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									          GUIDE BOOK
                  for the



            DIVISION III




        March 12, 13, 14, 2009
                   at the

        State University of New York
           College of Technology
           Delhi, New York 13753

  Barbara Sturdevant, Tournament Director
      Telephone: 607-746-4675/4045
                                  COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY
                               STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
                                       Clark Field House
                                     Delhi, New York 13753

Dear Colleague:

        SUNY Delhi is looking forward to hosting our nineteenth consecutive NJCAA Division III National
Basketball Tournament. We are excited about our 2009 version of this prestigious event and I personally am
looking forward to my first tournament as director. The committee has worked hard to insure that the
experience of your District's representative will be enjoyable. I have enclosed information concerning the
tournament and hope to see your team here on March 12th, 13th, and 14th.

          We will ask each school to pay $ 20.00 per person to attend the tournament banquet. As you know
this is an outstanding meal and wonderful experience for the players and coaches. There will also be a $10.00
per game charge for videotapes professionally produced for your games.

         One of the most difficult tasks is putting together a guality program. You can start now preparing
for the National Tournament. When you schedule your team picture this year, make sure your numbers
are showing and your picture is a high quality 5" by 7" or 8" by 10". If your team is a contender, it is
imperative we have your roster, logo, and team picture no later than February 20, 2009. A roster form is
attached for you to complete. The easiest way for us to process pictures is through email. If you could
send the pictures and logos as a hi res JPEG with at least 600 dpi format to or 23
Sanford Hall by the above due date, it will make those last minute additions and the quality of the program
much better.

        Thank you for your cooperation in making our tournament a success. We wish you luck and good
fortune as you complete the remainder of your season.


Barbara Sturdevant
Tournament Director

                                                                                                        Page 2
                   DIVISION III

                       EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

                          Barbara Sturdevant
                          Tournament Director
                             Kerry Maroney
                     Associate Tournament Directors
                             Jim Thomson
                    Delaware County Chamber Liason

                    TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE

                            Jean Alverson
                             Bob Backus
                             Rick Golding
                            Brian Hutzley
                            Kim MacLeod
                           Tom Newcomer
                              Lynn Oles
                           Glenn Reynolds
                           Mary Beth Silano

                           HEAD TRAINER

                            Kerry Maroney

NJCAA Division III Basketball Chairman           John Kuntz
                                                 Region 19 Director

Coordinator of Officials                         Jim Huetter

                                                                      Page 3

Tournament Director                 Barbara Sturdevant               (607) 746-4045/4675
Assistant Athletic Director         Kerry Maroney                    (607) 746-4604
Tournament Tickets                  Lynn Oles                        (607) 746-4675
Tournament Banquet/Soft goods       Barbara Sturdevant               (607) 746-4045

TOURNAMENT DATES:                   March 12, 13, and 14, 2009

TOURNAMENT SITE:                    Floyd L. Maines Arena in the Clark Field House
                                    State University of New York
                                    Delhi, New York 13753

ROSTERS AND TEAM PICTURES: We need a high quality 5" x 7" or 8" x 10" team picture showing
individual numbers preferably emailed in hi res JPEG 600 dpi format to , and the
completed Official Roster form on page 8.

Our printing deadline requires us to go to print as soon as qualifiers are determined. We realize that
the qualifying teams are not yet determined, but we need team rosters and pictures to us by February
20, 2009. We ask the assistance of Regional Directors and Athletic Directors in securing this
information from the top teams in the regions and sending us this information for our program.


        1.   NCAA Basketball rules will be followed.
        2.   Teams are limited to sixteen players as stated in the National Handbook.
        3.   The official tournament ball will be the Rawlings, VIS-NJCAA-B. (8 panel)
        4.   All teams are guaranteed three games, playing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Game times
             will be 1:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. each day.

OFFICIALS: The officials will be assigned as stipulated in the NJCAA Handbook.

