COLOR CONFUSION…TO COLOR WITH CONFIDENCE!
                                            BY ANGIE KENDEL

                     ver walk into a room and get the feeling that something just “wasn’t
                     quite right”? Unable to determine what exactly it was, you leave the
                     room with an uneasy feeling – uncomfortable but not sure why? That’s
                     what happens when the wrong colors are used together in a space! The
                     mind and eye absorb the combinations and reject the initial impression
                     leaving us uncomfortable, and wanting an immediate exit!

MAGIC FORMULA                                            CALL A PROFESSIONAL
There is a fairly universal rule when it comes to col-   If you are planning on repainting before selling
ors in a space. You need a dominant color (60 %);        your home, call a professional Home Stager or
a complimentary color (30%) and an accent color          Interior Decorator to give you the best color selec-
(10%). Your complimentary, and accent colors             tions. Most consults will be completed in a couple
need to be the appropriate hue and saturation to         of hours, at a cost of around $150 - $250 depend-
properly compliment the dominant or primary color        ing on the size of your home and extent of the con-
in the space. Hue is the purity of the color without     sultation.
tints added. Saturation is how intense a color is – a
deep vibrant red versus a softer more muted red.         TIP:
                                                         Do NOT rely on the recommendations given by the
COLORS THAT RESONATE WELL                                painter because his color selection is “very hot and
                                                         trendy” right now. Just because that color is popu-
Now painting for re-sale is very different from          lar – it doesn’t mean it will “WORK WELL” with your
painting for personal use. You want your paint col-      particular furniture, artwork and accessories.
ors to appeal to the majority of people. Not every-
one will love an apple green in the kitchen, or vio-
let purple Rec Room. Use soft neutral colors in your     This is probably the #1 Biggest Mistake I see people
paint colors, and give the rooms that punch of           make. They call a Home Stager after they have had
color with artwork and accessories! Remember -           their home repainted and the colors just don’t work.
Most buyers want a move-in ready home. If they           They get that uneasy feeling and want the Home
hate the colors you have chosen and they know            Stager to make it all work. There are only 2 solu-
they will have to repaint, that is additional time       tions: change the paint color or change the furni-
and expense they may not be willing to consid-           ture, artwork and accessories. Usually it is less cost-
er…on to your neighbor’s Open House!                     ly to pay for the initial consult which will take into
Remember, Staging your home for sale is all about        account the existing color of your furniture and art-
making your home appealing to the MOST number            work and chose a complimentary paint color so the
of potential buyers!                                     colors in the room flow beautifully!
Professionals will take a more advanced approach
to color selections to best accent your homes fea-          money and being thrifty, but when it comes to
tures. This consult should be done in your home             important decisions, I pay the experts because not
where we are able to take into account things like          everyone can be an expert in everything! So when
natural light patterns in a room. Direct sunlight can       you start thinking about getting your home ready
change a color’s appearance, professionals will             for sale, take a critical walk through your home
take this into account when recommending colors.            room by room. Do you have rooms that feel dark?
A large room may be done in warmer colors to cre-           Areas that receive little natural light? Rooms whose
ate a more intimate feeling. Whereas a smaller              colors don’t seem to flow well together?
room may have the far wall done in a complimenta-
ry color to give the illusion that the room is larger
than it actually is. In a room where there is little nat-   Then call a professional Home Stager to use compli-
ural sunlight, a trendy dark chocolate will not best        mentary colors to your existing furniture, artwork
“show” the home. The room will appear dark and              and accents.
gloomy to many buyers. Whereas a lighter shade
will open up the space and make it bright and invit-
ing! Color is KEY! There are so many beautiful uses         This will show your home to perfection! Having a
of color alone that can “fix” the objections of differ-     Home Staged to Picture Perfection, starts with paint
ent homes/rooms! Call a professional who can give           colors, and ends with the last perfectly placed
you the best solution for your home!                        accessory. That’s where you’ll get that Maximum
                                                            Impact! After all – who wouldn’t want to buy a
                                                            “Designer Home”?? Did I hear your Realtor say
LAST WORD….                                                 multiple offers…..

There have been many occasions when a Home
Owner has had “expert” advice on paint colors
from an Aunt, Sister or Friend who has a “knack”                    You are welcome to email any questions to
for decorating. I have seldom seen positive results       
and more often than not the results are similar to the           or check my website for details on more tips and
color selections of the painter. Your home is your               statistics to help your home sell faster and for a
                                                                                 higher selling price.
single largest asset, typically in the quarter million         
dollar range and up!!! Don’t skimp where you can
affect the final sale price of your home by thou-                               Angie Kendel
sands of dollars. Paint and colors are usually the
least expensive improvement but the one with the
                                                                      Maximim Impact Plus, Home Staging & Consulting
                                                                President of the Real Estate Staging Association; Manitoba Chapter

greatest impact in each room! I’m all for saving

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