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Digital, digital and more digital
Discussions about the plethora of opportunities offered by digital technologies have featured in the global
filmmaking world for many years. But it’s the harnessing of these opportunities that presents the challenge.

SMS Sugar Man                                                        Spoon                                                                      ConfeSSionS of a gaMBler

          MS Sugar Man, co-produced by              vox pops filmed on the street with people           Jungle Beat has been bought by 17 airlines,”               got four million hits – if only we could have
          South African companies dv/8 and          responding to the question, ‘Is there anything         Co-directors of the new South African                   made R1 for every hit. There is a big market
          Reflex Films, was the world’s first       you want to apologise for?’ That particular         film Spoon, Sharlto Copely and Simon                       for short films on the Internet and they allow
          film to be shot on a cell phone. It       film was a big hit.                                 Hanson released their first short film, the 3D             you to showcase your creativity,” concluded
is to be released simultaneously on a variety          “When we set up our distribution network         animated Space Shuttle on the Internet. “We                Hansen.
platforms in early 2007 so that all revenue         for these films, it was interesting to find that
streams will open up immediately.                   like traditional feature films, a distributor of
   This was revealed by executive producers         cell phone films buys the product. The films
Jeremy Nathan and Joel Phiri at the Digital         went out on TV and at festivals but I don’t                                        N GS
Overview held at Sithengi. “As a company            know if anyone has seen them on cell phones.                                    KI
we’ve tried to be at the forefront of the digital
movement so that more people can make
                                                    I have to wonder though if cell phones are
                                                    good for anything other than sports and                              R
films. The old film economy is dead and there       news,” said Iron.                                                FO

                                                                                                                       SOUnD STage 2
                                                                                                              E  N
is now a triangular relationship between the
audience, filmmakers and distribution. This         ReseRvations                                           OP
can be empowering because filmmakers can            South African producer Zaheer Bhyat, who
control distribution,” said Phiri.
   Nathan added: “Today films are distributed
                                                    made Confessions of a Gambler last year,
                                                    expressed reservations about shooting on
                                                                                                                Really Big in Johannesburg!
through the Internet, video on demand and           digital. “If you don’t have a film print you
satellite video on demand. American online          lose control of what your film will look like.
DVD movie rental service NetFlix has                Our budget dictated that we shoot on the
65 000 films on offer, concentrating on non-        Panasonic HVX 200 [the first P2 camera] and
studio product. Thanks to digital we’re seeing      record straight onto a solid state card. This
the divide between the rich and the poor –          meant we went from camera straight into
Hollywood studios and the rest of the world.        online [no tape transfers, no EDL, no off-line
   “With SMS Sugar Man we are doing a               and no compression]. We did a lot of testing
hybrid form of distribution, using old and          for compatibility but the risk is playback – if
new models and have partnered with mobile           the projector is not calibrated correctly you
phone operator Vodacom. DVD involves                lose control of the picture.”
many layers of content (ie. behind the scenes          In terms of distribution a digital release was
footage, interviews, etc.) so the filmmaker has     considered. “We are still looking at blowing
to factor all this into his budget. The revenue     up to 35mm because in SA digital projectors
models for digital are very complicated and         are presently not that good. And, the picture
no-one has the answers yet.”                        is one thing while sound is another. South
   Phiri stressed that South African                African cinemas can project digitally but
producers have to create within their local         those projectors can’t play out in Dolby
economic environment. “At dv/8 we’re                Digital,” noted Bhyat.
keeping production costs as low as possible            Zimbabwean company Sunrise Productions
and partnering with telecommunications              explored mobile media for its 3D animated
companies.”                                         series Jungle Beat. “Cell phones are not a
   Canadian producer Daniel Iron recounted          great way of making money as the service
how he made four films on cell phones. “As          provider takes half, if not more, of what users                                                     Q-Studios
a producer of theatrical documentaries              have to pay to download. Our aggregator for                           Television, Film & Photographic Studios,
and feature films I had no previous digital         international distribution also keeps a cut.                    Q-Corner, 149 10th Road (cnr 4th Avenue), Kew 2090
experience. I approached four directors and         Another approach we took was to license                             Telephone 011 7917303 Fax 011 887 2266
told each to make a film without setting            the Jungle Beat characters and approach                Bookings: John Difford cell: 083 260 3632 e-Mail:
any parameters other than they be shot on           advertisers who would take the characters
cell phones. One of the films was based on          and advertise via SMS. In the meantime,                                                Clidet No 37 (Pty) Limited trading as Q-Studios

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                                                                                                                                                                                  	     January	2007	–	SCREENAFRICA	   31

Pax Afrika to the rescue!
an unsolicited pitch to public broadcaster SaBC led to the creation and production of what is believed to be
                                                                                                                                                       By	Joanna	Sterkowicz

South africa’s first fully home-grown long form animation series.

         ot only is each episode of URBO: The                                                                                                                [the lack of outlines] which is something we
         Adventures of Pax Afrika 24 minutes                                                                                                                 have in common with South Park in that it’s
         in length, but there are 52 episodes                                                                                                                far removed from classic cartoons.”
         in total. The only other long form                                                                                                                    Brown believes that URBO’s visual style is
animation series to come out of South Africa                                                                                                                 unique. “The benefit of living where we are is
was 2005’s award-winning 3D series, Magic                                                                                                                    that we’re not completely obsessed with either
Cellar (20x12-minutes), co-produced with                                                                                                                     Western or Asian animation and I hope that
Canada and animation outsourced to India.                                                                                                                    we managed to find our own look. We have
   URBO was entirely made in SA by Cape                                                                                                                      taken references from South African culture
Town-based Octagon CSI (Destination                                                                                                                          and we’re very proud that some of that comes
SA, Hip2B2, Keeping It Real with Precious).                                                                                                                  through in the show.”
Combining science fiction with clever scripts
and pop-culture satire, URBO is about Pax                                                                                                                    the woRkfLow
Afrika, an unruly South African teen chosen                                                                                                                  Careful multitasking is required to produce
by the spirits of the Ancestors to save the                                                                                                                  an episode, from start to finish, in just 10
decaying futuristic world he inhabits.                                                                                                                       weeks. Once the script has been workshopped
   The series was conceived by executive                                                                                                                     and finalised, three storyboard artists design
producer Sean Rogers, who admits a lifelong                                                                                                                  and draw every single shot and reaction,
passion for animation. “I met up with four                                                                                                                   according to filmic technique (ie. close up,
young animators, Sky Penderis, Wynand                                                                                                                        long shot, etc.).
Groenewald, Tyronne Herring and Tim Wang                                                                                                                        Brown then records the episode with
to talk about creating a truly South African                                                                                                                 the actors, where after an animatic, using
animated show. Everything had to be local –                                                                                                                  the storyboard visuals together with the
storyline, production, animation and actors.                                                                                                                 audio, is created to cut the show to length
Without the backing and support of the                                                                                                                       and to give exact timings to the animators.
SABC URBO would never have happened.”                                                                                                                        Having the backgrounds built in 3D helps
   Work on the series commenced in                                                                                                                           Brown to quickly set up cinematography
November 2005 with a team of eight people                                                                                                                    for shots by just pointing a camera in the
including Rogers, the four animators,                                                                                                                        right direction and seeing the final result in
award-winning director Matthew Brown                                                                                                                         real time. The backgrounds get rendered in
(Clowns), head scriptwriter Lauren Beukes                                                                                                                    vector format and are imported into Flash
and lead storyboard artist, Gareth Jones.                                                                                                                    along with the audio track for that shot.
The development of three test sequences             THe paX MaCHine – gareth Jones,Tyronne Herring, Sky penderis, Sean rogers (centre),Wynand groenewald,    Another group of set-up artists takes these
                                                    lauren Beukes, Matthew Brown and Tim Wang
wrapped up in March that year whereupon                                                                                                                      Flash files and adds pre-built 2D characters
full production began. Some 50 people now                                                                                                                    and props into the shot based on the
work on the project full time.                      whole new world?”                                       Says Beukes, “Our themes are arguably            storyboard hardcopies they have. Finally
   Rogers, who has a long history in sports            According to Rogers it was critical to ensure     adult, but kids are getting bombarded               the animators get their hands on the shots.
shows, documentaries and live action                that the project remained wholly locally             with this stuff every day. In the initial test      The characters are animated in Flash using a
children’s TV series, chose Brown to direct         funded and produced. “I think it’s remarkable        audience sessions (run independently by             library of expressions and gestures the team
because of his background in drama. “With           that we’ve done it without external funding          market research company Back2Basics), the           has built from scratch. Each shot gets checked
his talent and creativity, I knew Matthew           or international co-production.”                     older kids nailed every nuance, while the           by an animation director for the movement
would be the one person who would be able              In SA’s colour conscious society it’s worth       younger ones loved the racing action and the        and stylistic quality control before it is
to take this wild idea and make it happen.          noting that Pax Afrika himself is black. “This       characters. They responded to traditional           rendered and sent to post production to add
   “Lauren Beukes was introduced to me as an        was never a calculated decision. Pax’ race           kids’ issues like bullying or bunking               smoke, fire, water, lens flares and countless
accomplished writer, who was doing her MA           came through naturally in the designs of who         school. The series does genuinely work              other effects. The editor replaces all the
in Creative Writing and developing a feature        the character was. Pax means peace in Latin          on multiple levels and appeals to adults            rough storyboard shots with final rendered
film script with Matthew. Having read her           and is a foreshadowing of his destiny – a child      as well.”                                           shots, followed by final audio.
novel [to be published next year], which is         who will bring about great change in the                In this 3D animation-heavy world, the               Brown notes that although he expected a
also a sci-fi saga set in a future Cape Town,       world and restore peace,” explains Rogers.           characters in URBO are staunchly 2D,                good response, he’s been overwhelmed by
and meeting with her, I knew she would bring           Brown points out that Pax is not a                against 3D backgrounds. Says Animation              just how phenomenally popular the show has
Pax’s story to life. This is the first animation    stereotypical hero or anti-hero. “He’s               Director Wynand Groenewald: “It’s much              become in a few short weeks. “It proves we
project for all three of us.”                       troublesome, he’s curious, he has a quick            easier to stretch reality when you’re working       were absolutely right in sticking to our guns
   What appealed Brown about URBO was               temper and issues with authority, but most of        in 2D because it lends itself to creative           and making the kind of show we would want
the opportunity to create a completely new          all he has a lot to learn.”                          freedom. In URBO we’ve blended the benefits         to watch.”
universe from scratch. “I loved the premise of                                                           of 2D and 3D for faster delivery of a better           Despite its totally local flavour and feel,
a bunch of kids who just want to bunk school        Looking at today’s woRLd                             product. The backgrounds are fully immersive        Rogers reports that there has been a lot of
and ride their hover bikes who then get called      With the SABC commission (which followed             3D environments which are rendered in               interest from international broadcasters.
on to save the world. It’s a classic storyline. I   Octagon’s five months of development and             flat shading to match the characters and            “Our first responsibility was to create
particularly loved getting to play with taking      research to prove that the story would work)         props.”                                             a story that would resonate with South
where the world is heading now, to its worst        came the broadcaster’s mandate to focus on              Animation Director Sky Penderis adds:            African children but we always hoped that
scenario. Although this is a kids’ show, it has     issues relevant to South African kids. Hence         “After studying the techniques of various           the product would be able to travel through
a dark edge.”                                       the series looks at consumerism, celebrity           different international studios we went for         its uniqueness and the growing interest
   Beukes had wanted to write cartoons since        culture, branding, the media, protest culture        Flash software as we wanted something               in Africa. We had a great response at the
childhood. “URBO was a chance to create             and culture jamming, ubuntu, gender                  relatively fast and easy that still looked great.   2006 MIPCOM Junior and negotiations are
something that was ambitious, brave, hip,           equality and environmentalism. Despite the           We’ve developed a proprietary hybrid system         underway for international distribution.”
local, smart, funny and relevant. And who           sophisticated content, the target age group is       of 2D and 3D, capitalising on the strengths         URBO is broadcast on SABC3 every Saturday
would turn down the opportunity to create a         between 9 to 12 years.                               of each. I guess I’d call URBO’s style ‘lineless’   morning at 9am.

 32    SCREENAFRICA	–	January	2007
 PROMAX|BDA AFRICA                                        CoMpileD By Joanna STerkoWiCz

The “in-betweeners”
in mid-november the South african on-air promotions, marketing and broadcast design fraternity
gathered in Johannesburg to be exposed to the latest global trends at the inaugural promax/BDa africa
Conference & awards.

