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					                                              GC NEWS
                                     A SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOL MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE

No 4 Vol 2010                                        GIRLS’ COLLEGE NEWSLETTER                   AUGUST

                                Congratulations to Mbali
       Round Square             Phama who has been
       Community                awarded the St Stithians
       Service                  College          Teaching
       Academics                Scholarship for 2011.
       Staff News
       Cultural News            Stephanie Peng in grade
       Sports News              11 has progressed to the
                                3rd and final round of the
                                National      Mathematics
                                Olympiad, becoming one
                                of the top 100 in the

                                Emma van Rooyen in
                                grade 11 has been
                                invited to join the hole-
                                in-one club after scoring
                                a hole in one at the
                                Wanderers Club, on the
                                15th hole. Emma plays
                                off a 30 handicap.

BUSH     SCHOOL                              PARENT

St Stithians Girls‟ College   in colour on   011-5776300      1
                               ROUND   SQUARE CLUNY FARM
                               EXCHANGES OUT  Cluny Farm was a different experience from my usual
                             Nadia Borello at Markham           school days. I truly enjoyed seeing the activities the
                             College, Peru had an               people at Cluny farm do. I mostly enjoyed seeing the
                             eventful 36 hour flight to         cows; I was close to touching the cows but my fear got
                             her new school and having          the better of me. Surprisingly, I learnt something new
                             now settled in well, will          about myself and God during the outing. I learnt that
                             soon be off on an Inca Trail       even though someone has a big disability, they still
                             soon.                              have a purpose and reason to be on this earth. The
Samara Klette – St Philips College, Alice Springs in            people at Cluny Farm showed me that, even though
Australia.                                                      there may be something that can hold you back from
Taryn Mackeown – The Hotchkiss School, USA                      living life to its fullest like an obstacle or disability, you
Leigh Barrow Ballarat Grammar School, Australia is              must be strong and carry on.
pictured with Aidan Ross. Leigh and Aidan attended a            Farisai Ndhlovu
5 day Alpine cross-country skiing camp on Mount
Sterling, Victoria, Australia. It was the best week of          What I learnt about myself:
their lives!                                                    When we went to Cluny farm and met all the residents
Other girls leaving on exchange soon are:                       there I realised how privileged I was to be able to
                                                                function in the real world without help, to be free and
                                                                cope with things by myself. We often get so upset and
                                                                worry about small things but it all seems so pointless
                                                                now because I have realised I am not the only person
                                                                in the world who has problems and my problems are
                                                                very small compared to others.
                                                                What I learnt about God:
                                                                I learnt that God has a plan for everyone‟s life, even if
                                                                it is bad or good. He has set a path for that person to
                                                                follow which will eventually lead to good.
                                                                What I learnt about other people:
                                                                I learnt a lot about other people on this trip, we all are
                                                                so quick to judge people and always try to fit them
                                                                under stereotypes, this is exactly what I did. I always
                                                                thought you could never communicate with mentally
                                                                disabled people but after today I found out I was so
Kim Gray - Collingwood School, Canada
Amber Hankey - Harpeth Hall, USA
                                                                wrong. The residents at Cluny farm loved to talk,
Jenna Hart- Lower Canada College, Canada                        whenever they had the chance they would come over
Lauren Kinmont - Lawrence School, India                         and start talking away. I loved to see the smiles on
Cindy Sampson – Colegio Anglo, Columbia                         their faces all the time, despite everything they are still
                                                                extremely happy.
                                                                Micaela Bouter
Dear Parents of the Girls‟ College
        The less fortunate face many battles on a daily         TIN DRIVE - PHOENIX INTER SCHOOL
basis and your generous donation of blankets, clothes           LEADERS GROUP 2010
and soup have gone a long way in alleviating the
plight of many during this cold winter. Jordan House,
Noah and Cotlands expressed their sincere thanks for
this wonderful support. The Parents Samaritan Group,
thank you all for donating to these worthy causes.
Kind Regards Penny Buchanan - PSG Chairperson

Bring your paper, cans, glass and plastic to our
recycling centre at the Girls‟ College and remember
that we also collect your ink cartridges and any e-

