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DATE:    December 1, 2009                             Expo Building, Ft. Pierre, SD
         7:00 pm

PRESENT: Paul Bachand, President; Michael Long, Rink Manager; Ron Wagner,
Scheduler; Amy McTighe, Registrar; Dawn Magee, Risk Manager; Cindy Gerber,
Squirts; Angel Wedin, Treasurer; Pamela Metzinger, Fundraising; Jeff Mammenga, PR;
Sheri Anderson, Concessions; Lynda Wagner, Hockey Booster; Jim Wedin, Coaching
Director; Mikal Hanson, Varsity/JV; Kris Buchholtz, PeeWees; Kathi Mueller, Mites;
Rob Anderson, Vide President; Ron Schmidt, Girls; Marcie Long, Secretary.

ABSENT: Dede Fasken, Mites; Dean Taylor, Bantams; Gordon Woods, Seniors.

Also present: Ron Bren

A motion was made by Lynda Wagner, seconded by Kathi Mueller, to approve the
minutes of the November 3, 2009 board meeting. Motion passed.


The monthly financial report was distributed and discussed. Angel has made numerous
phone calls to one Squirt parent regarding two returned checks (one for registration fees,
the other for equipment rental). Cindy Gerber will contact the parent and inform them
that their debt must be paid prior to the next team practice or the child cannot participate.

A motion was made by Marcie Long, seconded by Dawn Magee, to refund $110 (camp
registration minus processing fees) for Andrew Farris, who was not able to skate during
camp due to illness. Motion passed.

Angel reported she is still waiting on Ice Bowl reimbursement from 6 families. She also
has not received the $500 donation from the Governor’s Hunt. Kathi Mueller volunteered
to make a call to check on the status of that donation.

Angel reported there are still three families who have not paid their penalty for being
delinquent in their hours worked from the past season. Paul Bachand will be sending
them a letter to collect the money due.

A motion was made by Mikal Hanson, seconded by Kris Buchholtz, to accept the
treasurer’s report. Motion passed.


No Report was given.

Amy McTighe informed the board one family has not paid their fundraising fee for the
mandatory fundraiser. The same family is one of the three who has not yet paid for
delinquent hours from last season. Mikal Hanson will contact the family to inform them
their child cannot participate unless the debt is paid prior to the next practice.

Amy reported she has registered three Squirt players in the last week and knows of
another Mite player who is interested in registering to play.


Pam Metzinger reported the Arby’s fundraiser went well and was very well attended.
OHA has not received payment from Arby’s at this time so we do not know how much
we raised.

Pam informed the board the raffle tickets went out in the mail. She asked the Mite/Mini
Mite Representative to contact the parents at that level to inform them of the raffle and
that tickets are available for sale if they want to participate. December 31 is the final date
to turn in tickets to Pam. The drawing will be held on January 2, 2010, at the first Varsity
home game.

Pam checked into the Oahe Electric Scholarship. The funds have been disbursed for this
year, but we can apply at any time for next year’s funds. After some discussion, it was
agreed that Pam should make application for funds to purchase six pieces of glass for the


The Board discussed placing signs up at the rink regarding cell phones in the locker
room. Lynda Wagner is going to contact the state for clarification as to whether or not the
rule states they can be in the locker room but need to be turned off, versus not being
allowed in the locker room at all.

Dawn Magee has been appointed to the position of State Risk Manager.


Ron Wagner reported the pocket schedules have been printed and are ready for
distribution to the sponsoring businesses. Amy McTighe offered to deliver them with
season passes to sponsors.

The Squirt tournaments have been scheduled. Kathi Mueller will email Ron the
Mite/Mini-Mite Tournament Schedule.

Michael Long expressed appreciation for the volunteers who have been helping with ice
maintenance. He trained a few new Zamboni drivers recently. Angel Wedin reported the
cleaning ladies have started cleaning the bathrooms in the rink.

Discussion was held regarding who has keys to the concession room. Items have been
taken without authorization from the concessions, and the concessions area has been used
without authorization and left dirty. Rob Anderson will contact the Expo Board to ask if
they mind if we rekey that lock. Michael Long will check with Tim Badger about putting
in an RO water tap in the upstairs concession room for teams to fill water bottles.


Jeff Mammenga asked level representatives to submit team photos to him for inclusion in
the newsletter. Jeff will talk to the Capital Journal regarding what publicity they are
willing to give to all levels of Oahe Hockey.


Email Vote on moving 2 Squirts to PeeWees: Via email, a motion was made by Rob
Anderson, seconded by Dawn Magee, to move 2 Squirts to the PeeWee C team upon
permission of the players parents, which will allow the PeeWees to split into two teams
rather than having one team of 18. Voting in favor: Paul Bachand, Rob Anderson, Lynda
Wagner, Gordon Woods, Jim Wedin, Dawn Magee, Sheri Anderson, Angel Wedin, Kris
Buchholtz, Dean Taylor, Cindy Gerber, Pam Metzinger, Ron Schmidt. Voting Against:
Michael Long, Marcie Long. Motion passed.

Rink Manager: OHA is still in need of a rink manager for the 2010-2011 season. If
anyone is interested they should contact Michael Long or any board member.


Coaching Reimbursement: Discussion was held regarding paying non-parent coaches. A
motion was made by Mikal Hanson, seconded by Michael Long, to pay a stipend of $500
each to Rob Kittay and Bryce Baker at the conclusion of the 2009-2010 season. Motion

A motion was made by Dawn Magee, seconded by Pam Metzinger, to reimburse travel
expenses for up to two PeeWee C coaches who travel without their children to coach a
PeeWee C game at the rates already established. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Rob Anderson, seconded by Cindy Gerber, to reimburse travel
expenses at rates already established for Tom Smith, Girls Varsity coach. Motion passed.
Board Policies: Paul Bachand and Marcie Long have been working to get all OHA
policies up to date. A packet of policies will be emailed to the board for review within the
next two months. The goal is to have all policies up to date and published on the OHA
website prior to the end of the 2009-2010 season.

OHA Recruitment Committee: The board discussed in depth the handout which was
distributed at the November meeting. Considerable discussion took place regarding the
promotional items on the handout. The Board agreed that Ron Bren should fine-tune
plans to make the following things happen in the near future:

       1.         Encourage teams to wear a team shirt on game days versus wearing
                  jerseys to school. Paul Bachand, as President, has the authority to allow
                  teams to wear their jerseys and he will designate one day prior to a
                  weekend of home games as a day when skaters can wear their jerseys
                  to school. That date has yet to be determined.
       2.         Ron will work to create a questionnaire for players so we can feature a
                  Varsity Boy and Girl skater along with a younger player every week in
                  the Capital Journal.
       3.         It was agreed that Open Skate needs to be better publicized by using
                  Channel 8 as well as the Capital Journal “What’s Happening”.
       4.         Jeff Mammenga will help coordinate a “media blitz” for the week prior
                  to the first Varsity home game on January 2 to further promote hockey.

The suggested program modifications were discussed, but no action was taken. Ron
explained that January 30, 2010 is Hockey Across America day – a day set aside to
increase interest and participation in hockey. OHA hopes to hold an event on the evening
of January 30th which would allow younger skaters to come try hockey.

A motion was made by Kris Buchholtz, seconded by Dawn Magee, to adjourn the
meeting. Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

The next meeting will take place Tuesday, January 5, 2010, at the Expo Building in Ft.

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