                 ost people don’t understand                                                                    They have no added value and in fact     is: ‘We know drama’, even if the promo is for
                 our craft, art and science.                                                                    chase people away from the channel       non-dramatic programmes.”
                 As promo makers we are the                                                                     or programme. The first few seconds
                 glue between programmes.                                                                       of a break are the most important        engagement
The discipline of on-air promotion – that is                                                                    and should be set aside for promos.      Hunt noted that the new way in the US
to incentivise viewers and capture channel                                                                      You can lose 20% of viewers in a         of measuring audiences is ‘Engagement’
surfers – is audience management,” said                                                                         commercial break but you only lose       as opposed to the traditional method of
keynote speaker Lee Hunt of Lee Hunt                                                                            3% with a promo.”                        measuring eyeballs (ie. ratings). “Engagement
Associates (LHA) in his presentation on New                                                                       The alternative is sponsored promos    is momentary – it happens in the viewers’
Best Practices. Based in New York, LHA                                                                          but there has to be a synchronicity      heads and it’s a critical advertising model.
has launched and branded more than 100                                                                          between the programme and the            Promos now are a lot more like movie trailers.
networks.                                                                                                       show. Hunt quoted the example of         But to create highly engaging promos is time-
   As TV viewers turn on a TV to be                                                                             Monk (the germaphobic detective)         consuming and your staff won’t be able to
entertained, the job of the promo maker is to                                                                   coupling with a germ-cleaning            work on other promos.
enhance the viewer’s experience. According                                                                      product in a sponsored promo.               “Programme image spots are where you
to a snapshot sample of research by MPG                                                                         “However, sponsored promos can           shoot material specifically for a promo
into North American TV, there are between                                                                       also be confusing. TV networks are       instead of just using footage from the show
12 to 17 minutes per hour of commercials                                                                        not just selling the show anymore        (ie. clip spot). It’s every promo maker’s dream
and promos, equating to 28% of an hour.                                                                         – they’re selling everything.”           in the US to go out and shoot something for
   Hunt pointed out that there are many                                                                                                                  a network. Sometimes one simple effect is
                                                   guiDing TV VieWerS – lee Hunt
things promo makers can’t control in the                                                                        pvRs                                     worth a hundred others.”
viewer experience, such as the TV guide                                                                         Then there is the question of Personal
and the mistakes therein; hence the need for       urge to surf or switch channels).                            Video Recorders (PVRs). Just as          tagLines
innovative practices and inspired tactics.            “Ever since then the networks have been           PVRs are causing havoc with the traditional      Everyone’s always looking for great taglines,
   “There has been a big change in the promo       experimenting with squeeze credits, placed           30-second television commercial, they will       said Hunt. “Advertising research shows
industry over the last two years and it was        either at the bottom, top left or right of screen.   revolutionalise promos. “How do you PVR-         that people don’t remember taglines so
initiated by a broadcaster. US network ABC         This is an acknowledgement that viewers are          proof promos,” asked Hunt. “Research has         why have them in the promo business?
moved from the three-act drama hour to             not interested in credits. Squeezed credits can      shown that 75% of PVR users watch ads            Because, in a crowded market they help to
a four-act drama hour. ABC’s hit drama             be used as a platform for the promo or you           sometimes and some of these are promos.          give a broadcaster an identity – they define,
series Lost uses a long opening sequence to        can tickertape the credits. As your objective        So you need a promo that stands out when         differentiate and make relevant. Taglines are
get viewers hooked. This then goes into a          is to hook the viewer and keep them watching         running at warped speed.”                        a shortcut to what the channel promises.
short, 15-second title sequence (as opposed        the channel you need to ask – what should go                                                          Consider ‘It’s not TV, it’s HBO’, for example.”
to the usual 45 seconds) as viewers use title      in the video window? There is no easy answer         channeL BRanding                                    A channel can either choose a long term
sequences to surf or leave the room. ABC           and it depends on your priorities.”                  Promos are based on linear structure in that     tagline that reinforces its programming and
sometimes goes from show open directly                Rule Number 1, said Hunt, is ‘Give me             one programme follows another. Said Hunt:        packaging brand and what the viewer wants, or
back into content such as in the sitcom, My        more’ which means, viewers tuned in to watch         “Our jobs are always about creating demand.      the short term tagline that challenges viewers.
Wife and Kids, where the titles are put over       this show so they want something similar. “A         Promo people have to provide viewers with        “You choose either to achieve your particular
the opening sequence. So, ABC is teaching its      good promo entertains the viewer and makes           guidance and we are the navigators. So, how      business goal. The tagline must explain the
viewers that at the top of the hour they will      them tune in. The second rule is ‘Convince           do we define a channel? Four out of five         channel, differentiate it, drive viewership,
get content.                                       me’ – the promo maker is making a point of           American teenagers cannot name the top           reflect the channel’s emotion, work with all
   “The first season of Desperate Housewives       purchase sale here. Rule Number 3 is ‘What           four broadcast networks. We have to engage       the content, and be memorable.”
had a engaging long title sequence while           else?’ – what messages do I want to put out?         the channel brand into the show so it is the        Hunt referred to ‘bugs’, the little animations
the new season just has a ‘Previously on           Discovery Channel used credit squeezes to            primary path for the viewer to go to see it.     that invade programme, as “obnoxious”.
Desperate Housewives’ intro. There is no title     sell its products. The successful promo needs        The channel brand has to be fused with the          Bugs are also known as pop-ups,
sequence at all.”                                  to answer ‘yes’ to the following questions           show.”                                           snipes, deckos, crawls, keys or tickers. “E
   According to Hunt, Lost reduced the             – does it enhance the viewer experience and            Hunt commended ABC on successfully             Entertainment Network introduced the BRB
amount of promo time at the beginning of           will it get viewers to the next show?                integrating the Lost brand with its own          (Be Right Back), where a key pops up and
each episode and stacked it onto the end,             “Don’t underestimate the importance of            brand. “It was the gatekeeper to distribution    asks questions at the beginning and end of a
mostly concentrated on the shows coming up         audio as often the viewer isn’t actually looking     but now Lost can be bought on iTunes and it      commercial break and also puts the logo and
next. “ABC believes people will be more open       at the screen during a promo.”                       also goes out on satellite or cable, etc. USA    name of show on the lower third of the screen.
to wanting to receive promo information                                                                 Network has two successful TV shows, The         It seems that our brains are not wired to the
near the end of the drama. However, I would        BiLLBoaRds and                                       4400 and Monk, so they fused them together       parallel process unless the two messages fit
never advocate sacrificing a good story just to    sponsoRed pRomos                                     in one promo. The lead character of Monk         together for a single idea. The trick is to get
fit in a break. ABC takes the final act of their   Hunt described billboards as the bane of             meets the characters from The 4400 and says      the idea from working memory into long-
dramas and splits it into two. Most dramas         his existence. “These consist of a static logo       that the address for both is USA Network.        term memory.”
have a long final sequence whereas in Lost,        and generic narrator and usually sit in the            “I’m also impressed by the brand                  Hunt concluded by saying that promo
end titles are squeezed over a promo for next      first section of the first commercial break.         consistency of TNT because their position        makers should not make TV viewing
week’s episode. Their titles are very plain with                                                                                                         tough for viewers, like tickertapes that run
bland backgrounds.”                                                                                                                                      simultaneously with newscasts. “Don’t
                                                                                                                                                         assume the viewer can watch the programme
acceLeRated fLow                                    “We have to engage the channel brand                                                                 and read the key at the same time. So, make the
Hunt recalled how back in the late 1990s,
NBC revolutionised prime time with squeeze
                                                    into the show so it is the primary path                                                              key short, lead the viewer to the information,
                                                                                                                                                         use a consistent system, and don’t overdo it
credits and ‘accelerated flow’ (ie. reducing        for the viewer to go to see it.” – Lee Hunt                                                          with too much detail.”
psychological time and cutting down the

 34   SCREENAFRICA	–	January	2007
                                                                                                                                                          PROMAX|BDA AFRICA

               Persuasive communication
           a marketer, broadcaster and promo maker all have different ideas on what makes a good promo.
                               What qualities then does a good promo maker need?

     f you thought promos were                                                                                                                              “The client brief says attract women but
     just arbitrary forthcom-                                          mcpRomos                       having fun                                          don’t kill off the male viewers. So, I imagine
     ing attraction spots that                                         Holland expressed a severe     Holland was adamant that the promo maker            I’m a woman. But, the show will also be
     appeared out of nowhere                                           dislike of the “declarative    must have fun. “You need to free up spare           watched by ex-bachelors. So to close the
think again. “A good promo                                             voice” in promos, lines        time to think of new ways to get people to          promo we have the line, ‘Half an hour with
maker needs to be a commu-                                             like “Switch on at 9pm”, for   watch your channel. Feed the left or analytical     Charlie Sheen is enough to restore your
nications expert, a good editor,                                       example.                       side of the brain – find out everything about       bachelor powers’. And I start the promo with,
an audio engineer, a director, a                                          “Fewer and fewer people     the show you’re promoting and about the             ‘Men of Australia, remember when you could
talent wrangler, a musician, a                                         in TV know what a good         people watching it. Fill out a brief to ascertain   leave the toilet seat up’.”
designer, a writer, a sales per-                                       promo is but they think        what the client wants and keep the client in
son, a psychologist, sociologist,                                      they do know. I called their   the loop throughout. A real brief is a round-       vaRying foRm
a drama expert, a co-ordinator,                                        work ‘McPromos’ – cheap        up on how to solve a problem. Also, consider        Another important lesson according to
a manager, an eternal optimist,                                        and quickly produced           what show the audience is supposed to stop          Holland is to vary the form of promos.
a politician, a scapegoat and a                                        promos which are all the       watching to watch your shows.                       “Normal viewers have been conditioned to
miracle worker – all combined                                          same,” noted Holland.             “Then feed your right or creative side of the    ignore promos because of starting promos
into one.”                                                                He stressed that the        brain; close your eyes and consider what would      with the telecast time. Also, promos that start
   This is the required skills set HaVing fun – Charley Holland         most important skill in       make the viewer watch the show. Imagine             with standardised graphics or the sponsor
as defined by Charley Holland,                                          promo making is com-          you’re the receiver of the communication and        logo or the line, ‘All new!’ or ‘4.2 billion
who has worked in TV for over                                           munications and under-        plan from the receiver’s point of view. This        people in Bulgaria watched this programme!’
20 years, having started out making promos         standing the basics thereof. “Only if a receiv-    will help you avoid unclarified assumptions.”       Or a promo that begins with a family in a
for the Seven Network in Australia.                er decodes the same message as the sender             The next stage is structuring the promo          lounge.
   In an innovative presentation at Promax/        sent is the communication successful. People       and coming up with selling strategies. “Use           “The form of the promo needs to be
BDA Africa Holland urged the delegates to          at home have a non-committal relationship          the most persuasive thing you’ve thought of         changed regularly just to keep the audience
“Stop making promos!” in an effort to think        with their TV – they walk in and out of the        and put it at the end of the promo to close         from switching off. The human brain is
about promo making in a new way. “If a rule        room, go to the bathroom, make tea, etc.”          the sale. Then ask yourself – how am I going        inquisitive so it likes problem solving. A
doesn’t actually exist, how did it get into your     Promo makers work in the field of                to get viewers’ attention and how will my           conflict is the key to grabbing viewers’
head? It’s purely from experience and the way      persuasive communication, said Holland.            target audience know my communication is            attention. Conflict gets you involved as the
you’ve learnt before is not necessarily the        Barriers to persuasive communications are          for them? Your communication must include           brain loves a puzzle. Clients, though, hate
best or the only way.                              existing prejudices about programmes or not        a ‘reward for your interest’.”                      conflict.”
   “The history of promos is as old as TV          trusting the sender of the communication. “If         Holland advised promo makers not to                In conclusion Holland again stressed that
itself. It used to be a single frame graphic with  we senders of TV keep laying on how great          write a script and use the spoken word              persuasive communication can be fun and
a live voice. So, what is a promo? Basically, it’s are shows are and they’re not, the viewer will     instead as that is how the viewer will receive      suggested that local promo makers do ‘fun
everything that makes a human being want           begin to distrust the promos or programming        the message. He gave the example of a promo         spots’. “Make promos fun to be with. But
to watch TV.”                                      or the channel.”                                   for the sitcom, Two and a Half Men, in which        make sure they’re part of the show you’re
                                                                                                      Charlie Sheen plays a confirmed bachelor.           promoting.”

                                    Emotions and brands
                      is emotional branding important for the future of TV or is it just the latest buzzword?

          market is created by consumers                                                                The anatomy of the modern brand                   ad was based around ‘This is what a Honda
          experiencing the brand – consumers                                                          revolves around the core product, the brand         feels like’. ”
          have an affinity for brands that make                                                       proposition, its unique benefits, associated           According to Poole, humour is the best
          them feel good and the reverse is true.                                                     brand values and its personality. To illustrate     emotion one can associate with because it
Recent years have seen the rise of emotional                                                          the above, Poole quoted the example of              makes the consumer feel good. “So don’t be
branding, which connects with consumers                                                               Honda. “Its core product is medium priced           afraid to ‘take the piss’. At the time when all
in a way that relates to their aspirations and                                                        cars so the brand proposition is, ‘Quality          UK numbers changed to 118, mobile phone
not their needs. Emotional branding is about                                                          engineering for enhanced life’. The associated      operator Orange ran an ad with the message,
lifestyle.                                                                                            brand values are ‘Vision, imagination and           ‘Turn your phone off!’ which was very brave.”
   So said TV branding and promotion                                                                  creativity’.                                           In terms of branding broadcast channels TV
specialist Martin Poole at Promax/BDA                                                                   “You have to give consumers and TV                has traditionally had a logo based approach.
Africa. With 15 years of experience in                                                                viewers brand cues so that they can                 Channel 4 stuck to the same logo for 20 years
positioning, launching and branding                                                                   recognise the brand. These clues are the logo,      but has created a different emotional feel
channels and platforms across Europe, the                                                             packaging, advertising, jingles, slogan and         for each of their channels. ITV is the main
Middle East and Africa, Poole noted that                                                              campaign line.”                                     commercial channel in the UK and ITV1’s
consumers perceive branding as being just                                                               Poole talked about how the Honda Accord           brand is ‘Emotional moments we all share’.
about graphics, colour or marketing.                                                                  Cog ad changed car commercials. “This was              As Poole said: “The ultimate aim of branding
   “It’s difficult to control this perception and                                                     the first time a car manufacturer had the           is to develop a connection with your viewers
there is the age old debate – product versus        eMoTional ConneCTion – Martin poole               guts to take a car apart. In the commercial         so that they feel they belong. Generating a
brand. If you’re talking about product then                                                           a single cog sets off a chain reaction that         connection means you have to be brave and
speak about the functional benefits and                                                               sets component parts of a Honda Accord              creative and need a strong understanding
price. Nike does this very well for example. In     the fun their products can bring to people,”      in orchestrated motion. It took over 600            of who the channel is and who the viewers
terms of emotional benefits, Nike talks about       explained Poole.                                  takes to film this commercial. Honda’s last         are.”

                                                                                                                                                                       	     January	2007	–	SCREENAFRICA	   35
ReveaLing figuRes                                              Television news has been under even closer scrutiny by
                                                              local media and freedom of expression bodies since it
                                                           was first revealed in July 2006 that SaBC’s news and current
                                                   affairs head, Snuki zikalala, had allegedly “banned” four political
                                   commentators from the airwaves. But how do viewers assess the credibility of TV news
and do they value the information they receive from newspapers and television? Screen Africa asked the South african
arm of the international company Target group index (Tgi) to provide the relevant data in order to explore viewers
opinions on the media. While data for the last six months of 2006 on this issue was not available at the time of going
to print, it is evident that since 2004 viewers acceptance of the validity of TV news was set on a downward path. The
deductions that have been made from the data supplied are those of Screen Africa in discussion with TiM BeSTer of Tgi.