QUALIFICATION: The Tournament will be a standard eight-team tournament with a blind draw for all
positions. Each team will play three games in the Tournament to determine first through eighth places.

One qualifier will emerge from each of the following districts:
                         District 1                         Region III
                         District 2                         Region IV & VII
                         District 3                         Region II & V
                         District 4                         Region XIII
                         District 5                         Regions XV
                         District 6                         Region XIX
                         District 7                         Region X, XVII & XX
                         District 8                         Regions XXI

We must be notified of all District representatives by March 7, 2009. This should accommodate those
late playoffs. Contact us as soon as your representative is known.

                                                                                                  Page 4
                            FIRST ROUND PAIRINGS


                               DISTRICT 5                Gerry Pellegrino

GAME 1 - 1 p.m.

                               DISTRICT 6               Charlie Molé

                               DISTRICT 4               Steve Oles

Games 2 - 3 p.m.

                               DISTRICT 7               Walt Schultheis

                               DISTRICT 3               David Bell

Game 3 - 6 p.m.

                               DISTRICT 8                Kurt Mable

                               DISTRICT 2                Joe Greenfield

Game 4 - 8 p.m.

                               DISTRICT 1               Jim Sands


                                                                            Page 5

        1.       Trophies and/or plaques will be awarded for first, second and third places.
        2.       The Championship and second place teams will receive up to sixteen medals.
        3.       A committee will select a nine-man All-Tournament team. Eight medals and a Most Valuable
                 Player plaque will be presented.
        4.       A “Gary Cole” Coach of the Tournament award shall be presented.

TRANSPORTATION: Delhi College is located 85 miles southwest of Albany, New York; 70 miles east of
Binghamton, New York; 110 miles southeast of Syracuse, New York; and 150 miles northeast of New York
City. Airports in these cities are served by the major airlines.

Each school is responsible for its own transportation while attending the tournament. The airports have rental
vans available but require advance notification for rental. The parking lot by the gym is for tournament officials
and vans only. Buses will allowed to drop off and pick up players. Drivers will park in a lower parking lot and
be shuttled to the gym.

LODGING: The Holiday Inn in Oneonta, phone number 607-433-2250 and the Buena Vista in Delhi phone
607-746-2135 have been booked as the official headquarters of the tournament teams. Oneonta is located
approximately 20 miles east of Delhi and the hotel is directly off Interstate 88. As per NJCAA Regulations all
participating colleges must honor these host hotels or pay for these rooms.

        Holiday Inn
        Single, Double, Triple or Quad Occupancy - $ 75
        Rollaway $ 10.00

TEAM MEALS: We suggest eating at your convenience at local restaurants. Meals are also available on
campus. Each team will be furnished with two meal coupons. These will pay $50.00 towards your team’s meal
at the restaurants listed on the back of the coupon.

TOWELS AND LAUNDRY SERVICE: We will provide bench towels and laundry service, limited to game and
practice uniforms. Towels will be provided to each team for post-game showers.

TRAINING ROOM: A training room will available to visiting teams. The training room is staffed throughout the
tournament. Ice and water will be provided to each team. Teams will need to bring their own taping supplies.
A hospital is located in the Village of Delhi.

PRACTICES: There will be practice time available to the tournament teams on Wednesday, March 12, and
each morning prior to tournament game time on a first request basis. Some locations require a certificate of
insurance. Please bring a copy with you. Practice time will also be available in Oneonta at the SUCO campus,
Hartwick College and the Boys and Girls Club, March 12, 13, and 14. Practice times need to scheduled
through Kerry at 746-4604.

