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4.    GOLF - 11





9.    TAXATION - 22

10.   LEVIES & FEES - 24





                                1 . t H e I n t e G r at e D r e S O r t S C H e M e

PLEASE EXPLAIN THE INTEGRATED   Villas sold under the new IRS must form part of an approved development of
         RESORT SCHEME (IRS)    villas, built to international standards, with world-class amenities and facilities.
                                The acquisition of a villa for residential purposes by a foreigner under the IRS
                                will allow the foreigner and his/her dependant family to reside in Mauritius for as
                                long as he or she retains ownership. The minimum selling price of a villa is set at
                                US$500,000 and the maximum extent of the land is limited to 0.5276 hectares.
                                A villa can be acquired off-plan or during the construction phase. Corniche
                                Bay will incorporate an ownership company (Home Owners Association) to
                                manage security, maintenance and the estate.

                                Under the IRS regulations, a minimum of US$500,000 investment is required
                                for the acquisition of freehold immovable property, inclusive of land. Any of the
                                following will qualify to acquire property under the IRS regulations:

                                   • A non-citizen of Mauritius (including his or her spouse and dependants)
                                   • A citizen of Mauritius
                                   • A foreign company registered under the Companies Act of 2001
                                   • A Trust

                                A person who intends to acquire a property under the Scheme for residency,
                                and who is a non-citizen, must make an application for the status of resident in
                                accordance with the Immigration Regulations 1973, in respect of himself/herself,
                                his/her spouse and dependants. When such an application is approved, a resi-
                                dency permit will be granted. There are two straightforward applications that
                                buyers will need to complete:

                                  • Authorisation to purchase (after signing the CRP and depositing 5%
                                    which is held in escrow)
                                   • Residency and Occupation permit (after signing the Deed of Sale and
                                     paying US$70,000 which, for the first phase, is included in the gross
                                    sales value indicated on the price.

                                   2 . e S tat e O v e r v I e w G e n e r a L

        WHAT IS CORNICHE BAY?      Corniche Bay is a new luxury 190 Ha (470.3 hectare) low density scheme

                                      • 201 detached hillside villas with individual swimming pools
                                      • 9 hole golf course designed by Player Design
                                      • Golf clubhouse/academy
                                      • 62 bed Banyan Tree Spa and Hotel
                                      • Beach club
                                      • Required utilities and amenities
                                      • Access roads with 24 hour manned security access point
                                      • Footpaths and pedestrian bridges with 1 pedestrian/golf cart tunnel
                                        passing under road to lagoon frontage

                                   The masterplanners, Foster and Partners, have framed the development using
                                   the natural topography of the land which rises gently from the lagoon over 1km
                                   up to a steep mountain slope. The villas are set within the hillside by using the
                                   contours of the land and vegetation so that a discreet, high quality and environ-
                                   mentally sensitive background is created.

                                   Owing to the topography of the terrain, four villa designs have been created to
                                   best suit the ground conditions and landscape. All have dramatic views over the
                                   golf course, Le Morne Brabant mountain and the Indian Ocean.

       WHERE IS CORNICHE BAY?      Corniche Bay is located in the Black River District, on the South West Coast of
                                   Mauritius, approximately 1 mile south of La Gaulette village and 1.5 miles north
                                   of Le Morne Brabant. It is approximately one hour from the Sir Seewoosagur
                                   Ramgoolam International Airport and one hour from the bustling capital of
                                   Port Louis.

                                   The site is notable for its spectacular coral reef and dramatic backdrop of Le Morne
                                   Brabant Mountain, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2008.

WHAT SERvICES WILL BE AvAILABLE?   Services of the kind usually offered in world-class resorts shall be available to
                                   occupants of villas, as follows (these are a preliminary list of services and may
                                   be subject to change).
WHAT SERvICES WILL BE AvAILABLE?   General Services included within the Home Owners Association/Estate charges:
                                     • General administration of the Corniche Bay Estate
                                     • Common area landscaping and maintenance
                                     • Common area pest control
                                     • Refuse collection
                                     • 24 hour perimeter and access security
                                     • Insurance of common areas and administration buildings
                                     • Fibre-optic backbone and infrastructure to allow internet access, cable
                                       Tv and life and fire safety systems on a user-pays basis
                                     • All common areas and grounds
                                     • Full membership of the Player Design golf course, subject to membership

                                   Optional Services with Additional Charges:

                                     • Maintenance of exterior of villas, including exterior painting, roofs,
                                       windows, patios and pools
                                     • villa garden maintenance
                                     • Fitness centre, including tennis
                                     • Spa treatments
                                     • Restaurant dining
                                     • Housekeeping services
                                     • In-residence dining
                                     • Personal grocery stocking
                                     • Laundry and dry-cleaning
                                     • Babysitting services
                                     • Motorised water sports
                                     • Quad biking
                                     • Kid’s Club
                                     • The Beach Club
                                     • Non-motorised beach water sports at the Beach Club

                                   Please note that not all services will be available prior to the opening
                                   of the Banyan Tree Hotel and Spa Resort - expected July 2011. Please see
                                   construction programme for further details.

 HOW DID CORNICHE BAY GET       The word “corniche” comes from the French route “à corniche” or “road on a
                   ITS NAME?    ledge”. It typically refers to a road on the side of a cliff or mountain, with the
                                ground rising on one side of the road and falling away on the other.

WHAT IS THE TOTAL SIzE OF THE   The development is approximately 190.35 hectares in total (470 acres),
              DEvELOPMENT?      including the golf course and is made up as follows:

                                     Component                             Area (Ha)                Acres
                                     Golf Course                              31.82                  78.63
                                     Villas and Landscaping                  119.63                 295.55
                                     Hotel and Spa                            25.43                  62.84
                                     Beach area                               13.47                  33.28
                                     Total                                   190.35                 470.30

WHAT WILL THE HOME OWNERS       The HOA will be formed as soon as the first home is complete and will come
      ASSOCIATION MANAGE?       into effect during the first quarter of 2011. The HOA will contract its own
                                management team that will be responsible for the general well-being of the
                                estate related to common areas and infrastructure.

WHO IS THE LOCAL AUTHORITY?     The Black River District Council.

  WHY WAS THE SITE CHOSEN?      The site is in an idyllic setting in the shadows of Le Morne Peninsula, set on a
                                west facing hillside forming a natural amphitheatre to view spectacular views
                                and sunsets over the Indian Ocean.

                                The estate borders (and breaches) the Le Morne environmental buffer zone,
                                ensuring enhanced tranquillity and peace for residents. The site is also in close
                                proximity to the international airport (60 minutes), Black River (20 minutes)
                                and the Capital City of Port Louis (60 minutes), with easy access to world-
                                renowned beaches and water-sport activities.