TV News as assessed by viewers
cRediBiLity assessment tRend RegaRding tv news                                                                           cRediBiLity assessment of newspapeRs
                                                                                                                         The table below shows whether people rely on TV or newspapers to keep themselves
                Degree of sceptism of Newspapers and TV as media
              Degree of sceptism of Newspapers and TV as media                                                           informed. The % who rely on TV has fallen by 4% points from 38% to 34% over two years
                                                                                                                         whereas those who rely on newspapers has remained the same at just on one quarter of the
                for information (SABC3 versus eTV) - Total Sample
               for information (SABC3 versus – Total Sample

                                                   24%                                                 24%
                                        21%                                                                                            38%
                               21%                                       19.1% 21%            21%                                                                   37%
                                                                                                                                                                                                  34%                        34%

                                                                                                                                                                   25%                            25%                            24%

                                                                                                                                                                           Amongst TV viewers, reliance on TV as
                                                                                                                                                                           information carrier has fallen by 4% points,
                                                                                                                                                                           whereas Newspapers have remained static.
             News – English [SABC3]: I specially
             News - English [SABC3]: I specially                   News – []: I specially chose to
                                                                   News - e-TV [e-TV]: I specially chose
              chose to watch this programme
              chose to watch this programme                               watch this programme
                                                                        to watch thisprogramme
                                                                                                                             TGISA 2004B 7500               TGISA 2005A 7500               TGISA 2005B 7500                TGISA 2006A 7500
                       Total Sample
                                                                                                                                 (Internal)                     (Internal)                     (Internal)                      (Internal)
                       I rely on TV to keep me informed: Definitely Agree
                                                                                                                                 I rely on TV to keep me informed: Definitely Agree    I rely on newspapers to keep me informed: Definitely Agree
                       I rely on newspapers to keep me informed: Definitely Agree
                       If I rely on TV for the news I am only getting part of the story: Definitely Agree

                                                                                                                         cRediBiLity assessment RegaRding tv news
The number of people who express scepticism regarding the credibility of news on television
has risen in the first six months of 2006 after reflecting a steady decline from over 4m in 2004
to a low of just over 3m. The number of people who do not agree with the statement that they
are getting only part of the news story on television is very small by comparison, but it too has                                                              3,575                     3,488                                     3,412
dropped in the last six months. These trends indicate a loss in the credibility placed by South                                                                                                                 3,075
African adults in television news.

ReLy on tv to keep me infoRmed By Race

                                                                                                                                   703                                                  679                     745                     652
          4,000                                                                                                                                              594

                                                                                                                            TGISA 2004A 7500        TGISA 2004B 7500           TGISA 2005A 7500         TGISA 2005B 7500         TGISA 2006A 7500
                                                                                                                                (Internal)              (Internal)                 (Internal)               (Internal)               (Internal)
                                                                                                                                         If I rely on TV for the news I am only getting part of the story: Definitely Agree
          1,000                                                                                                                          If I rely on TV for the news I am only getting part of the story: Definitely Disagree

                                                                                                                         Comparing these statistics to reliance on TV versus Newspapers to keep them informed, shows
                  0    TGISA 2003B TGISA 2004A TGISA 2004B TGISA 2005A TGISA 2005B TGISA 2006A                           that whether they specially chose to watch SABC3 or, newspapers and TV perform about
                       7500 (Internal) 7500 (Internal) 7500 (Internal) 7500 (Internal) 7500 (Internal) 7500 (Internal)
                                                                                                                         equally with 21% agreeing that either TV or Newspapers are relied on. And, interestingly,
          Black            4,750           4,439           4,556           4,491           4,212            4,248
                                                                                                                         scepticism regarding TV as delivering only part of the story is the same amongst SABC3 and
          White               693           663             787             670             651              568
                              525           569             638             665             493              475
                                                                                                                viewers at 24%. On the one hand promotes their news as “unbiased” and the “snuki”
          Indian              203           188             167             202             201              205         factor has become an issue in recent times for the SABC.

                                                                                                                                                                                Target Group Index (TGI),
In 2003, 4,75m Black viewers said that they relied on TV for information but by 2005 there                                                                               a single source database, is marketed
                                                                                                                                                                     and sold in South Africa by The Brand Survey
was a drop to 4,2m. Both Coloureds and Whites show a small drop in the numbers who said                                                                           Company SA [Pty] Ltd under license from BMRB in
that they rely on TV to keep informed. Amongst Indians there was no remarkable change                                                                         London. TGI is currently available in 57 countries round the
over this period.                                                                                                                                            world, and these range from highly sophisticated first world to
                                                                                                                                                                               less developed countries.

                                                                                                                                                          TGI in South Africa is headed by Barbara Cooke and Tim Bester.
                                                                                                                                                            Research is done continuously during 10 months of the year –
                                                                                                                                                         February to November. It is based on a stratified, random probability
                                                                                                                                                           sample of 15 000 adults, 16 years and older. This sample totals
                                                                                                                                                             16 666 295 people, which represents 56% of the total adult
 36       SCREENAFRICA	–	January	2007                                                                                                                                        population of South Africa.
                                                                                                                                                                      Tel 011 234 0656 Mobile 082 892 5884
                                                                                                                   audience Ratings
                                                                                                                         October 2006
This monthly feature selects prominent local productions, and ranks them in terms of ar ratings.
Selected foreign programmes are shown only for comparison.

ars are weighted over the period of transmission, and the number of transmissions during the calendar month. Data is supplied by the
South african advertising research foundation, and processed by interactive Market Systems (South africa) (pty) ltd.

                                                                                                           the cReam of the LocaL pRoductions
  the top five pRogRammes                                                                                  key:	Day/s	refers	to	the	day	or	days	of	the	week	the	programme	is	transmitted.	Frequency	refers	to	how	often	it	is	
                                                                                                           transmitted	–	D=Daily,	W=Weekly,	S	(followed	by	a	number)	indicates	a	series	of	that	number	of	episodes.	Television	
                                                                                                           Universe	estimated	at	5.232	million	households.	One	ratings	point	of	all	viewers	represents	about	145	590	viewers.

   saBc1                                                                                                   key to genres:	Actu:	Actuality,	Docu:	Documentary,	Dram:	Drama,	Educ:	Education,	Maga:	Magazine,	Musi:	Music,	News:	
   Rank      Programme                                         Date          Genre       AR                News,	Quiz:	Game	Show,	Real:	Real	life,	Reli:	Religion,		Sitc:	Sitcom,	Soap:	Soap,	Spor:	Sport,	Vari:	Variety,	Y.Ent:	Youth	
   1         Generations                                       18/10/2006    Soap        24.29
   2         Zone 14                                           16/10/2006    Dram        19.31

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sep 2006 AR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Oct 2006 AR
   3         City Ses’la                                       03/10/2006    Sitc        18.88

                                                                                                                                                                            Start Time
   4         Xhosa News                                        03/10/2006    News        18.28

   5         Zulu News                                         18/10/2006    News        18.26


   Rank      Programme                                         Date          Genre       AR               3rd Degree                                          Maga        20:00          Tue      W           e         3.91            3.29
   1         7de Laan                                          16/10/2006    Soap        14.44            50/50                                               Maga        17:00          Sun      W           2         4.30            4.06
   3         Mr Bones                                          21/10/2006    Movi        13.65            7de Laan                                            Soap        18:30          M-F      S5          2         11.89           12.16
   4         Community Builder Of The Year                     30/10/2006    Vari        11.53            Backstage                                           Soap        18:30          M-F      S5          e          3.66            4.07
   5         Dikolong                                          25/10/2006    Dram        10.99            CarTorque                                           Maga        17:00          Sun      W           3          2.16            2.17
                                                                                                          Carte Blanche                                       Maga        19:00          Sun      W           M          2.65            3.20
   saBc3                                                                                                  Egoli-Place of Gold                                 Soap        18:00          M-F      S5          M          4.53            4.54
   Rank      Programme                                         Date          Genre       AR               Fokus                                               News        18:30          Sun      W           2          5.74            6.03
   1         Days of Our Lives                                 19/10/2006    Soap        12.20            Gospel Gold                                         Musi        09:00          Sun      W           2          7.02            7.14
   2         Isidingo:The Need                                 04/10/2006    Soap        10.11            Isidingo:The Need                                   Soap        18:30          M-F      S5          3          8.68            8.71
   3         Special Assignment                                31/10/2006    Actu        8.60             Jam Alley                                           Vari        18:30          Fri      W           1          9.67            9.74
   5         Tom And Sheena                                    03/10/2006    Yent        7.35             K-TV                                                Y.Ent       Vari           M-F      S5          M          0.37            0.34
                                                                                                          Laduma on 1                                         Spor        Vari           S/S      S2          1          7.92            6.47
   m-net                                                                                                  Morning Live                                        Maga        06:00          M-F      S5          2          3.78            3.54
   Rank      Programme                                         Date          Genre       AR               Muvhango                                            Dram        21:00          M/T      S2          2         11.71           11.23
   1         Egoli-Place of Gold                               02/10/2006    Soap        5.57             News at Seven                                       News        19:00          Daily    D           e          5.87            5.63
   2         Survivor SA                                       08/10/2006    Real        4.66             News at Seven on 3                                  News        19:00          Daily    D           3          5.11            5.20
   3         The Festive Kitchen                               09/10/2006    Maga        3.77             Pasella                                             Maga        16:30          Sun      W           2          5.18            4.43
   4         S/Sport:ABSA Currie Cup                           14/10/2006    Spor        3.22             Scandal                                             Dram        19:30          M-T      S4          e          6.12            6.14
   5         Carte Blanche                                     01/10/2006    Maga        3.00             Selimathunzi                                        Vari        18:00          Sat      W           1          9.48            8.61
                                                                                                          Siyayinqoba                                         Educ        13:30          Sun      S           1          2.34            2.63                                                                                                   Special Assignment                                  Docu        21:30          Tue      W           3          6.65            5.22
   Rank      Programme                                         Date          Genre       AR               Take 5                                              Educ        Vari           M-F      S5          1          3.77            5.56
   1         International Smackdown                           18/10/2006    Spor        16.64            Top Billing                                         Maga        19:30          Thu      W           2          4.19            5.56
   2         In Hell                                           29/10/2006    Movi        15.79            Tsha Tsha 4                                         Dram        20:30          F        W           1         14.41
   3         WWE Wrestling Raw                                 08/10/2006    Spor        13.07            Tube                                                Y.Ent       Vari           M-F      S5          2          2.06           2.28
   4         Hard Target                                       15/10/2006    Movi        12.77            Yo-TV                                               Y.Ent       Vari           M-F      S5          1          1.87           2.01
   5         Lotto Draw Live                                   14/10/2006    Quiz        11.36            Zone 14                                             Dram        20:30          M        W           1         18.97           18.86

   **NEW LOOK – In future we will be featuring the top five shows viewed
   for each of the channels. This is a change from the way we previously
   displayed the rating information and we hope that you enjoy our ‘new look’
                                                                                                          Top foreign shows
                                                                                                          Days of Our Lives                                   Soap        17:10          M-F      S5          1                         9.85
                                                                                                          International Smackdown                             Spor        20:30          Wed      W           e                         13.40
                                                                                                          The Bold and the Beautiful                          Soap        18:00          M-F      S5          1                         14.69

The	 above	 represents	 a	 selection	 of	 programmes	 only,	 and	 is	 calculated	 on	 the	 total	 calendar	 month’s	 weighted	 average	 of	 the	 total	 audience	 over	 all	 age	 groups.	 If	 you	 want	 a	
particular	 programme	 included,	 please	 email	 Enid	 Venter	 at	 	 The	 purpose	 of	 the	 schedule	 is	 to	 show	 the	 types	 of	 programmes	 South	 African	                       	
audiences	view,	and	to	what	extent.

                                                    You could be here
                                                                                         Phone Antonio on (011) 719-4380 to advertise on


                                                                                                                                                                                                    	           January	2007	–	SCREENAFRICA	           37
 P R O D U C T I O N                                                                                   U P D A T E S

           for furTHer DeTailS ViSiT                                                                   kalaHari
                                                                                                       SA	Prodution	Co.
                                                                                                                                        reD line
                                                                                                                                        Sphere	Pictures
                                                                                                                                                                       THe CHiliMila
                                                                                                                                                                       Safari                                                                           Film	Hiring	Services
                                                                                                       kingS of
                                                                                                                                        Griffin	Films
                                                                                                                                                                       International	Radio	Pictures,	
                                                                                                                                                                       Dir:	Kit	Reynolds	/	Joel	

