How to Write a Successful Bid

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					How to Write a Successful Bid

             Paddy Herlihy
   Head of Investment, Sport England
• Any level of event: County, National, Age
  Group International, World, Professional,
• Any sport, not necessarily an Olympic Sport
• New events to the region
• Table Tennis Grand Prix
• Tour of Britain
• Talk to all the partners
• Talk to Lindsey
• Sooner rather than later
• Advisor, not policewoman

• Major Sports Events Proposal
- Event Details
- Funding
- Event Benefits
  i.e. Economic, tourism, regeneration,
  media coverage, sports development
  legacy, USP
- Measuring Success
uk sport
• World Class events programme
  through UK Sport
• Sport focused with an emphasis on
  enhancing GB performance
• Events should be at World or
  European level or the best
• Linked to the goals of the sports’
  World Class Performance Plans
• Capacity building across the sport
• Focus on 26 Olympic sports
• Focus on Disability and Junior events
uk sport
• Partnering opportunities
• The event should be winnable
• The event should consider legacy
• The event and strategy should be
• It should be affordable
• Part of a wider international strategy for
  the sport
• An equitable spread of events across the
uk sport
• 18 month – 2 year lead time
• Only NGB’s can apply to UK Sport for
• Pre Application form
• Links to regional work

Things to Remember
•   Partnership links
•   Political support
•   Why do you want to stage
    the event?
•   What’s the angle?
•   An events strategy
•   Aim for 2012
•   Size of event
•   Value in kind
•   SESE involvement
•   Join the Network
         Lindsey Horton
         Major Sports Events
         Manager South East