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 Published June 2005
                              Day in and day out.
                             We’re dedicated to industrial products.
              Industrial products is not our secondary business. It is our business.

At PotashCorp, we’re proud to be the first nitrogen,          others focus only on peddling short-term deals. We think
phosphate and potash producer dedicated solely to the         that’s the kind of passionate commitment it takes to
needs of industry. And we have the unmatched                  meet the demanding needs of industrial products users.
resources to show for it: Dedicated production lines, a       Maybe that’s why we produce more industrial products
dedicated sales force, a dedicated logistics network and      than any other supplier. From production, to sales, to
a dedicated customer service department. All dedicated        delivery, to customer service — when you work with
to you. Plus, as part of PotashCorp, the world’s largest      PCS Sales, Industrial Products you have a supplier who
producer of nitrogen, phosphate and potash, we can            not only understands your business — but is dedicated
also offer the stability of a long-term relationship, while   to your business.
                                    6:12 a.m.

6:12 a.m. Dedicated. Mark Looney, of Solvay Fluorides.
His day of keeping customers satisfied starts early and
runs long. And he needs an industrial products supplier
as dedicated to his business as he is.
8:35 a.m.

 8:35 a.m. Wayne Carney, right, of Morton Salt, discusses
 orders over coffee with Will Barrett of PCS Sales.
    An industrial products sales force
   dedicated to manufacturers like you.
                       Our dedication to you starts with the most experienced
                          and knowledgeable sales team in the business.

Years ago we saw the need for a sales force that would       PCS Sales account manager isn’t just dedicated, he’s
be dedicated solely to serving manufacturers like you. To    experienced. Our sales team includes specialists in
this day, every one of our account managers is assigned      virtually every industrial product category. And for
exclusively to the industrial market. So you’ll never have   customers who buy more than one grade of nitrogen,
to fight for their time with the demanding ag industry.      phosphate or potash we often establish account teams
Sure, others in this business may have finally seen the      made up of several product specialists. All of which
value of our singular focus, but none has matched our        means that you’ll always be able to find quick and
singular ability to meet your needs. That’s because your     expert assistance — day or night, fertilizer season or not.
                Dedicated customer service.
         Customer support that takes care of your business, not just your problems.

We hope you’re comfortable with commitment. Because        someone who knows your business. Our toll-free phone
when you do business with PCS Sales, you’re not just       system is designed to automatically relay calls to the
buying industrial products — you’re getting a team         CSR agent who knows you and your account status. And
assigned to understand your business and to be there       this specialized support isn’t limited to our Customer
for you at every stage of the transaction. PotashCorp’s    Service Department. A lot of customers also have partici-
Customer Service Representatives (CSR) play a big role     pated in our one-of-a-kind HAZMAT training program
on that team. Our CSR agents don’t just sit back waiting   where we bring an ammonia training railcar right to your
for a problem to happen. They’re proactively engaged,      plant to improve your emergency readiness. Whether it’s
staying in touch with you to prevent problems and to       a simple demonstration for local residents, or HAZMAT
keep things running smoothly. When you do call,            drills with your local fire department, this railcar gives a
chances are you’ll talk to someone you know — and          whole new meaning to the term “training” session.
                                  10:53 a.m.

10:53 a.m. PotashCorp’s HAZMAT training team
conducts an exercise on our ammonia training railcar.
Both the railcar and our team of HAZMAT instructors
travel the country to help train customer and
community first responders.
1:15 p.m.

 1:15 p.m. Scott Eubanks, inspects a processing
 unit at our PCS Nitrogen facility in Augusta, Georgia.
 With facilities in the U.S., Canada and Trinidad,
 PotashCorp is hard at work producing reliable,
 readily available industrial products.
                    Dedicated manufacturing.
                   One dozen facilities across the Western Hemisphere are
              manufacturing more than 30 specialty products. That’s commitment.

All the sales managers and customer service agents in         ultra-pure quality to more common high-volume
the world won’t make a bit of difference if the product you   options. Whatever your need, more than likely we
need is not readily and reliably available. That’s why at     have the product. And when you need it, we make
the core of our commitment to you is our unmatched            technical assistance available right from the experts
production expertise. To begin with, we offer more than       at our production facilities. Best of all, while we’re
20 grades of industrial nitrogen, including the only          meeting your needs today, we’re also planning and
NSF-approved ammonia on the market. Plus, we produce          investing for your needs tomorrow. For example, our
most of the industrial-grade phosphate and KCI products       new de-bottlenecking project at our Trinidad nitrogen
you need, too. We understand that manufacturers like          facility will soon allow us to ramp up production at this
you need a wide spectrum of products ranging from             state-of-the-art facility. More products, more options.
                 Dedicated logistics network.
                      Ocean vessels, railcars, barges, trucks and terminals —
                   all synchronized by the most efficient system in the business.