 WHAT IS THE HISTORY OF THE AREA?   The site itself was largely a sugar cane plantation until 1993 when it was
                                    converted into grazing land for use as deer ranching and hunting. As part of the
                                    development, the opportunity is being taken to ensure that indigenous vegeta-
                                    tion is retained and re-introduced.

                                    Le Morne Brabant is the peninsula at the extreme south-western tip of Mauritius.
                                    It is highlighted by an eponymous single standing basaltic rock with a summit of
                                    556 metres above sea level which is one of the most imposing sights on Mauri-
                                    tius. The summit covers an area of more than 12 hectares and there are many
                                    overhangs and caves in the steep slopes. It is surrounded by a lagoon and is a
                                    famous tourist attraction which was designated UNESCO World Heritage Site
                                    Status in June 2008.

                                    The hill became well-known in the 19th century when fleeing slaves used Le
                                    Morne Brabant as a shelter. After the abolishment of slavery on Mauritius a
                                    police expedition travelled to the rock to tell the slaves that they were free, and
                                    it is said that the slaves misunderstood the expedition and jumped from the
                                    mountain to their deaths.

                                    Le Morne is one of the last three refuges of one of the rarest plants in the
                                    world, the Mandrinette. Another rare plant which grows only on the sides of
                                    the mountain is Trochetia Boutoniana.

                                    The peninsula of Le Morne benefits from a micro-climate and is one of the
                                    driest parts of the island.

WHAT DEvELOPMENT IS PLANNED FOR     Within Tatorio Holdings’ land ownership, no further development is planned.
PROPERTIES IMMEDIATELY ADjOINING    For conservation purposes the landscape around Le Morne is designated
     THE CORNICHE BAY PROPERTY?     into “core” and “buffer” development zones in which development is strictly
                                    controlled by The Le Morne Heritage Trust Fund Act of 2004 and the National
                                    Heritage Act of 2003. Any future development within these areas will therefore
                                    be strictly regulated. The southern portion of Corniche Bay encroaches into the
                                    buffer zone, and any future development to the south will be strictly controlled,
                                    ensuring enhanced tranquillity and peace for residents. To the north and east of
                                    the site, ground conditions and topography (in addition to the aforementioned
                                    legislation) mean development will be extremely limited.
    HAvE THE REQUIRED PLANNING      Yes – the required IRS Certificate was obtained in December 2007. The scheme
PROPOSALS BEEN APPROvED BY THE      has subsequently been changed to the current proposals and the promoter
              NECESSARY PARTIES?    intends to submit an application in February 2009 to vary the original consents.

WILL INDIGENOUS PLANTS BE USED IN   The landscaping and control of the environmental aspect of the site is very
      THE ESTATE’S LANDSCAPING?     important and the developers have put aside a substantial landscaping budget
                                    to plant indigenous trees and to landscape the common areas between the
                                    plots with local shrubs and grasses. The landscaping has been designed and the
                                    implementation supervised by Graham Young, a landscape architect operating
                                    out of South Africa.

                                    All the larger indigenous trees and shrubs along the river gorges and water
                                    courses will be retained and where very dense, will be thinned out and replanted
                                    elsewhere on the development. In the open spaces, trees, shrubs and grasses
                                    will be planted to recreate the tropical feel.

                                    Each villa will have an automatic irrigation system to facilitate ease of maintenance
                                    and stimulate new growth in each of the gardens and in the common areas.

   WHO WILL MANAGE THE ESTATE?      Please refer to the Home Owners Association Management Structure.

                                     3 . L I v I n G at C O r n I C H e b ay

WILL THERE BE ANY RETAIL SHOPPING    No, however, it is planned to include a delicatessen and general store as part of
 FACILITIES WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES    the golf clubhouse facility which will be a short walk or golf cart ride from the
                    OF THE ESTATE?   villas. For more substantial provisions, the village of La Gaulette is only a mile
                                     away where a commercial centre is available.

    WILL MOTORISED RECREATIONAL      Yes. Each villa will have a car port and space for parking further vehicles. However,
           ACTIvITIES BE ALLOWED?    as part of the estates sustainable approach, the developer is encouraging travel
                                     within the estate via golf carts. This will include the construction of additional
                                     pathways and a tunnel under the main road connecting the villas to the hotel/
                                     beach facilities. Golf carts are not included in the price of the villa, but can be
                                     purchased from the promoter at cost.

       WHAT WILL BE THE BENEFITS     The benefits will include:
                                     • As Corniche Bay is a Mauritian approved Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS),
                                       the buyer of a villa is entitled to Mauritian Permanent Residency for them
                                       and their immediate dependants.

                                     • Within a short golf cart ride away residents will have full access to the
                                       hotel facilities, golf club house with a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool,
                                       tennis courts and Beach Club with children’s playground and water sports
                                       activities including water skiing, sailing, snorkelling, diving, fishing, kite and
                                       wind surfing.

                                     • The hotel will include a fine cuisine restaurant and bar, or for a more
                                       informal meal the golf clubhouse will have a bistro/sports bar.

                                     • A luxurious ‘signature’ Spa, which will be located within the Banyan Tree

                                     • Within a 10 minute drive, access to the 1,000 Ha valriche Nature Reserve
                                       can be obtained which can be explored on horseback, by quad and
                                       mountain bikes or on foot.

                                     • Owners may become members of the Corniche Bay golf club, a nine hole
                                       facility designed by the Player Design group. This will include different tee
                                        locations for those seeking a greater challenge or full 18 hole round.

        WHAT WILL BE THE BENEFITS     • A rental pool will be operated by Banyan Tree, allowing villa owners the
      OF LIvING AT CORNICHE BAY?        opportunity to generate a return on their investment.

 WILL ALL ESTATE RESIDENTS BE ABLE    Yes, and this will be encouraged. Some facilities will however be subject to
TO USE THE LOCAL HOTEL FACILITIES?    additional charges, although it is hoped discounts will apply to residents.

      IS THERE A HELIPAD AvAILABLE?   There is one helipad located near the clubhouse – this is an authorised helipad
                                      which is open to a variety of operators. There will be little if no disruption to
                                      the home owners as it is situated away from residential areas.

       AS A HOME OWNER WILL I BE      No, the helipad will be maintianed by Banyan Tree who will operate both the
  RESPONSIBLE FOR THE UPKEEP AND      hotel and golf club facilities.

                                    4. GOLF

    WILL CORNICHE BAY RESIDENTS     Yes, all villa owners qualify to become members of the Corniche Bay Golf Club,
         HAvE ACCESS TO THE GOLF    which allows them to play the 9 hole golf course designed by the Gary Player Design
              COURSE AS MEMBERS?    group. This will include different tee locations for those seeking a greater
                                    challenge or full 18 hole round.

