Cash Flow Statements
       Proficient:                                                            + Understand the components of the cash
                                                                                flow statement and how to convert accrual
Program will provide an intermediate level of detail on the topic and a
                                                                                data into cash flow data
focus on the application of knowledge. Suitable for those with competent
                                                                              + Prepare cash flow statements using the
experience looking to gain increased proficiency in this area.
                                                                                direct and indirect methods as illustrated
                                                                                with practical examples
       Expert:                                                                + Prepare and interpret the various
Program will provide enhanced knowledge with a strategic perspective            cash flow ratios
on the topic, and will focus on the evaluation and synthesis of concepts.     + Identify the limitations of cash
                                                                                flow statements
Suitable for leaders and specialists with 8 – 10+ years of experience
looking to achieve an expert level of competency in the area.                 + Analyse and discuss various high-profile
                                                                                corporate collapses involving cash flow
For more information and to assess your business knowledge visit              + Summarise consolidated cash flow                                        statements, creative accounting in cash
                                                                                flow statements and the benefits of
                                                                                budgeting for cash flow
                                                                                                 Controlling your cash flow

Cash flow statements                           Consolidated cash flow                            Managing and forecasting
preparation                                    statements                                        cash flow
CD-ROM       |   Online                        Online                                            CD-ROM        |   Online

Expand your understanding of how to prepare    Solid, positive cash flows are imperative to      Use a hands-on approach, and ensure you
a statement of cash flow and disclosures in    the livelihood of any business. This self-paced   can apply the theory to a practical situation,
accordance with AASB 107. Take the ideal       program will equip you with the principles and    working through hypothetical and real life
development step to enhancing your cash        knowledge necessary to prepare and analyse        examples.
flow statement knowledge, by understanding     a consolidated cash flow statement.
                                                                                                 You will be provided with the tools required
how to construct a cash flow statement and
                                                                                                 to manage your organisation’s cash, identify
associated notes within your organisation.     Program outline
                                                                                                 improvements and problems early, analyse
                                               This program will focus on the following:         your liquidity and implement strategies to help
Program outline
                                               + The preparation of cash flow statements         maintain your financial position.
This program will examine the following:         that involve the acquisition and disposal
+ Review of AASB 107 requirements                of subsidiaries                                 Program outline
+ Analysis and reconstruction of ledgers       + Compliance with accounting standard             + Managing cash balances
  to obtain cash flow information                AASB 107 Statement of cash flows                + Operating cash flow management
+ The use of worksheets to prepare             + The preparation of consolidated cash flow       + Investing cash flow management
  cash flow statements                           statements, including the relevant notes to
                                                                                                 + Financing cash flow management
+ The preparation of relevant disclosures        the accounts
                                                                                                 + Forecasting future cash flows
  required by AASB 107                         + Understanding and recording operating,
+ UIG Interpretation 1031; how to deal           investing and financing activities
                                                                                                 Learning outcomes
  with GST                                     + Three different methods for preparing
                                                                                                 At the completion of this program you will be
                                                 consolidated cash flow statements –
                                                                                                 able to:
Learning outcomes                                the template, ledger reconciliations
                                                 and the worksheet                               + Demonstrate an understanding of cash flow
At the completion of this program you
                                                                                                   priorities and the key business drivers for
will be able to:
                                               Learning outcomes                                   sustainable cash flow
+ State the key presentation and disclosure
                                               Upon successful completion of this program        + Assess how to manage liquidity and cash
  requirements of AASB 107 Statement of
                                               you will be able to:                                balances, and the effect of interest rates on
  Cash Flows
                                                                                                   cash balances
+ Prepare a cash flow worksheet to             + Prepare a consolidated cash flow
                                                 statement, incorporating the effect of both     + Manage operating cash flows by
  determine cash flows
                                                 an acquisition and disposal of a subsidiary       identifying how to assess and improve the
+ Determine and disclose GST cash flows in                                                         supply chain and overall working capital
  accordance with UIG Interpretation 1031      + Prepare the associated notes that
                                                                                                   management through management of
  Accounting for the Goods and Services          accompany the cash flow statement
                                                                                                   receivables, inventory and payables,
  Tax (GST)                                                                                        including decisions on whether to make or
+ Present a cash flow statement and                                                                buy a product
  prepare relevant disclosures in accordance                                                     + Manage investing cash flows by identifying
  with AASB 107                                                                                    the important cash flow factors in
                                                                                                   determining whether to lease or purchase
Program highlights                                                                                 capital equipment
+ Step-by-step activities and a major case                                                       + Complete a project evaluation using
  study to draw all your learning together                                                         discounted cash flow
+ The ability to choose how you wish to work                                                     + Manage financing cash flow by identifying
  through the materials                                                                            whether to fund the organisation from debt
+ A readiness quiz to help you know what                                                           or equity sources, and how to organise
  sections you need to work through for                                                            dividend policy
  clarity, if you had previously scored an                                                       + Understand the benefits of hedging interest
  incorrect answer                                                                                 rate and currency transaction to minimise
+ The ability to compare your solutions with                                                       cash outflow
  the suggested answers provided                                                                 + Understand how to apply and analyse key
                                                                                                   cash flow ratios including cash burn ratios
                                                                                                   and bankruptcy prediction
                                                                                                 + Design and manage cash forecasts/plans
                                                                                                   using budgets
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