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									Friday, October 3                                                                                20th ISSUE

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                                                                                       Save the turtles in Mozambique   2
AIM reports of two attacks on ATM machines Monday
night. After overpowering the security guards at the cen-                              In the News                      3
tral hospital, criminals gained access to the Millenium-
                                                                                       New English Speaking AA          3
BIM ATM machine there by blowing it up. Fortunately for
the bank, the robbers were not very well informed about                                Win a Stay at Jatinga            3
the innards of the machine and promptly left the com-
partment which contained the money at the scene of the                                 Great Events This Month          4
crime. In Matola, a second Millenium-BIM ATM machine
was blown up; this time the as of yet unknown amount of                                Lower Back Pain Injuries         5
cash was robbed. Blowing up ATM machines is new to Mozambique and represents
                                                                                       Maputo’s Activities              6
the latest idea imported from our southern neighbor. In SA between January and July,
320 ATM’s were blown apart by bombs. That is most likely more ATM machines than        Classifieds                      7
Mozambique boasts at this stage. Want money from an ATM?Keep Tamara’s safety
tips in mind.

                    ATM Safety Tips                              T. Khama

In addition to the possibility of being blown up, you can also just get shot.
Recently a talented local wooden artist was shot at an ATM in Maputo. He
had been exhibiting at the Cedarte Art Show and passed by the ATM at
night on his way home when the incident took place. He died the following
morning. Please be aware of you security while using ATMs. If possible,
don’t use an ATM at night and try to use ATMs which are in enclosed areas,
such as in shops. If you must use an ATM at night, do keep the following in
•   Park close to the ATM in a well-lighted area. Take another person with
    you, if at all possible.
•   If the lights at the ATM are not working, don't use it. If shrubbery has
    overgrown or a tree blocks the view, select another ATM and notify your
•   Be aware of your surroundings, particularly at night. If you observe or
    sense suspicious persons or circumstances, do not use the machine at                Producer:     Adrian Frey
                                                                                        Editors:      C. v.Chamier
    that time.
                                                                                                      N. Muthxhini
•   Have your ATM card ready and in your hand as you approach the ATM.                  Contributors: C. Fauvrelle
    Don't wait to get to the ATM and then take your card out of your wallet or                        T.Khama
    purse. Do not count or visually display any money you received from
    the ATM. Immediately put your money into your pocket or purse and                   053/GABINFO-DEC 2007
    count it later.                                                           

 And now for something                                                                  Av. Martires da Mueda,
  completely different: I                                                               nº707
 have no idea where this
came from, but I do hope
      you enjoy it.
            Save the Turtles in Mozambique
                            By Angie Gullan

                                                I was in Ilha de Mocambique for the last couple of days and
                                                had the opportunity of visiting a small island (Sena or locally
                                                called Cobra Island) off Ilha. This really small island which
                                                is only accessible by boat on the spring low tide, in beauti-
                                                fully untouched - except for the turtle poaches that venture
                                                there for their mass murdering! On arrival to the island - our
                                                guide - a german chap took us to the poaches 'hide out'.
                                                This is were they have build a small hide to wait the the nes-
                                                ting females. It was heartbreaking to see the amount of tur-
                                                tle shells and bones strewn around the island. A deep water
                                                pit can be found, were the shells are simply just thrown in.
                                                The locals know it is illegal and harvest the turtles on Sena
                                                and transport the meat across to Ilha de Mocambique were
                                                it is sold off.
                                                I don't know if there is anything that can be done to stop
                                                this, given its remoteness, however as we are all aware, if
  “.... as we are all aware, if this            this continues, this island in time will have no turtles laying
continues, this island in time will             there at all. The mass harvesting off live shells etc also
have no turtles laying there at all”            abounds on both the island and Nancala. A brief snorkel at
                                                both areas show a complete absence of fish life which is
                                                very sad. Sea urchins, star fish and small eels abound if one
                                                looks closely.
                                                On a bit of a positive note I did see some Humpback dol-
                                                phins by the bridge to Ilha de Mocambique when I was

                                                Editor’s note: Angie is very involved in one of Mozambique’s
                                                finer examples of responsible tourism, Dolphin Encounters in
                                                Ponto do Ouro. See their website for information marine life in
                                                the Ponto do Ouro area as well as dolphin-human encounters.