 WHAT UNIQUE OFFERINGS WILL BE      Golf enthusiasts are offered the following:
                                      • A driving range
                                      • 9 hole course, with alternating tee’s for those wishing to play a full 18 holes
                                      • A putting green
                                      • A Pro shop
                                      • Equipment rental
                                      • Locker rooms
                                      • Snooker facilities
                                      • Tuition from a PGA golf professional
                                      • A bar and restaurant
                                      • Cinema
                                      • Conference facilities

       WHY IS IT A 9 HOLE COURSE?   The southern portion of Corniche Bay encroaches into a buffer zone, created
                                    under Mauritian Law to protect the landscape around Le Morne Brabant
                                    (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) from over development. The development
                                    restrictions have prevented the developer from being in a position to create
                                    a full 18 hole championship facility. However, by securing World renowned
                                    course designers Gary Player Design under the leadership of Gary Player, who
                                    have been involved in over 250 acclaimed designs worldwide, we can assure golf
                                    enthusiasts that the course will be of championship pedigree. In addition,
                                    different tee’s will be created on each hole to present players with a variety of
                                    challenges should they wish to play a full 18 holes.

           IS THERE A CLUB HOUSE?   Yes there is a club house, designed by Foster & Partners. It is intended that
                                    the club house will incorporate the Banyan Tree Hotel’s gym and other leisure
                                    functions to ensure this becomes a centre for social gathering and informal dining.

                    IS THERE A CLUB    No – Owners automatically qualify to become members of the Corniche Bay
           MEMBERSHIP jOINING FEE?     Golf Club when they purchase their villa, which allows them to play the golf
                                       course. For frequent players, there will be a number of membership categories
                                       (single, family) which provide the option of paying annual subscription fees in
                                       return for lower green fees. Owners that do not opt for the subscription fee
                                       are allowed to use the golf course at the same green fee rates as those charged
                                       to the public. The subscription fees, green fees and general rules and regulations
                                       are set by the Corniche Bay Golf Club and amended from time-to-time.

         IS USE OF THE GOLF COURSE     The golf course will be operated by Banyan Tree Spa and Hotel, so it is open to
      EXCLUSIvE TO HOME OWNERS?        players from the hotel as well as paying members of the public.

 WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST       The golf course and all associated facilities will be managed and financed by the
OF OPERATING AND MAINTAINING THE       developer and in due course, Banyan Tree as part of the hotel.

   WILL ALL PROPERTY OWNERS HAvE       It is entirely your choice whether to pay the annual subscription fee to secure
  TO BECOME MEMBERS OF THE GOLF        preferential green fees and booking privileges. This may be relevant if you plan
CLUB EvEN IF THEY DON’T PLAY GOLF?     to rent out your villa.

 IF I RENT OUT MY vILLA, WILL GUESTS   All rentals are handled through the managed rental pool and guests occupying
GET THE BENEFIT OF THE MEMBERSHIP?     your villa will be entitled to book and play golf during their stay. Golf membership
                                       will be fully transferable, therefore if you are a member of the golf club, your
                                       guests will benefit from the reduced green fees that apply.

                                       If you are not part of the rental pool, but allow friends and family to use your
                                       villa, they will also be entitled to benefit from reduced green fees.

  IS THE MEMBERSHIP FEE REFUNDABLE     No, the membership rights are transferred to the new home owner that
              IF I SELL MY PROPERTY?   purchases that villa.

                                  5. vILLa DeSIGn

WHAT ARCHITECTURAL STYLE HAS      The masterplan is for a discreet and environmentally intelligent architecture that
BEEN CHOSEN FOR CORNICHE BAY?     blends harmoniously with the lush and extensive landscape. Green fingers of
                                  lush vegetation extend down towards the sea, with a series of contemporary
                                  buildings inserted amid tropical plantings to create an architecture that at once
                                  responds to the contours of the landscape and recedes into the green totality.
                                  Forming a sculptural family, dramatic undulating timber-shingle roofs unify the
                                  built elements and reinvent island architecture. Combined, these elements
                                  provide an idyllic haven in a luxuriant tropical garden, a pervading sense of
                                  tranquillity and luxurious relaxation.

                                  Sustainable design principles are at the heart of the architectural approach,
                                  ensuring that the masterplan is not only energy efficient, but also helps regenerate
                                  the landscape. Built from natural, sustainable materials, the rich organic palette
                                  creates a seamless relationship between the buildings and the landscape.

                                  Volcanic rock collected from the very site will be used, anchoring the resort to
                                  its surroundings, and other natural materials such as timber shingles, vegetation
                                  and water are dominant features in the masterplan. The striking wave-like, curving
                                  roofs are designed for optimum natural ventilation and to collect rainwater for
                                  treatment and reuse. Solar power will be harnessed and electric vehicles will
                                  be available for transport around the site. Offering privacy and exclusivity, the
                                  scheme creates a new model of luxury resort living.

        WHAT IS THE SIzE OF THE   There are four different villa types that a buyer can choose from, all of which are
            ACCOMMODATION?        freehold detached and standing on plots which vary between 1500-4000m² in
                                  size. The main types are:

                                    villa       Gross Internal   Covered External   Total Covered Total Living
                                    Type         Area (m²)          Area (m²)         Area (m²)   Space (m²) *
                                     I-2                155.2         125.90             281.10           230.90
                                     I-3                201.2         162.10             363.30           312.30
                                     1-4               320.00         163.40             483.40           465.61
                                      T                488.60         310.56             799.16           834.73

                                  *(GIA + Decking and Leisure)

            WHAT IS THE SIzE OF THE   Gross Internal Area (GIA) is the area within the building, measured to the inside
     ACCOMMODATION? (continued)       face of the external walls and including the area of internal walls and inboard
                                      structure. Total living space is the Gross Internal Area, plus decking and leisure
                                      area, but excludes the pools, Jacuzzi and water pool.

           CAN I SELECT THE DESIGN    Possibly. Owing to the topography of the terrain, villa designs have been created
             AND SIzE I WOULD LIKE?   to best suit the ground conditions and landscape. All have dramatic views over the
                                      golf course and Indian Ocean. However, some plots are more flexible than others,
                                      so if you have a strong preference for a particular plot and villa type, please speak
                                      with your local sales agent.

   ARE CERTAIN SITES ALLOCATED FOR    Yes – in order to optimize the views and privacy of villas, all plots have been
  A SPECIFIC HOUSE SIzE AND DESIGN?   allocated a specific villa type designed to suit that particular location. However,
                                      as indicated above some plots are more flexible than others, so if you have a
                                      strong preference for a particular plot and villa type, please speak with your local
                                      sales agent.

