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Fall-Winter 2009

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					                                           A P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E A R T H R I T I S F O U N DAT I O N
                                                         Maryland Chapter                                      FALL-WINTER 2009-10

                                                                                                    Share the Spirit
We’re Setting the Foundation                                                                        At a time when we are all being especi-
                                                                                                    ally mindful of decisions about saving,
to Cure Arthritis                                                                                   spending and giving, we thank you for
                                                                                                    your generosity and support of the
                                                                                                    Arthritis Foundation,Maryland Chapter.

          he Arthritis Foundation’s mission      of Health. Over the years, Maryland
                                                                                                    For the 1.1 million Marylanders who
         to prevent, control, and cure           researchers have made significant
                                                                                                    endure the pain and disabling effects of
         arthritis is more urgent today          advances in the understanding and
                                                                                                    arthritis, your support in these difficult
than ever. Arthritis is the nation’s most        treatment of arthritis.
                                                                                                    times is appreciated more than ever.
common cause of disability, affecting 46            I n 2009, the Maryland Chapter
                                                                                                    Here are some suggestions for ways
million people (more than 1.1 Maryland-          continued its long-standing level of re-
                                                                                                    you can continue to help:
ers). By 2030, an estimated 67 million           search support with grants to arthritis
                                                                                                    • a $500 scholarship to help send a
will be affected. Not only will they face        researchers totaling over $400,000 for
                                                                                                    child with arthritis and a parent to the
the challenges of living with arthritis, but     institutional, fellowship and other arthritis
                                                                                                    annual juvenile arthritis conference
they also may be at increased risk for           projects. Maryland Chapter research
                                                                                                    • a $300 gift to support an activity at
diabetes, heart                                                     recipients are:
                                                                                                    our spring or fall Family Education/Fun
disease and other                                                   • Sergei Atamas,M.D.,
conditions linked                                                   Ph.D.,UM,B—Complex              • a $200 equipment subsidy grant to
to decreas-ed                                                       Regulation of Lung                                       (See “Spirit,” page 6)
physical activity.                                                  Inflammation and Collagen
Arthritis                                                           Turnover by CCL18,as well
Foundation                                                          as an Institutional Grant,
volunteers and                               Research holds         Novel Mechanisms of
staff are                                    the key to
                                                                   Pulmonary Fibrosis in
                                           advances in             Rheumatic Diseases
                                           preventing,             • Sonye Danoff, M.D.,
                                           controlling and
                                           curing arthritis.       Ph.D., JHU—Quantifying
                                                                   Interstitial Lung Disease in a
                               commited to                         Well-Characterized RA Cohort
                               creating a       • Uzma Haque, M.D., JHU—Treatment of
                               world free       Vitamin D Deficiency in Rheumatoid Arthritis
                               from arthritis   • Utpal Pal, Ph.D., University of Maryland,
                                                                                                           FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010
                               pain. These      College Park—Pathogenesis of Lyme Arthritis
                                                                                                               7 UNTIL 11 P.M.
                               challenging      • Jaspreet Pannu, Ph.D., UM, B—MARRC
                               economic         Senior Fellowship: Role of IGF-I/GFBP Axis in
                               times have       Scleroderma
                                                                                                           See details on page 5.
not deterred us. In the last 10 years, the      • L. D. Timmie Topoleski, Ph.D., University
Maryland Chapter has funded over $15            of Maryland, Baltimore County (UM,BC)—
million in arthritis research.                  Creating a Better Bone Cement
                                                                                                        The mission of the Arthritis
  Maryland Chapter research funds often            Engalitcheff Junior Fellowship funding              Foundation is to improve lives
are used to train new investigators who         was also completed.                                      through leadership in the
are then able, thanks to this experience , to      As we continue to pursue our mission               prevention, control and cure of
seek much larger grant support from             of finding a cure for arthritis, research              arthritis and related diseases.
institutions such as the National Institutes    remains a primary focus.
                                             joint. Today, an estimated 27 million
                                             Americans live with OA. Despite the