T-SHIRTS/SWEATSHIRTS/HATS: Soft goods will be on sale throughout the tournament. Any team interested
in ordering items ahead of time should fill out the enclosed order form (Page 9) and return it with a check or
money order payable to: NJCAA Division III National Basketball Account. Your order will be ready when you

PARTICIPATION PASSES: Each participating college will receive a maximum of 20 tournament passes for
the official team party. All players and coaches must present their pass to gain access to the gymnasium.
These passes may not be used for spectators. We ask that teams please purchase passes for their
                                                                                                           Page 6
TIPOFF BANQUET: There will be a banquet on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 at 6:30 p.m., for all players,
coaches, officials, and workers, held in the Alumni Hall Hospitality Center on the Delhi Campus. The cost for
the banquet will be $20.00 per person. Please make reservations with Barb Sturdevant at (607) 746-4045 with
the number of players and coaches attending by March 9th, 2009.

DRESS DECORUM: Anyone in the team travel party, must be in team suits or business casual attire (no
denim, no tee shirts) when at the arena or any official tournament function. Coaches must be in a minimum of
business casual attire for their own games.
Definition of business casual attire:
    1. Business casual dress is middle ground between business formal wear and street wear.
    2. For men, a combination of collared shirt (tennis shirt or dress shirt) and cotton trousers (such as
         khakis) shoes, (such as loafers and dress sandals) with socks are generally acceptable. (Per NJCAA
         handbook Section 14)

HOSPITALITY: There will be a tournament hospitality room available throughout the tournament. This room
will be open only to coaches, scouts, media, and authorized guests.

TICKET INFORMATION: Tickets will be sold at the door. Ticket prices are as follows:

 $ 25.00 - All Tournament Pass - Adult (all games)
 $ 15.00 - All Tournament Pass - Student (all games)
 $ 9.00 - General Admission (per two game session)
 $ 6.00 - Student (per two game session)

Advance sale All-Tournament passes may be purchased by calling 607-746-4675. The only guaranteed
seating will be with All-Tournament passes. General Admission will be sold on a space available basis with no
advance sales.

PRESS PASSES/FACILITIES: Requests for press passes will be honored from newspapers, radio and
television stations. Designated areas will be available for game broadcasts and videotaping. To obtain a press
pass contact Kim MacLeod at 607-746-4603.

GAME UNIFORMS: Those teams on the upper line of the game bracket will wear dark uniforms and those on
the bottom line will wear light uniforms.

COACHES' MEETING: A Coaches' meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 11th at 6:00 p.m. in the
Hospitality Center Boardroom. All participating coaches are required to attend.

MEDIA ROOM: A media room will be set up to allow the press access to players and coaches at the
conclusion of each contest.

VIDEO TAPING: At the conclusion of each game, the coach or his representative will be given a videotape of
his game at a cost of $10.00 per game. Do not ask for tapes of games other than yours, as this is an unethical

WEB SITE: Our web site will be available a few weeks before the tournament. It will contain information
about the teams as they qualify. During the tournament it will be updated with the scores and other
highlights of the games. It is We have banners that will be available that
you can use to advertise the tournament on your website. Please go to http://www.championships-

                                                                                                       Page 7
               GAME SCHEDULE
              THURSDAY, MARCH 12

              DISTRICT 5
GAME ONE                           1:00 PM
              DISTRICT 6

              DISTRICT 4
GAME TWO                           3:00 PM
              DISTRICT 7

              DISTRICT 3
GAME THREE                         6:00 PM
              DISTRICT 8

              DISTRICT 2
GAME FOUR                          8:00 PM
              DISTRICT 1

              FRIDAY, MARCH 13

              LOSER GAME ONE
GAME FIVE                          1:00 PM
              LOSER GAME TWO

              LOSER GAME THREE
GAME SIX                           3:00 PM
              LOSER GAME FOUR

              WINNER GAME ONE
GAME SEVEN                         6:00 PM
              WINNER GAME TWO

              WINNER GAME THREE
GAME EIGHT                         8:00 PM
              WINNER GAME FOUR

              SATURDAY, MARCH 14

              LOSER GAME FIVE
GAME NINE                          1:00 PM (7TH PLACE)
              LOSER GAME SIX

              WINNER GAME FIVE
GAME TEN                           3:00 PM (4TH & 6TH)
              WINNER GAME SIX

              LOSER GAME SEVEN
GAME ELEVEN                        6:00 PM (3RD & 5TH)
              LOSER GAME EIGHT

              WINNER GAME SEVEN
GAME TWELVE                        8:00 PM (1ST & 2ND)
              WINNER GAME EIGHT

                                                         Page 8
                                       DIVISION III
                            NATIONAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT
                                      Region _____

