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					                         “Whispers”                                         Newsletter
                                                                                                              Volume 3, Issue 4
                                                                                                              December 2009

                                 Female Factory Historic Site Limited

World Heritage Inspection at Cascades
The long awaited inspection         an archaeologist from New
of the eleven nominated sites       Caledonia on a very cold and
for World Heritage in Australia     windy Sunday morning.
by ICOMOS took place on             Tasmanian and Federal Gov-
                                              ernment officials
                                              together with Direc-
                                              tors and the Project         technical report for UNESCO
                                              Manager from the             who will consider the nomina-
                                              Female Factory               tion in 2010.
30th August at the Cascades         Historic Site Ltd. accompanied         Australia should be notified of
Female Factory.                     Dr. Sand on the inspection             the decision by mid year so
The inspection was under-           visit.                                 fingers crossed!
taken by Dr. Christophe Sand,       Dr. Sand will now prepare a

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Site Shop yet?                        products on sale at the                                 site over the        5pm Monday—Friday (Closed
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                                                       upgraded                                                  CHRISTMAS: The Site will be
                                                       heating and                                                 Closed from 3pm Dec 24 and
                                                                            tremely proud of
                                                       lighting                                                    re-open 9am Dec 29
                                                                            the greatly im-
Part of the work under-                                together with
taken on the Cascades                                  display case
                                                                            proved Female                        NEW YEAR: The Site will be
                                                                            Factory Site and                       Closed from 3pm Dec 31 and
Female Factory Site has                                which currently      invite you to visit                    re-open 9am Jan 4
included the re-design and            features a special small stove        our Site Shop
upgrading of our Site Shop in         designed to heat no less than         soon, meet our
Yard 3.                               five flat irons. This artifact was    amazing volunteers and enjoy
An outstanding feature of the         in use in the laundry of the          the range of great Tasmanian
shop are the beautiful inter-         Female Factory during convict
                                                                            products on offer.
pretive panels showing historic       times and is on loan from the
images of the site set against        Queen Victoria Museum and
limed wood panels. Another            Art Gallery. Also featured are
feature is the special display        building nails and cutlery
                                      found in various archaeologi-                                                      Inside this issue:
unit built to showcase the wide
                                                                                                                Roses from the Heart™ Update     2

   Cascades Female Factory Internship                                                                           Do you have female convict

In January through to early           During the past American              heritage site.
                                                                                                                Thank you to “Jean Rolls”        3
March 2010 we will host an            summer she worked in the
internship from a visiting            Superior Court in Washington,         She should be resident with         Product of the Month „t‟         3
American Union College                DC as well as working as a            us for three days a week dur-       Tour Prices/ Times.
student, Alexandra Oliver.            field organiser for President         ing her internship and we
                                                                            hope that friends and               More & More Choices            3&4
                                      Barak Obama.
Alexandra Oliver is 20 years                                                neighbours will drop into the       Volunteer Profile:               4
old and is a political science        We are currently discussing           site and help to make her feel      Margaret Benham
and anthropology double               the areas that Alexandra will         welcome during her visit. —
major and hopes to eventu-            be involved in during the time                                            About Us.                        4
                                                                            More details later.
                                                                                                                Christmas & New Year Wishes
ally go on to study law.              she spends at this important
                   Roses From The Heart ™                                                                       Update
                                                                                                         Christina Henri, Artist in Residence