Those productions in red are newly listed this month                                                   Creative	Media	Projects
                                                                                                       Prod:	Tony	Els
                                                                                                       Drama	Action	Series              Film	Hiring	Services           THe Dragon’S MiST
oRdeR of infoRmation                 an afriCan prinCe                einSTein inC.                    lanD of THirST                   SA	Production	Co               Aview	to	a	Production.	
 1.	Title	                           International	Radio	             Sphere	Pictures                  Vuleka	Productions               2	x	90	min	series              Feature	Film	
 2.	Production	Company	              Productions	Inc.                 Prod:	Dylan	Ben-Israel           Dir:	Meg	Rickards                SCarpin 2                      THe eSCape
 3.	Director                         Dir:	D.	Gillard                  Sitcom                           Drama                            Sosiba	Entertainment	          Current	Affairs	Films	cc	
 4.	Genre                            aparT froM THe                   FAMILY	BONDS                     loCk JaW                         Comedy	fillers                 Feature	film	
                                     HaTe                             Sobisa	Entertainment             little	L.	A.	productions	        SCreen palS                    THe fringe
                                     Southern	Images	                 TV	Sitcom                        Feature	film                     African	Century	Television     The	Imaginarium/Dare	to	
                                     Dir/Wr:	Natalie	Chapman          faTHer inSiDe                    MagnaTe faMily                   Prod/Dir:	                     Dream
                                     feature film                     Jill	Kruger	Research	and	Film	   Motsepe	Productions              ThansanqaMthiyane              Feature	Film	
     in the pipeLine                 a SHoT aT THe Big                Production                       Dir:	Manase	Motsepe              SinS of our                    THe greaT WiDe
                                                                      TV	Magazine	Programme            Documentary	                     faTHerS (provisional)          open
                                     Just	Do	It	production
                                                                      faXeD up                         Manly perSuiTS                   Wild	Side	Productions	         The	Imaginarium	/	Krishna	
 goTHia Caper                                                         Sphere	Pictures                  Film	Afrika                      Dir:	Bobby	Heaney	             Smiles	Flowers	Bloom
                                     Dir:	Russell	Underhill
 Feature	Film                                                         Feature	Film	–	Romantic	         Feature	Film	                    Feature	film                   Dir/Wr:	Mukunda
                                     BarnarD                          Comedy
 in THe SHaDoW of                    Ad	Astera	Productions	                                            MaTTHeW, Mark,                   Song of SounD                  Feature	film
 WingS                               Feature	Film
                                                                      fela’s TV                                                         Two	Oceans	Production          THe HunTer’S
                                                                                                       luke & Joan
 Writer:	Richard	Alfieri                                              Penguin	Films	                                                    Prod:	Giselher	Venzke          DaugHTer
                                     BeyonD THe ligHT                 Drama
                                                                                                       9mm	Films	
 Feature	Film	                                                                                         Dir:	Peter	Heaney	               Soul BuDDyz V                  Two	Oceans	Production
                                     Barrier                          geT SanTa                                                         Wildside	Productions	
 nigeria                             The	Imaginarium	                                                  TV	Sitcom                                                       THe inCoMe
 Two	Oceans	Production                                                Sphere	Pictures                                                   Dir:	Bobby	Heaney
                                     Dir:	Chris	Roland                                                 Molefe’S Son                                                    SpeCialiSTS
 Prod:	Gishler	Venzke                                                 Features	Film	–	Family                                            Series
                                     Feature	film                                                      Black	Drop	Productions                                          Tidal	Wave	Productions
 THe CaraVan                                                          gloBal girlS                     Dir:	Sechaba	Morojele            SouTH eaST                     Commercial
                                     Big MiX                          Current	Affairs	Films	cc	with	
 Two	Oceans	Production                                                                                 Feature	Film                     Black	Drop	Productions
                                     little	L.A.	productions                                                                                                           THe MoST aMazing
 Prod:	Gishler	Venzke                                                 Barbara	Barde	of	UpFront	                                         Dir:	Sechaba	Morojele
                                     Music	Teen	Film                                                   My HearT in afriCa                                              SHoW SerieS 2
                                                                      Productions,	Toronto	                                             Feature	film
                                     BreTHren                                                          Two	Oceans	Production                                           Pandamonium	Productions
                                                                      gone a HunTing                   Prod.	Giselher	Venzke            SWeaT anD CHalk
                                     felloWSHip                                                                                                                        Exec	Prod:	Fiona	Summers
                                                                      (working	title)
     south afRica                    VIP	Productions	                 Full	Frontal	Films	
                                                                                                       My SeCreT Sky                    Mud	Hut	Productions	
                                                                                                                                        Dir:	Pieter	Grobbelaar
                                                                                                                                                                       South	African	TV	Series
                                     Dir/Producer:	Victor	Phume	                                       Vuleka	Productions	/	dv/8	                                      THe niMBy
                                                                      Feature	film	                                                     TV	Magazine	Programme
                                                                                                       Dir:	Madoda	Ncayiyana	
 in deveLopment                      Commercial	Religion	
                                     CHeap liVeS
                                                                      gugu anD anDile                  Feature	film                     Take 5                         prinCiple
                                                                                                                                                                       Jill	Kruger	Research	and	
                                                                      Luna	Films                                                        Combustion	Pictures	(Pty)	
                                     Best	of	Both	Worlds	Pictures	                                     ouT of THe Blue                                                 Film	Production	CC	
                                                                      Dir:	Minky	Schlesinger                                            Ltd	
 a Million ColourS                   Dir/Wr:	Sir	Antony	Sher                                           MoviWorld	                                                      THe real SurViVal
 Ma-Afrika	                                                           HearT of THe                     Dir:	Neal	Sundström
                                                                                                                                        Dir/s:	Faqeek	Dyer	/	Shandu	
                                     Feature	Film                                                                                       Nesengani	/	Navan	Chetty	/	    gaMe
 Dir:	Peter	Bishai                                                    HunTer                           Feature	film
                                     CoMing of age                    Film	Afrika	/	David	Altman                                        Deeno	Naidoo	                  Talking	Pictures
 Feature	film                                                                                          parliaMenT in
                                     Current	Affairs	Films	cc	with	   Feature	Film                                                      TV	Magazine	programme          Dir:	Ann	Strimling	/	Garth	
 a.f.r.i.C.a                         Up	Front	                                                         aCTion                                                          Lucas
 KRO	Pictures	                                                        HiDDen TruTHS                                                     Taung WellS
                                     Dir/s:	Jane	Thandi	Lipman	/	                                      Born	Free	Media                  Black	Drop	Productions         THe SourCe
 Dir:	Kit	Reynolds	                                                   Black	Drop	Productions           Dir:	Rolisiwe	Nikiwe
                                     Portia	Rankoane	                                                                                   Dir:	Sechaba	Morojele          Sentinel
 Feature	film                                                         Dir:	Sechaba	Morojele            SABC	Drama	Series
                                     Feature	documentary                                                                                Feature	Film	
 alBerT SCHWeiTzer                                                    Documentary                                                                                      entertainment
                                     CroCoDile                                                         perSepHone                       TaXi!
 Two	Oceans	Production                                                Hola MpinJi! of                  Enigma	Pictures	/	Silver	Lion	
                                                                                                                                                                       Exec.	Prod:	Richard	
                                     prinCipal                                                                                          Innervision	Films	
 Prod:	Giselher	Venzke                                                STanza                           Films	(US)	                                                     Lackey	
                                     Blast	                                                                                             Dir:	Nana	Soobben
 afroX CuSToMer                                                       Black	Drop	Productions           Feature	film                                                    THe THief
                                     Dir:	Mark	Engels	                                                                                  Feature	film
 SerViCe CenTre                                                       Dir:	Sechaba	Morojele            preCiouS                                                        VIP	Productions	
                                     Feature	Film                                                                                       THe CaraVan
 FC	Hamman	Films	                                                     TV	Drama                         UniTal	Films	International                                      Dir/Prod:Victor	Phume
                                     DiaMonD DiVer                                                                                      Two	Oceans	Production
 Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	                 Two	Oceans	Production
                                                                      inSeCTS (Working                 Feature	film                                                    Comedy/Thriller
                                                                                                                                        Prod:	Giselher	Venzke
 Corporate                           Feature	Film                     Title)                           prinCeSS Magogo                                                 THe TokoloSH
                                                                      Talking	Pictures                                                  THe 3                          DO	Productions
 afTer THe 46664                     DuneDin STar                                                      kaDinuzulu
 Atomic	Productions	                                                  Dir:	Ann	Strimling	                                               inVeSTigaTorS (2)              THe WorlD
                                     Denis	Scully	Productions	                                         African	Renaissance	Opera	       Two	Oceans	Production
 Dir:	Fiona	Tudor	Price	                                              Documentary	Series               Productions.                                                    unSeen
                                     Feature	Film                                                                                       Prod:	Giselher	Venzke
 Documentary                                                          JHoTi (Working Title)            Dir:	Themi	Venturas                                             DO	Productions
                                                                      New	Wave	Productions	            rafT of THe MenDi                                               Feature	Film
                                                                      Dir:	Munier	Parker	              TrueAfrica	Pictures	
                                                                      Feature	film                     Feature	film

38     SCREENAFRICA	–	January	2007
 P R O D U C T I O N                                                           U P D A T E S
                                                                                                                                   FOR TV SHOWS?
 gloBal ouTreaCH                 DiSgraCe                         SeCreT agenT
 VIP	Production                  DO	Prroductions                  (Working Title)
 Dir:	Victor	Phume	              Prod:	Brigid	Olën/Marlow	        Eagle	Films
 TiMe of THe Snake               de	Mardt                         Dir:	Charlotte	Brandstrom          south afRica
 Two	Oceans	Production           Do girlS WanT iT?                TV	Feature	Film
 Giselher	Venzke                 Vuleka	Productions               SeVen of Daran                   20 SoMeTHing
 ToW TruCkin                     Documentary                      Enigma	Pictures                  Red	Pepper	Pictures	
 little	L.	A.	productions        DoMeSTiC ViolenCe                Dir:	Lourens	Blok                Dir:	Deepika	Bhoolabhai	
 Action	Drama                    iniTiaTiVe                       Feature	Film                     TV	Magazine	Programme
 WHo Will proTeCT                Southern	Images	                 STa TraVel aWarDS                21ST CenTury
 uS noW?                         Dir:	Natalie	Chapman	            Clive	Morris	Productions         leaDerS
 Pandamonium	Productions	/	      2	Short	Films,	1	Doci	&	1	       Dir:	Sian	Clark                  Brave	Films	(UK)	and	Reel	
 Partners	in	Motion.	Distrib	    Music	Video                      Corporate	                       Africa	
 Co                              finale                           STokVel iV                       Dir:	Lucy	Blakstad
 Documentary	                    December	8                       Penguin	Films	                   Documentary
 WHoSe Hungry                    Prod:	Francois	Coetzee           Dir:	Vusi	Dibakwane	             3:16
 Uhuru	Productions	in	           flaMe BirD lake                  26	part	sitcom	for	SABC	2        Dynamic	Vision	Productions	
 association	with	WIMSA          Imageworks                       TaCTiCal                         Dir:	Ailsa	Kaminski	/	
 Dirs:	Rehad	Desai	/	Richard	
                                 Wildlife	Documentary             Sphere	Pictures	SA               Magdalena	Laas	                        TV DRAMA
                                 for Sale                         Exec	Prod:	Dylan	Ben-Israel      TV	Magazine	Programme
 Documentary                     Solid	Stone                      Reality                          3rD Degree
 yizo yizo 3                     Dir:	Mosese	Semenya              TaleS froM THe         	
 Bomb.	Distrib	Co:	              SABC	3	Comedy	Drama              Dark ConTinenT                   Investigative	TV	Series
 TV	Drama	                       froM ruSSianS                    Dark	Continent	                  7De laan
 zen                             WiTH loVe                        Dir:	Robert	de	Mezieres	         Danie	Odendaal	Produksies	
 Zen	Films	Afica                 Mindpool	Productions             Feature	film,	Television	Docu-   Dirs:	Alwyn	Swart	/	Henry	
 Exec.	Prod:	Annette	            Exec	Prod:	Monique	Garden        Drama	Series,	Comic	Book         Mylne	/	Pierre	van	Pletzen	/	
 Middleton                       TV	Series                        THe 3                            Chris	Vorster	
                                 going up again                   inVeSTigaTorS (TC)               Daily	TV	Drama	series
                                 Penguin	Films                    Two	Oceans	Production            aBSa on TargeT &
                                 Dir:	Andre	Odendaal              Prod:	Giselher	Venjke            aBSa on learning
                                 Sitcom                           THe long Walk To                 Global	Access	
in pRe-pRoduction                HaD i knoWn                      freeDoM                          Telecommunications	SA	
                                 (i CoulD HaVe                    Videovision	Entertainment	       Dir/s:	Phil	Wright	/	Renee	
                                                                  Dir:	Shekhar	Kapur	              Goedhals	/	Gregory	Culey
                                 aCTeD DifferenTly)
 a peopleS HiSTory               E-Psalmist	Production            Feature	Film                     aBSa ToDay
 of SouTH afriCa                 Exec	Prod:	Giant	A.J.	Akinjole   THe reBirTH of                   Global	Access	
                                                                                                   Telecommunications	SA	
 Uhuru	Productions	
 facilitating	for	The	History	
                                 Feature	Film
                                 HanDS of a
                                                                  Dogg	Bite	Entertainment
                                                                                                   Dir:	Chris	Moolman	                   TV SITCOM
 Consortium                      forgoTTen Hero                   Dir:	Siphiwe	Dominic             aDT aniMaTeD
 aarDkop feSTiVal                Ad	Astera	Productions	/	         Documentary                      HanDoVer ViDeo
 playS                           Wingaurdium	Leviosar	            THe SearCH for a                 blurr	productions
 Wildside	Productions	           Dir:	Dirk	de	Villiers                                             Dir:	Harry	Ravelomanantsoa
                                                                  SouTH afriCan
 Dir:	Bobby	Heaney	              Documentary                                                       Corporate	2D	Animation
                                                                  HuSBanD                          afro SHoWBiz neWS
 Televised	stage	productions     HeMel op Die                     And	Nu?	in	assoc.	with	Brave	
 afriCan WilDCare                                                                                  SABC	Africa
                                 plaTTelanD                       Bunny	Productions.
                                                                                                   Prod:	Shingai	Nyoka
 Talking	Pictures	                                                Dir:	Elan	Gamaker
                                 AFDA	Cape	Town                                                    Magazine	Programme
 Dir:	Ann	Strimling	/	Garth	                                      Feature	Film
                                 Exec.	Prod:	Garth	Holmes	                                         afroX gaS & gear
                                 and	Bata	Paschier                THe WeakeST link                 FC	Hamman	Films	
 Documentary	Series
                                 Julia 2 ( Telenovella)           iV                               Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman
 B anD D                                                          Rapid	Blue	
 pHarMaCeuTiCalS                 Two	Oceans	Production                                             Corporate
                                 Prod:	Giselher	Venzke            Dir:	David	Hickson	
 Panache	Video	Productions                                                                         anTon leMBeDe:
                                                                  TV	Game	Show
 Dir:	Liesel	Eiselen             Making MaHaTMa                                                    THe elepHanT
                                 Visual	Voice	Moving	Images	      THe WeakeST link
 BanD-aiD                                                                                          WHo leD froM THe
                                 Feature	film                     SeaSon 5
 BaCkpaCker                                                       Rapid	Blue                       fronT
 Vuleka	Productions              Monkey MenaCe                                                     Uhuru	Productions	
                                                                  Dir:	David	Hickson
 BeneaTH THe floor
                                 Blast	Films	Services
                                 Exec	Prod:	Hemant	Bhandari	      TV	Game	Show                     Prod:	Nirvana	Singh             AVAIL ABLE FROM JANUARY
 Sphere	Pictures                                                  To Be firST                      auTo foCuS
                                 &	Mark	Engels
 Prod:	Dylan	Ben-Israel                                           DO	Productions                   FC	Hamman	Films	
                                 Commercial                                                        Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	
 Feature	Film                                                     Dir:	Patrick	Reams
                                 My HearT in afriCa                                                Corporate
 BeaT My nieCe                                                    Television	Factual	Drama
 Sphere	Pictures
                                 Two	Oceans	Production                                             BaCkSTage
                                 Prod:	Giselher	Venzke	           WoMan’S lifeSTyle
 Prod:	Dylan	Ben-Israel                                           Spirit	Sister	Productions        Deon	Opperman	
 Reality	                        offenDer                                                          Dir:	Denny	Miller	/	Shadrack	
                                                                  Dir:	Di	Rosen
 BreaD                           reHaBiliTaTion                                                    Keorapetse	/	Riaan	Meij	
 Tin	Rage	Productions	           paTH                                                              Daily	TV	Drama
 Dir:	Wessel	van	Huyssteen       Panache	Video	                                                    BinnelanDerS
                                                                  Urban	Brew	Studios
 Breaking THe                    Productions                                                       Stark	Films
                                                                  Sports	Entertainment
 ruleS                           Dir:	Liesel	Eiselen                                               Dir:	Danie	Joubert
                                                                  zulu WaVe
 Chop	Productions                our oWn STorieS                                                   TV	Drama
                                                                  DO	Productions
 Dir:	Carolyn	Projansky          in our oWn VoiCeS                Prod:	Marlow	De	Mardt/           BlaCk BeaulaHS
 Documentary	                    Current	Affairs                  Brigid	Olën                      Underdog	Productions	in	
 Broken                                                                                            association	with	Doti	
                                 preHiSToriC Deep
 Darklight	Pictures                                                                                Producxionz
                                 Sphere	Pictures	SA
 Dir:	Gareth	H	Graham                                                                              Dir:	Fanney	Tsimong	
                                 Prod:	Dylan	Ben-Israel
 CHiCken king TVC                Feature	Film	–	Thriller                                           Blue
 Razor	Sharp	Films               reToSa                               pRoduction                   Jenny	Lenahan	Productions	       YOUR HOME FOR 2007?
 Dir:	Rene	Smith                                                                                   Corporate	
                                 Talking	Pictures	(Pty)	Ltd.
                                                                                                   Born To Be WilD
 TV	Commerical	                  Documentary                              afRica
                                                                                                                                   AT L A S S T U D I O S
 Colour Me                                                                                         Talking	Pictures	
                                                                                                   Dir:Ann	Strimling	/	Garth	
 poVerTy                         A	One	Man	Band	Production	
                                                                  loTTo nigeria                    Lucas	
 African	Century	Television      Dir:	Konstandino	Kalarytis	
                                                                  ALR	Television	Productions       Documentary	Series
 Dir:	Makhosazana	Zulu           Feature	film
                                                                  Exec	Prod:	Abri	Le	Roux/Bev	     BraM fiSCHer:
                                                                                                                                           S O U N D S TAG E S ,
 CruX (Series 11)                SCraTCHing THe
 ATTV	Communications
                                                                  Brown                            afrikaner                               TV / FILM & EVENT
                                 SurfaCe                          Game	show	and	live	draw
 Dir:	Shelomi	Natasha	           Bandit	Film	Productions                                           reVoluTionary                           FAC I L I T I E S
 Augustine                       Dir:	Justin	Kirschner                                             WiTH a HearT of
 Magazine	Show                   Documentary                                                       golD                                    33 Frost Ave,Milpark,
 Dark rooM                                                                                         & reSolVe of STeel                      Joburg, South Africa
 AFDA                                                                                              Shoot	the	Breeze	
                                                                                                                                           tel: 011.4827111
 Dir:	Peter	Abraham                                                                                Productions	
                                                                                                   Dir:	Sharon	Farr	/	Lee	Otten            fax: 011.7265960
 P R O D U C T I O N                                                                                     U P D A T E S