                                                                                           Our New, Improved
                                             longevity and frequency of the disease,       Programs Offer
                                             the cause is still not completely known,
                                             and there is no cure. Many different          Arthritis Pain Relief
                                             factors may play a role in the develop-       Arthritis Foundation Life Improve-
                                             ment of OA, including age, obesity,           ment Programs were revised in 2009.
                                             injury, overuse and genetics. For a free      These programs have been docu-
Teen with Arthritis                          copy of the Osteoarthritis brochure, return   mented to help control and reduce
Gives Back                                   the coupon on page 6. You can also            arthritis pain.
                                             visit; click on the tab        Leaders will be recertified in the
This has been a busy Arthritis Founda-       “osteoarthritis” for more information.        updated programs as their certifica-
tion year for 16-year old Lucy Rosen-
                                                                                           tions expire. The changeover will be
bloom, who has juvenile arthritis. Lucy
                                                                                           on-going over the next three years.
and her mother received a scholar-
                                                                                           Arthritis Foundation Aquatic
ship from the Maryland Chapter to
                                                                                           ProgramSM changes include more
travel to the annual Juvenile Arthritis
                                                                                           combination exercises including
(JA) Conference. Lucy also had an
                                                                                           interactive sports-themed exercises
Arthritis Walk Team, helped plan the
                                                                                           (e.g. knockout punch, speed skating
Chapter’s Fall Family FunFest for
                                                                                           and kayaking movements). For those
other kids with arthritis and their
                                                                                           seeking a more challenging workout,
families and has a team for the
                                                                                           newly approved resistance equip-
December 6 Jingle Bell Run/Walk!
                                                                                           ment and a deep water option can
                                             Participants in the Arthritis Founda-
                                                                                           be incorporated.
                                             tion Aquatic Program at Weinberg                Arthritis Foundation Exercise
                                             YMCA in Baltimore know exercise is            ProgramSM changes include new
                                             key to managing arthritis pain.               exercises that incorporate the option-
                                                                                           al use of resistance bands and weights
                                                                                           for an added workout. There are
                                                 You can                                   interactive health education lessons
                                                                                           and improved joint check, balance
Lucy Rosenbloom (2nd from rt.) is
                                                 improve                                   and endurance sections to better
shown here with friends from the
JA Conference in Texas.
                                                 your life!                                manage arthritis.
                                                                                              We are excited about these new
For the free brochure, Arthritis in Child-                                                 changes, and hope you will be too.
ren or more information on Chapter           The Maryland Chapter offers a wide
activities for families of kids with         range of programs to help people take          We gratefully acknowledge the
arthritis, return the coupon on page 6.      control of their arthritis or related          following estates for trusts in
                                                                                            support of our mission:
                                             condition. We are your source for help
Learn More About OA                          and hope when you are looking for:             Alvin Baker           $ 44,967
                                                                                            Marie Lillian Moore   $ 2,000
         Osteoarthritis (OA), also           •   water or land exercise programs            William Moore         $ 5,000
          called osteoarthrosis or           •   brochures about your disease               Marion Pelton         $ 1,454
           degenerative joint disease,       •   a physician referral list                  Felicia Pennington    $ 3,442 (add’l.)
            is one of the oldest and         •   tips to help you cope                      Benjamin Shuff        $ 4,036 (add’l.)
              most common forms of           •   educational seminars                       Joseph Snyder         $ 52,206
               arthritis. OA is a chronic    •   support & education groups                 Robert Troxell        $ 3,801

                condition character-         •   self-help courses                          Barbara Williams       $    500
                                                                                            Peggy Winters         $ 95,892
                ized by the breakdown        •   information and referral services
                                                                                            B. Kennedy Yurick      $ 96,608
                  of joint cartilage         •   advocacy opportunities.
                                                                                            Our sincere appreciation to the
      which causes the bones to rub          For a free listing of locations and            Virginia P. Engalitcheff estate for the
against each other, leading to stiffness,    contact numbers for these programs,            Maryland Chapter endowment.
pain and loss of movement in the             return the coupon on page 6.

