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Started, Why Do We Get Scared?
When we read emails and visit websites is it the fact that we don't trust the people
promoting them or is it because we are scared that we are going to get scammed and
made to feel stupid again with another false promise?

When we look back at people that we admire, men like the late great Jim Rohn, Dale
Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, names that have become synonymous with
success and achievement we should ask ourselves these questions:

      Did these people live in a time when everybody was honest?
      Did these people succeed at the very first opportunity that came along?
      Are there people still going through the same trial and errors that these people
       went through?
      Was the world an easier place 40, 50 or a 100 years ago?

Now let's be honest for a moment with ourselves

   1. If I tried again and failed how would that impact on my life?
   2. How many times do I need to try before I give up?
   3. Is it possible that just maybe there may be an idea out there that could help me to
      improve my life?
   4. Could there possibly be someone out there that has done well for them self who
      might be prepared to show you how they done it?

That last question (number 4) is the stumbling block really

There are so many people claiming to be gurus or mentors that it seems to me that the
words have lost all meaning, even the greatest leader of all time recruited people to
spread the word because he knew that no one person could stretch themselves that far.
Companies cannot do it, even an Internet based business cannot do it (they refer to it as
'going viral' whereby I tell you then you tell your friends in Facebook and then they tell
their friends etc etc...

Mighty Oaks grow from little acorns grow

      Some things work and some things don't that's for sure.
      If you want to succeed it certainly helps if you have the guidance of someone
       who's' been there done that'.
      But (and this is a big but) you do not want the leadership of someone that is very
      Yes I know that sounds strange but if you decide to learn under somebody that
       already has 2,000 students then are not going to get the help that you need, you
       will be handed down to somebody in the lower ranks that may not have the same
       leadership abilities.

What you need is two things :

   1. A leader that has a real vested interest in your success.
   2. And people around you who can help you when you feel that 'it's just not working
      the way that you expected it to' (and trust me there will be plenty of those sorts of

If you are considering joining a large organization try to find out if they have meetings
near to where you live, if you are thinking of a completely independent type of a venture
the look up they have all sorts of meetings in almost every city around the

      But please do this: If you are scared of failing..well get on with it and fail and get
       it out of the way, you will then be one step nearer to success.

Good luck, and good hunting,

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