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Call for More Specialist Linguists
Mozambican Education minister Aires Aly on Monday
stressed that the country needs more specialist linguists
to deal with the problem of standardising the spelling of
Mozambican languages. - (AIM NEWS) Click
                                                                         The Maputo chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous,
Club of Mozambique signs partnership with Macaulink to                   with support from the US Embassy and the
exchange news The company Club of Mozambique, which                      American International School of Maputo
produces the business portal                                             (AISM) have formed an English–speaking AA, signed this Monday, a part-                    group.
nership for the exchange of news services in Portuguese                   WHEN: Weekly Meetings on Wednesdays
and English with MacauLink - the owners of                               WHERE: AISM School Counselor’s Office
website Macauhub ( Click                      TIME: 6pm
                                                                         CONTACT: Cherie (cell) 84-618-1820
Diamond found in Lesotho among largest ever                              (email)
Gem Diamonds, a London-listed mining firm, said on Sun-
day it had recovered a 478 carat diamond from its mine in
Lesotho: the 20th-largest rough diamond ever found. -
(AFP) Click

Spanish Assistance for Mozambique Courts
The Spanish government's international cooperation
agency, AECID, has pledged a million euros (1.47 million
US dollars) to support improvements in the quality of the
Mozambican justice system. - (AIM NEWS) Click

Corruption rises in Mozambique
Mozambique slipped down the rankings in the annual
Corruption Perception Index (CPI), published by the anti
-corruption NGO, Transparency International (TI). In
this year's index, Mozambique is in joint 126th position
(with Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guyana, Honduras, Indonesia,
Libya and Uganda) out of the 180 countries ranked. -
( Click

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                                            @ Jatinga
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                                                                                     Avroy Shlain will be promoting their cos-
                                       Summer Sale                                   metic color range at country wide work-
                                                                                     shops, hosted by renowned make up artist

                                     @CAFÉ SOL                                       FRANCOIS LOUW
                                                                                         Francois will concentrate on how to create
                                                                                                       the following 3 looks

                                African and Haitian                                  •
                                                                                            The one minute look
                                                                                            The sophisticated day look
                                                                                     •      The dramatic evening look
      Iron Work – Masks - Carvings – Gifts from BALI
                                                                                     11 October @ Girassol Hotel—14hrs
        Reflexology - Clothes from MAKI – Jewelry
                                                                                     Contact + 258 82 560 6001 or anis-
           Paintings - Cloths Macienne – Flowers                           
               Sequined Art – Recycled Glass
                                                                                         WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2008
                 Friday, 3 October       From 2pm to 5pm
                                                                                               3—24 OCTOBER
                 Saturday, 4 October     From 10am to 5pm                                          Fortaleza
                 Sunday, 5 October       From 10am to 5pm
               *START YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING EARLY*                          Courtesy of the Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands
        Call Genevieve at 84-61-71-310 for more information                                    and Banco Terrra

                                                                                              EXPOSITION ODISSEIA
                                                                                                 AT THE CCFM

                                                                                              30 SEPT—15 OCTOBER

                                                                            Oct 02 - 25 French Film Festival
                          Entertainment                                    Shows start at 18.30. at the Scala
                             Program                                       Cinema on Aveneida 25. de Setem-
                                                                           bro. Classic French Films in
                   Tropical Friday” with the Trio                          French. Download the pdf file
                             Chamanculo                                    with infos by clicking above.
                        “Latin Saturday” with
04/10/08                                                                             Centro Hípico de Maputo
                              Havana Três
                                                                                          (next to the zoo)
                         “Strictly Jazz” with
08/10/08                                                                     Discover the beautiful Horse Riding Cen-
                         “Trio Navegando”                                    ter of Maputo. Come and ride with us
                       “Tropical Friday” with                                (children and adults). We have 23 hor-
10/10/08                                                                     ses, 2 teachers, 3 training arenas, a
                              Os Carolas                                     beautiful park with old trees, 2 swimming
                       Dancing Saturday with                                 pools, a bar/restaurant. This is a great
11/10/08                                                                     place to relax and do a new activity with
                            Os Caldeirados
                                                                             your children. Call us for directions and
                 “Strictly Jazz” with Malhangalene                           more information.
15/10/08                     Jazz Quartet                                    Nathalie 82 316 55 80
                                                                             Marjon 846165680