   CAN I SELECT MY OWN CHOICE OF      An owner cannot replace their villa or make changes to the architectural and
ARCHITECT, BUILDER AND LANDSCAPER     landscaping guidelines, which will form part of the constitution of the home
 AND GARDEN SERvICE CONTRACTOR?       owners association. All construction within the estate (including by the developer)
                                      must conform to these guidelines in order to maintain the character and value
                                      of the estate. Should an owner wish to alter the design or layout of their villa,
                                      special arrangements can be made with the developer, which would involve the
                                      developer’s architect approving the owner’s plans and the developer’s contractor
                                      undertaking the works at an agreed price. These rules also apply to the installation
                                      of additional structures within the property (eg. sheds/garages) in order to
                                      preserve to character and value of the estate.

            HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE     It will take approximately 18 months to complete a villa.
                TO BUILD MY HOME?

       DO ALL UNITS HAvE TO HAvE A    Yes, all villas have a swimming pool They are lined with black polished volcanic
SWIMMING POOL OR IS THIS OPTIONAL?    rock infinity edges which collect into troughs of rubble rock collected directly
       DO ALL UNITS HAvE TO HAvE A    from the site. Jacuzzi’s sit surrounded by shallow water ponds and consist of
SWIMMING POOL OR IS THIS OPTIONAL?    lounge and bench seating formed in black concrete and incorporating gentle air
                        (continued)   bubbles and massage jets.

                                      The pools within the I - 4 type villas are constructed slightly below the villa itself
                                      due to the steepness of the terrain, and are approached via steps in the decking.
                                      The pool within the T type villas are partly constructed within the villa itself as
                                      it is not possible to construct an external pool on the steeper upper slopes on
                                      which these villa types are built.

       WHAT FIXTURES, FITTINGS AND    It varies according to the type of villa that is purchased. In general, all villas will
       FURNISHINGS ARE INCLUDED IN    have the following:
               THE PURCHASE PRICE?
                                      - The internal accommodation is all air conditioned. All bedrooms have en suite
                                      bathrooms, which are fitted with high quality sanitaryware and large format
                                      reconstituted limestone tiled floors, specified by Foster + Partners.

                                      - Modern kitchens with solid surface (Corian or similar) worktops, including a
                                      built-in hob, oven and extractor hood, specified by Foster + Partners.

                                      - The living areas will have tongue and groove hardwood timber floorboards,
                                      with the main living space being open plan with glazed sliding doors integrated
                                      into full height curtain wall glazing with high quality stainless steel ironmongery.
                                      These will open onto a large open jointed hardwood timber deck that will allow
                                      for easy indoor/outdoor living. Entrance pathways will be created from large
                                      format volcanic rock slabs.

WHAT COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY         Centralised satellite and free-to-air television distribution. Fibre-to-the-premises
 WILL BE INSTALLED ON THE PROPERTY?   (FTTP) optic network connected to each villa for high-speed multimedia services.
                                      A range of digital and communications services are available.

        WHAT SECURITY PROTECTION      Crime is not a problem in Mauritius, although to ensure residents security and
                 WILL BE INSTALLED?   privacy, access to the estate will be controlled through entrance barriers which
                                      will be staffed on a 24 hour basis. The estate will also be patrolled and each villa
       WHAT SECURITY PROTECTION       will have an entry-phone system will also allow residents to visually verify the
     WILL BE INSTALLED? (continued)   visitor’s identity from within their own villas. There is also an optional Intruder
                                      Alarm and Fire Detection System.

WHAT INTERIOR FURNISHING OPTIONS      Foster + Partners will be designing a bespoke furniture package which will be
 ARE OFFERED AS ADD-ON PACKAGES?      customised for each villa, and will complement the Corniche Bay development

                                      This service will be very comprehensive allowing the home owner to move into
                                      a fully furnished home, from plates in the cupboards to linen on the beds. This
                                      package will be compulsory for those owners who wish to join the Banyan Tree
                                      Rental Pool.

            ARE THERE FACILITIES TO   A docking facility is proposed as part of the Hotel and Spa development, which
                      MOOR BOATS?     will include the creation of a deep water channel. Moorings are currently available
                                      in Port Louis, Black River. Smaller boats can also be kept at an owner’s villa.

       WHAT ABOUT PETS AND HOW        Pets are subject to a 3 month quarantine period in Mauritius if they are brought
        ARE THEY TO BE CONTAINED      across from another country. Should you wish to permanently reside in the villa,
              WITHIN MY PROPERTY?     then yes, the estate rules allow for you to keep a pet, provided that the estate
                                      rules relating to the control of pets are respected and fencing is constructed in
                                      accordance with the architectural and landscaping guidelines.

                                    6 . F I n a n C I a L I n F O r M at I O n

WHY SHOULD I INvEST IN MAURITIUS?   There is a strong drive from government to attract foreign investment into
                                    Mauritius – in this regard there are a number of attractions including:

                                    • The benefits of a very low rate of corporate and personal income tax (15%
                                      in both cases), the absence of inheritance and capital gains taxes, as well as
                                      the existence of a number of double taxation agreements.

                                    • No exchange controls or restrictions on the flow of funds in and out of
                                      the country.

                                    • In Mauritius, an individual may opt for either a ‘country’ based tax where
                                      all assets are subject to income tax in Mauritius, or for the ‘international’ tax
                                      position where only money brought into Mauritius is taxable in Mauritius.
                                      The provisions of the relevant double taxation treaties which Mauritius
                                      holds with your country of origin would need to be reviewed and you are
                                      advised to consult your own tax specialist regarding your individual status,
                                      relating to either any taxation or exchange control issues in your country
                                      of citizenship or residency.

                                    • Mauritius has a strong offshore banking and financial sector, with over 400
                                      financial institutions operating from the island.

                                    • A successful developing country with an advanced IT and telecommunications

                                    • The possibility of using Mauritius as a gateway to India, Africa, Asia and the
                                      Middle East.

                                    • Close business and cultural links with Europe.

                                    • A peaceful and stable democracy that is more than 40 years old.

                                    • Regular flights to all major international destinations.

                                    • A first-world standard of health and education facilities.

                                    • Permanent Residence, Work Permit and other advantages linked to a certain
 WHY SHOULD I INvEST IN MAURITIUS?        category of IRS scheme: There are no restrictions preventing foreigners
                         (continued)     from buying and owning real estate in Mauritius under the IRS scheme, save
                                         for processes and approvals that non-citizens must follow and obtain before
                                         registration of ownership. Buyers from certain countries may be required
                                          to obtain the approval of the appropriate authorities in their countries of
                                         residence before being able to purchase a villa at Corniche Bay or to be able
                                         to expatriate funds for such purposes.

