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Visual Artists' News Sheet March - April 2007

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The Visual Artists’ News Sheet (VAN) is one of two periodicals published by Visual Artists Ireland. The Visual Artists’ News Sheet has been devised primarily as an information resource for artists in Ireland. It is published 6 times a year in a 36 page, colour/B+W, tabloid newspaper format. It is useful, practical and relevant, it is regularly produced and widely distributed, it draws on a diverse range of contributors and assumes a broad readership amongst visual artists. This publication is a valuable and much needed resource for all artists practising in Ireland. The News Sheet is available to pick up free of charge in galleries and arts centres. However, the most effective way to ensure that you receive the Visual Artists’ News Sheet both regularly and promptly is to become a member of Visual Artists Ireland. Membership is open to all artists and entitles you to an annual subscription to the Visual Artists’ News Sheet as well as a host of other benefits.

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									                                                                                                                                                                                     Kate Walsh &
                                                                                                                                                                                     16 March–14 April
                                                                           There’s nothing like a brisk walk, Kate Walsh

                                                                                                                                                      Summit, Jennifer Cunningham

                                                                                                                                                                                     Mary Kelly
                                                                                                                                                                                     26 April–26 May
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Robert Armstrong, The Burning Bush, oil on canvas, 35 x 46 cm, 2006

                                                                                                                                                                 Where, Mary Kelly
mermaid arts centre, main st, bray, county wicklow
  T: 01 272 4030 E:

                                                                                                                                                     open: mon - sat, 10am - 6pm

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   News Sheet
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Visual Artists’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Published by Visual Artists Ireland Ealaíontóirí Radharcacha Éire
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               March – April
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ISSUE 2 2007
                                                                                 Marco Dessardo. Working drawing / photo-montage for The Drainage.
 The issues facing artists studios ACNI Five Year Plan The Wexford Quays
 commission saga Paul Nugent The Third Space Body in Landscape Tim Lloyd
 Lietrim Sculpture Centre residencies Uma Aois Ard Bia Gallery
2                                                                                                                                                      The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                             March / April 2007

INTRODUCTION                                                                                                       CONTENTS

Introduction                                                                                                       Contents
WELCOME to another edition of the Visual Artists News Sheet.                                                       3. Roundup. Recent exhibitions and projects of note.
                                                                                                                   3. Column. Padraic Moore. The Ruins of Yesterday’s Tomorrow.
Several key issues relating to arts infrastructures are tackled in this issue – namely, public art                 4. Column. Slavka Sverakova. Magpies and Alders.
commissioning procedures, studio provision and the funding and policies of the Arts Council of Northern
                                                                                                                   5. Column. Micheal Burke. In Brief.
                                                                                                                   7. News. The latest developments in the arts sector.
                                                                                                                   8. Letters. A Response to Killing Daddy. Mary-Ruth Walsh.
Our ‘cover story’ is a report on Wexford Borough Councils rejection of Marco Dessardo’s proposal for a
                                                                                                                   9. Research – Studios. Studio End Games. Ruairí O’Cuiv considers the funding and management issues
commission for the Wexford Quay’s, after it was recommended by an expert selection panel. The article
explores this case in the light of current recommendations for best practice in public art commissioning.               currently confronting artists’ studios.
The funding and management issues that face group studios are considered in Ruairí O’Cuiv’s article Studio         10. VAI Northern Ireland Representation. Money For Arts Sake. Brian Connolly the VAI Northern
End Games. Brian Connolly the VAI Northern Ireland Representative offers a response to the Arts Council of              Ireland representative offers an individual response to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Five-Year
Northern Ireland’s recently published Five-Year Plan. In addition our newly appointed Western                           Plan 2007.
Representative Aideen Barry reports on her recent activities.                                                      11. VAI Western Representation. Way Out West. Aideen Barry the new VAI Western Representative
                                                                                                                        outlines some of her rescent activities.
We also have an update on the recent activities of the Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation (IVARO),
                                                                                                                   12. Art in the Public Realm: Focus. The Risk of Blocked Drainage. Visual Artists Ireland report on the saga
which has been focusing particularly on the implementation of the artist’s re-sale right. And as always,
                                                                                                                        of Marco Dessardo’s commission for the Wexford Quays.
there is much more, including all the latest opportunities and news of recent activity in the visual arts field.
                                                                                                                   14. Project Profile. Body Weathers / Body Apparatus. Fergus Byrne Co-Organiser of ‘Body in Landscape,
                                                                                                                        Killarney National Park 2006’ Outlines the projects programme and some of its findings.
VAI members will have recently received copies through the post of Printed Project issue 6, entitled ‘I Can’t
Work Like This’ curated / edited by Anton Vidockle and Tirdad Zolghadr. As part of the Irish and                   15. Project Profile. Artist Researchers. Cordula Hansen considers The Umha Aois Project as an
International distribution of the publication, Vidockle and Zolghadr’s edition of Printed Project was                   interdisciplinary research environment.
launched at special events in Dublin, Madrid and Berlin – further details can be found in the news section.        16. Career Development. The Profession of Creativity. Paul Nugent discusses his art career.
Look out for future issues of Printed Project – our Summer edition will be curated / edited by New York            17. Institution Profile. A Collaborative Effort. Rosie Lynch, a Curator / Manager with Ard Bia Gallery
based critic and curator Kim Levin; and the Autumn issue is being produced by Munira Mirza, a UK based                  Galway, profiles their first batch of projects and exhibitions.
cultural policy specialist and broadcaster.                                                                        18. Project Profile. Space is The Place. Peter Mutschler, artist and head of ‘ground control’ profiles Space
                                                                                                                        Shuttle, a series of six projects of urban creativity and social interaction that took place in locations in
As part of the ongoing development of the VAI website, we have now added a ‘pay pal’ credit card facility
whereby VAI membership and subscriptions to Printed Project can now be paid for on-line. New material
                                                                                                                   19. Institution Profile. Focussing the Spotlight. Daniel Jewesbury interviews Hugh Mulholland, Director of
has also been added to sections of info-pool area of the web-site.
                                                                                                                        The Third Space, Belfast.

Planning is under way for a new round of Professional Development Workshops. We are seeking a                      20. How it is Made. Key Cutting. Tim Lloyd Describes the processes and ideas behind his recent
programme manager to research and co-ordinate the delivery of a €150,000 programme of training, to be                   installation at the Glucksman Gallery Cork.
delivered over three years which is being supported by a grant form the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s         21. Residencies. Lost in Loverly Leitrim. Yvonne Cullivan, describes her time at Leitrim Sculpture Centre.
National Lotter (see pg 26).                                                                                       25. Art in the Public Realm: Roundup. Recent commissions and projects.
                                                                                                                   27. Advocacy and Lobbying. IVARO Update. Now a year and half old, IVARO (The Irish Visual Arts Rights
                                                                                                                        Organisation) has been busy addressing a range of issues.
                                                                                                                   28. Regional Profile. Visual Arts in Newry and Mourne.
                                                                                                                   30. Opportunties. All the latest residencies, commissions, grants and calls for exhibition etc.

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The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                                  March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                                                  3

COLUMN                                                                                                ROUNDUP

Padraic Moore
The Ruins of Yesterday’s Tomorrow                                                                    Roundup
DURING my undergraduate days in UCD my fascination with 20th century                                 HILLSBORO MOVE
architecture began in earnest. Skulking about the concrete corridors of the
beloved Brutalist building I admired how simplicity of form coalesced with a
direct, honest use of materials, producing an impression of elegant efficiency on
a monumental scale. Though I partook in the buildings celebration of poured
concrete and aspired to its qualities of durability and discipline, the austere
aesthetics were not all that I found enchanting. Built in the early 1970s this
utilitarian building was evidently integral to the blueprint for Irelands
optimistic future. The architect had envisaged this monolith not only as a
paradigm of ultramodern functionality but also as a means of communicating
social principles via progressive design.                                                            From left, works by: Basil Beattie, John Noel Smith,
       Captivated by my concrete companion, I became conscious that while                            Michael Warren, Jules Olitski, Sam Francis, Michael Warren

renowned for Georgian avenues and squares Dublin lacks – almost entirely –                           In December the Hillsboro Gallery, Dublin
the presence of any noteworthy 20th century edifices. Even the precious                              moved to new premises on Parnell Square                      Work by Sonia Shiel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Eilis McDonald work from ‘Reverse Psychology’
smattering of buildings that constitutes our provincial vernacular of low-rise,                      – just round the corner from the Hugh                        photography and sculpture. Shiel’s new
late Modernism- is in a shabby state. Not so much unacknowledged as                                  Lane. Recent exhibitions have included                       work – paintings and video pieces
reprehensibly neglected.                                                                             ‘Fiona Dowling: New Paintings’ (18 Jan 18                    explored, as the press release put it
      The eagerness with which some factions in the comparatively reactionary                        – 3 Feb). Currently showing is ‘Alex Katz:                   “internalised, collective fantasies and
Ireland of the mid 20th century embraced Modernism is evinced by the visit of                        Small Paintings’ (Feb 15 – 9 March).                         romantic imagery, in that it contemplates
Internationally eminent architect Walter Gropius in 1937. Instrumental in                            Upcoming shows will feature work by                          the ‘lite’ relationship we have with the
inviting Gropius to Dublin to discuss his influential book “The New                                  David Crone, John Hoyland and Jonathan                       sublime”.
Architecture and the Bauhaus” was Michael Scott, whose magnificent Busáras                           Hunter.
occupies a primary position in my pantheon of Dublin’s architectural gems.                                                 
                                                                                                                                                                  LUXUS AND RE-GENERATION
Designed and built by Scott and his set between 1945 and 1953, Busáras displays
influences of the aforementioned Gropius and constitutes the first example of                        DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER                                                                                                  Eilis McDonald work from ‘Reverse Psychology’
post WWII International Modern style in Ireland.
      However, the overall structural and stylistic elements of the bus station                                                                                                                                               artists with a strong conceptual approach
(and UCD for that matter) are ultimately more akin to the decisive idiom of Le                                                                                                                                                working in different media. PCP will be a
Corbusier, arguably the most significant architect of the last century.                                                                                                                                                       proving ground for young and emerging
      While UCD was constructed as a minimalist monument to education, Aras
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              artists”.    PCP       will      invite      external
Mac Dhiarmada (Busáras) was constructed with the admirable – albeit
unattainable, aspiration to make bus travel luxuriously sophisticated.                                                                                                                                                        independent          curators        to      develop
                                                                                                                                                                  Victor Sloan. Work from ‘Luxus’
Conceived as the epitome of comprehensive design; the architects of Busáras                                                                                                                                                   exhibitions specifically for the gallery and
selected a cohesive array of fittings, fabrics, artworks, furniture, cutlery and even                                                                             Luxus a visual and verbal collaboration by                  develop networks internationally in order
teashop menu cards to create a compositionally unified environment(1). The                                                                                        Victor Sloan and Glenn Patterson is
                                                                                                     Ana Garcini Drosophila Melanogaster                                                                                      to initiate exchange projects with other
station once featured a subterranean theatre and retains the exquisite mosaics                                                                                    currently on show at the Millennium
by Patrick Scott. The Corbusian tropes of repetitious detailing and geometric                        Four Gallery, Dublin recently presented                                                                                  critically engaged organisations.
                                                                                                                                                                  Court Arts Centre, Portadown (25 Jan – 24                                          
regularity are exemplified in the austerely opulent application of external                          ‘Drosophila Melanogaster’ an exhibition
                                                                                                                                                                  March). The show is the first exhibition in
embellishment in mosaic, copper and glass. Though once contentious, the bus                          of works by Priscila Fernandes – working
                                                                                                                                                                  a two-part series of new work entitled
station must have appeared like a bastion of jewel-like exquisiteness in an                          under the name of Ana Garcini (2 – 24                                                                                    EMBODIED TIME
                                                                                                                                                                  ‘Interrogating Contested Spaces’ involving
Ireland under the shroud of a long, bleak depression.                                                Feb). As the press release explained                                                                                     Shown at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery,
                                                                                                                                                                  the collaboration of major Northern Irish
      Not totally unalike Busáras, but more conspicuous and unpopular is                             “Fernandes         uses     such       processes      of
                                                                                                                                                                  visual and verbal artists. While primarily
Liberty Hall. Constructed in 1965-during a period of relative economic                               ‘personality fragmentation’ to explores
                                                                                                                                                                  looking  at Berlin, and tangentially
buoyancy – it is amongst the only structures in the state bearing resemblance to                     concepts of identity, authorship and
the mid century office blocks of Mies Van Der Rohe. Soaring with haughtiness,                                                                                     Portadown, Luxus, by Victor Sloan and
                                                                                                     autobiography by creating characters
the endangered cubic column espouses the empowered attitude of a newly                                                                                            Glenn Patterson, engages with the notion
                                                                                                     endowed with their own biographies and
progressive Ireland. Following a bomb blast on Eden Quay in 1972 the original                                                                                     of The City in urban renewal.
                                                                                                     personalities that differ from her own. In
appearance of the audacious escalation was forever distorted owing to the loss                                                                                           MCAC           is   also        running      ‘Re-
                                                                                                     the series Drosophila Melanogaster, ‘Garcini’
of the non-reflective glass, which never was replaced. In addition to detonation                                                                                  Generation’, a group show by nationally
                                                                                                     created a formula to translate the genetic
damage Liberty Hall, like Busáras, has undergone mutilation for purposes of fire                                                                                  and internationally known artists who are
                                                                                                     code a fragment of DNA from a fruit fly                                                                                  ‘Embodied Time - Art Video, 1970 to the present’
safety and renovation, and has also endured the removal of original                                                                                               currently working on the ‘Regenerate’                       Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork.
irreplaceable fixtures. In addition, both have also fallen foul of the quotidian                     into music. These works make part of an
                                                                                                                                                                  artists’ residency project in collaboration
nuisances of vandalism and indifference.                                                             investigative process to find differences;
                                                                                                                                                                  with Craigavon Borough Council’s Arts
      Though I acknowledge that buildings from the halcyon days of the last                          here genetics is used as a metaphor to
                                                                                                                                                                  Development                Department.              The
century can seldom meet the spatial and operational requirements of today, I                         arrive to the individuality of each one of
                                                                                                                                                                  participating artists are Mike Hogg &
contend that in our provincial context these buildings comprise a precious                           us”.
                                                                                                                                                                  Philip Napier (Carbon Designs), Peter
aspect of our modern heritage. While proclaiming the presence within Ireland
                                                                                                                                                                  Richards - Ian Charlesworth (Average Inc),
of a contemporaneous awareness of both International architectural and social
                                                                                                     BEATTIE AND SHIEL                                            Factotum, Paddy Bloomer & Nicky Keogh
advance, the three buildings to which I have alluded confirm the determination
                                                                                                                                                                  (Tattered Dandelions) and individuals
to replicate these advances in the Hibernian Metropolis-albeit belatedly and on                                                                                                                                               ‘Embodied Time - Art Video, 1970 to the present’
                                                                                                                                                                  Lesley Yendell, Yvonne Sullivan and Brian                   Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork.
a comparatively Lilliputian scale. They also reveal an aspiration to compete
with Global movements and bring a jaded, beleaguered Ireland into the                                                                                             Maguire.                                                    Cork ‘Embodied Time – Art Video, 1970 to
cosmopolitan, affluent world of tomorrow. Most significantly, these rather                                                                                                                                                    the present’ (9 Dec 06              – 25 Feb 07)
lacklustre structures signify how the Modernist architectural idiom was                                                                                                                                                       investigated the interplay of artist,
                                                                                                                                                                  REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY AT PCP
specifically valuable in the context of the Irish Republic, where it offered the
                                                                                                                                                                  Eilis McDonald’s first solo show, ‘Reverse                  technical media, and viewer, presenting a
means to physically and visually express autonomy from the Imperial modes of
                                                                                                                                                                  Psychology’ was presented at the new                        range of works from the documentation of
an occupied past.
      As the inhabitants of the prosperous tomorrow hoped for by our                                                                                              Dublin          exhibition            space       Pallas    a   performance          to    large-scale         video
predecessors we must insist these vestiges be restored and in Liberty Hall’s case                    Work by David Beatie. Installation view.                     Contemporary Projects (27 Jan – 24 Feb).                    installation works from the 1970’s
retained. Ultimately, these constructions are uncommon monuments to an                                                                                            The show was described in the press                         onwards. Curated by Dr. Sabine Kriebel
                                                                                                     At the beginning of this year the
epoch defined by devotion to progress (technological, cultural and political)                                                                                                                                                 and René Zechlin the exhibition included
                                                                                                     Broadstone XL space, Dublin hosted a joint                   release as “an explosion of subconscious
fused to ideologies that in today’s sanctimonious world seem ludicrously
                                                                                                     exhibition of works by David Beattie and                     landscapes, loud music, spiritual energies                  works       by    Marina       Abramovic,           Vito
utopian. Diminutive, derivative and unkempt – in some cases even detested,
                                                                                                     Sonia Shiel (5 – 12 Jan). Beattie presented                  and ghosts”.                                                Acconci, Kevin Atherton, Valie Export,
these are amongst the only buildings in Dublin with such captivating character.
For me, these creations are local manifestations of the Modernist Project; as long                   new works that were described as “part of                                                                                Dan Graham, Nan Hoover, Joan Jonas and
                                                                                                                                                                           Pallas Contemporary Projects is
as they stand I’ll be charmed by and grateful for their captivating, reassuring                      his ongoing investigations into the                                                                                      Nam June Paik.
                                                                                                                                                                  located on Grangegorman Road, Dublin 7.                                               
character.                                                                                           physicality of space, substance and time”.
                                                                                                     Using a variety of media, his work takes                     PCP is described as focusing “on the
(1)   The aspiration to construct a cohesive architectural masterpiece was also what motivated the
      innovative design and construction of ‘Collinstown’ Dublin airport in 1937.                    the form of installation, video, sound,                      exchange of young Irish and international
4                                                                                                                                                                 The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                            March / Apri 2007

COLUMN                                                                                 ROUNDUP

Slavka Sverakova Magpies and Alders                                                    NOT THE FULL STORY                                                                                                     BEHIND THE SCENES

LES Demoiselles d’Avignon was created by a 25 year old migrant exactly a 100
years ago. It is still a good case for autonomous art.
      Should you ask a magpie “What is your identity?” you may get: “In the
Northern or Eastern Europe I am migratory; however, if I am in the Western
Europe, I am sedentary.”
      Magpies are jacks of all trades: scavengers, predators and pest-destroyers. In                                                                  Andrew Vickery From Beyond the Sea, 2006
the spring they gather in so called parliaments to resolve territorial conflicts and                                                                 the same title. Exploring the relationship               Work by Suzanne Mooney
                                                                                       Maud Cotter, work from ‘Not the Full Story’
social standing. This range of life supporting strategies is analogous to questions                                                                  between man-made domestic objects and
concerning art autonomy and value.                                                     Maud Cotter’s solo exhibition at the                                                                                   Ard Bia Gallery presented ‘Behind the
                                                                                                                                                     nature O’Kane juxtaposed large drawings
      Magpies’ challenging, almost arrogant attitude wins them no friends, but         Rubicon Gallery, Dublin (25 Jan – 3 Mar),                                                                              Scenes’ (2 Feb – 10 March) a solo
                                                                                                                                                     of trees with drawings of chairs and tables
equips them to live in many habitats all year round. They are cautious, flying         entitled ‘Not the Full Story’ explored how                                                                             exhibition of new work by Galway born,
                                                                                                                                                     that are fractured by other trees of varying
away at the slightest change in the environment, eg my waving hand behind the          domestic objects and spaces may come to                                                                                London based artist Suzanne Mooney.
                                                                                                                                                     shapes and sizes. primed masonite boards.
closed window. Magpies are intelligent and agile – no wonder that one of the           take on an intriguing life of their own.                                         Incorporating            photographs,          video
tools that supports interpretation of web pages and acts as a complementary            “The objects we use carry a code of our                                                                                projection and found imagery, the works
knowledge source is called ‘Magpie’ (              identity,” says Cotter. “Those that receive                                                                            in the show collectively explore issues of
                                                                                                                                                     KK GROUP SHOW
The uncertainty of knowing shadows the philosophical question of what is               extensive       use         and    pass         through                                                                landscape representation, appropriation
knowledge.                                                                             generations begin to live a life of their
                                                                                                                                                                                                              and image making. This exhibition
      On one hand magpies have a bad press as killers of songbirds, on the other       own.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                              continues Mooney’s conceptual play with
Magpie is a popular trade name for creativity: music, novels, journals, an add-on
                                                                                                                                                                                                              the medium of photography as a way of
for Firefox, a New Zealand wine, a gallery in Lewisburg are amongst the 1,300
                                                                                                                                                                                                              reconsidering how we look at the world
000 items on Google.                                                                   EGAN AT KERLIN                                                                                                         through representation.
      The RSPB reported that the numbers of songbirds were similar in areas                                                                                                                                                               
with many or few magpies. Not they, instead the scarcity of food and hedges for
nesting made the difference. The three magpie principles: autonomy, value                                                                                                                                     DON’T CRY WORK!
judgement and uncertainty are those of our profession too.
      Like magpies, arts and artists are blamed for some unsavoury phenomena
in life. They must be censored, if not censored, then, at least, not supported by
public funds.
      In vain, David Hume (1711 – 1776) identified the problem of
                                                                                                                                                     From left, work by Cora Cummins, Tighe McSweeney and
distinguishing causation from correlation as unsolvable. Art, inter alia, offers a                                                                   Alison Pilkington.

flexible means for stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, for turning
over implicit assumptions, for scrutinising the most minute details of
experience and interconnections. Not defined by closure of death art critically
rehearses life. Some think that it is not enough.                                      Felim EganTranquill 2006.
      J Mackie (The Cement of the Universe, 1974) defined the constellation of
                                                                                       Felim Egan’s exhibition at the Kerlin
conditions as INUS conditions: insufficient, necessary, unnecessary and                                                                                                                                       Christoph Kronke untitled Oil on Canvas.2006
                                                                                       Gallery, Dublin             (12 Jan – 10 Feb)
sufficient. The various contexts and their differing power fix the work of art at
                                                                                       presented characteristic abstract works by                                                                             Curated by PE Moore ‘Don’t Cry – Work!’
some point of its existence, as if forever. While illusionary, in aesthetic
                                                                                       the artist. Nonetheless as the press release                                                                           at The Back Loft, Dublin (8 – 17 Feb)
experience such a fix becomes true. Claude Monet’s painting The Magpie,1868-
                                                                                       noted, despite the artist’s formalism                         Nevan Lahart                                             featured the work of 7 artists Andreas
1869, in Musee d’Orsay places the bird on a rickety wooden fence. A tiny black
                                                                                       “Egan’s work has nevertheless always                                                                                   Templin, Robert Hawkins, Gary Farrelly,
and white creature with a vast snow laden orchard, house and field behind, is                                                                        Work by Cora Cummins, Sarah Durcan,
                                                                                       been influenced by the landscape, in                                                                                   Oisin Byrne, Christoph Kronke, Liam Ryan
facing the viewer. The constellation of conditions includes a rural setting and                                                                      Nevan Lahart, Tadhg McSweeney,
                                                                                       particular by the striking characteristics of                                                                          and David Turpin. For the entire duration
observation of sunlight on snow, both sufficient and necessary for the image of                                                                      Geraldine O’Neill and Alison Pilkington
                                                                                       his home patch, Sandymount Strand,                                                                                     of the exhibition the work of these artists
winter landscape. However, they are insufficient to explain Monet’s art practice,                                                                    were presented in a group show at the
                                                                                       Dublin. Along with the flat empty spaces                                                                               provided a varied but thematically unified
and this particular composition. The magpie is an unnecessary condition for the                                                                      Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin (11 Jan –
                                                                                       of the ‘Strand’, the new work looks above                                                                              backdrop for a series of temporary events
image in the sense that the cold atmosphere and rural motif could have                                                                               3 Feb). The works ranged across painting,
                                                                                       the horizon to the infinite space of the sky                                                                           and      performances         from       musicians,
included another bird. Monet could have called the painting by the place or
                                                                                       and beyond”. A solo exhibition by Isabel                      drawing, installation and sculpture.
time. Selecting the magpie, he adds to the fascination documented in many                                                                                                performance artists and filmmakers. The
                                                                                       Nolan is currently on show in the gallery
cultures. The Christians associate magpie with evil, dissipation and vanity                                                                                                                                   latter included a temporary exhibition of
                                                                                       (16 Feb– 16 March).
(garrulous thief), the Chinese perceive the bird as a symbol of joy and good                                               
                                                                                                                                                     HOMELANDS & CITY                                         sculptural attire by Brigid McClean,
fortune, even think of it as sacred (Manchu minority). Monet’s magpie is the                                                                                                                                  writings by Aleana Egan, a musical
only sign of life in the frozen land. It opens up an essay on consciousness.                                                                                                                                  performance by David Turpin and the
      To continue with my bio-aesthetic parallels and metaphors, the INUS              ON AT THE RHA                                                                                                          Irish debut of documentary The Nomi
conditions are analogous to alders. Because of their spreading root systems and                                                                                                                               Story.
tolerance of moist soils, alders are often planted for flood control and the
prevention of erosion. They are amongst the first woody plants to appear in                                                                                                                                   SUSAN CONNOLLY
denuded areas. Although short lived, they prepare the soil for more enduring
trees. I like to think of alders as analogous to cultural vitality.
      Some recent strategies go along with the definition of cultural vitality “as
evidence of creating, disseminating, validating, and supporting arts and culture                                                                     Sunil Gupta ‘Homelands and Tales of the City’

as a dimension of everyday life in communities”. Frederic Martel in NY Times
recently wrote: “we do not need a minister defining culture … we need                  Michael Warren, work from ‘Of Weight and Wings’
                                                                                                                                                     Belfast Exposed Gallery is currently
thousands of people defining culture. Power should flow bottom-up not top-             Recent exhibitions at the RHA, Dublin has                     showing ‘Homelands and Tales of the City’
down.” The UK has 1,848 museums visited last year by 42 million people – the           included Michael Warren’s ‘Of Weight and                      an exhibition of the work of Sunil Gupta
evidence for enduring relation to arts is not accessible. The French minister of       Wings’ (18 Jan – 25 Feb). This show                           (16 Feb – 16 March). Born in New Delhi in
culture recently announced Euro 100m support for artists “to demonstrate the           included a range of recent individual                         1953, Gupta grew up in Montreal, before                  Work by Susan Connolly
vivacity of French artistic creation”. In London, a dealer opened a web site STU-      works along with a major installation
ART – for students from all over the world to sell their art (www.saatchi-                                                                           studying photography in New York and
                                                                                       work created for the main gallery space.                                                                               ‘Shift’ a showing of new paintings by                                                                                                                                      establishing himself as an artist working
                                                                                       Showing at the same time in galleries I                                                                                Susan Connolly, was presented at the
      A crucial caveat, that the aesthetic preferences are neither arbitrary nor                                                                     between London and Delhi. His work
                                                                                       and II was an exhibition of paintings and                                                                              Stone Gallery, Dublin earlier this year (16
completely detached from meaning and are dependent on connectivity of the                                                                            represents a form of autobiographical
                                                                                       slide show works by Andrew Vickery –                                                                                   Jan – 17 Feb).                Connolly’s work
brain, needs to be added. In its past the western culture embraced optimism,                                                                         photography that is both political and
                                                                                       that were described by the gallery as “full                                                                            concentrates on the movement of paint
science, individualism, liberalism, economic growth and Christian compassion.                                                                        intimate, examining issues of race and
                                                                                       of charm, memory and subversion”. In the
At present this culture appears pessimistic, misanthropic, intolerant, afraid and                                                                                                                             off and within the canvas ‘frame’.
                                                                                       Ashford Gallery, Eamon O’Kane presented                       homosexuality.                                                                    
normative. It needs courage and creativity to enlarge freedom and defend                                                                                                  
                                                                                       ‘Philosophy of Furniture (11 Jan – 1 Feb),
                                                                                       prompted by an Edgar Allan Poe essay of
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                                  March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                                     5

ROUNDUP                                                                                                                                                                             COLUMN

AT DRAIOCHT                                                   the artists processes will be ‘punctuated’
                                                              by a publication, dialogue, the possibility
                                                                                                                         MOLLY AIDA
                                                                                                                                                                                    Micheal Burke
                                                              for exchange, and culminate in the later                                                                              In Brief
                                                              presentation of new work at Project Arts

                                                              THE LAST BLUE SKY

Anna Boyle, A boy aged four... 2006
                                                                                                                         Tinney’s Bar being installed at The Void, Derry.