                                            Brandy Tasting - 03 October 2008
              A fun filled evening of Brandy tasting and a six course meal with our Executive chef rated as one of the best
                                                         Chefs in South Africa.
       Time:          Starting from 19:00,                          Venue: L’Orange Restaurant, Hotel Terminus -
       Price:         1200Mt per person (Includes six course meal with a brandy complimenting each dish)
       Contact: Patricia Camões - Cell: 84 4 57 47 37 Email: (10% turnover on brand-
       ing sales will be given to “Instituto Infantário 1 de Maio” on Av. Eduardo Mondlane n 142.)

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This article first appeared in the Body Sculpture newsletter. The newsletter is edited by Sue Bornman and designed by Vanessa Kruger

       T. Khama

      The Mama Teresa Massage Center is unique in Maputo. It is the only place in the city that successfully
      combines a massage centre and an art gallery. The centre specializes in offering massages that relieve
      tension, balance energy flow and strengthen the immune system. These massages range from physio-
      therapy, weight reduction and lymphatic drainage to their shantala baby massage and the deeply
      relaxing full body massages with the option of using either one or two therapists. I tried their full body
      massage and I would highly recommend it. The friendly therapist is a master at what she does and
      when she finally woke me up at the end of the session, I knew I would be back. The Shantala baby
      massage on the other hand is specifically targeted at stimulating the development of the baby espe-
      cially to ease digestion problems, help babies sleep better and assist in the development of joints.
      Mama Teresa Massage centre has a relaxed homely atmosphere with the walls beautifully decorated
      with a range of amazing paintings by renowned talented Mozambican artists such as Simao Mussagy
      Zimbine and international resident artists such as the Columbian born artist, Myriam Rocuts. These paint-
      ing are all for sale at reasonable prices.
      So whether you want to loose weight, increase your energy level, treat body aches or just lay back and
      let fatigue and stress flow out of your body and soul, then Mama Theresa is just the place for you. This
      Massage Centre delivers on its promise of offering an up-market relaxation and wellness centre in
      Maputo. It centrally located at 43 Rua de Mukumbura. This quiet street is just off Julius Nyerere avenue,
      turning left at the African Banking Building. For price details and reservations call +258 82 3000215 or
      check out their website at