                                       OFFICIAL ROSTER
       COLLEGE                   CITY             STATE                    ZIP CODE

 LGT/DARK                NAME                    HGT      WGT      CLASS    POS     HOMETOWN

TEAM COACH: _____________________________________       NICKNAME____________________________________
ASSISTANT COACH: ________________________________
UNIFORM COLOR                                           SEASON RECORD   _________   ________
HOME: __________________________________                                  WON          LOST
AWAY: __________________________________                ENROLLMENT ______________

                                This form is not acceptable unless typed.

                                                                                        Page 9
                                        NJCAA DIVISION III
                                 NATIONAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT

                                   T-SHIRT/SWEAT SHIRT ORDER FORM

There will be two color choices for T-shirts: Black or White, at $13.00 each. The shirt is screened with a 4-color design.

Long sleeve tee shirts in royal blue at $ 18.00. The shirt is screened with a 4-color design.

Quarter zip and hooded sweatshirts will be available at the tournament.

Other items will be available for purchase at the tournament. (Golf shirts, hats, cushions, travel mugs, etc)

Payment must accompany order. Make checks payable to:


Send this order form to:        Barb Sturdevant                   Phone: (607) 746-4045
                                23 Sanford Hall                   Fax: (607) 746-4357
                                SUNY Delhi                        E-mail:
                                Delhi, NY 13753

Coach Name: ______________________________                        College Phone_________________

College Address: ____________________________

                                                                                    Total         Item          Total
                     Item                                     SIZES                 Items         Cost          Cost

 Tee - Shirt Black                            Med         L       X-L     XX-L
 Tee - Shirt White                            Med         L       X-L     XX-L
 Long Sleeve Tee - Shirts                     Med         L       X-L     XX-L
                Total Order

                      All these items and some others will be on sale at the tournament site.
                        Only by sending this order form will your selection be guaranteed.

                                                                                                                 Page 10
                                     TOURNAMENT HOSTS

District 1                                          District 5

Host:        Jim Sands                              Host:        Gerry Pelligrino
             1691 Honest Brook Road                              SUNY Delhi
             Delhi, N Y 13753                                    4 Sanford Hall
             Home Phone: (607) 746- 8419                         Phone: (607) 746-4049
                                                                 Home Phone: (607) 746-2528

District 2                                          District 6

Host:        Joe Greenfield                         Host:        Charlie Mole
             SUNY Delhi                                          SUNY-Delhi
             105 Sanford Hall                                    29 Sanford Hall
             Delhi, New York 13753                               Delhi, New York 13753
             Phone: (607) 746- 4355                              Phone: (607) 746-4316
             Home Phone: (607) 746-3182                          Home Phone: (607) 832-4312

District 3                                          District 7

Host:        David Bell                             Host:        Walt Schultheis
             166 County Highway # 2                              400 Gladstone Hollow
             DeLancey, N Y 13752                                 Andes, New York 13731
             Home Phone: 607-746-6708                            Phone: (845) 676-4905

District 4                                          District 8

Host:        Steve Oles                             Host:        Kurt Mable
             Federal Hill #                                      78 Elk Creek Road
             Delhi, New York 13753                               Delhi, New York 13753
             Phone: (607) 746-2111                               Phone: (607) 746-2354
             Home Phone: (607) 746-3083                          Home Phone: (607) 746-8501

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