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									                   The Daytona Beach News-Journal
                  2011 MEDALLION OF EXCELLENCE AWARD

This highly-competitive awards program sponsored by The News-Journal recognizes high-achieving high school
seniors in Volusia and Flagler counties, including private schools with more than 25 students in the 2011
graduating class. Medallion award winners will be well-rounded students who not only attain academic
scholarship but who also excel in school and community activities in areas including (but not limited to) the
arts, sports, volunteerism and/or leadership. Your students may access the 2011 Application Form either
through you or by visiting www.nieworld.com and clicking on the Medallion of Excellence link to download
the form. Applicants should also obtain a copy of the Guidelines for Students, which is also available through
you or online.
    Only students with a minimum 3.5 grade point average (weighted) will be considered.
    All entries must be typed. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
     should address the traits or accomplishments required by this award. PERSONAL STATEMENT and
     LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION must be typed and single-sided.
    Do not use any staples, folders etc. for the application. Fasten with only one paper clip per
     application since multiple copies must be made for the judges.
    The number of applications from each school to be accepted by The News-Journal is based on the
     number of seniors enrolled. A total of 45 students will be selected from the applicant pool as Medallion
    Completed applications should be submitted to the school principal or his/her designee in advance of
     the stated deadline and signed by the principal or guidance counselor. (Students attending ATC
     should submit their applications to their “home” high school principal or his/her designee.) The signed
     applications will be accepted by The News-Journal up until the deadline of 3 p.m., Monday, January
     24, 2011. You will want to set your own deadline for your students prior to that date/time. The
     principal or his/her designee should hand-deliver the completed applications to:
                                    The Daytona Beach News-Journal
                           901 Sixth Street (just east of Nova Road), Daytona Beach
           Please ask reception/cashier staff to contact Kris Sternberg (x2436) upon delivery.
    School administrators will be apprised of any winner(s) at their schools after the judges have made
     their selections during the week of February 21. Student winners will then be notified on or before
     March 4, 2011. If any student is not notified by March 4 it may be assumed that he/she was not
     selected as a winner. Student applications will not be returned.
    In an effort to continue this event without reducing the number of winners to be selected (45), school
     administrators who are invited to the Awards Dinner are respectfully requested to attend alone,
     without a spouse/partner/guest. Medallion winners (and up to two parents or legal guardians—no
     siblings, other relatives, friends, etc.) will also be invited to attend the Medallion Awards Dinner on
     April 13, 2011 at The News-Journal Center.

Questions should be directed to:           Kris Sternberg, Newspaper in Education Coordinator
                                           386-681-2436; kris.sternberg@news-jrnl.com

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