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International Club of             820189850 or David           English Speaking Ladies       is Maputo's monthly
Maputo (ICM) Afternoon            825773370                    Night is back. Contact Jo-    golfing crowd who gather at
Tea is on first Tuesday of                                     landa Pournara at             the "Royal Maputo Golf
                                  Bridge group, contact
every month. Members,                                         Club" once a month for
                                  Kathryn Soper at
guests and newcomers                                                                         an afternoon golf
welcome. If you are a new-   KathrynSo-                        Touch Rugby Think rugby       competition and a bit of a
comer, please contact Sa-    per@hotmail.comThere is           is only a sport for crazy     social afterwards. Contact
bine@     also a Beginner’s Bridge          brutes? Think again.          the main mutt,
                             class hosted by Céline            Touch rugby is a safe, non-
The Maputo Young Pro-        Robert. Classes are at            contact form of the game
fessionals Network (Ex       9.30am on Tuesdays. Tel.          for men and women. We         Inter-Maputo Football
OIKOS) has been set up to 21-499680 or                         play Friday afternoons at     School. Boys and girls
cater to the needs of young                the American school at        aged between 5 and 16
professionals in Maputo,     Mahjong anyone? Celine            4.30pm. You only need         years. A chance to get acti-
single or married, Mozam- Roberts is the contact also.         shorts, a t-shirt, running    ve, make new friends, have
bican or Expats, for leisure                                   shoes and a good attitude.    fun and learn to play the
                             Maputo Players an ama-
activities, friendship and                                     Call Chris at: 82-5310547.    Inter-Maputo way! Foot-
                             teur English-Language
networking. Danny at                                                                         ball skills coaching is deli-
                             theater group, we meet at         Ultimate Frisbee Come                                                                           vered by qualified coaches.
                             7.30pm the last Thursday          join us on Sunday after-      Practice at Grass field at
                             of the month. Write John          noons at 3.30pm in
Maputo Women's Touch                                                                         the AISM . Contact Dan
                                Repinga Park across from
Rugby. We are a team of                                                                      cel: 82 536 4736 or
around 12, mainly expats                                       Hotel VIP on 25 de Setem-
                             Maputo Chamber Choir              bro. Please contact Daniel
and are always looking for
                             meets and sings secular           Lee at Mozal Cricket Club.
new people. Contact:       E
                             and sacred music                  or 82-5808307 for details. Cricket is taking
                             Tuesdays 6.30-8.00pm. We          Or    Mozambique by storm.
                             need new voices. Contact                                       Come and join us and
Wine Club                    Geoff on 823 017 520
                                                               Soccer/ Football Players     experience the fun,
Anyone interested in join-   geoff_gallagher_111@
ing a group to learn more                         of all standards are invited intensity and physical
                                                               to join us for regular       workout. One practice
about wine, and to enjoy                                                                    session is held during the
tasting different wines,     Maputo Hash House                 football sessions. We play
should contact Denise on     Harriers, Saturdays 3pm.          at the International School week and our games are
                                                               on Mondays at 6.30pm.        played on Sundays. All
843837715.                   Runners, walkers,
                                                               Contact Danny at             serious cricketers are
                             children and dogs are
                                                               82-5364736                   welcome to contact
Soccer/Football: If you      welcome. Starts at the Aero
                                                              N.Visser 82-3230100.
are between 10-14 years      Clube, opposite the Dutch                            
old you are welcome to       embassy. For more details,                                     W. Smith 82-7022980 or
                             see their website at              Off-Road Biking in
play soccer at the                                                                
                             www. maputohashhouse-             Maputo? We are a group
Scandinavian School. We
                                        of off-road cyclists
have two really good
                                                               currently active in Maragra The Book/Library Club is
trainers and a mixed team.                                                                  back at a new location. The
                                                               & would like to start up a
Tuesdays 15:45-17:00. The Wednesday Nights at the                                           address is Rua Boqueirois
                                                               group for Maputo. For
School is located at         Aeroclube Darts & good
                                                               details contact Dal Moor @ 4894 Casa no 74 (Close to
Avenida Armando Tivane       food at an awesome price.                                      the fish market and the
821, behind South African If you play darts & eat                                           American School). For
Embassy) Contact: Denis      food, it’s is the place to be.    The Maputo Mongrels          details please contact Gilda

                                       Av. Martires de Mueda 707                           Tel: +258 21 491071
            Pssst!                        PO Box 35 - Maputo,                              Fax: +258 21 491804
     Tired of reading all this               Mozambique                       
 English? Would you like infor-
  mation in Portuguese about          The Cardoso is also pleased to announce that it will begin a refurbishment of
 Mozambique? Go to the Club           its Food and Beverage facilities, including its Conferencing facilities, at the
  of Mozambique Portuguese            end of August. This will entail converting the existing restaurant into a state
       Language Website.              of the art conference facility ; the conversion of the existing Conference faci-
                                      lity into a new contemporary restaurant with a magnificent deck extending
                                      off the side, offering panoramic views across the bay . This is expected to be
                                      complete by March 2009. The hotel will operate as normal during this time.

