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Peter’s Mountain Mallow
Iliamna corei
                                                                                                     S.S. Whitfield

Description - Peters Mountain             sweat bees and germination is             References
mallow is known only from a single        enhanced by fire.
population on Peters Mountain in                                                    Dunscomb, J.K., R. Edwards, and
Giles County, Virginia above the           Conservation - The Peters                M. Lipscomb. 1997. Prescribed
New River at The Narrows. This            Mountain mallow was federally listed      burn and monitoring studies for the
species was first discovered in 1927.     as an endangered species on June 11,      Peters mountain mallow (Iliamna
It is a perennial herb that grows up to   1986. Recovery efforts for this plant     corei). The Nature Conservancy,
3.5 feet tall and has large, pink,        are going well. However, several          Virginia Field Office Technical
odorless flowers two inches in            aspects of the plant’s life history and   Report 97-3.
diameter.                                 environment present obstacles to the
                                          establishment of a self-maintaining       Porter, D.M. 1991. Peters mountain
Life History - This plant is found in     population, including disruption of a     mallow. 1991. Pages 130-133 in K.
pockets of shallow soil on an outcrop     natural fire regime, small population     Terwilliger, ed. Virginia’s
of sandstone on a northwest-facing        size, threat of herbivory, and weak       Endangered Species, Proceedings of
slope approximately 3,000 feet            seed dispersal. Other threats include     a Symposium. McDonald and
above sea level. The population is        competition from other plants,            W oodward Publishing Company,
growing in a forest with a few pines.     shading due to growth of the              Blacksburg, Virginia.
It appears to grow best in full           overhead forest canopy, and
sunlight, but can tolerate some shade.    unauthorized collection.                  U.S. Fish and W ildlife Service.
Peters Mountain mallow can produce        Accumulation of leaf litter may also      1990. Peters mountain mallow
fifteen to twenty blooms during the       hinder seed germination. Since 1992,      (Iliamna corei) recovery plan.
flowering season of June through          prescribed burns have occurred in         Newton Corner, Massachusetts.
August. Fruiting takes place from         and around the species’ habitat,
July through October. This species        greatly aiding in the conservation of
reproduces by seeds and asexually.        this species.
The flowers are apparently pollinated
primarily by                              W hat You Can Do To Help - W hen
                                          visiting Peters Mountain and The
                                          Narrows follow all signs and do not
                                          enter restricted areas. For
                                          information about The Narrows

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