                                             2 Arthwritings Fall-Winter 2009-10
                                 VOLUNTEER                                                  Jingle Bell               (cont’d. from page 5)

                                   SPIRIT                                                                 Canton Club
                                                                                                          Bean Hollow
                                                                                                     Dick’s Sporting Goods
                                                                                                          SoNu Water
                                                                                                        RSM McGladrey

              e propose a toast to volun-    colleagues to get involved. Cleaveland is a
                                                                                                    Physiotherapy Associates
             teer Cleaveland Miller.         former two-term member of the Arthritis
                                                                                                            Feet First
              An attorney with Semmes,       Foundation,
                                                                                                    Spine and Sports Rehab
Bowen and Semmes, Cleaveland is also         Maryland Chapter
                                                                                                  Living Wellness Chiropractic
part owner and managing principal of         board of directors.
Calvert Wines and Liquors in the Hunt        Baltimore born                                            In-Kind Sponsors
Valley Town Center. He was the perfect       and raised, he is
                                                                                            American Fitness           Over the Rainbow
choice to chair the Chapter’s inaugural      a graduate of
                                                                                            Baltimore Business           Salon
Corks and Forks Gala Committee. His          Poly and Johns                                  Journal                   Pine Orchard
leadership led the event to raise            Hopkins Univer-                                Baltimore’s Best             Spirit Shop
$135,000 for arthritis programs and          sity and has a law                              Events                    Play It Again
services. He had so much fun working         degree from Har-                               BJ’s                         Sports
with the 12-member committee that he          vard. Cleaveland                              Baltimore Blast            Road Runner
                                                                                            Cabot Creamery               Sports
agreed to return for Corks and Forks II      specializes in
                                                                    Cheers to Cleaveland    Charm City Run             Roma’s Italian Deli
in 2010. (See page 5.)                       business law,          Miller for chairing     Communications             Serafino’s
   Cleaveland is a skilled committee         including mergers the 2009 Corks &              Electronics               Signature Salon
leader. He values everyone’s ideas and       and acquisitions. Forks Gala.                  Curves                     SoNu Water
opinions even if they don’t agree with          He is a true gentleman who knows            DJ Lo J                    St. John’s Jewelers
his! He encourages participation, is         wines and appreciates a glass every now        Envy Massage               Starbucks
                                                                                            Feet First                 The Baltimore Sun
generous with his time and shows true        and then. His favorite wines of the moment     Giant                        Media Group
appreciation for others’ efforts.            are, for value, Argentinean Malbec, and, for   H&S Bakery                 Village Green
   He thoughtfully considered the wines      “sky’s the limit,” French Burgundy. In         Heartland                  Spirit Shop
for Corks & Forks and hand-picked 20         addition to wine, his hobbies include          Sweeteners                 Vintage Wine Shop
unique red and white wines for the           traveling, reading, (especially mysteries,     Jason’s Liquors            Whole Foods -
                                                                                            LaPrima Catering             Harbor East
evening. Afterwards, guests raved about      history and biography) and bridge, tennis
                                                                                            Ledo’s                     Whole Foods -
the variety and quality of the wines serv-   and squash. He says his “more recent           Lifetime Fitness            Mt.Washington
ed. Cleaveland was the committee             source of frustration is golf.” Cleaveland,    Modern Babies
champion for bringing sponsors on            we lift our glasses to you!                     and Children
board and for recruiting his friends and

                              To all our
                        volunteers and donors,                                                  is a quarterly publication of the
                                                                                                      Arthritis Foundation,
                                   Thank You                                                           Maryland Chapter

                                                                                             Christine S. Fahlund, Ph.D., CFP, Chair
           for your continuing support.                                                           Joyce Waite, Interim President
                                                                                                      J. Karen Krug, Editor
         We wish each and every one of you                                                    9505 Reisterstown Rd., Ste. 1 North
                                                                                                Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

                        A Happy Holiday                                                           410/654-6570, 800/365-3811
                              and a                                                           For Maryland info., enter your zip code.

