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Aspen InfoPlus.21 Foundation


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									Training Course Data Sheet                                                                         Page 1 of 3

                                       Training Course Data Sheet
                                                                  Course Number:        MM403
    Aspen        InfoPlus.21®                                             Duration:     5 days
                                                                   CEUs Awarded:        3.5
    Foundation                                                               Level:     Introductory

Objectives                                           Approach
•   Learn how to implement and configure an          •    The Aspen InfoPlus.21 Foundation course
    Aspen InfoPlus.21 system including                   is a five-day, comprehensive, “boot-camp”
    database security                                    introductory course for Aspen InfoPlus.21
•    Learn how to supervise, maintain and
    troubleshoot an Aspen InfoPlus.21 system         •    Although the course does not assume any
                                                         prior experience with Aspen InfoPlus.21,
•   Learn how to configure data transfers from           those attendees that already have a working
    DCS/PLC to Aspen InfoPlus.21 using                   familiarity with the product will also benefit
    Aspen CIMIO™                                         greatly by discovering how all the Aspen
•    Learn how to backup all important Aspen             InfoPlus.21 components integrate together
    InfoPlus.21 related data.                        •   Two main learning approaches are used
                                                         during the course:
Course Benefits
                                                         •   Short lecture sessions focused on
•   Aspen InfoPlus.21 is a very capable yet                  concepts and terminology
    complex product. This training will
    dramatically reduce the possibility of               •   Structured hands-on lab exercises
    downtime and lost data incidents at your                 which promote lasting learning
    site                                                     experiences; 40% of the course time is
                                                             spent in hands-on labs
•   Obtaining a thorough understanding of
    Aspen InfoPlus.21 will help you to extract       •    Product features up to and including Aspen
    maximum value from your investment in this           InfoPlus.21 version 2006 are covered
                                                     •   As the main section of the course nears
•   Training will help you to provide maximum            completion, if time allows, one or more
    security and stability for your valuable plant       optional topics may be covered
    and environmental data                           Suggested Subsequent Courses
•   Attending training will make for a smoother
                                                     •    Essential Aspen SQLplus™ for Aspen
    and more cost effective implementation
                                                         InfoPlus.21 Power Users (highly
    whether you do the implementation yourself
    or are in a supervisory role
                                                     •   Aspen InfoPlus.21 Applications
Who Should Attend                                        Development
•   Those designated as Aspen InfoPlus.21
                                                     •   Implementing Best Practices for
    system administrators or backup
                                                         Aspen InfoPlus.21 Administrators
•   Anyone who needs to add tags to the
                                                     •   Process Visualization with Aspen Process
                                                         Explorer™ and Aspen Web.21 CBT
•    IS supervisors who need to understand a
    bit about how Aspen InfoPlus.21 works and
    the demands it will place on their networks
•    Process control engineers/managers
•    System integrators
•   Anyone involved in technical evaluation of

Aspen InfoPlus.21 Foundation Course Agenda

http://support.aspentech.com/supportpublictrain/classes/course403.htm                                8/14/2007
Training Course Data Sheet                                                                        Page 2 of 3

Day 1 In-memory Database                       •    Aspen CIMIO Interface subsystem
•    Introduce main database components            - Functionality overview
                                                   - Client/Server architecture options
•   Use Aspen Process Explorer to view
    Aspen InfoPlus.21 data. Includes S95           - General Aspen CIMIO concepts
                                                   - Understanding Aspen CIMIO records
•    Aspen InfoPlus.21 Real Time                     and external tasks
                                                   - Solicited vs. unsolicited transfers
    - Database Concepts
    - Record Structures
                                               Day 4 Aspen CIMIO cont.
                                                   - Configuring Store and Forward
    - Use Aspen InfoPlus.21 Administrator
                                                     transfers, unsolicited transfers, history
      to create and manage records and
                                                   - Configure Database Wizard V2006
Day 2 In-memory database cont.
                                                   - Four Aspen CIMIO labs, configure two
•    Aspen InfoPlus.21 Real Time                     different Aspen CIMIO systems
    database:                                        including OPC
    - Standard tag sets                        •    System Management Part 1
    - Records that support tag records,            - How Aspen InfoPlus.21 programs are
      e.g., format records, selector records         organized; directories, groups, services
    - Back-up in-memory database,                  - Mass record loading/saving
      snapshot management
                                                   - Backing up individual key data records
    - Review of database features
      including extended hands-on                  - Configuring Startup and Shutdown
      exercise                                     - Adding additional External Tasks
    - Overview of Process Graphic Editor           - Configuring auto-restart for external
•    Overview of Aspen SQLplus
    - Features and Benefits of SQLPlus         Day 5 Aspen InfoPlus.21 Security
    - Use the Query Tool                       •    System Management Part 2:
    - Record Based queries                         - Aspen InfoPlus.21 V2006 Architecture
    - Overview of Desktop ODBC                     - Aspen Data Source Manager,
    - Aspen SQLplus web-based                        configuring links from client applications
      Reporting                                    - Aspen License Manager SLM™
•    Other Aspen InfoPlus.21 Database              - Aspen Framework™ Security Server
    Features                                       - Configuring Roles and privileges
    - Summary processing and data                  - Configuration of security in Aspen
      logging                                        InfoPlus.21 at database, record and
    - Understanding External Task                    field levels
      processing                               •    Optional additional topics
    - Introduce custom record structures           (time and interest permitting):
Day 3 Historian and Aspen CIMIO                    - Aspen Calc Overview
                                                   - Using the Aspen Process Explorer
•    The Aspen InfoPlus.21 Historian:
                                                      Excel Add-in
    - Data compression
                                                   - Using the Support Knowledge Base
    - Records and fields affecting history;
                                                   - Overview of Audit Trails and
      history repeat areas
                                                      Compliance options
    - Structure of Archive file sets
                                                   - Aspen OpsKPI Overview
    - History repositories
                                                   - Aspen Health Monitor
    - System Maintenance for the
      Historian; monitoring the Historian
    - Viewing error and output files
    - Configuring automatic backup
Aspen Technology, Inc.® awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for training and
development activities conducted by our organization in accordance with the definition
established by the International Association of Continuing Education & Training (IACET).
One CEU is granted for every 10 hours of class participation.

http://support.aspentech.com/supportpublictrain/classes/course403.htm                              8/14/2007
Training Course Data Sheet                                              Page 3 of 3

http://support.aspentech.com/supportpublictrain/classes/course403.htm    8/14/2007

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