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            Private Classifieds are Free!                                  and peaceful and is surrounded
                                                                           by the countryside and the olive
                                                                                                                    New! Capoeira Angola Classes
                Send your request to                                       groves. The beaches and action
                                                                                                                   Learn the artful expression of
                                                                           are only a 20 minute drive from
                                                                                                                   Capoeira Angola. Body con-
                                    the Villa. The Villa can sleep 9
                                                                                                                   ciousness, rythm and culture.
                                                                           and is located in Paderne. Please
                                                                           call Stephanie Walker for more          Classes on Tuedays and Thurs-
           All classifieds are subject to the LM’s discretion
                                                                           information (82 3024370).               days, from 17:30, at Escola In-
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 Job Opportunities                  22 years of service, in the same                    For Sale
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 (Click where linked for details)   company. Highly responsible and                                                6752934 or email to
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Closing Date: 3 Oct                 consumer products, and in collec-      Legally imported. Has big tent          New! Bridge Lessons. 10-week
                                    ting and accountability. Excellent     and I think there is a rally tent as    course starting October 8, Mod-
                                    references. Contact Raimundo           well. Price is $2000 but we will
Human Resource Develop-                                                                                            ern Std. American system, (not
                                    Ruco on 82 38 23 800                   entertain offers. Contact Nigel at
ment Practitioner                                                                                                  ACOL), 2 Beginners' classes
                                                                           82 849 4159                             offered: Wed 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. or
Closing Date: 3 Oct
                                                    Misc                                                           Thursday evening 7:00 - 9:00
                                    Data recovery from SATA hard            ENGEL FREDGE FREEZER.                  p.m. Min 4, max 8 students per
Geologist                           disks, that are infected by virus or   60Ltrs, ideal for camping in the        class. Cost MTN1,500 for 10 x 2
Closing Date: 17 October 2008       with a formatting error. PC hard       boat, car or party etc. Can be          -hour sessions. Contact Angela
All vacancies at BHP Billiton       disks only. Contact Aider              connected to 240v 12/24v. Used          on 21 486295, 82 9422082.
                                    on 822161870 or                        but in a good working condition.        Email
                                               Cost $450. For more details Call
Employment Wanted
                                                                           John on 846208380                       Hatha yoga classes. Call Kelly
Virtual Assistant specializing
                                    Small group of expatriates look-                                               at 84-215-4874 for more info.
in data entry, presentations,
                                    ing for ball room dance instructor                   CARS
database management, re-
                                    in English. Not Salsa or Tango.                                                Those darned “Click here”
search, editing and proofread-                                                (For Pix click when linked)
                                    Please contact.                                                                links not working? Go the
ing services, mass mailings,
                                                New! Volvo S70, 2.0 T – Auto-           Club of Mozambique website
typing as well as other secre-
                                                                           matic, 1999 Model, Electric win-        and find the classifieds section.
tarial services. Let me help
                                                                           dows, Power steering, 18" mag 
you! Contact Tamara on              I am looking for a speech thera-       wheels/ new tyres, Service done
84 730 4410 or email to             pist for a 8 years old child with      in S.A.(agent), Sound system,              stuttering problem. Contact:
                                    828233410 or write to                  Usd 12'000, 82 3117060 / 84
3 Empregadas available.   
Carolina has been an empre-
                                                                           New! Land Rover. 1992. Good
gada for family of Guebuza's        Flat for rent in Quelimane,            Condition. Milage: 88 000 and
daughter and a school for 4 or      4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, large          many new parts such as tyres,
5 years in total. Gracinda, em-     lounge and kitchen, furnished          doors, latches, water pump, com-
pregada of my friend Olga           (optional), secure parking, water      pressor..Regular maintenance.
(from Brazil) for 4 years. Ha-      24h/day, 3 storey building, private    Car can be seen at International
issa, empregada of Joline and       security, well located. Available      Monetary Fund Residence. Plea-
Diepak, and before working          from 1st of October. Call: Pedro       se contact Felix Fischer:
for an Indian family, 3 to 4        82 8459090 email: massin-              823003530 or
years experience in total. Any-
one who is interested, please
contact Jessica at 823125810                                               Pajero. Late 1997 model 3.5
or             House for Rent in Pemba.               GDI EXCEED V6 - 5 door - $15
                                     3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large        000. Good interior and exterior.
                                    garden. Ideal for project-based        Triptronic, A/C, Sunroof, roof
Empregada available now.                                                   rack, tyres almost new. 135         Solutions Business Directory
                                                                                                             Solutions Business Directory
                                    person going to Pemba. Available
Esperanca has worked with us        End Oct / Nov 2008. Contact            000km, regularly services. Con-  “Mozambique’s Highest Quality
                                                                                                                  “Mozambique’s Highest
for the past 3+ years. She has      Anna on: 82 5508641 / 82 315           tact Henk on                            Service Providers”
                                                                                                                Quality Service Providers”
never missed a day of work, is
                                    8610                                                                      on-line reference for the most
                                                                            84 398 2620 or AnAn on-line reference for the most
hardworking, honest, reliable                                                                                     reputable service providers in the
                                                                                                                            reputable service
and discreet. Please call Espe-                                                                                                market
ranca at 82-399-1900.                House for Rent in Algarve You         For more cars: click here                     providers in the market
                                    can rent our beautiful Villa "Kaya                                                     Subscribe Now
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                                    Kwanga", which is very tranquil              Lessons and Paid       
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