                  Roses from the Heart™      Channel Islands, England that is                        looked very smart in their pin-
has been well publicised over the                                   being held                       nies!
past three months and as you read                                   in conjunc-
this newsletter a display of bonnet                                 tion with                        A number of articles have been
tributes is attracting visitors to the                              an exhibition of       written recently about Roses from the
main library in Kilkeel, County                                     Marilyn Munro          Heart™ including a piece in The Western
Down, Northern Ireland.                                             artefacts. Both        Australian Countryman - the Statewide
                                                                    exhibitions will       Rural Paper.
Christina Henri has been inundated                                  run on into
with emails from people who have                                    January 2010 and       Magazines including the British
wandered through the library and discov-     already thousands of visitors have walked     Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Issue
ered the convict women‘s story via the       through and admired bonnets and               No 186, July 2009 and again in October,
Roses from the                                                                             Issue 198 where over 6 pages were de-
                                             connected with convict women‘s stories.
Heart™ bonnet                                                                              voted to writing about Roses from the
tribute.                                     Throughout Australia bonnets continue to      Heart™ and the female convict story.
                                             be made to highlight the economic and
This is exciting                                                                           The New York Magazine ‗Surface Design’
                                             social contribution convict women made.
as Christina                                                                               Spring 2009 included the article ‗Why
                                             In October Christina attended the             weren‘t we told?‘ written by American Pat
plans to be
                                             International Embroidery Convention in        Hickman that documents the art of
travelling to
                                             Adelaide where she had over 2,000             Christina Henri and her work on convict
Ireland in 2010
                                             bonnets on display. She held a ‗Blessing      women and Julie Gough and her art that
when she
                                             of the Bonnets‘ ceremony which was
‗takes the girls                                                                           speaks about Australia‘s indigenous story.
                                             attended by men and women from a
back home‘ in
                                             number of countries worldwide. An             The Cascades Female Factory is always
2010.                                        English Magistrate and an Irish               highlighted in the articles about Roses
                                             embroiderer read out the convict              from the Heart™.
                                             women‘s names as the bonnets were
                                             presented and placed into an 1800‘s           Don‘t forget to read Christina‘s articles in
                                             trunk.                                        the Mercury. She is always happy to chat
                                             In November a display of bonnets made         with anyone regarding their convict
                                             by residents of Beverley and other WA         ancestry.
                                             participants was held in the colonial
                                                                                           Another big year coming up for Roses in
                                                cottage, now the ‗Dead Finish
                                                                                           the Heart™ so please check out the Fe-
                                                Museum‘, in Beverley.                      male Factory website and Christina‘s
there is a                                      The exhibition of bonnets offered an       website and also watch this space!
Roses from                                      insight into the history of convict
the Heart™                                      women and Devonshire Teas were   
exhibition on                                   provided over a weekend and served
at the Jersey                                   by husbands of women who had made             Photographs taken
Museum,                                         bonnets. Apparently the husbands                by Rosalie Hollis.


Cascades Female Factory Honorary Artist-in-Residence, Christina Henri
would be delighted to hear from you if you have a female convict ancestor/s.

Christina has a major international art Memorial to ALL convict women transported to Australia –
Roses from the Heart™.
Participants world-wide are involved in Roses from the Heart™ making bonnet tributes. The bonnet pattern is taken from an original
1860‘s servant‘s bonnet.

To be a part of this Memorial or to learn more:
Christina Henri also writes a weekly article on convict women that is published weekly in the local Tasmanian
newspaper, the Hobart Mercury.

Christina Henri can be contacted on Email: or Mobile Phone: 0407 575 018

More in-depth information on the Cascades Female Factory:
Page 2                                                                                                                   Volume 3, Issue 4
                                                       Thanks Jean
Jean Rolls is an amazing lady who has taken on                                          her 1200 bonnets were more about quantity than
making bonnet tributes for convict women as part                                        quality but that is definitely not the case. Each
of Christina Henri's Roses from the Heart™                                              bonnet is given care and attention and is made
project. Jean has made over 1200 bonnets,                                               with a real sense of empathy for the woman
singlehandedly.                                                                         being remembered.
She has a number of Opportunity Shops                                                   Christina would like her personal thanks
collecting fabric, lace, buttons and other                                              conveyed to Jean for her amazing contribution to
adornments for the bonnets she is making. Each                                          the 15,000 bonnets that have come in from
bonnet is a work of art unto itself. You might think                                    participants all around the world.

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“Whispers”                                                                                                                           Page 3
                 Female Factory Historic Site Limited                           The Cascades Female Factory Historic Site is located in the foothills of
                                                                                   Mt. Wellington near Cascade Gardens and the Cascade Brewery
                16 Degraves Street                                                                         in South Hobart.
                     South Hobart
                   Tasmania 7004
                       AUSTRALIA                                            Female Convicts transported to Van Diemen‟s Land were housed here from

            Phone: (03) 6223 1559
                                                                               1828. Cascades Female Factory was the primary site for the processing
              Fax: (03) 6223 1556                                               and imprisonment of convict women sent to the land. It operated until

                                                                               1856 making it one of the colony‟s longest running penal institutions.

                                                                               The majestic remains and the importance of the site gives the Cascades
                                                                                     Female Factory international cultural heritage significance.

                                                         Volunteer Profile Margaret Benham
                                              Margaret was born in England in 1946.          volunteers in the organisation.
                                              At the age of 28 Margaret took the big
                                              leap and left the shores of England for a
                                              new start in Australia.
                                              For the last fifteen years of her thirty
                                              five years in Australia, Margaret has
                                              made her home at Fern Tree, Tasmania.
                                              Margaret is married and has a son who
                                              now lives in Hong Kong, she lists some
                                              of her hobbies as sailing, bush walking,
                                              embroidery and badminton.
                                              Currently Margaret is working as a vol-
                                              unteer at the Female Factory Historic
                                              Site, creating bonnet kits for the Roses
                                              of the Heart™ project and finds great
                                              pleasure working with the wonderful
                                                                                                          Margaret inside our new look site shop

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                    NOVEMBER 2009                                                                                                  GOOD WISHES
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                                                                                                                                    NEW YEAR.
                      Female Factory Historic Site Ltd.
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