                        Healthy New Year!
                                                 3 Arthwritings Fall-Winter 2009-10
                      for the                  WESTERN
                                               MARYLAND/                                                                SHORE REGION
                                               EASTERN WEST                                                             800/365-3811
                      Cause                    VIRGINIA
                                               800/365-3811                                                             MARYLAND
                                                                                                                        714 B & A Blvd.
The Power of One—                                                                                                       Severna Park, MD
The Voice of Many                                                                                                       410/544-5433

           he 2010 Advocacy & Kids’          The EASTERN SHORE REGION continues              The Solomons Island Jingle Bell Run
            Summit is scheduled for          to offer the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic     will be held on Saturday, December 5 at
          March 1-3 in Washington, D.C.      Program and the Arthritis Foundation          Calvert Marine Museum. The 5K Timed
This is an opportunity for Arthritis         Exercise Program throughout the area.         Run begins 8:30 a.m. The Rudolph
Foundation volunteers and staff to           In May, a workshop was held in Salisbury      Romp for the kids begins 8:15a.m. Kids
gather in our nation’s capital and let       to train leaders for the aquatic program.     can get their pictures taken with Santa.
Congress know that more needs to be          Special thanks to Leigh Ann Eagle, a          Continental breakfast, goodie bags and
done for people with arthritis. The          nationally certified trainer, for providing   awards are part of the festivities. Please
Advocacy & Kids’ Summit is the               this opportunity for even more people to      contact us for more information.
premiere event to learn about the            take advantage of this special evidence-         Our third and last educational
Arthritis Foundation’s advocacy              based program. If you are willing to staff    seminar of 2009 was held November 7
priorities for the                           a health fair booth or want to do a presen-   at Ridgely Retreat in Annapolis and
upcoming year                                tation on arthritis in your community,        focused on fibromyalgia. Thank you to
and to make a                                please give us a call. We will provide        our presenter, Dr. Jack Lichtenstein and
difference on                                training and materials for you to repre-      wife Andie Lichtenstein,owner of
behalf of the 46                             sent the Arthritis Foundation. For more       Ridgely Retreat.
million people                               information, call 800-365-3811, x222.            Our annual Holiday Gathering
and 300,000                                                                                honoring our sponsors, fundraisers and
kids with arthritis. You’ll get trained on   The SOUTHERN MARYLAND BRANCH’S                volunteers will be held on Friday,
“how to advocate.” The Summit is             19th Annual Jingle Bell Run (JBR)was held     December 18 from 7 to 9 p.m.
YOUR chance to tell Congress about           November 15 at Marley Station Mall in            For sponsorship opportunities
the needs of adults and kids with            Glen Burnie. It was a huge success with       or more information on any of our
arthritis. You will personally meet with     over 350 runners. Our mascot“Jingles”         events, please contact Grace Ban,
your Members of Congress and their           handed out candy canes while host Bill, or Kienda Simmons,
staff to share your personal story of        Lusby from WNAV radio played seasonal, or
living with arthritis and how it impacts                              music. Everyone      call 410-544-5433.
your life.                                                            was touched by
   Activity sessions are specifically                                 our JBR Juvenile     The WESTERN MARYLAND/EASTERN
created for kids who are currently in                                 Arthritis Ambassa-   WEST VIRGINIA REGION offers the
kindergarten through 8th grade. Kids                                  dor Ceremony         Arthritis Foundation Aquatic and
in 9th through 12th grades attend the                                 honoring six-year    Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
training sessions with their parent(s).                               old Kaitlyn          at several sites.
All kids must be accompanied by a                                     Roemer. The first       The Arthritis Foundation continues to
parent or guardian who also registers                                 place female race    serve the Western Maryland area from
for the Advocacy Summit.                     winner awarded Kaitlyn a medal for her        its office in Owings Mills. If you need
   You can find detailed information         courage facing the pain of arthritis. We      information about arthritis or about the
about the Advocacy & Kids’ Summit            raised much needed funds thanks to all        exercise programs that are available in
and register by visiting the Summit          our participants, our team members and        your area, please call our office at
page at http://www.           our sponsors.                                 800/365-3811, x239.

