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SAP CRM Administrator


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									Job Title:     SAP CRM Administrator

Location:      Irvine, CA


This position is responsible for the configuration, functionality design, solution
development and support of the SAP CRM Module.

      Participate as a key team member in the implementation of SAP CRM Sales &
       Marketing 4.0
      Responsible for designing, configuring and deploying SAP CRM with integration
       to BW
      Provides support, consultation and positive interaction with users of the CRM
       systems to further the effective use of the systems
      Coordinates and maintains close alignment with business users of the applications
       to plan for changes to the software and to ensure it continues to support the
       business processes into the future
      Participates as an active member of the IT team; mentors junior team member as
      Develops good understanding and some expertise in the broader functionality of
       the core systems beyond the assigned modules in order to have a sense of the
       integration and where data originates
      Participates in planning and managing the installation of new and interim releases
       of SAP components
      Participates in preparation and maintenance of training materials for assigned
       modules and in the training of users, other IT team members

Experience/Skills/Special Requirements

      Proven SAP Functional Configuration experience in SAP CRM/SD (The desired
       CRM scope includes Sales, Marketing & Analytics preferably on a SAP CRM 4.0
       release level)
      Design and configuration experience with BW integration
      A good understanding of the business processes supported by the CRM scope
      Experience in R/3 SD, MM, BW modules are a plus
      A minimum of 1 full life-cycle project in SAP CRM Sales or Marketing
      Self starter
      Excellent written and oral communication skills
      Willing to travel as needed (minimal)


      Bachelor’s degree is required

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