 BraSSfielD eSTaTe                    DiS Hoe DiT iS MeT                galloW Walker                    izoSo ConneXion                  laugH ouT louD                   pg glaSS – WHaT
 Winery                               STeVe SerieS 6                    Feature	Film                     Mindpool	Productions             Bobby	Heaney	Productions	        a WonDerful
 FC	Hamman	Films                      Clive	Morris	Productions          Namibia                          Exec.	Prod:	Monique	Garden       Dir:	Bobby	Heaney	               WorlD
 Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	                  Prod:	Clive	Morris                generaTionS                      TV	Series                        TV	Series	
 Corporate                            Music/Talk	show                   Morula	Pictures	                 JaM alley                        leT’S fiX iT SerieS
                                                                        Exec	Dir:	Danie	Joubert	         Red	Pepper	Pictures	                                              Exec	Prod:	Linda	
 BruiSeS anD loVe                     DraMaTiSTS                                                                                          11
                                                                        Dir/s:	Ronnie	Lennox	/	Mark	     Dir:	Lindi	Lucow	                                                 Notelovitz.
 Pandamonium	Productions              againST CriMe                                                                                       Director:	Tarryn	Crossman,	
 Dir:	Marion	Segal                                                      Graham	/	Mxolisi	Hulana	         Youth	Variety                    Brenda	Spaan,	Terry	West	        Commercial
                                      Catalyst	Media/Sentient	
 South	African	Documentary            Pictures	                         Daily	TV	Drama                   JoHnnyVan                        by	Nunn                          pHoSpHoreSCenCe
 Car TorQue                           Dir:	Steven	Cholerton	            geT BuSHWiSe                     Dongen                           TV	Series                        AFDA	
 Hooper	Productions	cc                Documentary	                      DewClaw	Productions              Neil	Sonnekus	Productions        looking in                       Dir:	Adze	Ugah	
 Dir:	Ian	Hooper	                                                       Dir:	Sophia	Vartan               Prod:	Neil	Sonnekus                                               Short	Film
                                      eaSTern MoSaiC                                                                                      looking ouT
 TV	Series                            Saira	Essa	Productions	           Children’s	Wildlife	TV	Series    Short	Film                       Di	Rosen	Productions	            pilloW Talk
 CHilDren’S aniMal                    Magazine	programme                glaXo SMiTH kline                JoHzi H                          TV	Series                        Homebrew	Films
                                                                        International	Radio	Pictures,	   Morula	Pictures                                                   Dir:	Ben	Heyns
 SerieS                               eDuCaTion                                                                                           Man froM
                                                                        Prod/Dir:	Kit	Reynolds	          Assist	Dir:	Sheila	Van	Zyl                                        TV	Talk	Show
 Talking	Pictures                     eXpreSS                                                                                             yeSTerDay
 Dirs:	Ann	Strimling	/	Garth	                                           Corporate                        TV	Series                                                         plaCeS in My MinD
                                      SerieS 10                                                                                           Two	Ocens	Production             Barrier	Productions
 Lucas	                                                                 gnlD                             Documentary
                                      Kagiso	Educational	Television                                                                       Prod:	Giselher	Venzke            Exec	Prod:	Kevin	Barnard
 Documentary	Series                   Dir:	Alette	Schoon	               inTernaTional                    k-WorlD on-air
                                                                        FC	Hamman	Films	                 proMoTion                        Mary-anne                        Musical
 CHilDren of THe                      TV	Series
                                                                        Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	              Clearwater	Entertainment	        Shadow	Films	                    proJeCT HoMe
 WilDerneSS                           egoli – plaCe of                                                                                    Dir:	David	Forbes
                                                                        Corporate                        SA	                                                               Full	Picture	Productions
 Tekweni	TV	Productions               golD
                                                                                                         Dir:	Theart	Korsten              Documentary                      SCanDal
 Prod:	Sandra	Herrington              Franz	Marx	Films	                 gnlD Tre-en-en
                                                                        FC	Hamman	Films	                 ke nako                          MeMBaz only                      Ochre	Moving	Pictures	
 CITY	OF	JHB	–	PROJECT	               Head	Dir:	Ken	Leach	
 PHAKAMA                                                                Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	              Penguin	Films.	                  Touchdown	Africa                 Dir/s:	Maynard	Kraak	/	
                                      Soap	Opera                                                                                          Prod:	Bert	Du	Toit               Denny	Y	Miller	/	Kevin	
 FC	Hamman	Films	                                                       Corporate                        Commissioning	
                                      eleCTriC eagleS                                                                                     Talk	Show                        Smith	/	Ian	van	Wyk	
 Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	                                                    groen                            Dir:	Vusi	Dibakwane	
 Corporate                            imageworks                        Homebrew	Films                   TV	Drama	series                  MiT Coke SiDe of                 Daily	TV	Drama	
                                      Dir:	Anthony	Irving                                                                                 life                             SCHool TV @ HoMe
 CiTy SeS’la                                                            Dir:	Willie	Steenkamp            knoWn goDS
                                      Wildlife	Documentary                                                                                                                 Rapid	Phase	Pty	(Ltd)	
 Black	Brain	Pictures                                                   Environmental	Series             M-Net	Local	Productions	/	       Creative	Directions
                                      ezoMnDeni                                                                                                                            Dir:	Steve	Berry
 Exec	Prod:	Mandla	                                                     HarT Van STaal                   Fremantle	Media	                 Exec.	Prod:	Claudia	Eicker/
                                      Sosiba	Entertainment                                                                                                                 SeliMaTHunzi
 Ndimande                                                               Westel	Productions	              Dirs:	David	Lister	/	Reghardt	   Laura-Beth	Harris
                                      Prod:	Deon	Potgieter/Mandla	                                                                                                         Shonyama	Productions	
                                                                        Dir:	Willie	Esterhuizen	/	       van	den	Bergh	
 Cool CaTz                            Thabetha                                                                                            Corporate                        TV	Variety
                                                                        Pieter	Esterhuizen	              TV	Drama
 Red	Pepper	Pictures                  Sitcom	                                                                                             MoTSWako
                                                                        Telenovella	in	39	one-hour	      kTV’s k-poW liVe                                                  SHaDoWS of
 Dir:	Susan	Espay                     feliX                                                                                               Carol	Bouwer	Productions
                                                                        episodes                         Clearwater	Entertainment	                                         DiViniTy
 CornerSTone                          AFDA	
                                                                                                         SA	                              Mponeng 2
                                                                        HealTH MaTTerS                                                                                     New	Wave	Productions	
 infoMerCial                          Dir:	Brennan	Lewis	                                                                                 Word	of	Mouth	Productions	
                                                                        Izwe	Multimedia/UrbanBrew	       Directors:	Sean	Pearce	/	                                         Magazine	Programme
 Panache	Video	Productions.           Short	Film                                                                                          Sitcom	based	on	BBC	series	
                                                                        Africa                           Warren	Bleksley                                                   SHopriTe/
 Dir:	Liesel	Eiselen                  finale                                                                                              Keeping	Up	Appearances	
                                                                        Current	Affairs                  kTV on-air                                                        CHeCkerS WoMan
 For	Broadcast                        December	8/Do	not	print	                                                                            Mr JaCk
                                      on	Iron	Pictures                  HollyWooD                        proMoTion                                                         of THe year
 Craz-e                                                                                                                                   CGR-Cinema	
                                      Dir:	Francois	Coetzee             HearTS                           Clearwater	Entertainment	                                         aWarDS
 Red	Pepper	Pictures	                                                                                                                     Dir/DOP:	Bernd	
                                      Feature	Film                      Groundglass                      SA                                                                Underdog	Productions
 Dir/s:	Billi-Jean	Parker	/	                                                                                                              Cruschmann	
                                                                        Dir:	Franz	Lewis                 Creative	Dir:	Theart	                                             Exec	Prod:	Marc	Schwinges/	
 Ivyann	Moreira	/	Susan	              fine prinT                                                                                          Short	Comedy
                                                                        Charity	Event                    Korsten	                                                          Luiz	DeBarros
 Espey	                               Vuyani	Filims	                                                                                      neDerBurg “THe
 e-tv	Daily	Youth	Show                Dir:	Renee	van	Reenen	            HouSe Call                       kTV’s playBaCk                                                    SiMCHa a
                                                                                                                                          HarVeST anD
 Deep reCoVery,                       Short	Film                        Izwe	Multimedia/Urbanbrew	       liVe                                                              CeleBraTion of
                                                                        Africa                           Clearwater	Entertainment	        MiDnigHT”
 Deep TrageDy                         fooD SeCuriTy                                                                                       Picture	Tree	Productions         life
                                                                        Live	Medical	Talk	Show           SA	
 Seacam	Films                         (Working Title)                                                                                     Dir:	Oscar	Strauss               Spiritsiter	Productions
                                                                        iMizWilili                       Dir:	Sean	Pearce
 Documentary                          Vilole	Images	facilitating	for	                                                                     TV	Commercial                    Dir:	Dianne	Rosen
                                                                        (Magnificent Sounds)             TV	Children’s	Programme	
 Die nuTSMan                          Kepa-Zambia	                                                                                        noTeD                            SiyayinQoBa BeaT
                                      Dir:	Cathrine	Musola	             Ukhamba	Production	House	        kTV’s pre-k SHoW
 Clive	Morris	Productions                                                                                Clearwater	Entertainment	        Free	Range	Films                 iT!
                                      Kaseketi	                         Dir:	Helena	vd	Merwe	
 Dir:	Lindi	du	Preez                                                                                                                      Dir:	Tina-Louise	Smith           Community	Health	Media	
                                                                        TV	Series	_	Choral	Music         SA	
 TV	Series	DIY	Programme	             Documentary                                                                                         TV	Series                        Trust	/	SABC1	
                                                                        inforMeriCal for                 Dirs:	Sean	Pearce	/	Warren	
 SABC2                                free SpiriT                                                        Bleksley                         nrg                              Dir:	Jack	Lewis	
 DeparTMenT                           Shoot	the	Breeze	                 CornerSTone                                                       Global	Access	                   TV	Magazine	Programme.	
                                                                                                         TV	Children	Programme	
 of SCienCe &                         Productions	                      College                                                           Telecommunications	SA            HIV	/	Aids	Interest	
                                                                        Panache	Video	Productions.       kWakHala
 TeCHnology                           Dir/s:	Sharon	Farr	/	Lee	                                                                           Dir:	Paul	Clingman	              Programme
                                      Otten	                            Script/Dir:	Liesel	Eiselen       nyonini
 inDuCTion ViDeo                                                                                                                          off THe Wall                     SniTCH 11
                                      TV	Magazine	Programme                                              Scholtz	Films
                                                                        innoCenCe loST                                                    (Working title)                  Endemol
 Panache	Video	Productions	                                                                              Comedy	drama	series
                                      frienDS like THeSe                Controversi	Films	                                                Blatofilm                        Exec	Prod:	Gray	Hofmeyer
 Corporate                                                                                               kWela
                                      Urban	Brew	/	BBC	                 Dir:	Derek	Serra	/	Lara	                                          Dir:	Owen	C.	Hetherington        SopHiaToWn – THe
 DeparTMenT                           Dir:	Eugene	Naidoo	               Taylor	                          Pieter	Cilliers	Productions	
                                                                                                         Dir:	Marie	Minnaar	              of SHarkS anD Man                reMoValS (working
 of SoCial                            Game	Show                         Documentary
                                                                                                         Magazine	Programme               Flying	Fox	Productions           title)
 DeVelopMenT,                         full CirCle- THe                  iSiDingo                                                          Prod:	James	Hiersov
                                                                                                         la BoHeMe                                                         Catalyst	Media/Sentient	
 WorlD aiDS Day                       STory of SiBella                  Endemol	South	Africa	                                             Series
                                                                                                         Three	Pictures	SA.	                                               Pictures	
 Panache	Video	Productions	           Touchdown	Africa                  Dirs:	Raymond	Sargent/                                            oil on WaTer
                                                                                                         Dir:	Mark	Dornford-May                                            Dir:	Steven	Cholerton	
 Corporate                            Prod:	Bert	DuToit                 Johnny	Barbazano/Krijay	                                          Tidal	Wave	Productions
                                                                                                         Feature	Film                                                      Documentary	
 DeS & DaWn STill                     Wildlife                          Govender/Sthembiso	                                               Prod:	Elle	Matthews
                                                                                                         laST of THe TrySTS                                                SpiriT SunDae
 TruCking                             funDani naTHi                     Mathenjwa.	                                                       Short	Film
                                                                                                         Crazyhorse	Pictures	                                              New	Wave	Productions	
 Cabaret	&	Theatre                    SABC	Education	                   Daily	TV	Drama                                                    olD MuTual Jazz
                                                                                                         Dir/DOP:	Ryan	Davy	                                               TV	Magazine	Programme
 Dir/Wr:	Dawn	Lindberg                Dir:	Linda	Korsten	
                                                                                                                                          enCounTerS                       STaMp of forTune
 Live                                                                                                                                     BLAST	                           Red	Pepper	Pictures	
                                                                                                                                          Dir:	Mark	Engels	                TV	Game	Show
                                                                                                                                          on SiTe                          STanDarD Bank
                                                                                                                                          Full	Picture	Productions	        Blue WaVe
                                                                                                                                          Dir:	Marius	Bakkes	/	Dirk	       Jenny	Lenahan	Productions	
                                                                                                                                          Mostert	                         Corporate	
                                                                                                                                          TV	Reality	Series.	Home	         STar MaTHS
                                                                                                                                          Building	Reality	Challenge       Delapse	/	Flying	Pictures	
                                                                                                                                          paSella                          (UK)
                                                                                                                                          Tswelopele	Productions	          Educational	focus	on	Maths
                                                                                                                                          Insert	Dirs:	Liani	Maasdorp	/	   Sun SiSTerS
                                                                                                                                          Werner	Hefer	                    Current	Affairs	Films
                                                                                                                                          TV	Magazine	Programme            Dir:	Jane	Thandi	Lipman
                                                                                                                                          pep feelgooD                     Film
                                                                                                                                          CHallenge                        STuDio 53
                                                                                                                                          Full	Picture	Productions	        M-Net	Inhouse	Productions	
                                                                                                                                          Reality	TV	Series	               Insert	Dirs:	Navan	Chetty	
                                                                                                                                          peTerS paperS                    /	Enver	Samuels	/	Vicky	
                                                                                                                                          FC	Hamman	Films	                 Letsoalo	/	David	Mostert	/	
                                                                                                                                          Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	              Danie	Albertze	
                                                                                                                                          Corporate                        TV	Magazine	Programme

