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Datasmith (Pty) Ltd. provides dedicated and experienced consultants,
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Datasmith (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to excellence in the level of training, and
consulting that we provide. Our Consultants are certified by Business
Objects to provide authorised Crystal training courses in Africa and the
Middle East.

 Our mission and goal is about helping our clients realise business benefit
                   from the solutions we consult on.

 Month                           Design I                     Design II

 June 2005                       14th & 15th                  23rd & 24th

 July 2005                       14th & 15th                  21st & 22nd                     Client Comments

 August 2005                     11th & 12th                  18th & 19th            “I found the course content to be very
                                                                                     detailed and clear…” “I was able to
                                                                                     developing reports immediately after
 September 2005                  15th & 16th                  22nd & 23rd            attending the training.”
                                                                                     Hayley Holland
 October 2005                    13th & 14th                  20th & 21st            Program Office Co-ordinator

 November 2005                   17th & 18th                  24th & 25th
                                                                                     "A phenomenally comprehensive, robust
                                                                                     and entirely integrated product which
Please note that these dates are only provisional and may change.                    addresses a wide range of enterprise
                                                                                     reporting issues. I found it to address the
                                                                                     annoying nuances associated with other
Cost:                                                                                reporting tools. The training courses were
                                                                                     invaluable in highlighting the intelligence
                                                                                     and capacity of the product."
 Course                          Cost                                                David Mitten
                                                                                     Business Analyst / Developer
 Design I (2 Days)               R 3300.00 pp                 Costs include lunch,   Old Mutual Asset Managers South Africa
                                                              Crystal Reports
                                                              Manuals and
 Design II (2 Days)              R 3300.00 pp                 certificate.

We Also Offer the following courses on demand:

 Course                          Description                        Cost

                                 Crystal Reports
 Design III (2 Days)                                                R 3300.00 pp
                                                      Course Overview
Report Design I (Beginners)
Overview: This two-day course is designed for beginner to intermediate Crystal Report’s users who need to quickly become proficient in creating and
modifying reports.
Who Should Attend: Information Professionals or business users who need to quickly become proficient in creating and modifying reports within their

Course Content
Report Design Concepts                             Modifying Records                                       Formula Basics
Planning a report                                  Creating nested or multiple groups                      Using formulas
Manipulating the data                              Reordering groups                                       Working with the Formula Editor
Determining printing area characteristics          Summarizing                                             Using basic calculations
Developing a prototype on paper                    Using Grand Totals                                      Using string manipulation
                                                                                                           Applying basic date calculations
Record Design                                       Formatting for Presentation Quality                    Applying Boolean formulas
Creating a new report                              Reports                                                 Applying If-Then-Else formulas
Exploring the report design environment            Applying special formatting                             Using Running Totals
Placing objects on your report                     Importing pre-formatted data                            Answering Formula Activity questions
Previewing and saving your report                  Using Special Fields
Positioning and sizing objects                     Adding hyperlinks                                       Conditional Reporting
Formatting Objects                                 Inserting lines and boxes                               Using the Highlighting Expert
Using Text Objects                                 Inserting a picture                                     Using Conditional Formatting
                                                                                                           Using Reports Alerts
Record Selection                                   Text Objects
Using the Select Expert                            Importing elements into text objects                    Section Formatting
Defining the Select Expert’s features              Combining Text Objects with Database Fields             Changing the size of a section
Using the Select Expert’s features                 Combining Text Objects with Special Fields              Formatting sections with the Section Expert
Using the Select Record options                    Formatting individual elements of a Text                Creating a Summary report
Understanding saved vs. refreshed data             Object
Setting additional selection criteria                                                                      Charting
Modifying record selection with the                Linking                                                 Creating a chart using the Chart Expert
Formula Editor                                     Defining linking concepts                               Drilling down on a chart
Applying record selection on Date fields           Adding/removing databases from a report                 Charting on summary data
                                                   Using Smart Linking                                     Charting detail or formula data
Sorting, Grouping, and Summarizing                 Working with links                                      Customizing a chart
Sorting Records
Grouping Records

Report Design II (Intermediate)
Overview: This two-day course is designed to build on the topics learned in Report Design I to increase report design skills and discover the reporting
power of Crystal Reports.
Who Should Attend: Learners who want to further develop their basic report design skills using Crystal Reports 8 or 8.5.
Prerequisites: Learners must have taken the Report Design I course and/or understand basic report design concepts such as linking, record selection,
sorting, grouping, summarizing, basic formulas, conditional reporting and section formatting.

Course Contents
Report Creation Review                             Using the Top N/Sort Group Expert                       Creating Parameter Fields
Reviewing Report Creation                          Creating a group selection based on summary             Using Parameter Fields
Reviewing Linking                                  information
Reviewing Record Selection                         Grouping on Date or Date/Time fields                    Geographical Mapping (Optional)
Reviewing Grouping                                 Grouping data hierarchically                            Defining Geographical Mapping
Reviewing Conditional Reporting                                                                            Creating a map based on summarized data
Reviewing Charting                                                                                         Creating a map based on detail or formula
                                                   Using Sections
                                                                                                           Editing a map with the Map Expert
Using the Repository                               Formatting Sections
                                                                                                           Editing a map on the Analyser tab
Defining the repository
Adding folders to the repository
Adding items to the repository                                                                             Cross-Tabs
                                                   Understanding formula language and syntax
Using repository objects                                                                                   Defining Cross-Tabs
                                                   Using functions and operators
Modifying and updating repository                                                                          Creating a Cross-Tabs
                                                   Using variables
objects                                                                                                    Formatting Cross-Tabs
                                                   Using a nested If-Then-Else control structure
Deleting items from the repository                                                                         Charting on a Cross-Tab summary field
                                                   Answering formulas activities questions
                                                                                                           Mapping on a Cross-Tab summary field
Grouping Options
Applying specified order grouping                                                                          Report Distribution
                                                   Defining Parameter Fields
Exporting reports                                   Publishing and viewing reports using Crystal
Viewing reports over the Web                        Enterprise Standard

Report Design III (Advanced)
This one-day course is designed to further increase report design skills by concentrating on advanced topics. Along with hands-on practice, the course
covers architecture, report design and Structured Query Language, advanced formula creation such as arrays and control structures, subreports, and an
XML overview as it relates to Crystal Reports.

Who Should Attend
Learners who want to further develop their intermediate report design skills using Crystal Reports 8 or 8.5.

Learners must have taken Report Design I and II courses or have a minimum of six months of report design experience with Crystal Reports and
understand advanced report design concepts such as formulas, parameters, sections, crosstabs, and report distribution options. Relational database
knowledge is recommended.


Architecture                                        Saving data indexes                                        Creating an unlinked sub report
Understanding the core components                                                                              Creating a linked sub report
Understanding multi-pass reporting                  Advanced Formulas                                          Creating an on-demand sub report
Understanding key dynamic link libraries            Understanding Arrays
                                                    Using control structures                                   Crystal Reports and XML
Working with Databases                              Answering advanced formulas activities                     XML overview
Accessing data sources                              questions                                                  XML in Crystal Reports
Using SQL to process reports                                                                                   Exporting to XML format
Applying database options                           Sub reports                                                XML output specifications
Adjusting to database changes                       Defining sub reports
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