                                        • Doing Business 2009 released by the World Bank and International Finance
                                          Corporation (IFC), ranked Mauritius 24th (2008- 27th) out of 178 economies
                                           in terms of the ease of doing business and 1st in Africa, displacing South
                                          Africa who rank 35th, falling 6 places from last year. Mauritius has set itself
                                          a target of reaching the top ten worldwide.

                                        • The Mo Ibrahim Foundation report, a Free Market Foundation Survey on
                                          African country governance, ranked Mauritius as No.1 in Africa. The Seychelles
                                          was 2nd with South Africa 5th.

WHICH FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS HAvE       Most of the major banks represented in Mauritius (including Standard Bank,
 AGREED TO PROvIDE MORTGAGES FOR        Barclays, MCB and Investec Bank) offer to finance or guarantee up to 70% of the
      THE CORNICHE BAY PROPERTIES       villa purchase price without recourse to collateral other than the underlying villas
                                        being purchased at Corniche Bay – these banks also have specialised IRS teams
                                        for assistance in matters such as these.

         I WOULD LIKE TO CHOOSE A       Yes, as long as that bank can provide a guarantee of payment acceptable to the

                                  7 . Pay M e n t S C H e D u L e & G u a r a n t e e S

  WHAT GUARANTEES ARE IN PLACE    The developer is required by law to furnish a bank completion guarantee to
AND WHAT CONFIDENCE CAN I HAvE    assure the buyer that the construction of the villa will be fully completed. From
            IN THE DEvELOPMENT?   the acceptance by the buyer of the villa, the developer is liable for 10 years for
                                  latent defects to which architects, contractors and other person linked to the
                                  developer by a contract for work, are themselves bound pursuant to Articles
                                  1792 and 2281 of the Mauritius Civil Code.

                                  Confidence in the development and in the contracts awarded has also resulted
                                  in the formal agreement of our bankers to provide completion guarantees to
                                  villa buyers – this is most significant in that:

                                  • Such guarantees provide all buyers at Corniche Bay with the confidence
                                     that all aspects of the development have been independently scrutinized
                                    and found to be worthy of underwriting. This is particularly significant in
                                    the current global economic environment where the sub-prime melt-down
                                    has made financial institutions wary of certain types of property developments
                                    – especially those offering exotic financing packages with buy- or lease-back
                                    options and payment moratoriums. Financial institutions have taken comfort
                                    in the sound fundamentals upon which our development and rental pool
                                    are based and have confidence in the buyer screening approach adopted as
                                    part of our sales and buyer finance application processes. As a result, most
                                   of the major banks represented in Mauritius (including Standard Bank,
                                    Barclays, MCB and Investec Bank) and offer to finance or guarantee up to
                                    70% of the villa purchase price without recourse to collateral other than
                                   the underlying villas being purchased at Corniche Bay.

                                  • Standard Bank also guarantees that, in the event that the developer and/or
                                    the contractor fail/s to perform, the required funding will be provided to
                                    complete not only the buyers’ villas, but also the infrastructure required for
                                    all of the villas in Phase 1 of the development (representing an underwriting
                                    commitment of more than USD $20 million).

                                          8. LeGaL & reSaLeS

   ARE THERE ANY CHARGES APPLICABLE       No, not for the home owner.

I‘vE SIGNED MY RESERvATION CONTRACT       When a home owner signs the Reservation Contract, they will have already
AND DEPOSITED MY RESERvATION FUNDS        agreed with the developer the plot and the villa they require, as well as the plans
 IN AN ESCROW ACCOUNT. WHEN WILL I        for that villa. The deposit is not refundable unless the home owner’s application
BE ABLE TO vISIT THE SITE TO CHOOSE THE   to purchase property in Mauritius is not granted by the Board of Investment.

      WHAT IS THE AGREEMENT OF SALE,      Under Mauritian law, the buyer is well-protected to ensure that they are
  PAYMENT SCHEDULE AND LEGAL ISSUES       guaranteed full delivery of the villa they have contracted to purchase. Before
               I NEED TO BE AWARE OF?     the signing of the Deed of Sale (DOS) between the seller, Tatorio Holdings
                                          (Mauritius) Ltd and the potential buyer, a Preliminary Reservation Contract (PRC)
                                          is entered into by both parties. The potential buyer lodges a deposit with an
                                          independent escrow agent (in this case Standard Bank), equivalent to 5% of the
                                          purchase price on the DOS. This secures and reserves the selected villa until
                                          such time that a certificate is issued to the buyer by Mauritian authorities.

                                          In the unlikely event that the approval to purchase a villa is declined by the
                                          Mauritian government, the 5% escrow deposit will be returned to the buyer.
                                          Upon approval by the Mauritian authorities for the buyer to purchase a villa,
                                          the CRP is replaced by a DOS, whereby the buyer provides an acceptable bank
                                          guarantee for the full purchase price. The developer then issues the buyer with
                                          a bank completion guarantee and the freehold title to the land is registered by
                                          the notary in the name of the buyer.

                                          In accordance with the provisions of Article 1601-30 of the Mauritius Civil Code,
                                          the price on the DOS is payable as certain events happen and as the work
                                          progresses, namely:

                                          • 30% on signature of the deed of sale (includes release of the 5% escrow
                                            deposit) and the US$70,000 registration duty (for the first phase, the
                                            developer is meeting the cost of Duty)

                                          • 5% on completion of the villa foundations

                                          • 35% when the roof is completed and the villa is closed in
      WHAT IS THE AGREEMENT OF SALE,      • 25% on completion of the villa in terms of the DOS
   I NEED TO BE AWARE OF? (continued)     • 5% when the villa is made available to the buyer (all construction related
                                            payments certified by independent professionals prior to payment)

    IS OCCUPATION AvAILABLE PRIOR TO      No. Title to the land is transferred into the name of the buyer with the payment
      THE REGISTRATION OF TRANSFER?       of the first 30% of the purchase price (plus taxes). At this point, an application
                                          for residence and occupation permits is made and construction on the villa begins.

  RESIDENCY AND OCCUPATION PERMIT         The acquisition of a villa under the IRS shall grant resident status to the investor,
                                          his/her spouse and dependents under 18 years of age. A residency permit granted
                                          under the IRS shall remain valid until such time as the non-citizen (overseas
                                          buyer) ceases to own a property in Mauritius. The residency permit does not
                                          allow citizenship and whilst it gives an owner the right to only live in Mauritius
                                          whilst they own property within an approved IRS, it does not give the buyer the
                                          right to work in Mauritius, nor to own non-IRS property. An Occupation Permit
                                          gives a buyer the right to work in Mauritius.