40      SCREENAFRICA	–	January	2007
                                  P R O D U C T I O N                                                                                              U P D A T E S

Take 5 WeB                       Villa roSa                        BlooD DiaMonD                                 fair iS fouleD                  luCk froM THe                                   SCHool TV / THe
Ochre	Moving	Pictures	           Spectro	Productions	              Writer:	Charles	Leavitt                       Masimini	Productions	           oTHer SiDe of THe                               pezoolieS
TeCHno                           Dir/s:	Gerrit	Schoonhoven	        Starring:	Leonardo	DiCaprio                   Prod/Dir:	Peter	M	Masimini      WorlD                                           Rapid	Phase	Pty	(Ltd)	
CHallenge                        /	Cobus	Rossouw	/	Roche	          Feature	film                                  fiSHy feSHunS 2                 Two	Oceans	Production                           Dir:	Steve	Berry	
Atomic	Productions	              Knoesen	/	Vickus	Strijdom         BlueBerry kiSSing                             Penguin	Films/	Broadcaster:	    Prod:	Giselher	Venzke                           SeCure THe fuTure
Dir:	Fiona	Tudor	Price	          WHaT’S BreWing?                   In	assoc.	with	City	Varsity	                  SABC	                                                                           Shadow	Films	facilitating	for	
                                                                                                                                                 MaDaM anD eVe
TV	Series.	Children	Science	     Jenny	Lenahan	Productions	        Productions                                   Dirs:	Vusi	Dibakwane	/	                                                         MultiVu	(USA)	
                                                                                                                                                 Penguin	Films.	Producer
Challenge	for	SABC	              Corporate                         Dir:	Estelle	Dreyer                           Mark	Graham                                                                     Pr/Dir:	Reni	Mitchell	
                                                                                                                                                 Dir/s:	Andre	Odendaal	/	
Education                        WHaT’S THe STory?                 Short	Flim                                    Sitcom                                                                          Corporate	for	global	
                                                                                                                                                 Shirley	Johnston	/	Gerhard	
THe Big QueSTion V               Curious	Pictures	                 BoileD eggS                                   four DayS                                                                       distribution
                                                                                                                                                 Mostert	/	Adrian	Alper
Pandamonium	Productions          Dir:	Nadine	Zylstra	              Buso	Pictures                                 AFDA	&	Light	Box	                                                               SHouTing SpiriTS
Dir:	Kate	Stegeman/Emily	        Game	Show                         Prod:	Sonwabile	Mfecane                       Entertainment	                                                                  Uhuru	Productions
                                                                   Short	Film
                                                                                                                                                 Man froM
Richards                         WHaT’ your flaVa?-                                                              Dir:	Darryl	Evan	Fuchs                                                          Dir:	Maanda	Ntsandeni	and	
                                                                   Born Too Soon                                 Short	Film                      yeSTerDay                                       Mohau	Memeza
Michael	Schneider                SerieS 11
                                 Okuhle	Media                      Atomic	Productions	                           froM STreeT To                  Two	Oceans	Production                           Sinking THe
TV	Series
                                 Prod:	Minke	Alves                 Prod/Dir:	Fiona	Tudor	Price	                                                  Prod	Gisehler	Venzke                            luSiTania
THe CraDoCk four                                                                                                 SToep inDian
Shadow	Films                     Series                            Documentary	Social/Medical                                                    MTn pulSe                                       DO	Productions
                                 WHiTe lion                        BuSH afriCa                                                                   Global	Access	                                  Prod:	Marlow	De	Mardt/
Dir/DOP:	David	Forbes	                                                                                           AFDA	
                                 Chop	Productions                                                                                                Technical	Dir:	Phil	Wright	                     Brigid	Olën
SASC	                                                              SafariS                                       Dir/Wr:	A.	Savvides	
Feature	Documentary	on	          Co-Dir:	Ben	Horowitz	/	           Chill	Out	Pictures                            Documentary                     MoMenTS 1V                                      TV	Drama
High	Definition                  Michael	Swan                      Dir:	Dirk	Hurter                                                              Talking	Pictures	(Pty)	Ltd	                     SliQ angel
                                                                                                                 gary player                     Director/s:	Ann	Strimling	/	
THe enTerpriSe                   Feature	Film                      Marketing	Video                                                                                                               – koroBela – Sony
                                                                                                                 MaSTer ClaSS                    Garth	Lucas	
zone                             WHiCH Way?                        ConfeSSionS of a                                                                                                              MuSiC
                                                                                                                 FC	Hamman	Films.	Distrib	
                                 Okuhle	Media                                                                                                    TV Series                                       Soul	Picture	
Kagiso	Educational	Television	                                     gaMBler                                       Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	
Dirs:	Makhubalo	Ikaneng	/	       Prod:	Anita	Gray                  Roza	Films	                                                                   MuVHango 6                                      Dir:	Shaft	Moropane
                                                                                                                 TV	Series
Surekha	Singh	                   Series	                           Prod:	Ross	Garland/Zaheer	                                                    Word	of	Mouth	Productions	                      SopHiaToWn
                                                                                                                 gooDBye Bafana
TV	Magazine	Programme            Woza liVe                         Bhyat	                                                                        Dir/s:	Magic	Hlatshwayo	/	                      THrougH THe
                                                                                                                 Film	Afrika
                                 Urban	Brew	Studios	               Feature	Film	                                                                 Archie	Mzazi	/	Tony	Kgoroge	
THe gaMe faCT                                                                                                    Feature	Film	                                                                   youTH
                                 WWp                               CHilDren of THe                                                               Drama	series	for	SABC2
SHoW                                                                                                             grey                            NATURE’S	GREATEST	
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vuleka	Productions	
Clive	Morris	Productions	        THunDerSTrike 111                 WilDerneSS
                                                                                                                 AFDA	                                                                           Dir:	Madoda	Ncayiyana
                                 Urban	Brew	Studios                Tekweni	TV	Productions                                                        NIMECHOKA
Exec	Prod/Dir:	Clive	Morris                                                                                      Dir:	Jan	Joubert	                                                               Documentary
                                 Exec	Prod:	Danie	Ferreira         Prod:	Sandra/Neville	                                                         Regional	Co-Production	of	a	
THe HiSTory of                                                                                                   Experimental                    series	of	10	fiction	Films                      Spar – lifeS greaT
                                 Sports	Entertainment              Herrington
CaTo Manor                                                                                                       groen                           nizoSo ConneXion                                Suburban
                                 yo Biz                            Series
Vuleka	Productions                                                                                               Homebrew	Films                  Mindpool	Productions                            Exec.	Prod:	Linda	
Dir:	Madoda	Ncayiyana            Touchdown	Africa                  CHuBWa
                                                                                                                 Dir:	Jaco	Loubser               TV	Drama	                                       Notelovitz-Goodll
                                 Dir/Prod:	Linda	Gumede            Regional	Co-Production	of	a	
THe HoT SeaT                                                                                                     Environmental	Programme         oil on WaTer                                    Commercial
                                 Children’s	Business	Reality	      series	of	10	fiction	Films	
Endemol                                                                                                          HoliDay                         Tidalwave	Productions                           Spoon
                                 TV	Show                           Prods:	Imruh	Bakari	/	
Dir:	Andrew	Wilson                                                                                               AFDA	                           Prod:	Peter	Matthews                            Inspread	Minority	Pictures
                                 yo.TV                             Shane	Mohabier	/	Beatrix	
THe laMp                                                           Mugishagwe	                                   Dir:	Benjamin	Magowan	          Short	Feature                                   Feature	Film
                                 Urban	Brew	Studios	
VIP	Productions                                                    Dark rooM                                     HoT STuff                       pepSi, aQua                                     STreeT laW
                                 Insert	Dir/s:	Herbert	Hadebe	
Dir:	Victor	Phume                                                  AFDA                                          (Working Title)                 Minerale “Villa”                                Retro	Productions
                                 /	Sebulelo	Phakisi	/	Terri	
Feature	Film                                                       Prod:	Brian	Baloyi                            Moonlighting	Films	             Collective	Energy                               Dir:	Robert	Kriel
                                 Cooperman	/	Guy	Hubbard
THe SCreaMing of                 TV	Children’s	Programme	          DeSTinaTion!                                  Dir:	Phillip	Noyce	             Dir:	Greg	Francois                              Feature	Film	
THe innoCenT                     yo-TV iMaging                     Vuyani	Films/AFDA	                            Feature	Film                    Comercial	to	be	flighted	in	                    Takalani SeSaMe
Adapted	by	&	written	by:	        The	Brewery	@	Urban	Brew	         Dir:	Padraic	O’Meara	                         igoDa Coal – an                 Russia                                          Triggerfish	Animation	
Mark	Jaffee	/	Adam	Pickett	      Dir/Ed:	Freddy	Louw	              Short	Film                                    afriCan gianT                   prinCeSS for Sale                               Dir:	Jacquie	Trowell	
THe SWiTCH                       TV	Children’s	Programme           Die nuTSMan 1V                                aWakenS                         M-Net/AFDA	                                     TV	Series
VIP	Productions	                 yo.TV lanD                        Clive	Morris	Productions	cc	                  Dir:	Kit	Reynolds               Dir/Wr:	Wolfgang	Muller	                        THe 3
Dir/Producer:	Victor	Phume	      Urban	Brew	Studios	               Line	Prod/Dir:	Lindi	du	Preez	                Corporate	Video	                Short	Film                                      inVeSTigaTorS
Reality	TV	Show	                 Dir:	Herbert	Hadebe	              TV	Series                                     Jo’urg popS                     reDeeMeD                                        Two	Oceans	Production
Pilot	Programme                  TV	Children’s	Programme           Die VleiSVreTerS                              Wildside	Productions	           CHriSTian CHurCH                                Prod:	Giselher	Venzke
THe THief                        zero ToleranCe                    Spectro	Productions	cc	                       Dir:	Bobby	Heaney               VIP	Production	                                 THe liBrarian 11
VIP	Productions                  Ochre	Moving	Pictures	            Dir:	Gerrit	Schoonhoven	                      SABC2                           Commercial	religion                             reTurn To king
Dir:	Victor	Phume                Dir:	Clare	Stopford	/	Barry	      TV	Drama                                                                      SaB Miller                                      SoloMon’S MineS
                                                                                                                 JeruSaleM enTJHa
Feature	Film                     Berk	/	Hilary	Blecher	/	Sara	     DiS Hoe DiT iS MeT                                                            VWV	Productions                                 Electric	Entertainment	/	
                                                                                                                 Feature	Film
THe WeDDing                      Blecher	                          STeVe                                         Julia 2                         Exec.	Prod:	Mark	Steinhobel                     Libraria	Productions	Inc.	/	
SHoW                             Drama	Series                      Clive	Morris	Productions	cc	                  Two	Oceans	Productions          Corporate                                       Kalahari	Pictures	
Ochre	Moving	Pictures	           zola 7 SerieS iii                 Dir:	Clive	Morris	                            Prod:	Gislher	Venzke            SaB Miller (We liVe                             Dir:	Jonathan	Frakes	
Top Billing                      Ochre	Moving	Pictures	            Music	Talk	Show                               Telenovella                     Beer)                                           Feature	Film
Tswelopele	Productions	          Factual	Entertainment             Dna STringS firST                             kazi Buri                       VWV	Production
Dirs:	Gerry	Jennings	/	Tombie	                                     ConCerT DVD                                   Regional	Co-Production	of	a	    Dir:	Warren	Stewart	/	
Auret	/	Caitlin	Ferraz	/	
Jeanine	Cameron	/	Lizzie	        post pRoduction                   Di	Rosen	Productions
                                                                   Dir:	Di	Rosen
                                                                                                                 series	of	10	fiction	Films      Jon	Samuelsson
                                                                                                                                                 Corporate	Video
                                                                                                                 life WenT on : THe
Staughton	/	Mark	Jackson	
                                                                   Dr roBB THoMpSon                              TrC froM BeloW
TV	Magazine	Programme            1815
TraVelling                                                         (u.S. of a.)                                  Vuleka	Productions
                                 Freelance	Producer
                                                                   VIP	Production                                Dir:	Madoda	Ncayiyana
unpluggeD                        Dir:Howard nithite
Touchdown	Africa                                                   Commercial	Religion	                          loVe Crazy
                                 a Career in air                   elepHanT arMy                                 Creative	Media	Projects
Prod:	Bert	Du	Toit
                                 TraffiC ConTrol                   Atomic	Productions	                           Dir:	Neil	Hetherington
                                 Astral	Studios.	                  Dir:	Fiona	Tudor	Price	                       Feature	Film
TyCo TruCkS
FC	Hamman	Films	                 Dir.	Mike	Byron.	                 Documentary                                                                                        New & Used equipment
Dir/DOP:	FC	Hamman	              aDVenTureS aT THe
Corporate                        WaTerHole (3rd                                                                                                                       Installation & Service
uniCornS WHaleS                  series)
& Dragon’s TaleS                 Vuleka	Productions                                                                                                                   Turn Key Solutions
Cabaret	&	Theatre                Dir:	Madoda	Ncayiyana
Dir:	Dawn	Lindberg               afroX SHeQ
Live	Theatre	Music	Show	for	
                                 FC	Hamman	Films
upSTreaM in
                                 Prod:	IB	Marais                                                                                                                      +27 11 462 0000
ProAfrica	Productions	
Dir:	Didi	Schoeman	
TV	Series.	African	Adventure	
                                 aTMoSpHere for
/	Travel	Series                  VIP	Production
                                                                                        Adjusting Your Sails to Weather all Storms
                                                                                                                                                     Providing SD & HD solutions to the
ViBe’z                           Commercial	religion	
                                                                   Brokers to Leading International Production Houses                                                 Broadcast Industry
Touchdown	Africa                 Barren
Tech	Dir:	Quentin	Haffern        AFDA	Cape	Town                          Call us for a copy of the 3rd Edition of
Reality	TV	Show                  Exec.	Prod:	Bata	Pasier/Garth	         “FILM AND TV INSURANCE CHECKLIST”
                                                                                Contact Sheryl Reynolds
                                 Short	Film
                                                                                                                                                 SONY l PANASONIC l JVC l SWIT l COSMOLIGHT l CANON l PANTHER l SECCED l FCP l SACHTLER
                                                                                                                                                 MANFROTTO l SENNHEISER l AJA l TEKTRONICS l MIRANDA l STORM l AKG l KRAMER l PANAMIC
                                                                  Telephone: (011) 320-4000                                Fax: (011) 320-4123