                                                  4 Arthwritings Fall-Winter 2009-10
                                                                                                   Corks & Forks Gala
                                                                                                    Friday, March 26,
                                                                                                    The Grand Lodge
                                                                                                        7-11 p.m.
                                                                                                   Black Tie Optional
                                                                                                      Tickets $250

                                                 If you missed last year’s fun filled gala,    picks exactly the
                                                 mark your calendar now because                right wines to go
May all your Miles be                            Corks & Forks II will be back on Friday,      perfectly with the
                                                 March 26, 2010. Corks & Forks Gala is         elegant cuisine.
Merry!                                           a fun-filled evening and its purpose is          Corks & Forks
Get in the spirit this holiday season for        to raise funds for programs and               Gala is far more
the 20th Anniversary Jingle Bell Run/                                         services         than just food and
Walk for Arthritis! In celebration of 2                                       that reach       drink. There will be live music, dancing,
decades of fun and fundraising, we are                                        more than        and quality live and silent auctions. Last
honoring 16 year old twins,Amanda                                             1.1 million      year’s exciting auction items included a
and Melissa Picone, both who live with                                        Marylanders      week’s stay in a private home on the
and advocate for juvenile arthritis. If                                       with             Rhone River in Southern France, a Paul
you can’t run, walk or fundraise, please                                      arthritis.       Reed Smith guitar, and a home-catered
consider volunteering! For more                     Corks & Forks Gala gives you a             dinner for 10 from Zagat-rated
information, please contact Ashley               chance to“Pop a Cork for Arthritis.”          Linwoods
Cress at 410-654-6570 x227 or                    This well- planned event is an                Restaurant.                            opportunity to meet up with friends,             For more
                                                 sample different red, white and               information, or to
       Saturday, December 5                      sparkling wines paired with gourmet,          purchase a ticket,
    Centennial Park, Ellicott City               international foods from around the           become a sponsor,
                                                 world. The Corks & Forks Committee            or donate an
        Sunday, December 6
                                                 Chair,Cleaveland Miller, is very              auction item, call
     Du Burns Arena, Baltimore
                                                 knowledgeable about wines and as              Debbie Thomas at 410-654-6570, x 237
             Sponsors                            part owner of Calvert Wines, he hand          or e-mail at
          Good Samaritan
               GEICO                                             Special
                                                                 thanks to
 Wells Fargo/Wachovia Foundation                                 our Title
             Genentech                                           Sponsor
 Howard County General Hospital                                  McCormick
       Kernan Orthopaedics
   We Work for Health Coalition
    Kassimir Physical Therapy                    THANK YOU, GOLFERS!                           works, Kernan Orthopaedics & Rehabilita-
     Center for Total Eye Care                   2009’S Get Tee’d Off at Arthritis Golf        tion, Tresys Technologies, HBO, Univision,
          Summit Financial                                                                     Danker/deCapite Group at Morgan
                                                 Tournament raised over $53,000.
             City Sports                                                                       Stanley Smith Barney, Discovery Channel,
                                                 Special thanks to our premier                 Hallmark, GSN, MTV, O’Donnell Honda,
        Road Runner Sports                       sponsor: Disney/ESPN!                         Renegade, Nutramax Labs, RFD TV,
Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists                 Other sponsors were: Bloomberg             Genzyme,The Sportsman Channel,
        Eastern Savings Bank                     Television, Turner Broadcasting, Inspira-     Scripps Network, TV Guide and Johns
                     (See Jingle Bell, page 3)   tional Networks, A&E Television Net-          Hopkins Medicine.