St Stithians Girls‟ College   in colour on      011-5776300                 2
Phoenix is a student initiative by a group of                   STAFF NEWS
leaders     from    different    schools    in   the            Congratulations to Mrs Dowie (nee Avery) on her
                                                                recent marriage.
Johannesburg area, which began in 2008.One of
the objectives of the group, is to do community
projects through mobilizing the students of
participating schools towards a common goal. For
the past two years Phoenix has organised a
unique Food Tin Drive whereby learners from all
participating schools donate food which is then
collected and donated to needy institutions.
Before it is donated, the participating schools get
together with all their tins and spell out a word of
meaning to acknowledge their efforts. In 2008
they spelled out the word “HOPE”. In 2009 they
spelled out the words “YES WE CAN”.
This year, St Stithians Girls‟ College were very
proud to host this event on The Jameson Field,                  Congratulations to Ms Selowa on the birth of her
on Sunday 25th July. Over 10 000 tins were                      daughter, Lesego. Also to Mrs Teasdale on the birth
collected and displayed. Enormous fun was had                   of her son Adam. Mr and Mrs Ancillotti’s baby
by all on the lovely warm winter‟s morning. The                 Gabriella.
tins spelled out the word “UNITY”. The tins were
then divided up between the different schools and
donated to the various charities of each school‟s
Participating schools this year were St Stithians
Girls‟ College, St John‟s College, Holy Rosary,
Kingsmead, St Davids, Brescia, Roedean,St
Andrews and Assumption Convent.
St Stithians Girls‟ College alone collected 1072
tins and joined with Assumption Convent‟s 706
tins, to form the “Y” in the word „UNITY‟ as well as
the exclamation mark, giving a total of 1778 tins.
These have been jointly donated to “MALS AND                    MANDELA DAY INITIATIVE
PALS” based in Parkmore. Mals and Pals then                     SANDWICHES FOR THE HOMELESS
distributes to the most needy institutions.                     Girls in tutor groups each brought two loaves of bread
St Stithians Girls‟ can be very proud of their                  and gave up both their breaks to make sandwiches in
contribution of tins to those in need in South                  support of the Mandela Day intitiative.         These
Africa and their participation in this worthy                   sandwiches were donated to the soup kitchen run by
initiative!                                                     the Bryanston Methodist church.

St Stithians Girls‟ College   in colour on       011-5776300         3
Cultural News                                                   HOCKEY
                                                                Caitlin du Preez (U16) has been chosen to represent
DEBATING                                                        South Africa at the Interprovincial hockey tournament
Congratulations to our girls on their outstanding               in June. Her sister Jenna-Leigh is currently playing in
achievements at the senior and junior provincial                the Junior Olympics.
debating championships.
Melissa Mina and Xola Nohaji were selected to
represent a composite team in the senior section and            SWIMMING
our junior team were selected as a team representing            Robyn Sher and Brittany Reeves were selected to
the Girls‟ College to participate in the provincial             represent Central Gauteng Aquatics at the Irish Youth
debating championships at the end of September. We              and Open Championships in July.
wish them all the best for the semi-finals.
CULTURAL LEADERS                                                Congratulations to Tina Power           who at her
DEBATING                                                        interprovincial tournament was           awarded a
Chair – Xola Nohaji, Vice Chair - Melissa Mina,                 sportsmanship award.
Secretary - Kineta Kinutu, Thando Mangcu
MUSIC                                                           1st Cambourne, 2nd Trewen, 3rd Kenwyn, 4th Stratton
Amazwi Chamber Choir Leader – Nicol Brandt
Girls‟ College Choir - Kamogelo Rakale, Nanzile
Dlamini (Vice)
Marimbas – Kamogelo Rakale, Tamsyn Galloway
African Percussion Ensemble – Rirhandzu
Orchestra – Nicole Holder (GC), Max Liebenburg

Sports News
1st Cambourne, 2nd Trewen, 3rd Stratton, 4th Kenwyn

                                                                Kirsten Segeren, 8Y, took part in the South
                                                                African Highland Dancing Competition on
                                                                Saturday 7 August 2010 in Benoni. She achieved
                                                                3 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.
                                                                She was runner up in the national section and
                                                                first place overall in the Highland Competition.

                                                                SCIENCE MINQUIZ
                                                                On 16th July Claudine Martin, Anuradha
DIVING                                                          Pandya and Kate Schmid represented St
Micaela Bouter has been selected to represent South
Africa at the FINA Junior World championships in the            Stithians Girls College in the Science Minquiz
USA in September. She will be diving in the 1m and              held at the Sci Bono building in Johannesburg.
3m competitions. The school coach Imraan Mess                   We would like to congratulate Claudine on
was chosen as coach of the team travelling to Tucson,           coming third in the written part of the national
Arizona.                                                        quiz.

St Stithians Girls‟ College   in colour on      011-5776300           4

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