                                                                                                                                                                                        	        January	2007	–	SCREENAFRICA	     41
  P R O D U C T I O N                                                                              U P D A T E S
  THe oppenHeiMer                   VuTfHaMo proJeCT                 a neW Beginning               iT’S your life                    MaSinDi’S STory                    WHaT HaVe We
  faMily anD THe                    Panda	TV	                        (Healing poWer of             - SouTH eaST                      Shoot	the	Breeze	                  Done
  DiaMonD inDuSTry                  Film	about	AIDS	Orphan	          naTure)                       europe                            Productions	                       Vx	Pix/Gatirisano
  Current	Affairs	Films	cc	with	    project	at	Orange	Farm           FC	Hamman	Films                                                 Dir/s:	Sharon	Farr	/	Lee	          Dir:	Portia	Rankoane
                                                                                                   Same	info	as	above
  WDR	Germany	                      Walk THe plank                   Prod:	Mafisa	Media                                              Otten	                             WHen We Were
                                                                     Documentary                   iT’S your life -
  Associate	Prod	/Dir:	Jane	        SABC3/Rapid	Blue	                                                                                Documentary                        BlaCk
                                    Game	Show                        BalliSTiC BoDy                pHillipineS
  Lipman                                                                                                                             MoreViTe                           Born	Free	Media
                                    WHaTS your flaVa?                arMour MarkeTing              Same	info	as	above                Picture	Tree
  THe paTH froM                                                                                                                                                         Dir:	Khalo	Matabane
                                    Okuhle	Media                     FC	Hamman	Films                                                 Dir:	Geish	Kgamedi
  DaMaSCuS                                                                                                                                                              SABC	4	Part	Drama	Series
                                    Director:	Charlie	Alves          Prod:	Philip	Cadman           iT’S your life                    TV	Commercial
  Sentinel	Entertainment                                             Documentary                                                                                        WiMpy “foreign”
  Exec	Prod:	Richard	Lackey         Children’s	Cooking	series                                      Same	info	as	above                My Way                             Picture	Tree
                                                                     Barren                                                          Two	Oceans	Production
  Documentary                       WHere oTHerS                                                   kaiyuSHike - a                                                       Dir:	Ian	Difford	&	Alan	Irvin
                                                                     AFDA                                                            Prod:	Giselher	Venzke
  THe SupreMe                       WaVereD                          Short	Film                    JapaneSe garDen                                                      TV	Commercial
                                    Namibian	Government	                                           in afriCa                         play More golf Sa
  aDVenTureS of                                                      Cell C
                                    Writer/Dir:	Charles	Burnett	                                                                     WiTH VoDaCoM
  Spiral Burping                                                     Picture	Tree                  Flying	Fox	Productions
                                    Feature	Film                                                                                     FC	Hamman	Films
  Boy                                                                Dir:	Brett	Wilde              Prod:	James	Hersov                Prod	Man:	Odette	Van	
                                    WilD SQuaDron                    TV	Commercial
  Dir:	Ben	Rausch	
                                    Imageworks/Off	the	Fence
                                                                     CHriSTMaS in
                                                                                                   keep a CHilD aliVe-
                                                                                                                                                                       music pRoduction
                                    Dir:	Anthony	Irving
  Short	Animation                                                    HeaVen                        aliCia keyS Tour                  pro plan-gnlD
                                    Wildlife	Documentary
                                    WorD arT
                                                                     Freelance	Producer            ViDeo                             inTernaTional                     in post pRoduction
  VIP	Production                                                     Dir/Prod:	Howard	Nthite                                         FC	Hamman	Films
                                    Griffin	Films	                                                 Do	Produtions
  Dir:	Victor	Phume                                                  CyBer JunkyarD                                                  Prod	Man:	Odette	Van	              Dna STringS
  Reality	TV	Show	Pilot
                                    Dir/s:	Jemima	Spring	/	                                        king oTTo                         Jaarsveld
                                                                     FC	Hamman	Films                                                                                    Di	Rosen	Production
                                    Vincent	Moloi	/	Izzette	                                       DO	Productions
  THe Triangle                                                       Prod:	Siemens                                                   Corporate                          DVS	Productions
                                    Mostert	/	Teddy	Mattera	/	                                     Facilitating	for	Cologne	
  SCI	FI	Channel	/	Electric	                                         Documentary                                                     TelkoM – CaBle                     Prod:	Di	Rosen/heather	
                                    Nokuthula	Mazibuko	/	Tina-                                     –	Gemini	Film
  Entertainment	/	Kalahari	                                          DaS TrauMHoTel                                                  THefT                              Blumentha
                                    Louise	Smith	                                                  knorr “Ceo”
  Pictures	                                                          DO	Productions                                                  Suburban                           Music	Video
                                    TV	Series                                                      Picture	Tree
  Dir:	Craig	Baxley	                                                 Prod:	Marlow	De	Mardt/
                                    WWp                                                            Dir:	Oscar	Strauss                Exec	Prod:	Linda	
  Telefilm                                                           Brigid	Olën
                                    THunDerSTrike                    TV	Drama                      TV	Commercia                      Notelovitz-Goodall
                                    Urban	Brew	Studios	              gHeTTo STorieS                leiCa                             Commercial
  MSaWaWa ii                        Art	Dir:	Dewett	Meyer	                                         Picture	Tree
  Fuzebox	Productions	              Sports	Series
                                                                     BIP	Films
                                                                     Prod:	BI	Pakath               Dir:	Alan	Irvin
                                                                                                                                     THe pro SHop
                                                                                                                                     XMaS Sale
  Dir/s:	Ramadan	Suleman	/	                                                                        TV	Commercial
                                    XHiloVo                          Feature	Film                                                    FC	Hamman	Films
  Norman	Moloi	                                                                                    leTS Talk afroX                                                      alone again
                                    VIP	Productions                  gnlD
  TV	Drama                                                                                         FC	Hamman	Films                   Prod	Man:	Odette	Van	
                                    Dir:	Victor	Phume                inTernaTional                                                                                      Blatofilm
  Till DeaTH Do uS                  Commercial	religion              WorlD TeaM                    Prod	Man:	Odette	Van	             Jaarsveld                          Dir:	Owen	C	Hetherington
  parT – iT’S only a                zola 7 SerieS ii                 ConferenCe                    Jaarsveld                         Corporate                          Music	VideoIn	Development.
  nuMBer                            Ochre	Moving	Pictures	           FC	Hamman	Films               Corporate                         THiBela TB                         Soul BroTHerS
  Underdog	Productions              Dir/s:	Donald	Clarke	/	          Prod:	GNLD                    lg “MiCropHone”                   aWareneSS ViDeo                    liVe in
  Dir:	Bransby	Diplock              Khadija	Magardie	/	Terence	      Corporate                     Picture	Tree                      FC	Hamman	Films                    pieTerMariTzBurg
  TiMBukTu TaBle                    Neale	                           HygieniX “SoCkS               Dir:	Alan	Irvin                   Pod	Man:	Odette	Van	               FC	Hamman	Films
  MounTain                          TV	Series                        anD kniCkerS”                 TV	Commercial                                                        Prod	Man:	Odette	Van	
  Rapid	Blue                                                         Picture	Tree                  life HealTH Care                                                     Jaarsveld
                                                                                                   fourWayS HoSpiTal                 Corporate                          Music	Video
  Dir:	Saami	Sabiti                                                  Dir:	Brett	Wild
                                                                                                   FC	Hamman	Films                   Virgin “angelS”
  To Be firST                                                        TV	Commercial
                                                                                                                                     Picture	Tree
  DO	Productions                                                                                   Prod.	Man:	Odette	Van	
                                                                     iT’S your life
  Dir:	Patrick	Reams                     compLete                    - SouTHern
                                                                                                                                     Dir:	Brett	Wilde
                                                                                                                                     TV	commercial
                                                                                                                                                                         Screen Africa relies on
  TSHa TSHa iii                                                      european                                                        VoDaCoM
                                                                                                                                                                       accuracy of information
                                                                                                   longing for loVe
  Curious	Pictures	
                                                                     languageS                                                       “feaTureS”
                                                                                                                                                                          received and cannot
  Dir:	Rolie	Nikiwe	                                                                               Two	Oceans	Production
                                    all you neeD iS                  FC	Hamman	Films               Prod:	Bertha	Spieker              Picture	Tree                       be held responsible for
  Educational	Drama                 loVe                                                                                                                               any errors or omissions
                                                                     Prod:	GNLD                    MaDeira                           Dir:	Alan	Irvin
  VoDaCoM “Man                      Endemol                                                                                          TV	Commercial                          which may occur.
                                                                     Corporate                     Two	Oceans	Production
  uTD”                              Dir:	Pauline	Boesak	/	Beverly	                                                                                                         e-mail production
                                                                                                   Prod:	Giselher	Venzke
  Picture	Tree                      Ditsie
  Dir:	Brett	Wild
                                                                                                                                                                              updates to:
  TV	Commercial                                                                                                                                              

 Vital Sta’ tis’ tiks
                                                                                                  statistics foR octoBeR 2006

     ast month we introduced the Vitl Sta’tis’tiks column, and here we once more present
     our research on the number of Features, TV programmes, Commercials and Corporate              thRough the LaBs:
     Productions made in a particular month.
        We make no attempt to identify the title of the production, or the production house or     Johannesburg.
any other information as this is often confidential information – we supply simply the number.
                                                                                                   Features                Shorts   Commercials              Doccies        16mm            35mm
  We rely on the co-operation of broadcasters, suppliers of commercial material to broadcasters
and local film laboratories for information however at the moment local broadcasters are not         0                       4         83                      10             53              44
forthcoming in providing these vital statistics.
  Efforts will continue to be made to build on this statistical data base in order to improve      Cape Town.
the accuracy, and should readers have comments or other ideas in terms of statistic gathering,     Features                Shorts   Commercials              Doccies        35mm            16mm
please send an e-mail to Your comments would be appreciated.
                                                                                                     2                       0         40                      4              21              25