                                                          5 Arthwritings Fall-Winter 2009-10
                                                                                          “I’m leaving
 TAKE ACTION—                                                                             something
 GET INVOLVED                                                                             special for my
Please fill out this form and return to:                                                  grandchildren
                                                             ates!                        in my plans—a
                                                       2010 D
  Arthritis Foundation
                                            Save Th
  9505 Reisterstown Rd., #1N                                                              gift to help cure
  Owings Mills, MD 21117                                                                  arthritis.”
  or call 410/654-6570, X222
• Please send me a free copy:               Please plan to join us at one of our 2010     Many good things come to us as we
  ( ) Latest Research Update                Let’s Move Together Arthritis Walks:          get older. My grandchildren are
  ( ) Arthritis inChildren                                                                one of them. Arthritis is not.
                                                  • Howard County—May 1,
  ( ) Osteoarthritis                                                                         When I became frustrated about
                                                       Meadowbrook Park
  ( ) A brochure on_____________                                                          living with arthritis, I knew there
       type of arthritis/related disease          • Baltimore Area—May 16,
                                                                                          had to be a solution. Then, a friend
  ( ) Brochures to Help You Take                       Cylburn Arboretum
                                                                                          recommended I contact the Arth-
      Control —lists 60 free titles                                                       ritis Foundation. I gave them a
  ( ) Please send me a listing of sites                                                   call—and it changed my life. Their
      for aquatics/exercise classes, etc.                                                 staff helped me find a physician
• ( ) Please send information on the                                                      who was more proactive in treating
      Let’s Move Together Arthritis Walk                                 Join Us          the disease and showed me ways to
• ( ) Please send me an invitation for                                   on the           successfully manage my pain.
       the Corks & Forks gala                                                             Living with arthritis is still chal-
• ( ) I want to join the Arthritis                                        Road            lenging, but I feel better than I
     Advocacy Network. Sign me up.                                          to            have in years thanks to the
• I would like to volunteer:                                                              Arthritis Foundation. I can finally
  ( ) Send me a Volunteer Application.
                                                                         a Cure           enjoy playing with my grand-
• ( ) $20 membership dues enclosed,                                                       children without worrying about
      incl. Arthritis Today subscription                                                  the pain it will cause.
                                                                                             The Arthritis Foundation showed
Name_________________________                 Donate Your Vehicle!                        me how includingcharitable gifts in
                                                                                          my will and estate plans could
Address________________________                    1-800/905-4931                         allow me to avoid some taxes and
City_____________State___Zip_____                                                         leave more for my family than I
                                                or visit                could otherwise. They found an
Phone_________________________                                                            option that worked for my situa-
                                                                                          tion, and there’s probably a solution
E-mail________________________                                                            for you, too.
                                                                                             Join me in making this year the
                                                                                          beginning of the end for arthritis.
                                                                                          Start by requesting your free copy
 Spirit                                                           (cont’d. from page 1)
                                                                                          of the brochure, Planning for a Cure,
                                                                                          which shows how you could
 help a person in need get necessary        how your contribution can make the            benefit from a gift to fight arthritis.
 medical equipment                          holidays happier for those who                    Call toll-free 1-866-528-8687
 • or simply make an unrestricted gift      suffer from arthritis.                        or e-mail
 in any amount so that our staff can          Please call if you have other ideas
 use it where it is most needed.            or ways to support us. We appreci-
   At this special time of year, many       ate your generosity and thoughtful-
 people turn their attention to ways        ness. See the coupon above for our
 they can help others. Please consider      address and contact information.

                                                 6 Arthwritings Fall-Winter 2009-10

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