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					    Friday 20 August - Sunday 5 September.

                                CAIRNS 2010
                                             GUIDELINES FOR PROPOSALS & EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST

What will Festival Cairns look like in 2010?                             Now celebrating our 48th year, Festival
How will it sound, feel and taste this coming                             Cairns has long been a creative catalyst
season and beyond? What bold artistic                                      where ideas are born, artists are
statements will be made? What vibrant mix                                   encouraged, projects are cultivated
of colour and spectacle will dazzle our                                       and audiences from both at home
senses and unleash our imagination?..                                          and nearby Asia-Pacific hub regularly
These are the questions the                                                       come together to celebrate in an
creative community of Tropical                                                        explosion of light, colour and
North Queensland and                                                                   sound.
its neighbouring Pacific Rim                                                     Prospective producers and
are being invited to answer                                                     participants are now invited to
in the form of ideas, projects                                               submit their simple Expression of
and interests.                                                               Interest by Friday 9 April 2010.
This is your opportunity                                                      Please read the following guidelines,
to help us build the most                                                    before submitting your ideas, projects,
exciting and dynamic                                                           and interests for 2010. We will
festival ever! Expressions                                                      consider all proposals, all disciplines,
of Interest are now                                                            and all stages of development.
being sought from                                                          Information on how to submit can be found
artists, musicians,                                                 in this document or accessed on line at our
performers, event                                                   Festival site:
producers and creative
thinkers for this year’s Festival Cairns —
running for two action-packed weeks between:
Friday 20 August - Sunday 5 September.
201  1/2012 Festival Program
...ready to launch!
As we continue this new era for Festival Cairns,
our team is also looking ahead to the 2011 and
2012 seasons. We are excited about the future
of our creative celebration here in Tropical
North Queensland and want to invite Australia,
the Pacific Rim, and indeed the world to bring
their artistic ideas to Cairns.
If you have a project, collaboration or new work
that might be suitable for Festival Cairns in 2011
or 2012, please contact our Artistic Director or
Festival Producer to discuss. Our mission is to cultivate
new works; support artists and their creative process,
and even to provide time and space for cultural
producers wanting to get away from the trappings
of their daily lives and find respite in the Tropical
Far North (see Residency opportunities below).

Artist & Cultural
Producer Residencies
2010 also marks the launch of          The residency model often brings
the Far North Artist & Cultural        about new works, unexpected
Producer Residency Program,            influences, and exciting
based in a furnished cottage in        experimentation. To cultivate
a quiet corner of Cairns Botanic       new ideas for Festival Cairns,
Gardens.                               our team will be reserving a
Owned by Cairns Regional               handful of residencies each
Council, the residency                 year—intended especially for
accommodation has been                 artists and producers who’d like
dedicated to providing                 to investigate potential Festival
time and space to artists and          programming.
arts managers. Inspired by             The Far North Artist & Cultural
successful residency and               Producer Residency Program
exchange programs around               is open to creative practitioners
the world, our goal is to              in any discipline, and cultural
provide a creative retreat             managers at institutions across
and unprogrammed artistic              Australia. If you would like time
development to people engaged          and space in Cairns and a
in cultural production across          unique opportunity to develop
Australia.                             new work, please contact
A composer could spend a               the Festival Producer to indicate
month working on a new score.          your interest:
A choreographer might retreat to       Eric Holowacz: (07)4044 3086.
Cairns and find new inspiration
in the tropical flora. A theatre
company might spend three
weeks work-shopping its next
touring production—it’s your
pure, creative, living space.
Igniting a vision...                Your ticket to ride...
Our vision is to deliver a world-   Got talent and looking to showcase your creativity in a nationally
class, vibrant, progressive and     and internationally recognised arts and cultural festival? Well here
collaborative, arts and cultural    are three simple steps to get on board with Festival Cairns 2010.
festival with local, national
                                    To propose an event, touring production, collaborative project,
and international recognition as
                                    or community arts activity for the 2010 program,
we tell our own unique stories
                                    artists and producers should follow
and celebrate the distinctive
                                    our three-stage process
colours and hues of our
tropical lifestyle.
Colour me Cairns...
...colour me Festival!
                                                  To register your Expression of Interest to join            For more information or assistance in
                                                  with us in celebrating the vibrant and diverse             preparing or lodging your Expression
                                                  colours of Cairns, please read carefully the               of Interest, please call:
                                                  Festival Stages Guide on page 3 and complete               Caress Creed
                                                  and lodge the following form by close of                   Festival Cairns Administrator
                                                  business 9 April 2010.                                     Ph: (07) 4044 3594





                                                                                                                              POST CODE:

                                                  Ph:                          Email:

                                                  EVENT NAME:                                                                 EVENT DATE:

                                                  EVENT DESCRIPTION: (Attach separate sheet and support material if required)

                                                  ESTIMATED AUDIENCE SIZE:                            ESTIMATED EVENT BUDGET:

                                                Your Expression of Interest can be emailed to: or mailed to:
                                                ‘FESTIVAL CAIRNS’ - Cairns Regional Council, PO Box 359 Cairns, QLD 4870