ARE THERE ANY OUTSTANDING TENANTS         The land has been cleared according to the environmental impact assessment
OR ANCESTRAL LAND CLAIMS WITHIN THE       and associated development approval rights granted, including a subdivision
AREA OF THE PROPERTY TO BE DEvELOPED?     development permit and a building and land usage permit.

      WHEN CAN I RE-SELL MY PROPERTY?     A home owner is able to sell his property on transfer; however the seller will
                                          need to pay registration (IRS) tax of 10% on property valued at over 1.25m
                                          Euros (or $50,000 if under).

    CAN I USE THE SERvICES OF AN ESTATE   Yes, you may use any agent of your choice who may charge for their services.
   AGENCY / BROKER OF MY CHOICE AND       It is not proposed that the HOA will charge any fees for their services.

                            9 . ta x at I O n

      PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW    Transfer Tax equivalent to 5% of the purchase price on the DOS is payable by
      TAXATION APPLIES TO   the seller. Registration duty of USD $70,000 is payable by the buyer on the
 CORNICHE BAY PROPERTIES?   purchase of an IRS villa, but will be met by the developer for the first phase.

                            There is no inheritance tax and capital gains tax in Mauritius, but we recommend
                            that all buyers should seek professional tax planning advice relevant to their own
                            respective tax domicile, prior to purchasing property in Mauritius, in order to
                            minimise liabilities to taxes and duties.

                            In Mauritius, an individual may opt for either a ‘country’ based tax where all assets
                            are subject to income tax in Mauritius, or for the ‘international’ tax position where
                            only money brought into Mauritius is taxable in Mauritius. The provisions of the
                            relevant double taxation treaties which Mauritius holds with your country of
                            origin would need to be reviewed and you are advised to consult your own
                            tax specialist regarding your individual status, relating to either any taxation or
                            exchange control issues in your country of citizenship or residency.

WHY IS CORNICHE BAY SUCH    The fiscal benefits, such as the low tax rates, absence of inheritance and capital
     A GOOD INvESTMENT?     gains taxes, numerous double taxation agreements and a strong financial and
                            off-shore sector, are helping to ensure that Mauritius is fast becoming a major
                            financial trade destination of choice. The other key ‘risk / investment’ related
                            benefits of Corniche Bay specifically are:

                               • The golf course has already been designed by Player Design and will be
                                operational by around july 2011

                               • Corniche Bay is supported by a number of leading international financial
                                institutions operating in Mauritius

                               • The completion guarantees are issued by Standard Bank to the client and
                                not to the developer

                              • The south western region of Mauritius is a fast growing tourist destination
                                which will impact positively on the returns of hospitality investments
                                (through the rental pool)

  WHY IS CORNICHE BAY SUCH A   • Corniche Bay is an exclusive development of only 201 villas designed
GOOD INvESTMENT? (continued)     by World renowned architect Foster & Partners. The plot and villa size
                                  are far more generous than any other development in Mauritius, and
                                 the views and seclusion are unique.

                                               10. LevIeS & FeeS

    HOW WILL THE ASSOCIATION SYNDICALE         Each villa owner will be a member of the Association Syndicale which will
           SERvICE CHARGE BE CALCULATED,       administer and manage the common areas and infrastructure of the estate
       WHAT WILL IT COvER, HOW WILL IT BE      on behalf of the owners. Costs of the Association Syndicale are split equally
     APPORTIONED BETWEEN THE DIFFERENT         between all plots on the estate.
        COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES, AND HOW         Interior cleaning and other domestic facilities will be available upon request as an
         WILL THE FUND WILL BE MANAGED?        added value amenity and will be charged to the home owner separately.

                WHAT IS THE SINKING FUND       Non-refundable charges will be determined based upon a budget developed for
        CONTRIBUTION, HOW MUCH WILL IT         the common areas and infrastructure, and will be managed by the home owners
         COST, IS IT REFUNDABLE IF I SELL MY   association. The developer will not have access to the funds.

HOW LONG WILL THE DEvELOPER TOP UP ANY         For the initial phase, the developer will meet any shortfall in the Home Owners
SHORTFALL IN THE HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION       Association budget. For subsequent years shortfalls or surpluses will be carried
     BUDGET AT THE FINANCIAL YEAR ENDING?      forward to the following year, when charges will be adjusted accordingly.

      WHAT OTHER ONGOING PAYMENTS CAN          The home owners service charge covers the costs of maintaining common areas
            I EXPECT TO PAY WHICH ARE NOT      and infrastructure and allows a sinking fund for the periodical replacement of
           COvERED BY THE SERvICE CHARGE?      major plant. There should be no other major items of expenditure.

       WHAT ARE THE HOA ESTATE CHARGES?        The monthly levy and access fee charge is estimated initially to be approximately
                                               €300-400 per month for the I-2 and I-3 villas, rising to €550-900 per month for
                                               the I - 4 and T-type villas. Residents have no obligation to pay any costs towards
                                               the golf course. The service charges are used to fulfil a number of functions on
                                               the Estate, which include:

                                                 • General administration of common areas
                                                 • Common area landscaping and maintenance
                                                 • Common area pest control
                                                 • Refuse collection
                                                 • 24 hour perimeter and access security
                                                 • Insurance of common areas, administration buildings and sporting facilities

WHAT ARE THE ESTATE CHARGES?     • Fibre-optic backbone and infrastructure to allow Internet access, cable
                 (continued)      Tv and life and fire safety systems on a user-pays basis
                                 • All common areas and grounds

                               Optional services with additional charges include:

                                 • Spa treatments
                                 • Motorised water sports
                                 • Quad biking
                                 • Kid’s Club
                                 • Restaurant dining
                                 • Housekeeping services
                                 • In-residence dining
                                 • Personal grocery stocking
                                 • Laundry and dry-cleaning
                                 • Babysitting services
                                 • villa maintenance – cleaning, decorating etc.

                               The Promoter will guarantee that the HOA charges will not exceed the budget
                               for the first 12 months of operation.

                                     1 1 . M a n a G e D v I L L a r e n ta L P O O L

PLEASE DETAIL THE BROAD PRINCIPLES   The tourism industry in Mauritius is well established. Villa rental in Mauritius is
OF OPERATION OF THE RENTAL POOL      a relatively new industry and units of offer range from individual “bungalows” to
                                     exclusive villas attached and operated by 5-star hotels. The more exclusive the
                                     tourism offering, the better the revenue generation potential becomes for the
                                     promoters and for the country, which will in turn result in an increase in volume
                                     and quality of employment generation. It is therefore imperative that Mauritius
                                     maintains and grows its 5-Star plus exclusive tourism offering, and this can only
                                     happen through professional management and effective regulation of the industry.
                                     This includes regulation to ensure the orderly marketing and management of
                                     villa rentals.