 42   SCREENAFRICA	–	January	2007
                                                                                                                                                CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
                                                                         According to Mbebe, the SABC plans to spend approximately
R1Bn foR new commissions                                                                                                                  inaLa wins cnBc afRica contRact
                                                                       R10m on research and development in 2007/8 to ensure the
understanding and for delivering their product on time. Our            broadening of African content. “The SABC is partnering with
onerous licensing conditions presented challenges for the in-          44 African broadcasters in 25 countries on an Aids awareness         CNBC Africa is owned and operated by Africa Business
dustry this year in that facilities ran out and there was not suf-     programme. We are also involved in a co-production with 13         News (ABN) and is an affiliate of CNBC, the international
ficient delivery in the marginalised languages. But we believe         countries for the I am an African Child series, to be launched     business channel which is broadcast via MultiChoice’s multi-
we have the solutions.                                                 at the 5th World Summit on Media and Children [24 –28              platform pay television channel DStv. Shareholders are the
   “Our Group CEO, Advocate Dali Mpofu has committed to                March 2007, Johannesburg].”                                        Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) with 30% and 70%
signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the                     Mbebe confirmed that the SABC has a strong focus on skills       from the Middle East. The start-up investment is $20m and
independent production sector by March this year, by which             development and training programmes and plans to spend             the IDC says 200 jobs will be created. ABN has announced
time we should have structured partnerships in place. We’ve            R10m in this regard over the next year.                            that they will begin broadcasting in May 2007.
already agreed with the South African Screen Federation                  Responding to a question from a Sithengi delegate, Mbebe           The facilities will include, a production studio, newsroom
(SASFED) and the Independent Producers Organisation (IPO)              admitted that regional representivity was still a problem in       computer system, edit suites and final control play out. Inala
on a working group to discuss Intellectual Property Rights.”           terms of commissioning programmes, with the majority               Broadcast will also provide the equipment for bureaus in Cape
   Mbebe stressed that the SABC had engaged in constructive            produced in the Gauteng Province. “Commissioning should            Town, Gaborone, Nairobi and Lagos.
interaction with independent producers throughout 2006.                take place beyond the major cities of SA so we need to include       The equipment which will be installed is manufactured
The broadcaster conducted road shows in all SA’s nine                  the marginalised regions. The SABC is looking at how to            mainly but not exclusively by Inala Broadcast’s principles,
provinces, issuing 134 Requests For Proposals (RFPs) in total          decentralise its structure.”                                       which include Grass Valley Cameras, Production Switcher,
and receiving 43 unsolicited RFPs.                                       Other delegates complained that they had submitted               Distribution Amplifiers, Converters & Routing Matrix,
   On the issue of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE),                   proposals to the Content Hub and had received no response.         Omneon Video Server, Miranda Final Control Switcher, VizRT
Mbebe said that the broadcaster was complying with                     “This is unacceptable,” stated Mbebe, “and I have personally       Graphics, Barco Videowall, ENPS Newsroom Computer
legislation. He reported that of the 74 production companies           spoken to the commissioning editors. Within two weeks of           System, Final Cut Pro Edit suits, Yamaha Audio Mixer, Desisti
commissioned in 2006, 54 were 100% black-owned and 18                  submitting a proposal to the SABC a producer should receive        Lights and Sony VTR’s & ENG Cameras.
were female-owned.                                                     acknowledgement of receipt and actual feedback after two             Inala Broadcast has made a concerted effort to support
                                                                       months. If you have no joy with the commissioning editors          local distributors and suppliers in all cases where third party
                                                                       your first port of call is our Head of Commissioning & Special     equipment is required and is not manufactured by an Inala
sa digitaL cinema eRa Launched                                         Projects, Kamscilla Naidoo and failing that our Head of            Broadcast principle.
                                                                       Industry, Eddie Manzingana.”                                         The project is being managed by Antony Bijsters with the
   Ster-Kinekor says its digital installation represents the                                                                              assistance of Hitesh Govind and Julian Ankiah who has recently
country’s, and the continent’s, first Hollywood studio endorsed                                                                           joined Inala Broadcast from the South African Broadcasting
digital cinema projector. “We’re excited about ushering in             saBc foRmuLates fiLm poLicy                                        Corporation Limited (SABC) technology department. BSI has
digital cinema for South African audiences who will now be             comprising Thami Nxasana, Glynn O’Leary and co-ordinator           been contracted by Inala Broadcast to supply the installation
able to see [digitally released] movies of a quality that has not      Monique Cleton, is currently busy with research into               and furniture infrastructure.
been possible up till now,” says Fiaz Mahomed, CEO Ster-               international best practices, a process which will be followed       CNBC Africa will focus on financial, business and economic
Kinekor Theatres. “It will really be a case of always better on        by consultation with industry stakeholders at the end of           news in the Africa region. Inala Broadcast is very proud to
our big screen.”                                                       January or early February.                                         have been appointed as the system integrator. We believe
   Nu Metro has installed 1.6K digital projectors in 32 screens           “We hope to have completed our research and formulated          that this project will highlight the contribution that a South
at complexes nationwide. “Nu Metro is not only exceeding the           a Draft Policy by the middle of March, for submission to the       African company can make in the African and World broadcast
latest SAWA (Screen Advertising World Association) digital             SABC Board,” said Moodley.                                         markets.
projection requirements, but is also meeting the needs of                 While the policy is being drawn up, the SABC is proceeding
cinema advertisers and enhancing the show quality of locally           with film projects with its existing Film Fund. Mvuso Mbebe,
produced feature films,” says an official Nu Metro statement.          CE of SABC Content Enterprises (under which the Film Fund            “A key question will be whether the SABC should be
It would appear that Ster-Kinekor has adopted a more cautious          falls), told Sithengi delegates that the broadcaster had already   producing for its own inventory only or whether it should
approach to its digital cinema roll out as it will trial the digital   identified icons such as Nelson Mandela, Miriam Makeba,            make films for theatrical distribution. If anyone has any
projector for three months to assess the way forward.                  Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu and was in negotiations with         opinions about what the Film Fund should achieve, they are
   After assessing the available digital hardware, Nu Metro also       their families. Other icons mentioned were Oliver Tambo,           invited to contact Monique Cleton on 084 505 1023 or email
elected to go the Christie projector route. It has purchased a         Desmond Tutu, Steve Biko and Winnie Mandela.                       myself on”
Christie CP2000 2K DLP Cinema Projector that will be linked               “Whatever money is left after these films are made, will be
to a Doremi DC-2000 Cinema Server. “We are confident that              used for non-prescribed films. Our call for proposals in that      pRescRiBed themes
we have the best combination available,” says Mark Harris,             regard closes in mid-February. The SABC budget process             Some Sithengi delegates expressed reservations about the
National Product Manager, Nu Metro Theatres.                           happens every January so hopefully the fund will be topped         fact that the SABC had prescribed a theme for its first Film
   “Hollywood compliant digital means the very finest quality          up each year. We will be collaborating with the Industrial         Fund projects. Said Chairperson of the South African Screen
with no scratches or distortion,” says Harris. “And we are very        Development Corporation (IDC) and other financial bodies.          Federation (SASFED) Rehad Desai: “Prescriptive themes are
pleased to be in a position to bring this amazing and highly              “The SABC wants to invest in the South African film industry    a general problem the industry is facing with a number of
sought after new technology to South African audiences.”               and to promote local product locally and globally. We want         stakeholders, not only the SABC. Filmmakers and scriptwriters
   Capable of projecting a range of up to 35 trillion colours,         to enable filmmakers to access funding and need to generate        have to develop story ideas about which they feel passionate
digital cinema has been gaining momentum across the globe              long term sustainable revenue and profit. The SABC hopes to        and about universes they want to explore.
with Hollywood agreeing on a common technical standard                 see the first films completed in the 2008/9 cycle,” explained         “While it’s true that the SABC does have a public broadcast
and the benefits of the format becoming all too clear, explains        Mbebe.                                                             mandate, a theme of South African Icons may be seen as
Ster-Kinekor.                                                                                                                             politically correct. And, biopics are very hard to pull off. What
   “With digital cinema the film is delivered on a hard drive,         poLicy                                                             we need is a plethora of narratives and genres. Films that work
with the content then copied onto the server. Each film is             Commenting on the Film Policy process, Moodley said:               are those that work emotionally. The SABC needs to look at the
encrypted to avoid piracy and the cinema is given a unique             “Because the SABC currently has no terms and conditions            talent in this country and see what they want to say. I believe
key that enables them to unlock the encryption and show the            relating to the Film Fund, they wanted to make sure that           the Film Fund should be run on an autonomous basis.”
movie.”                                                                thorough research was in place before a Policy is decided             According to Moodley, having a theme could be useful in
   At the end of last year there were less than 1 000 digital          upon. We are looking at broadcaster film funds in countries        that it could channel creative energy and focused thinking
screens worldwide and it is estimated that more than                   such as Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Brazil and India.      around a subject. “Each channel around the world has its
17 000 will be installed in the next few years, most of which          In the case of India and Brazil, it’s worth noting that SA has a   own philosophy and a mandate and priorities for its country.
are expected to be in the USA.                                         trilateral agreement with those countries, which augurs well       In a free for all situation some important stories that need
    “In the long run this will be good news for South African          for potential co-productions between broadcasters.”                to be told may not get told. A broadcaster, through various
filmmakers as well, as it potentially allows for broader and              Prior to the industry indaba, the consulting panel will         internal and external mechanisms, is able to identify the
easier distribution of films,” adds Mahomed.                           circulate a questionnaire to various stakeholders. “We will        kind of programmes it needs to screen to give it the correct
   Nu Metro gave cinema audiences a further digital experience         pose questions so as to gauge their ideas on what the Film         programme mix.”
on Friday 15 December, when Eragon, a fantasy adventure                Fund should be. There will be a wide range of responses as a          Moodley stresses the SABC Film Fund is good for the
based on Christopher Paolini’s best-selling novel, made its            small new company and a large established company would            industry. “Now there is a new source of money for feature
digital debut at Nu Metro’s Il Grande. This was followed by            have different ideas on this. Our goal is to formulate a Policy    films in addition to the National Film and Video Foundation
another digital screening of the family comedy Night at the            that balances out to suit everyone in the industry. The Policy     (NFVF) and the IDC. SA needs to reach a critical mass of
Museum, staring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, at Il Grande           must encourage new players, give opportunities to medium           local feature films as we will only get better if we are given the
from Friday 5 January.                                                 players and provide big budgets for the major companies.           opportunity practise our craft more.”

                                                                                                                                                                         	     January	2007	–	SCREENAFRICA	   43
making histoRy – aiR time tv outside BRoadcasts Launch of the hd oB van                                                                      adveRtiseRs List

                                                                                                                                            Air Time TV Outside                             ITN Source .............................
                                                                                                                                            Broadcasts .................. 22 & 23           ............... Outside Back Cover
                                                                                                                                            Apple IMC ........................... 17        Magus Visual ....................... 27
                                                                                                                                            Atlas Studios ....................... 39        MediaTech Africa ................. 33
                                                                                                                                            Blade ........Inside Front Cover                Panasonic ............................ 11
                                                                                                                                            Blade ..................................... 1   Pro-Sales ............................. 41
                                                                                                                                            Camera Facilities ................. 24          Puma Video ......................... 15
airTime’s nic Bonthuys with SaBC Technology’s     Cecil Sourour, Cosmos Tshabalala and ivan   Mxolisi kima (front) and leepile Tlale        Camera Platform ................. 24            Q-Studios ............................ 31
Sharoda rapeti and ivan Marsh                     Marsh                                                                                     Case Connection, The......... 27                Singer Photographic Services
                                                                                                                                            Custom Cases ..................... 25           ............................................. 27
                                                                                                                                            digitalfilm ............................. 25    Sony ................... Front Cover
sithengi 2006                                                                                                                               Flag Factory ...................... 38          Sony ............................ 18 & 19
                                                                                                                                            Gauteng Film Commission                         Spescom/Maxell.................. 29
                                                                                                                                            – GFC .................................... 5    Strika Entertainment ........... 14
                                                                                                                                            General Post........................ 40         StudioPlus .......................... 38
                                                                                                                                            Heritage Insurance ............. 41             The Broadcast Workshop.... 27
                                                                                                                                            IDC ........... Inside Back Cover               The Creature Shop ................ 7
                                                                                                                                            Inala Broadcast ................... 21          The Sound Corporation....... 38

                                                                                                                                                   events caLendaR
anant Singh (Videovision entertainmet), Darrell   Michael auret (Sithengi), Shan Moodley      BBC films’ David Thompson, Helena Spring
James roodt (Director), Daniel iron (Canadian     (producer)                                  (Videovision entertainment), Junaid ahmed
producer) at the Videovision dinner                                                           (Director)                                               foR moRe infoRmation on foRthcoming
                                                                                                                                                          fiLm & tv maRkets and festivaLs

                                                                                                                                             JanuaRy 2007
                                                                                                                                              18 – 28             Sundance Film Festival
                                                                                                                                              	                   Park	City,	Utah,	US

                                                                                                                                              16 – 18             Natpe 2007 Conference and Exhbition
                                                                                                                                              	                   Mandalay	Bay	Resort,	Las	Vegas,	US
Curious pictures’ Harriet gavshon and David       Screen Africa’s angela van Schalkwyk with   aubrey Silinyana, producer from east london     	                   Email:
Jammy with Bengt Toll (iVast, Sweden)             Taiwo Taiwo from nigeria                                                                    	         

                                                                                                                                              24 – 4 Feb          33rd International Film Festival Rotterdam
                                                                                                                                              	                   Rotterdam,	The	Netherlands

pRomax|Bda afRica                                                                                                                             	

                                                                                                                                              24 – 28

                                                                                                                                                                  Cinemart Co-production Market
                                                                                                                                              	                   Rotterdam,	The	Netherlands

                                                                                                                                              29 – 31             Realscreen Summit
                                                                                                                                                                  Renaissance Washington DC Hotel

                                                                                                                                              23 – 3 March FESPACO 2007 –
                                                                                                                                                           Pan African Film and Television Festival
koo govender (M-net) and Jim Chabin               Duncan irvine (rapid Blue), Buli Siwani     Dave keet (Video lab), adi leach (Studio        	            Ougadougou,	Burkino	Faso
(promax/BDa)                                      (SaBC2), S’bu Mangele (eject Media)         zoo), roger Smythe (Masters & Savant)

                                                                                                                                              12 – 14             SPORTEL America
                                                                                                                                              	                   Miami,	USA

                                                                                                                                              14 – 18             Amnesty International Film Festival Amsterdam
                                                                                                                                              	                   Amsterdam,	The	Netherlands

                                                                                                                                              19                  1st Dubai Lynx – The Middle East and
                                                                                                                                                                  North Africa Advertising Awards
SaBC’s Jenny griesel and Suzette pretorius        SaBC’s fundii ntshangase and Thepelo         amar Deb (Channel v) and alice Da Silva                            for Creative Excellence Dubai, UAE
                                                  Tshinaba                                    (SaBC)                                          	         	

sacod foRum                                                                                                                                   14 – 15             MIPDOC
                                                                                                                                              	                   Carlton	Hotel
                                                                                                                                              	                   Cannes,	France

                                                                                                                                              16 – 20             MIPTV
                                                                                                                                              	                   Palais	des	Festivals,	Cannes,	France

                                                                                                                                              14 – 19             NAB 2007 – National Association of Broadcasters
                                                                                                                                              	                   Las	Vegas

                                                                                                                                              19 – 29             Hot Docs
Spescom’s Sean du Toit and rupert Dalton          riaan Hendricks (young lion films), pule    Shane Mohabier (afrikan Connexion), farida      	                   Toronto,	Canada
                                                  Diphare (Dfa), Tenazio Mwanza (M films)     nyamachumbe (Tanzania), Martin Mhando           	         
                                                                                              (ziff), Carlos francisco (producer)

 44    SCREENAFRICA	–	January	2007
                                                                IDC’s Business Sectors include:
                      • Food, Beverage & Agro Industries • Public Private Partnerships • Mining & Beneficiation • Metal Based Products
       • Chemicals, Textiles & Allied Industries • Wood, Paper & Other Industries • International Finance • Media & Motion Pictures • Techno-Industries
                   • Tourism • Franchising • Healthcare & Education • Transportation, Financial Services & Other • 2010 and Construction



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