Recent        shows         at        the      Draiocht,                                                                                                                            FOR those of you who don’t know me, I spent a long time on the board of the
Blanchardstown have included Anna                                                                                        Following its closure, Tinney’s Bar in                     Sculptors’ Society of Ireland and was chair for a good while. One of the issues we
Boyle’s ‘It is not Clear at This Stage…’ (1 Feb                                                                          Derry was recently transformed into an art                 promoted, along with the Association of Artists in Ireland, was open
– 3 March) in the ground floor gallery                                                                                   installation when it was reconstructed in                  competition for public art projects. The situation before open competition was
space. Boyle’s work explored the news                                                                                    the Void gallery. The project was an                       very restricted. There were far fewer public art opportunities and in the early
media’s treatment of harrowing events                                                                                    initiative of the Null group (Maoliosa                     days of the Percent for Art Scheme, if a local authority wished to commission an
and tragedies, and in particular, the recent                                                                             Boyle, Damien Duffy, Paola Bernardelli,                    artwork, they usually contacted the Arts Council for advice (no Arts Officers
                                                              Elodie Pong Untitled/Plan for Victory Video/Sound Loop.1
gangland crime wave of West Dublin.                           minute 15 seconds. 2006                                    Kieran Ferris).                                            back then). The Arts Council inevitably gave them a short list of names. SSI and
Showing at the same time on the first floor                                                                                                                                         AAI, with the support of ICTU, were finally getting somewhere with the
                                                                                                                         BRIAN HAND                                                 publication in 1992, of a small but significant booklet The Code of Practice for the
space was an exhibition of new portrait
drawings by Alan Daly.                                                                                                                                                              Commissioning / Purchase of Art for Public Places, which was launched by Mary
                                                                                                                                                           Harney TD, then Minister for the Environment.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Symbolically the publication was launched in the open air, outside the
                                                                                                                                                                                    Central Bank, Dame Street, in the shadow of Eamon O’Doherty’s, Crann an Ó
                                                                                                                                                                                    (1991). O’Doherty’s piece had been selected as the result of an anonymous, two
                                                                                                                                                                                    stage competition managed by the SSI. It was an exemplary competition. There
                                                                                                                                                                                    was a clear brief with relevant drawings. Three competitions were run at the
                                                                                                                                                                                    same time and though only one commission was awarded, short-listed artists
                                                                                                                                                                                    were paid a fee and cash prizes were given to the selected artists for the other
                                                                                                                           Brian Hand A Decision to Love                            two sites.
                                                                                                                                                                                          SSI managed many competitions over the years and established a
                                                                                                                         The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London                       benchmark for others to follow. As local authorities employed Arts Officers and
                                                                                                                         recently presented A Decision to Love a                    developed Arts Offices, they took on the organisation of competitions
                                                              Thorsten Brinkmann Gus Ding will es so.                    new installation by Irish artist Brian Hand                themselves. Many local authorities now have a public art officer or advisor.
                                                              15 minute 20 seconds. Edition of 3.
                                                                                                                         (26 Jan – 24 Feb). The installation was                    Every thing should be perfect – but it isn’t!
                                                              ‘The Last Blue Sky’ (11 Jan – 10 Feb) at                   conceived as a responding to the                                 When I see a public art competition advertised I usually look for the brief.
                                                              Mothers Tank Station, Dublin was a group                   Suffragette Derby of 1913, in which Emily                  I don’t always submit a proposal for the competition – I may not like the site or
                                                              show of contemporary moving image                          Davison fatally disrupted the race by                      the theme, perhaps I just can’t come up with an idea I am happy with.
Work by Katarzyna Gajewska
                                                              works (10 Jan –10 Feb) . The artists                       attempting to pin a suffragette tricolour                        Over the past while I have received a number of briefs that I didn’t like due
‘Beyond the Clouds’ Katarzyna Gajewska’s                      included in the show were Nevin Aladag,                    on the King’s racehorse.                                   to some of the terms included. Who writes these briefs? Engineers? Lawyers?
                                                              Thorsten Brinkmann, Ian Burns, Cliona                                                                                 Surely not the Arts Officer? Unreasonable demands are being introduced. These
exhibition, at the One gallery, Dublin (18
                                                              Harmey, Hendrikje Kuhne & Beat Klein,                      ALABAMA CROME                                              new terms are spreading like a virus, each new brief being ‘compiled’ with an
Dec - 19 Jan 07) aimed to offer a visual
                                                              Elodie Pong, Michael Snow and Grace                                                                                   assortment of ideas from other recent efforts in different local authorities.
interpretation of feelings evoked by
                                                              Weir. The ambiguous title of the                                                                                            Recently there was one that demanded evidence of public liability
history. As the artist noted “This body of                                                                                                                                          insurance at stage one along with a copy of your tax clearance certificate and
                                                              exhibition indicated the aim of the show
work is constructed as homage to the                                                                                                                                                proof of your artist’s tax exemption when you were submitting an expression of
                                                              “to position the viewer somewhere
common ground of Irish and Polish                                                                                                                                                   interest. Another one that has started to appear is a request for information on
                                                              uncertainly         between          optimism      and
History and inspired by historical events –                                                                                                                                         recent/previous commissions, specifically those include among the images
especially       Northern          Ireland       of     the                                                                                     submitted. What sub-contractors did you use; how much did you pay them;
seventies and Poland of the eighties – to                                                                                                                                           how much were you paid for the job? I contacted a recent client seeking his
                                                              HEART OF THE MATTER                                                                                                   permission to include him as a referee as part of a submission I was compiling. I
represent aspects of connection therein:                                                                                  Eva Vermandel, Untitled.
                                                                                                                                                                                    also told him that I was required to submit financial details relating to the work
e.g., Polish independence in 1918 & the                                                                                  The latest edition in the Douglas Hyde
                                                                                                                                                                                    I had done for him. He was fine with being a referee but stated quite clearly that
creation of the Irish Free state in 1922”.                                                                               Galleries series of books that record the
                                                                                                                                                                                    I was not to disclose any information relating to the cost of the project I had
One gallery is a non-profit, exhibition                                                                                  their exhibition programme has recently
                                                                                                                                                                                    done for him.
space housed in design company One                                                                                       been published. Entitled Alabama Chrome,                         Another related issue is the insistence on a full breakdown of the costs
Production’s building in Dublin city                                                                                     the book contextualizes the venues recent                  which will be incurred when undertaking the project if successful. They have
                                                                                                                         shows with a series of commissioned                        determined the budget in advance and have usually advertised it. That is the
                                                                                         essays about contemporary visual culture                   budget! I am happy to give an undertaking that I will complete the work for that
                                                                                                                         in Ireland. The publication also includes a                amount. If I am getting someone to work on my home, I want to know what he
ART MADE AT PROJECT                                                                                                      series of photographs of Dublin and its                    will do and what he will charge for the finished job. I don’t care how much he
                                                                                                                         environs by Eva Vermandel, which                           paid for the wood, plaster, cement, the hire of equipment or petrol for his van –
                                                                                                                         accompany the texts by Luke Clancy,                        none of my business!
                                                                                                                         Dermot Boyd, Maeve Connolly and                                  At the same time as demanding a full breakdown of each artist’s costs,
                                                                                                                         Declan Long.                                               some local authorities now state in the brief that the advertised budget is not
                                                                                                                                                                                    the budget for the artwork as the cost of running the competition will be taken
                                                                                                                                                                                    out of it – and no – they cant tell you how much it will cost to run the
                                                                                                                         IRISH ARTIST IN COPENHAGEN                                 competition!
                                                                                                                         Irish artist Sean Lynch recently showed                          So, after all that, what do I suggest? In brief – I welcomed the publication of
                                                              Fifi Smith The Heart of the Matter
Aurélien Froment, The Apse, the Bell and the Antelope                                                                    works        with       the      Oeen       Group    in    Public Art: Per Cent for Art Scheme – General National Guidelines 2004 by the
                                                              Fifi Smith exhibited her piece The Heart of                Copenhagen. Simply entitled the ‘Oeen
Project Arts Centre has invited four artists;                                                                                                                                       Department of Arts, Sports & Tourism. But they don’t go nearly far enough. The
                                                              the Matter in ‘Bibliomania’, an exhibition                 Group Show’ the exhibition featured a
Rosa Barba, Jeremiah Day, Aurélien                                                                                                                                                  Inter-Departmental Group chaired by the Arts Council, which compiled the
                                                              held at the Holden Gallery, Manchester                     selection of small scale works from 14
Froment and Lonnie van Brummelen and                                                                                                                                                Guidelines, haven’t met since. The Arts Council’s public art specialist convenes
                                                              (11 – 26 January). Contributors from the                   Danish and international artists (11 Jan – 4
Siebren de Haan to produce new works                                                                                                                                                these meetings – only there isn’t one any more. The contract for the position
                                                              USA, the Americas and the UK were                          Feb) “compressed” to fit a container at a                  ended during 2005 and nobody has been appointed since. More work needs to
with the institution throughout 2007.                         invited to take any published book and                     building site in central Copenhagen.                       be done in this area and the best information I can get suggests nothing will
Project aims to make more transparent the                     alter it.                                                                             
                                                                                                                                                                                    happen until the Arts Council appoints a public art specialist – GET ON WITH
process of producing new works. Each of
6                                                                                                                                                                          The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                            March / April 2007


OPEN DRAWING AWARDS                                                                                         TENDER                                               ORLA WHELAN OUTSIDE                                          Minnock          showed       small-scale
                                                                                                            ‘Tender’ a group show at the Original                Curated by Mark Garry, ‘Outside’ Orla                 mono-prints,          that       through         a
                                                                                                            Print Gallery, Dublin          (2 – 18 Feb)          Whelan’s exhibition of new paintings                  combination              of         ambiguous
                                                                                                            presented wok by Louise Meade, Mary                  was presented at The Return Gallery at                compositions and figurative marks
                                                                                                            Fitzgerald, Kate Betts, Christian Bozon,             the Goethe Institute, Dublin (31 Jan –                sought to animate unnoticed fragments
                                                                                                            Koichi Yamamoto and Peter Wray.                      28 Feb). Commenting on her work in                    of     the    natural     environment        that
                                                                                                            While each artist in the show possessed              the press release the artist noted “ I feel           surrounds us. Byrne’s paintings were
                                                                                                            a different approach to print making,                that painting is a good or viable means               based on the Isallt shipwreck, which is
                                                                                                            the works in the show were united by a               to explore this. Perhaps because it’s only            marooned off the shore of Ballymoney
                                                        Rhodri Jones                                        sense of delicacy and subtlety.                      about looking and seeing. Painting has                Strand, Co. Wexford.
                                                        Dec 06) which posed the question “how                                                                    clear limitations … if nothing was given,
                                                                                                            SEE FIGURE. 8
                                                        do you decide when an artwork is                                                                         I wouldn’t know where to start.”
                                                        finished or not, or if it’s a success?” The                                                                                  

                                                        participating artists were Ide Mooney,
                                                        Lee Welch, Brian Fay, Gary Coyle, Fiona                                                                  BETTY KILLS TOYS                                           CORRECTIONS
    Work from the Open Drawing Award Show, LCAG.        O’ Dwyer, Michael Fortune, Sean Taylor,
                                                        David Beattie, Aideen Barry, Cliona                                                                                                                                 On the cover of the last issue of VAN
                                                        Harmey, Helen Hughes, Bea McMahon,                                                                                                                                  we      mistakenly        credited      the
                                                        Sally Timmons, Sonia Shiel, Eileen                                                                                                                                  Hedgeschool project to both Ciaran
                                                        Healy, Felicity Clear, Alan Phelan,                                                                                                                                 Walsh and Glenn Loughran. In fact
                                                        Danny McCarthy, John Langan, Martin                  Alan Daly Reclining Nude                                                                                       the project was created and carried
                                                        Shannon, Mark Curran, Noel Molloy,                                                                                                                                  out by artist Glenn Loughran, on the
                                                                                                            ‘See figure.8’ at the Talbot Gallery,
                                                        Mary-Ruth Walsh, Simone Schneider                                                                                                                                   invitation of Ciaran Walsh acting in
                                                                                                            Dublin. (8 – 23 Feb) was group
                                                        and Simon Lewandowski.                                                                                                                                              the role of curator.
                                                                          exhibition of work examining the age-                                                                                 

                                                                                                            old subject of the human form. The
                                                        MARKING TIME                                        exhibition included works by Alan Daly,                                                                         Fulsome      apologies       to      Emma
                                                                                                                                                                  Work by Betty Brown
Work from the Open Drawing Award Show, LCAG.                                                                Brian Kreydatus, Suzanne Mooney,                                                                                Petterson who supplied the excellent
                                                                                                            Eimear Brennan, Clare Henderson, Tom                                                                            drawings      which        accompanied
The ‘Open Drawing Awards Exhibition
                                                                                                            Moore and Melissa Corrish.                           Betty Brown’s exhibition ‘Betty Kills                      Susanne Bosch’s ariticle Shifting the
2007’ was recently held in the Church                                                                                             Toys’ at Ards Arts Centre (8 – 30                          Steriotypes in our Jan / Feb edition.
Gallery at Limerick School of Art and
                                                                                                                                                                 January) explored the human / animal                       Due to an editorial error, the works
Design, Clare Street Limerick (2 – 21                                                                       SHADOW CASTING
                                                                                                                                                                 relationship       in     sculptural          form.        were     incorrectly      attributed      to
Feb). Aidan Dunne selected the works in
                                                                                                                                                                 Specifically the artist utilised accessible                Susanne Bosch.
the show from an open submission of
over 400 student works. A catalogue                                                                                                                              household, toy box and wardrobe
                                                                                                                                                                 sourced materials – while allowing                         Apologies to Andy Mason who
accompanied the show with essays by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            should have been credited as the
Aidan Dunne, Charlie Harper, John                                                                                                                                them       to   remain      visible      in    the
Berger, Michael Cullen and Jim Savage.                                                                                                                                                                                      photographer for the image of Jorg
                                                                                                                                                                 underlying armature’s her ‘beasts’.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ronnau’s Scriptorium project at the
                                                        Work by Chris Atkins
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Offaly Count Council Buildings, that
ON @ WEXFORD ARTS CENTRE                                                                                                                                         CAROLINE CONWAY                                            appeared on page 21 of the Jan / Feb
                                                        ‘Marking Time’ Chris Atkins show at
                                                        Dame Street Gallery Dublin 2 (2 Feb –                                                                                                                               2007 edition.
                                                        10 March) presented work exploring
                                                        rural decay and our seeming inability to
                                                        preserve what is already there. The
                                                        images of old buildings, farms and                                                                                                                                  Get into
                                                        walkways acted as witnesses for that
                                                        which may disappear through neglect.                                                                                                                                TheRoundup

                                                         GAVIN HOGG AT THE MERMAID                          Work by Joan Alexander                                                                                          To get your exhibition or event
                                                         ‘The City and the Shadow Light’ Gavin                                                                                                                              considered for inclusion in the
                                                         Hogg’s exhibition of paintings and                 Space Gallery, Belfast presented a                                                                              round-up section, simply e-mail
                                                         prints and the Mermaid, Bray (21 Dec                                                                                                                               text and images to the editor
                                                                                                            photographic         exhibition     by      Joan
                                                         06 – 27 Jan) focused on issues of                                                                                                                                  ( Your text
                                                                                                            Alexander (11 – 31 Jan). Entitled
                                                         perception and responses to visual                                                                                                                                 details / press release should
                                                                                                            ‘Shadow Casting’ the works in the show                                                                          include venue name, location
                                                         languages and forms. Described as
                                                         “difficult to focus on, in terms of                consisted images of cast shadows.                     Caroline Conway Where there was grain                     (town / city), dates and brief
                                                                                                                                      400 X 800 woodcut.
                                                         subject/content” and requiring “time …                                                                                                                             description of the work. Note that
Megan O’Beirne.                                          another very limited commodity in                                                                       Caroline Conway recently was awarded                       ‘hard-copy’ cannot be accepted
                                                        today’s culture” Hogg’s works sought to                                                                  her first solo exhibition by Offaly                        due to the volume of material that
‘Return        Yn    Ôl’     a    photographic                                                              ‘Trasnaíocht’, an exhibition of new
                                                        draw viewers attention to fundamental                                                                    County Council and her show of                             needs to be collated for this
exhibition by artist Rhodri Jones was                                                                       paintings by Tony Gunning at the
                                                        issues of perception – namely focus,                                                                     woodcut prints entitled ‘Water Cuts’                       section of the publication.
recently presented at Wexford Arts                                                                          Watergate Theatre Gallery, Kilkenny (10
                                                        colour and light.                                                                                                                                                        Inclusion is not garanteed, but
Centre (13 Jan – 4 Feb) focussed on the                               
                                                                                                                                                                 took place in December 2006 in
                                                                                                            Nov 06 – 5 Jan 07) considered the visual                                                                        we aim to give everyone a fair
artist’s native Wales to explored the                                                                                                                            Tullamore Arts Centre. Inspired by the
                                                                                                            impact of economic prosperity in the                                                                            chance. Our criteria is primarily to
subject of emigration – subjectively                    REFLECTING BY IMAGES                                                                                     heritage of the waterways of Offaly from
                                                                                                            rural landscape. Trasnaíocht (translated                                                                        ensure that the roundup section
documenting an emigrant’s return to                     Nightfall a work by the Irish artists                                                                    monastic to industrial times she
                                                                                                            as interference) implies disharmony                                                                             has a good regional spread and
Wales after many years’ absence.                        Walker & Walker is currently on show                                                                     competently        and      boldly       depicted
                                                                                                            which is certainly evident in this series                                                                       represents a diversity of forms of
Showing in parallel at the venue was                    at Palazzo Santa Margherita, Modena,                                                                     images and symbols of places and                           practice, from a range of artists at
‘Cast       Shadows’,       a    selection         of   Italy (27 Jan – 6 May) as part of the               of paintings. In this realist approach the
                                                                                                                                                                 times..                                                    all stages in their careers.
photographic works by Megan O’Beirne,                   group show ‘Reflecting By Images’.                  focus is on the sharp contrast between
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Priority is given to events
featuring images based on the artist’s                  Curated by Filippo Maggia the show                  nature and the man-made. It is a warts-              MINNOCK AND BYRNE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            taking place within Ireland, but do
recent travels in Ireland, Spain, Italy,                also features work by Salla Tykkä. Elina            and-all snapshot of rural Ireland at the             The Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            let us know if you are taking part
Switzerland and France.                                 Brotherus. Annika von Hausswolff.                   beginning of the new millennium.                     recent hosted exhibitions of paintings &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            in a significant international event.
        Prior to these show, the centre                 Sarah Jones and Walter Niedermayr.                                                                       prints By Kate Minnock and Deirdre
presented ‘Seconds: The Imperfect                                                                                                                                Byrne (13 Jan – 10 Feb).
Artwork’ at Wexford Arts Centre (2 – 23
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                               March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                                           7


                                                                                                                                                                      The exhibition, ‘On Reflection,                    she has devised projects that explore the

News                                                                                                                                                               Modern Irish Art 1960 to 1990’,
                                                                                                                                                                   comprising 50 artworks from the BOI
                                                                                                                                                                   collection will be shown in Limericks
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         relationship between contemporary art
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         practice and the rural context – these
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         include Ground Up and Shifting Ground
                                                                                                                                                                   Hunt Museum during the month of                       - a partnership between Clare County
PRINTED PROJECT 6 – OUT NOW!                              Parkett. Vidokle and Zolghadr are                   RSUA TWO MINDS PROJECT
                                                                                                                                                                   April. During the opening ceremony the                Arts Office and the Galway Mayo
                                                          among the organisers of            the Berlin       The Two-Minds project, initiated by Arts
                                                                                                                                                                   Bank will present the Student Regional                Institute of Technology.
                                                          based      unitednationsplaza           project     & Business and the Royal Society of                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                   Art Awards to three final year students
                                                          (             which      Ulster     Architects,      is    an    art   and
                                                                                                                                                                   of Limerick Institute of Technology -
                                                          proposes the idea of an “exhibition as              architecture collaboration exploring the                                                                   FRANK RYAN BURSARY
                                                                                                                                                                   School of Art & Design. The Bank will
                                                                                                              synergy and outcomes from creative                                                                         The Frank Ryan Student Travel Bursary
                                                          school”.                                                                                                 also announce this years’ winner of the
                                                                                                              dialogue. Ten of Northern Irelands                                                                         was launched in early February by
                                                               The Dublin launch was specially                                                                     Toradh Award - for an artist mid-career
                                                                                                              leading architects’ practices will team                                                                    Taoiseach Bertie Ahern at the National
                                                          hosted by the Project arts centre (15 Feb)                                                               who has consistently delivered work of a
                                                                                                              with ten individual artists from Ireland                                                                   Museum.         The     Award       has      been
                                                          along with a public talk (16 Feb) by                                                                     remarkable quality. Previous winners of
Sarah Pierce and Anton Vidokle talking at the Project.
                                                                                                              and abroad for a 6 month period. All the                                                                   established by the Institute of Designers
                                                          Anton Vidockle. In Madrid, at the ARCO                                                                   this award include Alice Maher and
                                                                                                              practices involved have experience in                                                                      in Ireland to honour Frank Ryan one of
                                                          art fair (Feb 18) Printed Project 6 was                                                                  Katharine West.
                                                                                                              arts and culture projects but this will be                                                                 the institutes founders and life long
                                                          presented as ‘evidence’ as part of a panel                                                                       In addition, Bank of Ireland will
                                                                                                              the first time that any have had an artist                                                                 members.
                                                          discussion / conference structured by                                                                    allocate a budget of €80,000 from this
                                                                                                              in residence for six months.                                                                                     With a career spanning over sixty
                                                          Vidockle and Zolghadr as a ‘trial’ – the                                                                 years’ annual art investment to
                                                                                                                      The    architects        involved     are:                                                         years, Frank was influential in the fields
                                                                                                                                                                   acquiring artworks from the Limerick
                                                          change being “collusion with the                    Robinson         McIlwaine             Architects,                                                         of    design,    design         education     and
                                                          bourgeoisie other serious accusations”.             Robinson Patterson Architects, Todd                                                                        consultancy. He was renowned as an
                                                          Hosted     at    the     unitednationsplaza         Architects,     Kennedy          Fitzgerald     &                                                          advisory figure to arts and heritage
                                                                                                                                                                   CHILDRENS ART @ THE TATE
                                                          premises, the Berlin launch evening (24             Associates,         Hall     Black       Douglas                                                           bodies including Kilkenny Design, the
                                                                                                                                                                   Jenny Ring from St Paul’s Secondary
Zolghadr and Vidockle ‘on trial’ at ARCO, Madrid.         Feb) for Printed Project was animated by            Architects,         Mackel        &      Doherty                                                           Heritage Trust Exhibition and Eigse. The
                                                                                                                                                                   School in Dublin will represent Ireland
                                                          Anton Vidockle’s preperation of the                 Architects, Hegarty Architects, Caroline                                                                   memorial bursary will fund design
                                                                                                                                                                   in the International Unilever Art
                                                          Berlin delicacy of currywurst; along                Dixon Architects, Michael Rogers & Co                                                                      students who wish to pursue an
                                                                                                                                                                   Exhibition to be shown at Tate Modern
                                                          with a short talk by Irish critic and               Architects and Keys & Monaghan                                                                             international educational opportunity
                                                                                                                                                                   in London on 28 March 2007. She is one
                                                          curator Caoimhin MacGiolla Leith.                   Architects.                                                                                                or a design project overseas. The intent
                                                                                                                                                                   of just nineteen students who had their
                                                                                                                      The selected artist are: Dara                                                                      of the bursary is to provide assistance to
                                                               Printed Project issue 6 – ‘I Can’t                                                                  works selected from thousands of
                                                                                                              McGrath, Dublin, Gerry Murphy, Co.                                                                         cover travel costs, housing costs,
                                                          Work Like This’ is now available                                                                         entries from all over the world. Jenny
                                                                                                              Down, Lucy Turner, Bangor, Tara                                                                            materials and research.
                                                          worldwide from selected outlets. Copies                                                                  will travel to London to see her painting                                     
                                                                                                              Kennedy, Dublin, Louise Rice, Armagh,
                                                          can also be purchased online at                                                                          ’Written in my Dreams’ exhibited at Tate
                                                                                                              Brian Connolly, Antrim, Tony Stallard,
                                                 – along with all                                                                   Modern.                                               ACNI NEW PLAN FOR ARTS
                                                                                                              Essex, Janet Preston, Belfast, Lulu Quinn,
                                                          of the back issues.                                                                                              The exhibition is the culmination             The ACNI has launched its new plan for
                                                                                                              N. Wiltshire and Adam Kalinowski,
                                                                                                                                                                   of the Unilever International Schools                 the arts in Northern Ireland. Entitled
                                                                                                     Art Project (UISAP), an education project             ‘Creative Connections’, the plan details
                                                                                                                                                                   which invites schools and colleges                    the development objectives for the arts
                                                                                                              POLLOCK KRASNER AWARD                                around the world to create works of art               over the next 5 years. It aims to “place
                                                          SOURCE CELEBRATES 50TH EDITION
                                                                                                              The 2007-07 Pollock Krasner Research                 using the annual Unilever Series                      arts and culture at the heart of Northern
                                                          Creative        photography          quarterly
                                                                                                              Fellowship has been awarded to Ciaran                commission as a source of inspiration.                Ireland’s social, economic and creative
                                                          magazine        Source    will     mark     the
                                                                                                              Bennett whose research project is on                 This year’s theme is Reality & Dreams                 life as well as to contribute to the social,
                                                          publication of its 50th edition in March
                                                                                                              James Johnson Sweeney editor of the                  and is based on the work of Carsten                   economic and cultural re-generation of
Printed Project launch at UNP, Berlin.                    2007 by re-launching with a new format
                                                                                                              Paris    literary     magazine         Transition,   Höller whose work ‘Test Site’ comprises               the country”.
                                                          and a redesign.                                                                                          a series of giant slides, in Tate Modern’s
                                                                                                              published by Joyce and Beckett. James                                                                            Northern Ireland currently receives
Issue 6 of Printed Project, the critical art                   Formerly printed in landscape
                                                                                                              Johnson Sweeney was the first Director               Turbine       Hall.    The       international        the lowest level of government funding
journal produced by Visual Artists                        format the new look Source will be in
                                                                                                              of painting at MOMA, then Director of                exhibition will be on shown at Tate                   for the arts in the UK, at £6.13 per head
Ireland was recently launched in
                                                          portrait format. There will also be 80              the Guggenheim and later Director of                 Modern at a special reception on 28                   of population. In comparison, the
Dublin, Madrid and Berlin. Entitled I
                                                          rather than the previous 72 pages,                  the Museum of Fine Art in Houston. In                March before moving to London’s                       Republic    of        Ireland     receives    the
Cant Work Like This and co-curated and
                                                          allowing for larger portfolios and more             the late sixties James Johnson Sweeney               National Theatre from 30 March to 21                  equivalent of £12.61. To deliver this five-
edited by Anton Vidokle and Tirdad
                                                          reviews. Each issue will now feature an             selected the jury and with Michael Scott             April 2007.                                           year plan the NI Government will have
Zolghadr,        Printed      Project       Issue    6                                                                                                                               
                                                          extensive illustrated interview with an             developed the ROSC exhibitions here in                                                                     to invest in arts and culture in a way
includes varied contributions that take
                                                          established artist, columns discussing              Ireland.      Bennett will be holding a                                                                    which is comparable to other parts of
as their starting point the notion of                                                                                                                              ARTS COUNCIL REVENUE FUNDING
                                                          practical matters, and expanded reviews             conference in NYC next spring on James                                                                     the UK and Ireland. Thus, the ACNI are
failure. Much of the issues content is                                                                                                                             The Arts Council announced its main
                                                          and news sections.                                  Johnson Sweeney and the New York                                                                           urging an increase of the per capita
based on the conference ‘Histories of                                                                                                                              round of grant decisions under its
                                                               Source will celebrate its new look             School.                                                                                                    spend from £6 to £10 for 2008 to 2011
Productive Failures: From the French                                                                                                                               revenue funding programme for 2007.
                                                          50th issue with launches at Belfast                         The Pollock Krasner Research                                                                       and insist that greater investment is
Revolution to Manifesta 6’, which took                                                                                                                             Revenue funding is the Council’s main
                                                                                                              Fellowship is a residential fellowship for                                                                 crucial if Northern Ireland is to nurture
place       at     the       unitednationsplaza           Exposed on 23 March 2007 and the                                                                         grants programme for arts organisations
                                                                                                              scholars using the research collections                                                                    existing talent and continue to develop
(, Berlin in                   Gallery of Photography, Dublin, on 24                                                                    and this year it has offered in excess of
                                                                                                              of the Pollock-Krasner House and Study                                                                     creatively. The Creative Connections
October of 2006. The Madrid and Berlin                    March 2007. Each event will host a                                                                       €55m, an increase of 8% on 2006
                                                                                                              Center and the State University of New                                                                     strategy outlines a number of plans and
launch events were organized and                          panel-based photo quiz, with visual aids                                                                 figures. A total of 313 organisations have
                                                                                                              York at Stony Brook. Ciaran Bennett is a                                                                   objectives including:
facilitated by the curator / editors.                     and questions posed by Source co-editor                                                                  been funded to date. See the Arts
                                                                                                              writer and art critic and president of                                                                           A series of schemes to contribute
       The contributors to I Can’t work Like              Richard West, ‘pitching the insight and                                                                  Council website to find out who got
                                                                                                              AICA Ireland – the International                                                                           to the development of cultural tourism,
This are Anselm Franke, Liam Gillick,                     vision of curators and academics against                                                                 what.
                                                                                                              Association of Art Critics in Ireland                                          the      creative         industries          and
Martha Rosler, Hans Ulrich Obrist,                        the intuitive practical wisdom of                                                                                                                              entrepreneurial skills for artists.
Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Tom Holert,                     photographers and artists in an epic                BOI ART INITIATIVES – LIMERICK                       NORTH TIPP ARTIST                                           These include the transformation
Adrienne Goehler, Maria Lind, Diedrich                    battle for the very soul of lens-based                                                                                                                         of neighbourhoods through public art
                                                                                                              Bank of Ireland’s regional art initiatives           Fiona Woods has been appointed artist-
Diederichsen Ingrid Serven, Joseph                        media.’ Teams are yet to be fully                   will focus on Limerick this year. These                                                                    commissions and street-scaping. Arts
                                                                                                                                                                   in-residence for the North Tipperary
Cohen, by Anton Vidokle and Tirdad                        confirmed, but include photographers                initiatives include an exhibition in the             area. Woods is a visual artist based in               venues such as the recently refurbished
Zolghadr. Anton Vidokle was a co-                         Julia Healey and Donovan Wylie with                 Hunt Museum of 50 works from the                     North      Clare;     her     practice     is    a    Grand Opera House and the new City
curator of Manifesta 6, which was                         curators Des Bell and Daniel Jewsbury in            Bank’s art collection, 3 student awards to           multifaceted one that includes curating               Arts Centre in Belfast also form part of
canceled among much publicity in                          Belfast while the Dublin event will see             the value of €5,000, the prestigious                 and writing. She has carried out a                    the plan to bring economic prosperity
2006. Anton is also a co-founder of E-                    photographers Sean Hillen and David                 Toradh award as well as the allocation of            number of Public Art commissions and                  and renewed vitality to the nightlife of
Flux. Tirdad Zolghadr works as a                          Farrell competing with curator Martin               a budget of €80,000 from the Bank’s                  her work has a particular focus on art in             towns and cities.
freelance curator and writes for many                     McCabe.                                             annual art collection in acquiring                   rural     contexts.    As      Regional      Arts            Making the most of opportunities
publications         including           Frieze     and                                artworks from the local area.                        Coordinator for the North Clare region                for artists and arts organisations to
8                                                                                                                                                                                    The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                                        March / April 2007

NEWS                                                                                                                                                                          LETTERS

showcase their work at prestigious                      insurance to policyholders until all                    Motorway funded by the National Roads
world festivals such as the Venice                      contracts have expired and all claims                   Authority.
Biennale and the Smithsonian Folklife                   incurred under those contracts have                           The artwork, entitled The Wave,
Festival in Washington DC to elevate                    been settled.                                           will be sited near the Sandyford
Northern Ireland’s international image,                      Visual Artists Ireland is currently                interchange on the M50. The work will
which is in turn helping to attract                     looking into establishing a group                       consist of 250 coloured aluminum                             A Response to Killing Daddy.
visitors and investors.                                 scheme with an alternative health
                                                                                                                columns, which will emerge from the
                                                        insurer.                                                flat granite of the site to create a wave of
ARTS COUNCIL ART ACQUISITIONS                                                                                   energy. The estimated completion date
The Irish Arts Council has acquired 45                  KEVIN KAVANAGH GALLERY AT ARCO                          is late summer / Autumn 2007.
new works of art to add to its visual art                                                                             This commission is one of the first                    Dear Editor,
                                                        The Kevin Kavanagh Gallery traveled to
collection. The primary purpose behind                  Madrid in mid February to participate in                works in a round of public art
purchasing these works is to support the                                                                        commissions which will be rolled out                         I’m replying to Padraic Moore’s article Killing Daddy in the VAI, issue 1, January –
                                                        the International Contemporary Art
individual artist. The works selected,                                                                          from 2007-2010 in tandem with the new                        February 2007.
                                                        Fair, ARCO. It presented work by three
which cost almost €500,000, are central                 young Irish artists, Gemma Browne,                      Dun         Laoghaire-Rathdown                 County
                                                                                                                                                                             Moore has, in my opinion, completely misread O’Doherty / Ireland’s Portrait of Marcel
to the artists’ practice and are significant            Diana       Copperwhite              and       Amy      Council Strategy for the Arts, to be
                                                                                                                                                                             Duchamp             For Moore to simply brand O’Doherty’s complete oeuvre with a
within the general development of the                   O’Riordan. Each of these artists explores               published by the Arts Office.
                                                                                                                                                Duchampian stamp is to be blinkered by Duchamp himself. O’Doherty knew
visual arts. The lists of acquired works                ideas of femininity within their work
                                                                                                                                                                             Duchamp describing him as “a dazzling intelligence.”(2) In recognition of that
can viewed on the Arts Council website                  and what it is to be a woman in this
                                                                                    RUBICON            GALLERY            ON            TOUR     intelligence he once wrote that “Duchamp left behind a minefield of past actions,
                                                        world.                                                                                                               signified mainly by objects, which the present stumbles across and explodes. With
                                                                                          The Rubicon Gallery participated a two
MODEL ARTS FELLOWSHIPS 2007                                            
                                                                                                                international art fairs during the month                     extraordinary prescience, he mined the future: some of this work remains mysterious
Following the success of their inaugural                                                                                                                                     because history hasn’t yet tripped over it.”(3)
                                                                                                                of    February.      It    traveled         to       ART
2006 Visual Fellowship, which was                       LAMA AWARD WINNERS 2007
                                                                                                                Rotterdam in Holland exhibiting the
awarded to Jaki Irvine, the Model has                   Four of Irelands top arts and cultural                                                                               But O’Doherty’s recording of the Marcel Duchamp portrait                                (4)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           was a challenge to
                                                                                                                work of artists Anita Groener, Martin
announced two Fellowships for 2007.                     amenities were winners at the 2007                                                                                   refute Duchamp’s dictum that every work begins to die at the very moment of its
                                                        Local Government, City and Council                      Healy, Ronnie Hughes, Eithne Jordan                          exhibition. “This notion was an essential part of the portrait, refuting in a gentle but
Nina Canell is the recipient of the Visual
                                                        Awards (LAMA) ceremony held in                          and Abigail O’Brien and also Pulse, New                      relentless way Duchamp’s idea of art turning into artifact as it ‘freezes’ on the
Fellowship and John Lambert (aka
Chequerboard)          of      the        Musical       Dublin. Sculpture in the Parklands at                   York showing work by Stephen Brandes,                        museum wall. With Duchamp’s heart beating away, I felt I had delayed the death of
Fellowship.                                             Lough Boora was presented with the                      Maud Cotter, Blaise Drummond, Patrick                        the artwork indefinitely.”(5)
                               Best Art/Sculpture Award. The Fisheries                 Michael       Fitzgerald,          Martin           Healy,
                                                        Tower, run by The Galway Civic Trust,                   Ronnie Hughes, Eithne Jordan and                             Since Moore is, correctly in my view, looking back in art history, in order to see
AICA CRITICAL WRITING AWARD                             won the award for Best Heritage                         Abigail O’Brien. The Rubicon will also                       forward I suggest he examines O’Doherty’s retrospective more closely which gives
In   late      January       Minister           John    Building for its contribution to the arts                                                                            some insight into what informs his practice. In the Aspen 5+6 box, described by
                                                                                                                participate in DFOTO, San Sebastian in
O’Donoghue announced details of the                     and heritage in Galway City. The Dock                                                                                Alexander Alberro as “what could properly be called the first exhibition of
                                                                                                                early May 2007
new James White AICA Award for                          Arts Centre in Leitrim was the winner of                                              Conceptual art”(6) O’Doherty spreads his net wide. He cites “constructivism,
Critical    Writing.          AICA         is    the    the best Public Arts Building while the                                                                              structuralism, conceptualism, tradition of paradoxical thinking, objects” and
International Association of Art Critics                Tulla Studios in Clare won the award for                                                                             “between categories” as important to him. He made works responding to James Joyce,
and AICA Ireland is the Irish branch of                 Best Public Building                                                                                                 George Berkeley, Stephane Mallarmé and Sigmund Freud – The Therapeutics of Dr.
                                                                                                                CONTRIBUTION TO THE ARTS AWARD
the Association. The Irish membership                        The Local Government, City &                                                                                    Fraud (sic) to mention a few, yet could not be described as a follower of any.
                                                                                                                Art collector, Patrick Murphy has been
includes leading critics, essayists, and                Council Awards were created to honor                                                                                 O’Doherty’s rare individualism and independent thinking are hallmarks of his
                                                                                                                named        as     the      winner            of     the    practice.
theoreticians, as well as honorary life                 exemplary          projects         within       the
                                                                                                                Business2Arts            Award           for         Most
members.       AICA      Ireland        promotes        community; they seek to generate
professional practice and exchange                                                                              Outstanding Business Contributor to                          To my mind, Craig-Martin is so far from O’Doherty / Ireland’s thinking that I can’t
                                                        recognition           of        the          efforts,
among the professionals who work in                                                                             the Arts 2006. Mr. Murphy was                                even see a tentative connection. Furthermore, although Craig-Martin played a role
                                                        accomplishments,               and         positive
the area of critical discourse, stimulating                                                                     presented with the award at a special                        in the events that bore the yBa, I believe Jon Thompson was a critical thinker behind
                                                        contributions         of     the      individuals,
research and reflection within the visual                                                                       Business2Arts Patrons dinner, sponsored                      Goldsmiths. This is not to discount Craig-Martin, merely to point out that paternity,
                                                        companies          and      local    government
arts, education and culture.                                                                                    by AIB, in Dublin Castle in late January.                    in a postmodern age, is not always singular and exclusive.
                                                        authorities who make these happen.
     The Contemporary Art Critical                                            
                                                                                                                      The Award pays tribute to a
Writing Award will be open to all forms                                                                                                                                      In short, the broad brush that Moore’s criticism wields, sweeps away valid and
                                                                                                                business man or woman who through
of art writing. Details can be found on                 WHITES ORCHARD COMMISSION                                                                                            important contributions to the parentage of contemporary art practices. Perhaps it is
                                                                                                                their work and personal commitment
                                                        Dungarvan Town Council has awarded                                                                                   Moore himself who is guilty of unwitting patricide.
the website.                                                                                                    has given valuable support to the arts.
                                   the White’s Orchard commission to
                                                                                                                Mr. Murphy was presented with the                            Yours,
                                                        sculptor Wil Gilchrist for his design
BUPA / VAI SCHEME                                       Fruits after Harvest. The commission was                Brigid Roden Medal which was designed                        Mary-Ruth Walsh
BUPA has formally written to Visual                     advertised          by       national          open     by the artist Una de Blacam.
Artists Ireland to announce that it is                  competition and coordinated by the                            Patrick Murphy is currently the
pulling out of the Irish market. The                    County Arts Office. The work will be                    Arts Advisor for the Office of Public
company will no longer accept new                       located      at     White’s         Orchard      off    Works. He has been a life-long advocate
members and current members will not                    O’Connell          Street     in      Dungarvan.        of    the    visual       arts,     in     particular
be renewed.                                                                                                                                                                  1.‘Beyond The White Cube; a retrospective of Brian O’Doherty / Patrick Ireland’ at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane,
                                                        Gilchrist, who is originally from                       contemporary Irish art, as well as of                        May – September 2006, among the numerous works dating from 1953 to 2006, there was one body of work in
     This will be of concern to current                 Scotland has been based in Ennis, Co.                                                                                eleven parts titled Portrait of Marcel Duchamp or Study for… O’Doherty’s concerns of identity and portraiture
                                                                                                                music and drama. He had an active role                       questions the notion of a fixed identity and is not confined to Marcel Duchamp. The recording of Duchamp’s
members of the Visual Artists Ireland                   Clare      since      1988.         He     exhibits                                                                  heartbeat by way of an electrocardiogram was done in 1966. Christian Bernard transplanted the first living heart a
                                                                                                                in the start and development of ROSC,
Group Health Insurance Scheme with                      extensively as an artist and his most                                                                                year later in 1967. As Hans Belting notes more than a year earlier “O’Doherty had transplanted a medical record of
                                                                                                                the major exhibitions of the 1970s and                       the heartbeat, the very signature of life, into a body of a…work of art”
BUPA as well as to any individuals                      recent public sculpture is on the                                                                                    2. Ireland, Patrick, lecture, Hugh Lane Gallery, Irish Art Historians first annual talk, 19 March1999. Organised by
                                                                                                                1980s;       the     National            Self-Portrait       Brenda Moore McCann.
thinking of joining the Scheme. BUPA is                 Shannon           town      roundabout         near                                                                  3. Irving Sandler, quoting from a letter from Brian O’Doherty, January 24, 1994.
winding down its activities in the                                                                              Collection          in        Limerick;               the    4. See Hans Belting’s excellent essay in the exhibition catalogue Beyond the White Cube for a description of how the
                                                        Shannon Airport.
                                                                                                                                                                             portrait was recorded. Also O’Doherty’s account of recording the portrait when he and his wife Barbara Novak asked
country and will no longer provide                                                Contemporary Irish Art Society and is a
                                                                                                                                                                             Duchamp to dinner in their New York apartment. The tape is in Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane library, 19-03-
insurance in the Irish market                                                                                   member of the International Council of                       1999.
                                                                                                                                                                             5. Beyond the White Cube: a retrospective of Brian O’Doherty / Patrick Ireland. 2006 Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane,
     Artists    who         have      taken      out    MARK JOYCE COMMISSION                                   the Museum of Modern Art in New York.                        catalogue p40.
                                                        Mark Joyce has been awarded a major                                                                                  6. Alberro, Alexander October, 70, Fall 1994, MIT Press.
insurance with BUPA can be assured,                                                                             He was appointed to The Arts Council in
                                                        public art commission through Dun                       1981 and sat on the Council for a
however, that their membership with
                                                        Laoghaire - Rathdown County Council.
the insurer will remain valid until the                                                                         subsequent 6 years. In 2000, he was
                                                        The project is funded through the Per
next renewal date on their policy. BUPA                                                                         appointed Chair of the Council.
                                                        Cent for Art scheme related to two                                               
have promised to honour all contracts
                                                        capital construction budgets - the
in full and will continue to provide                    Southern Cross and the South Eastern
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                                   March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                        9


Studio End Games

                                                                                                                                                                                  the two other spaces are on short-term lease; and the space provided by
                                                                                                                                                                                  Dublin City Council for Pallas Heights is now due for demolition.
                                                                                                                                                                                        The rapid rise in property values in the Republic has already
                                                                                                                                                                                  placed pressures on studios, as the value of redeveloping or selling
                                                                                                                                                                                  becomes more and more attractive to landlords. The Graphic Studio
                                                                                                                                                                                  Dublin was driven out of the Dublin Docklands through development
                                                                                                                                                                                  of the area – and I believe it won’t be long before other studios suffer a
                                                                                                                                                                                  similar fate. The Graphic Studio was however fortunate in that they
                                                                                                                                                                                  had a long lease; and they were entitled to compensation, which went
                                                                                                                                                                                  some way towards them being able to actually buy a premises on the
                                                                                                                                                                                  north side of the city. In Northern Ireland property prices have in the
                                                                                                                                                                                  last year risen more rapidly than anywhere else in Britain or Ireland. So
                                                                                                                                                                                  it seems inevitable that the pressures witnessed in the Republic, will
                                                                                                                                                                                  come to bear in Northern Ireland. It is fair to say that many studios are
                                                                                                                                                                                  operating on a very precarious basis in terms of security of tenure.
                                                                                                                                                                                        In contrast, newly developed studios have been able to gain long-
                                                                                                                                                                                  term tenancy or licence agreements from their landlords. The National
                                                                                                                                                                                  Sculpture Factory Cork, founded in 1989 in a building owned by Cork
                                                                                                                                                                                  City Council; and Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, which re-opened in
                                                                                                                                                                                  1994 in premises owned by Temple Bar Properties, are probably two of
                                                                                                                                                                                  the best known specially developed studio complexes in Ireland. But
                                                                                                                                                                                  there are also a growing number studios being developed with public
The studio floor at the National Sculpture Factory studios, Cork – with new roof, part of Refurbishment Phase 1                                                                   funding. A number of local authorities have directly or indirectly
THIS article was commissioned by Visual Artists Ireland to examine                                  operated.                                                                     developed – or are planning to do so – studio spaces for artists, viewing
different models for the management and operation of artists’ group                                       I believe that there are two major reasons why artists establish        their capital investment in these facilities as part of their investment in
studios in Ireland, North and South. The topicality of the subject is due                           studio groups as opposed to finding studio spaces on their own – to           local arts provision. Examples would include The Red Stables Studios,
to both Arts Councils’ stated aims to focus their policies on support for                           support communities of place and interest. In other words, artists who        Raheny (Dublin City Council); The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon
individual artists, part of which entails addressing issues around the                              are working in the same locale and who require workspace and share            (Leitrim County Council); Garter Lane Arts Centre (Waterford City
provision of studio space for artists. In particular, The Arts Council of                           interest in terms of artistic objectives. Examples of a particularly          Council); Limerick Artists Studios (Limerick City Council), and Stables
Northern Ireland (ACNI) is actively exploring the possibility of                                    shared interest would be printmaking facilities such as the Graphic           Studios, Tulla, (Clare County Council).
developing studio facilities in Belfast, probably with other partners                               Studio, Dublin, Belfast Print Workshop – or sculptural facilities like
and in the Republic, some local authorities have responded to the                                   the National Sculpture Factory, Cork and the Leitrim Sculpture Centre.        Management
demand for studio space by undertaking their own studio                                             These studios provide access to expensive and bulky equipment,                My research revealed a mix of management structures in operation.
developments. Arising from this, some artists have expressed a fear                                 which can be shared amongst its members. By their very nature these           Local authorities, through their arts office’s and arts centres, manage
that a policy of developing studios by the Arts Councils and local                                  studios are able to facilitate large numbers of artists and issues of         their studios as part of their arts programmes. The larger and longer
authorities will result in a loss of control for artists.                                           ‘tenancy’ or rent do not arise.                                               established independent studios tend to operate as not-for-profit
                                                                                                          The majority of studios have been established to offer dedicated        limited companies, with a board of directors. More and more studio
Déjà vu?                                                                                            spaces for visual artists to work in. These cater for artists working in a    organisations now include directors who are not member artists, in a
When I became Director of Temple Bar Gallery and Studios in 1991,                                   range of media and what seems most valuable is to have a private              move to create diversity of expertise and to demonstrate to funders
the building was in terrible condition. While I managed to get                                      space to work and think in. A further important factor to artists is the      that they are operated to ‘best practice standards’. Many of these
insurance for the building, and had dealt with fire safety issues, the                              sense of community and purpose; and that these studios are artist-            employ administrators on either a full-time or part-time basis, though
state of the place was nonetheless a worry – especially if you started                              controlled. Such studios range in size from Temple Bar Gallery and            in many cases – for example, The Graphic Studio, The Blackchurch
thinking about worst-case scenarios. But most serious was the state of                              Studios (30 studios), Pallas Studios, Dublin (28 artists mostly in            Print Studio, Dublin; TBG&S; NSF and Flaxart Studios, their
uncertainty under which the studios struggled to survive. So when                                   individual spaces), Broadstone Studios, Dublin (24 studios), Artspace         responsibilities extend beyond management of the studios to include
Temple Bar Properties (a semi-state company) was established to                                     Studios, Galway, (22 artists, 15 individual spaces), Flaxart Studios,         the administration of galleries, the provision of training and workshop
develop Temple Bar as a cultural quarter, the end of our troubles                                   Belfast (14 studios) to smaller studio enterprises around the country         programmes, publications and community outreach projects and so
seemed at hand. However, I soon discovered that this was not so. As                                 such as Limerick Artists Studios, Orchid Studios, Belfast and Engage          on.
soon as ‘redevelopment’ was talked about, a number of competing                                     Studios, Galway.                                                                    Other studios operate as collectives or associations, with their
pressures came into play – with Temple Bar Properties, now the                                                                                                                    members defining policy and sharing the management and
owners of the building; and the artists in the studios each having                                  Contrasting Fortunes                                                          administrative responsibilities. Cork Artists Collective is an
different perspectives on the proposed development. Temple Bar                                      The terrible fire in Flaxart Studios a number of years ago highlighted        organisation, which although established as a company, operates
Properties and the Arts Council had issues around the viability of the                              the vulnerability of many studio groups. Fortunately no one was hurt,         along collective lines. Founded in 1985, the ten member artists are
studio as an organisation – and particularly the fact that this was an                              but the loss of artists’ work was terrible. To this day some studios          directors, and manage all the aspects of running the studios – in
artists’ run organisation. For the artists, the major issues related to                             survive in old buildings, where quite frankly health and safety is not        addition to other activities such as group exhibitions, exchanges and
concerns regarding security of tenure, fair rent and maintenance of                                 highest of the concern to the landlord.                                       forums. Finally, there are a number of studios initiatives, such as
independent artistic control. In the end, the negotiations resulted in a                                  Most studios in Ireland operate out of premises owned by private        Broadstone Studios, Limerick Printmakers and Pallas Studios, where
satisfactory       compromise          –     with      artists     maintaining         their        landlords. On the plus side, many of these premises are in or near the        one or two individual artists have taken out the lease on the premises.
independence; and with Temple Bar Properties offering the                                           centre of cities and towns, convenient to transport, galleries, shops, etc.   These artists operate the studios and undertake the programming
organisation a 27-year licence at a fair rent.                                                      While there are a small number of examples of altruistic and                  (exhibitions, events, etc) on a paid part-time basis, while pursuing
                                                                                                    benevolent landlords (such as in the case of Cork Artists Collective and      their artistic or curatorial careers. Some of the smaller and less well
The Present                                                                                         Limerick Printmakers), most landlords engage with artists (in a               funded studio complexes seem to be happy with the status-quo but
Contacting a number of studios in the Republic and Northern Ireland                                 symbiotic relationship) simply offering space at low rent, which could        others such as Lorg Printmakers, Galway (founded in 2004), have
for this article soon revealed that there is a myriad of different studio                           not be easily rented otherwise. Few of these studios have security of         ambitions to follow the model of larger studio setups and to establish
set-ups around the country. In fact, a picture of just how extensive the                            tenure, with only short-term leases or licenses being offered to artists.     a limited company, with the ultimate goal of employing an
network of studios is has emerged from a recent initiative by Jacinta                               Flaxart and Orchid Studios in Belfast are examples of studios which are       administrator.
Lynch of Broadstone Studios, Dublin. She has set about establishing a                               operated out of premises owned by private landlords and which only
formal network of studios – along the lines of the National Federation                              have short-term leases on their premises. Pallas Studios is an example,       Tenure for artists
of Artists’ Studio Providers in England, and at the time of writing this                            which in one organisation encapsulates the situation for many                 The issue of how long artists should be allowed remain in their studios
article, Jacinta had 86 studios listed on her database. The scope of this                           studios. Pallas rents spaces in the Dublin north inner city, three from       was one of the thorniest issues which arose during the refurbishment
article does not encompass a survey or structured analysis of all these                             private landlords and up until recently one from Dublin City Council,         of Temple Bar Gallery and Studios. Many artists who had studios
studios set-ups, rather, I will try to tease out some issues, which are                             Pallas Heights. Pallas have occupancy rights for one of their spaces for      before the beginning of the development (some over ten years) argued
pertinent to any debate regarding how studios are funded and                                        over five years, which might give them rights to a long lease. However,       that because Temple Bar Gallery and Studios was an artist-led
10                                                                                                                                                 The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                 March / April 2007

RESERCH – STUDIOS                                                             VAI NORTHERN IRELAND REPRESENTATION

initiative, which had contributed to the very designation of the area as
a ‘cultural quarter’, that they should be given studios on a long-term
basis. However there were pressures from the Arts Council and from
other artists – within and without the studios, who argued that the
                                                                             Money for Arts Sake
public funding for the capital development (€2.5 million in 1994) and        BRIAN CONNOLLY THE VAI NORTHERN IRELAND REPRESENTATIVE OFFERS AN ARTISTS RESPONSE TO
ongoing Arts Council revenue funding, should not only be the long-
                                                                             THE ARTS COUNCIL OF NORTHERN IRELAND’S NEW FIVE-YEAR PLAN
term preserve of just thirty individuals. In the end I think a happy and
fair compromise was reached. This compromise recognised the
contribution of the artists who had stayed in the studios when times         IT is important to state that the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Five      artists are also taking on other jobs and careers. We need to better
were tough – they were not given a time limit on their tenancy, while        Year Plan – ACNI5YP for short, is aspirational as it identifies serious        understand the conditions in which they live and work and the kind of
all the studios, which became vacant were let out on an ongoing short-       under funding of the Arts in Northern Ireland, and much of what is             business choices they make”. This is a very welcome and potentially
term basis.                                                                  proposed within it is conditional on receiving increased funding from          enlightening initiative, however, the paragraph goes on to state that
     The norm for publicly owned and funded studios, such as those           the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (1). Having launched their         ACNI will carry out a survey of working conditions of artists in NI to
initiated by local authorities – Red Stables Studios; The Dock; Garter       5YP before the local governmental administration is restored, it seems         ensure that their grant aid is “relevant, focused and effective. Working
                                                                             that the ACNI strategically are on one hand, keeping their cards close         with others we will explore options for providing affordable, high
Lane Arts Centre etc, is that artists are only offered short-term tenancy
                                                                             to their chest in relation to hard and fast objectives; and on the other,      quality work spaces for artists”.
arrangements – one to three years. But this situation is not confined to
                                                                             trying to put themselves in the best lobbying position to pressure the               Here we see what starts out as promising premise – namely a
publicly owned or operated studios. Independent studios in receipt of
                                                                             government for increased funding. As a result the 5YP appears as a             survey to find out what is affecting the choices many artists must
larger Arts Council grants are subject to similar pressures. The Fire
                                                                             fairly positive mission statement, but rather thin in actual objectives.       make to survive, is then reduced to one referring to working
Station Artists Studios in Dublin has always operated short-term
                                                                             Furthermore, almost everything that is proposed within the 5YP,                conditions alone. Perhaps here the ACNI are setting out some
tenancy arrangements and as described for Temple Bar Gallery and
                                                                             including their own performance, involves a degree of survey or                unspecified initiative, which may well already be at a planning/policy
Studios, other spaces such as Artspace Studios in Galway have
                                                                             consultation, but there is no indication of the procedures by how this         stage. Could this indeed be the germ of the rumoured collective studio
introduced time limits for studio occupancy for new artists joining the
                                                                             will occur, which is rather imprecise and potentially a longer-term            provision potentially being planned for Stranmillis College Campus in
                                                                             problem.                                                                       Belfast? If this is the case, then the ACNI are missing the point here!
     This in a strange way leaves many of the most insecure studio set-
                                                                                    The following observations are made in relation to the ‘themes’               There is in fact a real need for further affordable studio space in
ups offering the best long-term prospects for artists, in that having
                                                                             as presented in the ACNI5YP namely: theme 1: Art at the Heart –                Belfast, and possibly in other centres across Northern Ireland,
passed a probationary period they do not put a time limit on artists’
                                                                             Promoting the Value of the Arts; theme 2: Strengthening the Arts; theme 3:     especially for the younger artists and recent graduates, but this is not
occupation of their studios, though obviously this is dependent on
                                                                             Growing Audiences and Increasing Participation; theme 4: Improving our         all that is required! There is a real need for other artistic resources
how long the studios can ‘hang in there’ in terms of the leases of their
                                                                             Performance.                                                                   including sculpture workshops, foundrys, multi-media resources,
                                                                                    As a headline statement to theme 1, the ACNI posit that: “Artists       artist residency spaces, experimental / time-based art spaces, and
                                                                             want to live and work in a society that recognises their skill and gives       accommodation for visiting artists / practitioners and local artists too,
End game?
                                                                             value to their art”. They go on to state the potential positive roles that     etc.
So what are the advantages of different models of management and
                                                                             artists and art practice can have within society and how increased arts’             I am fully aware that many artists are indeed forced to live and
operation – and is this the ‘end game’ for independently run studios?
                                                                             funding is required. The report states it’s support, and wishes to             work in cheap, often cold, and damp, conditions, due to basic
My research, unscientific as it might be, indicated that there was a co-
                                                                             explore, or initiate art practice in relation to either youth via creative     economic pressures, and many would jump at better conditions if
relation between the levels and sources of funding for studios and how
                                                                             youth partnerships or after school initiatives and life long learning –        offered at the same rates. However, the fact that many group studios
they are operated. Studios developed with public funding – be they
                                                                             where art is to “be used as a transformative tool”.                            have developed in an organic manner over many years out of specific
operated by public bodies or by artists as a limited company, tended as
                                                                                    While in support of these social directives, I would also like to say   need and artistic affinity should be celebrated and protected by policy
organisations to have long-term tenancy.          However, new artists
                                                                             that it is important not to see art practice as some kind of panacea or        makers /funders. Therefore any planned new resource should be
members – excepting those in specialised studios such as printmaking
                                                                             band-aid, where other social strategies have potentially failed us.            additional to existing provision and not a replacement.
facilities, now seem to be only offered short-term occupation.
                                                                             Rather artists and art practice in its essence should be supported for it’s          The ACNI must conduct a proper survey to establish actually
     It was pointed out by a number of artists and administrators
                                                                             own sake. Practitioners should not just be seen as some kind of cheap          what the sector requires in relation to working resources or life work
operating out of spaces on short-term leases or licenses, that this          child minders or therapists. Benefits come from the practice of art and        issues, in order to make the proper informed policy choices. Otherwise
impacts on the level of funding which the two Arts Councils seem to          from having art in our lives, as a transformative process in it’s own          they are in danger of following some other simple model, from some
offer. It particularly appeared to inhibit the potential to gain capital     right, or in its symbolic/aesthetic form.                                      other context, which may suit the role of the funding body as opposed
funding, such as through Lottery Funds in Northern Ireland, or the                  Within the section of theme 2 – Strengthening the Arts ACNI             to that of the sector!
ACCESS II funding scheme in the Republic. However, an issue which            stipulate “whether artists in Northern Ireland are ‘career artists’ or not,          If I were to be in the position to put forward important issues in
has to be taken into account is that State or public bodies will not         we are committed to continued development and support of all our               relation to ‘career choice and life work issues’, I would immediately
invest large amounts of capital funding in studios which are privately       artists to ensure that artistic excellence and the highest standards in all    point to the tax free status that is given to artists in the Republic of
owned and where there is the potential for individuals or companies          art forms are pursued”. This is a seemingly innocuous statement, but if        Ireland as an aid to artistic survival, as in this way the nation is letting
(landlords or tenants) to financially benefit if they eventually decide to   examined it is in one sense a funder’s questioning of the accepted and         artists know that their input is a valued part of the living culture and
sell up. Perhaps public-private partnerships are another route for           established professional standards within the sector, if not directly, by      of intrinsic social wealth. So where does this appear in the ACNI5YP?
development? And what of the prospect for artists buying premises to         implication. So those who have studied under critical tutelage are now               It should also be pointed out that the ‘artist’ is a recognised
establish studio complexes? Slim I imagine, given the level of artists       potentially judged and assessed with the same criteria as all hobbyists.       category within social welfare system in the South and as yet this does
earnings and the price of property. Studio prospects for successful          Therefore I ask what is the professional criteria now being used by the        not exist in the North. Therefore many Northern practitioners are
artists will tend to focus on developing facilities at their homes.          ACNI to assess best practice? How does this criteria reflect critical and      forced into crazy forms of deception or inappropriate work choices
     Is there any future for independent studio groups offering long-        professional standards within the sector? It is important that we              just to survive. By providing the artists with a social welfare
term tenancy? This is a question of supply and demand. Demand will           challenge, and further consider the implications of this statement?            classification this society would for the first time be recognising art
always outstrip the supply, but if more public funded studios become                Later in this section the ACNI indicate a desire to “showcase”          practice as a professional discipline as well as giving the artist some
available, there might be long-term prospects of artists being offered       artists work and for artists to “exploit emerging markets” and                 badly needed social status. Having professional recognition and the
longer term occupancy. Other potential is for the Arts Councils and          to “promote entrepreneurial skills development through a range of              ability to make social insurance contributions and qualify for a
local authorities to fund artists to rent suitable premises on a long-       delivery partners, encouraging artists to expand into new markets and          pension all, as an artist should be a basic right! Having the ability to
term basis – through direct funding, individually or collectively, so        to make the most of new commercial opportunities – for example                 sign on, as an artist would relieve so many problems for practitioners
that they can match commercial rents. Perhaps Ireland, both in the           through the Internet and digital content development” Any artist will          it should be the top of any policy makers/lobbyist’s to do list. So where
North and South will follow Britain; and in time develop a culture           welcome support and income, but policy makers should understand                does this policy objective appear in the ACNI5YP?
centred on cultural trusts and charitable foundations such as ACME in        that artists often have made very specific career choices. Few artists                Further on in the same section the 5YP states that ACNI “will
London, bringing private benefactors to work with artists in providing       that I know lack entrepreneurial skills; in fact many artists are multi-       assess the type of support artists and creative business people need to
affordable working and living space. How long that will take is              taskers and creative on many fronts. It is more often resources that are       develop and sustain a flourishing creative industries sector in
anyone’s guess. All of these avenues will be dependent the funders’          required, rather than lessons in marketing. I am sure however, that            Northern Ireland. The range of possible ways through which we can
ongoing evaluation of artistic merit and activity.                           additional income opportunities would be very welcome to all artists,          offer this support is varied. We will promote entrepreneurial skills
     So understandably, artists in privately rented premises,                but these opportunities must also take cognisance of the fact that the         development through a range of delivery partners, encouraging artists
particularly those which have been in their space for many years,            visual art sector is by it’s nature complex multi-layered and organic!         to expand into new commercial opportunities” (with further mention
witnessing the onslaught of property development, feel threatened            The perceived need to promote entrepreneurial skill development is             of the internet and digital content development!)
not only by the prospect of losing their space but by never regaining a      patronising and obsolete.                                                            Once more the ACNI will assess the “support artists need to
space which offers them long-term tenancy. Put simply, this issue is                Further to the above points within the same section of the              develop and sustain practice in the arts sector”. This is then later
not so much about the nature of facilities but to do with issues of          ACNI5YP, they have highlighted the need for a revue/survey of the              narrowed down to relate to an outcome of ‘entrepreneurial skill
control, independence and most of all security of tenure.                    Arts Practitioners in light of their working conditions and life choices       development’ leading to artists expanding their ‘commercial
                                                          Ruairí Ó Cuív      to this effect “however to continue with their work in long-term, some         opportunities’.
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                                                        11

VAI NORTHERN IRELAND REPRESENTATION                                                                                                                                       VAI WESTERN REPRESENTATION

                                                                                                                                                                          Way Out West
      There is an implicit, but unwritten belief here, that art must make   venture will ultimately serve most. So what then is the reasoning for
money to survive and that no art practice can logically exist without       the development of this proposed new world-class gallery?
being a commercial activity of some kind. This in fact goes against the           Furthermore it should be said that we already had a major gallery
other sections where art is to be celebrated and supported and              in Belfast in the form of the Ormeau Baths Gallery, prior to the debacle,
recognised as an important/valued aspect of society – for itself!           which saw the removal of its director and dissolution of the board last                       AIDEEN BARRY THE NEW VISUAL ARTISTS
      So by asking artists to become entrepreneurs of a sort, is the ACNI   year. This process hardly fills the visual art community full of trust or
                                                                                                                                                                          IRELAND WESTERN REPRESENTATIVE OUTLINES
sure that they are benefiting the practitioners in the most meaningful      enthusiasm for the next flagship to arrive at the behest of a
or best way? (Refer to the points above). I doubt this, in fact I suggest   surprisingly ruthless directorate.
                                                                                                                                                                          SOME HER RECENT ACTIVITIES
that this the blind adoption of government policy, which looks good               Also on page 17 we find the following “we will also promote
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AS a visual artist based in the west of
on paper and provides more ‘jobs for the boys’, (no sexism intended         partnerships between artists, design professionals and clients to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ireland I understand the importance
here), and less for the practitioners – as seems to be the rule of thumb    encourage the use of art when designing public buildings and spaces”.
                                                                            This to my mind is a very welcome strategy and one that I hope will                                                                      of being a part of a larger artistic
over the last ten- fifteen years. The burgeoning administrative arts
bureaucracy, as in other sectors, is in fact soaking up the funding in      bear fruit. I would also refer once more to the need for a ‘1% for art’ in                                                               community and how being a member
vast amounts through ‘delivery partners’ etc., before it benefits the       Northern Ireland as a policy requirement to further bolster the                                                                          of a network facilitates the growth of
practitioners themselves at the bottom of the pyramid. This is wrong.       integration of art within potential public building programmes.                                                                          an artistic infrastructure.
      In a practical note If 1% of the government funding spent on                It may also be pertinent here to comment on the ACNI’s current                                                                            The west of Ireland has seen a
infrastructure in Northern Ireland were to be spent on art I believe that   public art funding procedures, which in my opinion are over elaborate                                                                    growth in recent years in the number
we would see the artist “develop and sustain a flourishing creative         in their current two-stage format. I say this as a lot of artistic work and                                                              of visual arists taking up residence in
industries sector in NI”. I know that the ‘1% For Art’ which exists in      good will from both commissioners and artists can be wasted, when                                                                        the counties of Mayo, Leitrim, Galway,
the Republic of Ireland does not in fact form part of the ACNI5YP, but      stage two of the process does not receive any, or too little, funding from                                                               Sligo and Roscommon. In particular
in my opinion it should be central to any lobbying strategy.                the ACNI. This process needs to be streamlined and simplified.                                                                           there is an increase in the number of
      Further on in section 2 the ACNI refer to funding for arts                  Within the last section of the report theme 4 Improving Our                                                                        visual artists moving to rural areas of
organisations. Many practitioners recognise that the already                Performance we find “we will regularly consult with the arts Sector to                                                                   the west of Ireland.
established project funding is a treadmill for many small voluntary         make sure our programmes and processes are effective” And later in                                    Graduates of the two main art colleges, The Burren College of Art
arts organisations. This funding policy has demanded much of many           the same section they state, “we want to develop our assessment and                           and the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology are now actively
unpaid administrative workers and artist volunteers. Any support that       feedback procedures, and streamline the number of funding schemes                             involved in setting up artist - led initatives and events, and engaging
can aid continuity and administrative burdens is welcome. From my           and their application processes.”                                                             with new organisations such as Lorg Printmakers, Artisit, Ground Up
experience organisations are working so hard from project to project               Later they also sate that “we need to maintain and strengthen our                      (Clare) and the G126 gallery(1).
in order to survive that they cannot lift their heads to find or utilise    relationship with the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure to                                      The exciting exhibtion programmes of The Model Niland, The
broader opportunities. So some leeway should be given here to assist /      ensure that the government policy expectations are met. A vital part of                       Dock and recently the Ard Bia Gallery have increased the
pay for administration beyond projects and to help with capital costs       this will be making research a priority as a way of underpinning our                          international exposure of the west and of the country in general(2).
where possible.                                                             evidence-based approach to decision making”. This indicates a very                            This has encouraged the growth in exciting curatorial projects and
      Once more in this section of the 5YP – (p15), there is an             positive stance on behalf of the ACNI, particularly as the visual arts                        publications such a Brochure(3) and Immature Fluke(4).
unspecified and perhaps an underlying policy directive where funding        sector currently has limited representation at a policy making level. By                              With such developments there are always teething problems.
is potentially only to be awarded where matched funding is in               conducting ‘open’ and ‘fair’ consultative research within the sector, the                     Lack of access to information, facilites, and equipment are ususally
evidence, and where organisations look “beyond grant support and use        ACNI will become better informed on the real substantive issues and                           the main problems affecting visual artists.
the market, making the most of their customers and using                    needs effecting contemporary practitioners, and hopefully more                                        As the Visual Artists Ireland West of Ireland representative I wish
sponsorship. We will support cultural organisations to develop a mix        effective and beneficial policies and funding programmes will be the                          to aid in the development of this infrastructure by acting as an
of different sources of income, bring new approaches to their work and      result. However, I ask what are the procedures in place to enable this                        advocate of the organisation and of all west of Ireland visual artists. It
form partnerships with others to encourage enterprise within the            process to occur?                                                                             is my role to facilitate and encourage awareness of Visual Artists
sector”.                                                                           Perhaps the ACNI should ask the art community / visual artists                         Ireland programmes and services amongst artists in the west.
      This in itself is no bad thing and surely proves value for money in   what kind of survey questions are required in the first place in order                                In this capacity I have set up a number of information clinics in
the eyes of the funder and the funders funders! But I would like to         that a pertinent set of findings may have a chance of being                                   various different art centres, galleries, and studios in the west.
support the notion that if administrative support was to be given           represented. We are also all well aware of how narrow survey                                  Information on these clinics will be available in the e-bulletin, in local
beyond the treadmill of project funding it would assist the smaller         questions can provide figures which can be melded within statistical                          media and on the information areas of most arts centers. The role of
organisations to source and develop further options, matched funding,       frameworks to find the finding that are required for a given                                  the information clinic is to put a face on the organisation in the west
and appropriate symbiotic partnerships.                                     circumstance, so lets be open and wise about these processes from the                         of Ireland. The clinics are very informal: artists are invited to sit and
      Having worked voluntarily with a variety of visual arts               start.                                                                                        discuss difficulties they are facing and it is my role to offer
organisations over the years it has always been the lack of                        In conclusion the 5YP appears to slant in favour of implementing                       information to those artists on the VAI and the services we can
administrative funding or core administrative staff that has hindered       government social policy for the arts as opposed to supporting artists                        provide. Another role of these clinics is to link west of Ireland
progress. Or, put another way; is my time, and that of many other           and art practice in, and for, itself! This is an insidious process, which                     organisations with each other as a way of referencing similar
artists, best used trying to source funding, filling in forms, and          will potentially leave the arts open to future administrative                                 difficullties and / or successful outcomes. This may be of benefit to
implementing others policy objectives, or making art? This need             manipulation and governance, and therefore less independent. It                               artists or organisations who wish to work together on a Joint
should be acknowledged and rectified by the policy makers where             appears as if the arts are slowly being administered and corralled into                       programme or project(5).
possible.                                                                   a kind of social or capital servitude where administrators administer,                                Based on these information clinics and other meetings I will be
      In page 17 of the 5YP the ACNI state that for Northern Ireland to     and Artists respond within a further defined set of social obligations or                     advising the VAI on relevant issues affecting artists in the West of
“take it’s place among cultural capitals of Europe, it deserves a major     business remits. This in itself is not necessarily a negative remit, but                      Ireland.
art gallery. There are examples from around the world of how flagship       experimental aspects of art practice at the cutting edge may well feel                                If you are an art organisation, an artist-led initiative or a gallery
art galleries have proven to be a catalyst for transforming the cultural    the pinch with difficulties in justifying processes within business                           and you would like to facilitate a clinic please contact the west of
and economic fortunes of the region. A major gallery will raise the         criteria or within a set of social policy aims!                                               Ireland representative at:
profile of the arts, increase tourism, broaden access, provide new                 So, tomorrow we may find ourselves ever so subtly pushed
audiences but perhaps most significantly it will provide inspiration        toward a more commercial or socially directed terrain, where all                              Notes

for new generations of emerging artists”. It is not clear from this         practice by it’s nature must either be financially viable or be aimed at                      1.,, (Ground
statement what role the ACNI will, or wish, to play in the provision of     social work or implementing various government policy directives.                                  up),
                                                                                                                                                                          2.   For exhibition info on The Niland and Model Arts , the dock
the ‘new flagship gallery’, and undoubtedly there is much to be excited     My initial gut instinct to this future is to recoil from accepting such a                 Ard Bia Gallery
                                                                                                                                                                          3.   Brochure is a fresh publication that seeks to highlight and comment on current activity
about the potential development as outlined above, but this statement       circumscribed set of perimeters for my dearly loved practice, and I feel
                                                                                                                                                                               in Galway’s contemporary art community and is a collaboration publication between
also flags up a lot of unresolved issues and has major implications for     I am forced to ask if a mute acceptance of this insidious process is wise,                         Ard Bia Gallery and Tulca Festival of Visual Art
                                                                                                                                                                          4.   Immature Fluke The latest work to emerge from the Ground Up programme of art in
the existing visual arts sector. It is therefore incumbent on the policy    and is this really where we want to go?                                                            rural contexts, a graphic novel and temporary public art event by Vince Wall.
makers and the funders to conduct open and frank discussion with the                                                                 Brian Connolly                       5.   See the Arts Council’s Partnership for the Arts strategy plan for Visual Arts 2006-2008
                                                                                                                                                                      (partnership for the arts / art strategy) downloadable PDF pg 2: one
sector stakeholders on this initiative, prior to putting it in motion.                                    VAI Representative for Northern Ireland                              of the aims definedin this document is to“provide opportunities for individual visual
      Before the plans are dry or implemented, we (the visual artists)                                                                                                         artists to work collaboratively, either with other visual artists or with artists of other
                                                                            Notes                                                                                              disciplines.”
should really critically examine the perspective and remit such a           (1) The ACNI are aspirational as they state that an increase in Government Funding is both
venture will have. By doing so before it’s arrival in bricks and mortar          overdue and badly required to bring NI Arts Funding to equitable footing with other UK
                                                                                 Regions a 6% PA is required.
we will stand a better chance of implementing something that finds
it’s place and offers a pertinent addition to the arts in Belfast, rather
than ending up with a cardboard Tate or tinfoil Bilbao.
      By being open to critical examination from the start we will also
see where the true benefits and drawbacks are, and whom such a
12                                                                                                                                                 The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                          March / April 2007


Marco Dessardo. Working drawing / photo-montage for The Drainage.                                                                                          Marco Dessardo. Working drawing / photo-montage for The Drainage.

The Risk of Blocked Drainage

IN the middle of December last year, local Wexford papers ran a                                                                                                 Subsequently, the artist was called to a Borough Council meeting
number of stories with headlines such as “Council in hot Water over                                                                                        on 4 December 2006. It was reported that some Councillors were
‘rejected’ Quay Sculpture”; “Fiasco of the rejected quay front                                                                                             unclear as to who the artist was and as to why he was there (2). The
sculpture”; “Will we spend ?125, 000 on the statue nobody wants?” and                                                                                      minutes of the meeting simply record that “Mr. Dessardo gave a
“Artist says decision at this stage ‘unfair’”(1). The articles all referred to                                                                             presentation to the meeting with regard to the proposed sculpture for
the decision of Wexford Borough Council to overturn the                                                                                                    Wexford Quay Front following which questions raised by members
recommendation of an independent selection panel to commission                                                                                             were answered by Mr. Dessardo who then departed from the meeting.
Paris-based Italian artist Marco Dessardo to produce a sculpture,                                                                                          Following discussion and on the proposal of Cllr. Nolan seconded by
entitled The Drainage, to be sited on and around the newly refurbished                                                                                     Cllr. Byrne it was unanimously agreed that the proposed sculpture
Wexford waterfront.                                                                                                                                        entitled The Drainage would not be accepted”. The artist was informed,
      The story begins in the summer of 2006 when a selection panel                                                                                        this time by the Town Clerk of Wexford Borough Council (dated 12
was convened for the Public Art Programme of Wexford County                                                                                                Dec 2006) that “following careful consideration, the members of the
Council, which included 12 new commissions. The briefs for these                                                                                           Council have decided unanimously not to proceed with The Drainage
projects were devised by James Moran, Wexford County Council’s                                                                                             on this occasion”
Public Art Programme Co-ordinator, then sanctioned by Rosaleen                                                                                                  Dessardo’s proposal comprised of a series of site-specific
Molloy, County Arts Officer and Pat Collins, Wexford Borough Council                                                                                       sculptural interventions encompassing various locations suggested in
Town Clerk after both made amendments. Amongst the 12                                                                                                      the brief – a road junction of 1798 Street; the North Side of Wexford
commissions was one advertised as Wexford Borough Council,                                                                                                 Bridge, on and around Wexford Bridge and Wexford Marina Pier.
Wexford Main Drainage Commission.                                                                                                                          Dessardo stressed that The Drainage “is not a monument. It is a
      It is important to distinguish here between Wexford ‘Borough’                                                                                        sculpture, requiring time to discover”. The Drainage was to use
Council and Wexford ‘County’ Council. The difference between the 2                 Marco Dessardo. Project proposal model for The Drainage.                components gathered in and around Wexford harbour and connect
bodies is a significant issue and from reviewing the brief for the                 previously participated – to make proposals for this commission. Each   them together utilising stainless steel piping, an iron mold, lumps of
Wexford Borough Council, Wexford Main Drainage Commission it is                    member of the selection panel was invited to put forward some names     concrete and an abandoned boat. The artist envisaged viewers walking
not clear which of these 2 parties were acting as the ‘commissioner’.              for consideration and invitations were sent out. The outcome of this    along Wexford wharf progressively discovering elements of the
The initial press advert for the commission makes a reference to                   process involved a reconvening of the panel in early October 2006 in    sculpture “running under the city, under the bridge, then underwater”
partnership. The front cover of the brief and the title of the project             order to consider the new round of submissions.                         – while existing elements of sky, water and surrounding structures of
suggest Wexford Borough Council as the commissioner, however,                           The members of the selection panel were – Alan Counihan, artist;   the quayside and pier were choreographed into their experience of the
within the brief under the heading Commissioning Procedures, there                 Annette Moloney, public art specialist; Barbara-Anne Murphy,            work. In support of the work Dessardo had envisaged a range of
is a clear suggestion that the County Council is the commissioner, but             Wexford County Councillor; Brenda Oakes, artist / arts consultant and   elements relating to community participation – including setting up a
it is not explicit. There is a further ambiguous section within the brief          Sean McLoughlin, Executive Architect for Waterford City Council. We     website to report on the progress of the work; an exhibition, lecture
titled ‘Role of Wexford Borough Council’ which fails to clarify the                understand that the Borough Council had been invited to participate     series and a short film. On the practical side the artist also noted how
matter. It suggests a limited role for the Borough Council but does                in the process but that an elected representative was unavailable to    his work would be durable and would require no maintenance. There
state that the successful artists would be offered a contract by the               attend on the day and that the Borough Council were represented for     is a full and informative presentation of the proposal on Dessardo’s
Borough Council. It is clearly implied throughout that Wexford                     part of the meeting by the Town Clerk.                                  website.
County       Council        would       act      as     co-ordinators   of   the        Marco Dessardo’s proposal was selected by the panel. County             It was reported in local news coverage that one Wexford Borough
competition/commissioning processes. The Commission was to be                      Councillor and selection panel member Barbara-Anne Murphy was           Councillor described the work as ‘awful’ adding, “Really it wasn’t the
half-funded by percent monies relating to the development of                       quoted in the Wexford People (13 Dec ‘06) as saying that she believed   artists’ fault, it was the fault of whoever set down the grounds for
Wexford’s main drainage scheme, with the other half coming from                    The Drainage would be a “wonderful” feature on Wexford’s award          commissioning the piece”              . Labour Councillor George Lawlor
Wexford Borough Council.                                                           winning Quay front. Following his selection meeting, Dessardo was       speaking on the Derek Mooney radio show stated that the proposed
      As it happened, the commission was not awarded when the first                issued with a letter, dated 13 Oct 2006, from James Moran, (on          work was “certainly modern” and that “this is something that just isn’t
round of applications were received, as none of the submissions were               Wexford County Council headed paper) notifying him that his             right”, he then went on to describe the Borough Council’s preference
thought to be of sufficient quality. The decision was then taken to                proposal had “been recommended by the Selection Panel” – to whom        for a work that was “correct and proper”                   . The Councillor also
invite eight artists – nationally and internationally – who had not                this recommendation was being made, was not specified.                  remarked that Dessardo’s proposal was out of context, in terms of
                                                                                                                                                           references to the area, local history and the social usage of the Quays,
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                   March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                               13


Marco Dessardo. Working drawing for The Drainage.                              Marco Dessardo. Working drawing for The Drainage.

and suggested that The Drainage “would be OK for a drainage project,           develop new and exciting mechanisms for engaging artists with the              Marco Dessardo. Working drawing / photo-montage for The Drainage.

but not for the waterfront”. Of course the paradox here is that from the       percent for art scheme without being held back by a fixed and static          ambitions for its public art programme (the initial advert for the
outset the project had been called The Wexford Borough Council                 set of procedures. What seems ironic in this case, however, is that the       scheme stated that the commissioners welcome submissions that
Wexford Main Drainage Commission.                                              opening page of the brief quotes John O’Donoghues introduction to             further the debate on what constitutes public art and Wexford County
      Artist Alan Counihan, who was a member of the selection panel,           the National Guidelines while at the same time ignoring some of its           Councils web site stresses the function of public art “to provoke, to
has described the affair as “not only grossly disrespectful of Mr              key recommendations.                                                          challenge, to change perceptions..”) it is difficult to see how this
Dessardo, but also professionally insulting to members of the                         Other than comments made to the media by individual Council            project could not have helped but end in failure and underlines the
selection panel and makes a mockery of the selection process. It               Members, the Borough Council had been remarkably quiet in offering            nagging question of why do local councillors feel so impelled to take
should not be allowed become a precedent” (5).                                 an official reason for the refusal to appoint Dessardo . After forwarding     it upon themselves to act as arbiters of artistic taste and quality?
      The artist is currently looking into his legal position with regard      an earlier draft of this article with a number of questions VAI received            Going back to more general procedural issues one can also see
to seeking some financial recompense for the rejection of his winning          a statement issued on behalf of both Councils. It stated that the reason      the Wexford situation as having arisen due to a persistent problem
design. As he stated to Patrick O’Connell, writing in The Echo “I did          for rejection was that part of the proposed sculpture strayed outside of      with the overall management structure of the percent for art scheme
my job, they were not supposed to have this opportunity to cut off the         the 4 designated sites, which had been identified in the brief. On            nationally. Despite the usefulness of the National Guidelines,
competition like this.... It is very clear that I have won the competition,    receiving this explanation we contacted the artist who stated that he         commissioners still have to apply them on an individual basis – there
They are not disputing this … normally, at the very least, ‘creation’          had not been notified of this as a reason for his rejection.                  is no central forum where they can go to for guidance or indeed share
expenses would be covered … this normally constitutes 20 percent of                   Looking back at the locations described in the brief it is hard to     their experiences, both negative and positive, of the commissioning
the total cost of the project. A lot of work has been done in the design.      see how both Councils reached their conclusion. It has to be said that        process. Therefore, it is often the case, that each time a competition is
I will see where I will go with this.” (6)                                     the brief was not explicitly clear on defining the 4 sites. No plans were     run there is, so to speak, a re-invention of the wheel.
      Looking back to the Artists Brief and the procedures used in this        provided with the brief and the maps were of a size and scale that                  Encouragingly the Arts Council identified the importance of
instance there are a number of particular issues that should be noted.         made them only useful for identifying the general area. Photographs           addressing this issue in Partnership for the Arts, in practice 2006 – 2008,
Firstly there was no Public Art Working Group set up to oversee this or        of the site were more useful but again they were only provided at a           where they state a commitment to “examine the feasibility of a
the other 11 associated projects that were part of this programme. The         thumbnail size and were not capable of defining the sites precisely.          national resource service or support unit for the commissioning of
Per Cent for Arts Scheme General National Guidelines clearly recommend         The text describing the site was also vague for example the extent of         public art”. Nonetheless, now that they are more than one-third of the
the establishment of such a group with representation from all                 one of the sites is described as “on or around the Wexford bridge”. The       way through the lifetime of this plan, there has been no publicised
relevant parties (7). A working group is distinctly different to a selection   Councils’ statement claims that the work strayed on to the Wexford            move to begin this process. In addition the Arts Council have not
panel in that it over sees the project as a whole from start to finish. The    Quays which were not part of the designated site. However, the                appointed a public art specialist since the contract of the last
members develop a vision for the project, set clear aims and objectives,       element of the sculpture that is proposed for a small part of the Quays       appointee, Annette Moloney expired in December 2005. Although the
criteria, over see the development of a brief and procurement                  is also very much sited ‘around’ the Wexford bridge and is within an          Arts Council have promised that the position will be advertised
procedures, some members may also be involved in selection. The                area that is identified in 3 out of the 6 photographs that were used to       ‘shortly’. It is thus a sobering thought that without such a centralised
working group also help to see the project through to completion               identify the particular site in the brief. There is one other aspect of       resource, or public art specialist in place, that the risk to artists of
once an artist is selected.                                                    Dessardos sculpture that was proposed as possibly being located on            experiencing a similar situation to what happened to Marco Dessardo
      The second issue is ‘responsibility’ for selection and                   the Quays. However, in his proposal Dessardo clearly acknowledges             in Wexford remains worryingly high.
appointment. There are limited mentions of this in the brief. Under            that this is out side of the identified site and states that the particular         Both the Arts Council and the Department of Arts Sport and
the heading ‘Commissioning Procedure’ there is a line that states “all         element could alternatively be located in one of the designated sites.        Tourism were forwarded an earlier draft of this article and given
proposals will be assessed by an Independent Selection Panel, the                     So what exactly is it that led Wexford Borough Council to take         ample time to respond. The Arts Council declined to comment and
members of which will have appropriate expertise in Public Art                 the decision that it did? Why has it been so blatant in its rejection of      DAST did not respond.
Commissioning”. The only other mention in the brief is that “All               Dessardo’s proposal? One could conclude that the simple fact of the                                                                     Visual Artists Ireland
Artists’ proposals are subject to the approval of the Independent              matter is that it came down to a matter of ‘taste’ with Wexford
Selection Panel. Proposals will be subject to Health & Safety checks,          Borough Councillors appointing themselves as the publics guardians            Comments upon and responses to this article, for publication in our next issue,
which will be carried out by specialised staff of Wexford Borough              of artistic taste. One wonders if this is what the electorate had in mind     are very welcome. In particular we would like to receive information on other
Council”. There was a mention of the artists selection being a                 when placing their votes, that their elected representatives would            competition winning proposals that did not get the go-ahead.
‘recommendation’ in the first letter sent to the artist, but again the         protect them from ‘bad’ art.                                                  Marco Dessardo’s website currently documents the problems
details were not clear. At no point prior to this was the approval of                 The arguments put forward by Councillor Lawlor on his radio            encountered by the artist with this commission, including downloads
Council members made a condition of appointment. The National                  interview with Derek Mooney are easily refutable. His assertion that          of the commission brief, his project proposal local press coverage
Guidelines state that the commissioning body should decide at the              the proposal did not reflect the maritime heritage or the history of the      along with correspondence with Wexford County and Borough
outset of the project whether it will delegate selection authority to the      area or the people it represents hold little water. As argued by the artist   Council –
Selection Panel or make the final decision itself (8). This information        and selection panel member Alan Counihan on the same radio show,
was not communicated in the brief and one wonders whether this had             Dessardo’s proposal, can easily be read as a work that is very conscious      (1) Various headlines from The Wexford People and The Echo on 12 and 13 December 2006.
been considered by the County Council who were co-ordinating the               of the site, both in architectural, historical and social terms – and one     (2) Wexford People13 Dec 2006 Council in Hot Water over Rejected Quay Sculpture
                                                                                                                                                                  “According to one councillor who described the episode as embarrassing, no-one
competition process. The uncertainty as to who the commissioner                that offered viewers an exciting and engaging experience.                          seemed to really know what was happening or why the artist was there”
actually was, only adds to this confusion.                                                                                                                   (3) Will we spend €125,000 on statue nobody wants?. Patrick O’Connell. The Echo. 13 Dec
                                                                                      During the radio interview Derek Mooney suggested that                      2006.
      It must be acknowledged that the National Guidelines are                 “wouldn’t it have been just fantastic if some artist had come up with         (4) Derek Mooney Radio show. RTE Radio 1. Thursday 21 Dec 2006 “Labour Councillor,
                                                                                                                                                                  George Lawlor chats about a controversial proposal for a new sculpture in Wexford”
exactly what they say. They are guidelines and there is no statutory           the idea for a flock of Greenland white fronted geese that children           (5) Email correspondence to the author from Alan Counihan.
requirement for them to be followed. This openness can in many ways            could actually sit on. Wouldn’t it have just looked interesting,              (6) From an article by Patrick O’Connell. The Echo. 13 Dec 2006.
                                                                                                                                                             (7) The National Guidelines for the Percent for Art Scheme, which can be viewed or
be seen as an advantage as it allows for bodies like Breaking Ground to        different, and lovely and gorgeous”. Councillor Lawlor eagerly agreed.             downloaded at
                                                                                                                                                             (8) Ibid.
continue to push the boundaries of the commissioning process and               Given the discrepancy between this and the County Councils stated
14                                                                                                                                                 The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                                March / April 2007


Body Weathers / Body Apparatus

“…perhaps through this blind negotiation of the land I came                                                                                                positioning of the paper on the chest such that one is drawing onto
closest to understanding what the workshop was about. After a                                                                                              oneself. It was a strange reversal of the normal action of projecting the
week in the woods, the distractions of regular life slowly                                                                                                 hand toward the space observed. This upset the familiar relation of the
receding, with all the senses straining to develop an awareness of                                                                                         eye to the hand. These drawing exercises were later combined with
my surroundings and my place in them, I feel I developed an                                                                                                improvised movements off track.
almost animal sense of existence.” Seamus Dunbar 2006.
                                                                                                                                                           We were led in a line, not unlike Breugel’s blind men, to a position
‘BODY Landscape Killarney National Park 2006’ took place last                                                                                              high on a ridge after what seemed like thousands of steps to my
September. It was a residential workshop organised by myself – Fergus                                                                                      unseeing eyes. Upon stopping the invitation was to investigate the site
Byrne; and Caroline MacSweeney of Locus Theatre Company. We                                                                                                for 30 minutes, without opening our eyes. Close by me was another
invited dancer, Frank van de Ven, to bring his body landscape practice                                                                                     person. We were in brief contact. Around my head were branches, so
to Ireland. His dance training in the Body Weather system of Min                                                                                           thin as to break under the pressure of a searching hand. Descending to
Tanaka led him to pursue continued research into the relation                                                                                              the ground gave the security of many points of contact with the land.
between the body and the land in several continents since departing                                                                                        Remaining upright demanded greater concentration in my feet
Japan. A significant element of these studies is a prolonged                                                                                               because they had a smaller surface area of contact with the land. This
collaboration with Czech visual artist Milos Sejn known as the                                                                                             30 minute period was a somewhat impromptu moment caused by the
‘Bohemiae Rosa’ (1) project.                                                                                                                               temporary loss of half of the group, later recovered back at the
                                                                                                                                                           lodgings. Although relatively early in the week for such prolonged
Over a ten-year period a topographic spiralling of the Czech Republic                                                                                      investigation, it did provide many of the elements to which we would
completed a comprehensive exploration of the various landscapes                                                                                            later return.
within the country’s national reserves. In taking these explorations to
Ireland, Killarney National Park was chosen as a suitable location                                                                                         Sculptural exercises between partners extended our perceptual
allowing unlimited access to varied landscapes. The workshop took            Partner drawing at ‘Body in Landscape’.
                                                                                                                                                           experience. Participants worked in pairs using the partner body as
place over seven days and participants were based in the Muckross                                                                                          material within the landscape to create transitory sculptures of body,
House Venture Centre, a converted church on the perimeter of the                                                                                           stones, logs, water and other materials to hand. The key in all of this
national park. Kerry County Council, the Dutch Embassy and The                                                                                             was to consider the experience being created for the partner. One
Embassy of the Czech Republic funded the project.                                                                                                          participant was fascinated by how her leg became levered by a log
                                                                                                                                                           wedged beneath her knee. I have always found this aspect of the work
There were seven participants of several nationalities, one of whom                                                                                        to be enriching - the opportunity to appreciate our ‘body apparatus’ as
would pull out on day two, leaving a small group of eight – who                                                                                            unfamiliar. Partner work is essential to this whereby one person may
bonded well over the coming week. In addition to the intensive work                                                                                        manipulate another in an objective manner.
programme, the self-catering accommodation and the egalitarian
rotation of cooking and cleaning duties helped to create a close knit                                                                                      When not in situ, engaged in work, we were walking. The most
community where the individual felt the support of the group.                                                                                              significant excursion was a daylong hike through Glaisín na Marbh.
                                                                                                                                                           On many walks silence was encouraged presumably to provoke an
The day’s activities always began with a warm up, followed on some                                                                                         inner attentiveness. (I experienced this on a previous workshop. For
days by further MB (2) (mind/body or muscle bone) training, on others                                                                                      the first half hour we were encouraged to empty ourselves of chatter
it was straight out into the landscape. A very particular element of                                                                                       by blathering ‘til all was spent). I don’t think it worked on the shorter
Body Weather work is the highly sensitised movement of bisoku (3).                                                                                         walks, as self-consciousness surrounded the silence. On the day-long
Participants were introduced to this with the task of opening a closed                                                                                     hike there was sufficient time for states of quietitude to surface.
fist over a five minute period with a concentration such that the                                                                                          Glaisín na Marbh presented challenging terrain – bog, rocky slopes,
sounds of the knuckle joints are audible. Later the challenge would be       Emilie de Vlam at ‘Body in Landscape’                                         rivers, rhododendron forest. We were advised that the coordination of
to maintain such movement throughout the body, eg 25 minutes to                                                                                            the body developed in the MB work should be employed in the
move from your chair to one adjacent, via the floor, with eyes closed        phenomenological enquiry that evaluates the qualities of each unique          efficient negotiation of the slopes and frequent bog holes that lured
all the while. Another aspect was contact work where we took it in           moment. Each enquiry worked within set parameters of behaviour in             the casual foot.
turns to ‘manipulate’ the reposing form of a partner, varying this with      a given site. Certain senses were then focussed and intensified to levels
one on one, two and three on one combinations. The term ‘bag of              not habitually experienced. The work developed in an incremental              The day-long escapade was quite an adventure as it took us well away
bones’ gives some clue as to the nature of this condition. The power of      manner by a gradual layering of activities for simultaneous                   from the prescribed routes – in fact from any routes at all. It greatly
these exercises was greatly heightened when taken out of the security        exploration.                                                                  contrasted with the landscaped areas marked as they were by signs of
of the studio to be practised on rocky escarpments, in caves and on                                                                                        humanity. The absence of pathways made a more interesting terrain
lakeshore beaches in the Killarney National Park.                            There was particular emphasis on the sense of sight during the week.          to cross and engaged the entire body. This opportunity to escape the
                                                                             Testing our peripheral vision was the task as we walked laps around a         confines of my pedestrian behaviour brought me close to that state
 Publicity for the workshop promised “strategies to confront our             grassy field. A hedge close by on my right loomed large; while on my          described above by Séamus – an animal state synchronous with
bodies with the multiplicity, unpredictability and autonomy of the           left the empty sky reflected a little towards the corner of my eye. Frank     instinct rather than reason to progress.
natural environment. The aim was to develop ‘consciousness of the            suggested that prolonged use of peripheral vision could lead to change
body itself as an ever-evolving landscape within the greater                 in one’s sense of orientation. We are so accustomed to leading with                                                                                       Fergus Byrne
surrounding landscape” (4). Body weather work has a particular               our eyes that our forward baring is unquestioned. Could we evolve to
                                                                                                                                                           A Body Landscape workshop will take place this year in Leitrim from
richness when conducted outdoors. The analogy of weather or                  a point where our bodies are coordinated to 180° of vision? If so would
                                                                                                                                                           8 – 16 June. For further information, contact Séamus Dunbar at
meteorology can nonetheless be applied to controlled environments.           we still conceive of ourselves as possessing front, back and sides?
                                                                                                                                                  Details on Body weather Amsterdam is
It is described as a “comprehensive training and performance practice
                                                                                                                                                           available on
that investigates the intersections of bodies and their environments.        Experiences of movement while holding the eyes still reminded us
Bodies are not conceived as fixed and separate entities but are, just like   that the eyes are forever darting, guiding us before our body arrives.
the weather – constantly changing through an infinite and complex            We stood like sentinels on the grassy banks of Lough Leane slowly
                                                                                                                                                           1. website
system of processes occurring in and outside of these bodies” (5).           rotating over a ten-minute interval. All the time the eyes gazed
                                                                                                                                                           2. An energetic, dynamic and rhythmic movement workout that observes the kinaesthetic
                                                                             forward without moving ahead of the body’s rotation. The landscape            sensitivity and co-ordination potential of the body-in-motion while developing strength,
                                                                                                                                                           endurance, flexibility and grounding. Body Weather Amsterdam publicity material
The above ‘strategies’ took the form of prescribed tasks that allowed a      thus flooded the retina as the blind intervals afforded by the saccades       3. Subsequently I spoke to Hideaki Idetsuki, an artist resident at IMMA, who explained to me
phenomenological exploration of physical sensation within the                were wilfully eliminated.                                                     the conjunction of the word - bi can mean faint or tiny, soku means ‘speed’. Further sense can
                                                                                                                                                           be inferred from the Japanese word, bifu, which means calm wind.
landscape. In discussion of the week’s work, van de Ven said he did not                                                                                    4. Body Weather Amsterdam publicity material.
use the term ‘exercises’ to describe activities pursued. Perhaps                                                                                           5. Ibid.
                                                                             Drawing exercises led by Milos Sejn abandoned observation
‘exercise’ implies a preparation or learning for a more significant          altogether and introduced seismographic renderings of our walking
moment. The consideration of each activity as ‘work’ is true to              motion along forest pathways. An interesting aspect of these was the
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                                       15


Bronze Age Stone Mould, Co. Tyrone,                                           Holger Lönze Workshop Implements,                                             Billy MagFhloinn performing on the bellows,

Artist Researchers                                                                                                                                          example insights into the probability of the use of lost wax in the
                                                                                                                                                            Bronze Age. Other results have been of rather more artistic interest,
                                                                                                                                                            both technically and philosophically.
CORDULA HANSEN CONSIDERS THE UMHA AOIS PROJECT                                                                                                                    An example of work that blurs the boundaries between the
AS AN INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH ENVIRONMENT                                                                                                                archaeological experiment and the artwork is the image of a glazed
                                                                                                                                                            object in a furnace by this author. Originally a reconstruction of a
THE notion of interdisciplinarity has become popular in recent years,         vast, uncoordinated yet somehow enormously effective research                 Bronze Age artefact, the object underwent a series of formal and
not only in art practice, which has long been using combinations of           programme that looks critically at what we are and how we know                aesthetic transformations, before being exposed to Bronze Age firing
ideas and media, but also in the more traditionally academic fields.          what we are … ”(1) Other archaeologists have taken a more theoretical         processes. The object itself is a record of the way it was made, but the
Discipline boundaries have begun to dissolve, with research                   approach to the role of art practice in understanding material culture.       image resulting from this can only be a visual snapshot – the images
increasingly based on issues and specific questions – rather than the         Abstract questions concerning materiality, object agency and human            cannot portray the full spectrum of experiences associated with the
disciplines themselves. Collaborative projects are emerging, and              experience have been raised and applied to artworks as well as                object.
scientists are more and more turning to contemporary art practice for         archaeological finds.                                                               While stemming from a technical question about the function of
new insights. With increasing confidence in art as a research process,             However, in the past five years, theorists in archaeology and            a specific artefact, the photographic work alludes to the theoretical
combinations such as Arts and Health, or Art and Science, have                athropology have begun to refer back to materials and environments            archaeological problem mentioned at the beginning of this article, the
established a prominent presence in the professional art world in             as integral elements of human experience. Ingold in particular                reconstruction of human experience through material culture.
Ireland and the UK. The degree of freedom and input of the artist in          criticises the lack of direct engagement with materials and processes               Working from an interest in traditional skills and ecological
such collaborations is often varied – the artist may act as illustrator,      by archaeologists and anthropologists. Here the theoretical value of a        sustainability, Holger Lönze’s work at the Umha Aois events may be
technical advisor, communicator, researcher or theorist. It could be          project such as Umha Aois becomes obvious. The activities at the              characterised as research-based art, where the process of enquiry itself
argued by sceptics that there is a danger for artists in these                annual symposia differ markedly from an archaeological experiment,            constitutes the work. While the artist experiments with the
relationships to simply provide the aesthetic facade for the other            although some of the outcomes provide similar information. While              techniques associated with Bronze Age casting, the site of work
parties work. This article will explore the role of the art practitioner in   the archaeological experiment takes place under controlled                    develops into an installation of its own – objects begin to gather
such collaborative partnerships.                                              conditions, with accurate measurements and repeatability as their             around the furnace. They are re-arranged, constantly being added to or
      While often initiated by institutions such as hospitals or              framework, the artistically motivated exploration does not                    re-invented to fulfil a new purpose. Crucibles combine with clay
universities with appropriate resources – and an agenda of their own,         concentrate on the outcome. The making and positioning of things –            vessels holding water, clay moulds and the circular opening of the pit
some interdisciplinary projects are led by individual artists or artists’     images, objects and sites – to the art practitioner is a way of thinking      furnace, interrupted in their regular forms by jotting willow sticks and
groups with notable success. One of the longest-running collaborative         through a physical medium.                                                    copper pipes – tongs for lifting the glowing crucibles, supports, blow
research projects in Ireland is Umha Aois – The Bronze Age 4,000                   Umha Aois therefore operates on both a philosophical and a               pipes. Lönze’s tools create an aesthetic of functionality, with few
Years On. Established in 1995 as part of the European Year of the             practical level. The rediscovery of ancient techniques of bronze              objects being added arbitrarily. For archaeologists these workshop
Bronze Age, its original aims were to research and experiment with            casting and ceramics with minimal equipment opens new                         installations may hold a particular interest, as they illustrate the
Bronze Age casting technologies, making them accessible to                    possibilities to artists to re-discover this traditional sculpture material   manufacture and accumulation of many objects in the natural course
contemporary artists as an affordable alternative to the often                directly through their own experience. Additionally, the experimental         of working with Bronze Age technologies, over the comparatively
expensive modern foundry. Since then, Umha Aois has been making               environment provides a conceptual background and access to                    short period of two weeks.
significant contributions to archaeological research. It acts as a forum      imagery which is not usually available in a modern everyday setting.                The variety of the work produced and findings made at the Umha
for experiments and discussion, illustrating the mutual benefits                   The performative aspects of the ancient craft skills have been           Aois (2) symposia illustrates the creative and scientific potential of such
which may be gained by representatives of collaborating disciplines.          explored by Anne Burke through video, sound collage and                       collaborative projects. It is, however, vital to their success that
      Founding members Niall O Neill and Cliodna Cussen were                  photography. Her photographic portraits of tools and artefacts show           representatives from both disciplines are willing to respect each
principally concerned with an authentic reproduction of Bronze Age            the objects as separate from their environment, speaking for                  other’s aims, and their methodological or philosophical background.
casting techniques as a way to re-connect with past societies and             themselves of their manufacture and life history. But Burke’s                 While one party may be interested in solving a particular problem or
cultural identity. From its initial stages until 2004, the group was          documentaries include not only the activities directly associated with        creating a specific piece of work, the other may need space to develop
concentrating on reproducing the processes of melting bronze with             the work itself – casting, mould making, finishing of objects – but also      a new process or simply observe and record an activity. As with the
charcoal and bellows in pit-furnaces; and authentic mould making              provide a record of the social setting. Especially her sound recordings       Umha Aois project, running over 12 years and ongoing, organic
during the annual Umha Aois symposia. Archaeologists were able to             convey an impression of the immaterial environment. Conversations,            growth and progress may require time and persistent commitment
provide some insights on finds and sites. The main source of                  hammering, footsteps and singing are underlined by the constant               from organisers and participants.
information, however, was the artists’ own experiments and the input          breathing of the bellows and the roaring of the furnaces. The                       In entering a collaborative relationship with another discipline,
from experienced craftspeople, such as Peyju Leywola. Stemming from           symposium is presented as an event with its own dynamics.                     especially one with a long-established ideological tradition, artists
a caste of bronze workers in Benin, she contributed through her                    The collaboration with archaeologists takes the form of                  need to ensure parity with their collaborator. Artists are no longer the
knowledge of traditional mould making materials. With a number of             communal activities, rather than discussions between representatives          window-dressers of science but have begun to contribute through
working pit-furnace designs in operation, the project began to draw           of different viewpoints. This very direct engagement with                     their own practical and theoretical expertise.
more interest from archaeologists once again. Throughout 2006, and            archaeological questions through art practice provides a research
especially during their symposium at An Creagán Visitor Centre, Co.           environment in which the question itself drives the enquiry, not the                   Cordula Hansen is a sculptor and member of Umha Aois.
Tyrone, members of Umha Aois have been working on more specific               discipline-specific conventions or institutional direction. The main            She is currently completing a PhD in Art at Waterford Institute
problems, such as the manufacture of Bronze Age objects, for example          question – “how could the process have worked with the materials                                                                                       of Technology.
horns and swords; or the casting of maquettes for sculptures.                 available?”, is answered through direct experimentation, informed
      Coinciding with the development of the group has been the               mainly by practice and the evidence provided by archaeological                1.   Renfrew, Colin. Figuring It Out. What are we? Where do we come from? The parallel
emergence of a new school of thought in archaeological theory, which          artefacts themselves.                                                              visions of artists and archaeologists. London. Thames and Hudson, 2003. p 7.
                                                                                                                                                            2.   Umha Aois would like to acknowledge the generous support from their sponsors, Foras
is less interested in measurable facts, but includes the question of               Umha Aois could thus be characterised as a forum for empirical                na Gaeilge, Údaras na Gaeltachta, Bronze Art Ltd, Alpha Metals Ltd, BOC Ltd, Isaac Mullen
                                                                                                                                                                 Ltd, James Murphy and Sons Ltd, Scarva Pottery Supplies Ltd, RPM Ltd, Weldtech Ltd, AE
human experience in past and present. This has resulted in an                 data collection combined with free creative exploration and
                                                                                                                                                                 Ltd, Crinkle Merchants Ltd and PJ Dix Ltd. The group would particularly like to thank the
increased interest by archaeologists in contemporary art practice.            spontaneous action. The outcomes from the symposia and other                       Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the Heritage Council, and An Creagán Visitor Centre for
                                                                                                                                                                 their hospitality during the 2006 symposium.
Archaeologists such as Colin Renfrew have written extensively on the          events have therefore taken two – not always distinct or separate –
importance of contemporary art as a process of enquiry, liking it to “a       forms. Some findings have been of an archaeological nature, for
16                                                                                                                                                                    The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                   March / April 2007


                                                                                                                                                                              But you don’t have to teach – many artists don’t. Ideally, I would like
                                                                                                                                                                              just to work in the studio. At the moment, I am only doing a half a day
                                                                                                                                                                              a week.

                                                                                                                                                                              JO: Besides teaching and sales of your work, what are your other
                                                                                                                                                                              means of support?
                                                                                                                                                                              PN: I’ve made applications for Arts Council grants. The first one was in
                                                                                                                                                                              2004; I was awarded an annual bursary. More recently I successfully
                                                                                                                                                                              applied for a multi-annual bursary. The award is designed to allow you
                                                                                                                                                                              to buy time. With this funding I’ve now got time to experiment with
                                                                                                                                                                              different mediums and ways of working, which is the reason why I
                                                                                                                                                                              applied for it.

                                                                                                                                                                              JO: What networks do you use for professional support and
                                                                                                                                                                              PN: Honestly – I don’t really use any. Which I know is kind of funny
                                                                                                                                                                              considering that I am giving this interview to Visual Artists Ireland! I
                                                                                                                                                                              find too much information about opportunities distracting – I think,
                                                                                                                                                                              “there are so many things I could apply for”. I prefer using very clear
                                                                                                                                                                              sources. There are things that one finds out about, in terms of
                                                                                                                                                                              residencies and so on that may not always suit you. Whereas, when
                                                                                                                                                                              you feel very connected to something that you are applying for – that’s
                                                                                                                                                                              when it will usually work out. For example, for me to do a lot of
                                                                                                                                                                              residences, if I was lucky enough to get them, is something I would
                                                                                                                                                                              find very distracting. I would only do a residency at a certain time if it
Paul Nugent Hypnosis No.1 Photographic print. Size variable. Courtesy The Third Space Galllery Belfast and The Barbara Behan Gallery London.                                  makes sense for me. But of course the experience of applying for things
                                                                                                                                                                              is valuable.

The Profession of Creativity                                                                                                                                                  JO: How then did your residency in Paris come about?
                                                                                                                                                                              PN: It was through a connection with Helen Carey the Director of the
PAUL NUGENT DISCUSSES THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIS ART CAREER                                                                                                                       Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. She had organised a group show
                                                                                                                                                                              with the gallery I was with at the time. From that connection I liaised
Jason Oakley: What is your approach to professional practice?                                     JO: What’s been most influential for you, in terms of shaping               with her to get a residency and with a solo exhibition at the Centre
Paul Nugent: There are artists whose studios are almost like offices, but                         your approach to professional practice?                                     running at the same time. It wasn’t just like “Oh I think I’ll go to Paris
I prefer just sticking with the creative process. So I mainly deal with                           PN: I actually left school early at 14 and went straight to work – as a     for three months” – there were some concrete reasons for wanting to
the professional aspects of my practice through the gallery. My work is                           way of getting out of a certain type of educational system. I went back     do it.
very time consuming, so my studio practice takes up most of my time,                              into education via art college – at NCAD. And for me the experience of
whether it be painting, or more recently when I’ve been experiencing                              being able to be creative everyday was incredible. The teaching was         JO: What did you particularly get out of this residency?
a more multi-faceted approach to my work, making sculptural pieces,                               focused on creativity; and this was my education in a broader sense.        PN: I think the experience of the context of the city itself, as well as of
short films and photographs.                                                                              After graduating, well Dublin was a very different place in the     Paris audiences. Also working in a different studio space – and
                                                                                                  early 1990s – myself and another artist, Alison Pilkington approached       showing my work in an exhibition space that was quite big –
JO: What do you specifically look for from the gallery?                                                                                                                       previously I’d only exhibited in smaller venues. I got to show a larger
                                                                                                  a landlord about spaces on the second floor of a building on Angier
PN: The sign of a really mature and experienced professional gallery is                                                                                                       body of work and a different scale of work; and saw how that affected
                                                                                                  Street. It was a very raw space, but it suited our purposes. The idea of
one who can actually undertake the multi-faceted task of representing                                                                                                         the work and the space in a different way.
                                                                                                  having that space to go to every day – having a routine of ‘going to
to clients the individual qualities of the artists that they show. It is a                                                                                                             One of the main objectives was to try to connect with galleries in
                                                                                                  work’ was very important. Being active and developing ideas – instead
slow building process – it can’t be rushed.                                                                                                                                   Paris. The residency and exhibition were given to me with that as one
                                                                                                  of waiting to be connected to a gallery was really helpful. My own
      At the moment I am represented by two galleries – Hugh                                                                                                                  of the main objectives. I did this through Helen; and besides sending
                                                                                                  personal experience was that after about four years of working in that
Mulholland’s Gallery, The Third Space in Belfast; and the Barbara                                                                                                             out invitations I also decided to directly approach certain galleries. Of
                                                                                                  studio I then managed to make work that I was happy with and
Behan Gallery in London. Both are keen to show their artists in                                                                                                               course I only arranged meetings with galleries that I had researched –
                                                                                                  managed to exhibit. And there was a social aspect to it – that’s really
national and international contexts. For example, the Barbara Behan                                                                                                           I might have gone to openings in these places and talked to the
                                                                                                  important to artists, because you can exchange ideas; or just give out
gallery has recently shown my work in the London Art Fair. One of the                                                                                                         director and so on. Also some of the galleries had come to see my show
best things that can happen in an art fair, from an artist’s perspective,                         about whatever is annoying you.
                                                                                                                                                                              and knew about the residency. So it didn’t seem so strange to them –
is when the actual personalities of the galleries get to interconnect in                                  The process of getting to show work in galleries was very slow. I
                                                                                                                                                                              there was a context for me contacting them. I am still in contact with
some way – when galleries from different cities or countries get                                  was fortunate enough to start a relationship with a gallery – The Jo
                                                                                                                                                                              one of these galleries with a view to exhibiting in the future.
together and there is cross-nurturing of artists.                                                 Rain (later to become the Kevin Kavanagh) – because it was just
                                                                                                  starting up as well – I think it was a good experience for me. It made it   JO: Your work is in the collection of the Irish Museum of Modern
JO: Have you ever been called upon to be involved with buyers?                                    easier to forge a working relationship and make things happen. And          Art – what do you think is the particular value of having your
PN: I met one of my buyers at the Barbara Behan gallery a while ago;                              the experience of showing for the first time is one that stays with you.    work in a public collection?
and it seemed quite a natural happening – they wanted to meet me                                  The more you show, the more you learn – you also understand that the        PN: Well, I’ve been fortunate enough that my work from IMMA has
and ask questions about the work that they had purchased. It’s a                                  next show should be better than the last one.                               been shown internationally as part of curated shows. My own
positive experience, each time a person buys one of your works, in                                                                                                            experience is that the work is ‘revived’ in some way, because its sense
effect they become an ambassador for your practice.                                               JO: How did you support yourself?                                           of context is broadened by the works it is shown alongside, as well as
                                                                                                  PN: Well I think most people during that time, were actually on the         where it is shown – be it at institutions in China or America, that I
JO: Could you describe your studio?                                                               dole.                                                                       would otherwise not have the opportunity for my work to have a
PN: My current studio is on Henrietta Street, one of the best-preserved                                                                                                       connection with. The idea that the work is being represented in that
Georgian streets in Dublin. The studio has a really particular quality of                         JO: You teach now …                                                         way is wonderful. These sorts of ‘sales’ are very important in your
space and light. Myself and the other artists in the building all rent our                        PN: This also took a long time. And it is not something I actually          career. It broadens your audience. It also re-enforces the context from
spaces separately from the landlord – it is not a group studio situation.                         pursued – I was lucky enough to be asked, to do projects in institutions    which the work stems from – so it can take on an international
My galleries insure my completed work in the studio – as well as when                                                                                                         relevance.
                                                                                                  such as Limerick College of Art and Design, The Crawford and NCAD.
it is being transported and exhibited. I look after the cataloguing of my                                                                                                              For me the most important thing is visibility and showing my
                                                                                                  I was allocated a day a week. Of course I always try and keep the
work and getting professional slides etc made of the work. With the                                                                                                           work in as many good contexts as possible. In this way you learn about
                                                                                                  lecturing balanced with the studio work. A lecturer, who is actively
recent film and photography work, I’ve naturally been making this                                                                                                             the practicalities of installing work and how the work can develop in
                                                                                                  involved in a studio practice, brings that with them – it is quite
work outside of the studio and getting it processed and printed using                                                                                                         different contexts.
                                                                                                  obvious to students. You have that recent history of creativity and                                                 
specialised services.
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                                  March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                  17


Thorunn Eymundardoittir (Shelter) A Sacred Space 2006                                             Icelandic Love Corpororation Death in the Road                              Cover image from the first edition of Brochure.

                                                                                                                                                                             restaurant. The gallery also initiated the publication of Brochure in
                                                                                                                                                                             conjunction with Tulca launched in December.

A Collaborative Effort                                                                                                                                                            The production of Brochure was certainly a milestone for the
                                                                                                                                                                             gallery and is evidence of the group confidence of the contemporary
                                                                                                                                                                             visual arts community in Galway. Brochure includes written and
ROSIE LYNCH A CURATOR / MANAGER WITH ARD BIA GALLERY GALWAY, PROFILES THEIR FIRST                                                                                            visual contributions by. Aideen Barry, artisit, Niall deBuitlear, Russell
                                                                                                                                                                             Hart, Icelandic Love Corporation, Rosie Lynch, Aoibheann Mac
                                                                                                                                                                             Namara, Niall Moore, Maeve Mulrennan, Gavin Murphy, Maeve O’
                                                                                                                                                                             Neill, Ben Roosevelt and Jackie Summell. It is available from the
                                                                                                                                                                             gallery and other locations for free and will be an ongoing project,
                                                                                                                                                                             grant aided by Galway City Council.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Developing strong links with locally based artists and curators
                                                                                                                                                                             has been an enduring commitment of the gallery. Following Aideen
                                                                                                                                                                             Barry’s solo show in February 2006 we have benefited greatly from
                                                                                                                                                                             Aideen’s continued dynamic input into the visual arts culture of the
                                                                                                                                                                             west of Ireland. Ben Roosevelt’s installation Legion, September 2006,
                                                                                                                                                                             cemented our relationship with the artist who has been actively
                                                                                                                                                                             involved in the gallery from the beginning and is currently based in
                                                                                                                                                                             Atlanta Georgia, USA. A former MFA student in the Burren College of
                                                                                                                                                                             Art his input into the gallery reflects the visible and dynamic presence
                                                                                                                                                                             of the college in the Galway art scene.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Russell Hart’s ongoing curatorial project under the tag of
                                                                                                                                                                             Economic Thought produced a vinyl recording by Si Schroeder for his
                                                                                                                                                                             show in June 2006, which included works by Isabel Nolan and Jo
                                                                                                                                                                             McGonigal. Russel Hart’s contribution to Ard Bia has been huge. The
                                                                                                                                                                             gallery’s achievements owe an immense debt to the personal
                                                                                                                                                                             commitment of Russell, and it also has benefited from the
                                                                                                                                                                             contributions of amongst others Katherine Waugh who has
                                                                                                                                                                             supported the gallery through its infancy.
                                                                                                                                                                                  ‘Poetic Geographies’ occurred as part of our Winter Show 2006,
                                                                                                                                                                             Jennie Moran and Marta Bahilio created a series of lamps and
                                                                                                                                                                             embroidered pillowcases and in doing so offered simple acts of
                                                                                                                                                                             homemade simplicity and beauty. The project is symptomatic of other
                                                                                                                                                                             Ard Bia ventures including the recent production of a range of Ard Bia
                                                                                                                                                                             Pottery. Commercially viable but inventive projects such as these have
Ard Bia Gallery, 'Connecting Lines' – Sarah Lincoln, Rosie Lynch, May 2006. Photo: Anita Murphy
                                                                                                                                                                             opened up the remit of the gallery to include playful yet conceptually
                                                                                                                                                                             driven design ventures. Mash, inhabits this vague territory between
IN conjunction with the gallery’s eight shows a year, Ard Bia gallery                             exchange, networking and dialogue with an emphasis on developing           art, design and living. A collaboration between Italian designers
runs a small art bookshop and offers an outside courtyard space for                               a link with experimental Icelandic visual art practices. A highlight for   Marios and Polish visual artist Karolina Kowalska, they will return the
performances. We provide a programme of lectures, talks, and                                      Ard Bia was a visit in July 2006 from the Icelandic Love Corporation.      gallery to its original shop function for the month of April.
experimental music events and have recently initiated the production                              Their six week exhibition, ‘Eruption – Corruption’, was opened by a             May 2007 will see a group of nine artists / curators / musicians /
of a quarterly visual arts publication for Galway, entitled Brochure.                             spectacularly hand crafted performance that included a lively array of     writers embarking on a two-week residency in Eastern Iceland,
The space has developed on a small scale as a service that fosters other                          fire, axes, wool crocheted outfits and balloons. An unusually hot Irish    pitching their tents in the surrounding area of Skaftfell Cultural
creative practices and projects. Aoibheann Mac Namara started Ard                                 summer greeted them; off site events included an Ard Bia/ILC trip to       Centre in an Ard Bia instigated venture. ‘Convoy’ will mischievously
Bia Gallery in Galway in September 2005. I joined her fresh from my                               nearby Barna woods for a spot of nest building and an impromptu            explore concepts of the artist working in isolation and utopian ideals
degree year in NCAD. After our initial period of ‘pioneering’ Ard Bia                             performance in the ‘romantic’ surroundings of Ashford Castle. Their        of the idyllic. The ‘hikers’, Aideen Barry, Russell Hart, Jo Mc Gonigal,
has found its place positioned, slightly uncomfortably, between the                               visit confirmed the importance of playful interaction.                     Tara Kennedy, Rosie Lynch, Aoibheann Mac Namara, Chris Nelson and
commercial gallery and the independent art space.                                                        Ard Bia’s Icelandic connection was furthered by a solo show by      Katherine Waugh, have crossed paths through recent events and
     Our interchange with the city has been greatly enhanced by the                               Thorunn Eymundardoittir for Tulca, November 2006. Tulca’s                  happenings that have emerged in Galway’s visual arts scene. All these
appearance of g126, the growth in ambition of Tulca, the                                          ambitious programme included a substantial group of local, national        individuals are concerned with its sustainability and direction, and
development of the Fisheries Tower as an art space and the formation                              and international exhibitions as well as a dynamic live-art programme      are optimistic. Convoy is an attempt to draw attention to the
of the organisation artisit? The sharing of resources and equipment                               and a series of talks. The beauty of Tulca lies in the potential for       structures that arise out of a collective initiative.
has allowed each event and organisation to grow and develop                                       informal meetings in Galway’s village-like environment. The                         Rosie Lynch is a visual artist and works in Ard Bia Gallery
collectively. My strongest feeling from my year and a half working in                             experience of having international artists working alongside the local                                             in the role of curator/manager.
Ard Bia Gallery has been the sense of working communally, as a loose                              arts community is far-reaching. Cliodhna Shaffrey, Sarah Searson and
‘co-op’ of ideas and purpose – our common ground being a desire to                                Aine Phillips, Tulca’s curators provided the gallery with much
create a lively dose of contemporary visual culture in the city and                               appreciated expertise and support. Ard Bia activities included a public    Ard Bia is currently welcoming exhibition and project proposals for
provide tangible spaces and structures for this to occur.                                         discussion between Russell Hart and IMMA head curator, Rachael             2008 and visual and written submissions for Brochure 2.
     Ard Bia’s programme includes a platform for international                                    Thomas and a ‘feast’ conjured up by Domestic Godless in Ard Bia
18                                                                                                                                                   The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                                    March / April 2007


 Space is The Place

Call Centre Colllective Pass Odyssey. SPACE SHUTTLE Mission One: Donegall Pass.   Siraj Izhar 7 by 7 SPACE SHUTTLE Mission Four: Blackstaff Square            S Browne / G Kennedy Episode 306, Dallas, Belfast. SPACE SHUTTLE Mission Two: Titanic Quarter.

 “HELLO. This is SPACE SHUTTLE – an experimental base for artists                 landowners, architects and manufacturers, we also re-wrote and              and the Call Centre Collective welcomed this as a kind of success,
 and urbanauts. I have been launched to six different orbits around               adapted the description of the project many times – curtailing our          indicating a legitimate engagement with the real world, rather than
 planet Belfast. My mission is to explore the creative environment.               initial aspirations for a de-mountable, recyclable structure with solar     art world.
 Please keep in contact. Return to mother-                panels; and shortening the frequency of ‘missions’ and the length of
 ship PS2” This small text, printed on a red plaque stuck to the steel            excursions. These changes and adaptations were made due to ‘reality’        Outcome
 skin of the ‘work-base’, sums up a series of projects, which started last        and budgetary constraints, but nevertheless this negotiation process        SPACE SHUTTLE is nearly at the end of its journey – but as a project it
 summer and will conclude in April this year. With many references                was interesting; full of discoveries in itself.                             is far from being complete. A ‘space for free’ call for ideas is currently
 and ironic similarities to real space travel, SPACE SHUTTLE was and is                  However the most important part of SPACE SHUTTLE was and is          under away, and the ‘shuttle’ will be handed over to successful
 both a programme and a vehicle; a flexible and multifunctional                   the participating artists. We were not only looking for ‘spacial            applicants for their own initiatives – therefore prolonging its creative
 platform – small enough to be lifted by crane lorry onto pavements               practitioners’ and ‘urban interventionist’s with a strong creative          use. How much the missions and the concept behind it were
 and big enough to function as a meeting place or workshop for up to              identity, representing a range of artistic positions – but fully            successful will perhaps be seen at a final presentation entitled ‘SPACE
 15 people. A mobile space for ‘missions’ of urban creativity and social          committed artists; who were prepared to work not only two weeks             SHUTTLE – mission findings’ that will be presented at PS2and in the
 interaction – a slightly unfortunate term perhaps in a place, where              exposed on-site, but also to research their project in Belfast and come     shuttle between 23 April and 5 May 2007. A publication featuring
 religion plays such a significant political part, but which, on the other        up with a site specific and – possibly more importantly – devise a          critical texts will accompany this review-show.
 hand stated a conviction to place contemporary art (back) into an                social and micro-politically influenced strategies and practices. All the         As a tightly framed series of experiments, the projects can be
 everyday social environment. SPACE SHUTTLE was funded by Belfast                 artists worked for a fee of £600 per project, a shamefully small sum –      assessed both individually and as a whole – what worked, what didn’t,
 City Council through Celebrate Belfast 2006 and is supported by the              and yet the highest we have ever been able to afford, representing in       what can be learned and what will stick in the memory? What an
 Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the National Lottery.                   total around 10% of the £33,000 budget, with all the organization /         initiative like SPACE SHUTTLE underlines for us, is the creative
                                                                                  administration carried out by PS2 ‘in kind’, ie. unpaid.                    potential of interactive projects based in the ‘real world’ – both for the
 Background                                                                              SPACE SHUTTLE was a very time-intensive project, with a long         artists and the public.
 Paragon Studios, is a small artist collective, with studio space in the          pre-production time. And it was a demanding and exhausting project                But it also highlights, through the conclusions and
 centre of Belfast. A former shop in the same building, utilized as               – not in the least now that we are in the post-production period, where     contradictions inherent in its concept, a duality between ‘art space’
 project space, is used as a platform for art projects and run on a               experience’s gained and the findings of the various artist’s projects are   and ‘real space’, between the artwork and its recipient or participant.
 voluntary base with the focus on art in an urban context – under the             being edited and transcribed.                                               In which ways does art change in an everyday context; and how do the
 title PS2. In 2005 we organised a project called ‘Street Archaeology’,                                                                                       artists transform this reality? This was the fundamental question set, where we invited artists to take                    Locations                                                                   out at the beginning of SPACE SHUTTLE’s missions, tested in this
 Donegall Street as their subject for video and text, which were then             Although the artists were free to choose their location within Belfast,     series with lots of joy and hard work by all the ‘crew’ members. The
 shown in the windows and facades of nearly 30 shops and offices. The             we asked them to emphasise non-touristy and culturally under-               question remains ‘Return to mother-ship PS2’ or stay in new orbits?
 project prompted some key questions – in which way does art change               resourced sites. With a strong element of unpredictability, the final                                                       Peter Mutschler is an artist at PS2
 within the everyday contexts of a hairdresser’s or a flower shop? How            criteria for a site, was often that it had ‘to feel right’. Most of the                                  and head of SPACE SHUTTLE ground control
 truly ‘site-specific’ is the outcome; or did we just change the location         locations were within walking distance of the city centre and
 and the audience? Did the artists transform the flower shop into an              distinctive in their urban character. Together these locations formed a
 unexpected art venue; and the shopkeeper and their customers into                fragmented city-map – with many links and connections within the
                                                                                  projects; both spatial and thematic.                                          SPACE SHUTTLE MISSIONS 2006/7
       To test these questions about the relation between artist,                                                                                               Mission One. 22 – 29Aug 2006. Donegall Pass. Call Centre Collective Pass Odyssey. An
                                                                                                                                                                interdisciplinary group of artists, designers and architects from Interface, University of
 production, urban environment and street audience in reality; we                 Audience & Participation
                                                                                                                                                                Ulster, initiated a series of events and provocative environmental and community
 were looking for a conceptual framework; a playful sequence of                   To reach new audiences is now a stereotypical pledge and a ‘to-be-            themed multi-media activities with young people and other local residents.

 repeated experiments in a changeable, but formalised laboratory. We              ticked’ box in applications. But it is a real and important issue, if art     Mission Two. 31 Aug – 16 Sept 2006. Titanic Quarter. Sarah Browne / Gareth Kennedy

 came up with a concept, quite intuitively – rather than theoretically,           wants to be relevant and socially influential. SPACE SHUTTLE by its           Episode 306: Dallas, Belfast. Together with a group of people selected by invitation and
                                                                                                                                                                open audition, Kennedy and Browne made a film based on a fictional script of the 1980s
 that demanded flexibility and mobility as a useful tactic. It turned out         mobile nature, did not only address the public but many publics –             TV show Dallas, investigating issues of development, prosperity and choice in the
                                                                                                                                                                context of Belfast’s ongoing regeneration.
 to be a highly relevant approach as PS2 will soon itself be a victim of          often changing during the course of the day. The ‘missions’ were
 regeneration.                                                                    intended to be as open and accessible as possible, not only physically,       Mission Three 18 Sept – 5 Oct 2006. North Street / Waring Street. Aisling O’Beirn Some
                                                                                                                                                                Things about Belfast (Or so I’m Told). O’Beirn used the shuttle as an unofficial transmitter
                                                                                  but also mentally. SPACE SHUTTLE included a ramp for prams or                 and receiver of informal, unofficial contemporary information about Belfast.

 Preparation & Organisation                                                       skateboards; and the project artists complimented by ‘engaged
                                                                                                                                                                Mission Four. 9 – 19 Oct 2006. Blackstaff Square. Siraj Izhar 7 by 7 and the Health &
 The concept for SPACE SHUTTLE is simple – a purpose built,                       invigilators’ working alongside them as mediators. This was one of the        Wealth syndicate. A mythic, utopian fable about basic social and economic realities.

 multifunctional structure, 12m2 internally – and a scaled replica of             most demanding aspect of the projects – to be directly confronted by a
                                                                                                                                                                Mission Five. 23 Oct – 2 Nov 2006. Dublin Road/Shaftesbury Square. Mick O’Kelly Find
 PS2 project space, was sent into ‘orbit’ for six missions around Belfast.        diverse and unpredictable street audience; nosey kids and youngsters,         Your Perfect. O’Kelly converted the shuttle to a mobile unit / apartment, where the
                                                                                                                                                                selling point was the buyer, who could choose their desired location.
 For up to two weeks, interdisciplinary artists/initiatives and                   unsuspecting curious people, interested, casual, sometimes engaged,
 community organizations used the ‘device’ as a platform for urban                sometimes just asking for directions or where to renew a passport.            Mission Six. 19 – 30 Mar 2007. St. Aidan’s Christian Brothers Primary School, Ballymurphy,
                                                                                                                                                                Belfast. Barnados/Amy Russell. Community Organisations, as experts in direct
 creativity and social interaction. SPACE SHUTTLE was open to being               Most artists were initially nervous about this personal exposure and          community action, the children charity Barnados together with the artist Amy Russell are
                                                                                  unprotected vulnerability – far more than their concerns of negative          invited, to open up the ‘art’ field and to challenge the topic of social intervention. This will
 utilised as an on-site work base, as office/meeting point for activities                                                                                       allow SPACE SHUTTLE, to question and expand the boundaries of ‘art in a social context’
 and non-profit use in order to create, with the participation of the             reactions towards their work. Yet we were lucky, as incidents that did        and the subject of ‘social engagement’ in art.

 residents and social environment, new site-influenced work.                      occur, ultimately resulted in creative rather than destructive forms of       SPACE SHUTTLE mission findings. 23 April – 05 May 2007. PS2 and shuttle locations.
       While putting together the funding applications, contacting                conflict. One audience, which didn’t seem to respond, was the usual           Presentation of all projects, edited work and launch of publication.

 artists, undertaking web research, dealing with road services,                   art audience – who didn’t seem to take much notice. Both Siraj Izhar
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                                     March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                                       19


                                                                                                                                                                                The Third Space. Installation view of Mark McGreevy’s exhibition ( It 14 Sept – 13 Oct 2006).

The Third Space. Installation view of Mark McGreevy’s exhibition ( It 14 Sept – 13 Oct 2006).                                                                                   The Third Space. Installation view of Mark McGreevy’s exhibition ( It 14 Sept – 13 Oct 2006).

Focusing the Spotlight

HUGH Mulholland began curating in Northern Ireland when he                                      commercially, without artists having had to compromise their goals              DJ: If The Third Space makes art practice here more healthy by
established the Context Gallery in the buildings of Derry’s Playhouse                           for their work along the way. So what I want to do now is to provide            concentrating more attention on it, making it possible for artists
Theatre in 1992. Moving on from there to become Director of the                                 some kind of structure for that potential, but I’m not prepared to              to make a living from their work, and if that in turn leads to
Ormeau Baths Gallery, he brought to Belfast names as diverse and                                undersell those artists in the process, to make allowances for the              young artists leaving college wanting a career path, would you
renowned as Bill Viola, Gilbert & George, Yoko Ono, Sol LeWitt and                              absence of a market here.                                                       expect that others will now try and emulate what you’re doing
Stan Douglas, as well as continuing to provide a unique platform for                                                                                                            and set up other commercial galleries?
artists in the North to develop their careers. Outside of Ireland,                              DJ: What are the directions out for contemporary art in Northern                HM: Yes I hope so. It’s surprising to me that Belfast has operated for so
Mulholland curated ‘The Nature of Things’, Northern Ireland’s first                             Ireland? What are the directions that you’re looking to at the                  long without a commercial environment. I am sure that there will be
exhibition at the Venice Biennale, in 2005; having been re-appointed                            moment, in terms of orientating your gallery early on?                          those who will see an opportunity to do something different from me.
to the post for next year, he has selected Willie Doherty to be the                             HM: When I was at OBG, I was very particular that what we were                  There are enough good artists out there who need representation to
North’s representative. In October 2006, Mulholland established his                             doing ought to be aligned to certain galleries beyond Ireland. In the           sustain a number of commercial spaces.
own commercial gallery, The Third Space, in the centre of Belfast.                              course of my career I’ve come into contact with many curators,
Visual Artists’ Newsletter asked Mulholland what lay behind the                                 galleries and buyers around the world who are very interested in                DJ: Galleries in Dublin were never that interested in making
timing of this new venture, and for his thoughts about current                                  Northern Irish art practice, and I hope now through the Third Space to          long-term commitments to artists from Belfast, with a couple of
conditions for contemporary art in the North of Ireland.                                        introduce artists to those contacts. If an artist is well-known it is as        exceptions. Do you think that what you’re doing helps to increase
                                                                                                important for me in developing their career profile as them simply              interest from galleries outside Belfast?
Hugh Mulholland: I’ve had a desire to do this for a long time. I had a                          exhibiting every two years with me in a commercial context.                          HM: Yes, positioning a credible commercial space in Belfast at
Fine Art education, and a peer group who were trying to develop                                                                                                                 this time will hopefully extend the awareness of collectors from
careers as artists. Later, when I went into arts administration, I was                          DJ: Might you have done it sooner?                                              outside of Northern Ireland. In the past galleries from Dublin may
interested in their career paths, and I felt that they were linked to my                        HM: I might have wanted to do it sooner, but the circumstances didn’t           have taken an occasional interest in artists here, but now with the
own career development. Initially, there were limited opportunities                             exist previously. Our strong presence at the Venice Biennale in 2005            Third Space focusing more of a spotlight on those artists it’s bound to
for working in publicly-funded spaces, so I did what my                                         made the international interest in Northern Irish art practice much             generate a greater level of interest.
contemporaries did and set up a space myself. While I was doing that                            more apparent. So this confirms that we’re operating at a level that is
at Context, my contemporaries were doing the same in spaces like                                comparable to art practice and discourse anywhere else. So it seems to          DJ: Do you feel at all optimistic about the future of public spaces
Catalyst. Being aware of what they and others were doing, I created my                          me the perfect time to capitalise on those achievements.                        in Belfast?
own working relationships with artists, through Context, in a way                                                                                                               HM: No. I can’t; I think it’s a disaster. Having worked as long as I have
which continues to inform how I’ve worked with artists since.                                   DJ: Northern Irish art has sometimes been stifled by the                        in publicly-funded spaces, some which were well funded, and others
     So over the course of my career, so far, I’ve maintained that                              ‘Northern Irish’ label. International curators had a narrow                     less so, I feel we’re not even maintaining the same position any more,
impetus, the reason why I went into arts administration in the first                            understanding of what they’d find here – edgy Troubles art. Is it               and of course this refers to OBG and the actions of the Arts Council. If
place. Recently my thinking has been that to some extent the public                             important to you to define something beyond that?                               the Arts Council choose to take control of a publicly-funded space, the
system is not always the best or only place to develop artists’ careers.                        HM: I’ve played host to many visiting curators who came to view                 way they did with OBG, if they become hands-on, then it’s legitimate
                                                                                                Northern Irish art with particular agendas. But even though they may            to say that they are responsible for the current lack of direction in
Daniel Jewesbury: People’s practice here was conditioned for                                    have come with a very particular objective, to select work that they            publicly funded spaces here. However, perhaps the Belfast arts scene
such a long time by the absence of commercial galleries; now that                               thought reflected a certain received view of Northern Ireland, many of          will renew itself as it has done in the past, although it’s going to take a
you’re introducing the only purely contemporary, purely                                         them, after seeing the art that was being made here, didn’t stick with          long time.
commercial space here, it means that you have to bring into the                                 their original intentions, they ended up making very different                        Right now I am excited about what I see happening within the
commercial context work that, for a long time, developed very                                   exhibitions as a result of their visits.                                        commercial sector and along with maintaining some freelance
separately to that, because it had to.                                                                Some of the artists [in Venice] may have made work that was               projects, this is the area that I want to invest my time in now, and what
HM: In the absence of this commercial market, artists’ work was able                            ‘political’, but it was about ‘place’, it came out of a period of reflection;   I want the Third Space to be part of.
to evolve quite naturally, without that influence, without being                                being reflective, rather than reactive, it was much more complex, less
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Third Space 16 Donegall Square South, BT1 5JA, Belfast
directed by a market. Art practice in Northern Ireland has now reached                          clichéd.                                                                                                                      T: 028 9023 7757
a point where it is accepted internationally and is ready to be accepted
20                                                                                                                                              The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                            March / April 2007


Key Cutting

                                                                                                                                                         Tim Lloyd Key Cutting, 2006, site-specific video installation.

                                                                                                                                                         Tim Lloyd Key Cutting, 2006, DVD still.

                                                                                                                                                         selecting which views I would obtain footage of to manipulate in my
                                                                                                                                                         videos. To facilitate this process I produced a series of templates in
                                                                                                                                                         Photoshop that I could position over images to identify the best
                                                                                                                                                         locations. The final selections were two external shots that were used
                                                                                                                                                         for the boat and the tree house, and an internal one for the rocket. The
                                                                                                                                                         top of the building with its wooden lats was used to resemble the hull
Tim Lloyd Key Cutting, 2006, site-specific video installation.                                                                                           of a boat, with the sky acting as its sails. A section of the gallery filmed
                                                                                                                                                         through some trees formed the footage for the tree house piece and a
                                                                                                                                                         shot of some large silver pipes in a plant room were transformed into
                                                                                                                                                         the rocket in the third video.
                                                                                                                                                                 The documented events recording the physical production and
                                                                                                                                                         assembly of each set of tangram pieces were produced in situ. Shot on
                                                                                                                                                         a single 3 chip digital camcorder these choreographed actions utilized
                                                                                                                                                         the natural lighting and characteristics of their location. Each
                                                                                                                                                         performance was executed in a similar manner following the same
                                                                                                                                                         series of cuts to produce the pieces, with noticeable variation only
                                                                                                                                                         accruing with the placement of the wooden pieces. The running time
Tim Lloyd Key Cutting, 2006, DVD still.                                       Tim Lloyd Key Cutting, 2006, DVD still.                                    was approximately 9 mins for each video piece. In all the pieces I am
IN the spring of 2006, I was invited to take part in ‘Investigations’, at      interesting line of enquiry. I found that using these shapes I could      visible wearing an identical black t-shirt. In earlier works I utilized the
the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork – a series of projects that explores         make a variety of images that the Glucksman is said to resemble,          device of wearing a blue boiler suit to underline a level of considered
the relationship and intersections between the gallery and its                 namely a boat, a tree house and a rocket. Thanks to some previous         intent – as I engaged with my inquiries in a manner akin to an
university environment, situated as it is on the University College            studio based research that had been sitting on the back burner, I         amateur scientist. However in recent works I have adopted a more
Cork campus. My contribution to these projects was curated by Ciara            thought that I might have an interesting way to develop this further.     nonchalant approach to my appearance, dressing often in t-shirt and
Healy, Glucksman Curatorial Fellow for 2005 – 2006. Through the                       My earlier tests had involved examining the possibility of         jeans, taking on less of a ‘persona’. With this work my one overriding
concerns and interests of my own practice, my response to these                combining blue-screen editing effects with performance-based              concern with clothing was simply that it wasn’t blue, in order not to
artistic inquiries was three site-specific video installations, entitled       actions. Blue-screen – also known as ‘croma key’ is the popular           interfere with the effects of the blue-screen process.
Key Cutting, that were installed throughout the gallery complex (10            filmmaking technique of using a single colour background, usually                 For the final editing process I used two editing packages, Final
Nov – 8 Dec). The video components consisted of factual and non-               blue or green, that can then be replaced by another image, resulting in   Cut Express and Adobe After Effects. Final Cut Express is the paired
factual elements combined to produce ‘uncanny’ visual imagery of               two sections of footage becoming united on the same picture plain.        down version of the industry standard Final Cut Pro and I find that it
performance-based activities. Located in the gallery bookshop and on           Think of the TV weatherman pointing at a map that we know isn’t           generally serves my editing needs. However whilst I wasn’t looking for
two of the landings, these installations revealed much of the                  actually behind him. Thanks to digital compositing these techniques       cinematic production values with my special effects there were some
mechanics behind their trickery with the inclusion of the props and            have become widely available on digital editing packages, and are         problem segments of footage that needed the greater degree of
ad-hoc coloured structures used to produce the works still installed.          relatively straight-forward to use.                                       manipulation offered by After Effects. For anyone not familiar with
       My first site visit was also the first time I physically encountered           Using this technique I had discovered that by painting sheets of   this package it is best described as Photoshop for video.
the Glucksman building; and even though I had seen images on the               MDF with blue paint I could cut them with a jigsaw and edit the                   Over the last five years my work has been concerned with
web, I was still taken back by how visually stimulating the spaces in          footage to appear as though I was sawing through chunks of video          generating a sense of event, with performance-based investigations,
the O’Donnell and Tuomey designed building were. After exploring               footage. Thanks to this knowledge the work really began to progress. I
                                                                                                                                                         choreographed for the purpose of documenting them to video, at
several other avenues I became particularly drawn to the visual                now planned to cut up images of sections of gallery that could then be
                                                                                                                                                         forefront of my practice. These pieces often reference physical
associations that the architecture evoked. Among other things the              reassemble into other images. Sheets of MDF were attached to free-
                                                                                                                                                         constructions that I utilize to explore our understanding of space.
building has been referred to as looking like a vessel, a tree house, a        standing frames with the design of the puzzle marked out on them, so
                                                                                                                                                         With these works for the Glucksman I sought to humorously provoke
space ship and an interlocking puzzle. It was a combination of these           that I could cut them in a vertical position. Thus I could use a single
                                                                                                                                                         a re-evaluation of the way that the institution and its architecture are
elements that I would eventually reference in my work.                         camera angle to film myself cutting the wood, and then attaching the
                                                                                                                                                         understood and in doing so also questions how we perceive the world
       Whilst researching different types of puzzles in response to the        shapes to a wall directly behind me, in one take. Thanks to the
                                                                                                                                                         around us.
Rubik’s cube type appearance of the gallery, I came across a Chinese           discovery of the Chinese puzzle, I had a device whereby I could apply
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tim Lloyd
puzzle called a Tangram. This is a flat seven piece puzzle made up             a similar series of actions to manipulate multiple video pieces, with
predominantly of triangles. The object of the puzzle is to assemble a          different yet related outcomes.
variety of different images using only the shapes available. It’s a puzzle            From my site visits I had compiled a catalogue of images of the
that I remembered seeing before, but its rediscovery sparked an                gallery and its surrounding environment. I now began the process of
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                 March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                                   21


                                                                                                                                                         Yvonne Cullivan Glenade Mountains, view from home

                                                                                                                                                         be adapted to house work in any medium. And technical support and
                                                                                                                                                         advice is readily available. Personally I find that a longer residency has
                                                                                                                                                         many advantages, subconsciously you are becoming familiar with and
                                                                                                                                                         preparing for the space or site in which your work will be shown,
                                                                                                                                                         there is time available to explore tangents, for work to morph and
                                                                                                                                                         develop and you obtain a sense of place that can enrich and inform the
                                                                                                                                                         work. I’m sitting here now, as the light fades and the sun slips behind
                                                                                                                                                         Benbo, thinking of the journey from my initial ideas in text, the ways
                                                                                                                                                         in which the project has adhered to these and yet expanded from these
                                                                                                                                                         and can still develop. Smiling at some of the conversations I’ve had on
                                                                                                                                                         the side of the road and marvelling at some of the views I’ve stumbled
                                                                                                                                                         across in this seemingly timeless place.
                                                                                                                                                               The problem now, as always with a residency, is moving on! But
                                                                                                                                                         as luck and the weather would have it, I have only completed one
                                                                                                                                                         stage of my proposal. The original project involves a site-specific
 Yvonne Cullivan Swallow's House 1
                                                                                                                                                         sound installation, which I found impossible to physically work on

Lost in Loverly Leitrim                                                                                                                                  within the damp frozen shells I had sourced, given the time of year.
                                                                                                                                                         LSC is a flexible and adaptable centre, a project space that is also a
                                                                                                                                                         gallery space, depending on the needs of the artists that use it. The
                                                                                                                                                         focus here is on the development of the artist’s work and finding the
                                                                                                                                                         best means to facilitate this. And so in discussion with the Centre’s
                                                                                                                                                         director, Sean O’Reilly, I will be showing my work to date as a gallery
WHILE walking with a friend in the remains of rural Cavan last year, I        replaced with or transformed in their juxtaposition with larger
                                                                                                                                                         exhibition from 3 – 17 March and returning in the summer, without
came upon a small low cottage enveloped in over growth, the front             modern homes. The project I proposed for my time at LSC involved
                                                                                                                                                         my gloves hopefully, to continue the site-specific work.
door ajar. Inside, encased in dust and dirt, lay inanimate abandoned          sourcing one such building for development as an installation space
objects; furniture, possessions, icons. For a long time the incessant         and drawing focus through sound onto the empty state of decay and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Yvonne Cullivan
urbanisation of Cavan had been playing on my mind. This one house             imminent elimination of the building. I found more than one. Part of /
seemed to symbolise in its silence and stillness all that was forgotten       the research and possible outcome of my proposed project also
and all that was in transition, in both geographical and social terms.        involved collecting audio from recorded interviews. I wanted to find       Notes
                                                                                                                                                         (1) In 2006 Leitrim Sculpture Centre and Leitrim County Council agreed on a programme of
When Leitrim County Council advertised residencies in the Leitrim             out what the people of Leitrim felt about the developments within          national and international artists residencies to be hosted by the centre and at various other
                                                                                                                                                         locations across the county. The programme started late in 2006 and attracted 30 applicants
Sculpture Centre (1), it seemed the ideal location to develop a response      their county and in the country in general. The project itself addresses
                                                                                                                                                         from Ireland and as far away as the Ukraine, Canada and Brazil. Six artists were chosen for the
to this theme. I needed a place where the rural idyll was still graspable,    an aspect of modern culture, which is widely affecting on a trans-         2006 round, three from Ireland and three from abroad. Artists included;Yvonne Cullivan, Ireland;
                                                                                                                                                         Anthony Mawson, Ireland; Dorothee Kolle, Ireland; Mariusz Soltysik, Poland; Kristaps Gulbis,
where some semblance of previous ideals still existed, where cranes           generational level. It would be necessary to communicate with a            Latvia and Angela Conte from Brazil.
and diggers where not constant on the skyline and in the ear, where           considerable section of the community.
development, I imagined, was occurring at a slower pace.                            And so I began months of driving and talking. When I would find
      My previous experiences of being ‘on residency’ were short term,        an abandoned house and spend several hours of numb-fingered                  LSC Residency Exhibitions
two weeks to one month, and usually involved isolation in a studio            exploring and recording, I would return to the road to be greeted by an
space with the aim of producing 2D work for exhibition elsewhere.             inquisitive neighbour. The conversation would almost always start            Exhibition Dates for the 2006 Residency Artists.
These residencies provided necessary and supported ‘time out’, space          the same way – “You’re not from around here anyway…?”, followed by           Yvonne Cullivan:              3 – 17 March. LSC Gallery.
to make, time to think, a place to hide away and work or to discuss and       “We’ve an awful lot of priests here from Cavan…”. From there we could        Yvonne Cullivan:             14 – 30 July. Derelict buildings, Nth Leitrim.
engage with other artists. In the majority of cases, though, plans and        broach any topic; the history of the place I had been exploring,             Anthony Mawson:              20 April – May. LSC Gallery.
preparations for the work were established in advance. LSC residency          religion, the state of the country, the price of property or the changes     Kristaps Gulbis:             12 – 26 May. LSC Gallery and Offsite.
provided all of the above, but I came with a slightly different aim: to       in Leitrim lifestyles. It seemed that the people of Leitrim would openly     Angela Conte:                8 – 30 June. Gallery and outdoor locations.
take time to think, explore, research, accumulate and produce within          grab the opportunity to voice an opinion. I set up several interview         Dorothee Kolle:              14 July – 4 August. LSC Gallery.
and because of the particular environment. I had a skeleton structure         days to capture the essence these conversations. And when I
that needed interaction with the place and the people to fill out. I          mentioned that I was looking at old abandoned houses, there would            Leitrim Sculpture Centre will be inviting applications for a further
proposed a longer residency, five months, to allow time to adjust and         inevitably be another one to take a look at, another map to follow.          6 residencies for 2007. Three are intended to engage with
respond to the environment, and thus found myself with a box of               Leitrim was so dotted with these icons that I often narrowly escaped         identified groups as part of an objective to develop Leitrim
materials and a bag of clothes in the smallest of cottages, lodged            collisions with sheep and hedges due scanning the landscape and              audiences for the visual arts, and one of these three are intended to
between two spectacular mountains, 12km from the nearest pint of              jerking to a halt. In fact, it was while driving one crisp late-autumn       engage with children or young people. Three other residencies are
milk.                                                                         morning, half following a hand-drawn map, half improvising a route           intended to be for artists’ professional development in terms of
      The first of five residents to arrive at LSC, I was given a choice of   based on the beauty of my surroundings and numerous side-roads, my           exploring        new       technical       skills,     innovative        practice       or
spaces in which to work. There’s no shortage of space here. I could           car loaded with visual and audio recording equipment, my toes                experimental work. Each residency culminates in an exhibition
have taken the large warehouse with the printing press in the corner,         accumulating no heat in the wellies, not knowing what or who I               either at the centre’s extensive gallery and project space or a site-
one of the bright, exposed spaces within the glass-fronted gallery            would find around the corner, that I realised the full, involved             specific work elsewhere in the county or both. Each artist receives
building, or one of numerous rooms of various shapes and sizes in             potential of being ‘on residency’.                                           a studio with technical support and use of all the equipment at the
Sheehan’s – a building frozen in time in the centre of the town. I                  Day after day I would return cold-toed to Manorhamilton, to sit        centre. A budget of ?5,000 is attached to each residency and artists
climbed the musty stairs three floors to claim a quiet, evening-sun-          in front of the long studio window and gaze at Ben Bo, sifting through       plan their own costs with assistance from the centre. For
drenched room with a view of Benbo Mountain.                                  the recorded conversations and imagery of that day’s adventures. Of          information concerning see
      Integral in the transformation of the rural environment is the          course there came a time when the daily expeditions had to end and           Deadline submission is 14 April 2007. Alternatively you can
elimination of traces of the past, through the replacement of old with        the involved task of preparing a conclusion arrived. Alongside               request information and application forms direct by writing to
new. This is most evident in relation to old homesteads which have            availability of space, another positive aspect of LSC is adaptability of     Residencies at T: 071 9855 098.
become obsolete: are left to disintegrate, have been completely               space. The gallery building, though initially daunting due to scale, can

The Northern Ireland Cancer Centre has relocated to a new building on
the site of the Jubilee Maternity Hospital at the Belfast City Hospital.
Patients have started to use the new facilities since March 2006.

3 Integrated Commissions
Three major sites have been identified in this new state of the art
building that are suitable for integrated three dimensional artwork.

1 Architectural Glass Commission
There is also one superb location for a large three dimensional
architectural glass piece, making a total of four commissions.

Artists are invited to apply for a place on a short list for the projects by
Friday 27th April 2007. Shortlisted artists for each commission will be
invited to proceed to a second stage developing detailed, costed
proposals, for which a fee will be paid. To apply, please send your C.V.
with a letter of interest (max. 400 words) and examples of a maximum
of ten previous works in the form of 35mm slides or on C.D.

The projects will be funded by charitable donations to the Belfast City
Hospital. The commissioning phase is supported by the National Lottery
through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.
Dr Roy Lyness, project co-ordinator can be contacted for informal
discussionand a site visit on; (028) 90263669. The brief and an information
pack may
Frank Young, Capital Development Manager,
Belfast City Hospital, Lisburn Rd,
Belfast, BT9 7AD.
T: (028) 90263643

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The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                    March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                           25


Art in The Public Realm

THE GIFT                                                      HORSEPOWER

                                                                                                                       Commission Type: Open submission, percent for
                                                                                                                       Project budget; €5,000
                                                                                                                       Project partners: Clare County Council and the
                                                                                                                       Arts Council of Ireland
                                                              Artist: Kevin Holland                                                       
                                                                                                                                                                                           Neumann from Balbriggan was commissioned by
                                                              Title: Horsepower
                                                                                                                                                                                           Fingal County Council’s Arts office to come up with
                                                              Dimensions: 3.8m x 3.5m x 0.7m                           CHRIS REID, BELFAST.
                                                                                                                                                                                           an art installation featuring light. The commission
                                                              Material: Bronze
                                                                                                                                                                                           is part of a project titled “Light up Fingal” which
                                                              Location: New apartments located on the site of
                                                                                                                                                                                           aims to work with artists using light to illuminate
                                                              the old distillery, Blackpool, Cork.
Artist: Sandra Bell                                                                                                                                                                        the villages of Fingal. Artists are asked to draw on
                                                              Commissioning body: Private developer
Title: The Gift                                                                                                                                                                            local themes and traditions to develop their
                                                              Date sited: October 2006
Date: 2006                                                                                                                                                                                 artwork. Christophe Neumann was inspired by the
                                                              Budget: €20,000
Dimensions: 1800mm (h) x 500mm (w) x 450mm                                                                                                                                                 rich tradition of Mumming and projected life size
                                                              Commission Type: Direct invitation.
(d)                                                                                                                                                                                        Mummers on to buildings outside the Seamus
Materials: Cast bronze                                                                                                                                                                     Ennis Centre. The project was coupled with a visit
                                                              CLARA PAVILIONS
Location: Bentley Villas (a new residential unit for                                                                                                                                       by mummers from Sardinia and Ireland which had
crisis homelessness), Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin                                                                                                                                            been facilitated by director of the Seamus Ennis
Commissioner: Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County                                                                                                                                                Centre, Sean Mc Philibin. The Sardinian mummers
Council under the Department of the Environment,                                                                                                                                           performed their unique procession which was
Heritage and Local Government Per Cent for Art                                                                                                                                             enhanced by the Neumann’s dramatic projections.
Scheme                                                                                                                                                                                     The project was very well received locally largely
                                                                                                                       Chris Reid. Textwork at Cupar Way, Belfast.
Type of Commission: 2 stage open submission                                                                                                                                                because the subject matter chosen was such an
Budget: €26,500                                                                                                        Commissioner: Interface, University of Ulster.
                                                                                                                                                                                           important part of rural Fingal’s heritage and the
Description of the work: a life-sized figure in cast                                                                                                                                       performances help to put this theme in context.
                                                                                                                       Type of Commission: Direct invitation
bronze, with green patination and highlighted                                                                          Budget: Artists fee / expenses
                                                              Photo: Andy Mason                                                                                                            CONTAINMENT
polished areas. It depicts a curved abstract figure                                                                    Sited: Nov 06 onwards, with second phase starting
holding a bowl, which incorporates a water feature.                                                                    summer 07.
Artist statement: “the work was created with                  Artist: Jorn Ronnau                                      Some years ago Chris Reid recorded a series of
Maggie Maloney, the owner of the original site                Title: Clara Pavilions                                   conversations with people living in Belfast. Many of
where the building stands, as the inspiration.                Dimensions: Clara Triangle 2m X 1.2m X 1.2m,             these      conversations           were       about   personal
Maggie, who was a fishmonger all her life,                    Book of Friends 2m X .5m X 3.5m, Storytellers Bench      experiences of trauma. Using these as a starting
bequeathed her house to the County Council. The               2m X 1m X 4m                                             point he transcribed, edited and abstracted
sculptural figure is adorned with fish scales and             Materials: beech wood and steel                          fragments from the testimonies. The resulting text
waves and the bowl is overflowing with water,                 Location: Cluain Fia Housing Scheme, Clara, Co.          fragments are given the form of signage and placed
representing the bounty this state of the art                 Offaly                                                   into outdoor sites around the city. Sites chosen for
building offers its new tenants.”                             Date commission advertised: Direct invitation in         the signs included entrances and exits along some
                                                              September 2005                                           interface barriers, as well as some buildings
THE PAINTING LIBRARY                                          Date work installed: September 2006                      including Crumlin Road Jail. The intention is to
                                                              Budget: €31,000                                          construct a narrative about conflict, trauma and
                                                              Commissioner: Offaly County Council                      place. This narrative privileges trauma as the end
                                                              Commission Type: Per cent for art, local authority       consequence of conflict and that which each
                                                              housing scheme                                           community has in common. The first batch of these
                                                              Main Project Partners: Offaly County Council             signs was installed in December. Some of this work
                                                                                                                       was shown in the Switch room as part of the
                                                              IMMATURE FLUKE                                           Interface ‘I confess I was there…’ show. Other
                                                                                                                                                                                           Artist: Michael Burke
                                                              Artist: Vincent Wall                                     batches will be installed later in 2007.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Title of Work: Containment
                                                              Title of work / project. Immature Fluke
                                                                                                                                                                                           Location: Civil Defence Headquarters, Benamore,
                                                              Commissioner: Arts Office of Clare County                LIGHT UP FINGAL
The Painting Library was set up by Mairead                                                                                                                                                 Roscra, Co.Tipperary.
                                                              Council for the Ground Up programme of Art in            Artist: Christophe Neumann
O’hEocha as a participating artist in Eigse’s                                                                                                                                              Installed: 5 Dec 2006.
                                                              rural contexts.                                          Title of Work: Light Up Fingal
‘Utopias’ exhibition. Located in Carlow Central                                                                                                                                            Materials: Fabricated stainless steel, stainless steel
                                                              Project Dates: February 2007.                            Venue: Naul Buildings around the Square
Library the scheme allows library members to take                                                                                                                                          cables, cast bronze.
                                                              Project    Description:       Graphic     novel   and    Date: 7 – 9 Dec 2007
an original artwork home on loan much the same                                                                                                                                             Dimensions: 3200mm x 600mm
                                                              temporary public art event employing forms and           Type of Commission: direct invitation
way as they would take a book out of the library.                                                                                                                                          Commission Type: Limited competition.
                                                              techniques from popular and youth culture; comic         Budget: €15,000
Four paintings were made by the artist to mark the                                                                                                                                         Commissioner: Office of Public Works.
                                                              culture, printed T-shirts, 3-D graphics, badges and      Project Partners: Peter Canning High Resolution
first stage of the painting library project. The artist‘s                                                                                                                                  Project Partners: Stainless steel fabrication – Kells
                                                              posters. The Public Art event will turn the              Lighting/ Fingal County Council
intention is for the painting library to expand and                                                                                                                                        Stainless Steel Limited. Cast bronze sphere –CAST
                                                              Courthouse Studios and Gallery into a scene from         The project was a pilot this year so that is why it
acquire additional works by other artists.                                                                                                                                                 Limited.
                                                              the story, so the visitor can not only read the comic,   was a direct invitation. This opportunity will be
                                                              but also see it brought to life around them.             advertised generally this year. Artist Christophe
26                          The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                March / April 2007



                                                                                                                  Job Opportunity with VAI

                                                                                                                  Professional Development Workshops
                                                                                                                  Programme Manager
                                                                                                                  Visual Artists Ireland is seeking a committed individual to manage and coordinate a new
                                                                                                                  professional development workshop programme. VAI has received a grant form the Arts
                                                                                                                  Council of Northern Ireland’s National Lottery fund to operate a professional development
                                                                                                                  workshop programme valued at over €150,000 that is to be delivered over the next 3 years.

                                                                                                                  We are seeking a committed and self motivated individual with excellent organisational
                                                                                                                  abilities and written and verbal communication skills to lead the research, programming, co-
                                                                                                                  ordination, delivery and evaluation this ambitious and prestigious programme. The position
                                                                                                                  does not include teaching/delivering actual workshops.
                                                        Photo: Derek Spiers.

                                                        a collection of papers, photographs, catalogues and
Artist: Sean Taylor                                                                                               The position is part time although the nature of the role will involve varying levels of
                                                        moving images which document and record the
Title: 10 Paces                                         socially engaged, activist and process based arts         engagement at different stages throughout the course of the programme. The role does not
Materials / Dimensions: Site specific sound             work traced and developed by CityArts over the            necessarily require the person to be based in the Dublin office.
artwork.                                                past three decades. The result of this research was
Commissioner: The Office of Public Works for The        an exhibition, ‘The Art of Social Change’, an             Closing date for applications 21 April 2007.
National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks,           international symposium ‘Memory-Art-Power’ and
Dublin.                                                 a practical workshop ‘DIY Archiving’. Staged at the       For full details contact:
Type of Commission: Sound/Performance/Video             City Library, Pearse Street, the aim of the project was   Visual Artists Ireland
Artwork                                                 three fold in its intent: Firstly, to profile CityArts
Budget: €50,000
                                                                                                                  37 North Great George’s Street
                                                        and its contribution to Irish Culture over the past
Date Advertised: May 2006                                                                                         Dublin 1
                                                        three decades; secondly to highlight the importance
project Partners: OPW (commissioners)National                                                                     E:
                                                        of The Archive at CityArts in documenting this
Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks, Dublin, Irish    type of work; and thirdly and perhaps most
                                                                                                                  T: 00353 (0)1 8722296
Defence Forces. Date of Project: 24 Feb 2007.           importantly to make researchers and artists aware
Artist Statement: Since September 2006 Limerick         of this unique resource. Following its Dublin
based artist Sean Taylor has been working               showing The Art of Social Change toured to The
collaboratively with a platoon of regular Irish         Switch Room, Belfast as part of the Interface I
Defence Force soldiers at Collins Barracks, Cork to     Confess that I Was There season of exhibitions and
develop and choreography a unique physical              events. The exhibition will tour to further venues in
choral/drill based sound art work, for the National     2007.
Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin. 100
Paces is a sound art composition commissioned by        BIRCHWOOD HOUSE, WATERFORD
The Office of Public Works for the National
Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks, Dublin,
incorporating formalised army drill combinations
that are common to soldiers of the Defence Forces.
These movements are further complimented by the
soldiers singing/shouting a contemporary choral
composition based on the musical repertoire of the
Defence Forces musical ensembles. The completed
choral/drill sound art work will be presented live in
a series of timetabled performances to members of
the public in Clarke Square at the National Museum
of Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin, on Saturday
24th February 2007. A visual documentary
recording of 100 Paces will be on display in the
National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks as
part of the museum’s permanent collection.
                                                        Artist: Antonia Splini
THE ART OF SOCIAL CHANGE                                Commissioners: Garter Lane Arts Centre Outreach
Commissioners: CityArts in association with             / Birchwood House, Waterford.
Interface at The University of Ulster. The project      Advertised. March 2006
was supported by The Heritage Council and Dublin        Date sited: 14 November 2006.
City Council.                                           Budget: Circa ?6000.
Sited: The project took place September –               Project partners: The project was funded the
December 2006.                                          Department of Rural Community and Gaeltacht
Budget: €35,000                                         Affairs in conjunction with Birchwood House in
Type of commission: Self initiated project              Waterford and Garter Lane Arts Centre. I worked
Project Partners: Nina Tanis, Sandy Fitzgerald and      with a group of children from Somalia, Sudan, Togo
Jane Speller worked with material from The              and Congo currently housed at Birchwood House.
Archive at CityArts, supported by former staff          For six weeks I conducted a series of workshops
members and collaborators from the long history of      exploring perceptions of self and the relationships
the organisation, to produce a series of public         between place and identity. The children’s creative
events which would launch The Archive at                responses generated the design for the ceramic
CityArts.                                               mural.
Project Description: Home to the memory of
CityArts, formerly City Arts Centre, The Archive is
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                   March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                    27


IVARO Update

IT is over one and a half years since the Irish Visual Artists Rights           provides maximum benefits to artists without undue disruption to                party concerning specific works, that is agreed on a case by case basis,
Organisation (IVARO) was officially launched as an organisation.                the art market. Written submissions have been made to the                       is known as a ‘primary’ licensing agreement. IVARO has helped a
Since then IVARO has experienced considerable growth and has                    government, most recently in February 2007 ahead of a meeting                   number of members negotiate primary licenses. IVARO’s fee for this
established itself on both a national and international level. There            between IVARO and Michael Ahern TD, Minister of State at the                    service is agreed on a case-by-case basis depending on the amount of
have been a number of significant developments in the last year most            Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (this is the                     work involved.
notably the introduction of the artist’s resale right. This article             government department that deals with copyright legislation).
provides an update on these developments and IVARO’s plans for the                    The latest submission reflects the difficulties which IVARO has           Secondary Copying and Blanket Licensing
future.                                                                         experienced in the collection of resale royalties over the last 8 months.
                                                                                IVARO strongly advocates the collective management of the resale                Secondary copying takes place for example when a university student
Membership                                                                      right by a collecting society as this best serves the interests of both         photocopies an article in a journal for use in an educational context.
                                                                                artists and the art market. Indeed Irish art market professionals have          The copyrighted material has already been published so the
Membership of IVARO has risen to over 800 visual creators and                   confirmed that they would fully support the collection of resale                photocopying is a secondary use. Universities and schools regularly
copyright holders. There is no fee to join and members are drawn                royalties by a collecting society such as IVARO as it provides                  engage in secondary copying and are therefore legally bound to
from all sectors of the visual arts including fine art, design, illustration,   numerous advantages in terms of cost savings and efficiency. It is also         purchase a license from a registered collecting society in order to
and photography. Heirs of deceased artists are also entitled to become          the only way to ensure that royalties from the sale of Irish art abroad         make such copies.
members as copyright lasts for the artist’s lifetime plus 70 years after        are collected and remitted to Irish artists.                                            The Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA) is a well
the artists death.                                                                                                                                              established collecting society that represents authors and publishers
                                                                                AGM and New Board of Directors                                                  and has provided licenses to hundreds of educational establishments
Registration with Controller                                                                                                                                    around the country. Up until recently the ICLA license only dealt with
                                                                                IVARO held its first AGM on Thursday 14th December 2006 in                      text and not visual material. As a registered collecting society IVARO
The Controller of Patents, Designs and Trademarks has issued IVARO              Buswells Hotel in Dublin at which a new board of directors was                  has been able to negotiate a deal which allows ICLA to include the
with a Certificate of Registration. This is essentially a license, which        elected. The artists Vivienne Roche and Shane Cullen, who were both             secondary copying of visual works in its licenses with educational
enables IVARO to act as a collecting society for visual artists. A              instrumental in getting IVARO up and running, retired from the                  establishments. In return IVARO receives a percentage of the total
collecting society manages copyright and collects royalties on behalf           board. A number of the original members were later co-opted onto the            income that ICLA receives from the sales of its licenses. In 2006 this
of its members. All collective licensing bodies operating in Ireland            board in order to retain their expertise and knowledge. The new board           licensing agreement brought in over ?35,000 euro for IVARO. IVARO
must be registered with the Controller and adhere to regulations laid           of directors is as follows – Robert Ballagh; Declan Clarke; Oliver              hopes to negotiate an increased percentage income for 2007 and
out in the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000.                               Dowling; Francis Fay; Mary Keane; Declan Mulligan (all visual artists           future years. This form of licensing is know as ‘blanket licensing’ as
                                                                                or copyright holders); Samantha Holman; Linda Scales; Gaby Smith                the license is offered on behalf of an entire sector rather than on behalf
Mandate                                                                         and Toby Dennett.                                                               of any one or other individual artist.
                                                                                                                                                                        The development of a scheme to distribute the above income to
IVARO has developed an ‘artists agreement’ or mandate. This ‘artists            International Links                                                             artists is one of the current concerns of IVARO.
agreement’ is a form of authorisation allowing IVARO to represent and
collect payments on behalf of artists in relation to specified uses of          IVARO has become affiliated to EVA (European Visual Artists) and                Arts Council Funding
their work, including the artists’ resale right (also known as droit de         CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and
suite). By signing the agreement artists are not signing away any of            Composers). Both of these organisations act as umbrella bodies for              The new board encountered its first setback with the recent decision
their rights and the agreement ensures that individuals will be                 collecting societies and play a vital role in enhancing communication           by the Arts Council to reject IVARO’s application for revenue funding
consulted on a case by case basis in relation to specific                       between societies around the world. Both organisations have waived              for the second year running. IVARO had hoped to use these funds to
uses/reproductions of their works. Over 250 mandates have been                  the first year’s membership fee. IVARO has secured provisional                  appoint a full-time staff member and build on its recent work. The
signed, including some of the major names in Irish art. It is important         commitments of financial support from EVA, CISAC and also from the              decision is a great disappointment and IVARO is seeking further
for members to sign the mandate as this will put IVARO in a position            German collecting society Bild-Kunst. It is intended that this seed             clarification from the Arts Council.
to best represent the interests of it constituents.                             funding be used to develop the IVARO’s web site and the                                 We will keep you up to date with further developments.
                                                                                infrastructure needed to collect and distribute royalties in an efficient
Artists Resale Right                                                            and timely fashion.

The artist’s resale right entitles artists to a portion of the proceeds
                                                                                      Board member Linda Scales attended the joint EVA and CISAC
                                                                                conference in Budapest and the EVA resale right working group
                                                                                                                                                                                            Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation
whenever their artworks are resold via art dealers or auction houses.           meeting in Brussels. In November 2006 board member Samantha
The entitlement of artists to receive a resale right is laid down in an EU      Holman represented IVARO at the IFFRO (International Federation of
Directive, which Ireland has so far failed to enshrine in actual                Reproduction Rights Organisations) conference in New Zealand to
legislation.                                                                    discuss best practice in managing artists royalties.
                                                                                                                                                                 APPLICATION FORM
                                                                                                                                                                 To register with IVARO – the Irish Visual Artists Rights
     However, on 13 June 2006 the government did bring the resale                     Very close links have been established with the Design and
                                                                                                                                                                 Organisation simply complete this application form and forward it
right into law through a Statutory Instrument. This essentially                 Artists Copyright Society (DACS) in the UK. DACS is one of the most
                                                                                                                                                                 to: Visual Artists Ireland, 37 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1.
involves a Minister bringing something into law without going                   well respected art licensing agencies in its field and has agreed to act as
through the full legislative process. It is a basic and temporary               mentor to IVARO during its set up period.
stopgap measure and while it does allow the resale to be collected it
has a number of limitations and shortcomings.                                   Commission Rates
     Since the introduction of the resale right IVARO has monitored
sales of Irish art through the major auction houses. It has tracked             When IVARO collects a royalty on behalf of a member it deducts a fee
eligible sales and has informed entitled artists of their right to a            to cover administrative expenses before passing the royalty on to the
royalty. IVARO is actively collecting and distributing the artist’s resale      artist. IVARO is a not-for-profit company and retains only such funds
right on behalf of its members, net of IVARO’s administration charge            as are necessary.
which is 15%. It is also in the process of negotiating reciprocal rights
                                                                                                                                                                 Visual art form(s)
agreements with a number of similar societies in other European                 Primary Licensing
countries, including DACS (the Designers and Artists Collecting
                                                                                                                                                                 I hereby applyfor membership of IVARO, Irish Visual Artists’
Society who are responsible for collecting and distributing the right in        When a visual work is created, the artist automatically owns the
                                                                                                                                                                 Rights Organisation Ltd.
the UK) in order to collect royalties due to Irish artists whose work has       copyright in it. The artist is entitled (even after the sale of the original)
re-sold through public sales abroad.                                            to receive a royalty every time the work is copied: by publication in a
     In undertaking this task IVARO has learnt much about the                   book or journal, by broadcasting, by being reproduced as a print, etc. If
workings of the resale right and in particular has identified a number          an artist authorises such copying he/she should do so through a
of shortcomings and flaws in the current regulations. One of IVARO’s            licensing agreement which normally involves the artist receiving a
immediate concerns is that the full legislation is drafted in a way that        fee. Such an agreement between a specific artist and another specific
28                                                                                                                                                    The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                  March / April 2007


 The Visual Arts in Newry & Mourne
Alive and Kicking                                                                                                 Higher Education Art & Design Provision at Newry Institute

                                                                                                                   Studio space at Newry Institute.                              Print area at Newry Institute.

The Sean Hollywood Arts Centre

PERHAPS those who are familiar with the area of         Our own Arts Committee are very supportive of             NEWRY Institute has a growing reputation for
Newry and Mourne know of the strong drama               the arts, both in the city and in the rural areas such    delivering HE Art and Design courses, amongst its
history of the area – our own Arts Centre has been      as South Armagh and South Down. Because our               many other creative study programmes on offer.
named after Sean Hollywood, a Newry man who             Centre is in the heart of the city, we never have a             One of the key elements within this is the
was steeped in a love of arts, sports, and culture.     shortage of artists wanting to utilise either the         Foundation Studies in Art and Design programme,
However, the visual arts scene, I am happy to say, is   work or gallery space, and we liaise with our             which provides students with what is effectively
alive and kicking in Newry and Mourne. Not only         exhibitors offering them the service of organising        the first year of a four year period of degree study.
do we have a plethora of amateur artists                an opening, providing refreshments, sending out
                                                                                                                  One of the attractions of undertaking this at Newry
flourishing, but also many new professional artists     invitations, and working with local press to get as
                                                                                                                  is the ‘no fees’ element, which would otherwise
are emerging on the scene.                              wide a coverage as possible for the exhibitions. We
                                                                                                                  have to be paid if studying the same course at a
      The local authority provides funding for both     are also beginning to forge links with local
                                                                                                                  University in the UK. By doing the Foundation at
The Carroll Gallery and The John Bell Gallery in        businesses that wish to sponsor the arts, as opposed
                                                                                                                  Newry (equivalent of the Core Year or First Year at
The Sean Hollywood Arts Centre, and we                  to sports, and this will
                                                                                                                  colleges in the Republic), students are then able to
celebrated the 25th anniversary of our opening in            Our forward programme at the moment will
                                                                                                                  progress       to     Degree        specialisms   elsewhere
February this year. Although both galleries are used    feature exhibitions by Tony Loughran, The Ulster
for other activities, the Centre also contains a                                                                  afterwards.
                                                        Watercolour Society of Ireland, Brian Robinson,
theatre, rehearsal space, meeting rooms and café.       and the Ulster Society of Women Artists and a                   Some students remain at Newry to progress to
This does not detract from the respect in which         return visit by Joseph Mullan. There are also             the HNC/ HND Fine and Applied Arts course on a
both galleries are held in the wider island of          independent galleries in the area who actively            part-time basis. On completion of this, several have
Ireland. Over this quarter century we have played       support both emerging and well established artists.       gone on to complete their degree at the art college
host to many artists, Neill Shawcross, Basil            Imagos Gallery and The Olive Gallery, both in             in Belfast.
                                                                                                                        For most however, the Foundation course at               Portfolio tutorial.
Blackshaw, Gordon Woods, to name but a few, and         Newry, are easily accessible and offer dedicated
have also seen local societies in Newry, Rostrevor      gallery space. This year we are also participating in     Newry provides the opportunity to make successful
and Warrenpoint go from strength to strength. We        The Tyrone Gutherie Regional Bursary Scheme,              applications to Degree specialisms elsewhere. In              Fashion,         Product/Graphic/     Interior   Design,
also provide excellent art studios and workshop         which will enable an established artist in                recent years this has taken students to the Fine Art          Ceramics and Digital Media. These are then
space for multi media artists, and we actively          whichever art form, to avail of a two week                courses at NCAD Dublin, Wimbledon in London,                  narrowed down to three subject areas, and finally a
encourage a visual arts programme. Artists like         residency in Annaghmakerrig.                              John Moores University Liverpool, West Wales                  single specialism for the end of year show. This also
Sinead Young, Joseph Mullan, Cathy Marsh, Jack               We understand the difficulties faced by visual       School of the Arts Carmarthen and the University              means that students build up a varied portfolio,
Sanders, and Margaret Smith and photographers           artists, and competition for funding is fierce, but in    of Ulster at Belfast.                                         which is then weighted towards their Degree
Patrick O’Hanlon and Ronan McGovern all have            Newry and Mourne we aim to provide the best of                  Of the Design specialisms, students have                specialism interviews.
exhibited in our galleries.                             the arts to all those in the area, and will continue to   similarly completed their degrees at NCAD Dublin,                    Over the past three years the course has
      As for any local authority, we are bound by       do so in the years to come.
                                                                                                                  UU Belfast, Manchester Metropolitan University                doubled in size, currently with an intake of around
budget constraints, and therefore try to provide a                                     Jacqueline Turley,
                                                                                                                  and Huddersfield University. Carmarthen and                   40 full-time students and 12 part-time. The majority
wide and varied service within these constraints.                            Sean Hollywood Arts Centre.
                                                                                                                  Huddersfield are significant in that an agreement             of these will successfully progress to Degree choices
                                                                                                                  exists whereby students can successfully gain                 following their Foundation Year.
                                                                                                                  places on Fine Art and Design courses there                          Newry is undergoing a merger with Upper
  SOME NEWRY & MOURNE CONTACTS                                                                                    without an interview taking place, on the                     Bann and Armagh Institutes, to form the Southern
                                                                                                                  recommendation of Foundation lecturers at Newry.              Regional College. It is expected that as the largest
  Newry Institute, West Campus, Patrick Street, Newry, BT35 8DN. T: 028 302 61071                                       Another of the significant factors about the            Foundation course provider in the area, Newry will
                                                                                                                  Foundation course at Newry is that all students               continue to develop and expand this provision
  Mark Hughes, Newry & Mourne District Council Arts Officer, Newry Arts Centre, 1a Bank Parade                    complete projects, which cover each of the Fine Art           further.
  Newry, BT35 6HP.T:028 3031 3180                                                       and Design subjects, without exception. Whilst this
                                                                                                                  results in a heavy workload it means that a wide                            For further information, please contact
  Sean Hollywood Arts Centre, 1A Bank Parade, Newry BT35 6HP T: 048 30313180                                      range of options are covered, from which students                            Dougal McKenzie, Foundation Course
                                                                                                                  then select a specialist area later on in the year.                                    coordinator at Newry Institute,
  Imagos Art Gallery, 4 Forthill Road, Crieve, Newry, BT34 2LP                                                    Therefore students gain some experience of                                                 E:
  T: 048 3083 4927E: emaile                                              Painting, Sculpture, Print, Photography, Textiles,
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                              March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                     29


Jonathan Macauley                                                                                                 Damien Magee

                                                                                                                  Damien Magee Irelands Eye Acrylic on MDF.

Johathan Macauly Arachnoid

                                                        Belfast. This piece was taken on a public ‘day-trip’
                                                                                                                  Imagos gallery.
                                                        of Belfast in a bid to heighten the public’s
                                                                                                                  ART galleries have never lasted in Newry. In the last          to hanging and engaging the work in a public
                                                        awareness of art. Not the most practical things to
                                                                                                                  five years no less than three commercial galleries             arena, not to mention experiencing the cold
                                                        do as it is over 14 feet wide and weighs in at 200kg!
                                                                                                                  have come and gone, one lasting a meagre three                 realities of dealing with public institutions as a
                                                        This piece has just recently returned from
                                                                                                                  months. No time for any market to make itself                  toughening of the skin that is not taught in the
                                                        Sculpture in Context at the National Botanic
                                                                                                                  visible. With no discernible market no one seems               nurturing confines of an art college.
                                                        Gardens so it has been a relative success.
                                                                                                                  interested in exploring and developing any,                         Recently renamed, the Sean Holywood Arts
                                                             I   have   found    that     despite    structural
                                                                                                                  whether that be for cultural or financial gain.                Centre has the potential to be a great visual arts
                                                        engineering and art requiring different thought
                                                                                                                         I have been living in Newry all my life and             space promoting and developing relations with the
                                                        processes, they both complement each other in a
                                                                                                                  since graduating from the University of Ulster in              cross-border public and contributing to the visual
                                                        unique way. Strong engineering influences can be
                                                                                                                  1998 I have been an artist living in Newry, quietly            culture of a thriving new city, and with a purpose
                                                        seen in my portfolio and it has opened new
                                                                                                                  and independently developing my professional                   built sister-museum opening soon we may get the
                                                        avenues of work, such as the Oriental bridge that
                                                                                                                  practice. I have held a few exhibitions in Newry               dedicated space and funding Newry needs.
                                                        was produced for a private client.
                                                                                                                  Arts Centre over the years. The arts centre boasts                  In 2002 the Princes Youth Business Trust
                                                             Opportunities for public art commissions in
                                                                                                                  two gallery space one of which doubles as a bistro.            funded my own efforts to make an impact on the
Johathan Macauly Arachnoid                              Northern Ireland are somewhat limited – one
                                                                                                                  The larger ground floor space appears more like a              artistic profile of the region. I opened Imagos Art
I have been working as an artist in the area for        reason being that there is no Percent for Art scheme
                                                                                                                  board room, decoratively carpeted with pale brown              Gallery in a converted stone byre at the farmyard
around eight years, initially it was a hobby but        like that operating south of the border. Public
                                                                                                                  stippled walls, its far removed from the white space           where I live outside Newry. Bringing together the
more recently it has become more serious as more        awareness and expectation needs to be raised in
                                                                                                                  you would expect to find in an Arts Centre. While              work of local artists from the traditional landscape
and more of my time is committed to sculpture and       order to increase the amount of money invested in
                                                                                                                  this may be a welcome change for some, the space               to the contemporary abstract the gallery has tried
to a lesser extent, bespoke furniture design and        arts and culture. This has led me to exhibit work at
                                                                                                                  is used for public and private meetings of all                 to cater to conservative tastes while providing
manufacture. Living just outside Rathfriland, a         horticultural and even agricultural events, as
                                                                                                                  descriptions which further undermines the                      opportunities to inform the public about painting
small town in rural County Down (often mistaken         organisers have welcomed fresh, unusual ideas and
                                                                                                                  reverential potency that so many gallery spaces                trends. Being situated off the beaten track, two
for Rathlin Island off the north Antrim coast!),        it provides exposure to a large, diverse audience.
                                                                                                                  aspire to possess – I once found my sculpture                  miles from the city has proved to be the galleries
there is not an abundance of work for a sculptor as          Despite having fewer opportunities for
                                                                                                                  relegated to the side of the main gallery to make              greatest disadvantage while also providing its
public art would not be high on the priority list for   commissions, there are sources of funding
                                                                                                                  way for a local Weightwatchers meeting.                        enduring power with minimal costs and overheads
public spending. A common question I am asked is        available through the ACNI and InvestNI’s ‘Start a
                                                                                                                         The Arts Centre, however has been supportive            to maintain it. Some people still manage to track
“but what does it do?”                                  Business Programme’, with the latter providing
                                                                                                                  of     myself      and     does        offer   support   and   me down and they’re usually struck by the wealth
      I work full time as a consulting engineer         useful knowledge and assistance for those wishing
                                                                                                                  encouragement to anyone interested in the arts. Its            of talent in the area, which is always encouraging.
which eases the financial strain of being an artist     to turn their work into a commercial venture. A
                                                                                                                  theatrical        reputation      is     international   and   Meanwhile I continue my own practice at the back
somewhat as it has allowed me to focus at times on      more unusual source of funding has been EU peace
                                                                                                                  deservedly so, but with limited funding there is no            of the gallery, forging ahead with a career that is
non-commissioned work purely in an effort to            dividends through the Rural Down Partnership - an
                                                                                                                  visual arts infrastructure for long term exhibition            slowly taking shape in exhibition spaces around
build my portfolio and gain some exposure. One          organisation set up to promote diversification and
                                                                                                                  schedules and national promotion.I personally                  the country.
such example of this is the piece Arachnoid, a large    business growth in rural areas.
                                                                                                                  found the experience of exhibiting there an
metal spider that was inspired by the lack of art on
                                                                                                                  invaluable learning curve, from selection of work,
the M1 motorway, the main arterial route into
30                                                                                                                                                                      The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                          March / April 2007


                                                                                        LONDON STUDENTSHIPS                  the A470 at Taff's Well; Brynglas                 installation       /       intervention        include                studio         &
                                                                                        For students interested in single    Hill at Newport & the A465                        (hoping to secure additional                   accommodation for 3 months.
                                                                                        or cross-disciplinary research       Junction at Dowlais, Merthyr                      funds).    Location:              Laughton     One International Bursary open
                                                                                        relating to research within the      Tydfil. These five sites have                     Common,         Rotherham.              Fee    to artists not resident I Ireland.
                                                                                        International Centre Fine Art        potential construction budgets                    includes      design,         artist    fee,   Besides         free      studio      &
                                                                                        Research (ICFAR), Camberwell         of £750K - £1M each. Five                         fabrication,       documentation,              accommodation for 3 months a
                                                                                        College of Arts, Chelsea College     winners will receive cash prizes                  installation           &          materials.   stipend & travel allowance are

              OPPORTUNITIES                                                             of Art & Design & Central Saint
                                                                                        Martins College of Art & Design.
                                                                                        Open those with a good first
                                                                                                                             & the potential opportunity to
                                                                                                                             realise       their
                                                                                                                             Applicants can enter for more
                                                                                                                                                                               Concept Temporary Installation
                                                                                                                                                                               Pilot: Utilising/combining any
                                                                                                                                                                               medium from digital, light,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              offered. Flexible start date from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              May 2007 (Sorry no children or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              pets      can      be      facilitated).
                                                                                        degree & preferably a Masters        than one site. Full project                       sound, film or photography. For                Applications on line or to:
                                             as new models of engagement in             qualification in a relevant          description,           site       briefs     &    further details send an A4 SAE:                Address
BOI Millennium Scholars Trust                biomedical science. Funding can            subject. Full research degree        submission requirements online.                   Address                                        Mill    House,         Belmont,    Birr,
MILLENIUM SCHOLARS TRUST                     be applied for at two levels: Small        award for full-time study to start   Address                                           Jennifer Booth, Public Arts                    Co.Offaly
The Bank of Ireland Millennium               -medium sized projects (up to              October 2007. Students studying      Geoff Wood, Landmark Wales                        Officer,   Rotherham                Central    Email
Scholars Trust was established in            stg£30,000; Large projects (above          on a part-time basis receive fees-   Project, Working pArts Ltd,                       Library & Arts Centre, Walker        
2000. Bank of Ireland has                    stg£30,000).         Applicants      can   only awards, consisting of the       Shoulder          of      Mutton,           70    Place, Rotherham S65 1JH.                      Www
allocated €12.5 million to the               apply for any amount within the            payment of fees for a maximum        Towngate, Midgley HX2 6UJ.                        Telephone                            
Trust, which will awards up to 60            above boundaries, for projects             of five years. Bursary: stg£14,500   Www                                               +44 01709 82 3637                              Deadline
scholarships each year of the first          lasting a maximum of three                 per annum plus fees for a                               Email                                          20 April 2007
decade of the new millennium.                years. Applicants must be based            maximum of three years. For          Deadline                                
The Trust welcomes applications              in the UK or the Republic of               information:                         21 March 2007                                     uk                                             DASH SHREWSBURY
from individuals who, because of             Ireland & the activity must take           Address                                                                                Deadline                                       Call for Disabled Artists for Multi
economic        circumstances          or    place in the UK or Republic of             Research Support (Research &         SUSSEX ARTS IN HEALTH                             26 March 2007                                  Media Project. The project on the
other barriers such as disability,           Ireland. Applicants are usually            Enterprise Office), University of    PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care                                                                 theme of Barriers will be a short
are prevented from reaching                  affiliated to organisations, but           the Arts London, 65 Davies           Unit) Garden & Water Garden.                        RESIDENCIES                                  artist residency 30 July - 4 August
their full educational potential.            can apply as individuals. Open to          Street, London W1K 5DA               Sussex Partnership Trust is                                                                      2007. The site of the residency &
Likely     candidates         will     be    a wide range of people including           Telephone                            providing a modern sixty-nine                     IMMA                                           exhibition will take place in a
identified as people having the              artists,        scientists,    curators,   +44 (0)20 75148187                   bed       Acute        Mental          Health     Residency programme open to                    high street shop in Shrewsbury
ability     &     motivation           to    filmmakers, writers, producers,            Email                                Hospital for working age adults                   all visual artists. Mar - Sept 07 for          town centre. The exhibition is
participate successfully in 3rd              directors, academics, science                           living in Northern West Sussex                    2-6 months. Fee of €1,000 for the              scheduled for 4 August 2007.
level education, but who would               communicators, teachers, arts              Www                                  & East Surrey. Inviting artists &                 duration      of       the        residency.   Artists involved in this project
be unable to progress without                workers & education officers.                  designers, as individuals or                      Includes       free          studio       &    will need to commit to being
financial assistance & other                 Further information from:                  Deadline                             teams, to create two inspiring                    accommodation                at     IMMA.      resident in Shrewsbury for 6 days
supports.       To      be     eligible      Address                                    16 March 2007                        courtyards within the mental                      Application        form           available    & 5 nights. Each artist will
candidates must be proposed by               Arts Awards, Wellcome Trust,                                                    health hospital. Opportunity to                   online.                                        receive stg£200 to cover costs
a         Nominating             Body.       Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road,           ARTWORKS WALES                       create       exemplar                  garden     Address                                        plus travel & accommodation.
Creative/Performing                  Arts:   London NW1 2BE, UK                         A call to artists in any media       environments                  that         take   Janice Hough, Irish Museum of                  DASh is looking for 5 disabled
Candidates with exceptional                  Telephone                                  using their own ideas to create      sculptural              aesthetics           &    Modern Art, Royal Hospital,                    artists from different disciplines
ability in the arts who face                 +44 (0)20 7611 7222                        projects of exceptional interest,    landscape design in mental                        Military Road, Kilmainham,                     to take part in the Multi Media
significant          obstacles         to    Email                                      to take place in Wales. Good         health to a new level. There will                 Dublin 8                                       Project. The project will be led by
developing       their        potential                        Ideas - funding of up to stg£6,000   be    a     competition                process    Email                                          Nikki Hewish, installation artist,
through       further        study     or    Www                                        available for ideas for innovative   following first submission. Three                                  & Tanya Raabe, visual artist. To
training. Scholarships in this                         residency projects involving a       will be shortlisted & paid a fee of               Www                                            apply artists are requested to
category are awarded for Degree              Deadline                                   community in the broadest            stg£1500 to develop design ideas                                            send in: CV, Artist Statement, 5
or Initial Professional Training &           Small to medium sized projects:            sense. Artists@Work - funding of     with mental health service users                  Deadline                                       examples of your work (CD, DVD
for Advanced Studies/Specialised             4 deadlines in 2007: 16 March, 13          up to stg£6,000 for ideas for        & staff. Overall budget including                 31 March/31 September 2007                     or as prints), An idea or ideas,
Professional Training.                For    July,      28     September      &   15    residency projects within a          design fees stg£30,000. For a full                                                               which can be written, recorded
information:                                 November. Large projects: 27               business or in a workplace           detailed      brief           &        further    ART@WORK ROSCOMMON                             or as a visual image on how you
Address                                      April 2007                                 environment. For information:        information             please         contact    Roscommon County Council                       would interpret the theme of
Bank of Ireland Millennium                                                              Address                              Jacqueline Seifert, Impact Art                    Arts Service is currently seeking              Barriers.
Scholars Trust Office, National              ARTSADMIN BURSARIES UK                     Cywaith Cymru . Artworks             Project Assistant.                                interest from artists wishing to               Address
College of Ireland, Mayor St,                Bursaries for artists working in           Wales, Crichton House, 11-12         Email                                                       in the 2007
                                                                                                                                                                               participate                                    Tanya Raabe, DASh, The Lantern,
IFSC, Dublin 1.                              contemporary             performance       Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff                        Art@work     programme.                        Meadow             Farm           Drive,
Telephone                                    practice & based in the UK. Ten            CF10 5EE                             Www                                               Art@work is a residential                      Shrewsbury SY1 4NG
01 4498500                                   research bursaries. Seeks to               Email                                                     programme where artists from                   Email
Email                                        support artistic experiment,                     Deadline                                          any artform spend three weeks                                 speculation & play, without                Www                                  19 March 2007                                     in a company in County                         Deadline
Www                                          emphasis          on    outcomes      or                                                                   Roscommon making work using                    30 March 2007                expectation of finished works.             Deadline                             SOUTH YORKSHIRE                                   either the materials of the
Deadline                                     There are ten bursaries, offered           31 March 2007                        Seeking expressions of interest                   company or stimulated by the                   HUNGARY
3 April 2007                                 through          two     strands:     1)                                        from artists with experience of                   environment, staff & working                   The Hungarian Multicultural
                                             Roaming:          non      studio-based
                                                                                        PUBLIC ART                           producing work for public                         practices of the company. For                  Center is currently accepting
WELLCOME TRUST AWARDS                        'journeys' & 2) residencies at                                                  places/features that enhance the                  further information:                           applications              for       the
New arts funding scheme,                     Toynbee Studios. The bursary &             LANDMARK WALES                       space in a new & established                      Telephone                                      Csopak/Balatonfured Hungarian
supporting arts inspired by                  residency         period      will   run   Open design competition for          residential development located                   090 6637285                                    International    Artist/Writer
biomedical science. Inviting                 between July 2007 - June 2008.             Phase Two of Landmark Wales,         within a rural environment.                       Email                                          Residency Program. Program
applications for projects which              For information:                           an ambitious plan to mark major      Seeking an artist who thinks on a                           Dates: May 21 to June 13; June 18
engage adult audiences &/or                  Address                                    entry points to Wales & key          creative tangent & develops                       Www                                            to July 11; July 16 to August 8,
young people. Projects should                Nikki Tomlinson or Frances                 Welsh transition points. With a      work that applies drawing &                                       2007.       The        HMC      invites
have some biomedical scientific              Scott,      Artsadmin,         Toynbee     possible budget of stg£18M, it is    print making principles & is not                  Deadline                                       interested         visual       artists,
input either through a scientist             Studios, 28 Commercial Street,             a Public Art Programme of            bound by mining history. The                      21 March 2007                                  experimental short film makers
taking on an advisory role or                London E1 6AB, 020 7247 5102               unprecedented scale & ambition       artist     will     need          to     work                                                    & writers to submit application
through direct collaboration.                Www                                        in the UK & has been shortlisted     collaboratively with members of                   STUDIO BURSARIES 07                            for its residency programs in
Applicants are encouraged to                               for BIG's Living Landmarks           the public & community. Fee                       Belmont Artists Studios. Four                  Hungary. The program is open to
investigate new methods of                   Deadline                                   Programme. Sites at the A5/A483      stg£18,000 for fixed feature;                     National Bursaries open to artists             international artists working in
interdisciplinary working as well            28 March 2007                              at Chirk; the A40 at Monmouth;       £3,500            for          Temporary          resident in Ireland, benefits                  all disciplines who are engaged
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                     March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                           31


in the research, development or          within the community. Stipend            residents who procure outside                     Address                                Deadline
creation of work. Application            for materials & living expenses.         funding sources.                      Deadline                                 Paula Gibson, Aberdeen Arts            30 March 2007
form    available      online.     For   Other benefits: studio, solo             Address                               7 May 2007                               Centre, 33 King Street, Aberdeen
further information:                     exhibition, accommodation &              The Centre For Land Use                                                        AB24 5AA                               BUTLER GALLERY
Email                                    associated              publications.    Interpretation, Venice Boulevard      NORWAY                                   Email                                  Submissions invited for Butler                        Unsuccessful applicants may be           9331, Culver City, California         TAOH        Residency       open    to   enquiries@aberdeenartscentre.o         Gallery        Programme         2008-9.
Www                                      recommended for group shows              90232, USA                            performance artists, Stavanger,                                  Submissions  to include a
www.hungarian-multicultural-             elsewhere. Contact Three Walls           Email                                 Norway. Underground, anarchic            Www                                    proposal & CV with labeled                               for further details:                                    performance space with the               documentation in CD, DVD,
Deadline                                 Address                                  Www                                   potential to work in-situ. Two-          Deadline                               slide or photograph format. A
15 March 2007                            Three Walls, 119 North Peoria St.                          week        residency        in      a   23 March 2007                          return         stamped         addressed
                                         #2A Chicago, IL 60607, USA               Deadline                              contemporary arts centre in a                                                   envelope is required.
NETHERLANDS                              Email                                    none                                  converted brewery by the sea.            ARTSWAY                                Address
Jan van Eyck Academie, open to                                                         Accommodation & facilities free          ArtSway invites contemporary           The Director, Butler Gallery, The
all artforms but proposals must          Www                                      CANADA PRINTMAKING                    of    charge.        25m2     project    visual artists to submit proposals     Castle, Kilkenny.
be in line with current research                      Residency to facilitate greater       room/apartment with bunk bed.            for an ArtSway Production              Telephone
areas. The residency offers an           Deadline                                 communication among artist-           Other facilities located nearby.         Residency        scheduled       for   056 7761106
artistic & critical space in which       1 May 2007                               printmakers, to provide them          To apply send A4 proposal by             February/March 2008 with a             Www
research        &       production,                                               with a fully equipped studio & to     email with contact details &             subsequent exhibition in mid-
individual      &      collaborative     CALIFORNIA                               increase public awareness of          website link to:                         2008.        Fee:         stg£4,200.   Deadline
projects are carried out within an       Fellowship awards for eight              interest in fine art prints &         Address                                  Travel/Accommodation: £1,000.          1 June 2007
advisory framework. Maastricht,          international artists working in         printmaking. Residency is for         Tou Scene, Lervigsva 22, access          Production       costs:     £2,000.
The     Netherlands.          Research   traditional         &          digital   one month, based in Vancouver,        by Kvits¿ygata 4993, Stavanger,          Exhibition & Marketing: £2,000.        NUA ART EXHIBITION
periods are for one month - two          printmaking,           book      arts,   Canada. Stipend of CAN$1,300          Norway                                   (Final budgets will be agreed          The      5th      annual       Nua     Art
years. Researchers who fully             photography, film, video &               with all costs being paid by the      Email                                    with the selected artist). Details     Exhibition will be taking place
commit to the institute receive a        installation art. Up to 6 months         artist. Includes solo exhibition &                   available online.                      in July 2007 & applications are
stipend of €8,840 p/a paid in 13         residency in California, USA.            studio & printmaking facilities.      Www                                      Email                                  now open for those wishing to
installments    of    €680.              US$3,000 stipend. Unlimited              Open application with proposal                          exhibit. Ten artists from counties
Researchers who cannot fully             round-the-clock use of Kala's            & 15-20 slides of work.               Deadline                                 Www                                    Wexford,         Wicklow,        Carlow,
comply with this condition               studio & equipment for up to 6           Address                               Ongoing                                             Kilkenny or Waterford will be
receive half of the annual               months, housing assistance & a           Malaspina Printmakers Society,                                                 Deadline                               selected for this year's show.
stipend. Applicants may add              number         of       professional     1555 Duranleau Street, Granville      JAPAN                                    13 April 2007                          Selection is based purely on the
funding from other sources to            development         &     exhibition     Island, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3S3,      The ARCUS Project is an artist-                                                 quality of the submission rather
the stipend. Production funds are        opportunities. Application form          Canada                                in-residence program organized            STUDIOS                               than previous experience or an
also available. Application form         & details available online.              Email                                 by      Ibaraki Prefectural
                                                                                                                              the                                                                       artist's reputation. Applications
online with a fee of €60 payable         Address                                             Government that was launched             FIRE STATION DUBLIN                    are open to artists working in the
before the           deadline.     For   Kala Art Institute, Attn: 2007           Www                                   in 1995 with a focus on                  Residential Studio At Fire Station     areas of painting, photography,
information:                             Fellowship Competition, 1060              nurturing young & mid-career             to let for a period of between 1-      textiles,        digital    media       &
Address                                  Heinz Avenue, Berkeley, CA               m                                     visual artists & on fostering            2.5 years. International artists       sculpture. Entry fee €10 /€5 per
Jan     Van     Eyck      Academie,      94710, USA                               Deadline                              grounds        for    international      may apply for shorter periods.         person.     Application    form
Academieplein 1, KM Maastricht           Email                                    30 April 2007                         exchange in the arts as well as in       The subsidised cost of the studio      available             online.          For
6211, The Netherlands                                                                            the    local    community.         The   will be between €95-105 per            information:
Email                                    Www                                      NORTH CAROLINA                        residency will take place in             week including rent, utilities,        Telephone                               Three         month       residency   Ibaraki, Japan, late August              waste disposal, parking, internet      086 3119660
Www                                      Deadline                                 programme for visual artists in       through mid-December, 2007.              access, full use of high end           Email                        4 May 2007                               North Carolina, USA. Artists will     Studios are available for a              computers & subsidised access
Deadline                                                                          be selected for either an Autumn      maximum of 4 months. Program             to digital equipment including         Www
13 April 2007                            LAND USE INTERPRETATION                  08 session (8 Sept - 24 Nov) or       Provisions: Airfare, production          digital still cameras, digital
                                         Center        for       Land     Use     Winter 09 session (5 Jan - 23         fee, living expense, studio,             camcorders, mini disc recorders,       Deadline
ART/ARCHITECTURE                         Interpretation.            Residency     Mar). Each artist will be provided    accommodation, professional              tripods & more. Available from         1 May 2007
Wall House 2 - Open to all artists       programme in California, USA             with      a    travel    allowance,   staff support, opportunities for         September 2007. There is no
interested      in     architecture.     (in a remote area so a car is            materials budget of US$2,000 &        presentations, publication &             application form but artists           VERGE
Emerging      artists     residency      necessary). Residency is offered         a stipend of $3,300. Any personal     distribution of activity report,         should follow guidelines as            Kilkenny Arts Festival & the
dealing with the poetics of              for 3 - 8 weeks, with an                 needs are covered by the artist.      etc. Enquiries by e-mail only.           outlined on the website.               Kilkenny County Council Arts
designed space. Residencies take         allowance of US$250 per week as          Accommodation, professional           Application by post only.                Address                                Office invite submissions from
place April - June & October -           well as an exhibition. Residents         development & networking              Address                                  9-11 Buckingham St, Dublin 1           visual artists for consideration
December,       Groningen,        The    live in a self-contained, vintage        assistance & reference library are    ARCUS Studio, 2418 Itatoi,               Email                                  for inclusion in this year's
Netherlands. Benefits: A small           travel trailer, equipped with a          provided.      Artists   are   also   Moriya, Ibaraki, 302-0101 Japan                 festival programme under the
allowance, apartment & studio.           kitchen, bathroom & bedroom.             provided with a 230 - 819sq ft        Email                                    Www                                    exhibition strand VERGE. The
Final exhibition & cooperation           The      Centre     maintains       a    studio & have twenty-four hour                             VERGE          initiative      seeks    to
with regional architects/artists         searchable database, containing          access to the Centre's facility       Www                                      Deadline                               provide a platform for emerging
etc. To apply send a proposal            information on more than one             including a media lab, machine,                    15 March 2007                          visual artists & makers born or
(500 words max) & CV to:                 thousand interesting physical            metal & woodshop, dark room,          Deadline                                                                        living in Kilkenny to exhibit
Address                                  locations & a reference library.         printmaking studio, ceramic           31 March 2007                             EXHIBITIONS                           their work as part of the festival.
A J Lutulistraat 17, Hoornse             To apply submit a one-page essay         studio & blacksmith shop.                                                                                             Artists are invited to submit a
Meerwijk,       Groningen,        The    explaining why you want to               Application      form     available   ABERDEEN CARNIVAL                        DUBLIN ART FESTIVAL                    comprehensive                   proposal,
Netherlands                              participate in the Wendover              online.                               Applications are invited for a 2         Calling on artists of all mediums      fulfilling a range of criteria, to be
Email                                    Residency Program & what you                                                   month          residency      within     to      submit      proposals    for   considered for selection. Places                        plan to do when you get there. At        Address                               Aberdeen Arts Centre in the lead         exhibitions    &     outdoor           are    limited        &     prospective
Www                                      the top of the page, list your           Artist-in-Residence       Program,    up to 'Carnival' summer festival         demonstrations to take place           applicants should contact Mary                         name, address, phone number &            McColl Center for Visual Art,         23 June - 19 August. The artists         during the festival! From 4-10         Butler      or     Niamh        Finn    at
Deadline                                 the proposed dates for your              721 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte,       will develop workshops in any            February 2008.                         Kilkenny County Council Arts
1 June 2007                              residency. If you have matching          NC 28202, USA                         medium to produce a number of            Email                                  Office for full details.
                                         funds, or would be interested in         Email                                 events that will engage people &           Address
CHICAGO                                  residing without pay, please note        artistresidencies@mccollcenter.       introduce new participants to            Www                                    Mary        Butler,     Arts     Officer,
Three      Walls.       6-8      week    this on your application. Special        org                                   the Arts Centre. Fee: stg£5000.               Kilkenny County Council,
residencies to create new work           consideration will be given to           Www                                   For details & application forms:                                                72 John St, Kilkenny
                                                                                                                                                                 The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                          March / April 2007


Telephone                               apply please submit a short             invitation is extended to produce                              specific      art.      Work          must    Photography, Textile, Sculpture
056 7794138                             written proposal with CV &              a series of bookmarks for this            Deadline                                      demonstrate innovation in its                 or Relief to Red House Museum,
Email                                   images of previous work (digital        project. Each bookmark should             31 March 2007                                 delivery & be relevant to its                 Christchurch. CADArts Prize of             preferred) to:                          be no larger than 21cm x 5cm in                                                         environment. Taking place in                  stg£100 plus solo exhibition.
Deadline                                Address                                 a series of at least 20 bookmarks,        CAMBERWELL ARTS FESTIVAL                      Cumbria. A number of bursaries                Other awards to be announced.
23 March 2007                           Emma Nee Haslam, Secretary              in any media or material. They            Camberwell Arts is looking for                are available towards materials               Entries       selected     for    the
                                        39th Annual Birr Vintage Week           should explore the re-circulation         work for Camberwell Arts                      & expenses.                                   exhibition will be displayed in
KILKENNY STRAND 2                       & Arts Festival, 16 Parkrise, Birr,     of ideas & information & could            festival 2007 (June 17 – 24) that             Www                                           the Main Exhibition Gallery at
Strand 2: In recognition of the         Co Offaly                               incorporate instructions &/or             can take place in alternative sites                              the Red House Museum from
high standard of visual art             Email                                   links to other places possibly to         & does not rely on gallery &/or               Deadline                                      7July     –    27     August.    This
currently being created in                    activate an action, performance,          theatre venues. i.e pavements,                12 April 2007                                 exhibition is being organised by
Ireland, Kilkenny Arts Festival         Deadline                                production, etc. Each submission          parks, bus shelters, hairdressers,                                                          CADArts & all entries will be
invites established professional        31 March 2007                           can consist of a series of identical      shops etc. Small fee made to                  ROYAL ACADEMY LONDON                          judged by an independent panel.
artists         to       submit    a                                            bookmarks         or     include      a   selected artists.                             Call for entries for the Royal                Application forms & full details
comprehensive proposal to be            G126                                    collection of visually separate           Address                                       Academy's Summer Exhibition.                  are available online. For further
considered for inclusion in this        The Galway based           artist led   bookmarks         held       together     Camberwell Arts Festival 2007,                Held annually since the Royal                 information send an A5 SAE to:
year's Festival Programme. Places       gallery / project initiative G126       thematically. The bookmarks               c/o Camberwell Leisure Centre,                Academy's foundation in 1768,                 Address
are     limited      &    prospective   moved into new premises in              will be put into circulation              Artichoke Place, SE5 8TS.                     the Summer Exhibition is a                    CADArts Open, The Hayloft, 14
applicants should contact the           November last year. Run by six          through the Library spaces of             Email                                         unique showcase for art of all                Wick Lane, Christchurch BH23
Kilkenny Arts Festival office.          unpaid           volunteers        in   Leeds & an archive held at Leeds                styles & media, encompassing                  1HX
Address                                 conjunction with the founder            Metropolitan University. The              Www                                           paintings, sculpture, prints &                Www
Kilkenny Arts Festival, 9/10            members Ben Geoghegan &                 archive will document the                       architectural         models.         Takes
Abbey Business Centre, Abbey St,        Austin Ivers, G126's objectives         project & will include an                 ival                                          place 11 June - 19 August.                    Deadline
Kilkenny                                are: establishing in Galway a           example of each submission                Deadline                                      Application cost: stg£18 per                  25 June 2007
Telephone                               space for exhibiting art & to           with    information          on     the   22 March 2007                                 work. For information:
056 7763663                             make available for all visual           producer/artist/practitioner.                                                           Telephone                                      AWARDS
Deadline                                artists a flexible, multi-purpose       Takes place 14 – 27 May. For              RULES & REGS                                  +44 (0)20 7300 5929
23 March 2007                           space & providing a platform            information:                              The arts organisation A Space                 Email                                         ART TRAIL CURATOR AWARD
                                        within the West of Ireland for          Address                                   will commission 5 emerging                    summerexhibition@royalacade                   Art Trail seeks proposals for our
SCULPTURE IN CONTEXT                    the presentation of all aspects of      'Bookmarks' Project, C/o Krissie          artists to participate in a Rules &                                      New     Curator       Award      2007.
Sculpture in Context Annual             the visual arts with particular         Ireland, Room H708, The Leeds             Regs event curated by artist Mark             Www                                           Exhibition: 21 September - 7
Open Exhibition 2007 will be            emphasis on art not normally            School of Contemporary Art &              Gaynor & beginning June 07.                                October 2007 in Shandon (Cork).
held at the National Botanic            represented by commercially             Graphic          Design,          Leeds   Rules & Regs is a practice-led                Deadline                                      The intention of this award is to
Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin from         orientated        or      established   Metropolitan University, Civic            development                   platform        23 March 2007                                 provide an opportunity for a
6 September to 19 October 2007.         institutions. G126 are currently        Quarter, Leeds, LS1 3HE, UK               supporting Live Artists to make                                                             curator to work outside of the
The Botanic Gardens offers a            accepting proposals from artists.       Email                                     new work in response to rules                 REJECTED FUTURES                              gallery space & to create an
unique & challenging platform           Address                                         that     challenge         habits       &     The first annual exhibition                   exhibition utilising public space
for artists to respond to a specific    G126, Unit 11, Ballybane Beg,           Deadline                                  stimulate                   creativity.       showcasing contemporary art                   that critically engages with
location. Site visit Saturday 10        Tuam Rd, Galway                         20 April 2007                             Participating Artists receive:                turned away by major art venues.              contemporary artistic practices.
March, meeting inside the main          Email                                                                             commission (stg£500 each, all-                Submissions are selected by a                 The awarded curator will be
gate at 11am. If you cannot                               ACT ART LONDON                            inclusive fee); public exhibition             panel of Contemporary Artists &               fully supported by the Art Trail
attend the site meeting you can         Www                                     Till Death Us Do Art. On Friday 8         of the work created during the                Curators, all of whom are quite               programme. A curator's fee & an
visit     the    National    Botanic                             June 2007 the 5th annual                  programme;           access       to     a    nice people. Applications are                 allocated      budget      for    the
Gardens at any time, admission                                                  London ACT ART event will take            programme           of    professional        invited from Artists working in               exhibition will apply. The
is free. Please note any enquiries      EXHIBITIONS                             place   in   a     1000      capacity     development              beyond        the    all media, all work must be quite             selected curator will work with
regarding the exhibition &/or           INTERNATIONAL                           converted railway arch venue in           opportunity to make work;                     good & previously rejected from               the Art Trail team on all practical
siting should be directed to                                                    London Bridge, London. ACT                access to unique venues, a                    another          exhibition              or   aspects       of     the   proposed
Sculpture in Context Committee          SHREWSBURY                              ART aims to create an event that          dedicated curator & support                   competition. Rejected Futures                 exhibition/events. Please send
members & not to the National           Mind       as     Machine?        The   celebrates difference, supports           from a space. Rules & Regs will               aims to draw attention to the                 CV & general outline of your
Botanic Gardens staff. Entry            Whittingham                   Riddell   cross-disciplinary         ways      of   be presented as part of Artvaults ,           wealth of artwork overlooked &                proposal by post.
Forms & conditions of entry             Shrewsbury             Open       Art   working      &     offers    a     safe   a programme in which artists                  a    second     chance          for     the   Address
available online. Send proposals        Exhibition. Open to artists             environment to exhibit work in            exhibit work in medieval vaults               culturally              disillusioned.        Art Trail (Curator Award), c/o
[Typed A4] with entry forms &           working in all art forms. Work          all disciplines, including live art,      around      Southampton.            Each      Exhibited artwork will be subject             BAG, Wandesford Quay Studios,
appropriate fee by post. For            will be exhibited in venues             performance, video, installation,         Rules & Regs artist will have                 to    theartmarket's            nominal       Crosses Green, Cork
further information:                    across Shrewsbury, 14 July - 2          painting, sculpture, drawing &            access to a vault in which to                 exhibition fee of stg£5 per work.             Email
Address                                 Sept. Awards & prizes include           photography, with a particular            make site-specific work. To                   Submissions must be for work        
Sculpture in Context, PO Box            stg£3,000 first prize, £1,000 prize     emphasis on works that are                apply, submit a CV, statement of              already submitted to another                  Www
10054, Dublin 16                        & £500 people's choice prize. For       experimental,                 radical,    why you wish to participate &                 competition or prize. Upon          
Telephone                               information & application forms         confrontational          &        non-    examples of past work.                        receiving a rejection artists may             Deadline
087 6258258                             please send a medium SAE.               mainstream.            ACT         ART    Address                                       forward their application to                  31 March 2007
Www                                     Address                                 programmes work by a wide                 Dan Crow, Bargate Monument                    Rejected             Futures.           For              Open            2007       Enquiries,   spectrum of artists who are               Gallery, The Bargate Monument                 information:                                  CULTURAL POLICY RESEARCH
Deadline                                Shrewsbury Museum & Art                 united by an interest in the body,        High Street, Southampton SO14                 Address                                       The Cultural Policy Research
20 April 2007                           Gallery,         Barker       Street,   & believes in bringing emerging           1HF                                           Rejected      Futures,          C/o     10    Award for Applied Comparative
                                        Shrewsbury SY1 1QH                      artists together alongside more           Email                                         Buckingham Grove, Hyde Park,                  Cultural Policy Research aims to
BIRR VINTAGE WEEK                       Email                                   established practitioners in an                             Leeds, LS6 1DQ                                stimulate academic research in
The 39th Annual Birr Vintage                attempt to create a dialogue              Www                                           Email                                         the field of cultural policy by
Week & Arts Festival invites            Www                                     between artists & their work, as                                    giving young researchers from
artists to apply for exhibition                       well as staging an event that is          Deadline                                      Www                                           all over Europe the opportunity
space during the forthcoming            Deadline                                open to everyone & alienates              30 March 2007                                                   to realize their research projects.
festival which takes place 10 to        5 May 2007                              nobody. Fill out application form                                                       Deadline                                      This year, young academics are
17 August, 2007. Artists are                                                    online.                                   FRED ANNUAL ART INVASION                      30 April 2007                                 invited to propose research
advised that (non-traditional)          BOOKMARKS PROJECT LEEDS                 Telephone                                 Inviting artists & organisations                                                            projects which analyses various
exhibition spaces are located           Part of the 'Library' project at the    +44 7939320758                            to     submit        proposals         for    RED HOUSE MUSEUM                              aspects of cultural diversity in
throughout the town e.g. shop           Civic Quarter Library, Leeds            Email                                     installation & intervention                   Artists are invited to submit up              Europe & which seeks to inform
units/windows, pubs, banks,             Metropolitan University for                      projects as part of the 4th FRED              to   three     works:       Paintings,        policymaking           &      benefit
hospital, workhouse etc. To             'Situation       Leeds'    '07.   An    Www                                       event, an annual festival of site-            Drawings, Prints, Mixed Media,                practitioners active in the
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet                                      March / April 2007                                                                                                                                                        33


cultural field. The CPR award, a            Deadline                              for artists working with virtual          enhancing         communication,        2007: Call for Papers. This
grant of €10,000, is given to the           3 April 2007                          environments that will result in          participation or user experience        conference sets out to investigate     BODY/LANDSCAPE
best project proposal which                                                       the      commissioning         of    5    on the website. Artists will be         the meaning & role of space in         B o d y / L a n d s c a p e
throws light on contemporary                NUNNERY GALLERY LONDON                networked art works to be                 asked to execute the Community          contemporary cultural theory &         Leitrim/Fermanagh           is     an
European Cultural issues &                  Visions in the nunnery is a           exhibited/performed.                      Project independently & be              practice. Often invoked as the         Interdisciplinary         Open-Air
offers possible policy solutions.           showcasing opportunity for new        Commissions            must          be   prepared to work with Rhizome           key parameter for understanding        Workshop         exploring         the
Www                                         & established artists who are         completed by February 2008.               to integrate the work when              20th-century culture, does space       relationship between Body, Art                            pushing the elements of film,         Five proposals will receive               complete. Projects must be              retain this centrality today? The      & Landscape led by Frank van de
Deadline                                    video & moving image practice.        commissions of US$5,000 each              feasible & manageable for up to         aim of this conference is to           Ven (Body Weather Amsterdam).
1 May 2007                                  Looking for new & compelling          as well as gallery & online               one year. Proposal submission           investigate the current relevance      For artists & mature students
                                            work. The work selected will be       exhibition. For information:              takes place online.                     of the spatial paradigm in theory      working     in    the     fields    of
JOBS                                        either projected or be monitor        Email                                     Address                                 & practice across the arts &           performance, dance, landscape
                                            based. We are also interested in       , 210 11th Ave, 2nd          social sciences. Scholars &            art, photography, architecture,
PLYMOUTH                                    performance works that relate to      Www                                       floor, New York, NY 10001               practitioners in all fields are        sculpture, theatre, visual arts,
Strategic      Arts        Coordinator.     the moving image. Selected                Email                                   invited to propose papers that         biology & natural history. To
Groundwork South West wants                 work will be shown at visions in      uidelines.htm                                      address any aspect of space in the     receive    further      information
to use the arts strategically to            the nunnery 18 – 20 May 2007. A       Deadline                                  Www                                     modern & contemporary period.          contact      Seamus         Dunbar.
maximise the impact of our                  critical debate/discussion will       31 March 2007                                            Proposals for panels mixing            Documentation of previous
work across the region. You will            take place on Sunday 20th May.                                                  Deadline                                theory/criticism & artistic &/or       Body/Landscape events may be
lead on applying a contemporary             Please submit no more than            THE BIGGER PICTURE                        2 April 2007                            architectural      practice      are   viewed online. Body/Landscape
arts      approach           to       our   three works on DVD or DV tape,        The Bigger Picture is inviting                                                    particularly welcome. Please           Leitrim/Fermanagh will take
regeneration work. Using your               Pal format, please send a separate    proposals for the production of           A + B = BA?                             submit proposals for papers (300       place 9-15 June 2007.
passion      for     developing        &    application form for each work        exceptional new public realm              (Art    +     Blog     =   Blogart?)    words max) & panels (of max 3          Email
supporting partnerships, you                submitted & an up to date CV.         works to be launched on Big               JavaMuseum is starting its              participants with individual 
will help us to find new &                  SAE required for return of work.      Screen Manchester at the time of          second phase by publishing on           abstracts) by e-mail to both of        Www
creative ways to make a real                Address                               the Urban Screens Conference              open call focussing on the              addresses below.             
impact on the lives of people &             Visions in the Nunnery                Manchester 07 & to tour to                question whether blogs &/or             Address
communities.          You     will     be   Bow Arts Trust, 183 Bow Rd,           partner city Big Screens & public         blogging can be tools for creating      Dr Hugh Campbell, UCD School           LIFE DRAWING
confident providing training &              London, E3 2SJ                        sites throughout 2007/8. Four             a new type of net based art. Art        of Architecture, Landscape &           Talbot Gallery presents Drawing
advice to other professionals.              Www                                   new        works        will         be   projects must be in the form of a       Civil   Engineering,      Belfield,    the Figure. The Talbot Gallery
You     will       bring     up-to-date                       commissioned, each with an                blog. For details:                      Dublin 4                               are facilitating full day life
knowledge & experience to                   Deadline                              attached fee of stg£5000, based           Www                                     Email                                  drawing sessions with model
develop & manage deliver of a               16 March 2007                         on an agreed budget of up to                              with a maximum 8 people per
three year arts & regeneration                                                    £10,000 for production. This is a         Deadline                                         session. From 11am until 5pm.
programme,          working          with   SHEFFIELD                             significant opportunity for film,         2 July 2007                             Www                                    Saturday     14th    April       2007,
artists, students & Groundwork              Public Places Silent Spaces. Call     video, new media & cross-                                                                      Saturday 21st April 2007 &
staff. Stg£23,800 - £24,883 per             to digital artists & filmmakers.      disciplinary artists to explore           SLOWTIME 2007                           Deadline                               Saturday 28th April 2007. Please
annum, pro rata 22.5 hours per              Showroom Cinema in Sheffield          unique new ways of creating &             Slowtime 2007 - Quicktime as an         31 March 2007                          contact the gallery if you are
week. Job application pack                  will soon be installing two new       exhibiting work for a public              artistic medium. Cinematheque                                                  interested in taking part in these
available           online.           For   permanently sited projectors in       context.               Particularly       is exploring the artistic potential     THE DEMOCRATIC IMAGE                   sessions.
information:                                public    spaces     within    the    encouraging proposals of the              of the popular streaming video          The      Democratic           Image:   Telephone
Address                                     building, one in the Showroom         following nature: Interactive &           format Quicktime. Artists can           Photography & Globalisation            01 8556599
Training & Recruitment Support              bar & the other in the entrance       participatory       new         work;     submit up to three videos in            symposium. The final event in          Email
Assistant,     Groundwork            UK,    foyer to the two largest cinema       Interdisciplinary      new      work      Quicktime format, originating           the Look 07 celebration of   
Lockside, 5 Scotland Street,                screens as part of Digital Space, a   (combined arts, performing arts,          from 2004 or later, preferably          photography calendar. Bringing         Www
Birmingham B1 2RR                           new showcase for creative digital     audiovisual);       Evolving         or   sized 480x360 px, not smaller           together         world-renowned
Telephone                                   work. Both spaces are public &,       expanded work; New media &                than 320x240 px, a duration of          writers, thinkers & practitioners,
+44 01752 217729                            at opposing times, are highways       streaming technology; Film &              max 6 minutes & make them               this    event    explores       how
Email                                       & static spaces within the            Video.                                    available online on a separate          photography is changing & how               cinema. They both have ambient        Www                                       webpage for review & download.          everyone is involved. From
Www                                         sound from crowds, music &                         Send name of artist/director,           multi-national agencies through                       general noise during public           Deadline                                  email       address,   URL,     short   to street kids, everyone is taking      In addition to the
Deadline                                    times; at other times they are        30 March 2007                             biography/CV (max 300 words),           & distributing photographs. The         information forwarded
                                                                                                                                                                                                            directly to us, Visual Artists
16 March 2007                               silent & empty. In order to                                                     title, year, duration, URL for          Democratic Image asks where is
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ireland also exchanges with
                                            explore these notions of silence       INTERNET                                 review/download,                work    this sudden global access to            and sources information
LENS BASED / NEW                            ('noise-polluted' & drowned                                                     description ( max 300 words),           shared imagery taking us?               from: A-N:The Artists’
MEDIA                                       /closed & quiet) we are asking        RHIZOME COMMISSIONS                       one screenshot (.jpeg, max.             Speakers include; Pedro Meyer;          Information Company; The
                                                                                                                                                                                                            International Sculpture
                                            artists to submit work that           This year, Rhizome will award             800x600 px) for each submitted          David Levi Strauss; Suvendu; Bill
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Centre (New Jersey / USA)
STROUD WAR & PEACE                          explores the theme of silence in      commissions to eleven new                 work. For information:                  Thompson;       Mark      Hawarth       and the National Sculpture
Submissions invited from artists            public & private spaces. Selected     works of Internet-based art. with         Email                                   Booth; Brett Rogers; Geert Van          Factory Cork.
working with moving image on                artists will receive a fee of         fees ranging from US$1000-                slowtime@cinema.nmartprojec             Kesteren. Tickets are available
the theme of War & Peace for a              stg£150 & some costs towards          $3000. Rhizome will accept                                         online through the Look07
series of screenings to include             expenses for coming & talking         proposals in two categories: 1)           Www                                     website or by phone with a
the Stroud Site 07 Festival &               about their work. Ongoing series      New works of Internet-based art           www.mac.le-musee-                       special reduced rate of stg£70 for      DON’T FORGET to look at
Arnolfini/Watershed Cinemas,                of exhibitions throughout 2007.       (10 commissions). The works                       the event (£50 concessions) if          the advertisments in
Bristol. Screening fees will be             For information:                      must use the Internet as a                Deadline                                booked before the 16th March.           this VAN, also check our web
                                                                                                                                                                                                            site & subscribe to our e-
paid. June – Dec 07. Submissions            Email                                 primary      source.    They        can   31 March 2007                           Takes place 21st - 22nd April
                                                                                                                                                                                                            bulletin for further
in DVD format, statement, CV &                manifest offline, as long as the                                                  2007.                                   opportunities.
SAE.                                        Www                                   final work is accessible online,                                                  Address
                                                                                                                             CONFERENCES /
Address                                     whether through a web browser,                                                    Mechanics       Centre,   Princess      WATCH OUT. While every
                                                                                                                             SYMPOSIA                                                                       effort has been made to
Fiona Meadley, Stroud Valleys               events.html                           software, or some other use of                                                    Street, Manchester.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            ensure the accuracy of our
Artspace, 4 John Street, Stroud             Deadline                              internet technologies. There is           DEFINING SPACE                          Telephone                               information we strongly
GL5 2HA, UK                                 01 April 2007                         no       required      theme.        2)   Call for Papers: Defining Space:        +44 0845 094 5184                       advise readers to verify all
Email                                                                             Community Project. Rhizome                International Interdisciplinary         Www                                     details to their own
                                                                                                                                                                                                            satisfaction before                            MASSACHUSETTS                         will also award one commission            Conference. Newman House,     
                                                                                                                                                                                                            forwarding art work, slides
Www                                         Mixed          Realities:      An     to an artist whose project will           University       College      Dublin.                                           or monies etc. with regard                              international juried competition      benefit our community, by                 Friday 12, Saturday 13 October                                                  to opportunities.
                                                    West Cork Arts Centre
                                                         North St, Skibbereen, Co.Cork
                                                    T: +353 28 22090 F: +353 28 23237

Handle with Care Youth Event: Exhibition and Workshops
16 March – 4 April
An exhibition of work from The Drawing Project with second level schools,
Similarity and Difference with Transition year students and an Artist Residency
Project with the Centre's Youth Arts Group.

Nearly There - Gabrielle Byrne & Johanna Connor : work in progress
14 April – 12 May
Continues the strand of exhibitions showcasing new work by west Cork-based
artists who work through a variety of media and processes and who are
influenced by the context in which they work; Gabrielle Byrne and Johanna
Connor have collaborated to develop a story and series of illustrations.

                                        Continuing the Tradition

Bronze Art Ltd
 Fine Art Foundry
 Leaders in Fine Art Casting
 For your next project contact: Cris Neumann or Rosemary Flavin.
 T: (3531) 8552452 F: (3531) 8552453 E:

 Bronze Art Ltd., Unit 3, Gaelic Street, Dublin 3
Call for entries...
                                                                                          St. George’s Terrace, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim
                                                                                                                                 T: 071 9650 828
            RDS National                                                                                              
       Crafts Competition 2007
       – Prize Fund in Excess of €25,000 –

Open to professional and amateur craft designers,
resident in Ireland or Irish craft workers based abroad,
with 20 different categories.

An exhibition of winners and other commended entries
will take place as part of the Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse
Show from August 8 – 12 and will then travel to three
other venues around Ireland between August and
December 2007.                                               Gary Robinson, Who Do You Think You Are? Ripple Manufacturing Machine

Closing date for photo submissions: May 21, 2007.            1 February-Ongoing                   DREAM DIARY - public art work
                                                                                                  by Robin Whitmore
Entries must be accompanied by an entry form.
For futher information contact:                              23 February-7 April                  THE MEMORY BOX - sculpture and 2D work
                                                                                                  by Catherina Hearne Gallery 2 & 3
                       Johanna Suhr
                                                                                                  NEW PAINTINGS AND A RIPPLE
                  RDS Arts Department
                                                                                                  MANUFACTURING MACHINE
                   Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
                                                                                                  by Gary Robinson Gallery 1
            Tel: 01 240 7255 Fax: 01 660 4014
              Email:                                                          CONVERGENCE - paintings
                                                             13 April-19 May
                                                                                                  by The Dock artists in residence; Padraig Cunningham,
                                                                                                  John Albert Duigenan, Laura Gallagher & Linda Shevlin

                                                                                                          Call for entries...

                                                                 RDS Student Art Awards 2007
                                                                               – Prize Fund €30,950 –

                                                                                Taylor Art Award of €20,000
                                                              R.C. Lewis-Crosby Award for Painting of €3,150
                                                                                     Freyer Award of €1,500
                                                                     RDS James White Arts Awards of €3,150
                                                                          RDS Printmaking Award of €3,150

                                                                These Awards are open to full-time students of Irish
                                                              Art Colleges and Departments of Art. Award winning
                                                              and other commended entries will be exhibited at the
                                                               Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show from August 8 – 12
                                                                     and will then travel to two other venues around

                                                                Closing date for the reciept of entries: July 2, 2007.

                                                                            Entries must be accompanied by an entry form.
                                                                                            For futher information contact:

                                                                                      Johanna Suhr
                                                                                 RDS Arts Department
                                                                                  Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
                                                                           Tel: 01 240 7255 Fax: 01 660 4014

Andrew Clancy Cathode/Anode. 2005. Civic Offices, Main Street, Ballymun (5 x 3 x 4m)   .

                                 CAST (Crucible art services & Technology)
                                          1a South Brown Street, Dublin 8
                                               T: 01 4530133 F: 01 4735029
                                                     E: W:
                                     Contact: Leo Higgins / Colm Brennan

   national irish
   visual arts library

                                       Public Research Library of
                                       20th Century & Contemporary
                                       Irish Art & Design

                                       National College of
                                       Art & Design
                                       100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8

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