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					        Contents                                      CITY ARENAS ON DEATH ROW
                                                  by Max Miller
                                                  In spite of the fact that the Bobcaygeon Arena has been granted a
    Village Voice                                 pardon and will still be receiving funding to make much needed
    Pg. 3-5
                                                  improvements to the upstairs community centre, I find the fact
    City Hall                                     that it still remains, along with about three other City arenas, on
    Pg. 6                                         death row with a questionable future, pretty upsetting. As one
                                                  Councillor pointed out in a recent debate at City Hall over whether
    Horoscopes                                    it makes sense to spend money on a facility that may eventually
    Pg. 24                                        be torn down, these community arenas have tremendous historic
    Financial Services                            and sentimental value in our towns and villages. But not only
    Pg. 16                                        that, they are vital to the health and well-being, for young and
                                                  old alike, and if properly maintained, they should actually be
    Local Churches                                economically beneficial for local businesses.
    Pg. 23                                           How can we consider shutting down local community arenas
                                                  before we have any kind of public transit for the City of Kawartha
    Trades & Services                             Lakes in place? If we really are a City, then we must be able to
    Pg. 24-27                                     provide the necessary transit for our people to get to City facilities.
    Legion News                                   If there was no Bobcaygeon arena, then many of our town’s
    Pg. 23                                        children, young people and families (young and old) would be
                                                  unable to participate in sports like hockey and figure skating, and
    Local Success Stories                         that would be an unfair and tragic thing. Recreation is essential
    Pg. 35                                        to the vitality of a community, that is why our tax dollars are
    Crossword                                     used to fund City facilities. If residents don’t have access to
    Pg. 17                                        transportation, how will they be able to travel to Fenelon Falls to
                                                  participate? Before local ice rinks are closed, we must be able to
    Health Section                                ensure that the arenas which remain open and funded by our tax
    Pg. 33-35                                     dollars, are accessible to everyone equally.
                                                     Aside from the fact that it is widely known that Bobcaygeon has
    Classified Section
                                                  the best ice in the City, the arena must be maintained because
    Pg. 36-37
                                                  Bobcaygeon has no other public community centre. Arguments
    Local Events                                  that our facility is not well used may actually be true, and I hate
    Pg. 38                                        to be cliché, but, if we fix it, they will come. Currently, the
                                                  community centre upstairs is not wheelchair accessible, and just
                                                  all around in a decrepit state. Once the scheduled updates are
                                                  complete, I believe usage of the facility will increase dramatically.
                                                  If we have a more modern, accessible space, Bobcaygeon
                                                  could host more hockey tournaments and more figure skating
              48 Main St., P.O. Box 535           competitions and shows, family events, community events... the
             Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0               possibilities are endless, and potentially lucrative.
                       I am encouraged by the fact that the Mayor and many
                      Councillors stood up to defend the Bobcaygeon Arena, and the
                                                  promises that have already been made to Bobcaygeon. Thank
             Circulation 11,000                   You! I recently attended the very moving presentation during
            Distributed throughout the            Snofest of Pete Cziraky’s hockey sweater to the arena, on Pete
              Kawartha Lakes Area                 Cziraky Memorial Day, at the Pete Cziraky Memorial Hockey
     Publisher/Director/Manager: Max Miller       Tournament, and I think he would have been proud to hear his
              Editor: Molly Cadigan               friends and colleagues defending the commitment that council
              Sales Representatives:
                                                  has already made to the arena.
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