SEPTEMBER 10, 2009


Present: Dale Winkler, President; Ken Talley, President-Elect; Sheree Koppel, Secretary;
Ahmed Sabie, Past President; Sarah Raikes, ACTE Region II Representative; Dexter
Knight; LeeAnn Dougherty; Brenda Hazell; Faria P’Pool, Mary Kleber; Doris Sikora;
Wayne King; Donnalie Stratton; Carolyn Carter; Mark Gibson; Mike Stone; Kris Stone;
Guest – Cherie Mingus

President Winkler assigned a proxy for Mary Poole to Donnalie Stratton.

Absent: Mark Sims; Larry Belcher; Elaine Terry; Mike McMillen; Tim Thornberry; Mike

President Dale Winkler opened the meeting at 4:05 and began with a request that the
board approve the meeting agenda. Sarah Raikes moved to approve the agenda and
Doris Sikora seconded the motion. The motion passed.

President Winkler requested that Board members review minutes from the July 6, 2009
annual meeting and approve them. He also requested reading and approval of the minutes
of the April 16, 2009 Board meeting. Doris Sikora moved to accept the minutes and
Sarah Raikes seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Winkler passed around the Board Member Directory and asked members to approve or
correct their entries.

President’s Remarks

Winkler discussed the Leadership Team meeting where the agenda for the board was
shaped. He mentioned vacant Board positions: Guidance, Membership, and Awards.
The Leadership Summit Follow Up was on September 10 at the Baymont Inn in

President-elect’s Remarks

Ken Talley indicated that he was planning to learn from President Winkler. He asked for
support from the Board for his work during the coming year.

Treasurer’s Report

In the absence of Mark Sims, Treasurer, Kris Stone gave the report. She is preparing the
books for 08-09 to go to the accountant.
Summer Conference

Mike and Kris stated that conference exhibits brought in $40, 815. They gave the credit
for exhibit success to Chuck Pierce. About 72 exhibitors attended the 2009 CTE summer

ACTE Region II

Sarah Raikes reported that the conference hotel in Savannah is full and that the local
Marriott will house overflow registrants. She reminded the Board that Louisville will
host the 2010 Region II conference, September 30-October 2. She also mentioned that
the Board will host a reception for the Kentucky delegation at ACTE in November.

Executive Director’s Report

Mike Stone discussed future dates for summer conferences (handout). He mentioned that
evaluations from summer 09 mentioned liking the earlier dates for the conference
because it gave them time to plan implementation of the ideas from the conference in
their teaching before school started. He discussed the insurance survey results: 79
members said they would pay higher dues if dues included insurance (62%) while 155
nonmembers said that they would pay, as well (70%). He discussed the vacant position
of FBLA state director and what KACTE could do to affect the current decision to leave
the position vacant. Perkins funding appears to be level in current legislative activity.
The Galt House is the location for the 2010 Region II conference. He mentioned
problems with the KACTE website and plans to work with Sullivan College of
Technology and Design’s Dynamic Web Development instructors and students to
redesign the website.

Service Vice Presidents

Most of the Service VPs had nothing to add to their reports.

 Sheree Koppel stated that the revised and updated handbook can now be accessed on the
KACTE website. However, the three amendments presented at summer conference are
not yet included. Dexter Knight submitted Tim Thornberry’s Board report.

Liaison Reports

Carolyn Carter stated that KCTCS enrollments are up 11% statewide. The increase is
due largely to career and technical programs.

Donnalie Stratton reported on efforts at the state level to develop energy education
courses and career pathways. A course entitled Foundations of Energy is already
developed for implementation at the 9th grade level.
Action Agenda

Kris discussed the Assistant Executive Director’s report. She mentioned that ACTE has
added two new areas under New and Related Programs: ROTC and Information
Technology. She presented two action items.

   1. Will KACTE follow the lead of ACTE and offer free membership to
      postsecondary students pursuing CT careers?
      LeeAnn Dougherty moved that the KACTE follow the lead of ACTE and stop
      charging students a membership fee for the 2009-2010 year. Dexter Knight
      seconded the motion and the motion passed.

   2. Will KACTE approve the purchase of Quickbooks software for Kris to use with
      summer program work?
      Wayne King moved that the Board approve the purchase of Quickbooks.
      Sarah Raikes seconded the motion. The motion passed.

The Leadership Committee chaired by Donnalie Stratton discussed the Leadership
Summit. The September 10 Summit presented the following sessions: Networking,
Book study of Leadership 101, building a professional resume, professional organizations
and leadership styles. Participants were favorable about the summit, although they
wanted more time to interact with each other. Attendees liked the practical focus of the
summit. The Leadership committee suggested that we all work to mentor the participants
and provide them with genuine leadership roles at the summer conference in 2010.

The Board discussed the ACTE conference in Nashville, November 19 – 21. Dale, Ken,
Sheree and Sarah will be delegates with a fifth delegate needed. Mike Stone may be the
fifth delegate. The board continued the discussion of a possible KACTE reception on
Thursday evening the 19th from 5:30 – 7:00. Sarah and Cherie will provide finger foods,
Dale will provide paper goods and Doris agreed to provide salty items. Mike Stone
mentioned the Friday, 12 noon luncheon – the State Association Leadership Lunch as
important for Board members to attend. A Saturday session from 8:00 – 10:00 on using
technology to help grow state associations might be valuable for KACTE Board
members. Another important session is the 10:30 Region II business meeting. Mike
stated that the executive director may need assistance in talking with exhibitors,
providing them with KACTE literature, business cards and summer program information.

President Winkler addressed the issue of Summer Program proceeds and their
disposition. He mentioned that profits need to go back to the membership. As the Board
reviewed the proposed disposition plan, members noted that the document needed to
remove the language about deducting student membership fees from recommendation 5.
See Motion #3. The Board also noted that there were 7 recommendations and that the
second one with #5 needs to be #6 while the #6 needs to be #7. The board discussed
recommendation #3 and determined that it needed to be amended to read, “ Add
$15,101.60 to the professional development fund and formalize the distribution based on
an application which will be approved by a six member panel consisting of the OCTE
executive director, DCTE director, KACTE president, KACTE executive director,
KACTE assistant executive director and a postsecondary representative……targeted to
professional development supporting OCTE, DCTE and postsecondary CTE initiatives.
Dexter Knight moved that recommendation #3 be amended as above. LeeAnn Dougherty
seconded the motion. The motion passed. Wayne King then moved that the Board
accept the recommendations #1-7 with #3 amended as described above. Ahmed Sabie
seconded the motion. The recommendations 1-7 passed with #3 amended as above

Dale Winkler presented his ad hoc committee plans. Board members volunteered for
committee assignments as follows:

LeeAnn Dougherty
Carolyn Carter
Donnalie Stratton
Cherie Mingus
Sarah Raikes
Brenda Hazell as needed

Industry Certifications/CTE Teacher Recruitment
Mary Kleber
Dale Winkler
Wayne King

Public Relations/Membership
Mark Gibson
Dale Winkler
Wayne King
Sheree Koppel

ACTE 2010 Region II Conference
Brenda Hazell
Doris Sikora
LeeAnn Dougherty
Cherie Mingus
Mary Kleber
Sarah Raikes
Ken Talley
Dexter Knight

The meeting adjourned at 7:10.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Sheree Koppel

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