Being the world’s largest integrated producer of nitrogen,   system. We’ve developed innovative programs like
phosphate and potash goes a long way in supporting           Continuous Move, which enables us to schedule point-
our promise to be your most reliable supplier. But having    to-point deliveries. This approach can offer significant
a vast transportation and delivery network doesn’t hurt.     efficiencies over traditional hub-and-spoke logic. Then
All together, PotashCorp’s combined system of ocean          there’s our ability to track the location and progress of
vessels, railcars, barges, trucks, terminals, and ware-      any given railcar any time, which in today’s rail climate,
houses represents one of the largest transportation          can be extremely important. With the geographic diversity
networks in the business. And we continue to add even        of our facilities connected by this army of logistical
more railcars to our system. The brains behind this          resources, no one is a more reliable source for your
brawn is a uniquely responsive, efficient logistics          industrial nitrogen, phosphate and potash products.
                                  3:35 p.m.

3:35 p.m. Frank Edwards unloads a shipment of
PCS urea at OxyChem in Luling, Lousiana. PotashCorp
has built one of the largest and efficient transportation
networks in the business. A comforting thought in
an industry where a late delivery can shut down
a production plant.
5:17 p.m.

 5:17 p.m. Mark Menees, monitors water quality
 at our PCS Nitrogen facility in Augusta, Georgia.
 Menees regularly tests the water throughout the
 facility several times a week.
                 Dedicated to sustainability.
                        Our commitment to being a sustainable business
                      reduces risks and enhances reputations for everyone.

These days, more and more businesses are talking          financially, environmentally and socially. We practice
about sustainability. But PotashCorp embraced the         these beliefs at every facility and in every community
values of sustainability long before it was actually      in which we operate. And we believe that sustainability
called “sustainability.” Our corporate values and our     matters to customers, too. It reduces risk and enhances
business plan mandate that we operate in a manner         reputations for everyone. We are a more valuable
that can be sustained for generations. This commit-       resource as a supplier designed for reliability well into
ment to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships is   the future. In this business, sustainability is more than
the foundation of our business. We believe that doing     a fashionable new marketing term: It’s the difference
the right thing is also the way to do things right —      between being here today and being here tomorrow.
                                                                           PCS Industrial Products

                                                                          PCS Purified Phosphates
                     PotashCorp                       KCl                       PCS Fertilizer

                                                                            PCS Animal Nutrition


                                      Who we are.
         The world’s largest integrated producer of nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

PotashCorp meets the nitrogen, phosphate and potash       demand for fertilizer. Through our PCS Sales units, we
needs of customers in industry and agriculture around     focus on the unique needs of each market we serve:
the globe. PotashCorp is not only the world’s largest     industrial products, purified phosphates, fertilizer and
fertilizer company by market capitalization, it has the   animal nutrition. Our diversified, yet focused, approach
greatest production capacity. And with about 85 percent   assures our customers long-term sustainability and
of the world’s excess potash capacity, PotashCorp has a   reliability. For more information about PotashCorp, visit us
unique ability to continue meeting the world’s growing    online at, or call 800.654.4514.
Who to call                        What we make and where we make it.

Customer Service                   Products                                                                     Production Locations
800-654-4514                       Potassium Chloride               Nitrogen                                    Potash
                                   Industrial White Soluble 1.0     Anhydrous Ammonia, Commercial Grade         Allan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Account Management
                                   Industrial Chicklets 0.2         Anhydrous Ammonia, Metallurgical Grade      Cory, Saskatchewan, Canada
Bernie Rock                                                                                                     Lanigan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Vice President, Industrial Sales                                    Anhydrous Ammonia, Refrigeration Grade      New Brunswick, Canada              Phosphate                        Aqua Ammonia, Commercial Grade              Patience Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Mark Boulanger                     Diammonium Phosphate                                                         Rocanville, Saskatchewan, Canada
                                                                    Aqua Ammonia, Reagent Grade
847-849-4331                       Diammonium Phosphate L&G         Nitric Acid                                 Phosphate
                                   Monammonium Phosphate            URAN™
Ray Foster                                                                                                      Aurora, North Carolina
                                   Ammonium Polyphosphate           Urea Liquor Solution                        phosphoric acid, dry phosphates
847-849-4336            Green Super Phosphoric Acid      NOxOUT® – A                                 Geismar, Louisiana
John Highley                       Green Merchant Grade Acid        Prilled Urea, Commercial Grade              phosphoric acid
269-628-4593                       Green High Quality Grade Acid                                                White Springs, Florida
                                                                    Prilled Urea, Industrial Grade                                                                                        phosphoric acid, dry phosphates
                                   Amber Merchant Acid              Prilled Urea, Chemical Grade
Tim Abrams
847-849-4367                       Hydrofluorisilic Acid (HFSA)     Prilled Urea, Reagent Grade                 Nitrogen                                             Micro Prilled Urea, Commercial Grade        Augusta, Georgia
Sam Robinson                                                        Granular Urea                               aqua ammonia, nitric acid,
847-849-4368                                                                                                    urea, ammonium nitrate                                           Ammonium Nitrate Prill, Low Density (Ind)
                                                                                                                Geismar, Louisiana
                                                                    Ammonium Nitrate Solution                   aqua ammonia, nitric acid
                                                                                                                Lima, Ohio
                                                                                                                ammonia, aqua ammonia,
                                                                                                                nitric acid, urea
                                                                                                                Trinidad, West Indies
                                                                                                                ammonia, urea solids

                                                                                                                Ammonia Terminals
                                                                                                                Geismar, Louisiana
                                                                                                                Houston, Texas
                                                                                                                Savannah, Georgia

PHONE: 800-654-4514