                                     The Mauritian legal framework strictly regulates IRS developers – regulations
                                     include the attachment of stringent conditions to EIA licenses, minimum pricing
                                     of villas and apartments and numerous restrictions on building characteristics.
                                     The legal framework also obliges IRS companies to take responsibility for the
                                     orderly setting up and management of rental pools and obliges any rental of villas
                                     in an IRS scheme to be undertaken through the IRS Company.

                                     The rental pool for Corniche Bay will be operated by Banyan Tree Hotels, and
                                     control of the operation of the rental pool will be passed to them. The manager’s
                                     remuneration will be linked to the revenue and profitability of the rental pool
                                     – a formula that has proved to be highly successful for the hotel industry in

                                     Principles central to any rental pool are:

                                        • The equitable sharing of revenue and cost based on periodic evaluations
                                          preformed by an independent entity

                                       • The independent management of the revenue and cost pools by a
                                        commercial operator

                                       • The location of the villa in the development and the views enjoyed from
                                         the villa

                                       • The size of the villa and plot

PLEASE DETAIL THE BROAD PRINCIPLES      • The quality of the finish and décor of the villa
                      (continued)       • The season

                                     The owner is not obliged to make his/her villa available, but the villa may not
                                     be occupied for the purposes of rental during the periods when the owner
                                     has declared it unavailable, and regulations will be put in place to monitor and
                                     control access to villas in order to administer these regulations.

                                     All rental revenue will attract tax at the prevailing rate of 15%.

                                12. t H e D e v e LO PM e n t t e a M

  WHO ARE THE DEvELOPERS FOR     Corniche Bay is an exclusive residential property development in Mauritius
CORNICHE BAY AND WHAT OTHER      proposed by the Tatorio Holdings (Mauritius) Ltd. This is a special purpose
 DEvELOPMENTS HAvE THEY BEEN     company which has been incorporated to implement this development, which
              INvOLvED WITH?     is itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenoak Holdings Limited. Greenoak
                                 Holdings is part of the Greenoak Group, an international investment company.
                                 The Group activities include oil transportation, shipping and a number of
                                 industrial investments. The Group activities include significant investments in
                                 Georgia and the Caucasian Region.

 WHO IS THE MANAGEMENT TEAM      Management of the Corniche Bay development will be undertaken through
 FOR THE CORNICHE BAY ESTATE?    the development company whilst construction is taking place. Thereafter,
                                 once the management systems are in place, full control will be transferred to
                                 the Association Syndicale to either run in-house, or to outsource to another
                                 management company as agreed by the residents. The golf course and hotel
                                 will continue to be run by Banyan Tree, although there will be an obligation to
                                 contribute towards the cost of running shared plant.

 WHAT COMPANIES ARE INvOLvED     A full team of independent professionals (all members of international
      WITH THE DEvELOPMENT?      associations of their respective professions) has been appointed to provide
                                 the following design, specification and construction supervision services:

                                 Greenoak Holdings Ltd.

                                 Tatorio Holdings (Mauritius) Ltd.

                                 Development Manager:
                                 Manly Developments

                                 Architectural Services:
                                 - Foster and Partners (London)

WHAT COMPANIES ARE INvOLvED WITH    - Jean-Michel D’Unienville (Mauritius)
     THE DEvELOPMENT? (continued)
                                    Golf Course Designers:
                                    Gary Player Design Group

                                    Landscape Architectural Services:
                                    Graham Young (South Africa)

                                    Construction Management Services:
                                    MACE (London)

                                    Quantity Surveying Services:
                                    Gleeds Hoolooman (Mauritius)

                                    Civil and Structural Engineering Services:
                                    Arup (London) and Arup Sigma (Mauritius)

                                    Water (potable, irrigation, waste, ponds) Engineering Services:
                                    ArupSIGMA (Mauritius)

                                    Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services:
                                    PHA Services (Mauritius)

 WHAT ARE THE DEvELOPMENT STAGES    The first phase of the development is likely to be awarded to Rehm Grinaker, a
      PLANNED FOR CORNICHE BAY?     Mauritian construction company, who have completed the bush clearance and
                                    groundwork to enable construction to start.

                                    Phase 1 infrastructure works will be undertaken as part of phase 1, with the
                                    construction of roads, trenches, cables, piping, water, sewage, electricity, com-
                                    munications and other services will be put in place. This part will be completed
                                    during the course of 2009 such that the contractor and villa owners will be able

WHAT ARE THE DEvELOPMENT STAGES    to use the infrastructure, but with final landscaping and a second layer of tar on
     PLANNED FOR CORNICHE BAY?     the roads remaining to be completed as the second part. This split in infrastructure
                     (continued)   works is done in order to avoid damage to the landscaping during villa construction,
                                   and to ensure a smooth road finish when the contractor eventually leaves site.
                                   The second “touching up” part of the infrastructure will be completed during the
                                   second half of 2010, after the completion of construction.

                                   Construction of the first group of 25 villas is scheduled to start in July 2009, and it
                                   is anticipated that these will be completed over a period of 18 months.

   WHO ARE THE OTHER KEY PARTIES   Pam Golding and Aylesford International have been appointed as sole marketing
      INvOLvED AT CORNICHE BAY?    agents.

                                   Founded in 1976, The Pam Golding International Property Group is South Africa’s
                                   largest independent residential and commercial property company. Named after
                                   its founder and Chairman Pam Golding, the Group now employs over 3000
                                   people nationally and internationally (UK, France, Holland, Germany, Mauritius,
                                   Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia) and operates in both the
                                   residential and commercial sectors, including game farms, wine farms, holiday
                                   rentals, long-term rentals, vacant land, hotels, golf estates, residential developments,
                                   auctions and offshore property investments. S ales for the year ending February
                                   2008 totaled R21 billion, translating into a national market share of approximately
                                   10 - 15%. This leadership position is even more dominant in the more elite
                                   residential property sector

                                   Aylesford International has been in the business of selling homes for 40
                                   years and operates in a discrete and professional fashion. They have a team
                                   of negotiators based in London who sell, let and value properties all over the
                                   world. The Marbella office covers the southern Spain region, the Villefranche-
                                   sur-Mer office looks after southern France, and an individually selected group
                                   of consultants work in specific markets to ensure the best possible service and
                                   local knowledge.

