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					                                 BREAKFREE MOROCCAN
    •   Accept full financial responsibility for any damage caused to allocated apartment, its contents and also
        public areas.
    •   Accept full responsibility for the actions of any visitors and damage caused by them to any part of the
    •   Abide by all property by-laws and other rules as set out by the Body Corporate.
    •   Visitors of registered guests are not permitted in any apartment at any time. Visitors of registered guests
        will only be permitted in public areas between the hours of 9am – 5pm. Any visitor found in an apartment
        will result in a $100 per person per room charge being placed on the room.
    •   Visitors are not permitted anywhere on the Resort between the hours of 5.00pm – 9.00am.
    •   Proof of identity to be made available at any time on request. Should this not be made available,
        immediate eviction from the property could be a result.
    •   Any after hour calls to assist guests will incur a $40 call out fee
    •   Any requests to be let into a room by a registered guest due to lost keys, not possessing a key, being
        separated from friends, etc, will incur a $40 lock out fee.

Registered guests and their visitors will respect the privacy and comfort of all other guests and apartment owners
by ensuring:

    •   Acceptable and appropriate noise levels to be maintained at all times
    •   They will not disturb other guests or apartment owner directly or indirectly for any reason
    •   Under no circumstances will yelling, whistling or spitting from balconies or windows be permitted.

Abide by the following safety regulations:

    •   No glass allowed in any public areas
    •   Careless or deliberate misuse of any fire fighting equipment will result in immediate eviction.
    •   Under no circumstances are any items to be hung, thrown or dropped from balconies or windows. Breach
        of this condition will result in immediate eviction and possible criminal charges.
    •   No climbing over balcony railings
    •   Careless or deliberate misuse of lifts will result in possible $500 fee and/or immediate eviction.
Illegal substances and Alcohol

    •   Alcohol is not to be consumed in public areas of the resort at any time.
    •   Alcohol will be confiscated from anyone under the age of 18.
    •   No alcohol in glass containers allowed on the resort or in rooms at any time. Any alcohol found in glass
        containers will be immediately confiscated and will result in your tenancy being terminated forthwith.
    •   The consumption of illegal substances is not permitted under any circumstances within the resort.
        Offenders will be reported to the police.

Maintenance of apartment

    •   All guests agree that upon checking out, the allocated apartment will be left in the same good condition
        as it was upon checking in.
    •   If this should not be the case, the registered guests will bear the cost of appropriate rectification as
        deemed necessary by management. Management strongly recommends registered guests submit an
        apartment condition report as soon as possible after checking in. Forms are available at reception upon
        checking in.
    •   Any housekeeping services over and above standard procedure will incur an additional cleaning fee of
        $50 per hour which will be deducted from the bond.
    •   A minimum carpet cleaning fee will be deducted from then bond upon departure should this be deemed
        necessary by management in order to bring the apartment back to condition for re sale. Fees are:

    1 Bedroom- $55                           2 Bedroom- $75                           3 Bedroom- $95

    •   Any damages or breakages must be reported immediately to reception
    •   Apartments may be checked at any time throughout your stay. Therefore, apartments are expected to
        be kept tidy and presentable at all times
    •   Rubbish must be removed from apartment on a daily basis
    •   Crockery, utensils and furniture must not be taken from one apartment to another
    •   A fee of $100 will be charged for lost apartment keys and/or security discs
Check In

   •   Check in time on day of arrival will not be before 3.00pm
   •   Check in cannot be permitted until all guests are present
   •   Access to allotted apartment will not be granted until all registered guests have understood, agreed to and
       signed this “General House Rules’ form. For registered guests under the age of 18, this form will need to be
       witnessed by a legal guardian including a copy of the guardians drivers licence. Guardian must be present.
   •   Guests may also be required to sign a copy of the Body Corporate House Rules/By-laws upon check in.

Check Out

   •   Check out time on day of departure will be staggered between 8.00am and 10.30am. You will be advised of
       your departure time the day prior to your departure. You will be expected to adhere to this check out time.
   •   Bonds will not be refunded upon check out and cannot be used to pay for expenses incurred such as
       telephone calls, etc. These will be refunded during the following weeks.

By signing below it is understood and acknowledged by the guest and their legal guardian that they agree to abide by
all General House Rules as outlined in this document. Management reserves complete discretion when interpreting and
implementing the House Rules for the purpose of protecting the property’s asset’s and the safety and comfort of all
other guests and owners. It is further understood that breach of the House Rules could result in immediate eviction
with 100% cancellation charges applying for remaining nights.