Short-Term Vacation Rental Agreement

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					                       Short-Term Vacation Rental Agreement

       This agreement is hereby made between OWNER, hereafter known as Property
       Owner, and RENTER, hereafter known as Renter. Renter shall rent Isla Vista,
       located in St. Croix, USVI, from 3:00 PM May 9, 2009 to 10:00 AM May 16,

Maximum Occupants Allowed: Six                       No. of Guests: SIX

Rental Rate:                                                 $

Virgin Islands Excise Tax at 8%:                             $
Total                                                        $

50% Deposit due at time of Booking:                          $
Balance due 45 days prior to Arrival:                        $
Security Deposit due 45 days prior to Arrival:               $500.00

Rental Rules and Policies:

   1. Reservations. Please return this signed rental agreement with your reservation
      deposit, equal to one-half of the Rental Rate for the reserved rental period. The
      Property Owner will courtesy hold the Renter’s reservation for a maximum of
      seven (7) days, pending receipt of this deposit. The remaining balance of the
      Renter’s rental fee will be due forty-five (45) days prior to arrival. Payment may
      be made by personal check or money order. Guest No Shows, Late Arrivals,
      Changes to Fewer Number of Persons, Early Departures and Power Outages after
      Arrival are not refundable. No pets are allowed. No smoking is allowed in the
      house or on the property.

   2. Security Deposit. All rentals regardless of length of stay require a $500 security
      deposit, held by a personal check. The check will be due 45 days prior to arrival
      and will not be cashed unless damages are determined. The separate security
      deposit check will be returned to the renter after inspecting the villa following the
      end of your rental period, if the premises are left undamaged, all inventory is
      intact, and all financial obligations met. Renter is asked to leave dishes clean.

   3. Late Cancellation of Reservations: If the Renter needs to cancel a confirmed
      reservation, for any reason, the property owner will require written notification of
      the cancellation. No refund of previously-paid reservation deposits/prepaid rents
      will be allowed during the HIGH SEASON, unless the villa can be rebooked for
      the same reservation period and price. If Renter notifies Property Owner of a
      cancellation the Property Owner will make every effort to rebook and will refund
      the Renter’s prepaid amounts based upon any alternative revenue received, less a
      20% handling fee. Any such refunds will only be made once the Property Owner
      receives the replacement reservation deposits and/or prepaid rents for the Renter’s
      reserved booking period. For OFF SEASON rental cancellations of more than 45
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Short-Term Vacation Rental Agreement

      days notice a refund of 90% of the deposit prepayment will be made. If less than
      45 days written notice is given, no prepayment will be refunded.

   4. Hurricane Policy. In the event of a pending hurricane, the Renter and all guests
      MUST vacate the villa when instructed to do so by the Property Owner, Ground’s
      Keeper, or Property Manager. This is for the safety and well-being of our guests.
      Any unused rent and taxes will be fully refunded. It is the sole responsibility of
      the Renter to secure other lodging or change airline tickets for an early departure.
      If the Renter’s airline cancels or changes the Renter’s flights to the island prior to
      rental period because of a hurricane watch or warning the Property Owner will
      allow the Renter the same with respect to the rental of the property. The Renter
      will be able to cancel the rental without penalty. The Property Owner cannot
      guarantee that the Renter will be able to rebook the rental at a different date. If
      there has been a hurricane strike prior to Renter’s arrival the Property Owner may
      have to cancel the rental even though it is still possible for the Renter’s airline to
      reach St. Croix. The Property Owner will only do this when it is in the Renter’s
      best interest. If the decision is close the Property Owner will advise the Renter of
      the situation and let the Renter make the choice. In the event of some other
      occurrence on par with a hurricane, such as acts of God, war and nature, the
      Property Owner will extend the same policy as in the event of a hurricane.

   5. Liability: The Property Owners and the Property Managers assume no liability
      for property loss or liability for injury, accidents, or damage to personal property.
      Renter and guests shall indemnify and hold harmless the Property Owner and the
      Property Manager of the villa for any claims for personal injury or property
      damage arising from this vacation rental.

   6. Holdover Tenancy: The Property Owner must approve any stay beyond the
      Renter’s reservation date. Additional rent will be charged at the daily rate if the
      initial stay is less than one week. If the initial stay is more than one week the
      additional rent will be charged at the prorated weekly rate. For stays for one week
      or more the owner or Property Manger will begin cleaning for the next tenant at
      10:00 AM on the designated check out date.

   7. Inventory: The furnishings provided are inventoried upon the Renter’s arrival and
      departure. Kitchenware is supplied and there is a beginning supply of paper
      goods and soap (bath, kitchen and laundry). Towels and linens are provided for
      your convenience. If upon check-in the Renter sees something freshly damaged
      the Renter must immediately call the Property Owner or Property Manger
      regarding the problem. Any missing or damaged inventory will be charged
      against the Renter’s credit card. Also, furniture needs to be left where found at
      the beginning of occupancy.

   8. Permit Concerns: Water is very scarce in the US Virgin Islands. All water is
      caught from the rain on the roof into the cistern and the house has a septic system.
      In addition, the Property Owners operate under a rigidly enforced rental permit
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Short-Term Vacation Rental Agreement

   which could be jeopardized if regulations are violated. Therefore, Renter must
   understand that this property is intended to be used only by the maximum specified
   number of persons. Occupancy by additional persons, beyond the specified
   maximum, could result in the forfeiture of Renter’s security deposit and /or early
   termination of the rental period without refund of rental fees paid. Due to permit
   rules, Renters must be respectful of property lines and boundaries between Property
   Owner’s home and Property Owner’s neighbors, and Renter must observe “quiet
   hours” between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM each day of the vacation rental period.

List names of all intended occupants below:

1.__________________________________ 2._____________________________
3.__________________________________ 4._____________________________
5.__________________________________ 6._____________________________

The undersigned parties understand and represent that they have read this agreement, will
comply with its terms and are executing document on behalf of all parties:


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Signature:_________________________           Date:________________________
Phone:____________________________            E-Mail:____________________________

Accepted by Property Owner:

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Please MAIL this Short-Term Vacation Rental Agreement with your check to: