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					                       Bang Health Creations Reg. 2005/146556/23 P.O. Box 50598 V&A Waterfront 8002
                       Tel: 021 557 5960 Fax: 021 557 1642 Cell: 072 463 6777 E-mail:
    Health Creations

    Company Profile
Bang Health Creations, is a registered close corporation - focused on
promoting good health and wellness, presented through presentations
and workshops using various educational products aimed at motivating
employees to live healthily. These are offered by Drs Bango.
Dr Lizo Bango completed his B.Sc. degree at the University of Free
State. Together with Dr Funeka Bango, they further graduated at the
University of Free State after completion of their M.B.,Ch.B. degrees.
This husband and wife team has spent the past 6 years serving
hospitals and primary health care clinics in the Cape Metropole. Their
combined experiences confirmed the realization that for most people, their doctor is still their
major and trusted source of health care advice.

This realization prompted Drs Bango to come up with ways of enabling the healthy and those
already sick to take control of their weight and health issues in a non-intimidating, simple and
entertaining manner.

The EINA® Health Educational Products - are innovative and non-conventional tools that
focus on promoting good health and wellness. EINA is an acronym for Every Individual Needs
Assistance; an acronym derived to portray the need for simple tools that can assist individuals
to take healthy steps towards prevention of medical complications and diseases. Most medical
diseases result due to failure or ignoring of health education and health promotion activities.

    •	     We offer educational and practical health workshops aimed at improving employee
          health awareness and behavior

    •     We are available for dynamic presentations or as keynote speakers on any of the days
          or weeks corresponding with the National Health Calendar (see attachment) covering
          any of the following conditions:.

    General Health              Specific             Workplace            Women Health      Family Health
       Stress                   HIV/AIDS          Basic First-Aid          Pregnancy         Home safety
     management                                                             problems
       Obesity                  Diabetes            Ergonomics            Breast cancer       Pre-school
          Alcohol              High blood               Stress            Cervix cancer        Domestic
                                pressure                                                       violence
        Road safety           Heart disease          Substance           Sexual assaault   Personal finance
                                                       abuse                and rape          and Stress
          Fitness                Stroke               HIV/AIDS                              Immunizations

          Nutrition             Common              Workplace                              Medical self-care
                                cancers               safety
          Smoking              Depression          Weight control                          Medical consumer

                                              Education that saves lives...
                              Bang Health Creations Reg. 2005/146556/23 P.O. Box 50598 V&A Waterfront 8002
                              Tel: 021 557 5960 Fax: 021 557 1642 Cell: 072 463 6777 E-mail:
   Health Creations

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                            Manage your Weight Workshop
                          Nutrition, fitness and obesity-related diseases
Provides education and practical solutions to several aspects of health and wellness that are
aimed at improving employee health awareness and behavior. It attaches a strong emphasis on
lifestyle education about changes in habits, diet and exercise. The education not only focuses
upon the individual but equally focuses on preventive measures for the whole family – where as
parents, employees are responsible for the health of their families.

The information is presented in 5 easy-to-use modules, along with a unique supplementary health
diary containing tools to monitor one’s health status over a period of 12 months:

   •	 Module 1: Medical COMPLICATIONS - the reason why your doctor wants you to lose

   •	 Module 2: Identifying RISK FACTORS associated to weight gain

   •	 Module 3: Raising awareness to practical solutions for PREVENTION of obesity

   •	 Module 4: EDUCATION regarding monitoring & assessing of baseline health status

   •	 Module 5: Encouraging and supporting ACTION towards a healthy lifestyle. The module
      includes health screening assessments like BMI, BP, Glucose, etc.

  Health Diary Sample

                                                           THE Action HEALTH DIARY 2009

                                                           The Health Diary holds you accountable to your daily
                            Action                         activities and behaviour. You will easily check your daily
                                                           progress in pursuit of your lifestyle goals. Regularly


                                                           reminding you of your daily appointments, guiding
                           Health Diary                    with healthy eating, fitness and weight-loss; it keeps
                                   2009                    you focussed and motivated towards your health goals,
                                                           helping you to visualize your progress on daily basis.
                                                           The Health Diary gives you an easy, accurate way to
                                                           monitor your exercise and food intake. Keeping detailed
                                                           records of your workouts, it helps you to track your
                                                           progress and make every workout really count. This
                                                           diary provides you with knowledge to help you lose
                                                           weight, get fit and make healthier choices.

                                                           It guides you to determine your baseline health status,
                                                           learning how to calculate your BMI, Waist-Hip ratio, BP, 
                                                           etc. It’ll help you to exceed your limits and achieve the
                       Endurance          Persistence      health that you desire.

                                                        Education that saves lives...

                            Bang Health Creations Reg. 2005/146556/23 P.O. Box 50598 V&A Waterfront 8002
                            Tel: 021 557 5960 Fax: 021 557 1642 Cell: 072 463 6777 E-mail:
         Health Creations

         Motivational Health Talks
    These 30-45 minute talks and dynamic presentations can be presented to your staff at your
    preferred venue. Alternatively, you can invite Dr Bango as a professional health speaker for any of
    the days or weeks corresponding with the National Health Calendar (see attachment):

        Sam k
                       South Africa’s 21st century health survival kit 
    This survival kit focusses on the top health problems affecting South Africa in the 21st century and how 
    these affect your workforce. Though employees are readily exposed to health information, few have the 
    drive, determination and discipline to practically implement that which they’ve learnt or taught. The focus 
    of the talk is to inspire, equip and encourage ACTION towards a healthier lifestyle; highlighting medical 
    complications, specifically, associated with diseases of lifestyle like obesity, diabetes and heart attacks in-
    cluding HIV/AIDS. The talk highlights various cultural barriers, perceptions and views that our dynamic 
    society faces in dealing with health risk factors like smoking, too much drinking and unhealthy eating be-
    haviours; not forgetting those risk factors associated with HIV/AIDS like multiple partners and reluctance 
    to use condoms. Through various hilarious, yet practical illustrations - Dr Bango presents this entertaining, 
    well-structured talk, not only to raise awareness, but to improve your workforce’s productivity, well-being 
    and morale. 

     The health of your company, productivity and efficiency of your employees is dependent largely
     on the health of your employees. Most medical problems in your company have consequences
     going well beyond medical costs, for example:

             DIRECT COSTS (Out of Pocket Money)                        INDIRECT COSTS (Lost Output)

           ↑ Medical care costs                                  ↑ Employee absenteeism
           ↑ Medical aid premiums                                ↓ Productivity
           ↑ Life insurance premiums                             ↓ Employee morale
           Temporary disability                                  ↓ Overall quality of life and wellbeing
           Permanent disability                                  High turnover, replacement and retraining
           Worker’s compensation                                 Impaired employee functioning
           Disabling occupational injuries                       Premature death of valuable staff

     Research shows that the more informed an individual is about a health problem, the better he or
     she complies with treatment or interventions, leading to more successful outcomes. Employees
     spend about 30% of their time at work, so the worksite offers a logical and convenient opportunity
     to provide health education, encouragement and support for employees interested in improving
     their health and well-being.
     We trust that health and wellness in your company will remain a priority

                                                Education that saves lives...