                       1 3 . t O u r I S t & G e n e r a L I n F O r M at I O n

 TELL ME MORE ABOUT    Mauritius is a small island situated in the Indian Ocean. The island is connected
MAURITIUS IN GENERAL   via direct flights to almost every capital city. The population is around 1.2 million
                       people, all of whom come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This
                       wonderful mix of cultures means that the people of Mauritius are open, friendly
                       and service-orientated.

                       Summer ranges from November to April and Winter is from May to October.

                       The tourism sector is the fastest growing sector in the island with an annual
                       growth rate of around 10% per annum. Current arrivals are in the order of
                       700,000 tourists per year and the government has initiated major enabling measures
                       (airport expansion, liberalisation of air routes, etc.) with the objective to increase
                       this figure to 2 million arrivals per annum over the next decade. The four main
                       pillars of the Mauritian economy are textiles, sugar, tourism and services sectors.
                       Sugar exports have been the main source of foreign exchange for a long time
                       before the importance thereof diminished with the diversification of the economy.
                       The increasing development of the business and financial sectors along with the
                       use of the marine resources means that these are now the main engines of
                       growth on the island.

                       The island was discovered by the Arabs, who called it the Dinarobin. Many
                       years thereafter, the Portuguese arrived and named it “The Isle of the Swan”,
                       perhaps because of the Dodo bird. Then it was taken over by the Dutch who
                       called it Mauritius after one of their royal members. They were the first to attempt
                       to colonise the island. The French then arrived in 1715 and called the island
                       “Ilse de France”. They started trading and cultivating sugar cane maximising the
                       slave trade. A century later, Mauritius regained its Dutch name when the English
                       took over and the island remained a British colony until its independence in 1968.
                       Mauritius is now a well respected republic and well acclaimed democracy, with
                       seats on various international organisations.

                       The island is volcanic although the main crater, the Trou aux Cerfs is now as
                       extinct as the Dodo, which was unique to the island. The adventurous will discover
                       many rivers and streams as well as lakes, waterfalls and mountains very typical of
                       a volcanic island. Many types of activities can be organised to make the most of
                       these beautiful areas.

           ABOUT MAURITIUS     Mauritius is located approximately 2,000 kilometres to the south eastern coast
                               of Africa and lies east of Madagascar on 20°5, 57.5E. The country covers an area
                               of 186 km² with 330 kilometres of coastline. Mauritius is 45 km in width and 65
                               km in length.

                               Mauritius is a democratic state based on the Westminster model and enjoys
                               political stability.

                               Visitors from most countries do not require a visa. To enter one needs a valid
                               passport and a return ticket. If in doubt contact any Mauritian Embassy. Upon
                               arrival all visitors are requested to state where they will be staying.

                               Passengers over 18 years of age may import the following duty-free items: 250
                               grams of tobacco (including cigars and cigarettes), 1 litre of spirits, 2 litres of wine,
                               ale or beer, one quarter litre of Eau de Toilette and perfume not exceeding 100 ml.

                               A plant import permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture, prior
                               to the introduction of plants and plant material including cuttings, flowers, bulbs,
                               fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds. It is prohibited to introduce sugarcane and
                               parts thereof, soil micro-organisms and invertebrate animals.

                               All imported animals including animal products need an import permit from
                               the Ministry of Agriculture and a health certificate from the country of origin.
                               Drug trafficking is illegal and carries very heavy penalties. Firearms and ammunition
                               need import permits and must be declared on arrival.

                               No vaccinations are required. However a yellow fever vaccination certificate is
                               required for travellers over 1 year of age who arrive from areas where yellow
                               fever cases are reported.

                               Of volcanic origin and generally sheltered by barriers of coral reefs forming
TELL ME SPECIFIC INFORMATION   natural, safe, crystal clear lagoons, Mauritius has long been a dream destination.
ABOUT MAURITIUS (continued)    Known to the Arabs as early as the 10th century, but officially discovered in 1505
                               by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Mascarenhas, the island was occupied succes-
                               sively by the Dutch (1598-1712) and the French (1715-1810), and was ceded to
                               Great Britain in 1814 through the Treaty of Paris. On 12 March 1968, Mauritius
                               became Independent. Republic Day was proclaimed on 12 March 1992.

                               Most people in Mauritius are bilingual and are equally fluent in English and French.
                               Creole and French are the main languages in the everyday environment and
                               several oriental languages are also spoken.

                               Medical Services
                               Free public medical facilities are widely available. Private clinics provide medical
                               services for a fee.

                               Banking Hours
                               Monday to Thursday: 9.15am - 3.15pm,
                               Friday: 9.15am - 3.30pm.
                               Saturday: 9.15am -11.15am (some banks only).

                               Banks are also open to coincide with the arrival and departure of international
                               flights at the airport.

                               Credit Cards
                               Normally accepted by banks and most hotels, restaurants and tourist shops.

                               Mauritius is a blend of diverse cultures and religions. The population consists of
                               Hindus, Creole, Chinese, Muslims and Europeans.

                               The local climate is tropical, modified by southeast trade winds; there is a warm,
                               dry winter from May to November and a hot, wet, and humid summer from
                               November to May. The temperature on the coastal areas varies between 22°C in
                               winter and 34°C in summer. The sea temperature varies between 22°C and 27°C.
                               In the central part of the island, the maximum daytime temperature varies from

TELL ME SPECIFIC INFORMATION   about 19°C in August to about 26°C in February. The western and northern
ABOUT MAURITIUS (continued)    regions are warmer and relatively drier than the East and the South.

                                TEMPERATURE (CELSIUS) / RAINFALL (MM)





                                                                              JAN   FEB MAR APR MAY JUN    JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC


                                                                                AVERAGE DAILY TEMPERATURE (MAX)

                                                                                AVERAGE DAILY TEMPERATURE (MIN)

                                1 4 . C O n ta C t I n F O r M at I O n

                  PROMOTER:     Tatorio Holdings Ltd (Le Morne)
                                Arch. Makariou III,
                                284 Fortuna Court Block B
                                2nd Floor P.C. 3105
                                Limassol, Cyprus

                  DEvELOPER:    Tatorio Holdings (Mauritius) Limited
                                DG 35, Block D
                                Ruisseau Creole
                                La Mivoie
                                Black River

                SALES AGENTS:   Mauritius - Pam Golding Properties
                                Marie-Josee Llewellyn
                                M: +230 257 8006
                                O: +230 483 6999
                                Guillaume Merle
                                M: +230 422 7500

                                South Africa - Pam Golding Properties
                                Fabrice Orengo de Lamazière
                                T: +27 (0)21 7622617

                                France - C.T.I.
                                Stéphane Touron
                                T: +33 (0)1 42 93 98 00

                                United Kingdom - Aylesford International
                                Harry Langton
                                T: +44 (0)207 349 5100

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