Antoinette McDonald chatted to Brian Doerksen about the seasons of

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         McDonald chatted
         to Brian Doerksen
         about the seasons
         of his life, his family
         and newest project.

AwArD winning sOngwriTer AnD                 his big brother Benjamin, has a mental      and I see how it’s got a season, other
worship leader, Brian Doerksen, is a         retardation condition known as Fragile      times, it’s different. I chose these songs
shy, soft spoken man – not exactly how       X Syndrome. Isaiah doesn’t really speak     because I found that when I worshipped
you picture the writer of international      and is not toilet trained, so 20 years in   God alone with them, I felt His whisper
worship hits like “Come, Now is the Time     and we are still changing dirty nappies.    and confirmation that they still have
to Worship” and “Hallelujah (Your Love is    I guess you could say that in some ways     something about them that works.
Amazing).” His life story is marked with     the season changes but in other ways
pain and disappointment but also by a        there are certain things that are season-  and the tWo neW songs on the
strong marriage, incredible ministry and     less like love and faithfulness – and      album?
great gifts to the body of Christ.           changing diapers!                             The first one, “Broken and Beautiful”
   Brian has a refreshing take on life                                                  is a song that I am thrilled about! I have
and is real about his faith. He places       WoW – hoW do you and your Wife already seen this song work powerfully
faithfulness as a higher priority than       cope?                                      at communion / breaking bread times at
success and hence his many decisions            Joyce and I are celebrating 24 years of our church. I felt a while back that God
to focus on his family in British Columbia   marriage and are more in love and closer was stirring me to write some fresh songs
(where he grew up) and local church          than ever. We are serious about making for some specific times, like communion.
above touring and gigging.                   time for each other and                                       The second song
   He is also a recipient of the Gospel      our marriage. We have         “I have a sense that “Time for the reign of
Music Association’s International Award,     a date night every week                                       God” is one that I first
which recognises an artist’s impact on       where we head off             in the Kingdom of               played at a concert in
the global church.                           for dinner or coffee at God, we are changing Scotland. There were
                                             Starbucks up the road.                                        about 4000 people
Why the title It’s tIme (2008 album          We go away alone about       seasons. I believe we just worshipping and
release)?                                    three times a year too.        are coming into a              praising God and when
  In nature we observe the distinct          Making our marriage
changes that come with each new              great is something
                                                                         season where more of we startedthe place
                                                                                                           this song,
                                                                                                                          to play

season and I think the same thing            that starts in our His Kingdom is being erupted and everyone
happens in our lives. Jesus talks about      thought life and heart.
                                                                         revealed. So I believe was just going wild!
the changing of seasons and says that        You have to choose to                                         I find this happens
we should observe these. I have a            do this, especially with    that “it’s time” for the with songs sometimes
sense that in the Kingdom of God, we         the challenges of two            reign of God”                where you literally
are changing seasons. I believe we are       special needs kids.                                           sing something that
coming into a season where more of His       We decided many years ago that instead matches what’s in people’s hearts and
Kingdom is being revealed. So I believe      of allowing this to push us apart and to that’s where you see songs having life!
that “it’s time” for the reign of God.       blame one another, we were determined
There is a shaking all around the world      to pull together even more. Over 80 per all this talk of “time” – What
and I think there is a cry in people’s       cent of marriages with special needs does time mean to you?
hearts that we’ve experienced the rule       kids end in divorce and we were not           The Greek word for time is chronos and
of man but what we really want is the        prepared to be one of those. We bless when we talk about time, we understand
rule of God.                                 each other, honour one another and are it like the Greeks did in terms of seconds,
                                             so aware of the time we need to spend minutes and hours. But I think God looks
so What kind of season Would                 together – alone.                          at time in much more of a seasonal way.
you say it is for you personally?                                                       I don’t think God worries about anything,
   A busy one. We have six kids, two of      so Why create an album that especially not minutes and seconds like
which are special needs children. My         largely features a collection of we do. I think God is about seasons and
oldest daughters, Rachel (20) and Ester      your old songs?                            I think it’s about choosing God in the
(18), have graduated from school and            I wrote many of those songs years moment and in the season – it’s about
are all grown up and driving. I am 42 but    ago but I still watch them breathe life consistently making decisions. The world
it sure doesn’t feel like I’m old enough     when they are sung. Sometimes I will tells us that when we are disciplined and
to have these “old” kids. Our youngest       play a song in my local church (where organised we can jam more in each day
son Isaiah is nine years old. He, like       I am a worship leader and mentor) but I don’t think God is asking us to do

                                                                                                                      2009 FEBRUARY TODAY 29
         that. I think God wants us to walk with
         Him, to enjoy it.

         When i say “good times”, What
         comes to mind?
           Privately worshipping God; sensing His
         presence. Going on a date with my wife;
         holding our kids, being with friends and
         laughing. Creation and being outside –
         going for a walk in the forest!

         What about “hard times”?
           Being homeless with five young
         children and then finding out that our
         son Benjamin had Fragile X Syndrome!
         [For a time, the Doerkens’ stayed in a
         camper van after Brian’s plans for a
         musical production collapsed and the
         company was declared insolvent.]

         so hoW Would you describe the
         reign of god in your life?
            You know, sometimes the reign of God
         comes in a way that we celebrate, like
         supernatural provision for example. I am
         reminded of times where I just stepped
         out in faith and took risks when I had
         no earthly resources to do so, and God
         just supernaturally provided. Then there
         have been times where I have walked
         a path of pain and suffering and yet I
         have seen His working in me through
         it… Jesus didn’t guarantee that when we
         followed Him all would just go well! Even
         in those deep dark doubting valleys that
         I have faced, I have still trusted in the
         goodness of God.

         When and hoW did you lay this
         foundation in your faith?
            I made some choices when I was
         young – like when I was a teenager and
         I felt the call to music ministry. I was a   one was watching that a foundation of
                                                                                                  Brian’s new album was released in
         great sportsman but I had an encounter       integrity and character was born in me. I   October 2008. Additionally, integrity
         with God one night where His presence        started learning about hearing the voice    Media Africa released a worship
         and love overwhelmed me. He asked            of God and walking with God and I think     Tools resource kit that provides an
         me if I’d give my life to serve Him and      that is what helped me when difficult       instructional DVD featuring guitar
         I said yes. From there the sporting          times came because then I knew the          tutorials and chord tab graphics along
         desires left me and a desire to play         difference between the voice of God and     with a digital songbook that includes
                                                                                                  lead sheets, lyrics and guitar chord
         music for God consumed me. It was in         the voice of the enemy. It’s just so much
         the secret places with God where no          easier if the foundations are laid.


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